The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1948 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 8
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ft~Alfl8tio Upper De* Mttlnii Tuesday, April 20, 1948 Ravings CO by CHRIS REESE A Llille of This, a LIllls oi Thai; Nol Much of Anything, I look in the big feed put on by the members of the different service clubs at the school house last Thursday night and given .for the farmer friends of the neighborhood and I .took particular note of the coffee gulpers present and it looked like everybody took on their Java, and so I signed up seventeen members and ran out of cards and I could have signed up a couple hundred and across the table from me was Glenn Buchanan and he's no slouch with his coffee cup, so to .speak, and next to me was Paul Hum of Cresco township and he knows his gulping, and Paul Stalil and Henry Bormann, of LuVerne. arc now both members ard I was told thai Paul is probably the gulpingest gutper in the neighborhood and he admitted he could take on Java any time, and (hen thei-e was W. I." Dodcls, of Union township, and lie said' he enjoyed his ^coffee especially along with my I'iddiinj, both being good, so to speak, and Torsten i.uqiTslHim, another Swede and therefore exceptional at gulping, said lie had a problem and that was what to do with the sugar sunii'limes in the bottom of I he cup. whether to scjk it and gulp that, too. or whether to let it go to the dishwasher, and I suggested that Torsten quit putting gravy in his coffee and he wouldn't have any of those problems, so to speak. Duane Dcwel, writes one and I write one and while the other guys don't write buhk like 1 do nevertheless its .columns .they write and so there is more or less raving in all of 'em, so to speak. This week I'm moving ftom South Dodge street to North Thprington because on account of I like to live up north where it's cooler during the summei months and I'd appreciate any help you can give me lugging my household goods and other junk fo 513 N. Thoringtoh this week- saves a lot of drayage, so to speak. And H. F. Fristedl was also si.tin'.el up but I was told that he never let his mustache grow long enough to get into his Java so he's now a member.'and Clarence Priebe was also fixed up witli a card, and at a table back of me was A. T. Chrischillcs and he suggested that I take time out. go to the office, bring back some 300 i a: ils and he'd help me sign up the whole gang and Fred Kollasch. of \Vhitti more, and C. R. Hamilton thought I should hold a C.TJCUS and L,et officers elected ;ervic" club and farmer 1'Ycd said he'd be glad as treasurer and Hamil- he could write so folks d it and he'd be glad to he hoped the nough to keep Samson Tokheim Rites, Swea City Swea Cily—Funeral services were conducted last Tuesday at the Curtis funeral home for Samson Tokheim, 85. Mr. Tokheim was at one time a farmer in Grant wp. His passing came at the lome of a daughter, Mrs. Mildred Selleman, at wintcjrset. Samson Tokheim , was born \pril 16, 1862, at Odda, Norway. He came to America aUJhc age of 21, and worked for a time on a farm in Illinois, before coming to Iowa. , In January, 1892, he was united in marriage to Emily Craig- wiek, of Ellsworth. They farmed near Thor and Ellsworth until 1903, then moved to South Dakota. Later they moved to Minnesota, and in 1020 they came to Grant twp., where they lived until they retired from farming, and moved to Esthcrville. Four years ago they came to Armstrong whore they lived until failing health made it necessary to live with their children. He is survived by his wife, and five children: Clarence of Jewell. Martin, Swea City, Theodore of Mason City, Mrs. Julia Sacharia- son of Elmore,.and Mrs. Mildred Selleman of Winterset. Also 23 grandchildren, and one brother, Lieorge Tokheim of Story City. The funeral was in charge of The Rev. Gjerde of Elmore. Music was furnished by the Rev. and Mrs. S. H. Hammer with Miss Iva Moats at the organ. Burial was in Harrison township cemetery. Swea Twp. Couple for till' ; unit. ;;nc to serve ton said could re; be s,' salarv him in speak. retary and \\-as large i. pencils, so to Yep, I also signed up the wives of the above new members and in every case the wife was given ircdil for being the perfect gulper of cot fee along with knowing how to brew it. Bill Vigars was in Ihe office Ihe otln-r day and he was nice and welcomed me back to the best town in the 1 country and I rememlK.'r»when I was a former resident of Algona I had many a session with Bill about him changing his name to Cigars instead ( f Vigars but he just could- nt see it because on account of everv dine lie sees ins name in print it starts with a five dollar bill and if a V was changed to C he'd fed like his name started \\iih a cent. But it was nice of Dill to make me feel good about coming back to Algona. This is getting lo bs the "Rav- ingest" town of late and first tinny you know there'll be hosts of columnists in the Algona' Newsi'iapers because on account oi' iJill liarry Jr.. has announced that he';-; cuing to write a column and IJiek 1'ost already writes one and Ka> mon<l Irons writes one and UU.-M Waller writes one and I Swea & Eagle—Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Thompson of Swea township returned March 22, after spend- i ing ;; live weeks, golden wedding j honeymoon. They visited num- i erous tdends and relatives on the ! trip, in Illinois, Ohio and West , Virginia. v While in West Virginia they attended the funeral of Rev. Wni. Slaughter, who married them 50 years ago. The Thompsons observed their 50th wedding anniversary, April 17, with an open house 'at their farm home. They came to their present home in 1913. They have two sons,. Lionell and Dittrr.vjr, and two grandsons, John and Gene Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas, Roy Evans, and Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Carlson arrived last Thursday to attend the anniversary. Sunday and Dettmer Thompsons entertained at a family dinner honoring the golden wedding couple. A Fright Only Injury Suffered A frightened little five- year-old girl came out of a car accident Friday iorenoon with only skinned knees and a tear-stained face. But it could have been much more serious. Mrs. Robert McConnell was driving east on State street about 11 o'clock and the child with an older person was crossing north from Kresensky's store. Passersby said it looked like the little girl ran directly into the car. Take It With Youl America's Mightiest Tiny Personal Portable Radio. Keep It With Youl So small and compact you can slip it into your traveling bag—aiid so light that you can cany if comfortably by its exclusive "Flexo-Grip" handle, yet it's so beautiful, so efficient, that you'll use the Zenette as your' favorite table model radio. Plays anywhere on the self-contained long life battery. And unlike ordinary portables, "Zenette" has an exclusive new Zenith circuit that gives it extra power on AC * jj f) 5 Q or DC house current!.., ,.... *|i&=== Lest Battcritl KOSSUTH RADIO & ELECTRIC (In Pratt Electrical Contracting Blctg.) Audience To Be Jury In Senior Play April JO Something different ih , high school plays will be «ie feature of the evening when Algbna high seniors present "Night of* January 16th" in the high school auditorium on Friday evening, April 30th. There have been plays before with vague endings, .but this is the first one in which the audience takes an integral part in its development and conclusion. With an attractive .senior girl, Maxine Reimers, who portrays the leading part, on trial, the jury selected from the audience is given the problem of deciding her guilt or inrtocence. As they get their seats at the box office, patrons may leave their as candidates for jury duty. On the evening of the performance' thqse names are given to the clerk of court, who places them • in a hat, and the twelve that 'arc drawn by lot are selected to serve. The clerk addresses the audience and explains that twelve of them will be called upon to come up on the stage and by orie they lowm ana take 11 regular jury would in a l are sworn in, sintl fist testimony; Each-juror. funded the amount of sion. ift a tttey Mai, to the be f 6" 9-admiS- , Between acts thfc jttfbrs are led off the stage to a ssnall'deliber-* atiofi room. Each ad represents one day of the trial, Just befttre the, end of the thir;d aet the jury retires for the last tiffsg t6 render a verdict. They vqtq after a Short dlspussloft, and' although Minor Tltonka Delete _. involved on Titofi Saturday tiartUa* ***-*»^*»* •• —•" «tB*T«»|5 tita Afui PlyftidUth north afjd started, to make a left jturM to'the west, At the same..time,D'uftH,bvah; headed east made a Hgftt turh t6 the legally a Unanimous decision is ca , rs required for tHe" verdict, for the sake of dramatf"? brevity a majority vote ig' tatfen.-a$ ' decisive for this trial. THe 6afS crashed head&h. Neither driver .was hurt but there Was some damage 16-both New Store M. p. Kohorst of tjumboldt is new manager of the Coast-to- Coast store* here, tye assumed his new duties lasf Wednesday. Mr. Kohorst is married and there is one child in the. family,. (A house has been rented here but possession cannnt be given for six weeks. Until then the- family will remain in Humboldt. Bad Strep Throat ^ Walter Thilges, southwest of town, has been ill for' 10 days with a severe "strep" throat. Don Scngebush took care of Mr. Thilges' farm work while htf'tvas ill. Trip To Eur-dpe At Church Gift V The Rev. and Mrs. S. H.'Hammer will sail on the Queeh Mary July 30th for Norway as a .gift . was hurt several we&ks agd In car afcdd^tit Was tak6n tb the Lutheran hospital' at 'Fflfl Dddge last Wetlftesday for treatment, Itt the aeeideht she suffered bfokeft ribd and for a time ,was in a Des Moines hospital, blit was bl'dUghlf home a couple of weeks ago.'MonM day -she was reported as getting along*very well but she will re» mairt In the hospital until the dbijditibn-, has cleared up t Miss Crawford's marriage which was datpd fo'r March will be held when she is fully* recovered, USE THE WANT AD3 um$ mi .., irai services were ere , v . |tj|!80 a.ftl, Monday at'St. CeCfe- . church. -The tte^ efiwas offlciatingt by toft's fuftfiffil hbme 1 . . W. » amll . ^ - The, pall bearers were Pat Cul- l6ti,.Joe Bradley. Wm, Barrv Jf., ~^ Mood, Matt Streit; and An- .Beding. j.'bo v dy Idr burial., ' taken -to Lake „.. ., Mri' Sleley was 'the .daughter of William Maher ahd Mary Ken- nedy*Maheri • She was" born May 6, 1874 on a 'farm near Eldbra. , ft'IflH? A .aher-o! St, faUli ana rmmv-rneiififedy ot EU ttfirli weie relatives* Hire for the' fuftefal;- ' '• WtfS. Sitele? Was' a rrlembcr oil d Royal Neighbors ItMge. 1 Miner Dies 'funeral' §cf vices for Herbert' Miner, be held Thursday , / y at 2 o'dobk ih, the -Metfiodist! ehurbh here', ' Burial will be at Ferttorf.. !•'• ( GIVE * u »5kA NEWSPAPERS, GREATER COVERAGE^ DO A FINE JOB-DO A FAST JOB FOR YOUR PONTIAC OWNERS with e Aigcfta !mp!«m@B?f Co. Wall and Deb Hall* [ Phone 62 ' CommertialYSf. | AMPLE'STOCKS |» *«-• •'' " COMPETITIVE PRICES 1 PROMPT SERVICE the appointment of HATCH as dealers fpr the full Ime or MultiRSCH Sargent Minral Meal —the corn-saving ho™ supplement. MultiRICH Sargent 'AlI-M.asb Starter —fireatest itarter improve.-ncnt in years. .Sargent Grain Balancer vor Poultry —the »hort-cut to feeding egonomy and high egg production, Sargent Molasses ^inral Meal — three cattle fee '•. Va one. —and all tht other popular Surgent Feeds, back«d by mor» thqn half a contury pf rciiabls quciity. Stop in &nd get the facts. SARGINT FEEDS —. BIG GET-ACQUAINTED OFFER!!! Next Two Weeks Only 20cOFF 30c OFF on Each Single 100 Lb. Bag or. Any 1Q Bags or ny Sargent feed Sargent Feed CLQViRLiAF HATCWRY Milwaukee Depot p| Fitcb AND YOU «£| CAM MONCM IN PEACE See THe New Servel Gas Refrigerator No Moving Parts—Nothing To Wear Out < The^Only Truly SILENT Re^rigcitor Two Cylinder. Installations Available Upon Request t,; Your Local liquified .Petroleum Gas Distributor * . * • '•.'•' • j RETAIL ,' WHpLESALE Phone 16 * ' Harms All-Gas . Algona, Iowa -. _ /• ' —After Hour Service—. ' '* Phone 942J Phpne878U Herman Waller Glen Harms tlae Month of April . . . Ou I\4nv S ' -5 ( ' Will Give You I*lenty of Service I jm 05 • QO5 22 50 -32 50 —-- They're the smartest things' out today! Beautifully tailored, handsomely styled to give you the New Look no matter whether it rains or shines! Note the full backs, the hoods so fashion-right and so practical in bad weather. See the new dropped yokes, the little capele(s. You'll love everyone of our new weather-coats*,.. you'll love wearing,them . ., and you'll love us for bringing you such a wpnderful fashion item, ', We are exclusive Algona agents fpr the, famous "WEATHERBIE" coats,,ha« t tionally advertised and \ noted for fhe|r smart Styling arid long wear, Weatherbee features the l three-way style, with belt outside,'with belt inside and without, belt giving yew- really, three senar* „ etmy styled seats in oniT See these coats in a com. "'-*- showing' at ' .CHRIS

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