The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1948 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 7
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« H '*- s ' ed Ads Minimum ehatjja, S(hs, lit wotdi o«, law, et«h in g«crTaddiiie«al watd, 4 cetiti, cash lit sdvaneei when po* wdtd, BUhd adi «e •> Each classified ad wilt *nft ones In both till Tuesday and jfhufsday pips*, for only dftt etitfti, ,1 For Said |>(3R-SALE~-1940, 4-D00R, D& . lujte Plymouth, radio, heater, 3 hiwttii-es. Motor was overhauled 1 irTIJecemb'er. ' Can see after 0 to. m. 1st farm south of Kqs- sufh ^lospital. \ ul6ia* FOR SALE—ZENITH WASHING , machine, yearly new. Leaving t6,wn?.»509 E. Lucas. ., u!6a* tow Foi ' SALE — TWO-WHEEL Irailer with stock rack.' David Smith, phone 68I-J, Algona. 1 ' u!6a* SALE — CARL6AO 0-20 : 0 fertilizer now in. Car 2-12-6 duo in. ALGONA FLOUR AND FEED* , ul6a!5 SALE—NEAKL.Y NEW SET of Betty Hicks golf clubs. Call 72 j afteif 5:30, Kay Kelly, ul6a* HAY L6ADER FOR SALE—AL, mosvJIke new. Paul P. Ban- warV ftfione 4-30, West Berid, Iowa;? .*...•.•.". . ur6a « FOR SALE—10x24 .BUILDING, also 10x24' sun porch. Mrs. Ralph Hurlburt, phone 709,-Lone Rock. ulGa FOR SALE—12 FT. BOAT AND trailer. No, Roan St., H. Lunberry. • u!6a* SALE — HY-BRID SEED CORN, Iowa 4316.— Northern Iowa's top yielded. 1946 crop. Hi^hUgermrnatiort. Lawrence O. Miller, •L'uVerne. ul6-18a!8* FOJR SALE .--.LITTLE GENIUS ^bottom slat plo.w, and one 3- bottom John Deere 'plow. Raymond K/amer,,Algona. u!6a* FOR SALE — 50 T INTERNAL. tional r> ,baler, Delbert Balger mah, West Bend. BEST MAIN STREET LOT- fin6 popcorn busittess, Including stand and full equipment. Motley-maker. Price $1,000.- Mrs. O. S, Lund, Box 210, phone 4391, LuVerne, Iowa. uj,6a25tf Homes For Sale FOR SALE—5-ROOM HOUSE. Close in, partly modern.—R. A, Gilbert, 422 W. State St., Algona. ulSal? HOUSE FOR SALE—4 ROOMS and bath, full baseme'ht' '8'0i S. Jerome. Phone 928-Ji ul6al4 FOR SALE — THE BIGGEST bargain in' Algona. 1 room house, modern except for furnace, but ample basement' for furnace! Hfgh lot 158x330" ft. Barn 13x40. Garage. 18x24. Two brooder houses. Fruit trees and grapes.' Beautiful, trees and lawn,'All for $6500. See C. W. Nicoulin,; phone 524, ( Algona. ,* ul'ffa* FQtf SALE-G00D RESIDENCE : lot oh 'paving^ See i Jdel' s "M l Herbjt/'ReiiL; Estate* and -Ins. '-' "• " >• •• ' u!6a!4 TRAlIiER' HOUSE—JUS'S ; thing for Dad and.Ma ; to sfjjart traveling, see U. S. and> eijjoy home cooking. Life isn't complete until you. have Irved in a trailer house.. From one who knows* A. B, Schenck, 4 miles nortpe&s$ Algona, •••'-;. • ,v ' HUBAM CLOVER STILL avail-' able at Algona Flour & Feed. ; "" ' al5a9 IFOR SALE — FEEDING OATS, no thistles. Michael W. Loss, [phone 18-F13. al4ulHf' fwATERLIFT WITH ELECTRIC Motor > for sale, with tank and fsorne piping, nil in good condi- i tioA: Also have small wash ?stoye for salt. Call at 1020 East. ; State street, second house-east of Sargent Feed Co., Algona. -R. H. 'Guderian. g ; FOR SALE—PUREBRED SPOT- ted Poland China gills, bred for April farrow. ?:Bert .Gejrdes; 8? So A, 3 Va miles so»tn| •.$?$§! eTJst of Lakota. "^ ^ al4-i6u23*: ~SEEDS "JT-;"-: HYBRID SEED CORN, Iowa 4387; one' of the best for northern Iow ( a. ; SOy BEANS—Earlyana arid,.Kin- colri. Sorlien-Seed Farm, IJodjs, Iowa. v ul3aifv CASE BEER — JPOP ^-. We Deliver " BARRY'S—Pho. 343, Ujaff, FOR SALE — POLtED H^orned .Hereford -bulls, service"? able age. P. M., Christenson, Lone HOCK, la; u4atf FOB SALE -F.AGLE WATERi proof home insulation, "blown, m."? Expert inspection, estimat-' ing 'service. Cowan Bldg. Suppjy Co.| Phone 275, Algona. ulatf . ^ BOX, CANDY 7~~" > \ . Large Assortment IBARRY'S RECREATION '-••• SALE — HAMPSHIRE brood sows to farrow April and M^y. Joseph A. Skow, W.esley. • ; |f.;- * u!6a FOfj SALE—HAMPSHIRE FALL boars; also some yearlings. Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. ul6a FOR SALE — FEEDING OATS; Jlj.35 per bu. truck load. Chris Jensen, pho'ne 898-J, Algona. .1 „' '' u!5-16a* FOJt SALE-MEDIUM CLOVER. $24; alfalfa seed, $11.40; Hybrid •seed corn, $5; all per bushel. Also other bargains. Postal card MS.tq* dayjfor catalog and samples. Roberts' Son, PostvHle, Iowa; , FOIJ SALE — 1 USED HJAWA- tha motor scooter; 1 Wizard motor bike; 50 Ib, ice box, Elmer fjauenstein,' 1004 E, McGregor, phone 397-1.' ' fli5u22 FOR SALE—TRAILER ._„.„,. Qxl6, can be used for tenant house, .double floor and insulated, Sinclair Service Station end!of Wesley on U, S. H& M. |. Hiidmsn, W^%» fewa. ,—,,,}» .1 AH FQR SAI^Ei — dffljvery, 4'b a fi acr«s bay so, pr R. ifckard, "*• U) SALE*— INSULATED 3- room 'trailer house, electric lights, bottle gas stove, oil burner heater! inlaid linoleurrtjvivene- tiah blinds with drapjss^"';|cpm- pletely furnished. KenrietWLind- hbrst, phone 16-F12. 3* * ' 't FOR SALE—MODERN $ RpOM house, chicken housed,a|>out 2 acres of land. Can be subdivided into good building lots. Good location in. Algona. ' Price :$9000, C. 1 W ; Nicoulin. ' a!5u28 FOR SAfE^C.bMfi ANB'TARfi 'em away! No reasonable offer refused! we only ask that ypu haul 'em yourself. What, is" it that we're selling? Why a kitchen coal-burning rartge in the pink of condition (one we took in on trade) and a perfectly ship-shape laundry stove. Nothing, wrotig with 'em—we just doivt want, 'em—You can have 'em—-what's your offer? COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Ul5a68 SEE THE ELECTROLUX VA- cuum cleaner. Only $69.75, complete. Doti H. Hutchins, phone 1081, Algona. u!5a!4tf FOR SALE-Q FT. REFRlGER- ated meat display case and one computing' drum 'type Toledo scale. Lewis Grocery, Britt. ' a!5ul6 Used Cars FOR SALE—1936 CHEVROLET coach, new tires, body fair condition," cheap. See after. 6 o'clock. First place across river on West McGregor road. A. Reefer. u!6a* FOR SALE OR TRADE — 1940 Ford Deluxe, 2-door, in good condition. Second house south df Irvington school. Floyd TesdahL u!6a* FOR SALE — 1941. FORD, 1 ton truck, good : motor, good rubber, Don Duffy, phone 607,-LJ Algona. ,, u!6a* FOR SALE — 1942 BUICK- SE- dan, new motor, rubber; 1939 BuMck sedan; 1937 'Chevrolet; 1937 Chrysler; 1934 \Ford coupe.. Kirk.Auto Co.,1 State,.and Jones. Phone 80. Ul6a27 FOR SALE—1931 CHEVROLET * tudor, in good running order. Francis Rowe, care Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. •• ' u!6a WP ..'•.-. BUY and SELL USED CARS See Us To Buy Or. Sell. KENT MOTOR CO. -ulatf FOR SALE — ,1940 INTERNA- tional pickup truck, comple.te- ly overhauled. 3% ; rniles south Lone Rock. Geo. 'Hanna 1 , u!5-16a* FOR SALE — SMALL, HOUSE, $3100; also davenport and chair.' Call 899-W, Algona. . u!6a* FOR .SALE—MODERN DUPLEX Iresidence. 113 N. Phillips St. Good' income, home with* downstairs apartment, completely furnished.-Make offer to'Minnie B. Long, Box '102, RiverfoahR^ Calif. Residence open for inspection Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. u!6a37 Lost & Foun J~i « •« j^jpg^ jtf.~ t^ LEF*' , .with shoe tree. Finder -please call 1 Lowell Smith, phone 270-J. : ;; "i.'*:.t-;?', v , •• u!6a!4 .O- USED* THREE ifib'nths. "t- 'May be had for bal-, an^'*due: : Write Box 142, Spen '"" u!6a' USJBD* APPLIANCES FOR SALE ! -^2 "(gopi used May tag iW^asbef s, 1 Speedquee'h, 1 Dexteif ^asfier, 1 Frigidaire, 6 ft. box; 1 'Miijriarcli electric range; 1 electric Iowa cream separator; 1 oil - 'space healfer. Crilly Appliances, phone 399, Harlan and Jones. .*> FOR SALE—APARTME Magic-Chef sto'yt, . months,, Leaving city. 'Inquire Cowaji's CoUrt No. 8. u!6a* SPINET PIANO USED THREE months. May be had for Balance, due. Write Armstroi}g#F}ar<b Co., Spencer. 5) FOR SALE—BENDIX WASHER, electric range, electric water heater, doubterrnirrored 'vanity dresser, studio couch, large and small "oil heating stove t s.^ ^At]l nearly, new, H. W, Guse, phone 6582, Britt, Iowa. ,j FOR SALE — BABY BUGGY, Reasonable. Phone 159-J, Algona, , - a!5u* GRANDMOTIJER on a KIMBALJ, «piaho. Q more KIMBAJ& ^pianos. In t|se than any other*»na,}0. See and, hear the results of 90 years experience building 1 fine pianos in the world's largest pi- anp factcjry, at Jones P-ianp Rouse, Fort Dode«, iijyi'l7a42 FOR SALE — 1942 TUDOR Chevrolet. Mrs. Cecelia Berger, Whittemore. u!5-16a* Farms For Sale FOR SALE—DAIRY FARMS IN central Wisconsin. 40r2QO. acre equipped or bare farms priced to sell. Own a Clark County fatm in the land of clover, corn, grajh. and pasture. - ODIN E. WANG REALTY, Neillsville, Wisconsin. \ u!5-24a* KOSSUTH COUNTY FARM FOR Sale—320 acres, improved, on a" 1 gravel road, 4 miles soutjieasi from Lakota. Entire farm life stpry]i : If, rqorrt house, -'barn well located general farming unit. WRITE .E. C. TCONICEK FARM FIELD SUPERVISOR REMBRANDT, IOWA.,.;, .u!6a 'ARM s wjtv om>& —IDU «( improved. 18 miles Algona. Terms, to rite ^«...=.. .«.., 3~5th St., Des Moines, tbwa. aI8a* Wanted WANTED-CUSTOM PLOWING. Junior Hurlburt, phone ,700( Lone Rock. Ulaa* "WANT TO RENT — 2 OR S room house oV apartment,, furnished or unfurnished, Call of write Algona Newspapers. Ul8a* IMLlABLE MAN WITH CAR J Wanted to call ort farrrters in IJSSUlh County. Woftderful op- pbrtunity. $15 to $20 in a day. No experience or capital required, Permanent. Write today. Mc- KteSS COMPANY, Dept. A, Ffeiport, 111. Ul5-16a* **+ SALESGIRL WANTO —Steady employment. Must be 18 years or older. Ben Franklin Storei ' ' WAITRESS WANTED-APPLY Algona Hotel. Youhg Man Wanted for Jdb With iruture PARTS MAN at Kent Motor Co. in Algona, Experience not necessary, yourig, ambitious man preferred. Work with lifetime future and splendid opportunity for steady advance- merit. Apply KENT MOTOR CO. u!6a I? 'YOU ARE EMPLOYED IN «ales work or have ambition; to sell and are under-paid and willing to work for better than aVer- age income, write to Box 400, care of this paper. Must have car.,, . u!6a35 .ACHER DEgPEftA'TM tN Set-d of apartment or house. Al ' rs, phone 884*LJ. al5u*, ^WANTED-CUSTOM PLOWING, Crawler tractor and 18" plow; also garden plowing.. See . Jerry or C. L. McVay, across from Ul- fHfrs .Stockyards. • a!5u* SALESMEN WANTED — MAN with car for full time business 'nearby. Run your own permanent business. Household medicines, food products, extracts, farmers' supplies. Big line, good prdfits. Write for particulars, Rawleigh's Dept. 1AD-50-194, Freeport, 111. a!5u* WANTED — SOME ONE TO -,: plow and put in 30 acres in COrn on bottom land close to Aliha. C. W. Nicoulin, Algona. a!5u21 CARD OF THANKS 1 wish to thank all my friends and neighbors who have so kindly remembered me since my ac-, cident both at the hospital and after coming home. Thanks a million. I couldn't, have gotten along without all of you. Mrs. Jess Grubb. • a!5u* Rent FOR RENT—48 A. AND 25 A. blue grass pastures. J. W. Schoites, phone 838-W, Algona. ulfia* WANTED>— ELDERLY LADY interested in home, light housekeeping)/and p'e a companion,to semiiinvalid-in Pocahontas^ Iowa. Write Ed"P/fcbhan, Rblfe, Iowa.' ' - ' . --• • •" - • • u!6a* WANTED '•-.— • B'ARTENDER, clean cut young man.'with'a 1 good personality. Good salary to right'party.' Experience not necessary. Apply Mgr. Algona Hotel. ; \ - ul6a22 ;< cirds of Thanks CARD OF THANKS i'.We wish to sincerely thank our ^rrtariy friends arid relatives for all ':their kindness and sympathy shown in ,our recent loss of our beloved wife an'd mother. Chas. Qlson, Mr. and Mrs.: Dean Meier, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Martinson. . -.:.•'••. uitia* CARD OF THANKS ' ^ To the multitude- of 'friends who showered us with such overwhelming kindness •. 'on Sunday, April 11, on my Golden Jubilee In'the practice of'medicine. My wiJe joins me in 'our sincere thanks and best • wishes to all. Your friend, J. W- McCreery, M. D. u!6a* FOR RENT—HC3USE IN COUN- try, electricity. Call 30-F21. a!5u* OFFICE FOR RENT—SEE J. W. Haggard, at Algona Newspapers Office. , g f outlay, April 20, 194ft Miscellaneous SEWIMd • -REPAIRS Let us make your old foot poweSr sewing machine intb a modern electric. Service routes mosfl everywhere. North Iowa Sewing .Machine Co. Central office firri- jmetsburg, Algona Agency Elite ,Hat Shofr. , ••'.•^ ; ul8a3S" WE REPAIR ALL MAKfis" OF Cashing machines and refrigerators, and have new wringer rolls for all makes of washing machines. Crilly • Appliances, phone 399, Harlan and Jones St. uiCa28 CARD, PARTY AT ST. BENE- dict Sunday evening, April 25. Parish school hall. Cards and taftes. Julius Seller and. Daley. TRACTOR can't beat ouf age—our service Uitder the ___. blanket farm and tractp? Hablllt insurance. You will fle you are involved in afl oh the highway with-the tfaetof under the new law. L. S, BoHft hon, over S & L Dept. Stfcr phone 103. al5U| INLAID LINOLEUM — wall tile laid by experts. CU%» work. Cowan Bldg. Sjlppty Algona. BASEMENTS DUG? gffivfil strippings, fills, washed sanl and gravel" hauled. Ged.'?Senul macher, Irvirigton, U. ' Va9-18uf TAYLOR Implement Co. J. I. CASE MACHINERY * HUDSON CARS T" ^Champion This NEW CHAMPION •*!$.' : ; DELUXE LITE-TWIN it your h.otor. Gruelling "Motor.'' ' Magic" testa give PROOF ' such as no other outbowd ' ever has of sure and o*ruia starting... rugged.motor. '• performance. This great N«w DELUXE LITE-TWIN now, on display. PHONE 421 Thd complete ([sprayer for Farm, Dairy, Nursery or Industry Simple—Trouble-Free —Economical •K No, valves, pistons, rings, leathers, V- belis, gears or checks. 4r Heavy-duiy 200 gallon Tank. -k Crop clearance and iread same as average* row-crop tractor. -K Easily adjuslable for pressure and gal- lonagfe desired. Positive fluid agila- lion. Master screen' and nozzle screens for trouble-free performance. Highly recommended nozzle downpip- es. Obstructions 'fold booms back without danger. ALGONA, IOWA ROCKET ALL-PURPOSE SPRAYER GARDEN TRACTORS Lester DeBpu Phone 308 118 No. Thorington pffer special rqt^s pn Cpnfirma- tipn & Oroduatipn Photpgrqphs, DIO-PHONO FINEST RECORD-PLAYER OF THEM ALL! Here's ONE AM-FM Radio-Phono you want to h«<ar right nowl, |t'^ a bea*u,ty— vies with set; costing $75 to $100 morel Hdi a twelve inch concert grand speaker, which rolls out dulcet tones , , , has NINE ,new purpose tubes , , , has a roll-out recprd, player unit using the seni ational new whifh giye? «etwal|y !OOQ tenj arm, record , wear . A less surfuce noise'v? t ?,more faith- fwl rtprcdHction ,thon pny^ «tjier, record ploycr. Cem« Yow'IJ ggree "jfs semt price! , |t,thl§ week, IQW in Weddins, Phetogrophi -MBajdid V * f FOR H^VINS WiM FULL STOCK WEED SPRAY 8TUPIQ ' T SAT^ *fi BW * O F 3. '% -i *»* J •IW^ 4 ^^''''t Check Our, Complete Line Now! ' . „;' Fence Row Mowers—All Types Weed Sprayers and Chemical—We've Got What They.'re Buying. Here at, Taylor Implement ' New Machinery • ' :. : ••••>'*'.&' Speciall FERTILIZER SPREADERS $135 while they last Saddle Type 50-GAL ' TANKS for Mounted Weed Sprayers ' (very scarce!) ' FARM TRAILERS Anthony Colby Johnson New Anthony, and Horn Flare Boxes New 4-Seetion Galloway Harrows .V wijth Eveners • ' , . ; . /' ^. ••.-.. . • : . . New 35-By, Steel Hog Feeders, 2 Types*.« v •.';'•. ; . " ' • ..,.•.,New lO-Ft. Fiejd Cultivators New 10 and 12 Ft. Spring Tooth Harrows (Weed Hog and Kovar) New Cemerjt Hog Troughs' New HRm^rr)Wlls-(?ase and Harvey New Cyljpder Corn Sheller^-New Holland; and; Harvey. -.'•'• New Hog{W^^rjii-^TflreoiifSize . -, i, '',-"• . •'•'•• '•-•.-, "•, • • • /••*" EZ-Flow Fertiliser Spreaders New Cement Mixers New Heider Wagon Boxes, 6x10 ft. THE NEW P^WDEN 3- \fXHEELFARMTRAILER See Our Stock of the Following: •K Hammers •K Clevises * -K 6:00x16 Tractor , Rims & Wheels -K Tarpaulins •K Hammer Mill w u ~#* '-^ ?' "•* Shovels . *. Pitchforks •K Wrenches -K Seater Sprockets •KPig Brop«e« -K Oil Cans *K Tractor Seats •¥• Lawn Mowers •^ Greaf e Used Machinery 2 Used 4-Section Harrows wlth^ Eveners ,, 2 Used 2-14 IHC Plow*' \ Used 3-Section U Yz Ft. Hoghlarrqw , 1 Used Farm Trailer on Rubber \ Used RC-CASE Tractor on Rub- Nr 1 Used 1932 4-Dor Chevrolet r V Used 3^14 John Deerft Plow Cose

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