The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 5
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LOCALS Mh and . , . tt,hdner.> left Monday for Oakland, ,-^Calir., for a two .weeks visit with the letter's mother, Mrs. Fred !.;Wehler, who makes her home With hjfer daughter and husband, Mr. fend Mrs, Albert Farwell. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Union and two children -Larry and Jerry of Winter-set were guests from Saturday until Monday at the Kyle Keith horrid, end also* - Visited Jack's father, Roy HfH&tti ' and brother mi The Hlltohs jofffier- ly lived in Algeria,- •» Mr*. Florence • VaftderWili, manager of the Kosaulk-hospital, was in Sioux City. She visited a son and daughter,} (|fud<|nts at Mornihgside, and alsoattehded a district meetirig of ths Business and Professional Wl#t$n'i club. Mr. and Mrs. Gene ftoss of Burlington spent ' the v eekend with Mr. and Mrs 1 . .Jamas Will. They also spent son&jnpf the time N H*. i REFRIGERATORS . ELECTRIC RANGES , 'ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS • HOME FREEZERS The Frigiduire Electric Range • Gives Y|U Carefree Cooking at its Best! It's easy to cook better meals every time on this beaiiti- ful, new Frigidaire Electric Range. And it responds really fast to your, commands. j What's more, there's qo flame, no soot, no smoke to. trull your utensils or dirty your kitchen. It won't heat jp your kitchen either, which means comfortableRsakoig and roasting, summer and winter. Pop-Up Toasters , Fully Automatic $1050 Also Proctor Automatic Toasters Immediate Delivery Mother's Day Is May Plan Your Gifts Now! CRILLY APPLIANCES AUTUOm«ED VltIGIIl)AlIt£ 'DEALEK '. PHONE 399 - • HARLAN ANI^ STATE ATTENTION: trucle Drivers, .filling..! Operators, Mai) Men, Mechanics, Factory Workers, etc. | BACK AGAIN j 2', Fwil leather Qutsoljes w,ith Gene's itiothei' Mrs. llanna Ross. ' » Sen Slotef of Troy Gr"6je, 111,, came Saturday for a week's visit at the home of his parents-in-law Mr. .and Mrs. Everett Witham. .A farm implement plant, in which Mr. Sloter is employed is on strike and he took advantage of the free time to make a-.visit. Mrs, Minnie Sarchei Mf, and Mrs, _ , as dinner guests Sunday Mr. aha Mrs. H. L. Clum of EmrtietsbUyf, aunt and uncle bf Mrs.'Kleift, • Mr, and Mrs, ChaflM >Kttfchffl- ka recently returned from Minneapolis, Minn., where they spfeftt a few days with their soh'-in-la'w and daughter, Mr. and Mi's. Lev. Roy Mathison, • to Mr. and Mfg. Walter itenlefl Des Moines, Sunday, (of several went to Omaha, Neb., Monday to- days visit at the home of a son-' attend a state pharmaceutical m-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Olof Romstad. She rode to Des Moines with Dr. and Mrs. G. Bourne. The doctor is attending a meeting of the state medical societv. Mrs. #. H< Poller on No. Phillips street has uwsn having a- siese of mumps. ' Margaret Rankin of Eagle Grove was a guest Sunday of June Corey. Miss Rankin, who is society editor of the Eagle Grove Ragle, is president of the Iowa Press Women. Mary Frances Carney, is treasurer. Mrs. J. F. Overmyer returned Sunday from Oskaloosa where she had, spent several months with her daughter, Mrs. Dale ..,. Mr, arid Mrsi ,Wy B. Nugent of Des Moines were in Algona over the weekend-visiting the latter's rnothbr Mrs. F. W. Dingley, ahd sister Helen, and _ Mr. Nugent's sister Mrs. J. t). Lowe. Mr. and Mrs. William Ludiwig visited the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Ludwig, at West Bend Sunday.' They also visited thur* Baker Rock. Mrs. Jens Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ludwig nhd were their supper guests. The men are brothers. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lynch drove to .Iowa Falls-, Sunday, to meet their daughter Mrs. Maurice Mahoney and children Mary Sandra and Michael, who came from Denver, Colo., and will remain on a rather extended visit. Thursday Joe Lynch Jr., and his sister "Tommy", who are students at the Iowa state university at Iowa City, and Patricia, another sister who is at Kansas City taking a course as laboratory technician at St. Joseph's hospital, will be home for the weekend at the parental home. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Martin drove to Eagle Grove, Sunday,, to visit the former's mother Mrs. Grace Martin. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fuller had as weekend guests, sisters of Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Josephine LoKan, Mrs.. W. J. Maufer, and Mrs. Anna Boylan, all of Spencer, and Mrs. Frank Beck of Aberdeen, S. D. ">-•'"' •- Mrs. P. H. Hargrcaves accom- .panied her daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and. Mrs. Ralph Elbert. and their, twin sons Ronnie and Donnie,: ; .;to Lorimer Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. ,L- C. Strand, another daughter and'sqn-in-law of'Mrs. Hargreavqa/ Mjfe.- Strand las been sick the past a ; several days. : '"'' . :.T Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Johnston at- tcrtd<5fd final rites ; Saturday'-' at for .Mrs.'John tlol- lings^i/^^L./; -• , ' r- The Ew.r,opWiKWbfel> tfnder the apaeenjte.nt'.atilf'Ii;.. and Mrs. R. A. 'Johnston, is'feeeiving a com.- plete interior decorating; Work las'{ilreadv beeun. Mrs.-Julius Kunz has as guest !or a few days tier 'mother Mrs. Vlinnie Anderson of Clear Lake, .'. Mrs. ; Dora Laabs': accompanied ier son Raymond Laabs ol Loge .to..Fairmont,. Minn., otie day last week to visit her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lohse. Mr. and Mrs. Gale Stockwell had their daughter and son-in- Mf. and Mrs. Henry Nelson of Ruthven as weekend guests. They were joinecf at dinner Sunday by another daughter and son-in-law / Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lassahn, and later in the day the Stockwells took the Nelsons home. . .. • ,—.. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Loebig spent Sunday at Wesley with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H,- convention. Enroute home they will stop at Sioux City to visit Mrs. Jensen's mother Mrs. C. C, Fowler. They expect to be gofte a week. Guests at the William Knollft Saturday, were their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. AY- and soft of Lone Knudsen returned Friday from the university hospital, Iowa City, where she had gona fpr a routine check-up.' Afc ter two weeks she will return there for removal of leg casts. She is getting along very .well and nearing the end of the steps necessary for, her complete recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Georse Kohl were dinner guests, Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gleedfen at Wesley. Mrs. Gleeden is a niece of Mrs'. Kohl. The previous Sunday the Kohls were dilihet 1 guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo'rge Fandel at Whittcmore. The'woj men are sisters. In the afternoon Mrs. Kohl • accompanied Mrs. Fandel to a pre-nuptial shower which was being given for Rita Sal/!. Karla Rae and Inez KnochI, daughters of Mr. and Mrs/ H. M. Knocht, spent last week at Buffalo Center with their materftal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Vrnteichcr. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. KrtCcht, Karhi Rai; and Inex, went to Osago Sunday and were dinner guosls of the latter's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Al The Rev. nnd Mrs. Wayne Pei- prson. Kioilx City, with their baby daughter, spent a night here last week, and Mr. Peterson attended a ministerial . meeting at Clear Lnkc. Ho is a son of James Pet- c-rson, Dunwootly Institute instructor at Minneapolis, and in a nephew of Ida Peterson. Mrs, Alice Clayton, and Mrs. Wm. C. Dowel. His church is of the Au- giisUna Lutheran denomination. Boone League Is Reorganized The Boone Valley baseball league, named for the Boone river which rises^in Hancock county and flows south to empty into the Des Moines river near Webster City, has been reorganized for the current season. Only team heigh- Library Bequest !s Deposited The Algona library board hold a brief meeting lust v/eek to decide what to do with the $10,000 trust bequest, left by the laic- Mrs. A. F. Call, of California. Since $5000 more is to come later it \v;;:; decided to make no permanent, disposition till that yum is also received, and the $10,000 •was ordered deposited in the meantime 1 with the Algona Federal Savings & Loan association. The ultimate disposition, of the .•>!.').000 total will involve some considerations of a memorial characters*-- «, ,.,..- 'April 20, 1948 boring Algbna will hail ffom Corwith. Other teams will represent Kanawha, Th&r, Eagle Gf-oVe, Garner, Clarion, Belmond, and Alden, Edw, Farnham is Corwith manager. Games will begin May 23. \ has issued marrlS ing v the. Marriage Licenses Mrs. Alma Pearson court clerk Lou Butler* b Anderson and j K,«ttKK«i&senfs both of Algona: Edwin' WelsHti Algona, and Grac« Jcmt> Bf. ram, Minn.; Adolph Cfetirge KJa West' J3ehS; and Rita SMma of Whitterfofe WANT ADS BHING RESULTS. Servipe The Rev. and Mrs. Luther LoGsch attended i; ' reunion of confirmation classes covering a period of several years at Burt, Sunday evening,, at which the Rev. L. Richman of Ormsby, Minn.,'was speaker. The. Rev. Richman was pastor at Burt a number'of years" ago. Mrs. Elva Coon Yfent to Mason Qity Tuesday for, a couple of days visit with her son, and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Coon, and to bee their new baby daughter Beth Lynn, born recently. Mr, and Mrs. Vernell Ludwig had as visitors Sunday the latter's brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene" Joynt, and family of Clear Lake, Visitors at the Oswald LaUiers Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. Julius Matz of'-Wesley, brother-in- law and sister of Mi'S^Lallier. Mrs. Beecher Lane return^ Saturday from a two and 3 halt weeks vacation at Manchester with her mother," Mrs. Nellie Harvey, and her. parents-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Iii Lane. ' Mr, and Mrs. P. L.' Trumbul spent the weekend at Des Moines on business and visiting friends Tommy, little 'son of Mr. and Mrs. Geol-ge Larsan, is sick with chicken pox. ' , / Mr, and Mrs, Frank Lefyis had as guest a few days their daughter-in-law M,rs,"Bobwt Uewis of Burt, 'who'remained here whili her husband w$s a patient at th< ' hospital. v , SWpmpanws} Dpn Sparks to Houston, fexaj and other points where they wen business. They'lelt Wedpesday and yfill be gone tiU April n= Mrs, C, 3. Kurt? is ex 'home, this mid-week fT9in . . ^a,,Mo-, where sh& h^d, been vis All dogs three months old or over require license tag. The statute provides that it is the duty of all PEACE OFFICERS within their respective jurisdictions, and. is lawful for any person, to kill any/dog for which license. is required, whe'n such dog is not wearing a collar with license tag attached. May First \ YOUR COUNTY DOG LICENSEJAG NOW v -< ' -:'-•..•"• / '4%_:,_f V<3v/' '•••'-' v' AT THE COUNTY ; AUC||T0^ OFFICE IN THE COURT-HOUSE, ALGONA, IOWA. BILL SEZ: Oh, whalia lotta corn this column is gonna be! First place, lhai pitcher of me there siitin' in a boat up in some lake just ain't so. I never been fishin' in my life, and what I don't know about Fishin' would fill a great big book. I don't even know whether the sinker goes on ahead of the bobber or where you lie on the leader, or even how you fasten on the hook. Don't know a catfish from a dogfish. In facie, I don't know the first darned , thing about Fishin'. Th' only Ihin'g I know for shure about fishin' is writin' up a fishin' license (I gotta know that as we sell 'em lo you guys). Ennyhoo, we got in fishin' tackle. It shure scared me when we unpacked it. Why, there's sum sinkers, in this stuff big enuf to anchor a bat* ileship. There's other sinkers ' a mosquito could fly off with. There's plugs and hooks and stuff I just don't know nuthin about. But we got it. Yep, guys, we got it, and if you can figger it out, you can buy it. Come oij in, sum of you fishin'' guys,, and tell me what it's all about. But you'll never ketch me siitin' in *a boat like I am at the top here. fe BARRY'S-4 /RECREATION! I'mGoiiT Into the Column Writin' Bizness, too "I just figured that if Dick Post can write about birds, and Ray Iron's can write that stuff he does ..about plumbing — why, rcaifrhh a lick with the pencil, So beginnin' next you'll find the "BILL SEZ" column right here on this page. And say, fellers/'.'give ma a chance to git warmecP up a little afore you start tellin' me how you like my writin!." Barry jr, Steve Canyon Says: Copyright 1947, Held Enlorpjliti, Ins, Rely on. Reliance for Rugged Air-Wear Suggested by Famous Steve Canyon's Flying Gear! SfVear Clothes Inspired by Canyon .... the Brand that Proves Fine Quality Need Not be Expensive! of Color Spring Footwear Sparkliny, effervescent new color notes on the scene . . .cleverly crafted with daring originality ... for a striking accentor a heart-melting blend. AAAA to B in sizes to 10. Others From $5.95 to $9.85 (Janyon Sport Shirts Jnnw-QH|w siylt, convertible eoHar; of senforiz- ed/fab?ic, Steve Canyon designs in colqj choice. Ag? si?fs 4*i6» $li98 Steve FligHt Pants, el 8-pj, S?nforize4 blue pacfeeis jyp f CANYON , 4^ Casuals . . . Bright as the S»?i! sandals! slings! ankle straps! Many StylesWVH Colors Play fastoflti thaf 'will /make foQt-happy the summer, through, Playlhoes bright as the sun and tight ai the air. Tdk« ypur pick , . . you'd expect to pay 4.901 • ,\\\ «^-Jj/, '-'' ^',. } -,v'/'"^j4-iIIA/U •-; .A->"ja&a«*«&*:, 'A-,^P,^ 1 «i^'*«,^"«.«ftsfit~',4i'»A. SPECIALS DATS dress shoes

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