The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1948 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1948
Page 3
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_le CYesco Mothers iUghtefs dub, met Wednesday, Bffl 14, at the home of Mrs. fftrcf fester. Mrs. Catherine and Mrs. Mary Fraser were* fiS9s,ng^ hostesses, ', Gardening hints wefe used for 'foil call. The program was an educational quiz in charge of '«fe8. "A, D, Lehman and Mrs. R. •f&MopganY > h'Mrs. fi. C. Potter and'Mrs, Joe 'Bjificher were team captains. {Hghliftt: scores were made by Mrs, 'Potter's side and the contestants were presented a box of efiftdy, and Mrs. Vern Teeter, a guestj received a towel for answering the most questions correctly. . The next meeting on May 12 •Mil be held, al the home of Mrs, M. L. Potter/-Boll call- will.-bo 1 ah exchangp of, original May baskets. Fortieth Mr. and Mrs, L. J, Kutschara, former 1 Sexton farmers for mftfty years who now live at Clear Lake, celebrated their 4011^ wedding anniversary a few days ago, Mrs. Kutschara is the s forrnqr Ethel Winkel. daughter* 'of the late Frank Winkel who for many, years was an Algoha .b'usihess man. At soon the 1 * couple's son-in- law and daughter, Mr. • and Mrs. Oscar Amundson, cnteratjned at dinner in honof of the'Kutscljar- as and among out-of-town guests were Mr, nnd Mrs. John Kutsch- <tra, Wesley, and daughter Ida Mac. „ More than 125 relatives and friends attended: open house in honor of 'the couple at' the £,ut- schara home, and included tyere Mr. and Mrs. George Cink, Wes-., ley, and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Draeger, Algona. A large bouquet of ruby fed roses, white snapdragons,' blue iris, and - orchid 3weet peas centered the Serving table, While a 4-tiered cake" wa's served. ''- ' LOOKIE! LOOKIE! LOOK1E! size range —in 3 complete Leisure-tvitharj APEX WASHER WASH6R Model 973 is equipped with Spiral t9 8 minM;t«5. PrettMre sel«?*Qr prcwdes I . wflnilngprtH«r*ferell : klndioff«il»r!««' 5efety i Mf. and Mrs. Kutschftfd were married at Algone March 11, 1S08, at th home of the bride's parents and, their attendants theft wtere Charles and Ruth ^inkel, brother, and sister of tho bride. MVS. Amundsort, who also lives at Clear Lake, is the only child. Mrs. Johnson. Htbme— Mrs. Ahtone Johnson has returned from Anamosa vyhere she was called by the sickness of her mother, Mrs. ^illiam Byerly, 90.' who later passed away. Final rites \yere held Monday, April 5. Mrs. Byerly, in. spite of her advanced years, had. been very act- lye. She had bedn making her home with another daughter and her husband; Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Mills. Back.From Louisiana— Mrs. Mary Kelly returned lust \veek Monday from Shreveport. La., where she had spent the winter with her son Dr. Joe Kelly. ;... . A Birthday Party— . .Mrs. Leonard Maasdam and Mrs. L*. W[i Keith gave a party Friday afterHoon honoring the birthday of Mrs.. James- Kelso. Ouests -.were >Mesdames Coggin, C, L. Ingersoll, p. L. Leffert, Karl Willassoh, and Anna Ingersoll and; Gusta Winkle. The hon- orec was given a greeting card shower and the afternoon closed with the .seryjnjg of refreshments. Birthday Matinee-r- Mrs. John;Rpmer gave a party Saturday .aft^rippn "in celebration of her'son Jim's.tenth birth- dav, Guests' 'Were Je;Tv K. Voight, Joan Byari), Carol and Joan Flynn, Bill Bestenhelrjer and Lpreh Haley. They attended a matihee at 1 o'clock and'after _ the show returned to the Romer | home, where refreshments 'were served. 'tfrs. Courtney Hostess- Mr, and Mrs. Wilbur Courtney entertained their card club members Thursday evening. High icore prizes were won by Mrs. Victor Neuroth and • Sam Haag, ind low score prizes were won by Mrs. .Sam Haag and Keith lowley. * Sewtnf Club Meets—" Mrs. J. J. Wadleigh was ess to the members of her ing club last week Tuesday af* ternoon. Mrs. Jensen Hostess— Mrs. Vcrnon Jensen entertaift- ed her card club members, Friday afternoon. Mrs. Tod Larsph, a guest, won second high sco^e prize and Mrs. Tom Holmes won the nigh score prize. Low sCprfi prize sent to Mrs. Halbert Long. Quests ai Scuffhams— , , Mr. and Mrs. John Gerber were supper guests last Tuesda^ evertinfi»at the home of their sonj in-law and daughter, >Mr.. and Mrs. John Scuffham, at which additional guests were Mr. and. Mrs. Clark Scuffham. The fam" ily gathering was in celebration of the third birthday of Johnnie Lee, son of the John Scuffhams and grandson or the guests. , Parly at Fenton— A party was held Friday even-' ing in celebration of the sixth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Gale Haase and the birthday of Mrs. Harold Bcrkeland of Fenton. In addition to 'the honorees,. guests were Mr. and Mrs. William Haase and family, Mrs. and Herman Gado and Larry, nnd Harold Berkeland of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. . Harry Phillips, V Mn 6 Th« M/s. Cari'iu ttaase and G)fin Haase. Cards were played at-.the Q$le Haase home, after which lunch was served at the Harr,y Phillips horne. "Phose receiving high score prizes were Mrs. Gade and Harry Phillips, and the* low Score prizes went to Mrs. Phillips, who also won the travel prize, nnd Gale Haase. ' Honor Bride-to-Be— Several friends of Eileen Thul. and friends of her, fianpe Gene Muller of Whittemore gave her a miscellaneous shower Sunday af- ter.nnon at the St. Cecelia academy. Bingo. \yas played-, after vwhioh the gifts were unwrapped by friends chosen as Miss Thul's wedding attendants, Joan Whit% of DCS Moines, Ruth Ann Clement, Mrs. E'arl Schmitt of Whittemore, sister of the gropm- elect. Lunch was served at the close of the afternoon. at the William Giddings home at Bur.t honoring the birthdays of ^ob- Giddings a»/d hie daughter Gloria's first anniversary. Other guests were the honorees' wife and mother of- Spirit L'ake, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Giddings. their sort-in-law, and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wolfe and family of LuVerno, Mrs. Elizabeth Pannkuk of Hurt, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Carlson of Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. John, Hove of Buffalo Center, and Mr, and Mrs. Gordon Giddings and the respective families. The afternoon was spent at "50.0", a.t which the following were prize-winners: Mrs. Guy Giddings and. Guy Carlson, high, score, Mrs. Williarn Giddings and Harold Wolfe, low score, and ,Mrs. Fosnaugh won the travel prize. . Seta Sigma Phi Tea— The Beta Sjfma Phi preferential tea was field Sunday afternoon from three to five o'clock at Mrs. Milton Will's rural home. Mrs. William Bestenlehner was committee chairman and Mrs. Harlan Sigsbee and Mrs. Jean Sodden poured. New pledges are Dorothy Young, Marita Besten- ehner, Marjorie Clein, Jean Sums, patricia Voyles and Lois **raser. Joint Birthday Party 'ended'a birthday party, Sunday, Tues. - Wed., April 20-21' Gene Autry in *•* , • ' '. : i "Carolina Mopn" ' ~ Co-Hit Stewart Erwin and Glenda Fa>rell in Heading For Heaven" " Thurs. - Fri. v - Sat., April 22-23-24 HARD-TfcFIHD^M^WEATEIl ... ...» thre«;e9lor,|«ejiu|ri)i 100% yir^lit Wopl. ' in niyy/griin^/owni..^^ eontr«tlnteo|or».;- Sizes 2 to 6, $3:95i Also available in slip-over style. Children's Shop— Second Floor 1 DON'" PEGGY PATRICIA CASTLE 4 K.MDDSEH- KNIGHT Produced by SOL M. WURTZEL PRODUCTIONS, ING IJI Releaied by 2OI/1 Century-Fox ., I-" Co-Hit, t .1- ' . . . ^ Eddie Dean (With White Cloud) in "Black Hills" folded Serial "Sea Hound" Clyde Burtis, 75, Honored— /• Mr. and Mrs. Jess LashbrOpk entertained at dinner Sunday in celebration of the 75th birthday of Clyde Burtis, father of Mrs. Lashbrook, Guests were the John McGuires, daughter and son-in- law of.-Mr-,.'Burtis, his son Harley Burtis, Mason City, • another daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Brown of Osage, and his granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bode. Mrs. Joe Walton, the former Blahche Sisley, returned to her home at Industry, Pa., Friday, April 20, 194S having completed a Visit with her sister, Mrs. James Mcdee, and with relatives at LuVerne. Barbara Haggard had as we>k- end guest Donna DeCamp, Des Moines. Mrs, Emily Griggs, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson and Don Hutchison and Nancy went to Des Moirtes,;wher,e 'they spent the weekend with their respective relatives,! Myrle Griggs at the Veterans hosrjital) 'Mr, and Mrs. Charles Schweiker : parerits of Mrs. Ferguson, and Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Carroll, sister,in>law and brother-in-law of Mr. ; Hutchison. Mr. end Mrs. L. C. Hanson •spent Sunday at Hampton with Mrs. Hanson's daughter and son- in,, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mortensen. Mr v and Mrs. Dale Hasty spent the weekend at Duncombe with M«r. and Mrs". Martin Olson, parents of Mrs. Hasty. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamilton hayc had as guests Callista Ahmann of Milford, who spent Sunday here and Clara Meyer o; Grand Junction, Who was her 'Friday. Dirk and Vicki, children, of Mr. and: Mrs. Wade Hanson, have the chicken pox. Linn has recovered, and is back at schooL led Mrs: Mankato, ter's sister,' , of Mapleton/Mi)is|», gical patient at a pital. " '' Mr, ana. Mssj.« went to, Mfeddtt, .., weekend to be ,^Jw, father., ttjenrj^ Gi iously sick, and. Beulah, Gilbert, for her home at fpllovviftg a thtf ' the parental hoptiBj - t • J ? B J5 r ' io ^ i w ** J quests Weanesday h Hpnry Schfipef, ai^i «,, Mrs. ft.usseU NastejrgaU J Esthervj.Ue. .' ^ - f ** Mr. and Mrs, L, ««. ra as guests last ^eekfjsyi and; Mrs. Alvitt Carolyn and i Minn. Mr, •)f Mrs. Hoveyi , •' i , ALGONA UPPER, ' Upper DesJtfomeS Publishing" Co. J. W. Haggatd, R.'B. WBller and C. S. Erlander • ' Entered as Second (Jlass M^Her at the Posloffice at AJgdna, IbWflj under act of Congress of'Mar<^h 2 1879. Issued Weekly, Thursday - Friday - Saturday, April 22-23-24, Sunday - Monday, April 25-26 tteaimgll Irons' "Irons" Are Vol. 1, No, 55. Tuesday, April- 20, 1#48, WELL, WE STARTED THE FISHING SEASON CALL THEATRE TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY;/kPRIL 20-21 , *"" IN FOR SURPRISES! f Yo« $ee,,,Me Y<WUJ Bishop wa$ havtwj-foouble- toHkCfwrch, In hi* Howe, In hi* tteH., Ttoii alonq come* that <jcbonai> Devil Qfa,eRANT>*H4tiii excite., .wen*^terb-bla*iw« «H<f <MU ?»!• twit a*«j ^AV£ fiftl GRANT T)avt& YOUNG-NIVtN «A<- SAMUEL ^ ^w<V ifff* ml ftn x -fm it- Added AND THi IIAN" fil mtbat moke* the But it wasn't anything like you see in this pi,c t u r e here. ^ No sir, fellows, the first fishing trip of> the Spirit Lake last weekend was what you might floo—for Irons, that is. I got a wonderful sunburn,;] fish. Seems that my boots weren't long enuf, and as • I didn't have a boat, I was sort of out of luck. Went ujl win- John Larson, and he didn't have any luck either. "TH?? e ' i were a lot of fishermen on Spirit Lake, though*, and *rher« do YOU think most of them came from—Algonal v '»• ;£ tt'j <big, 51 j ,-j.. ,:...,..-; ...... ..^-J... f , , . _ •*>',''\!V A WELCOME TO OUR NEW COLUMNIST, BILL BARRY, JR. *fi posed to be all about fishing, tackle, but if Bill-sell* his tackle like he writes about it—oh me! Bill iant very good at spelling either, but we are all going, to follow his column arid see if he doesn't improve in that direction. They tell me that Bill actually don't 1 . 1 know a danged thing about fishing, either. THE GO-AHEAD SIGNAL * e iv- PIOS'CV is most certainly on for ._ pective buyers of plumbi: heating equipment, Thi»':J« straight from the shoulder, r _ . . . effects of this recent coal jilrike j certainly going to be felt in th'e |r«. duslry in another 30-60 days. That appjies asoe<:iallv;tc such items—the heavier ones—as stokers a»4 fmnapes., It would b« weW—if. you are defini be-in the market by next winter—to. investicp . lion. Soil pipe, by the Way, is again back,on the list, as is steel pipe. Plenty of copper, though, NEW Again we are favored, pufc here at Iron* with some more shipments of bjMli fjbrtuies—bath tubs, lavatories, racks, etc, We can take care of you on R whole bathroom o* om» Usftv, a* YQD ¥«; i IF IT* '4, HEATING, CALL IRONS ANP , J ,-> ^I'A.' fc» *« A^ ^T >' j; ,«v "^4^- 1 ^Ki^W*'^'^Mf!'-»:i! fc l1-3^»' » s?Fi ;5<,.**v,,, t ;,' ! »

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