The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1948 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
Page 12
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Tu^day, April 13, 194S Ravings CO by nfcESE A tltito 61 thl«, * tllil* ol That; Mot Much '••: of Anything. said, "1 sec you are again unloading that column of bunk oh U, -D. M. readers and I just wanted to tell you that all during the two and a half years you were away from here I never once had a headache and then last night after reading your bunk again I had to .take an ana- cin", Well, what do you know, maybe Alvis has got something there. I'm printing a letter which is ..selNcxplanatory as to the influential members of the Algona •Coffee Gulpcr club: The White House, Washington, D. C. ' '. T " April 3, 1948. Dear Mr. Rcose:— Today over a cup of coffee I gave- president Truman your A. A C. G. membership card. He asked .me to extend to you his thanks. He promises to uphold the .traditions of proper coffee .gulping and said that his home state has always enjoyed a coffee gulping population and he is happy 'to be a member of so worthy -an association. The president maintains that perfect re- Uixation is always enjoyed over a dip, of coffee. Sincerely, ^.. Charles Ross, 'Presidential Press Secretary. And so now I can brag about the G.ulpers having membership in all 'ranks, from the president of the United States down to every-day citizens. And so it is too that Algona soars skyward in, popularity because on account of 'the thousands of Gulper members all over the country connect the best town in Iowa with their Gulper membership, so to speak. And since the Coffee Gulpers write-up in the Fort Dodge Messenger and the Des Moines Tribune last week I've been getting membership applications from all parts of the state and, for example. I signed up over 300 cards for membership the past three days. How folks do enjoy their Gulps. I am withdrawing my candidacy for either mayor or courr- cilitTan-rft-large and from this 1 minute on I'm going to durndest for the re-election of the mayor and the city council of Algona because on account of the city council is arranging for takimr'care of the South Dodge and Nebraska intersection situation. 1 'wanted something done about that so I wouldn't fet all fleshed up with goose pimples every time I drove to work or to dinner, 'so to speak. And now the council proposes to widen Nebraska street approaching the intersection and which takes care of parking along the Legion hall and the Datt garage and so I have a clearer view and don't have to wovrv my fool head about getting bumped into. You tell 'em. .that's, a- swell move on the part ofi the council and I'm going to take off my coat and get the whole council re-elected at the next election. Clarence McVey suggests that I should be working in an army recruiting office because on account of he said to me. "You've cot something when you can get fi.OOO Gulpers, and you should be >)• big success getting signers for the army". And maybe he's gnt something there, so to speak. A committee of the Pipe Puffers and Ring Blowers association, made up of Don Smith. Augirst'-'Bernau. John McGuirc, Perrv Rvam, Gaylord Shumway and H. Fristedt has drawn un the wording for the Pipe Puffers rshio card as follows: "This is to Certify That LuVerne Music Teacher Resigns LuVerne—The LuVerne school music department presented its prq-contest concert, featuring large groups Wednesday, April 7, 8 p. m. in the high school auditorium. Appearing were the boys' glee club, girls' glee club, mixed chorus and band in several numbers. Supt. Arnold Hjclle announced that evening that Wcston Noble, who has been in charge of music department of school past two years would not return next year as he expects to go to college and receive his master's degree. It is with regret we see Mr. Noble leave the faculty here. We wish him much success as he goes further in his chosen work of music. is a member of the PIPE PUFFERS and RING BLOWERS ASSOCIATION And is entitled to all of the courtesies due a pipe puffer and ring blower. He uses the right stance in lighting his pipe, knows just Jiow to pack the tobacco in the bowl, kerps the right sort oi draft through the stem, never spreads his ashes over the car- put ;uic] keeps the pipe in A-l condition at all times. His smoke is of groat value in keeping moths out of the curtains and closets. He does not smoke his uipe in church nor while eating his meals, nor does he intention ally uvw blow smoke in a lady's face 1 . At the right interval h reduces the strength to normal bv a thorough boiling of thr Pipe." President. Secretary. The ciu'd is signed by Eddie DeZellar,' president, and Art Rejcker, secretary. And I'm told that pipe smokers in Algona and Kossuth county will be contacted and joined up with the Pipe Puffers and Ring Blowers Association in the near future. The other day Alvis Hill welcomed me back to Algona and he t t t • t' * * t t t * * HflP YOUR COUNTRY.., HELP YOURSELF I T|ier« is still « very real need for every ounce of used f»t» we can s»lvf«gt. The world-wide shortage is greater today than ever before. Please . . . keep . saving and turning in your used kitchen fats. P. S. Yes! you c/o'get paid for them . . . »»d you know how ready cash count* today. Keep Turning in Used Fets! t imificii Fit 5il»iji CiiiittH, IK. « » * t t.« Algona Poet In Nebraska Talks Margaret Durant, Iowa Regent for Chaparral Poets, and Carrie Durant will spend -the weekend in Omaha where they will at- lend a two day meeting of Nebraska Chaparral Poets held at Hotel Paxton. On Saturday Maragret Durant will be guest of honor at a luncheon arranged by Council Bluffs, Iowa, poets. She will appeal- twice on the Sunday program, giving talks on standard verse forms at both morning and afternoon sessions. SEXTON 8 DUCK EGGS Custom Hatched Nealy Hatchery Burt, la. Legion Adds 69 New Memberi Here Boosts Total To 460; New Goal Now Set At 500 Hagg post's quotn in the state Legion membership drive this year was 310 members, but the bays were not satisfied with that and have kept the drive going, with'the result that 69 men have joined since Jan; 3, and the roll novv stands at 4GO, with a new goal of 500. Adjutant Charles D. Paxson reports the following new members between Jan. 3 and Mar. 27: Ramond L. Alderson. Harold W. Blanchard, Dwight S. Brims, Alex E. Burghart. Maynard G. Dunn. Irene H. Elbert, John L. El- bcrt, Thomas J. Elliott, Paul C. Egel, LuVerne, John F. Edwards, Geneseo, 111. Victor A. Faulstick, Raymond K. Funk, Robert A. Fucrstcnau. Viola A. Heller, Adrian H. Harig, Ralph E. Hagg, Claude T. Huff, Howard C. Hentges, Matt C. Hentges Jr. Doyle K. Johnson. Roscoe J. Kidcler, Waterloo. Edmund E. Lester, James N. Logan, James K. Lytle, Robert A. Leininger, Lone HOCK. Irving E. Miller, Robert L. McMurray, Carl D. Morck Jr.. Ed J. Morris, Fred C. Mueller, John F. McMahon. James R. Morris. Dean S. Olson, Paul J. Ost- winkle. Art N.'Odgaard. Robert J. Peterson, Evert W. Peterson, Minneapolis, Frank Plasek. Staples. Minn. Dclmer J. Reding, Irvington, Duane L. Richardson. Glen J. Hike, Gutlib Reefer, Philip Reefer. Dwight E. Sabin, Glen L. Sabin. Richard J. Shellmycr, John S. Simpson. James Spencer, Clinton, Iowa, John Spencer, Des Moines. Iowa, Lee H. Scverson, Richard L. Sampson, James H. .1. OelWein, Donald E. Sherman, ttdvVard C. Skiliihg, Clayton R, Sdrenson, Lylc S. Steele, Arl,hur F. Schweppe, Harold M. Sabin, Marry c! Strieker. ' William H. Thcuvias^Willlam P. ThompsoH. • T? ! 4 »&•* Harold G. Vdig't. Don Warmbier, Robert E. Wcr- mcrsen, Kenneth S. Wiehman, tlobert H. Winkfel, Julius, Will, Edwin P. Weighty i'Jos'eph 'N. Wil 'e^. X MfU : ;•:• ; LOCALS <i '-.</• ;, •• -. Mr. and Mrs. Hcntfjr Weber of Algona, returned no'rnc Sunday evening, April 4, from a two weeks visit at Washington; D, C, to visit at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Woodbury. They also stopped at Pontiac, 111., to visit Mr, Weber's sisters. Mrs. Joe Eyman and Mrs. Glenn Antrim, Mr. and Mrs. John Berhow and their daughter, Nancy Ann, spent the weekend with Mrs. Bcrhow's mother in DCS Moines. Kelley Johnson, manager of Marshall-Wells store here, was in Duluth from Sunday until Thursday last week attending a. store manager's corivcnti6n. Alvena Miller and Esther Quinby spent the Weekend at Cedar Falls. The formed visited her mother and Miss Qulnby attended to business. John Boekelrtlan 6f TItonka, who' was a patient at the Kos-> suth hospital for a week, was brought home two weeks ago on Saturday. On the Tuesday following hf Was taken to the Park] hospital at Mason City for treatment. Me is reported as making a -satisfactory recovery. Mrs. A. E>, Lehman and Mrs. Harvey 'Jergehsert went to Des Moines today, Thursday, to visit Mrs. Lehman's daughter, Mrs. Don We'st and to attend "Lady Be-Seated" at Vhe KRNT theater, They expect to come home to- moijtow. , Mrs, L. A. Vipond, after three weeks of a severe eye 1 inflama- tion, Is now almost completely recovered. M*. and Mrs. A. A. Kieeker had as guests one day last week Elmer Corteau and E. A. Christy, Minneapolis, Minn. Callers at the Albert Weishaars Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. William Casper of Sioux City. Mr. Casper antl tetJwfhi'JVeisnaar efl» tered service at.the same time, were together, during service, aha were discharged at the sdrHe time,, ••. '• , • ;. Ut, arid Mffc.'JtfflM Altwegg of ftedfleld 'Were-igUests Sunday of the* laitet'Sf parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.'S,,«WindelL, TWO MEN WANftD With feed resale experience or equivalent. Steady, good- Must have cars. Confidential. Phone Mr. Victor Smith, 5051. Box 157, Britt, Iowa. Order Your May and June Chicks Now Swea City Quality Chicks <U. S. Approved—U. S. Pullor- um Controlled See us for BARGAINS in STARTED CHICKS — Males, mixed and females. April day old chicks available. Poultry meat and eggs will be good property this fall. Turkey Poults While Pekin Ducklings Phone or mail your order now or see our representative. Buy Swea City Hatchery Swea City, Iowa Phone 35 Mr. and Mrs. June Noble and three children and Mrs. Noble's sister Joan Seller all of Wesley were recent Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mrs. Drusie Noble. Mr. and Mrs. Sim L. Bemis, Delores and Mary Kay were weekend visitors at Harrisburg. S. D., with Sim's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rcrnis. Mrs. Fred Jennings has been on the sick list the past week. Arch Burger visited over the weekend with friends in Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jennings, Waterloo visited oyer~ Sunday; with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mimbach. They returned home Monday. ( Mrs. Ferd Brethorst was hostess to the W.S.C.S. Thursday afternoon of last week and a nice crowd enjoyed an interesting and enjoyable afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond and little son Monte were Monday evening visitors at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. Arch Burger helped at the William Hammond farm Tuesday of last week helping to seed oats. Mrs. Robert Kain called on Mrs. Drusie Noble Tuesday forenoon. Consignment Machinery t a Friday, April 16 STARTING 11 A,]V\. r We will have all kinds of machinery and numerous small items of all kinds at this sale. If anyone has any machinery or other items for sale bring it in to our sale yards. Lots of buyers. Arends Sale Yards Blue Earth, Minn. Junction Highways 16 and 169 •&, . M*, . tnd . Mri. aidfgS JehnSSrl of the Birth of eir, Daughter,- Mrs, , tt, .0, ri Aj)til 10 at St. Mftry»s Astoria, Oregon.' Mrs. Jbhnsbn left today (llth) to visit " grafidsoh attd other reU •ere a fewv-days. ' "/ ', Id Mrs. Henry 2welf6l ist Weekend .at LuVerne S. ZWeifel's parents, Mr. :.- Julius Knopf. id Mrs. Bill ZSmmerrtiftn dren went to Harlan • to -U'riday with the latter's ts, Mr, and Mrs. William Gae, s oiwsfitt, Mr. and ,«, lart, back with.therh V , i mah had as guests Thursday artd-'Mrs. Smith, v^h ifoUte Jrdta a vfefcatjo ''K. *>„ to'thelf hoir6 , mr. ana MfB. Mllp Ah)?|»9 ftfld daughters Jacqueline aridS Marilyn spent last weekend at? Atfies With the former's; parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. 'Ahrens.' >> ! ,.fc PAY? True—it cost& money to put teleiplione employees through Plj-st Aid, such a$ tjhe; ''hdvy to, apply a splint" course ahowii'above..' It costs money to train our people 1 ; -iiV srife';working' practices...It costs moneyst&jceep, tools and equipment in proper working^order>-^hazard free. But the time and money we gladly spend for safety are rcturnijd . in many ways—in reduced chance of personal ' suffering and disability ... in the healthier morale of an accident-free atmosphere . »..jn the better, more economical telephone service' we can provide when everybody is on the job. every day. ' . NORTHVYESl-ERN BEIL TELEPHONE COMPANY Swvfntf lowd, Mlhn««ola, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota • .'VT-' ,-../y ;';••• '(' . - 5 V»wr IdrfthoHfl rlttttar !s bu more am{ hotter scri'iYo every NINE MiLuoN PARTY) DISHES..2 O'CLOCK. IN TWB N\OB.NINt AND NO HOT WATER!! WHY W US I BOR.N !! ; Your Local AlkGas Distributor ; Retail - - - { ." T - Wholesale \ Phone 16 Harms All-Gas Co Phone 942J Herman Waller '^* . \ I' Alggnq, Iowa \ Hour Service— / , Phone 878U- ir * ' Glen Harms .-«.,.,. ^ ^rr^.M,.,,,. MM, „,„.„.. MAKER'S CLOSEOUT STOCK OF SPRING Made to Sell For As Much as $29.50 The newest silhoutettes are in this group. ExcicHngly • . tailored in all wool suede, covert, plaids, or part wool : ' -. ' '•• ^ gabardine with the season's exciting fashion details. C- Every new color as well as navy and black. Misses' and "i Women's Sizes. Shorties Ipmen's & Misses-Reg. 29.50 to 39.50 Save* As Much A, $,350 f* •. Suits SPECIAL PURCHASE Dresses Mqde to sell for 8,95, 10,95 12,95, *-~ and even 14,95 A l^t pf fw-jhipn fgL a low price! CNrming, dresses (nfo wide q«ortT rn^nt ef fabrics . M. all with thf NEW look for 5 P ring,1948l SUes everyonel XrfV

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