Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 24, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1894
Page 3
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•§lu» f • 33)44 UB XUBUI tjsiucq 01 pug KOAJOU ( ...^ •roflf « THE PEOPLE'S PICNIC, AND REUNION OF MEXICAN WAR VETERANS AND OLD SET- TIERS. WHT DO TOU DO IT! Whr do Too Ncftlcei Small. Slok neMee and Let Them Grow Into BIB One*? MVhj Don't Von Car* Your Plleil Tlmn Honored and Mont Popular Hallway Excursion of tb« CSeaion— A Coxejr Band to March and IWuncb —Ainutement) Ilecremtlon, Enjoj- ment and Good Cheer to Snlt the Time* and Drive I>nll Care A war. CLEAN A.\D TIDY AS A PIN, NEW The last cockroach baa packed hia grip and loft. The ante bellum odor baa been killed and burled. The table linen Is now changed once in a while and you can't write your name on the dishes any more. Wo make fresh coffee more Ing and evening, b»ko our own pastry, serve meals woll cooked give you all you can eat at a low rate. What more do you want? We want your patronage and will endeavor to deserve It. Come and see the change at THE HEIIIIE 320 Broadway. Best supplied lunch •hort order counter In the county. Open all nlg-nt. Nervous Are you, can't sleep, can't cat, tired, thirsty ? Blood poor ? It's • tonic you want — Rootbeer. This sparkling, exhilaratrnjr, nnd rc- frrabiag drink, while bcinj? far more agreeable in bouquet nud flavor than the finest wine or champagne, is at the lame time uulikc them, being free from alcohol. A temperance drink for temperance people.dcliciousand wholesome as well. Purifies tho blood, tickles the palate. Package makes five gallous. Ask your storekeeper for it. Take no substitutes. Honda-cent stamp to Chan. E. Hires Co.. Philailelph'u, fur beautiful .picture card*. FINANCIAL. W ATJL STREET! TO OPERATE SUCCESSFULLY IN WALL STREET Join out t'o-Op«ratlT« B. R. Slock Syndicate. 100 to 500 p«r cent, perannnm esallf made, and without rlslt send for "Prospectus and Dal Ij Harked Letter," mailed free. Huheit Reference. Ou record up to date percent 88 percent. nald to tbesubscribers, as tbe result of operations from December, 1893, to April 16th, 1804, WEIXJUX A CO., Stocks, Grain and Provision* No. 41 Brosdwaj, Now York City. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 24. All tbe arrangements for the picnic and excursion of the Mexican war veterans, the old settlors and the rest of mankind are DOW complete, and give promise of a memorable day of pleasure at Luke Cloott on Friday. JunoS, 1894, that being the 48th anniversary of the departure from the city of the Cass County Volunteers to their year oP hard service in the war of Mexico 1840 and 1847. The grounds at Lake Clcott were never before In suoh fine condition as they now present to the admiring eye, and suggest in grass and shade to tbe seeker after a day of rrst and pleasure out of the city. The lake and the llllies add their enticements to the shade and tho greensward. Ample provision will be made /or the wants of the Inner man, including tho usual bean soup, hard tack, "sowbelly" and coffee and tho bumpers and baskets of chumming plc-nlckers. Amusements will abound in the shape of boating, foot raaes for old men, fat men, boys, pirls or any othor creature, bipod or quadruped that wants to run. A new feature will be a band ot common- wealers, under the command of General Coxoy and Colonel Brown, both of whom will address the people from the speakers stand. The "Great Unknown" will also be present In all tho mystery of his mission. It Is very much desired that the old residents take an Interest in this occasion and come out In numbers to meet and greet each other once more. The veteran soldiers of all wars will also receive the welcome of comrades. It is hoped, furthermore, that the presence of many school qhil. dren, will brighten the day for the passing generation. A special train on the Pan Handle railway will leave the Fourth street depot on the morning of the 8tb at 8:30 o'clock, Tickets for the round trip—adults 36 cents; children under 12 years of age 20 cents. All persons boarding the train must show their tickets, which ticket may be procured at the place above named at any time after the first of June, and will be received on all regular trains. Return. Ing to the city the special train will leave the lake at 6 p. m. There will be speaking on the grounds by representative Old Settlers, senior veterans and others. No effort will be spared to make this reunion the best of the series. Go everybody and ' 'his sisters and his cousins and his aunts." Quaker headache capiuli give re. . lief In ten minutes. Acute and ohronlo catarrh; diseases .of the throat anil ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. Ladles are requested to call at Porter's drug it ore and coniult Miss ', Mary Sutherland on bow to keep a beautiful head of hair. When nervoui and weak take Rlne- hart't lilver Pills; no griping or nauieau. 1 a dose. For tale by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drug store. Sea the many new bargains: Three caiet of printed organcy lawn* worth 26 cents a yard, 9 cents until closed; Scotch lawn* 5 cent* a yard, worth 10 cant*. Thoie good» will not last long. Come quick and get best itylei at the Trade Palace. • Quwtion: Why does John Gray sell ' more hosiery than any other bouse In Lojraasport? Answer: Fin*. lie buys • Dearly all hi* hose direct from the nlll*. Second. He pays cub. in ten • days, getting all the discount there 1* in It. Third. He tell* at olo»er price* than any touse In this part of 'the State. Newton County Enterprise: It was a proud day for Bepubllcani In the Tenth District. The State Con•nation nominated Hon. W. D. Owen, of Loffanrport. for Secretary of State on the sixth ballot. Mr. Owen will lead tbe ticket thli year, and tbe con- ventlon did wisely In selecting a m»» of bis ability to lead tbe Republican . host* to riotory this Ml Newton \oounty Republican* are overjoyed at i the result. Mr. Owen ba*' limy* fvteen a prime favorite witb tbem and ^ilMy hare always supported htm. Notice. ' Bishop X. Castle, Elkhart, Ind, will preach in the English Lutheran church this evening. Everybody Invited. Especially those who are members of the U. B. church or have been, ap tbe bishop Is here on special work and would be glad to see all who are In sympathy with tbe church of the United Brethren in Christ. The bishop IB one of the best pulpit orators in northern Indiana, and if you wish to bear a good gospel sermon come and hear him. C. A. SPITLEH. ITlRKonlc Funeral Notice. To tbe Members of Tlpton Lodge No. S3, F, AA.M.: You are hereby requested to meet at Tlpton Lodge hall today (Thursday) at 1:30 p. m., for tho purpose of at» tending the funeral of our late Brother George Llghtner. Members of Orient Lodge and all members in good standing are fraternally invited. THOS. L. REED, W. M. ELI GHEENSFELDER, Seo'y. A Pointer for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J. Riohey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling In Kansas he was taken violently ill with cholera mor. bus. Ho called at a drug store to get some medicine and the druggist recommended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy so hlgtly he concluded to try It. The reswlt wai Immediate relief, and a few doses cured him oompletely. It 1* made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never 'alls. For laid by B. F. foes, ling Druggist. I Pyramid Pile Cure Will Do It. I Piles are painful, persistent, hard to cure, but they can be cured. There is just one remedy that will do It. It la a recent dlscoveryfbut it has been on tbe market long erough to have the endorsement of leading physicians and the recommendation of thousands of cured patients. Pyramid Pile Cure aots quickly and directly. It cures the cause of the trouble. Cures it so that the effect Is permanent. A great many salvos and ointments will give relief for a few minutes. That is not what Is wanted. Pyramid Pile Cu-o will cure any sort of piles; blind, itching or blcediEg. It will cure the lightest or the most aggravated case The flrat application will do moro good than a dozen boxes of anyjof the many so called cures now sold. Read these letters? They are from psople who^have tried it. Mr. J. W. Rollins, a gentleman liv- inpf at Si*eet Springe, Mo., writes briefly and to the point regarding bin exprrioace with Piles. Ho says; I consider the Pyramid Pile Cure without an equal. It cured me in less than thirty days. I waited fifteen days or moro to be sure tbo remedy had fully cured me before writing 1 you. I can now say I am cured and I shall recommend the Pyramid Pllo Cure at every possible opportunity because it deserves it. Miss Eaeter Nunley, of Trace City, Tenu., writes: The Pyramid Pile Cure has done my aisler moro good than anything she baa ever taken. I have nothing but words of warm commendation for It. From J. D. Roberts, Mt. Morlab, Mo.: I have used the Pyramid Pile Cure and results have been entirely satisfactory. There can be no question but that it is a certain and lasting cure for piles, at least it has so proven in my case. If your druggist hasn't Pyramid Pile Cure he will get It for you. It Is made by the Pyramid Drug Co., Albion, Mich. The price is one dollar per package. Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., Is now dun and should be paid at the company's offloe, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock are twenty-five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to ba paid as follows: April 20,1994 s l oo MajSi. 1894 : 1 CO June 20, 1894 „ 1 00 July 20,1894 _. '2 00 jtilSUSt 20, 1894 8 00 September 20.1894 _ 3 00 October2D, 1894 8 00 November^, 1894 3 00 December 20. i«94 4 00 January20,1895 4 00 M. A. JORDAN, C. W. GRAVES. Secretary, 12500 President, A Dalrrtnau'a Opinion. There is nothing I have ever used for muscular rheumatism that gives me as much relief as Cbalmberlain'e Fain Balm does. I have been using it for about two years—'four bottles In all—ae occasion required, and always' keep a bottle of it in my home. I believe I know a good thing when'l get hold of It, and Pain Balm is the best liniment I have ever net with. —W. B, Denny, dairyman, Neff Lexington, Ohio. 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keeallng. Druggist. A Popular Kemedy, The promptness and certainty of its cure have made Chamberlain's Cough Remedy famous. It is Intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, and li the most effectual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City, Fa., says: "I have a great sale on Chalmberlain's Cough Remedy, warrant every bottle and have never heard of one falling to give entire sat 1st action." 50 cent bottles for Bale by B. F. Keeallnir. Druggist. T WEIGHING AND MEASURING AIR. Proof of Air Varrant* br M««ni of • Rota- tine Globs. In his recent lectures at the Royal Institution, Prof. Dowar showed how it Is possible to weigh and measure air or gas under high pressure. Air waa compressed into a small iron vessel until it became thirty times denser than ordinary air, and the vessel was weighed on a steelyard. A further compression to sixty times tbo ordinary density was made, and the weight was found to have correspondingly increased. Then tho compressed air was turned off into a gasholder for measurement, and wss sei-n to be throe and a half cubic feet. Next Prof, Dewar turned to tho subject of the circulation of air. By means of a diagram he showed how air is always moving from tho equator to the poles and then returns, Midway between the poles and the equator, of course, were tlio calms. Tho fact that air rises from the equator in consequence of heat he demonstrated by means of a very thill paper balloon, the air in which w^s heated, and so caused to expniul and rise. When currents met and crossed they had tornadoes and waterspouts, the same thing 1 happening iu air as they might observe in pools when whirls and eddies occurred/ Some of the effects of a whirl of air wore illustrated by tho familiar experiments of spinning 1 coins, and sawdust on glass. Thus the audience could see, ho said, what happened in the case of ships caught in a tornado. They might also note tho elTeet of the uso of a fan on the movement of air, causing 1 a pressure on ono side and diminution on tlie other. Tho temperature o£ that theater was kept equal by fresh air being fanned into it from below, the outlet being through the roof. Before leaving 1 the subject lie gave a demonstration of the eiloet a rapidly rotating globe would have upon tho circumambient air, the air being repelled from the equator and sucked under the poles. No wonder, he said, that when the wind traveled at fifty or sixty miles an hour ships were help* less. Tho experiment of keeping a ball poised on nothing but a current of air was also shown, and then two interesting experiments were made with sand. Sand was placed before a current of rapidly moving uir and carried with such rapidity (but not moro rapidly than the current itself moved) that in ten seconds holes were cut throug'h a sheet of g-lass. In the same way a beautiful lace pattern was cut upon another piece- of glass by the air and sand alone, tho pattern being secured by placing 1 a .substance over the glass, leaving exposed only the parts to be cut. Prof. Dowar theu went on to the chemistry of »ir, which, as . he explained, was connected with what took place in combustion. Producing- a candle, ho remarked that it would need air to burn, as a man would need air to live, Put under a glass, tho candle soon buruod out, but itleft some liquid on tho side- of a glass, just as a man would on breathing'into it Lime water, on being introduced into the glass, became turbid and lay round the glass under tho deposit or liquid left by the candle. This showed that new air had boon produced. Therefore, they were confronted by the fact that in combustion new air was produced, and tho question was: What? They might burn a candle away, and yet its products by burning would be heavier than tho candle itself originally. This was proved to bo tho case also with magnesium wire when burned. The solid which remained was not metallic in character; old chemists called it calyx of the material. Now the increase of weight following combustion .could only come from somo material in the air used up in the process of combustion, and that must bo oxygen. Oxygen intensified combustion, and was completely taken up by the burning body. Air, however, was not completely taken up, but only to the extent of about a fifth of its volume. The burning of. carbon, phosphorous and mefal in oxygen all went to show that air was a mixture containing only a fifth of its substance »s oxygen, which alone had tho property of maintaining combustion.—London News. Four Reliable Prescriptions BREAD rod * HUNttRV MAN WATER taK * THIMTY ONI REST SLEEP roit wt«nr wtTCMM Are Nature's Great Nerve Vitalizers No'other needed when these are properly supplied. When not provided, the nerves are robbed of vitality and immediately suffer. Such neglect continued throws the whole nervous system out of order—brings on Nervous Prostration and a long train of terrible diseases! Now you'll understand when wesay that what tiiese prescriptions are to healthy nerves ^ Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer ** is to nerves which have been starved, over-worked and deprived of sustenance. Vou need this Vitalizer if your nerves don't respond readily to Nature's restorer?. It is the right thing for shattered nerves, and being right is free from harmful drugs. Price. $1.00 a Bottle Free Sample for convincing trial, of druggists, or if not found at deaJen may be obtained by writing us. Et close 5c. (stamps) for postage. If in doubt ahout your trouble, state your case fulhfr and the Doctor will give free advice. All welcome. Address THE J. W. BRANT CO., Makers, Albion, Mich. G or 43 Dey Street, New York For Sale by Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth St. ChcniM »'»«.!'>• analysis or otherwise, c.in show that (hi. 1 ; rcni?dy contains Morphine, Opium, Cocaine, or other harmful drugs THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete in FOURTEEN' PARTS, the entire series making; the most ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many Journal renders have availed themselves of the opportunity to Fecure these parts as they came lu from week to week bat tb«r» are a number of subscribers who have expressed a desire to secure the complete set without the coupons. To give all an opportunity to secure this The Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of 14 parts on the following; terms: CUT THIS OCT. Upon presentation of this Coupon at the DAILY JOURNAL ART PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT to- ge he with $ 1.75- the entire series [Complete in fourteen parts] ot the MARIE BURROUGHS f\RT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to yon. Xo extra charge for sets sent by mail. CUT THIS OUT. This otter does not interfere in the least with the existing offer of each. part for 3 coupons and 10 cents, as the coupons will be published for a gat- ficient time jet to all who have started on the f eries to complete their set*,. but Is intended for those who fori various reasons have neglected to WIT* their coupons. Don't fall to secure the set? at once as this offer will only hold good until Saturday, May 26,1894 Home »eekcr»> Excursion Nortbweit, Went. aa«(bwe»t, Bott §«atb •Via P«np»ylT»»U Line*. May 29tb, special excursion tickets 10 points in Northwest, West, South- welt and South, will be sold »t principal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines. Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details plane apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. V»n Dusen, Chief Assistant- General Passenger Agent, Plttsburjf, Pa. low Kate to Indlanapolli via Penn- •ylTanln Llnei. June 4 and 5, excursion tickets to Indianapolis account Grand Lodge K, of P., will be sold at one fare for round trip from ticket stations in Indians; valid returning until Juoe 6, inclusive. For rates, time of trains and any desired information please apply to Pennsylvania line nearest ticket agent. Spring'Medicine*. The almost universal habit of using some kind of spring medicine to Improve the blood and cleanse the system hat its advantages, K the proper remedy, is used. Wh*t is needed Is to arouse the liver and stimulate the kidneys. The best remedy to use Rinehart'i Pills. For sale, by B. F, Keesling and Keystone drug store. House tor Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. No. 403 Mark«i itrwt $100 Bewird, C100. The reader ot this paper will be pletuiftd to learn that there l» at lea.it one dreaded dlsfWM that science no* been able to cure In all Its ataxes and tnat la CatarfU. Hal 1's.Catarrli Cure is the only positive care known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constltntloniil treatment. Hall's Catarrh Core In taken Internally, acting directly on the blood and mucuB surfaces ot ib« system, thereby dwtroilng the foundation ot tbe disease, and giving th« patient strength by building up Che constitution and aiilstlng nature In doing Its work. The proprietor* have no mueb faith (nils curative powers, that the; offer One Hundred Dollars for an; rase that It fulls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address, F. J. CHENEY 4 CO,, Toledo, 0. r*3old br druggists. What Will Do III Medical writers claim that the successful remedy for nasal catarrh must he non Irritating, easy of application, and one that will roach tho remote sores and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to treat catarrh Is proof positive that only one remedy has completely met these conditions, and that is Ely's Groan Balm. Thia safe and pleas»nt remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else has ever done, and both physicians and patients freely concede this fact. Our druggists keep It. A Happy HuNband. DELAWARE, O.—After four months use of Simmons 1 Liver Regulator my wife is almost entirely relieved of chronic Constipated and bleeding piles. —W. B. keeper. Tour druggist sells t in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made Into a tea. Tie makers of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve ritallzer offer all nervous sufferers advice and consultation of the doctor, roe of charge. Write to the J. W. Brut 4 Co.. Allon, Michigan.—Be» Ko Cbano* of Failure. Upton—How is Bilton getting- along 1 now? Downton—Haven't heard lately, but I presume he is making: money hand over fist. Last time I saw him he was on his way to Kentucky to start a factory. "Hum! What did he intend to manufacture?" "Corkscrews."—N. Y. Weekly. WnIooMa Belief. City Missionary—My friend, aren't you sorry you are in here? Prisoner—No, sir; I'm in here for havinjf five wives.—Life. SOO DOZEN Of these Beautiful Waists Four "C" Nothing in the 'ivhole history o Medicine can compare with the sac cess of "POUR C." It is the ONLY KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. It removes all Its DRRADRD am BTIL effects, inducing restful, natura. sleep. OWE DOSB will frequently re move Pleurisy pains. ONE DOSE has time and again relieved a child suffering with CROUP. Pour "O" has oared Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneu monia, and Ulcerated Tonsilitis. IB composition it is DIFFERENT, is MORE POWERFUL and ACTIVE, in fact It IB as DIFFERENT from any other lung remedy as molasses Is different from vinegar. It Is a REVELA TION. BEST OF ALL YOU TAKE H RISK. The ESSENCE of tbe contract Is, Four "C" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refunded BEN FISHER. In Blue. Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 5 0 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, Bro*dw«/.

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