The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1948 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
Page 10
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Tuesday, April 13, Notes Catderi Club Mrs, It. E. Montgomery was hostess to the Kossuth garden Ferileh Dinner Guesifc— Mr. and Mrs. James Murtagh were dinner guests last week Sunday o£ Mr, and Mrs. Harry JJaase of Fentqn. The families became acquainted at Brownsr ville, tex., where Mr. Haase had gone for relief from rheumatism. club Monday evening at her home. Roll call was answered by i^ rSi Moulton Hostess- Mrs. Frank Moulton cntertain- Airport Commission City of Algona Kossuth County, Iowa Salvage & relay 8 in. storm sewer 15 In. storm sewer 18 in. storm sewer 21 in. storm sewer Type C intakes 5 ft. d/>ep Type B intakes 7 ft./deep members •"naming their favorite wild flower. The program was a paper on, wild flowers, prepared by Misis Ella Thompson.. .Mrs. Lynn Keith read an interesting letter from Mrs. Glee Pitcher of Indian Gap, Pa. The club voted to have a flower and plant sale at a date to be set by a committee, but probably the last Friday in April or the first week in May, Mrs. Win. C. Dau vice-president conducted th.e business. Mrs. Randall Clark 1Kb president was absent because of aft- accidental injury to her daughter Sarah. Guests of Bel Canto— Members of the fine arts department of the Fort Dodge Woman's club were quests of the Bel Canto club here Wednesday in an exchange program. The meeting was held in the loci urc room at Hie library and following the program tea was r.erved at George's. Mr.-;. Whittemore soprano soloist san;; tour selections to which she responded with two encores. Her accompanist was Miss Lucille Corey. Mrs. Sunder, was. guest speaker for the Fnrt.Dodge women. Her subject was sketching and textile painting Which "included a detn- onsti atton'-'m-stenciling. She also brought sb'JJnc-uf her work with her for di'splstyV.' Mrs. So'nder.. as a 'former art 'oacher inutile Fort Dodge schools. f'ho P.el Canto club presented a musical program at Fort Dodge i l\vo week? ago. | A Surprise '— [ Mrs. Lowell Smith and Mrs. are designated as follows: Hub Williams gave a surprise shower Thursday evening com- ; plimenting Mrs, .Craig Smith. Guests were'Mesdames, Lcighton Misbnrh, W. F. Stcele'i ^Richard Norton. Phyllis Kelly, Robert La- Bane. Robert McCullough, Allen Buchanan. E. ,1. Zencler. Robert Richardson, Dean Schlick, G. D. Allen. Murray . T ., Mowers, Carl Morck. Richard Cowan and John Ferguson. The evening was spent at cards at which the high and second high score prixes were \von by Mrs. Allen Buchanan am! Mrs. Murray Mower> rcxepc- tivlv. ed her bridge '. club ' mefnbers Wednesday evening.:- Mr?, Kussiell Waller won the high, score pr/ize arid Mrs. Thorrtas Sawyier won the second high score prize. Blrfhday Club Parly- Mrs. D, P, Smith was hostess t6 her birthday club members Wednesday evening at, a six-thirty dinner party. Mrs. Raymond Norton won the high score prize at bridge which followed the dinner. TO CONTnACTOHS CAA Project 9-13-001-7 Algona, Iowa April 0, 1048 MuiiJL'iphl Airport. Kossuth County, Iowa. Approximate quantities are as-follows: Clearing, Grubbing, Grading, Lowering Manholei fc Plugging Sewer Lines: Structures in landing strips: ri,,««4u» Hem No. Description . ul _ u . Qua2 ™85 Removing concrete floors 4 in. thick Footings Lower manholes, cap with concrete Lower manhole 2 ft. below grade and cap Plug sewer lines . Remove concrete reservoir 4 It. below finished grade, fill with earth Unclassified excavation Surfacing' entrance drive in. concrete pipe Schedule II Drainage Type A intakes 7 ft.'deep Concrete headwall Schedule III Segmented Circle, Marking, Class A Fence, 3 Gales: 1 Segmented circle : Z Boundary markers :>, Class A Fence 4 14 ft. gates Ci Special fence li -I It. gate Turfing: 1 Preparation of ground i! Fertilizer ::i)d liming :t Sowing Seed Schedule IV H.OB8 16 17 1 84,MO 125 84 55G 954 326 1(120 <) 4 1 1 1 47 10.254 2 41)9 1 Unit Square yards Square yards Each Kach Each Lump Sum Cubic yd. Cubic yd. Feet Lin. ft. Lin. ft. Lin. ft. Lin. ft. Each Each Each Kadi Each Each Lin. ft. Each Lin. ft. Each trie power, roads, soil Conditions, the Antrim! stirfnefl; of'the ground And fothe? contingencies.; ' .' •» , 4 . *•',<„• 2. Guarantee will be required wttlv each bid as follows! >; i >•«/ j>,t .t>^ Kach proposal shall be aecnrfipMfed by a certified check d>«wir, on an ...A'a Bank In an amount eetitai to five per cent (8%). of thfe .tolay&moum bid, and made payable to the TrataiiJ** M the City of Algona, lOWWr ,aj*i««»-. lined check wfii be hold by the cfly. of Algona, Iowa, as liquidated dam; ages If the bidder fails to execute ft contract and file an approved bond for ilhe faithful performance, thereof, within 10 days after the' neceinanee of and presentation ot the contract for signature. / . 3. Performance Bond and Payment Bond will fie required f6r an amount not loss than one hundred 1100) pot cent of the contract. A combined form of Performance and Payment Bond is shown In the Specifications,' . • 4. Liquidated Damages lor delay \vill be as shown In General Provisions. Section 70-07 and as shown on the Proposal Form. " • • . M *^i4. 5. Partial Payments will bo made ,1n accordance wltn paragraph 80-00 of the General Provisions. .. ,.-,,. «i-»j . B. Minimum Wage Rates. The minimum wage to be paid to labor employed on this project shall bo 'In UiVJoBrdftnee' wllli the rates shown. In Special Pro- Visions, and determined: B.vjlW<$)<Sec*etnr.v of Labor. :.,»,, • i -„ , 7. Preference for Iowa,Products. By virtue of. Statutory authority, a wet' notice will he given to pi-otlVibts; an'd provisions gttAvrt: and'- materials fabricated within the State of Iowa (Chapter 73. Code |-*-•>•»•» •">"»> 8. Proposals must be submitted .upon the Pri successful bidder will be fcqxHred to .execute the .. Forms for use of Binders may. be; had 'on application,-;-;,. . 9. Commencement and ComUtetloM. The work Shall, be commenced not later than June 1st, Ifl<18 and completed wo,l'Klnt|> days froni AM /date of commencement. Each schedule Shall be completed 1)1 the specifletf number of working clnys as shown on 'She proposal Form. ••.•••, . . • 10. Award of Contract: -The- Algona Airport Commission of Algonaj-I&wa reserves the right to reject any (liSaR bids, to waive intofmality in bids received and to accept or reject any schedule of any bid unless suchi bid is qualified by specific limitation. Envelopes containing,bids must- be sealed, marked and addressed as follows: ' M - ' "• '.-'• •' . iliM-' : ' '• To: Gaylord Bt.flSnumway Secretary; "Alfport Commission Algona. IpvVa ; •!/; ,,•'. CAA Project ,8-13-001-7 To he opened at 0 P.M. o'clock C.S.T. April 21, 1D46. Dated this « day of April lf)48. °ua'.vlord Sluimway. Secretary W. M. Dau, Chairman • VOM 14-15 112.2 112.2 112.2 Acres Acres Acres Hold Slork Shower— Mrs. H. N. W-atkina and Mr ( s. Stanley Muckoj,' gave a "stork" shower for Mrs. James Merry- jiian Thursday evening. The Mer- ryinans recently, adopted a two in-iMth old baby boy. Guests were Mi "-flames Williams Watkins, Kcilvrt Dewel, Harold Jergenson. W. E. McGrew, Don Weise, Howard Stillman, -Jtick Fraser, and .Icic Downey. Favors were tiny knitted "soakers". The evening was spent at cards. Birthday Honors— Mrs. R. A....Johnson entertained Thursday afternoon for her mf'thrT Mrs. Emma Dehncrt in 'loniir ol her birthday. Guests v/ere Mesdames George Stewart Sr.. Walter Klamp. W. J. Sigs- Ix.'i 1 C. L. Livingston, J. I. Trout- m.iii. Howard' Plait. Alma Nel'•n-i A. L. Sponcberg, Edward '" . mer, Frank Vera and Mar- p.a'i't Reid. The.-,.guests presented Mrs. Dchncrt with a gift. Drawing No. BHC'O 1 is i) 10 U 12 13 14 15 Hi 17 18 joW; . . ..... . •bppsril:: Form furnished^.This •' Standard F&rm of Coiilraet. 1. Plans are on Hie in the olVice of the Secretary of the Airport Commission ''" c'op'ius'uf'plans for individuul use of Contractors may be obtained from the Brown Engineering Company, K.P. Building, 6th and Locust Street. Des Motnes. Iowa, upon deposit of $10.00 which will be relumed to the unsuccessful biddeis which are hereby made a part of the Contract Da ' e Title Sheet Index and Summary Sheet 7_7-.|7 Location Map 8-21-47 Master Plan 'l-2<)-47 Layout Plan 10-10-47 Clearing Plan 10-9-47 Existing Sanitary Sewer System 10-U-47 Log of Borings 10-13-47 Grading Distribution 9-8-47 NK-SW landing strip y-5-47 N-S landing strip 9-U-47 N-W-SE landing strip lO-ji-47 Grading and Drainage Plans 10-10-47 Storm Drain lines Inlet structures and headwall Intersection detail Marking devices Fencing and seeding Standard General Provisions Special Provisions Labor Special Construction Provisions Standard CAA Specifications Clearing and grubbing Grading Clay pipe sewers Concrete pipe sewers Manholes and Inlets Concrete headwall Portland cement Sand Seeding Wire fence with wood . posts Boundary markers v-i^w-^-u Segmented circle marker system Bidders are expected to visit the locality of the work, and to make their own estimate of the equipment, material and labor needed, to acquaint themselves with the difficulties attending the execution of the proposed contract, including local conditions, uncertainty of weather, availability of water, clcc- Convenient Terms Available 1.50 Down 1.25 a VVook 10-20-47 1U-31-47 November 1W7 Parl I Fail II CAA-P-101' CAA-P-102 CAA-D-701 CAA-D-751 CAA-D-752 ASTM-C-150 AASHO-M-On CAA-T-!I01 CAA-P-160 CAA-5-M-2 CAA-TSO-N5 tttileatfe Utcut entet When you figure the "extfas" in today's postwar SilvertoWn — you'll find you're Setting double action for youf dollars. Extra mileage. Extra safety. Extra protection against road pounding and blowouts. OK RUBBER WELDERS hone 308 LESTER PeBOLT .'• .lit:. 118 N. Thorington Presbyterian Council— Tho Woman's Council of the Presbyterian church will meet Thursday. April 15 for a one-fifteen o'clock luncheon, with member.-, ol Cncle''D''serving. Mrs. Vernell Hnrdnrove will have the devotions. Mrs. /Gilbert Kuyper will present a Stewardship play- lot, and Mrs. George St. John will talk on "Spiritual Life". To Hear Missionary— Th" luncheon usually held by tli ladies of the Baptist woman's .•'.'• ••ocKition has been cancelled to er:alilc the women to attend a nir-'-tiri;; of the spring mission ral!v to be held that day at Gold- lielil. All women are asked to be in attendance. Anvone wantini! transpo tat ion is asked to contact M s. Cliai les Reaper. Sorority Rush Party— The Beta Sigma Phi sornnty gave another in a series of "rush parties" lor prospective candidates Thursday evening, which began with an entree at Mary Frances Carney's, dinner at Van's and an evening at cards at the home of Valeria and Ruth Butts, which closed with the serving of cake and coffee. High pri/e went to LaVunne Wolcott, and low to Jean Goclden. Having sold my farm and moving to town, I will hold a farm auction at the farm located 1 mile north, 1/2 mile east, Vi mile north of Algona, on THURSDAY. Sale starts at 1 o'clock FARM MACHlNERf 10 W. S. C. §.,Circles— ; The W. S. C. S. circles of the Methodist church will meet Thursday afternoon, April 15, as follows: 1, Mrs. Everett Lee; 2, Mrs. A. L. Spongberg; 3. Mrs. Ji. S. Montgomery; 4, Mrs. Roger Phillips; 5, Mrs. L. R. Potter; 0, Mrs. W. II. Holldoif; 7, at the church: 8, Mrs. A. E. Clayton; 9. Mrs. Bernard Yeoman; 10, Mrs. Ralph Donovan. Congregational ^ The Woman's' 1 Association circles of the Congregational church will mftt 1 Thursday afternoon. April 15 as follows: 1, Belle Purvis, assisted bjf Mrs. G. S. Buchanan and Mrs* V. V. Naudain; 2, Mrs. M. 0'. Bourne, assisted by Mrs. C. D. Sjchaap and Carrie Durant; 4, Mrs. L. A. Copp, assisted by Mrs, H. W. Miller and Mrs. J.; ; l. Merryman. Bridge Club Meets- Mrs. M. J. McC^JJ: pnjertained her bridge club m'e'ttiriers at a dessert luncheon Wednesday. Mrs. L. C. Hanson was winner of the high score-prize.' H-lnternational tractor on rubber, with cultivator power lift, good condition; 2-16 in. International plow, high speed moldboard; Massey Harris disc, 8 ft. Tandem, 18 in. blade, 3 years old, good condition; 2 row. No, 6 New Idea corn picker on rubber, excellent condition; Cobar drag, 4 section, flexible, lever set; Case spring tooth 3 section 9 ft. harrow; 6 ft. Massey-Harris horse mower, been used very little; 10 in. Oliver Stover Hammermill, with feed head; McCormick-Deering 10 ft. power binder, all canvas and in good shape; Minneapolis-Moline manure spreader with tractor hitch, good shape; 999 John Deere corn planter, 80 rods of wire; 300 gal. gas barrel with stand; Red Head cylinder corn sheller, 2 years old; 2 feed bunks; chicken feeders; hay rack; 2 rubber tired trailer, with triple boxes; complete line of small tools; McCormick-Deering cream separator, good condition; Ford truck cab over '41 new Mercury motor, less than 700 miles, 5 yd. gravel box and overdrive; No. 10 John Deere Hammermill nearly new; Big 6 McCormick-Deering mower. LIVESTOCK, Etc. 5—BROOD SOWS—5 Purebred Poland China sows, farrow in middle of June. These are not paperdble. 2—HORSES—2 1-9 yr. 1500, well broke; 7 yr. old, isOQ, well broke, good planter team; breeching harness. COWS 1-6 yr. old Holstein cow; 1-3 yr. old Holstein «pw; black white face heifer, 1 yr. old; J-200 Ib- calf, white fqee; 10 head stock cattle. 15Q—HENS- Welp Hatchery flock, good layers, •150 South Bend Kitchen range, 3 years, old; table and 6 chairs; studio cpH|h; .1-6 ft. kitchfrt'<abinet; platform rpcker; piano; ll^v&evphilco ^'^\^&^? ^e»kj twin cylinder washing machine, motor. ; I 'fr's* f eed oats; Jr. 50 bushels corn; 6|nt*aies straw; 1 garden! planter, ^ . if ^ TERMS: (Cash. No property to be removed till settled for. H. E. Yungeberg & Son, Auct. Security S|e|li(;Bajik, , Clerk ft»»»» ^I«i»*««M«a"Wf»w (MASH) in 50-Ib. Paper Bags And Also— Chick Starter In 50 Lb. Thrifty-Fifty / , TQ FSEP-EASU3R TO irneans e,yeryi$iine[ to you, chicfc raises. Sargent .QMS* §tf««r IJPVf mash', crumbles or pellets—in the sensational kew '.TiwlJjpfW' p»J»er that save you money. "Thrifty-Fitties" have been tested all over, tyejn West, ancj they are going like wild^i" wi*h poultry men ail thrpvph Jh« territory. Come in this week for your jir«t "Thrifty-Fifty" bag! il:., L*.' FEE D .

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