The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1948 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
Page 9
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SECOND SECTION taona APRIL 13, 1948 Algona Hi Wins Baseball Opener, 7-0 HurlersGive Only One Hit Last Friday Algona high Won its baseball opener, Friday evening at Eagle Grove, and two hurlers turned in a one-hit shutout. The Bulldogs Won, 7 to 0, in a seven inning contest. Snyder worked four innings on the mound for Algona, and gave up one hit. He also collected eight strikeouts. Kern relieved him, Worked three inriings, and failed to yield a hit while getting five strike!outs. Sigler was the batting standout for Algona, getting three hits in four trips to the plate. This afternoon (Tuesday), Algona travels to Fentdn for the second contest of the schedule, and next Friday the - locals' play at ; Tito«ka. Box score: Algona (7) AB H R E Snyder, p .... 2 11 0 Waldron, cf . — ...3 1 00 Skogstrum, c '_«.__.3 0 1 0 Crapser, Ib .. 2 0 00 Pentecost, 3b 3 001 Lauritzen, 2b , .3 010 Sigler. ss 4 330 Briggs, If . ; ____2 010 Kelley, rf 2 1 0 0 Kern, p ^1 000 25 Eagle Grove (0) AB Knudson, ss 1 Lister, cf 3 Howell, Ib 3 Knutsen, p 2 Tanner, 3b ..3 Severson, c 2 Stewart, rf 3 Anderson, If ..2 Amundsen, 2b 2 G H 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 7 R 0 0 0 0 0' 0 0 0 0 21 '1 0 Bill peering Has Top Pin Game In Barry Loops Bill Geerlng crashed through with the week's high bowling line on the Barry alleys; in league play this past week. He had a 234 line. ; Other,lop scores: EIrdman (202), Voighl (205), B."Pettit.^211),-Cotton r J ~" (2p2),.pailey (201). Gade (203), ttfhfc; :(207£2Q2), ;-;Oi ' .".KresSm <200)?' ;v^:f^%:-.^v : ^- • ~J ;.;':• League standings: Class A Team W L Burl ... . 63 27 Old Styln Lager .... 59 31 Swifts * .—48 . 42 Lotts Creek .._,_. <.-+..M 46 K. of C. .—,-^43 47 American Legion _ 40 50 Studer Stock Farm ...40 60 V.F.W. .-,—-- ,-25 65 Class B Sportsmen's Tavern .—62 28 Lone Rock Bank :_58 32 John Deere .—i-^-48 42 Blanchard Lbr. Co. .-.44 46 Algona Barber Shop —41 49 S. & L. Co. - 35 52 Council Oak ..^_.35 54 Ryan Halchcry _ 34 53 j. Intermill Has High Loop Game On Brandt Lanes j! Intermill of Titonka. with a 225 line, had the high score for Ihe week in a single' game of lea- Sue bowling on the Brandt Lanes here, ' Other lop stores: Rotixc (209), Jensen (204), Davis (201), Lucd- Ike (205), Don Smith '(204). Mullin (206), Dailey (204) and Baker (202). In Ihc junior leatU'e scores of 180 or boiler, were: Bob Christiansen (192-185). Duttori (181), tcisch (203), Reikeh (180) and igler (193). League standings: American League Team W L Bauer Implement 64 26 Underwriters 57 33 Cowan Supply 51 39 Titonka Indians 51 39 West End Billiard 48-. 42 Priebe Grocers 47 43 Percival Motor 47 43 LuVerne _ - 46 44 Hobarton Elev. 42 48 Thompson Dist. 36 54 Bancroft Oil 35 55 Lions Club _. -.17 73 National League George's Cafe —.69 21 Studer Slock Farm 57 33 American Legion 55 35 Whiltemore 53 -37 Kent Motor 48 42 Clement Service _' —48 42 Consumers 45 45 Harold's Food -f4 46 V. F. W. —42 48 Lions Club -32 58 Pratt Appliance —— 12 78 ( Classic League Woodmen, Tyke —63 24 Old Style Lager 51 36 Geprge's Cafe 50 37 Morck Brew .—37 50 •Hub Clothiers-.—,._.:.37 . 50 BleichdService'—-^—i.ai3fe.. G .± Hi School, Academy Nines 1 Have Lineups With Veterans! Two vetetW baseball lineups will face opponents of both Algona high school and St. Cecelia's Academy, of Algona, this season. There are nine lettermen returning for spring baseball at the Academy, Father Bauer states, and Coach Gene Hertz at the high school has eleven letlermen back. The baseball schedule for Ihe high school has also been lined up wilh only two open dates remaining, High School Letlermen Letlermen back al Ihc, high school are the following: Skogstrom, catcher; Kern and Snyder, pitchers; Orapser, first base; Laurilzen, second base; Sigler, shortstop; Pentecost, third base; and Meyers, Kueckcr, Wal- "dron and Christiansen, outfielders. In addilion, there is a squad of 40 men. "Work began last week with good weather but will/bc slowed down this week. This is the third season of baseball for Ihe high school,' during which time the teams' have won 16 and lost three games. Most of the letlermen who arc back played ball all lasl summer wilh Ihe Algona American Legion leam. The schedule for Ihc spring season is as follows. The first game was slated Friday, April 9, at Eagle Grove. April 13—Fenton, Ihere, April 16—Tilonka, there. April 20—Open. April 23—Swea City, .here. April 27—Britt, there. April 30—Eagle Grove, here. May 4—Open. May 7—Titonka, here. May 8—First round sectional. May 13—Fenton, here> /, ' i May 14—Brilt, here. i May 15—First round district, i Corwilh vs. Academy ' Corwith will be Ihe first foe of the Academy, wilh . Ihe game slaled here for April 23. Father Bauer is working on the remainder of the schedule, which will include most of the teams played lasl year. Vclerans back are as follow: Charles Elberl, pilcher; Art Winkel, calchcr; Kevin Schmidt, first base; Tom While, second base; Tony Winter, third base; Gil Buschcr, shortstop; Dick Wilhelmi, Jim Beiser and Marvin Erpelding, outfielders. Bill Woodcock, outfielder, who Saw- some aclion last year, is also out again. . 1948 Football Schedule The Algona high school football schedule for next season has also been arranged, and will be as outlined below, Coach Hertz said: Sept. 10—Emmetsburg, there. Sept. 17—Iowa Falls, here. ' Sepl. 24—Webster Cily, Ihere. Ocl. 1—Eagle Gruve, here. Ocl. 8—Hamplon, here. Ocl. 15—Clear Lake, Ihere. Ocl. 22—Clarion, here. Nov. 5—Spencer, here. Nov. 11—Humboldl, here. The team membership follows: Lusby & Giossi — Gary Waldron, Everett Sparks, Don Rieken, Gus Lundh, Jim Kuchen- reuther and Junior Sigler. Hank's — Bob Donovan. Bob Christiansen, Frank Lindstrom, Cliff Skogslrum, Dick Samp and Fred Hutzell. Zcnder's—Jerry Dutton, Arlan Briggs, Dick Beisch, Kevin Schmidt, and Nathan Humphry. Hutzell's — Jim Kelley, Bert Baldwin, Chuck Crapser, Richard Webster, Delmar Kern and Durwood Lashbrook. Zcnder's — —36 Hutzell Service 22 39 53 Tunior: League >-;• -?.. Lusby &':GI6sst*-'i;- IZ-47' Hank's Shop ———45 28 Fentpn's Baseball Schedule Listed Coach Forest Han if an of the Fenton bigh baseball leam has compleled Ihe baseball scheduk for Ihis spring. The schedule is as follows: April 9—Rodman -Iherc April 13—Algona here April 15—Armslrong Iherc April 16—Swea Cily here April 20—Whittemore' therr April 22—Burt there April 27—Whittemore- here April 30—Swea-Cily there May ..-tr-it'nka : there -May 3 8^AAfm'sirong' ^Jl.h May 21^St; JoHh's .'— here Kathryn Kelley Has A 22'5 Gqme Kalhryn Kelley lurned in a 225 line for the high game of the week in the women's bowling league .at Barry's last Wednesday night. Olher lop scores: Mary T; Best- enlehner (178), Layonne Wolcoll (180) and Edith Weller (172) Team slandings: . W ' Modernistic '. 46 Druggist Mutual —...43 Newspapers —37 Modern Cleaners _. — _36 Kossuth Men At A Weed Meeting Ton Kossuth men turned out Thursday to attend a weed control di.slricl meeting held al Webster City. Insect and rodent eradication was included in the day's discussions. Pal McEnroe, Kossulh's weed commissioner said lhal special attenlion was given in lalks to the prevalence in Ihesc parts, of corn borers. The borer scums to be; here to stay and far- inor.s are becoming m6rd and more aware of ils presence. Farmers were warned al the piecting, of Ihc danger of planting soy beans on land infeslcd wilh cockle burrs as il would be impossible lo use 24-D control on thorn. This 24-D kills broad-leafed plants. Last year il was reported in Kossuth county that several farmers ruined their bean fields by using the cradicant. Where land has bean overrun by cockle burrs it is recommended that corn or oats be planted. Corn, a member of Ihc grass family has a rool-controlled food system hence is not damaged by the cockle burr spray. Local men attending the Webster Cily meeting included: Pat McEnroe, weed commissioner, Gene Hood, Glen Buchanan, Ralph Tice, Wilbur Zeigler, and John Mitchell all of Algona; Pete Schumacher, Whittemore; Jesse Grubb, Sexlon; Henry Orthel, Titonka; Wm. R. Phelps, Granada, Minn., Waller Fandel, Whittemore; Owen Hurt and'Rex Taylor of Algona. Chaperone Gets Praise Of Algona As postscript to a letter on another matter, Roberl L. Stuhr, executive director of the Drake university National Alumni association, wrote under dale of Tuesday: "I spenl mosl of Salurday night hearing of the beauties and virtues of Algona. I was chaperone at a sorority dance, and several of the students were from Algona. I nevor realized before what a garden spol it is". Waller Appointed E. J. Van Ness has resigned as member of the county Soldiers Relief Commission, and R. B. Waller was namou to take his place. L. E. Linnan is chairman, and H. M. Smith is third member. LuVerne Girl On Trip to Europe LuVerne — Dorothy Marty, R. N., at New York City, left by plane Tuesday for a six weeks at Geneva, Switzerland, where she will visit friends. Miss Marty who was reared lo womanhood here was a daughler of Ihe ,lale Mr. and Mrs. John Marly. She was deprived of her parenls by death when she was a very small child and was reared Junior Bowlers • '-..-/• ' "• Poultry Raisers HERE ARE SOME IMPORTANT FACTS: 1. Chick Slump Forecasts Poultry Decline United States Department of Agriculture—Washington, D. C. ^Bureau of Agr, Economics . . . Special March Hatchery Report "Reports indicate thai farmers as a whole intend lo carry out their Feb. 1 intentions Jo purchase 20 percent less chicks this year than last. Largest decreases compare^ with a year ago are in the East North Central, West North Central and South Central States .. ., Results of the survey arjjt ^s fpljows; Geographic Division WEST NPRTH CENTRAL SOUTH CENTRAL Total U, S. Eggs Set March 1-15 Down 29% Dowri 2}% Down Chicks bookecj for April-May delivery Down 43% Down 42% Down 39% ; The Junior'.' League bowling Reason was climaxed Wednesday evening of last week 1 with a banquet held at the -Country Club. The four teams, which competed on Ihe Brandl Lanes, and Ihelr sponsors, Henry Fursl, Bill ..-iossi, Roy Hulzell and Bud Zender, were presenl as well as Harold Brandl. Afler Ihe dinner Ihe teams were presented their prizes. Lusby & Giossi won first place, Hank's Barbers were second, Zender's were third and Hutzell's fourth. Gary Waldron, captain of the winning team, was presented wilh a gold trophy and each man received a cash award. The high average man on each team also received ^an award. Jerry Dullon walked off wilh firsl place with a 158 average, Bob Christiansen was second and Cliff Skogstrum look Ihird. Buys Angus Cows Chicago—Harry Youngberg, Al gona, la., recenlly purchased Iwo purebred Aberdeen-Angus cows from Mood & Henrickson, Ring- sled, la., according lo Ihe American Aberdeen-Angus Breeders As'sn. here. her palernal grandparents the late Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich Marty. Upon graduation from the Lu- Verne high school Miss Marty went to Chicago where she took icr course In nursing. Aflef gradualion she was .^associated several years with the , ian hospital there. At preseftt Sht is head supervisor in the nity department of the Margaret Hauge hospital, Jersey City, U. JV Switzerland was the hfittielatiel of Mis Marty's grandparents, AND VOU tAM PLAY THIS 6N VOUR BANJOi- THS PU6ASIN6 WUftrtftOf. CAN t BORROW VOUR RADIO x--' . NO-1 JUST WANT TO SPEND A QUIET EVENINd »$' WILL MAKB vou THEIR UFE LONG CHAMP LIN SERVICE I 1 • PHOKt 1086 '•'••'•' 301 ESTATE > Friday and Saturday Jewelry Th« Midwest's Favorite, Dual FEATUREatFRIESNERS The Sportsman's Home 2. Red Meqt Shortage Predicted 3, Feed Prospects Look Brighter, in CM 11 . w in rwilt »Reprjnted frem Ftedstwffs April g, 1941 •ReprinJed. from Feedstuffs, April 3, i94§ , «jf weather favors corn this >W. 999' "I* i»9w iftmi likrty tbaiwitb wnswrnw feed rails showM fc§ very favorable In las* inwnw siW Mlalivdy Uirae wul **4 „,..„«,am.. '', uneat shortages in prejptct io? ntxt fall, qwaitw P; )84e.' «gg pric« will lemain ttreng ftn4 jesch high l^YoJl Ifl |h« |f»«" ORPER HUSKY, HEALTHY, HARDY BABY CHICKS NSW TO A VO !tj'PI § APPOINTMENT, URBB^ »pi V|P'-, ^PR^^™ ?W^ * W^P^ ^^W^^W^P( MIR ^^^ ^PI^^^^W ^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^W .^pp rJ .C. 1** " * " * *A * ' * No««d for Vigor, Layablliiy • Based on Select, Pedigree-sired Auslralorp Males and Thompson's Egg-Bred WhHe leghorn Hens • Early. Maturing Egg Layers—Very Persistent • Rapid Growing, EarlyJFeathering, Easily Dressed Broilers • Disease Resistant — the result of Bloodtesting and Cross Breeding Healthy Stock e, WW»« or Via U» Torfay hr Dntriptio*, tow CWefc Prfc«* TILMER THOMPSON HATCHERY PHONE il/ ..'.,... ELMQRE: MINNESOTA PHONE il/ TODAY , Straight tun, • Baby Pvllcli, •abyCockmU BOWLING WEDNESDAY NITES All Six Alleys For Open Bowling THURSDAY NITES AU Alleys {or Open Bowling After 9:30 P.M. Monday Thru Friday Open 4 p.m. JP Midnight SATURDAY - SUNDAY All Alleys fp? Open Bowling i P.M. Jo 12 Midnight BRANDT Bowling Lanes Tabl. FOR Two, Please" Your very first dinner In, your new home can set the gracious pattern for a lovely future — so J« U be set with Sterling! Towle Sterling is'-be.'£uty-for» a^lifetime In itlij silver yet it is pot expensive for all its prewd craft tra* ditions,... Let ws tell yen abput jthe Towle "placet-setting pljin".', .the wonderful way to collect your corn' plcte set of this CfflliillUf. SlfrUPg' With Every Purchase You Get a FREE CHANCE On a FREE GIFT In Our Here ,ypy ore, you sportsmen find fiihtrmenj* C'mpn in on Poll«r Pwys and try y«wp.|)j^(.^|lh the 'big fish' we have for you jn Frifs.n§rYlFtih' Ppndl Yes sjr, just grab thai'pcN that strike, AH you have tp ^»'t pond is te make a purchase «if a end your hook may bring up a n the fwn-and if ypy need t«sWe iJ merit pf any kind, this is H mi Iot«h ( 9nt9 itl ^ tJ-V'. '.-" " A<u *tiV FRIES

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