The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
Page 5
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I* if » i * >> i • f» {.» *j» **-, ;« f !? ii '.5 0 Teen-ager i P/ew Td Tfli Summer Ta learn Mow To Drive >4 ',", U: Frank Ulish of the State 'department of public safety was here Thursday to conduct a test» ing clinic for high school students who plan to take a behihd4he- whecl driving course this summer. Prelimirqry ,lo the course Will be class room instruction to ninth grade general science students on the theoretical side of driving, Mrs. Marion doriklihg .Is tho teacher. . For the practical driving course Allen Slickers will be instructor. Mr. Schupe, who was teacher last summer, the first time the course was offered, will hot be in Algona th'is summer. The course is part of a regular curriculum and expenses are paid by the school. To Furnish New Car The Kent Motor Co., will furnish a new Ford with dual controls for free use as a demonstra* tion car for teaching purposes. . Use of.some part of the fair grounds, is being asked by the school board. Pupils could thus •liftve a place to drive free of traffic hazards. : In the last part of the course, however, some driving will be done, in traffic and on the coun- try highways, .1 •'•",',•;.;' School authorities have, ( d9ked the airport commission, to keep in mind for future use, some,certain part of the new air,-.Held oh which a driver's training ^course could be laid out. It could; then be Used by other schools in- the community. As yet the .commission has not been infor'med As to whether such space will be avail^ able. SO Plan I'd Enter Fifty pupils attended the clinic. At their request school, officials asked permission of tn<? .parents fdr the child to take the summer course. >JSl«V No pupil is enrolled for Dehind- the-wheel driving wi^hjfiut^wr ten consent of the parettisY , Pupils in the classi are approaching the age, 16, at which the may get a driver's license. Classes are designed to make them better and safer * drivers when they are legally 'on the road", /•*,. At the clinic, tests gjven^wcrc for reaction time, tor Stop** ,c61or vision, steadiness, several vision tests, strength-test antoJmm'di ation. ••••iMvHf-"- In Mrs. Conkling's classes some of the things emphasized is |(f f» ''<V y <?f i !" \'* ;•» Vol. 1, No. 54 Tuesday, April 13, 1948 THE ABC OF IT .*» A lot of smart folks are taking time out right now lo take a good 'long look at their present plumbing and heating installations. Lots of good reasons for it, too. We are in a position lo install such items as complete new furnaces now' —. also coal stokers, oil burner units, hot water heaters, and bathroom equipment. Soms furnaces we've looked at just won't be able to take it another winter. Any way you ligure it, it's smart lo^ j look over ' your present equipment and we'll be glad' . .. >( ...... . . , .lo oner; you the benefit of 'our • experience., and professional knowledge. <-^'<, \ . ' " • ' ' ••' •'•' s ~ j YOU CAN PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK i After you know thai everything is in apple-pie order' in your basement healing equipment, in your bathroom installations, and in such other items as hot water healers and water softeners. If ypu really need replacements, we can tell you. and are in a P9g}t\on to give you equipment'•with, nationally • known 1 names. C* ' '. * >. AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE t,S '<* POUND-FOOLISH Not at all. You'd be surprised at how reasonably, for instance, you can install a new fully automatic Winkler stoker on your present furnace—and then get the benefit pf fuel savings and better heat for years. If you are of the opinion that plumbing and heating equipment is sky-high in price, give us a chance to go over the situation with you. SO LET US TRY YOU FOR SIZE * One of our long-time specialties here at Irons' is doing the right job for the right home, A lot pf extra ,cpst coines from labor done right on' the site in plumbing and heating work, so we take the lime to figure Ihe jobs fiomplele, We taijor-make Ihe job io fil yowr r ments. and in the lo yo« • haye an, insis thai is really design ygur job, for THEN YOU WON'T HAVE TO ARGUE fealizntion that part of safety is more than driving skill and quick reactions. Much depends on an attitude of mind. It has been proven thai persons in the late teens and early twenties are quickest in reactions, he'arlng, sight ahd strength, therefore they are .supposed to be the safest drivers, but the actual facts are they have the greatest percentage of accidents. Their only fault is that they take too many risks. Mr. Slickers summer driving classes will be arranged .for the convenience of high school pupils who have summer jobs. Attend Convention f , Mrs. Valeria Sriggs well! #>' Des Moines, Saturday and< on Sunday, Mrs. Kelley Johnson aftd Irene Drager went to the capitOl city. The three, all beauticians, attended a two-day state cbsme- ologist convention, returning iome Monday. ,. 3 More Kite Winners Cast Selected For Senior Play Al High School The A. H. S. senior class play "Night of January 16th", scheduled for April 23 is now well under way, according to Mrs. Poush, who is directing the play. The subject of the play is a mUrder trial, and an unusual feature of it is the recruiting of 12 members' of the audience, to serve as jury. Thesp members will not be "planted" in the audience, but chosen by lot. Jurors selected will be on a professional basis, for they paid a re-. fund amounting to the price of | their ticket to the show. Strictly speaking, this is a play without a heroine, but Maxine Reeimers has been chosen for he leading feminine part; that of Karen Andre, defendant in the murder trial. Nor has it a hero, the principal male role being that of the* prosecuting attorney. Fred Hutzell. The rest of the cast includes: Beverly .Lewis, Bob Reilly, Dolores Brown, pur- wood Lashbrook, Emma ' Lou Shnpson, Wallace Hill, Everett Sparks, Larry Douglas, Helen McVeigh. Charles 'Crapser, Ray Schenck, Barbara Platt, Delores Bowman. Roger Didriksen, Jacqueline Brown. Gus Lund. Cliff Skogstrom, Sue Hutchison. Gloria Lane, Don Rieken, and Melvin Hagg. . -: ' ' Twelve important members of the class remain' to be chosen but they, fortunately,' need no rehearsing, and win 'not-be selected until the night of the performance. They are the jury. who will listen to -the evidence and render the verdict on which will depend which of the two endings written for the play .will ,be used. Among the well-known {people who have SOTV§d.,on the {jury during ' professional ^|— jformancfes of the play are Tf 'Dempsey, James Rooseivelt; Ricardo Cprtez, Babe R\tth, i'arid Helen Keller. occasion four U. S. •'congressmen were among th'e' jurbrs': , .Bucker • of Pennsylvania, DunnX: of . 'Minne- A BOX KITE is probably, the hardest o* any standard type x of kite to make and fly- Shown here are the two best box kite builders in this area. Bill Moxley, 9, at the left, is shown with the kite which brought him. first place in the recent Kite and Plane Jamboree. Don Cook, at the right, took second place. He had bad luck in the final minute, when his kite cracked up. Ten Minor Court Cases Heard A variety of minor court .cases Was handled over the past week end by Mayor Frank Kohlhaas ,and Justice J. B. Johnston. Before the mayor, two men were up for drunkenness. One Was Frqd Baumgartner, LuVerne, fftharged; with. 'be^ng. < intoxicated dfl the st*^ts,rB]&fwV 5 er r ne. He was sentenced•.,($"•10',days in the iOunty jail! 'Pfalfik'. Kljig, ••> Algona, Was fineiljf&'tritt>tiosts on a sim- 'lar charjje,',;,,:••>*;*' •,.,.• J. R. ThtJittpslfift, Burt,. charged ! alse utteriMk' tita . check', made ,he check goqd' iii'd .'the case was dropped. He 1 ;- made, but a check for $2.06 af : Tif6rtk'S"!Jut failed to rote that the check was on a Ti- ionka bank, where he had no account, instead of the Burt bank, where lie did. . • Before J. B. Johnston, these cases were handled: Roy O. Larson, Spencer, fined 15 and costs for an arterial violation. Dean F. Schlick, Algona, $2.50 and costs in a fine for an arterial violation. " Claude Huff. Algona, $2.50 and costs on a charge of having defective brakes. Delbert Hall, Algona, $2.50 and Costs for not having flags on trailer. ; Vernon A. Hagg, Algona, $2.50 and costs for having defective brakes. V'Mervin Frogg, Crystal Lake, $2;50 and costs for over-width on a truck. • Herman Waller, Algona, $2.50 and costs for failing to dim headlights. Society Dean Sjogren Weds-*Dean Sjogren, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Sjogren, and Mavis Jarnlin ..of 'international Falls, Minn., were married Saturday April 10. The Rev. Evans performed a double ring ceremony at 8 p. m. in the Zion Lutheran church in International Falls. The sanctuary was decorated with roses and jonquils. Donald Sjogren, the bridegroom's twin brother, was best man and ushers were Max .King of Algona and the bride's brother, Robert, of Fargo, N. D. Following the ceremony a reception for 150 guests was held in the social room of the church. The bride attended Gustavus Adolphus college for two years and was graduated from a Minneapolis business college. Mr. Sjogren is a graduate of the Algona high school, has had April 13, 194S two years in the navy;/find .attended Adolphus Augustus for. one year. Following a 10-day wedding trip to Winnipeg and other Canadian points the couple Will return to Iowa and reside in Fort Dodge, where Mr. Sjogren has emplpyment. x The bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Sjogren of Algona, attended the wedding, returning home Monday afternoon. .,Mrs. 'Lloyd Muckiif ed, her"bridge ^ club '*' afternoon. WANT ADS FOR SALE—1935 CHEVROLET tuclor, good condition, cheap.* Third house south of fair grounds. u!5a* FOR SALE—1936 FORD, rebuilt motor. Station at St. Benedict. u!5a" HUBAM CLOVER STILL available at Algona Flour & Feed. a!5a9 FOR SALE—5-ROOM HOUSE. Close in. partly modern.—R. A Gilbert, 422 W. State st., Algona ulSal' Plen Scout Ceremony— Members of • the Girl Scouts comumnity committee will hold an investiture ceremony for Scout leaders, Thursday, at 8 o'clock at the Congregational church. Mrs. Muckey Hostess— Men Of St.Thomas Church will meet at the Home of William Drayton Wed., Apr. 14,'48 at 8:00 P.M. We invite to heat . ) James Melton on "Harvest of Stars" America's \ Favorite Tenot AT A every Wednesday flight Starting April 7 9:30 to 10P.M; Eastern Time ' A full half-hour of fine music and sparkling drama Algona Implement Company Walt and Deb Hall Commercial St. Phone 52 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER BILL BRYANT, 15, pic-' tured above, is shown with [ the tail kite which brought' him first place in the recent j kite flying contests. {He is n«i son of Mr. and Mrs-j Everelj Bryant, 221 No. Dodge. Two? youthful spectators are ad-i miring Bill's handiwork, ar fine tail kite. weather, furnace thai iuki b watw put an r HEATING 8 PLUMBING iota, McFarlane of Texas, and Sharles Kramer of California. * I'm sure you'll like Ford's new 4-Speed Transmission Maybe you enjoy slo^ farming .., but there's no money in it. If I can show you faster farming ,,. with no more work, you'll be interested, won't you? All right, just take one feature of the Ford Tractor, the 4%pee^.|ra|isroission, On the roa*d I'll, give you up to>l8Jte ic|u^-}pe!p;hoiw. l» third speed (top field working i^ed)f Wl |iv«> you 6 miles per hour. And so on down .. .each speed, ®y§n^ th«^ wvwse, is faster. Saves lot§ of hours in a yete 'Won't you let me demonstrate tills Ford Tractor (and its Paarborn Implements) on your feroi? I have something special in parts and .service, too, Hunger Qn Friday and Saturday •/ . .:;. ; */, Mens Canvas Work Gloves, Reg. 33c Wash Cloths, Heavy Terry Cloth, Reg. 35c ea. Mens White Handkerchiefs, Reg. 29c . Mens Genuine "Rockford" Sox, Reg. 29c | ^HHHHBUHHHHHHHHBHIIiH^HHHBHIi^^^^^HHHHII^^HH^H^H^^^^^^H Mens Dress Anklets, sizes lOVfe to 12, Reg. 49c « : . • Mens Cushion Sole Work Sox) size 10 -12, reg. 35c Turkish Hand Towels, fine terry cloth, Reg. 45c * * * * i Curtain Materials, cushion dots, pin dots, reg 45c s Mens Leather,Faced Work Gloves, reg. 59c ^orifens^Campus' Rayon Panties, S-M-L reg. 59c Infants Flannel Gowns, satin trimmed, reg. 59c 80 Square Percale Prints, tub fast PilloW Cases 'Nashua' size 42x36, reg. 69c Mejif White "T" Shirts, sizes S-MrL, reg, 7°c Mem''Buckskin'' Leather Work Gloves, reg. 1,10 Bgtri Towels, heavy terry, Cannon, reg. 79,e 48»gauge X-long Nylon Hose, First Quality, siies? 1 /? to 11, reg, 1.79 toys Sport Shirts, size 6 to 14, reg. 1,98 .'»! ;i Women's Cotton Scmf, H Reg, 1.98 Women's Cotton 80 sc ¥ Reg, 2.90 White, size 32*39 f > 0 ''* sizes 12-44 i.."V :a,' ... f .-..* A.... "t >, ..<.•,»•¥'^S'od i f ,\'A .«."-' ~\ • :.iA. yf- j ".".. j' '-, .< .. V

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