The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, February 24, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T " E DOMINA N T NEWSPAPER OP NOHT11EA3T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST Mrasotmr "^ * '^ xxxvi—NO. aso. BlythevJlle Dally News Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley lAider niyUifvIHe Herald Eye-For-Eye, Tooth- For.Tooth Policy Is Followed Upon Seas lilRMINGHAM, England, Feb. 2<1. (UP)—I'rime Minister Neville Chamberlain, in Die most implicit statement of war aims since the war started, .said today tlic allies wore lighting against Nazi world domination, lo .secure the right to live for small European Stales, to abolish the spirit of militarism and to gain independence for the Poles and Czechs. Chamberlain Indicated thai Britain would welcome United Slates participation lit the reconstruction of Europe utter the war, Chamberlain said the allies did not want domination themselves and (lid not. covet anybody's lerri- lory. They are fighting, he said, to rljhl wrongs which Germany had Inflicted on people who once were free. Germany herself, he said, could do more than nny other nation to re-e.stablish confidence "since she herself has done most to destroy it." "Prance and Britain would not wish alone to settle the new Europe." he said. "Others must come in to help us and above all bring about disarmament which is an essential feature of a. lasting By United t'ress AHKA.VSAS, SATUKDAY, PKHKUAKY 2-1, lfl.10 The eye-foi'-nn-eye and Appears More luteev Than tooth-lor-a-tooUi warfare ' "' - io Hoy Mocis Clamour Gir Die .seas eoiitiiuicil lo- In Berlin Adolf Hitler's, newspaper claimed that the British battleship Nelson — flagship of the British home fleet—had been damaged so severely by a mine that it wax out (if service. Denying this report, the Drlllsli put forth claims that four Oerman U-boats were sunk during tlie past 48 hour* but at the same time (he admiralty revealed in l/jndon tlmt the naval trawler !!envolla had oeen sunk by a mine. Us commanding officer and nine men were missing. The claim of the U-boat sinking; was .made by the London Daily Herald as the olr mlnlstrv announced that Royal Air "Force planes had floivji over Prague during (he night for ih c second lime within 24 hours. A'dispatch from Berlin substantiated this assertion. Berlin said that Prague wns blacked out unexpectedly last night. Beside making the flights over the capital of (lie former Czechoslovakia the British planes also roared ove i northwest Germany. The air ministry suid one pilot- lost his bear- pence.' Chamberlain almost contemp- , - tuously criticized Russia's war on '" 8S (llld landed in Belgium. Finland. I So easy did Germany's conquest of Poland appear, he .said "thai the apprentice iRussia) thought he could safely make a similar at- lempt on Finland but though the Russian apprentice had nothing to learn from his master in brutality he hud not yet mastered his craft nor acquired his force." In what was interpreted as an indirect invitation to neutrals to join the allies Chamberlain spoke of their sufferings nt Germany's hands. All small states near Germany -are living in a perpetual nightmare of fear,' 'he said. Ever 'lo Smooth Oven Conh'oversy With U. S. WASIUNfiTON7~Fcb. 24 (UP) — Great Urlltiln appeared more oarer limn ever (oday to keep in i'he good urneos ol the United States by adjusting differences ailsln>> from censorship nt Bermuda of European bound American airmail. 'In London it was announced officially to.lay that no nrincd love was used in tomiccllon with examination of mail from the U S aboard « 1'an-Americrtn airways clipper nl- Bermuda Jan. m One Of Alabama — J. Quadruplets Dies! Special Parliamentary Session Convoked To Change Monetary La\v STOCKHOLM, Feb. 24. (UP)— Sweden went ort the gold sland- nnl •'today us the government con- yoked a special-session.'of pa'rlla- JASPER, Aln., Feb. 2-) (UP) — Pallh and Charity survived today but- Hope was dead. Six weeks old, one.of quadruplets born lo a share-cropper family, she died last night.of colic in Jasper County hospital. Her sisters, Faith and Charily, ...^ „, „„, „. ucl . Ilml am , and.her brother, Franklin, were j passed • tomorrow and it will bc- faced a difficult diplomatic situation as result of Russian denials thai Red army planes had bombed the Swedish frontier town of Pajala. The government agreed to es- (ablith foreign exchange control. The bill, labled In parliament this , afternoon, to debated and , well antl thriving. .The quadruplets were brought to the hospital here the day alter their birth to Mrs. Clyde her husband's two room cabin near Nnuvoo. Aln. Delaware Cracks Down On Imbibing Minors WILMINGTON, Del. (UP) —The - —• --••Delaware State Liquor Commission " DU between Moscow nnd Stock- lias armed its licenses. 1 ; with a iiew nolm RnA ln vlew of Gunlher's do method of preventing the sale of '"S" ln ?C| "S lo Copanhascn there intoxicatln .... come effective Monday, no opposition to tlie measure wns expected. 'Foreign Minister Christian Oun- ther .delayed a Journey "to Copenhagen where other Scandinavian foreign ministers were conferring Ic-clay. Officially it was announced that parliament would not engage In discussion of foreign affairs but because of the diplomatic situa A board hint of willingness io compromise on me issue came from (lie Marquess of Lothian Billi.-ih innbiissndor here, who said' Iliat after a conference wllh Secretary of Stale Cot-dell Hull thai the matter svus one of '"good policy" rather than of legality. Lothian talked to Hull after the latter had .sought to quiet train congressmen and senators by denying published reports that, (he British censorship was Inaugurated at Bermuda by n display of amis against n clipper captain who hnd first refused lo submit the mall cargo aboard his Pan-American plane to Inspection. Lothian described the reports as 'complete eye wish." The furore, originally created by '• dispatches that the captain was i orced to surrender (he cargo at * rille point, had died down except for several Isolated demands that the situation be explored further Senator Hush Holt Ihe anti-New Deal Democrat of West, Virginia urged that the phine captain nml Pan -American officials be summoned to testify before the sen- When screen boy meets elnmnm ate uostofllce committee. | , il:c gclt , ^ "" Cls E " m!om mi m SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Turkey Is Reported Massing Troops On Its Russian Border Koosevcll And Garners' Names Arc On Prefer- on I ial Biillol WASIIINCiTON. |.'ob 14 (01')A lest of di'iilt-HoosiwIi mill null- (hlict Inm sentiment. In a vllnl pollllcnl .,(„!<. s ,, 0 , m , (1 (1SS ,, TO | ,„. <l:<y in Illinois where 1'ivslilonl llooscvi'H Im.s innile no move lo withdraw his minio from Ihe M liy i) (ircsldi'iitlal pn'li'i'cntlni primary Mr, Itoo.s.'velt and Vice President Jllin N. (hirui'i nre opposed t< )m also tin- prcsldenrs name was jm( up wllhout the signed Matr-menl of rniidhl:i(<y which had been con- .sl(li>r«l m''iry for n valid co ,,. icsl. MldnlBhl was the deadline for withdrawal (rum , u .. t) ,. llmi1 . llHlhrr, It mtciitcsttonnbty was Hie deadline f,,|. withdrawal'of emidl- tlales for oilH'i- offices. Hut Illinois dispatches report a possibility ot ollferent Inlfrpieutlon o( the law with 1-e.spca 1( , the t cs t of presl- . ilcnlnl sentlnii'iil, Meanwhile, Ivoin (lie Ilontibllc'iui 11C|||(M . , 101|CM n Stedc Gir] Dies At Hospital Here! ifrcm,™, 1 , 0 '' D ° USl r Mont8omcr y llll(1 ** ™ , )f »t-deb &««'O'liric^ ficqiiently 6CC11 , ogc ,| lc ,, They nre ))k . Ul| . c[1 n|)ovc Jrav Nm ^^ nlliht rhib after East's- -recent heavy snow .sionn. Mildred L.-nvsou of Steele, age 13, died last night at Walls Hospital following an operation performed Wednesday. . Her appendix ruptured tlnee days before- she was removed to' the hasnltal. a streplicocci infcc-; developed. JIITJIi German Funeral Home in charge She was the granddaughter ot Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Weaver, with whom she made her home. 'Perfect Mode!' Picked for Film „ beverages to minors. Whenever a person of "doubtful age" attempts to purchase liquor, the licensee can require that he sign a form in which he swears he is 21 years old. A warning at the bottom of t-iie form states that "if Is a misdemeanor-subject to fine or Imprisonment" to 'misrepresent the age. New York Cotton open high low close close Mar. . 1110 1112 1109 1111 1107 May . 1085 1039 1085 1086 1032 July Oct. Dec. Jan, 1C45 1050 1015 917 986 977 9S7 07B 907 861 973 968 1C50 1042 986 97G 966 965 9S1 New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open hiju low close doss 1124 1120 1121 1125 1037 1101 IftW 1061 985 968 952 992 976 960 1121 1097 1055 936 968 962 1100 1060 991 976 1093 1053 983 966 951 Stock Prices AT&T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Beth steel Chrysler General Electric .. General Motors . Int Harvester Montgomery Ward N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Eocony Vacuum Studebaker 171 3-4 91 1-J widespread speculation over the agenda of the parliament session. The session, it wns slated, would be devoted (o financial questions. Census Takers In Rockies Find Skis Necessary DURANGO. Colo. (UP)—The life of a census enumerator is n hard one in the high mountains o( Colorado. Deep snow arid mountain gales make travel between the lsolate.1 crossroads stores, tiny communities and scattered ranch homes of this region difficult In winter—but the census is proceeding on schedule just Ihe same. George L. Dwire of Durango, and men familiar with snowshoes to aid him. A propeller-driven snow car which "goes like the wind" Is the latest addition to the ccnsus-laRing equipment. Tlie snow car resembles an enclosed airplane cabin mounle.-i on three skis—one In front and two behind. A propeller powered by a 70-horsepower motor will drive the .sled at 80 miles an hour over jhard snow and 120 miles an hour on Ice. Dwirc said the snow car .................. Texas Corp .............. 481-8 U S Steel ................. 57 will ascend a 45-dcgree slope at full speed. In all the mountain country, 76 1-8 Dwire said, the enumerators mike 83 their trips between isolated com- 38 munilies and ranch homes at 53 1-8 night, because (here is dan- 53 5-8 ger of snowsliries after dark 53 1-8 . __ 16 1-4 | In some parts of central Euro'jc 24 3-8, child marriages still are per- 3 3-8 formed with the children b«m» I si iT'nlrM 1 ,"' """ '" lhe ' r "' a ^ «"' u ' »«M»W UOO ,o join olhm 55-8 Tne martlagcs are legally so ]em- of Ihfftlllcd class comes yvnnnn II ?•! i 1 !^:* 01 ' "« *"<>«» «U»ln the, nuval. now claimeT ,o ° primary In tlie same stale. M n y u r Moiello II. Uiaimulln of New York withdrew his imm<> with (he im- nouncemcni thai he did not wish to divide the "|>raurc«.slvc lutvlll- Bcnl vole" In Illinois. He said his name had been entered without ins knou-ledKc. UiGuanila, indent .supporter (jf Mi 1 . Hoascvcll, led no doubt (hat he w,\s wllhdrawlng In order lo iivold nny (lo.Siilblllty o f diverllnu votes which mlgJil u'o lo Ihe prcsl- denl. Although l.iiCiiinrdla's mime wns enliM-ed Rf , H Iteimbllcun, his candliliiiy inlgiu imve drawn many Pi'oyre.s.sM'C voles. "To divide the Progressive.* In Illinois In both nrlmnrtc;: wotilil confuse Ihe Issue and give comioil (o tlu> forces of reaction," UiC'niai'- nla .said. .„„,,„. There has circulated In business _ circles (his week, notably In Wall "'Mrcel, a report that Mr. Itooscvcll was platuilnu' some kind of political slnlement for today. That wan accompanied br somowhut vauuei- hUlmatlons from New Deal sources T Ihul he might BOOH speak regarding I Ills 1610 (dans. Hut (his Inlur sil|j- J BcslJon wns fiiiiiJI/lcd bv the «- j piesslnn of belief-thai it "would i not clow Mia door." Om> of the [?C- ' '"Vslci'les ol modern American pol- Illcs Is what Interptelation should he put mi the late Ciilvin Coolldge's stalemenl from the ula-k Hills In , 1027: 1 ITTt p nnrTiT^ , „ , ' . ,"' C '° " Ot cho<)s<; lo nl " fnl ' l'™s- IA I i Lh ROCK, Ark., Feb. 24— .- ident In ll)2« - icdny to PcderaT 80=1,1 "smiri.;: 'ncvemHS, ^ rMl ™ lnt »* »""« '"« """«! ift"lM nmibled w uli AdnHnistraK,,- Paul V. MeN, t, . "'rro J«d "h^H.f' t . M °' J 11 *? 111 ? w " elhcr Mr ' Co ' llil1 !"' "««candidate for the Democratic no u- o M," ,* „" '' ' ' ale Jn( :^" 11 ly hlul «P>wsc ( | a personal pin- inalion for pre.slcient. in „ nil h g s ?sts« In r ^l?T '^ ^T' Wl '' Cl1 Ue V '°" UI ab «»"°» ceremony at the stale capltol I enallet f L f "V"* ""'' ""* r pressllre ' cr " lcm " «'»l i"' I Prcscnlntlrai of the la« ' «-,,s Cv,r^'? t ^ «'""»Hl Oil would not seek Die noiiilnallon nor made by Lt. Gov. Bob BaHcy , ^,"«! ' O.^Uor 11 ? T * i*"" I BMB1>t lt " ICIlllcrKl | the absence or Gov. Carl E. B.I'ev In M^r-h i, ^ , '° ^ :r ~ ' w "» l(: «'- "<•' mcnnl. Ih 3 stal;- l^ho left, last nl B ht for Fort Lawl-' ""* "'' f °'" " fliml , mc ' llt <il(f » nt ^"V 'he draft Cool- ci-lnlc, F'la., to attend the sontlii-rii --i,,, „„„„,„, „„,..„„, „ , j L"-* 0 " mv(l " m>l >ca by the late Sen. j uovci'iiors conference. MeNntt w r as introdticed to inrin- bc-rs of tlic stale supreme court and constitutional officers in tlie governors rivntc office before going Into the reception room in receive the llan. After presentation of the nai; McWtitt shook hands with \v Millei. state corporation commf.v.lan employe, who displayed ills army d siharge fio.n the Sixth Hcgiilur The remains were removed lo ! r i • nrr . • , Steele where burtol will he 1 made .'I'eclCl'al UlllCial And 1 i'CSi dential Candidate Greeted Al Capilol LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 24 (UP)— i An Arkansas (lag wns presented v'cl o. r Chancellor's 0 slnuns Immediate Efforl To Collecl Alleged Tax alleged Ihe ™ mh ^w™^™K™ ™- R «^INKI «,„. M . (Ul ,,_ M!iny er snui'hi in>-nii««i r,,^ „ ,„.! .,.,.._ .... . . ""' «"'"« anj- Russian dead v.ere rpnm-lnd mrtnw KO.MK, I''ob. -M. | Hiilkiui i'!i|iila)H liwii'd lil'llUHl r(!|)(ll'(.S '10(i;|.V | hat f| , -,-.-. i.. II/MII^ 11 un Uii'lu'.y lind mobilized froojw " i»K its Hiwsiim I'roiilici' us lii'st lii« Hi-nli! movo ol' ti • law. was hi'ljjhti-iK'd bj- raiise ti'li'phonk: cnininunlrnllon wnvwn Turkey u nd l-.'uropcmi i-ajillaLs ivns li)leirnpt«l all ni B ),( 0]H'rutcr.s Insisted that Iho lutrr- I'upllon was due lo "Icchnlcnl ren- «)ns," duc> l« diimani'd luu"; nt Uii! 'I'liikt.sli end. The i)o«-s]i.'i|KT MessaBCrn here. In 11 Ihiclmrest disjwlch. i|imti'd H n'port thut- Turkey hud ordered lull mobilization, There \ven- conn- (or-reiiorls ilonylns inoljlll/jiilon. Mc,v;ii(;ero uddcil. hmvei-er, that prlvnle hiloniintlDii rt'celml nl lluc-lniiest liidiaiU'd Hint Turin 1 !' wns slrenxlhenlinj Us Ihisslun fn>iiHcr fot-cos. Turkey had been muter a stale approaching, If not iipiirMimntlnx ency since |li« K|) V- Monday Invoked the one of crmncnl nallonnl defense law. empowering II- lo strengthen defenses, control exports mid Import* und rwirtjun- l/.o key Industries to supply I lie needs «I the iirmud forces. A10SCO\V, Kel). 'M. (UP) —f'oHtical and military lenders of the Leningrad area, wliii'h IK f;onorul liead(|iiar- lers for the Finnish- war', Jifld it conference Tluiradfiy "Wit, if. WKS disclosed today '' «t the -meollnK nlmi:< with members of the L^ -, ul< Soviet, were liorls Yankovlev, "army cnmmander of tire first rank, V ;lin nail bi'cu transferred from the com- nianil of the Ir.iM-H.ilknl area or Siberia, bordering on Oilier Mongolia, mul Victor Tribute, eoinmaii- <lcr ol the Baltic fleet. '• A l.enlnifriul dispatch reported Ihe meeting, rn this connection, "•polls that Josef stnllu had al- londi'd Army my celebrations nt MMliigrad were doubled here.' • .An army communique, Issued lliroiish the official news agency Tass. snld IKisslan troops In their Mannerheim Line offensive had iwcn lilnctcrcd by ifccp snow and foa. NeverlheleM, It ivas said tile ' misslnna took 12 Finnish defensive lorllricnlliins yesterday, Including (our Iron ami concrete artillery foils. The bntl ivcalJiw- ie.strlt'ted nvln- llnn activity lo reconnolierlng l«lils, tlio communique said. '.'.-. O. I. Lovchenko, vice navy coiij- inl.ssiir. In un army-navy day cdi- ;:SH3£Is«Ir nr ' £ nny crninenl did not specify under which of the cases It ntilcd.) lUissian (lect maneuvers In Ihe Black Sea, arrival ot Australian and New Zealand (roans in the Neiir KMl and the acllvltles of Clen. MiiTilmi! Wcyuaml, Frnnciv ccmmnmlcr In ,chlet In the Near Enst, all pointed toward an explosive. Bltuation. ,-' - ••'- •• . (^ld','Vou' (itscltwi^cl (hut l)lackoti( drills 'had ' liccn ortlered' hr"lliii great Haku oil area on the Caspian Hea.) ]«im Tlioiisands Of Russians Dead in Fighting On Gulf » l* rind - thl «* s "<»'t '«•> unquxlinrd reusa nn'I'J'Cliruiry. 'lo be a ciiiulUbtc' sloii Ihe move " " enonentis decluetlon of a osie j;er csnt allowance for cvauorallon on gasoline delivered by barge •llio petition said Act KM nf IS'iS allows the one per cent deduction for evaporation of fuel shti:n«l fcv .iiosevell. A ijrcat many Dpinocrats, Mr. In- Kiw«i«,s A eluding the leaders of the Nash- convlnced that the winner of 1M2 and IMG Is the best bcl for 1940. vice. The discharge -was dated Dec. 31, (913. MciMutfs schedule for (h- lay ca'lui for him to be honor guest at a luncheon where he was to be Introduced by Orovcr Owens l.Il- (le Kocfc attorney. Lute today McNult will so ,0 Arkadelphta wheie He will speak (onlglu nt Hen-W- 5on State College. Heroic Athlete Boomed dead v.-evc reporled today In an Finnish wir commu- nique which said that Diisslnii nl- tacks near Kolvlslo at the held of the aulf of Plnlaiul and In tlie j Islands of tlio Vlipml archipelago hail been repulsed. The communique said t.'ial In fl?hlinj yesterday more than 3,000 Russians weie kl!letl on all (routs. Using tanks nud snow plows That idea is begliTnlnrto'dcv^op '""•«'«" , lrof<i ' ls f","^- f » >?™ y also among some of the Snulliern 5 T» "'" , " ? ,' W • W "" :l """ Democratic leaders ivlm wcri 'oIt- ° f lhc ^' MtmMm A *'* n! ™ l " Ins In all direction.- a cuiirio of I mMl st ™ li: rt5lsla » t ' (! wlllc '" r <" ; .years ago In conscmtlvcID mte"t' porls f '°'" lh " f "' nl sM M * tllc A group of Blythevllle Kiwaii- tuainst New fj :; .il reform ami re-. '""' """^ '" " s " m ^- lans und their wives attended a orgnr.lxntlon sss?;." 1 ^, "^.sr, "s^ n ^™^^ M r OM - R-cIfoiit Lnke Tli\irsthiv night. j ct . | ]10 .;t. of the i-r •! t I'M Ctl ~ frolnTcrc''^^.;* 110 "^^ ""»•£'" creilce l' rllllnrl< - > ' i »o''bc'^iclV'thls - -. e °'" E '"' I " 0 " 5 /c " r ' "° D^niocratln asiilrant for aliacklng Ihe sacred shores of the Socialist fatherland, ... "The Northcrji fleet Is now a mistily force which threatens any- one'who la considering nn attack on (he Soviet union from the north Our northern waters arc as inaccessible as Die Finnish-(julf nnd the Black eea." , •.• " : - The RUMliiii NoVlhcrn fleet Is scd n( Mtirumnsk on llw Arctl- Sen.^lienco .,ljovcheiil:o'a reteeen~e seemed pcrtlnenl to reports Hint British warships nrc In the arm, looklttj for ocrman ships plying lo ;ui(l from" Aluimnnsk nnd'(he Finnish Arctic coastal nrra which Kuvilan forces hold. ; tienug ntlorks \i-cre repulse;! at Yla-somnie ncnr Klovsllo nnd nt ivLitm^erae. Two Russian detachments, umji Explosion Fails To Five Fai'ra House All "Believe H or Not" episodes nre not confined to Hclisrt Rlplcy.Vt news feature! as wUiii'.w the story (old by Mr. nnd Mrs. Curl Mat- Ihcwj. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews blew out toll! lamps I:i their home Sunday nl3hl before Icnvinj lo visit sonic' frl-.ncls. U|ion rclurnhij one lamp hid exploded, charred the table oil which It hnd-been placed, reduced n nearby newspaper to ashes, and turned the tablecloth, but hnd 'failed t:i Ijnile lire dtnhvj rooiii curtains and wnlls which wevo only two inches iwvny. Tlic chimney of the exploded lump was lying intact on Ihe chnrrai table, ' The MnUhcws. whose homa burned to the aroun-J a y ; :ar ago, feel tlmt seme fate is protecting them', ,1 fate n-liioli vvoiil.l prevent their In-iii-,! hcmelcss again. TWr. r.nd Mrs. Matthews reside innr Premised Land. ! """ Mrs. W. H. Glover Garner. Poslmislcr Cieneral James Mrs Frnrst IN sell M F A r V ' " M "" slcl l -'t'»«al James I I" me Talpale region at the op- .L , member of i HcL-™ ,t 7 IL 11 ^!™" c l " c m ^ »""• P.^ E ™!'»f l " c "-'"-^'"' «'» , communique said, were trapped cast of f,:\ke Muola inside Finnish lines n:i<l were nimlh!!.i(c:l. siore than l.OOC llu:al;ns were killed. !n the Taipale region at the op- i . • /\. i in Lu,y tnLS 111H I Pickett, n member ol Die Helrna ,| llri! , enn noLs( , — —""•• «.^.*» [ * H.AVH,, d iiiviiiiii.1 VI l til I ii.a: i in for Carnegie Award ±m, ^Pr mj!anlcd thc 1!i - vl " cviUc «* b classed «mo,, g those op- l E oup llicrc ' l»sln ? the president's '•HAMMO^TON, H, J, <ui'>-J.<:- { I lion but never has said so jmblicly. from Koivlsto reticalecl Re;l army attacks were driven olf by Finnish counter atlncXs. Norlhciisl of l,a(iogn enemy Lisjk Between Smoke And Radio Waves Sought ST. LOUIS (UP)—The League of \Vcnicn Voters would like to know H thj ordinary- family radio, al- '• rctdy blamed for much of the world's woe. Is not also.responsible for the heaiy spioke palls that overhang this city during thc winter months. Officials of thc league said the tram, whose coura-^ous c ploils won Hie plaudits ol the New Jersey Et;to Leji-ilatuiT. is a candidate for a Carnesic Hero Avv?.id. RuMng lil.s hlgl, schoal dnys. Vuighn saved scifn per.smis from droft-ninj, the lat-est In Do^-Hiber when he pulled (wo nlilldivn iroln Hammnnlon after thi.i ice ci,n.:k£d beneath their v.-oliin Out of Hollywood lo'join others 11 5-8, age of 18. ; nlmdom's most photogenic fig- | front door. 1 ure. She outclassed 300 starlet Burlars Protect Selves Wifh Front Door Alarm PHILADELPHIA (UP) - When burplars robbed (he home of Mrs. E:!!!!! Maislitll, they !it!i;ril up (heir oivn "Blnnn" pyateni. They piled c!iaii-i and table.s across Ihe . \Vlicu Mrs. Marshall's son. Wai- in Ma r ,n, S et,,. the ~ a j,£& allays woiV^i^laudThe , ^ Cmd ?' S ° f lh f '«6«« Salrt ^ o- .»-.—. i where tarlcy has entered a pri- j sinus were forced lo rclrciu leav- e ° 1ES co!Kludcd lhat slnol: S Indians' Sun Reverence' ™^% ±'L "$?*•""« ""- '"« im < lrart -^ > s '""^ °" '^c i^'l ^Jf ^ g? s " ^ ^.cimccdH-wouldswitehhl.sdele- fleM of L-atf.e, the 00:,™™^!^^^^^^.^^ salil , v . i Bates to Mr. Roosevelt If h: L-YLE, Wash. (UPl—Primitive In- lake them. 'lip.ns lhat roamed (be Jiills and i _1 plains of Central Washington him- J dicds of years ago were sun-wor- FricndJv shippers. It IIRS been learned from ] "«'/ .1 study of writings and p-ilntlngs Police Do? ill Disf racr on ro=ks found In Ibis region. b J Painting In colors of icd, green. *>lack, blue and yellow v:lih a pjg- n 'ent lhat has endured for cen- turie,s. the primitive tithes left behind a guide lo liirlr dav that no aa.nif..,, ct^ii,... , . ° v v ••--" "^^.. one has yet, been a'.ilc lo decipher. | ?!„ ° ru v,i i vi "f ?-< Quipped with one of the best- lire Students of Indian lore say the SA ""-IU? ,1 ,"',, $ ' 5 -,, „, RI><1 8VI1U<I * lm " systcms ' B rcconl designs of ravs and ctrrlrs indic-Uc ' **°* ' "'f,, to ' 10II . M - lc ""f" survey by the U. S. Commission the tribes H-mMilpped Iho sun, but . ° Vm l f , "'' ^'collar while o: Public Buildings committee re- not been able- lo discover Ihe '7 "?''" " c surc| J' ™rch for suited in recommendations' for exact meaning of the markings. i i ?.'' '! 1,? ' ? 3 "" °" 1 - furlhcr "fcBimrtis, which will cost Mcdern Indians. It Is «i«, do not j'°' '"'"^jnidL j an estimated S20.00J. I More Safeguards Due At Philadelphia Mint „„_.. , PHILADELPHIA (U!>> — Addl- IJOCHESTER. N. Y. <ui>> - A lioual safety devices are to be m- ercc-apiwaring but apparently stalled at the Philadelphia Mint, "•»» iwllce dog was an Interested oldest in the country. " ' " ' mint tlie group would like to kno>v whether radio waves — reaching their greatest .development and USD in the past 10 years—act as electric charges in . chimneys to send a denser cloud ot smoke into the air. Another question posed by the league is the possibility that there Is an Invisible "lid" of gas over (lie city's atmosphere which holds the smoke doivn. Livestock understand-diem and It Is believed t the early dwellers were « race ; Actually, a penthouse is a stmc- apflT'i i ii.^A 4» n.- t -» ... Arkansas—Partly cloudy, preceded by rain In «xtreai3 v'.ut portion, cold wave with temperatures apart. 118 to 23 in north and 22 to 26 in So esteemed was the art of south portion tonight; Sunday geh- jnu <j»u oi.u me new Haw- io warmer climes, while wmn rp •jcore-bust 3G- w^i«i in, ^'^^^^,r^^K rt ! on -"" d8 - , ar , ' i .. "," ., , i'""'~«-»-- " « .•."iic-1 oo esiccmeci was the art of south portion tonight; Sunday gen- ^..«, moaei- i^, .», «™,n,™ u lu open me ovor, Recently tfcMom of what were ' U h a * n^",!™ / fn^', ™ f I bilkl "« "> H > 1C 'M" Kome that Em- erally fair, colder In extremes south- i«w•Picture. Her bbx he found It blocked, but he made though to'bf me m crs ofthe pr\i,v- wi cr edt to the In t ^M fT T *! Jan cstiibllshed ^ cx ~ ™ st portion.-. .. i . 36; waist. 23 i, i; h i ps , enough noise to warn the cnlpriw. Hive ( ifces wc e urco?ercd They m, Tnf»v ul H IIK f, ld " ClUS ' VC Collcsc for b(vkers> whcn « Memphis and vicinity - Partly •« B «?ot.e; woighi, 125 They escaped wllh $1. and W wor, «V^3,,iu "iS ±'« ".^ apartment <ii the to t^r "nf"" Sf" e TJ" qult «»«', f^»«!ed.' cloudy .and much coldor tonight, ,£.,»..? . ' oor ot a 11lcse baltcrs wcro eligible to bj- lowest temperawre tonight 24 to mnmir.g wltn a terrace attached, 'coma senators on graduation. .123, Sunday generally fair, coldsr. Durhw th» w A ' Ul j.j .""Biassed 300 starlc, , -— -„,...,... 'phanlslr mammoth 8C> 5 ° me " C ' « ndl ? iates for "PO'fect model" ! ter, 19, attempted to open the dwr, Ti« nirf «„* it, a T . -P w or mammoths moved south role in ncv -'-• • ' • - • Tio 91? ™?.. the .New.TMta- to warmer climes, wile some re- score: bust, ' r ;; «'-=' s ,™^^ ' ' llcl "i iieigni. 'mntcllr.R wltn a terrace atlacbpH '/<nin/> con^t/,^ ^,,, »,»,i,,,u«,, \ nn r-.._j... u.. • *.i. _.,j._ In Jewellry.

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