The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
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tcr •"> Sunday eVefllng we wei*invii« ed-by our youngest, age three, to "C6me out and see what I got In my coat." We ; did>atid at his suggestion innocently , plunged our hand into the coat pocket.-. . and right into the middle of a. mess of worms freshly gathered' from the Jim Snydef garden diggings across the street, „ Speaking of worms—and fiih- *Kf*\,ing—-veteran union Slough fish- f, -Crj say that the Season doesn't Officially open until they spot Mrs. Florence Bleich and Mrs. Rose Medln at some likely point in* the Slough area . . . the season on northerns doesn't open until May • 16, according to Wendell Simonspn, conservation officer, and those two Women are reported to bd about'£s successful catch- ersi of-; ribfthcrhs as there arc" in tho .county. 1 \ .•-,'• • And another thought—-are we going 1? have a fly eradication spray campaign in Al. gbna this. spring? Maybe we're wrong, but it seemed to us and others as well that Mhe ,JayCees campaign last spring practically eliminated the fly nuisance in the business area for nearly the entire summer . ..'/wasn't until late in August that a few of "them showed up.' V-' ' An -Associated Press research writer says that the "bald headed man is the man of the future." The hairy man has had his day of'history andlis on the way out, tha story says. The .story gave scientific foundations for the claim, naming a 'number of experts who'aft think the same vhin£. The only, persons not quoted were the barbers. We've been to « number of men's ', newspaper conventions, but last Saturday 'was the first time we ever sat in on a woman's newspaper meeting . . . you guessed it, conversation prior to /the evening banqMetKurned'to the topic of hats, and''the,prevailing price 'of' newspaper, women's hats ranges from a $2.95 bargain being • "-"ir'frpm.Indiano- -flea ESTABLISHED 1865 ALOONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, APftIL 13, 1949 THREE SECTIONS-22 PAGES 8 Page Tabloid ftural Gravure VOL 83-N6. -IS kpA^^ ^^^^ ' jpik " ^^. ^f«fc ^^. ' nMU|pimi|^, . '^*^J1 ^ft •^^M^^ ' ' ' jqjijpijj | _||p |i $50,000 Damage Suit Opens Here •''*.''• • • /^"-^ ^* • '" •• -V I i -•••- . i _ , 1. ; ,• I . fa'ttH.llA _ ., ,_ • Officiated At 5,000 Births ,. v : ' During Career By Chris Reese . In Presentation .Acadfcnjiy. hall at Whittomore. Sunday evening, some 1600 of the ncifnpb'rs anrj rriends of Dr. J. W. McCreery. Whittemore practicing physician for almost a half century t fathered to pay honor td their friend and medical, adviser, his mother and his wife. As a practical demonstration o. ( the honor, respect ari'd love these neighbors and friends had for the doctor, he was presented with a Buick car, the latest in modern, automobiles, purchased by admiring neighbors and friends in a wide and extended neighborhood of Whittemore. West Kossuth and east Palo Alto counties. Guests Introduced ' Preceding thd presentation several numbers were given by the Presentation girls' glefe club. Then Dr. C. H. Crc'tzm'eyer, Algona, master of cererrioni6s, took over and presented a number of mejdical associates of Dr. McCreery. They were Djc. L. R. Woodward, Mason City; Dr. Woodbridge, Enime'tsourg; • Dr. Fred Knowlcs, Fort Dodge;'Dr. Martin, Fort Dodge; Dr., Pierre Sartor,, TJtonkas^ and.-.I)h/ of Fcnton. were 1,600 Honor Dr. MgCreery, Whittemore Doctor With 50 Years Service Given New Car Remember Them$l13 Sets Of Twins One Set Triplets t Vl Vs, - • • - • Lfthic-ni . wrong .'.-. the'girls talk newspa&er sho* did! • "-;; -Delia Welter HOSE Week to mak^ Frank,, e Bestemehherb *. P. ano SWeeney, Fort »hat . /only l /.' consecu- tive"'bow'' *n scbres of 133 eacl^.., * 1 / that seldom happen' p l. «P 'nas it that she'll get he/ "-,"*/ 11 ?.*;bowling maga- ' v There's, a group of little girls around town who call . : a.»pre-scout age grpup•. . . seeking a way lomake a 111* He money fttr th*!*: treasury they came up wi$h; the idea of making Mayba»kets, to be 'sold at 5c.each * , . the thing got entirely out of control, V» and the Brownies have now sqld about 1,000 of the bas- i» kets, according Jo Lloyd Route, who has had occasion to watch the sale* campaign. v * in view of the fnet thai Mrs. Rouze is a Brownie sponsor. , Gordon Gammack in his DIM •>, Moines Tribune column,- reports among other things that Dr. A. .. W. Gugisburg, dentist, wears a vt tic made of a flower print . Dr. Gugisburg is, pretty well rt known around Burt, where he practiced dentistry one summer a k , number of years a,go * oa nm " in Oes Moines. he's now V» SHORT EDJTQHIOL; Harold Stassen's stature on the republican political front bounded high after the Wisconsin pn. mary .,, .Nebraska's results are next, and if he does'/airly well 'V• Rev. 'dge. ( 'Each named was ton the stage with the guest of honor, his nother and his wife. Each one of these paid high tribute to their friend and cor- worke'r o,f many years,, holding him an outstanding, active, re- sected and beloved citizen ol Whittemore and neighborhood. Doctor Cretzmeyer then, on 'behalf .of some nearly 800 dohators, presented the doctor With a -key o the new Buick and extended best wishes for ' his continued ipolth and activity in their midst., • ' •'-.''.:Following a response by Doc- 'or McCreery in which, hi» said hat he could not find words to ••xpress his grateful appreciation Cor the evidenced feeling of high regard his many friends had for umself and his. wife arid; mother, x>ff ee, ice cream and cake were served and a social h'oul^cnjoyed iy the friends and admirers of he popular doctor. * Graduated in 1$&8 On April 0, 1898, J. W. McCreery, son of Mr.. and Mrs, <Yank McCreery, Groerle county, Iowa, was graduated .--from the medical school of Drake university in Des Moines. He 'opened an office and practiced medicine in Pioneer, Iowa, for one year and eight months following his graduation, and then hie came to Whittemore. • He has been that town's only practicing physician during the nearly 49 years since. And as to his proving his worth as a med- SPEAKING 6r ' TWINS! Here's something, for 'any community or school to shoot at in the Way 'of', records. The above , picture, taken some years ago when J. F. Overmyer Was Algona ~ Supt. of. Schools, contains nothing but twins and ^triplets, ^including the two sets of Spencer- twins. •. . '' In. the back row, left to right, are Helen' and Dorothy Nelson, James and' Thomas Vipond, Eunice and Bernice 'Burlingame, and Helen . and Howard: Redemske, ',' Just in front of them are Esther and Margaret Hedrick; and Gertrude, Grace and, /Paul McNeil. '.- In the- second row from the bottom are Bill and Charlotte Hilton, Robert and William 'Spencer, John and James Spencer, and Idella and Ilda Patterson. In the front row are Helen and Harlan FrankL Helen and Ellen Johnson, Harlan and Helen Lashbrook, and Margaret . and Johanna Fiene. As you will note, styles have changed somewhat, but most of those pictured and still Hying in this vicinity are quite recognizable. . The picture of the twin group was furnished by Roy Hilton. there with delegates U that he will be, a real possibility JOR the nominatiprt- Stassen has brought a breath of fresh air to He has aggres- make a very national pohticgj siye, viewpoints t,*-*- v ,-,.- ,down-to-earth appfal to people, contrasted to-the variety of political slop. - r ' ... * He is the only republican possibility who his a Change to gatn* er liberal votes irt • quantity t ano the votes of the mHflons who are not hidebound to' either party, If ienator Vandenberg throws his lipport to Stajsen, as it was reed Mond»# h^'Oygflt ao, ne received further valuable asj y ,,.inee from § highly respected ^ W |tassen hftd'to Whip, the guard in his party in w a become governgrj h$ w. . ,. «,-4p the same thing gn.fye $«' ical adviser, as a citizen and as r friend^ to all in the conyrumity the demonstration Sunday even ing, spoke louder than words. Recall* Early The nearly 50 years of firactic ing in Whittemore, from the mud roads and horse and buggy days when a call often meant a, half day's travel, to the present good roads and eight-cylinder motor travel when a call is only a. mat- 'ter ot minutes, have been busy o.nes for Doctor McCreery, ft was in 19Jft thftt he built a tjoiree.bed hospital in Whittenwre^and this has proved of immense end valuable benefit to patients pf Whittemore. and vicinity, fills BurHe has b?en the nurge in charge since tjie hospital was.opefled, It is estimated that he brought about 8,000 babies intQ the world. Participating in the doctor's hap. pinesg Ind observetJon of his half centuj^s, practice in toe medical field were his mother, Mrs, £[, S. Dailey, now 91, and r ei|d>ng m the sap's, Jieme fewa sM hj wife, .^hom, ,h,i mjerfffid .m I t/}' - iL? /*• I I Kossufn Girl Is Fourth In Iowa Spelling Meet When the state spelling contest, at DCS Moines, was over Saturday, and Marilyn Batt, Kossuth's representqUve: ; came out fourth she was almost os happy as if she had b^qn winner. But not quite. V Many things happened to make the 8th grade girl', from St. Bene- diqt feel glad that she was a contestant. In the first place her expenses for the <u trip ,;werc'; paid by Father Ahmann, .parish priest. Then the folks'in the community, to make things' • even nicer, gave Marilyn $18,11 to 'spend'. A glass jar was placed at a filling station, and at the.'general store, anyone who wantedi'to, dropped m a contribution\fpr the speller. At a banquet Friday night given by the Des Moines Register it which the contestants were •uests, each was presented with a bronze plaque,, inscribed with heir name and ppuhty. Saturday mornlng*103 contest irits presented ,ljheinse,lveu at 9 o'clock for the *wri)rJ$ri contest. Marilyn finished Igth- She fell aefore the word fetfV spelling it "err", She knewAbewf but just jot mixed UP on her-; homonyms. Those from Sti "Benedict who attended the 'eontest besjdesf. Marilyn were sJpf, tf&qher Staffer Clement, Si§tfr^b}|p..Patricia Bosenmeyer, Lavonne Young" wirth, Rose Marie Kunkel, Mrs, Emma Youngwirth; Helen and Edna Batt and M^jVernon Batt, Silver Dollars Free; Friday, Saturday Twin Dollar Days come to Algona, Friday and Saturday, April 16 and 17 And don't be surprised if a Silver Dollar, stops you,, asks you for a sales slip from an Algona place of business, dated that day, and presents you with a shiny new Silver Dollar if you have the slip. There wil be 50 Silver Dollar Men walking Algona streets, and their sole job is •to,.stop passersby < and ask them that question: "Do you Jiave a sale slip, dated today, from an Algona place of business?" i In addition to the usual type of Dollar Pay bargains, offered by practically every Algona business place, a number of local firms are planning individual events in their own stores. ' Full details of these noval stunts in the stores will be found in the store ads. in this issue. It is the first specially designed civic bargain event of the year, and * preparations have been going on for some weeks in the stores for this Friday and Saturday. It will pay all of pur readers to study all sections of this issue for needed items at reduced prices. Chic Long Sells His Studio Here Chic Long announced the sale of his photo studio here, Monday morning, to Russell Studios of Mason City. The sale becomes effective next -Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Long expect to move tp Phoenix, Ariz., where they will engage in the same business. Mr, Long will take some of his, equipment with him, and the balance has been sold to the Mason City concern, which it was, understood, will continue to operate the studio here.^^^^ Mr» Long opened his 'studio icre 14 months ago, after return- ng from army service and attending a- school of photography in New York, in the hearts neighbors and having contribut jeing and eve of everyone i right of iheir well- and wish see Mpre To gfd Cress ""-' ja§t week's R^J Cross re- wa^ mtWisheA .1* W. Nitch- chairman. w with alway* ' M« century of Ex-Corwith Pastor Dead At Age 71 The Rev. Karl W. G. Hiller 71, who served as Corwith Methodist pastor from 1935 till 1940, died Saturday morning at the Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge which he entered two 'weeks before for treatment of pneumonia Mr. HUler, who was a well know,P figure" in the Northwesi Iowa Methodist Conference, wa retired in 1945, but retained residence at Newell, where, he served his last, pastpfgte of five years, t •' It Paid To Be Honestl LuVerne — Barbara Hardcopf, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardcopf, who is employed in Los Angeles, Calif» appeared on the "People' Are Funny" radio program Friday,'March 19. During the week they had sent her a $10 bill with a note saying, "Here is the money I owe you", signed Fred, Then they came to her home and asked hereabout it, and since she was truthful about it, they took her back to the studio and had her on the air and awarded hei an extra $25 for her honesty. Honor 3 Algona News Women One Algona newspaper writer was honored with two awards, and, two other staff members Wfre elected to offices, at the annual spring meeting of the Iowa Press Women, held Saturday, at the Hotel Savery, Des Jn§2 Wolfp.won first place for thjT best news story in a weekly written by a woman, and third placf in the feature story classi- fiqa.tion- „ ' _ Frances Carney was re- treasurer of the organis?a- %n4 June A. Corey was -^, V! & treasurer of the Past Fr^iflents.' club of the associa* Miss Corey completed a jdent, being succeed- post by "Margaret of Eagle Grove. Waller, co-publisher of ;QP|, Upper Pes akjfr,§ P4 «i the 'f To Build $16,000 Home In Algona Approval of several building permits was the chief item of business at the semi-monthly meeting of the Algona city council, last Thursday evening. Dr. John Schutter was sworn in as city health officer, and Lewis Ferguson was hired as parl time city engineer at a stipulated wage per hour when working on city matters. A building permit for a new $16,000 home was approved for Mrs. Alice rvjrk- The new home will be located on South Jones and Kennedy streets. Dick McAlpin purchased the former Kirk home. An application for a new $3,500 office building lor the Harms AU Gas Co. on South Phillips St. was also approved, Other permits for minor repairs and alterations were approved for Lopen Courtney, A. J, Eason and If. 'J. Cowan. A permit to mave the house on E. State St. owned by the V. F. W. to 3 site owned, by Pale Hasty was also approved. The V- F. W. plans on building a n§w structure on a site across tl\e street and just east of the Jury Selection Begins In Case Against Railroad Driver Fined, Divorce Granted In Other Cases A damage suit in which tho siaintiff is seeking damages of $50,699.60 from the. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry., opened today in Kossuth district court. Judge Harry Narey - of Spirit Lake is on the bench. Lawyers for the opposing sides were selecting a' jury today. A special panel of jurors was drawn to insure having enough. Mrs. Margaret Benton, as ad- ministratrix of the estate of Delbert M. Benton, is plaintiff in tho action. Her husband was killed in a car-train crash at Waterloo, Jan. 26, 1947. Charge Negligence In the complaint filed by tho plaintiff, it is alleged that the railroad was negligent in the method of signals and warnings at the crossing in Waterloo. The accident happened at 1:30 a. m. The car involved was owned by Steven Dwyer Jr. and was driven by his wife, Lena Dwyer, at the time. There were two other fatalities in the crash besides Benton. Mrs. Stephen Dwyer Jr. of Waterloo, and the plaintiff's father Stephen Dwyer :Sr. of Humboldt, both died. Similar suits growing out' of the same accident have been fil- ?d in Waterloo, the home of Mrs. Dwyer Jr. and also in Humboldt; the home of the senior Mr. Dwv- I er. Fined Foil Thieves In Robbery Attempt *' Former Owner Algona. Bakery Dies in Oregon L. F. Rice former owner of the Algona bakery, dropped dead in his garden at Springfield, Ore., Friday. News of his sudden death reached Algona Saturday when Mrs. Rice telephoned to Ralph Dieckmann. • The body is to be taken to Rawlings, Wyo,. and funeral will be held there Thursday afternoon, April 15. Mrs. Rice's brother, Lewis Banker of Kanawha, will attend the rites. Masonic orders will conduct the services. He operated the' bakery until July, 1945, when he sold it to the oresent owner, Ralph Dieckmann. LeRoy F. Rice was born in Concordia, Kansas, Aug. 28th, 1876, He was a graduate of the Uni^ versitv of Kansas in.Law in 19007 In 1932 he located in Algona, Iowa, where he owned and operated the Algona Baking Company. Here he affiliated with the First Presbyterian churcH and Masonic Order and the Order of the Eastern Star of which he was Past Patron. He was a member of the Royal Arch Masons, Royal and Select Masters of Iowa, Past Commander of Holy Grail Corn- mandery of Emmetsburg, Iowa, Scottish Rite Bodies of Des Moines, Iowa, Za-Ga-Zig Temple of Des Moines and Past Lecture of Iowa. He was also Past Grand Officer of Grand Commandery of thfe State of Iowa. In Jaji. 1946, Mr. and Mrs. Ricq and the latter's niece, Janice Gill moved to Wamsutter, Wyo., where the Rices had a tourist court for s time. In the fall of 1946 they sold that business and moved to Springfield, Ore., where they bought a nut farm and ranch, , fhey had "'since there/ , . •• In 1945, when the family Jived here, |4f. Rice develop^ a heart had swc§ had Gottlieb Refef' w ^ 'jiSOp and costs'oh' a^cHarge of op'-'•> eratmg a motor vehicle while in- * toxicated. Reefer was arrested in Algona ~ last week, and had a preliminary ^""g April 9 before Justice' Delia, Welter. He waived to tjie-. district court. _ A divorce' was granted to Emma L. Geesman ' from Gerald J. Geesman. The cou- pie were married June 29 1947, at Lone Hock and re- : sided together at Burt until , recently. The plaintiff" charged cruel and inhuman treatment. There is one child. A settlement made. ' City, pfllicej ;p»king an " alley ' Snoda^ jyght, found thf door e^t qnen at the rear entrance to tjie Potter Lockers on South Oodg§;,^|;: InVestigatis^/iirpved that Wd^ftf, ma4e_ Judge Narey also ruled in a case at. law in the matter of Francis Froehlich, Wesley vs lie Pratt Electric Appliance Co! The verdict went to the plaintiff .or the sum of $299,i Order Bank to-, Pay ' In a very unusual'court development, two decisions were also' landed down in cases involving 3ld judgments. One case was that pf the Weu> rich Cooperative. Co. -vs. Anthony ' (Tony) -Goeders' and 'the United Home Bank & Trust Co. of Mai son City. The second was the Castle sales Co. vs. Goeders and the bank, also, . It seems that in 1928 and 1930, court judgments were ' entered for the plaintiffs . against Goeders over the matter of certain payment, when Goeders was ajspciat- ed in a soft drink 'bottling «• business h«e, The judg» ments have Carried since ' that time, but had not been » collected, -" Investigation that took place recently led the plaintiffs to,be-» Ueve Goeders had funds in the Mason City bank. He is now em- " ' oloyed in Mason City, The bank:, was then ordered by the court tp pay a judgment O f $447.45 to the/ ^operate firm, and $477-37 ta f ;he sales cpme^oy, from ->rs' funds m the senior academy 21 To Graduate At St. Cecelia's

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