The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1948 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
Page 18
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' . •- ' ' 4! VIC -,^ " v* '„ „ . £ Upp«r t)«t Molnu Tuesday, April 6, 1941 Oscar W. Johnson, north of Wesloy, lives on one of the Guy B. Butts farms. He was trimming the mane of a Shetland pony when we were there recently, and he remarked that he had only one big horse and that pony. A mate to the big horse died. This team was a pair of fine sorrels. Oscar has beeh trying to find a mate for the horse he still has. * * -x- We called Saturday at the Scheppmann farm on the Ridge road northeast from Irvington, and Mr. Schepmann was getting a disc ready for field work. He had put new blades on the disc. His father owns this farm. The old barn on the place, is to be taken down and a new one built, starting at this job at once. * * •* We made a stop March 24 at the Wm. Martinek home at Wesley, where we always have a big laugh, for these folks like a lot of fun. Mrs. Martinek has been making some very pretty artifi- cial flowers and many other designs. # # * At the Clarence Schutjer farm southeast of Titonka the folks aim to keep the road to their yard in good shape. Alden Attig, who works there, was driving a tractor hitched to a drag on the road, and he got too close to the edge of the grade, but did not slide off. He went to Raymond Schutjer's and got another tractor with which he pulled the other tractor back on the grade. # # # Milton Paulson, south of % Lakota, tried out a new field cultivator on his yard, and it did nice work. He said he was ready to go to work in the fields. His brother Elmer, who lives two miles west of there, was already disking in a field where he 'had had corn. # •» w Last Thursday we called at John R. Meyer's, northeast of Wesley, and John was at the house. Mrs. Meyer had been This Week's "Buys" in FARM MACHINERY at Algona Smplemeht Co. SPECIAL! SPECIAL! 'SPECIAL! 15-Ft. Wide Type Tractor Disc Harrows 1—No. 60 Double Gang Soil Pulverizer with Gang Extension Planter Pay-out Stakes 1—Electric Arc Welder $150 FLEXIBLE LEVER HARROWS KEWANEE HARROWS FARMALL CUB TRACTOR On Rubber With Cultivator and Plow F-20 LIFT-ALL ATTACHMENTS M LIFT-ALL PUMP AND ATTACHMENTS FOR SALE 1946 CHEVROLET 4-DOOR Exceptionally clean—equipped with sun visor, fog, lites, driving lites and radio, ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Walt and Deb Hall COMMERCIAL ST. phone 52 PONTIAC having the flu and w&i ftot feeling her best, but John aeetnbd to be still 0. K. I # # # Mervin cHristifittsen, on his father's farm west of Lone Rock) is always busy. He raises those fine Black Angus ahd Hereford purebred cattle. Mervltt has two hired men living in separate houses in the yard. Richard Pox has Worked there the' past year, and Robert Oldenbtirg, of hear Elmore, is a new man, * # #' Oswald Thilges, on the Ridge Road northeast from Irvington, was cleaning out the hoghouse when . we called ' there recently. He invited us to help him. Well, we have > done work like that, and could do it again, if necessary. Qswald took time out to show us his new Ford, a four- door sedan. He, said it was the first new car he had ever o'wn- ed, and the family is very proud of it. * # # We stripped March 24 at Olaf Funnemark's northwest of Wesley, and had a fine visit. Mr, and Mrs. ' Funnemark were in the South much of the winter, and enjoyed the experience very much, though Olaf said it got oretty chilly when they were in Texas. •if * * Chas. O. Lockwood is a new man • working for the Cotton Hatchery, just north of Lone Rock. _Mrs. Lockwood was a California girl, but Charles said it was Mrs. Lockwood who wanted to come back to Iowa. They lived on the farm north of-Seneca one year, then went back to California, and now arc here again. «• * * John F. Weber, who lives casl of Irvington, was ready to grind feed when we arrived Saturday, but he took time out to show us his purebred Duroc sprint? pies. He has 100 of them. He also showed us 400 baby chirks. Jnhn believes in raising a lot of fine- stuff. •» « # We called a couple of weeks or so at the Anna M. Christen- sr-n farm northwest, of Wesley Mr. Chriotensen was just ready to go to Titonka with her soil Clarence who lives near her. She warned us that her dog did not like newspaper men too well, but he was friendly to us. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Vottclcr are now new folks on the Bancroft Rfd 2, west of Bancroft. Ervin said tie was there, when we called, just to do some fixing up, and then would move in. These folks came from southwest of Fcnton. * * * At U. B. Pfeffer's. northwest of Wesley, we met U. B. and a brother just as they had come in from a field where they have been picking up corn that had dropped off the stalks last fall. They first put it in small piles, then picked the corn up when 'hey could get to it with a wagon. •» •?? 4;At the Arthur Budlong farm southwest of Titonka Mrs. Budlong and her sister-in-law Mrs. Novella Budlong, who lives near by, were doing house-cleanin" when we made a stop there on March 22. Both of them once taught school in the Titonka school. At C. W. Meehler»3 smith t>t Titonka, we recently hid a pleas- 1 ant visit with boih M>. fthtf Mrs. Mechler, They keep ihfcii? yard in fine shape, l*h&y hid had some tiling dohtf 1 the da^ before we called. The Schfaht firos., of Titonka, did the job wiih their tiling machine. C. W. is building an addilibn to his machine shed, * * * The H. J. Orthels', who farm east of Titonka, have a fine home. There is one bov, 13, in the family, and he likos-to play basketball, so his father fixed up a basket on the frortt "end-"of the garage, where he can practice. # •» * We 1 stopped March 24 at Beth Hauptman's, Wesley, and we miss her father, the late Joe Hauptman, who for many years wrote insurance. Beth clerked in different stores .at .Wesley for some time .but. of <>i6tef< years she weaves rugs, and says she has had a fine lot;of Work coine her way. She -does a nice, neat job. Violet Koppen, Lakofa, To Wed OnApril 7th Lakola — A prenuptlal shower was held in th« city hall Wednesday evening, March 31, honoring Violet Koppen.; with Mesdames Henry Olthoffi Albert Krosch, Arnold Becker, ,.Nick ^.^oppcn, Peter Koppen and daughter Dorothy, Ferd Koppen and Ray Becker as hostesses with Rose Rahnstpck as helper. Violet Koppen will be married April 7 to William Goldtrap in the Catholic church at Ledyard. Mrs. Arnold Becker had charge of the guest book arid Elaine Koppen and Audrey Ruby assisted the bride-to-be unwrap her many beautiful gifts. Mrs. J. H. Warburton, Mrs. L. A. Nitz, .and Mrs. C. C. Gerzema arranged the following program, which was much enjoyed: Instrumental musjc, directed by Virgil Barrett, school director of instrumental music, Mrs. Wilson,-school-vocal music director and high school pupils furnished two numbers by the girls glee club, a girls trio, two numbers by the girls' sex- tette and .one number by- the Mrs, ,Vif'|if ' §ar». reft gave a JtutoertW ^adlfta, using several dialers; littfe Harriet SWfllvfe sfiftg ( She's Tbo , r; .a:. sister, Jennie Swalve, who then played a piafttt , s<m ' Mrs. Lou'Nlta had charfiS-of a short guessing name contest with Lillian Harms -as winner- BerWa- djhe Gerzema and J.eahette Anderson put on 'a ahon skit as a closing number, About ' 100 guests then were served a deli- clous buffet supped Celobfates Birthday •Albert Bosnia Sr, qelebratod a birthday Sunday, March 28, and the following with their families attended the event. Messrs, and Mesdames Albert Bosma Jr., Alden WilcoJi, Kenneth Beck, Raymond Picht, Herman Bosma, Albert and Herman are sons, and Mesdames Beck, Wilcox, anc Pictt arc daughters of the honoree. i Ai Sportsman's Show ' Mrs. Guy Bee'mer and son Billie attended a sportsman's show at Minneapolis, March 25 to 28 Visits Parents Announce Son's Arrival . Friends here receive! announcements of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Edwards ; ' ;r : ; •: s^Vv, He nil- rfacli is dwgfds, . ftamaa tRs S6n 6f fhef Lakdtft bby\ ' A 'Mb. soft w. and Mfs,.Gedifge Wfefflg«it at the Buffalo Center hoatsttal last week Wedflesday. Mrs. .Weffitfeft Is the eldest daughter^ of 'Mf. and .Mrs. Sf MAUTZ GAVE ME THE ANSWERS! CEMENT WORK OUR SPECIALTY Feeding I'floors, .barn .floors, sidewalks, -basement floors, driveways. Anything in f , cement Work. For a free estimate call 639-W. 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