The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1948 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
Page 13
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THIRD SECTION. Wesley Cagers Win Loop Tourney Grant Cubs Bow By One Point Thursday Night "Wesley's independent basket* the Grant Cubs, 40 to 30, in a ball team won the basketball tournament at Wesley, last Thursday evening, by defeating the Grant Cubs, 40 to 39, in a close and well played contest. But is was the finish of the consolation final between Burt and St. Joe that left the spectators gasping, and also the play^ ers. St. ,Joe wort the contest in the final second, 48 to 47, with only four men on the floor in the dvertlme period, after the teams wound up at 39 ; each in the regular time. More about that later. Ed Farnum Deadeye It was (he deadeyc shooting of Ed Farnum, porwith coach, who plays for Wesley, that won the ball game for that team. Farnurn turned in 22 points, most of thorn nct'skimming shots^ from Well oiit on the floor. - Grant ma'de it.a game all the Way, however, after a slow start: FarnUm connected twice be-fore Grant tallied, and Wesley held a,lead of 11 to 8 at the quarter. Grant began to, click in the second period, and the half ended with Wesley leading, 20 to 18. By lightening -its defense for Farum, the Grant; team kept pace all the third period, which ended with a score of 30 all. •Grant sang a free,throw and field .goal to take an early fourth Dickman tossed in, Wesley buckets to keep pace. 1 , Payne's field goal again put Grant ahead, but Farnum countered wftH, another, and Barr dropped ofife iff to give Wesley a lead, 38 ttf 3?; at tho automatic time out'* ^ , In the closing mlhangsv Acker* son tallied • for ( W6wy, and Krumm bagged one raf Jt«fant, ad tim6 ran out, with wetrey winner by a point. ^ . Free throws spelled tire difference between the tWfr teams in SCorihg. The Box Sfttfti Wesley (4d) frit Barr I M. Ackcrson *._. 3 Krause 2 Farnum „_.. *_.i 0 Johtisqn * *.-_. 0 B. ftickman ,^..*...~ 1 ft 2 0 1 4 1 0 16 8 10 Grant (39) ' fg ft pf E. Kelly 3, 0 2 Tokheim _ ,.^.- 300 Godfredson ..- ... 0 12 Rippentrop - 102 Payne _.. v 0 3 Jcnson . 1 0 1 J. Kelly ..-- ....- 21 2 'vrumrii. __ ii * . 1 3 18 3 Iff MARV HEDING VICTORY TO ST. This consolation game "in the! Kossuth • Indcpon'd£hl-i 'Tourna-- mcnt was decided' in the,,final- second of play. B'uri Was leadi ing in the overtime^ 4 1 ? -to 46 ( when St. '. Joe got the; bail out of bounds under the B'u'rt basketi St. Joe had only foUr'men on thej floor,, and there, we're three seconds to go.» ' / \ MarV Reding, who went into the game r late in the contest, wa£ left unguarded out : beyond the: four circle. The ball Was tossed' TIMEOUT! FRIESNER'S SPORT'S CENTER "B, W. lost faith in expensive fishing tackle and Equipment." Maybe the gqnt in the above picture just dicTfi'f Kjaye the RIGHT jack|e for the right fish. Fish are' paw'£ul'ar, as every-fisherman knows. At Friesner's wo bellejv^we know our tatkje-but we don't know it all. TheH^jMy we listen. plenty when good fishermen talk, and trial's how we've stocked for Spring. Come'In and $<& If ( you don't go for Friesner's fishing tackle! FRIESNER'S SPORTS In to him as play resumed, and fie gave it'a fling without mov* ing a foot. 'The sphere clicked through the net as the buzzer sounded to end the contest. St-tfoe led most of the way, holding a 21 to 1? halftlme mar* gin, and a 37 io 23 lead at the end of the third quarter. In tho final period, however, St. Joe bogged down, and Burt, led by Bolife, began 1 to overtake thfe south Kossuth boys. Morris Reding went out on fouls, and Mary Reding replaced rilm in the final two minutes of regular tijmc. The two teams wefe ti^d at 39 all when the buzzer sounded to end the fourth quarter. Then came the hectic overtime period described. ', When Don Reding, too, haq to leave the game on fours,' 'it looked as though St: Joo wag through, but the courageous battle they put Up gave them the final fruits of Victory. The Box Score Burt (47) , fg ft pf Bolic „..„ 653 Fisher „„„.*__„'„.._ 3 1 3 Hammerstrom 125 E. Hassc ...:-... 4 I 4 P. Haase * 21 Madsen -..^.'i.iV-.—.' 01 (! Sodcrburg ' _„!__., 2 0 C \ 18 11 19 ,' Meyers of Biincr.oft and Caster of Titpnka officiated both games and did a good jo,b. ' In the semi-finals,' Wednesday night, Grant defeated Burt, 28 to '24, and Wesley edged out St. Joe', 30 to 28. ', The tournament winds up basketball for the Season, except for the exhibition game Wednesday, April 7, in'the Grant gym between. Grant and -'the Harlem Globe Trotters, at 7;45 p. m. > . 2 After 'AlWP'.W. All ; _, , 6 All4V» Open THURSDAY NITES * -. *• j ' ' / • All Alleys JOT Open : Bowling After 9:30 P.M. . FRIDAY - SATURDAY . SUNDAY All Alleys f on Open Bowling 1 P.M. lo-19 Midnight BRANDT Bowling Lanes Bancroft 7*0- Meet Crack Ball Teams ; Work began last week 6n fe con structlon of Bancroft's oHf WW- ball park, to be one of the* fin est in north Iowa wheft cdmtflet ed. ,\%i And Bancroft baseball' Kfadfir also announced a scheduler the first eight games of the,Bancroft Lions. ''* , I Bancroft is going to haVe a good and fast, team, „ maki* no mistake about that. Several of the homii town boys who have been playing with , pretty, ? ; fast teams in southern Minnesota'' and elsewhere are home to play with the Lions. Firsi Eight Oames ITo give an idea of the class of ball planned, here.are the-first eight games line-up; May 30—Albert Lea Packc/sat Bancroft. . f June 1—Fort Dodge, ther'c', dedicate a new park. June 3—Austin, Minn., at Bancroft. Jui>e 6—St. Thomas college" of St. Paul, at Bancroft. June 8—Adel, at Bancroft. June 10—Schaller, at Bancroft. June 1.3—Iowa State Teachers college, at Bancroft. • s June 17—Austin, Minn., • there To S6di 000. Grandstand concrete foundations were laid last fall,, and Work on the grandstand was to get underway last Friday. There will be seating capacity for, 800, all under a roof. Additional bleachers might" be erected, , Bancroft is joining a six team league for the summer. > Other teams in the loop will be Mason City, Fort Dodge, Humboldt, Spencer, and Estheryille. Men added to the Bancroft lineup include Dean Corson, of Rockwell City, Upper Iowa U. hurler^Robert Nurre. of Bancroft, and Harold HiljL of Gor- with. f - ' Jimmy Fay Is ; Banquet Speaker Whitle'more — Whiife- more's annual basketball,., banquet was • held Memefajf ' evening, April. 5, 'at . tlii", Academy hall," . with "• -Jame*| Fay, Emmetsburg lawyer,<as. * the principal speaker. Mr.,.''! Fay is prominent as afietV- ' dinner speaker in this terri- M lory, and active in alumni: circles of ' Iowa . university. This'is his 'first, appearance !t John LundqUist, Keith, Allen and' Merlin Montgomery, Paul Sanft- nor, Gordon Linde, Donald Mortensen, Junior Doocy, ' Gordon Jones, John firickson, Richard Looft and Marlin Berggren, More men are expected out when practice goes outdoors. The schedule includes ghmes with Fenton, ' Algona, Ledyard find Lako$a, at present, with two Barnes each, and other games to probably' be arranged. Bowling Results, Standings From Barry Alleys Burt again forged into the Class A league lead on the Barry alleys, last week, while the Sportsmen's Tavern continued to hold first place in the Class B league as the season neared the home stretch. League standings: Class A Team . W. L. Burt 60 27 Old Style Lager. 58 29 Swift's ... •. — .—..46 41 K. of C.--,.; 43 44 Lotts Creek —....—....41 46 American Legion ......40 47 Studcr Stock ...... 37 51 V. F. W. 25 62 Class B Sportsmenr Tavern ,. CO 27 Lorus Rock Bank..i-.-.56 31 John Deere ^- .—.47 40 Blanchard Lbr 42 45 Algona Barber Shop..-40 ' 27 S. & L. ...-.. 35 49 Ryan Hatchery .-..33 51 Council Oak -?..!.._•.. .32 !54 High 'scores were turned in ;by the .following: Doc Kressin (210j, Chet Kurtz (2l3), Colberg (222) Geilenfeld (200), Gilbride (210) Doc,Lichter .(204-218),' Bob Gade (214) and'Amfahr i (215). Standings in the women's bowling league on the Barry alleys, were as follows after games bowled last Wednesday evening: Team w. L. Modernistic .——. .44 34 Druggist Mutual 1 :_42 36 Newspapers 35 43 Modern Cleaners ..35 43 High scores for the week were Colberg (193), Kajewski '(159), Carney (156), K. Kelley / (158), and Alberts (156). club will honor the basketball .teams > of Whitleniorei schools, boys and glils" squads from. the public- and! academy teams were guetts at the dinner. The American Legion .Auxiliary women served the meal. " ' i The theme of Mr. 'Fay's >' speech and toasts wHich were in the program 'was the rule book. Swea City High's Baseball Starts Swea City — Coach Eddie Stewart and his bascmjiU players anxiously ."await the time when the diamond will be dry enough to start baseball. A good number of veterans -are back. The squal has been working out in the gym in the meantime. Players out for the team arc Wesley Pupils Play Volleyball Wesley — Pupils of the public high school have been enjoying volleyball in the gym the past two : ;weeks. •a, teams of boys will, play'a Mutual Team In < Pin Lead .The- Druggis'ts' Mutual girls bowling team still held first place in -the league play at Barry's unless i Wednesday night's . games changed things greatly. Five bowlers with 150 or bet- ;er scores were Kajewski (150) Langmack (168), Will (183), Merz berg (216), and K. Kelly (173). Standings: Tcsm *W Druggist Mutual 42 Modernistic 41 Newspapers 34 Modern Cleaners. ......*33 Hostess At Wesley W>»l*y—'Mrs. Lawrence Smith entertained a group of young girls Sunday afternoon in honor of her daughter, Noreen, who was 16 years old Monday. In Court Whist Betty Brunson woh high score prize, Diaha Kleinpet* er, low and Rose Marie Mat/}, door prize. .....„., Johnson Manager At Marshall-Wells Kelly Johnson is the new manager of the Marshall Wells store here. He took over the position April 1, today, going to the new post from the Coast-to*Coast store, where he had been the manager fo* thctiast year and a half, since man, and has mitte Joe Bloom, the store moved to Minneapolis. Mr. Johnsori is an Cx-service since hil residencC'in-A Mrs. Jdhftii6n mil manager of lr'en*6 T s Lusby & Giossi SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE! Mact* to. ttl for $1.00 each aged for (he Usual price of one. ..' * l Smarr', m«tql, swivel cases. Choose from an assortment of fashionable, flattering colors. RIAllY PINK . , , j PORTRAIT PINK SIREN. ..;>.. SOUTH AMERICAN KIOHT RED .... RIPE WERRIES VINTNER REP . , . NUT HOWN RIB .: With the passing of each year, a great dumber of facts are added to man's increasing store of knowledge. Not over seventy-five year* ago a man of superior intelligence could possess a working knowledge of all of science. Now, however, the realm of the known is to vast that it is necessary for men to specialize in order to master one small but deep corner of Scientific knowledge. , Thus we have the physician, who diagnoses disease and prescribes medication and treatment. The,, pharmacist compounds and dispenses. Both the physician and the pharmacist benefit greatly from the researches of the biologist, the chemist, the physiologist, and the physicist, to name but a few. Through the teamwork of the allied sciences, increasingly better medical service forali is assured; Music CONCERT SERIES Presents Drake University , r- - r" ' Gordon Bird, Conductor , . , "*>' Classics Program Music Novelties Marches . Soloists •H» ' Monday, April 12 8:00 P.M. Admission: Adults 50c—Students 35c Season Tickets Admit -.A' treasure. A jfWfiitsMETAL 'A N N 0 U N C I N G A COMPLETE FAMOUS fplden flwlwi : TAl?T*fTf 8 SH4YI: li; IM mi TB.iut

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