Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 24, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1894
Page 2
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fart 15 of The Don City U Portlolio la now ready for distribution and is bound to meet Jhe favor of all, as it contains some of the Finest Selections Yet As the time approaches for the completion of this magnificent and unapproachable series of World's Fair Views The~Journal wishes to impress upon all subscnb era the importance ol procuriDg the complete eet. Back numbers can be secured by applying at this office, and arrangements, have been made for the binding of the sots at the lowest cost. Part 16, ready next Monday, will bo devoted to the following subjects: 1 Grand Plaza on Chicago Day. 2 N. W. from Roof of Government Building. 3 N. from Roof of Government Building. 4 Across Wooded Island looking N. E. 6 The White Star Building and Elk Bridge. 6 North Lagoon from Horticultural Building. 7 The Merchant Tailors' Building. 8 Wooded Island and Transportation Building. 9 N. E. corner of Grand Basin. 10 Life Saving Station and Battle Ship. 11 Grand Promenade of Lake Shore. 12 The New Liberty Bell. 13 Barge of State and and German Fountain. 14 World's Congress of Beauties. 15 The Aztec Abode on the Midway. 16 Night Scene—Grand Basin. Don't fail to secure all the numbers. See Coupon on 1st page. Do You Love Music? Or we you cue of those unfortunates who can't distin guiuh '-Yankee Doodle" from "The Dead March m Saul/ IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And poseesa musical taste you cannot fail to be interested in the series of portraits and biographical sketches ol GREAT SINGERS Which iorm Parts 12, 13 and 14 ot "The Marie Bur- roSs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities," Even if you h»ve not been taking the preceediug numbers, You Want These Three por- Which constitute in themselves the mo£t complete col lectknofrepraentotives of lyric ait. Qet Part U "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with trmitaof Melba, Eames, The De Reszkes And other famous singers, twenty in all, You can get it from THE JOURNAL for Three Coupons and One Dim*. No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent _ " *l After you have secured this number you will not fail to secure the remaining two numbers which com- ptete the series, as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. RBA COT THIS OUT. MAY 84, 1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. CUT MM OUT. , 18U4, STAGE CELEBRITIES, Thfc Coupon with twoothswot dBfewnt date*, ana Ten Centt. to •SS? 1 ,y«.ffl; part, oonutalni twentj portrait*, of the Marie Bnrrongh's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL, GOEMAN IS HEAED. The Maryland Senator's Long-Ex- peoted Speech Is Delivered, He Calls the Wilson Bill an Imperfect Measure and Eulogizes the Senate Bill—Denies Trust Influence. SYNOPSIS OF HIS REMARKS. WASHINGTON, May 23.—The senate was crowded in anticipation of a sharp speech from Senator Gorman. The crowd was not disappointed. He spoke slowly and in a low tone ol voice. In jrief, his remarks were us follows: Ho rohcarsoil the fllmoultlcs thut had con- routcj tliu democratic imrty In dealing with ho question of tin-in reform. The difficulty was not all In opposition, but In Internal distension as to how the fruits of victory tthould >e scoured. Withal he claimed thut notion by tho present congress had not been unusually delayed. It was the last of September before tho president elgncd the McKlnley bill, and this Is only May. An Imperfect Moiuinre. Tho Wilson bill, he said, had been reported to the house before Its effect upon existing Industries could be properly studied; an 1m- wrfect measure that not only failed to meet ho treasury demands but actually Increased ,he deflolt created by the republican prohibi- Ivo duties. Senate's Bight to Amend. There wos no expectation thut It would become a low unchanged. The senate had always perfected such bills, yet DO sooner did the Inanoo committee begin Its work than the cry or "action" was renewed with extraordinary rigor, and the democratic senators were nformed that any change would be set down as i "betrayal of the party's promises," and that ivory senator who showed the least concern or the luteroeu of hU own state was a traitor a the union and tola party; that the senate was no longer a coordinate body, but Iti sole duty was to ratify blindly the action of the louse. In answer to the charges by the republicans, Senator Gorman asserted that the bill i»d been constructed on the democratic heory of n tariff for revenue, with such incidental protection M could ba given ooa- sletontly to the Industries of the county It followed strictly the course marked out by President Cleveland In his letter of acceptance, upon which he wus reelected, and ho demooratio-party intrusted with full power. It there had been the slightest apprehension B tho public mind of a radical overturning of our industrial affairs Mr. Cleveland would not i»vo been reelected. Not. it Free Trade Measure. This was not a free trade measure, but It w-ue a longer stop for freer trade than cither tho Mills bill or the tariff act of 1883. It •was not for protection for protection's sake, but it did discriminate between •aw niatorials and manufactured articles to he full extent of the dirferoaco between iuropeun and American -migos. Nor was It a denclt-oreatlng bill, such us the present aw was or tie house bill would have >een. It was democratic because U reduced taxation to the requirements of ;he government. It was just, it w»s wise, It was businesslike, It was patriotic, and It was prudent, because it did not attempt to Ignore fact In carrying out a theory. It wus not perfect, but it was the most logical, most Salr, most broad, most timely and would prove to be the most advantageous tariff legislation enacted since the republican party sprang into existence. Trusts Mot tho Dictators. On the relation of senators to truHts lie said: "The assertion that any trust or trusts have dictated any part of any schedule of this bill I pronounce as unqualifiedly false. They have received the same attention, although not as much consideration, as Individuals engaged in ihe business of manufacture—no more and no less. We felt the necessity of dealing all such combinations a death blow, but we found them so hedged about by the bounty and other devices of republican 'statesmen that it was possible only to curtail their privileges to tho farthest limit consistent with the rights of others Intimately concerned, but not rosponsl- Die." Tho Income Tax. • On the income-tax question Senator Gorman said: I consider that It has no fitting place In our fiscal system In a time of peace. I could not vote conscientiously to Make this method of taxation a part of our settled policy; but, much ft» I deplore the fastening of an Inoome tax In any form upon our tariff bill, I cannot, as a democrat, bound In honor to let no ordinary prejudice or difference of opinion prevent the pae- sage of a tariff measure, refuse to vote for thl» amendment, simply and solely, however, as an emergency tax." BLOODSHED JN KENTUCKY. Three Men Killed In » Battle with Three Others In Harlan County. ^./tti* Ky., May 28.-Jame* Middleton, Sinclair MIddleton and R. 8. Haolcleford were shot and killed in Harlan county Tuesday in a fijrht with Gilbert Sdylor, Bert and Koble Hensley. There la considerable excitement over the affair, as the men are all well known. The sheriff and posse left Harlan courthouse for the scene of the fight to arrest the men, who have fled to the mountains. The difficulty is said to have occurred over the wife of one of the men. ... Killed by • Fly's Bit*. TOBBSON, Mex., May 33,—A dispatch from the City of Mexico announces the death of C. W. Lavin, one of the •wealthiest land owners in this part of Mexico. Mr. Lavin was bitten on the neck by a block fly, and the poison Bpread to all parts of his system. He •went to the City of Mexico to have a surgical operation performed, which failed. ^_ Lieut. Mnney Again on Trial. ST. PAUL. Minn., Mny 28. — The court-martial ,of First Lieut. Jamea A. Maney on charges growing; out o* the killing of Capt. Hedberg at For Sheridan last October has begun a Fort Snelling.. Col. K. C. Mason, com manding at Fort Snelling, Is presiden of the court. Coal Strike Aflectn Mexico. Crrr OF MEXICO, May 28.—The striki of American coal miners has caused the price of northern coal to rise very sharply in Mexico. This, coupled wit the attending scarcity of coal. Is seri ously inconveniencing many Mexican manufacturing industries. F«ar» iorTbntted »t»tes"8te«mer. SAN FRANCISCO, May 3S.-Tb.ere is gome apprehension in naval circles for the safety of the United States steamer Marion, which was badly damaged in typhoon shortly after leaving Yoko- several months ago and wa ffiatton TJlarCea "affBtn lor nun JVanciseo and was to call at Honolulu. Vhen the steamer Gaelic left the later port the Marion had not reached here, although she had been out hirty-seven days, and nothing: had >een seen of her. THE MAKKETH. Grain, ProvlitloiiH, Etc. CHICAGO, May 23. — Was dull and neglected. Quo- ritions range: Winter — Patents, fti.80® .00; straights, »2.<JO@±75; clears, J2.20Sii.40; eoondb, $l.80@l.(H)j low grades, |l.60®1.70. Spring—Patents, J3.20aa.50; straights, 83.20® >,eO; bilkers'. SI.76®;.1U; low (trades, $1.11X3)1.60; led DOB, $1.30®1.40; Rye, $i-KXfj£,!JO. WHtAT—Active and unsettled. Caxh. 54V40 K>%u; July, M!£®5<i?jc; Soptvmbcr, D7 1 /5OB8M,o. COBN—Moderately ucilve and, llrm. No 2, S75io; No. 2 Yellow, Stiif.; No. ,t. IWKc: No. 8 Yellow,3HMo; May, 3"o; Juno, 37M©37${o; July, JftHlXito; September, 8t%(5<!ilHe. OATH—Moderate trading ana prices higher. No 2 cash, 8433'lUc; May, 3'i!?j®34Mo; June, 3-1 ©Wlc; July,30M@31«c; September, 26W02BKC. samples Urnior. No. 1). 3-lX(3>38c: No. 3 White, ]@S7c; No. 2, 85@30!4c; No. ;> White, Sl&nfa. RYB—Some demand exists for round lots of cash Rye; otherwise the market is very quiet. •Jo. 2 cash, 45c; sample lots, 40@48o; May de- ivery, 45o; July, 45]>ic. BAULBY — Demand and offerings both nro small. Choice by sample. 55@Mc; falrtonood. ___ common, 40©50c, with Screenings, ilTToOfSilO.OO per ton. MKSB POBK—Trading! Wit and prices steady. Quotations ranged 'at JI1.67tf@11.70 for cash regular; Ill.5n4@ll.70 for May; »ll.W@I1.77tf or July, and »11.75@11.82y, for September. LAUD—Bather active and steady. Quotations ranged at W.eiifflO.OO for cash; W.85Q 8.90 for May; (0,70@0.75 for July, and $(1.753) 1.80 for September. LIVI FOBI/TBY—Per pound; Chickens 8® ,Ao; Turkeys, 6®7o; Ducks, 7K©8c; Geese, I3.MX26.50 per doz. DUTTKB—Creamery, 12®16^o; Dairy, 10@14c; Faoklng Stock, 6@8o. LlQBOBS-Distlllod spirits steady on tho basis of JUS per gal. for finished goods, OILS—Wisconsin Prime White, THO; Water White, 7Kc; Michigan Prime White. 8)40; Water White, 9c; Indiana Prlmo White, 8*0; Water White, SJfc: HoadllRht, 175 tost, 8>4c; Gasoline,S7dog's, ll^c; 74deg's, 9o; Naphtha, 63 deg's, fltfo. TOLEDO, 0., May 23. WHBAT—Qulot, steady. No. 2 cash and May, MHo; July, 65-^0; August, 5<H4o; September, Cons—Steady. No. S cash, Muy and July, OATS—Firm. No. 2 mixed, 38c; No. 2 white, 87HC. RYB-Steady. Cush.SOo. CLOVKKSBKD—Firm. Prime cash, $5.80; Oo- tober, J4.70 bid. ^ Live Stock. CHICAGO, May 23. Hoes-Market active. Feellng'somevhat unsettled. Opened firm with sales 6c advance. Later ruled easier, with most of the advance lost. Sales ranged at :R40@4,?F> for Pigs; W.USia 4 CO for light; $4.55®-l.7U for rough packing; J4.05@.|.00 for mixed, anil JH.75lS4.UO for heavy packing anil «hlpping lots. CATTLE—Market ratlicr active. Prices llrm and 5@10c 'higher, chiolly on medium grades. Quotations ranged at 'J4.105f4.43 for choice to extra shipping Steers; $3.85@4.iO for good to choice do.; J3.riOa3.85 for fair to good; $3.35® 3 76 for common to mortium do.; $3.50©-1.00 for butcher's Steers; Si.«K8.S.40 forStookoru; $3.20 ©4 00 for Feeders; tH.flOffl3.25 for Cows; $2.00® 3.80 for Heifers; $2.00®i,40 for Bulls; t2,70®3.00 for Tcias Steers, and $2.5036.00 for Voal Calves. Futully .Scalded. ST. Louia, May 23.—John Hrueg'ham, 12 years old, and hia brother Willie, t years old, living at 0327 Taylor avenue, were rjding on a wagon loaded with hot swill on Taylor avenue when the lid of the swill barrel flew off and the swill splashed over the boys badly scalding; them. The younger boy died at 1 o'clock this morning. The older boy will recover. Oates Nominated for Governor. MONTGOMERY, Ala., May 38.—The democratic convention has nominated Col. W. C. Oates for governor. The choice was made on the first ballot Oates received 272 votes to Johnson'a 333. _ Out of the Race. MILWAUKEE, May 23.—Mayor Koch, of this city, who had announced him- eelf a candidate for the republican nomination for governor, has withdrawn from the race. Blf LlffhtbouM Domed* NEW OBLBASB, May 38.—The Southwest Pass lighthouse at the mouth of the Mississippi river was burned Tuesday afternoon. It w*s a first order fixed light. —Of all' luxuries sensibility to tn« beautiful is the cheapest and tha most »t hand. —Channing. GOLD IN ARCTIC REGIONS. Voy«go of th. Gabriel "lu Search of th« •'Nortliweit l'a»»E«." More than three hundred years ago, in the reign of Elizabeth, the idea of reaching China by sailing round tho northern coust of America was revived, and Martin Frobislier, one of the most celebrated navigators of bis day, received the support o£ the queen iu fitr ting out two small vessels to search for the "northwest passage." The larger of Frobishcr's barks, named the Gabriel, was of only twenty-five tons burden, and the other, the Michael, of twenty tons. With these ridiculously email vessels, loaded with provisions calculated to last twelve months, the daring naviR-ator set sail from London on the seventh of June, 1570. On the twenty-first of July he entered the stmit which was afterwards named after tho great explorer Davis, and sailed north, until his way was olocked by an enormous ice-field stretching from mainland to mainland. Anchoring his vessel to a mass of ice near the Greenland side, Frobisher went on shore to look about. Here ho fell in with a body of natives, who at first showed signs of hostility, but the captain soon reached a friendly understanding with them. In exchange for bells, looking-glasses, bright coins and nails the Esquimaux brought off to the ship quantities of salmon, seal meat, and skins of animals. Another extract from the log-book reads: "The natives, to shew their affilitie, tried mannye masteries upon the ropes of the shippe, after our mariners' fashione, and appeared to be varie strong of their arms and nimble of their bodies." 1 The seeming friendship of the natives was not to be relied upon, however, for several days following five of the crew went on shore to trade with the Esquimaux, and failing to return, strict search was made for them, but they were never again seen. As the tribe disappeared at the same time, it was believed that the seamen had been murdered for their clothes and arms. While endeavoring to trace the missing ones, Frobisher canw across a great quantity of black stone, which was so heavy that he brought a piece on board as a curiosity. Tho captain now decided to return to England, as the winter was rapidly drawing near, making it necessary to escape at once from the strait unless ho proposed to incur the risk of having his ship frozen in the ice. On the second of October tho Gabriel arrived in tho Thames amid great rejoicing, for she had been given up for lost The "black stone" was given as a polar curiosity to a wealthy patron of the captain, who exhibited it to a friend, a roliner in London, and by the latter it was claimed to contain a "goodlie quantitieof pure gold." Great excitement followed tllis announcement, and a new voyage was quickly planned, tho object of which was to bring back a cargo of tho precious ore.—Harper's Young People. WHY HE RETREATED. 11* Attempt to Be Bcipectfnl Wat Mot Entirely a Suocma, "Well," said the one who-had re- sained on the corner of Woodward xvenue and Elizabeth street, while the ither skirmished around, "what luck Md you have up there?" "None." 'Git anything?" 'Naw." 'But you must have got something." 'Yes, I got a whack across the back w th a hardwood broomhandle, but we can't eat it or trade it fur beer." "Saw the woman, eh?" "Yes, saw the woman." "It wasn't the hired girl, eh?" "No, it wasn't the hired girl." •'You spoke of your melancholy con dition and embarrassing situation?" "Yes." "With your usual emotion?" "Mebbe a little more." "And very respectfully?" "Very: I couldn't have been more respectful to a queen." "Bill, I can't mane it out," said the older maOi as he removed his old: cap to agitate his scalp. "You must h»ve misspoke yourself or tried an experiment. Now, then, what did yon say?' "I just asked her if that was an old woman's home, you know." "And she replied?" "She said no, but it was a tramp's retreat, and struck me with a broom and I retreated!"—Detroit Free Press. >«** KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy Lie more, wittt less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. • Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable andI pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions ana met wfthathe approval of the medical profession; because it acts on the Kid- Eeys, Liver and Bowels without weak- enlng them and It is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. SyVup ot Fi« « for, «>• *M? *ST gJ.tiin'BOc an<r$l bottlea, but it is i"-»- ufwtured by the California Fig Sj Co, only, whose name is printed on every anOSng wsll Informed.jou will.: aoofntaqr substitute 11, oftwsV BUHna-iinto Market. The glory of Billingsgate is fading away. It seems that owing to th< heavy corporation tolls the trade. 01 Billingsgate is passing to Shadwell where the 'rents are only half those charged by the corporation and there are no tolls. The tolls of Billingsgate amount to about twenty-five thousanc dollars per annum. The rental charged for stalls at Billingsgate used to be about two cents a foot, now they are sixteen cents, and the tenants complain of being crushed and driven out of the market It li said tha corporation has spent five hundredl thousand dollars on a cellar under the market, which is nothing but a white elephant. —N. Y. World. __ The Watches' of the Nil" When of the repeated kind experienced by per aoni troubled with Insomnia, soon bring »bou w nlamlog condition of the nerrooB system The sh&king bands, contu-lon of the brain ispaei of memory and lotifot appetite indicate, with terrible precision, tne ravages produced bj low ol sleep, whlcn If unremedled most dewroy mental equilibrium altogether. No better and thorough nerrtne exl»u than Hwtetter's Stom- scb Bitter*. Common senso and experience point to Iti early and steady use In case of Inaorn nla. It itwngtteM weak Md relaxes tn« tension of overstrained Denes, Which, by the way,» resort to unnwdloated rtlmulnnts will never do permanently, *hll« the after enect of soon excitants lsmo*tBt*)adlolal. under tne Influence of tu» . Ud return, and bodily comfort pro»ot«d, Itls invaluabl llrer complaint, oooittpatlon, rbwaatum «na 4fr. Thtrtnan JDenncy Jubilee, Iowa. Better in Every Way General Debility and Heart Trouble Overcome Statement for the Benefit of i Others. "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: " I deilre to add my testimony In faro* «r Hood'i Sarwpwllla. that all lufiering from alafc- ness may possibly be Influenced to pu* OOB»> denet In It, and be among UIOM to enjoy Good Health Once More. I had a long spell ot sickness caused by tzoobl* w«l» my liver, which the doctor said was (alt- waiting away. In tact he stated that I hadoalr a short time to live. With great effort I ora*. came my sickness but in very feeble health; t>f pulu was Irregular and frequently My Heart Ceased Beating (or a second or two. I>puld hardly get around' the room, I was so weak, and I lacked any appetite. Finally I concluded to try Hood's Barsa- parilla and I got on* bottle, Th* effect «I tte> HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES medicine was so beneficial that I got fir* marav- Altcr I had taken the Sarsaparilla I felt mncb> better and my whole system was strengUieneoV I found Hood's Sarsaparillian excellent nwdK- clue for the blood. Icannotpralsoitlootlglily. 1 *' Disiosr, Jubilea, Iowa. Hood's PIH» cure liver UU. < biliousness, Jaundice, sick headache, sborulcbtedneM. To waste your money on vile, dirty, watery mixtures, compounded by Inexperienced persons, when you have the Opportunity of teating Otto'« Cure free of charge. Why. will you continue to Irritate your throat and lunge- with that terrible hacking cough, when Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, will furnish jou » free sample bottler of this .rreat remedy? Hold a bottU- of OMo's Cure to the light and observe- UD beautiful golden color and thick: heavy syrup. Largest packages and* purest (roods. Large bottles 50o. andi 25c. For O»«r Ftltr- Yrara Mrs. Winilow'a Soothing Syrup baa been used for over fifty years bj* millions of mothers for their children? while teething, with perfect luooeM. It-soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, aaffi Is the best remedy tor diarrbosa. Itk will relieve the poor little s*iffere»<- Immediately. Sold by drugglnts Irr- every part of the world. Twenty-five* Cents a bottle. Be sure aad ask lor- •Mn. Window's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Tke »«•••• why. Children of two to six years ot age* are often sick and fretful it owing to- tomaoh Worm. The best cure IE- Klnehart's Worm Lozenges* They remove all forms of worms and the- worm nest; are pleasant to take and- need no cathartic. Children always show marked Improvement IB health and growth by their use. For sale by B. F. Keesllog and Keystone drug! atore. __ Have you been trying to get the- best out of existence without health In your family? Have yen been wear- Ing out your life from the effects of dyspepsia, liver complaint and »ndl* Bestlon? Are you sleepless at nlghtf Do you awake in the morning feeling languid, with coated tongue and sallow, haggard looks? Don't do it A shout In the camp tells how Bacon a Celery King baa cured other*; It will cure you. Trial package free. Large: sizes 50o. and 26c. at Ben Fisher's^ 311 Fourth street ^ 1 Cka»kerlaU'« By* a»* Skto Olatateit Is a certain cure for Chronic Bora • Byes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip-pies, Piles, Ecxema, Tetter, Salt- Etheum and Scald Head, 25 cents par box. For sate by B. F. Keeiiing. TO HOK8K OWKIBS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy* condition try Dr. Cady's Condltla. Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss «f appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving- new life to an old overworked horse. 15 cents per package. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. Always buy Rtnehart'S WV>rm LO. zengss. they remove both the and worm nest. For salt by B. KswllBsT » d Ksystens drugstore*

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