The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1948 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
Page 5
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"«*., high and „ ._.rVbets. directed 'by 6f the iHsftUTft MI dfove td'.i- evening to take' was awards firsts fft 169. They will be pr'gseftti „ fe state contest to be hefd |fhrrtetsburg, April 30-May i, ftss*fc|uartet—fricfiard IdiCook, Ronald' Jill Hutchison. •'. i .-,. met trio-^-Daryl Reed, Don ' Richard TUttle.. ...... quartet -^t the above arid James Kelly. «iss \Quintet—Junior Sttyder. !Co'6,k, Bill Guderian, Roriald R -oft"and Laura'Ann NeVllle. nber group of wood-winds sfjen Kuchynka, Jacqueline n,;Lois Funk.,Carmen ,WeU ri,. and Joan Wolcott. I soon solo—Joan, Wolcott. eft tries were rated'in the ad division: Trombone quar- ^onald Peterson, Bill -Hut- Floyd Hutzell Bright. and .Bill quartet—Gloria Lane, De- Fensen, Sue Hutchison and Shumway. '• . , 'ANT ADS Lbst & Found -_-_ 4- BILLFOLD O'tf" MAIN [ 1( sfi^eetj Saturday morning con- airamgjnoney an,d'papers. Re- w6|8. Richard Bonnstetter, West ^ i For Sale R 6REAT GRANDMOTHER .yed on a JKIMBALL piano. e are more KIMBALI/, pi- in use than-any other make, 'and hear the results of 90 experience building fine is in the world's largest pi- factory, at Jones 'Piano i, F^ortJDodge. ' u!4-l7a42 r ' WP I BUY and SELL I . USED CARS [See.'Us To Buy Or SelK I KENT MOTOR CCC I , uiatf SALE—1939 OLDSMOBILE cohdltioh, good tires, ., c dier,.vaale..CaIl 42-8 or sfe« A, A. ttrta«ft»,»LfcM Rook, wttjftirf famous * Oil ustbrners for ucts fn dty ed business WANTfiiB - 2 MEN UNbfift '25, • free'to travel lowtt afld Minne* sota, We train yeu and furnish transportation. See Mr, Ldbfer^, JJufbp-ean Hotel, between 7 and 9 Thursday evening only. al3u*' Wirtona, Minn>> -., u!4a* JAM* Oft ' WANTSD - MALE * undef.SO tfy.dd .cleaning and be a ha;frdy,''rh'an,, ". G6bd: salary to rftfft bMtyJ&yajutt cletftl," <&*$&: Fffa'B<* 400, J MEL? WANTED — AP£ "tfons •'«&• t weed .Cornrnfts jobs"'for all townships may depted-until-the. 15th .of Farming-.baokgroUnd aria _, quired. Ages 40-65. Kachf , eVefy ,4afM ifl' 'a ship afe&V. WHte a letter, to the Kossuth Cotinty Weed Commission giving your name, address, phone number, district and a'Hsf- WANTED—MODEL A 2 'car.' Phone 958LJ, Algo •, ,/•• ''' ' ' • '"aT3u* C 1 ' WANTED — LUSBY & Giossi. - , a!3-14u4 WANTED— MEN. WRITE IMM& diately for full information how.toiestablish profitable Rawleigh business. You will be surprised at big results cure. No selling experience>n%« sary to start. No capital requii'e'di Gmden opportunity to build up solid business. Rawleigh's, Dept. lAD-50'-143 r Freeport, 111. a!3u* WANTED I M M E D IA T —Capable cashier. Call Theater. Call'35. d|$u8tf WANTED TO RENT — 4 V T*O 6 room house or apartment,by pharmacist—James Drug." A M. Lee. , ' > , u!2-lj4al5 WANTED— LOCAL AND BONG distance hauling of'grain/'stock, sand< rock, gravel, etc. with ' ' 'new hydraulic dump truck., Scherer, phone 38f, Algona. Al k - ,_ CAA Project 9-184001-7 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS • ,' ~ - ™' art Commission •> > •; i , > „ of Algona <•'"«>.,»-' £suth County,» Iowa , i Algona. flown April 6\ 194f „ Seale'd Bids, in duplicate 'subject- to the conditions herein, will be received fttil 8 nm. Central Standard Time, April 21, 1141, and then publicly opened 'the City Hnll, 1'or furnishing all equipment, 'labor" and materials, ns forth' in the .specifications* and performlng-^all of-the work of- cleiring ibbingi grading, drainage, field marking.'fencing and .turfing at the Algona inlcipal Airport. Kossuth County, Iowa, ..,,,,« . f Approximate'quantities are as follows* ""' '"' T" ' " ' y SehaduU I L f • •. Slearlnh, Grubbing, Grading, Lowering Mtnh^Ui' It Plugging Sawcr Lli e«i Strusjlures in. landing strips: ' ' • " > v* — »«-*•*»--•—>-"— . .—Quantity «n»« -Unit — ;isVj28,688| 'Square yards 'V "• S-,008 'Square-yards "•• 9 Each . { /Deicrlptlon , .-: „.,„, w ..«'*,^-.,.* f 1 Remtjving* coHcrete floors 4 In. 'thick « ( Fo6tihgs below grade. and cap Plug sewer lines - ' '* _* ,; •'Lower manholes, ca Lower manhole 2 .- i ap with- concrete ft. Remove concrete reservoir 4 ft., below finished grade, fill with earth Unclassified excavation Surfacing entrance drive Salvage & relay 24 in-' concrete pipe ; schedule n '. •'8 In. storm sewer ,15 in. storm sewer • •* > 18 in, storm sewer ' 21 in. storm sewer iiTypo C intakes 5 ft. deep !,Typ"e' B intakes 7 ft. deep Type A intakes 7 ft. deep ' t^ Concrete headwall • Schedule III [jmenled Circle,, Marking. Clan A Fence, 3 Gitei: ! Segmented circle , . Boundary markers' • - - * f Class A Fence 1 14 ft. gates ' < Special fence \ • ^ 4 ft. gate ScheduleJY flna: \ ' •,"' „'• „ Preparation. o£ ground -, Fertilizer and liming Sowing Seed 17 Each 1 Lump Sum 84.050 Cubic yd. 123 Cubic yd. • '.84 Eeet 550. Lin..ft. 954 Lin. ft. 326 Lin. ft.. 1920 Lin. ft. 0 -Each 4 Each . 1 Each 1 Each 1 Each 47 Each, 10,254 Lin. ft. '2 Each 409 Lin. ft. ' i- Each 112.2 Acres 1122 Acres ,11245 Acres WAMWD ^ Algoflff frarXCoW- . SeS Hdrry Qoddeh. WAITRESS WANTEO — $17- A room and board, Drive-In, phofte 636. , ai3ul3 HELP WANTED '' - MALE AND FEMALE INVENTORY' CONTROL. MAN TOCK RECORD-CIsERK-" 7' :HIEF DRAFTSMAN "' AYOtJT -DRAFTSMEN DETAlLERg ENERAL MACHINISTS MACHINE OPERATORS SHEET METAL MACHINE OPERATORS ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR MECHANICAL INSPECTOR SPRAY PAINTERS TYPISTS * STENOGRAPHERS In line witii our expansion program, the above are needed for our plant here in Algona. Pleasant working conditions, paid Vacations, hospital-disability-life insurance plan available. Employment office open 8 a. m. 4:30 p. m. JOSEPH WEIDENHOFF INC. Division of Bowser Inc., Algona, Iowa' " a!3"14u SI, lgMt-2 ROOMS, ly futnished-/ fof • light hbusc- ' ;; with bath. 414 N. Dddge 341-W, Ul4a* FOR '^ENT-LOCALLY. FER- .tlllzef < spreaders, broadcast ype^ 8 ahd 16 feet, also fa'fi type. Andrew Miller, phone 13F4, Algona., . . a!3u* Cards of Thanks CARD Of 'THANKS We, wish to thank the many kirid friends who v sent letters, jrds, and flowers at. the time of niy'sister's death. Mrs, Ralph Tice. ., < •' CAftD OF THANKS I wjsh to thank all my relatives arid frJends who so kindly remembered me with get well and birthday, cards at home and in the, hospital, also for the kind deeds done by the neighbors for m,e and m'y family. Mr. C. G. Baas, - u!4a* trt the neighbors for 'the kind ticodji done for me and the family, Mrs. A. B. Oakland. al3u* dAtib OF THANKS 1 wish to thank all my friends and neighbors who so kindly re* membered me with gifts, flowers jdnd cards during my recent ill- iness and stay at the hospital. 'Mrs. Dora Laabs. a!3u CARD OF THANKS I "Wish to express my sincere thanks to nil my relatives, friends 'antl neighbors for tards, letters, gifts, and flowers during my stay at St, Mary's,, Rochester. . Mrs. Hen y Kueck. : * u!4a* For Rent FOR RENT — EZZEE, FLOW fertilizer spreader. Mike Elbert, Phone 5-F3, Algopa. Ul3-14a* OFFICE FOR RENT—SEE J. W. Haggard, at Algona Newspapers Office. i g 1, Plans are on file in the office of the Secretary of the Airport Commission t Algona, Iowa . ,' ....,{,« • " ' i for Individual use of .Contractors obtained from Ihje Copies,of plan: --.« >wn Engineering Company, K.p. Building,'6 •a, upon deposit of Slu.OO which will-be-yeti m their return of same. « > • '' «• ">-. T'- ; The p)ans and specifications-whlch are hereby-made a part of the Contract Locust Street, Des Molnes, the-unsuccessful bidders designated as tollows: Jawing >Jo. Date, IICO 1 % 2 t .1 v 7-7-47 4 i -.. . a-ai-47. 5^ . • "< V 0-20-J7 7 •, 10-9-47 8 '. 10-9-47 0 # 10-13-47 10 t , a-8-47 11 »» ... 9-5-47 12 \ 9-9-47 13 }l 10-9-47 14. , 10-10-47 15 , 16 17 18 Title Sheet Index/ and 1 Summary Sheet Location Map Master Plan A f Layott Han '•' • g; Plan nitary Sewer System strip Storm " Inlet ralr 10-20-47 . 10-31-47 November 1047 A.' Irt I fn ii DAA-P-10 2AA-P'10 , ^, ^'AA-D-752 ASTM-C-15 HO-M- .T-901 AA-P-16Q Bidders are expected to visit the. locality vn estimate of the equipment, material ana Jves with the difficulties attending the exi ..jUudtngpocal conditions, uncertainty Pi we; ^rjc jjQwejk roads, SQJI ppnditipn,s. the naturals 2. Giiflran'tee will be required wltf , Each proposal shall be apcompgnww ,, Ibwa Bank in an amount equa} to five pi bid. ?nd. i »9de payafele-fp the,Tr>8»urer al 1 tilled chi ?k will be held by. the Ctty of = e Flans • head wall 4'.£rpyteionji.? ecifipations iblrig . •'!, '"' posts 5. } cl us if tBe b(d< p •• ^ttip R eri .., rmance W ers< F resentation pttHe.'p<» pP Bond, «nd Payment ' oft Pertprmance and. * , . fe slj , al Payme erenps'ler tews" fej»fefi- & -~ on an gmp«nt fThe cer^ .ted asm* oved kond ceptance anwunt Sfraph W-06 j*: at GOODBUY Comfortable modern home at 618 N. Wooster. Living -room, dining room, nice large kitchen with many fine cupboards, bedroom and bath—downstairs; 3 bedrooms .'upstairs, new oil furnace, electric, water heateV,. double garage,, .excellent lawn and garden.'Owners plans call for selling for June 1st possession. You, must see inside to appreciate. See , ', Joel M. Herbst CARD OF THANKS I wish to .express my sincere thanks to all for flowers, cards, le(ter.s, gins, and all expressions o£ kindness extended to me while at the hospital., A" special thank's Own Your Own Home Now Low Cost... High Value — it's good-looking, quality constructed— but it's in a surprisingly low price range. Provides a spacious, comfortable house you'll be 'proud to own. Low price made possible by mass production and standard design. Fully insulated, warm in winter, cool in summer. Easily and quickly erected of precision-built sections. Quality materials rfstro'ng, long-las ting and neat-appearing. Available now. 20"x 32 or 20 x 40 feet sizes; plans to meet jrour needs; 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms; with or Without biiemen't. Come in-r get derails. Mr. John Van Gerpen BELMOND HATCHERY Belmond, la. N I have opened a barber shop in Algona, first door east of the G;S. J6hnson : s<bVe;''attd l^will be pleased to meet and serve all pafrohs>-'A ^ ' J > "^-'-' "SHOWIER BATHS • - J^iik DEANS- \ 17-Jew'el, 10K Solid G Expansion Wtotyi'--' " J, Stainless Steel Back, ' V, f • ^ tr ."•.'ll ' •ir. : 'S WATCH V/ith leather band $19,75 ! With espansion b«od SERVICE WATCH HydeparJt l?rjeweJ stain- iMl steel feftpjt swe $e?ond hantj, ' and pencil WAKntS Miscellaneous FARMERS! TRACTOR INSUR- ance, just what.ypU want. Pay once a year, no additidnal cHarge it you set another tractor. Cover livestock on highway. Blanket liability for entire household.'One of the lowest rates in Iowa. See dr call lp3, L. S. Boharinon, ovei- S. & L. Store. alSupd IMLAID 1JNOLEUM -^ LINO- wall tile laid by experts. Custpm work. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., Algbna. • uiatf BASEMENTS DUG, gravel, :strippin^s, fills, washed sand arid gravt'l hauled. Geo. Schumacher, Irvington, la. a9-18u* SUPPLY c<5; Algdria. ME FOR REAL in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estifhateg 6ri tile. PHil J. Kohlhaas, ph6he 22, AlgoriS. GOAL Complete stock on hand. Be Safe Call 534 Rafesly Lb?. Co. Mel B, Griffin, Mgf. Ulatf GRANULATED ZONOLITE 1N- sulation, Rock V.ool Batts and granulated wool are available for your home. You,lop can insulate your own home.. See us! f, S. NORTON & SON phone 299 - aSutf FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN- ishing. tfeavy commercial *ctuipment. Portable' powei plant.' Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. Algeria, phone 275. ulati AprtU, Affl'ttrta Upjffi SAVfe UP TO S5% l» hedt fiesta gins. Ffle ^ with jfttfhfe, tfua?4 t««iu«iw Wtoe. Write'bf, Ai, Weathef Stripping, asphalFfihifl* Store, Algofta. Ph<Jtt|2|, C^mnnlance ana Servlcf. The greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every tirne we fall. , *I'{P a $99.95 "Beautiful to look at," yes . : . . but wonderful td wash* With, tool For Speed Queer's exclusive Bowl-Shaped Tub with DOUfiLE walls to lisep \vater hot gives you.a cleansjng cotnbindti6n for gctim'j your clqthes really CLEAN, that no other va:'ic. c^i surpass,, regardless of type or price. Corr.'b .-- c i ~~i .i A Few Available RIGHT NOW! The Algona Hardware Phone 274 O. F. Peterson •'? HEA • ."fffixd, 'KfJiJK' «(1'. <fe . UARTERS MAKE GRAHAM'S YOUR SHOPPING , CENTER FOR YARD GOODS! 7 The Largest Selections yVe Have Ever Had Are Here Now For "K: •:•'••••'. '•' '- Your Inspection. Check Over the Items Listed Below—What Do You Need? • s* PRINTS v ' • ". •.,''• SEERSUCKER • - \ BATISTE DIMITY i -\'"' ,' DOTTED SWISS r i v HOMESPUN DRAPERY \ MONKS CLOTH > ' * *; TAPESTRY CURTAIN GOODS > * ' ^ V * JERSEY SATIN RAYON CREPES i\. • "••-">.• SHARKSKIN , : • jfg'av-ti' '*••_* PRINTED CORD - Cf^MBRAY : GINOHAM "HQAP^QIH SPUN RAYONS TQWIUN© COVERT CLOTH DENIM SHIRTING CHAMBRAY WHITE OUTING v PRINTED OUTING MUSLINS TICKING v. y . k '. i -fcOv- ; - ; '' wpqLENs INDIAN H|AJD CORDUROY VELVET SATEEN SLIP CIQTH ' ft * t \ ? ' *(-*^ **" i.** ORGANDY , CANVAS IAWN STANTUNO O^fS* ' R SHEETINO , HSS.---^, *R « irtment

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