The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1948 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
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*?• •?' ', / fe^M'.-.'^ . v«» fcesi has decided that , simplicity is one bf the attributes- of, the. canary family . . . , Dick pttfcn^ed several fancy " hew Cages for honiemakinl pur' 1 pos6s but the canaries just didn't take" t6 them , . , v thcy prefer an ojd' oatmeal bo* of any old box for that inattibr . , , sort of like buying kids expensive toys ,flhd finding out they'd* rather play 1 with some jUnk from the base* ment. ' • i * * * ' > Our telephone Bussed off the Wall, Monday morning ... it Was'Mrs. Merle Bratt announcing that their new, throb wccks*old b'aby, John Howard, isisportinc a>tooth .... it is the top right raar tPoth, and in just a . plain t0dth;,rtot gold like that fellow olit '.West developed . . . anyone having rbftbies less than three Weeks pld with 1 at new toPth or t6eth please re|jort! • -According, to. statistics. m- > leased lest .week, farm folks •are more law abiding than jcity folks....«-. lft the Way, 'KoSsuth.had 86 commitments to Fort Madison,, Anamosa or Rockwell .C^ty prisons dur r 'ing,the period,from 1935 lo 1946 . . /alsb, in 1946, ; it cost ' $612 'to keep 'one inmate for one year. , t .* * . . , -.Our old friend the Iowa State bank' clock turned up missing the other day . . . probably off for a spring vacation somewhere, to return with a new paint and grease job. " . ' I .v'*"' * * KlfE CONTEST NOTESf' When the 'string, broke on a kite flown by Henry Bunkofske's sPn, Bunny legged.,it across the wide-ooen spaces''after the kite with .Olympic speed 1 . 1 . . and he retrieved the kite, jtoo. . '/Lions 'were; givjrt'g. Bob McCul- loutjh' credit for the ideal kite flying weathet£..'.,"^Bob,.isaid he put h) the'Wd&r.' ' •-'/•'•''. ' x /"Ralph - Lindhorst,, intent, on 'keeping a tally'sheet,^found him- 1865 ALOONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, APRIL 6, 1948 tHREE SECTIONS-16 PAGES VOL. 83-NO, 14 F/Ve Ms Twin Girls In LuVerne Sc/nodll LuVernei Enrollment "of /the LuVerne public school numbers 92 in high v .school and 146 in the grades. Of this enrollment there , are five sets of twin girls.attending, Jbanne and Jolone 1 .Sanford,, upper left, arc .the 16- year-old daughters of Mr. and, Mrs. Frank., Sanford. They are in their junior year in- high school. , They are members of the high school band and. on' the girls basketball team. . Joan and Jean Penlon, upper-right, are, the 15-year-old daughters of Mrs. Art Rosenmeyer .of Saint Benedict. They are sophomores in high school 1 .' . <ilj '?H'" » Geneva and Ersel Thompson, center top, are the 13- year-old daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Thompson. They fere in the eighth grade yj at school. -... . Elaine and Eleanor Rock* wood, lower left, are the si** year-old daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Wilder Rockwodd. They are in the first grade in the primary grades. VV Jean and Joan, lower right, are the seven-year-old daughters of Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson. They • are in the' second- grade in the primary grades. ' II W^kend Cases In Courts f'lSud speaker h'"-iltib most of '' ' ' cfntral control ^e,tupJra sitting »d nhe,way, • -.,-• , ;'The- contests, were for kids, but We hpticed a • good .number of dads Who didn't, quite conceal -their own great, interest in kite flying* and kite .hahdling. , Doc Schaap. can give you any information you', may seek on hQW to join -the- naval reserve . , . he. says J yqu ,can"Join and not be subject 't.b'caH except in a national emergency,- when you'd 'be ' called - anyway if you're healthy . . , reservjsts will not be sUbject 1 to ' summons in any new draft law, either. ;' ',*-.. *'..* *. ' 6UOTES OF THE >V?JEK: "I ^oh't know w^at* kind of weapons will -be used in the third World -War, assuming there be one, but I can'-iell you what the f.ourth- .World War will bn fpught- >w'thT-79tp,ne clubs: iProf. Albert Einstein " «, , j * *, ' ^ . ; , It was good news to hear, i $wt Bpfe/Bttrtinajsm* W'" 1 r f * /turn *° news brpadcastlng in tlowp , , , .Jh* fwm»r WHO announcer, 1|takinsr over the ,»<?»! orvn^ws department head for «dTo»«taUPn KXEL. ^vWntwlco , ,V during »h« war Bob WM, in Australia head- Jng^heplf^w-oivWM infer- roatlon s»(up thwe and di, , eamed, inip. |H»..P«C»ic Is- qd», A»"a ,, , • • .Our, garden edMpf; cnmo forth with, a rhyming couplet as a ret s«U of §pringJey(?F,:Jo»wit: . ;Barly lo bed» ?»rly .to vise, wpfk Uke'-^'and, |ertm?e! ', , ,„ i '.' sympathy r. t Buotor ..with Assault, Battery Charge Ends Jh tin6jl|5(L .^ Vt . t Eleven 1 '"^cfo'urt '"Irc^s&s*' Were brought 1 before local'.'Officials, in .the j.past.1ew ^avjy..inclwUog .one .charge ,'of, pp t erating a motqrlVe,* hiclev,whi% h 4mtqxlcated, .and one of assault arid, battery,. \ \ - ."Before''Justice-' Delia. JWelter, Stahley Egel of Irvington was fined ?50 and costs on a'charge of assault and battery,' brought by -Eric R. Ericikson, employed on the Frankl farm. JUstice Welter said that after a dance afc Bancroft last week, the two men met outside. Egel admitted hitting Erickson once. The \latter was badly bruised and cut about the 'face. .^Witnesses said his head struck .the pole as he fell to the sidew.alk,. Th> case was heard last Thursday. Driver is Jailed Wm, J. Lciningcr, Whittemorc, was,in the county jail! Monday, 'acing a bhargc of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.' t was understood ,hc expected to enter a plea of* guilty to the chargb in district court upon arrival of the judge. , Sheriff A. J,. Cojjley arrested uclninger last Thursday, after a machine driven by the Whittc- more, man ran. irito *the rear of another car driven by Clarence S. Brandt of Titonka that even- ng, Before Mayor Frank Kohlhaas, hore, Friday morning 'Leininger yaved his preliminary Bearing. 3ond was set at $750 but was not furnished," , accident happened one •ast of Titonka, t ' Check Charge Pond? * OtHer justice cour; casqs were as follows; Before -J. B. Johnston, Clarence Phillips pf Esth.erviUe.was fined $5 and cpsts on av charge pf speeding in a restricted zone, and Gail, R, McCoy, ^Repkwpll Cjty, was fined $7 and costs for speeding; }n 8 restricted j&pne. . Msyoy„ ,Frank Kohlhaas had Our wh9l" went OH* K Bftfld ?* VV.A tf -FjnMMJ^iMiPltnllfMnr-ff*'"'' Hor$Q, Steer Electrocuted , A horse arid a stder were, electrocuted \ Wednesday at the R^Smith.'farriv3 3 miles ''-^In^tfce, accident that''filled them, another,,'ptewp (."arid a , !iu: ,-™ ^.,Pfy." charged With speeding, $5 ana, costs, T -'-'- JifcVay, . c,}»«yge4' with ,of V 'Beard,* _ , $5 3114 M§ \ charge p| {_ ,»n4-jpQflt8..',j,,.^ It' was sheerJuqkstha^ kept, him'-frbm beirfg; electrocuted too. Thdre was] consternation at the farm' when-the animals suddenly drppftetj -dead after coming out of-^he?barn. It happened/ Mr, Hegarty who dJsdovered the cause. \ i > ',' t • Mr. Smith let the 4-H stock out of the barn. The batn door and gate i is near the stock tank» and; the ground around it was " damp ' and" muddy as was, a concrete platform. The first stear',to^die frightened the stunned'one so badly that-he jumped clear of the area. The 'siypned horse ",was trying ,to»,gei<back into thc.barn whe^'pe was 'hit. *~ It was thpujgh't the'animals "had some strajfgo "brain disease. ' Mr. Hegarty, brought •the caj-cass of the 'steer to the rendering plant here and DA ' Capesius was performing', ar post mortem'on it to''HeteW mine the cause of its death. *, While that ,was being done i the telephone rang 0 and the horse's death ^wju+tejtt . _when he stepped''into V"'C*er- ''tam area. He'hadfno rubbfers on v and his shoes were damp. He said he "stiffened/up and was held in' the mud." When he fell forWprd to c|ry ground he was able to get'but and investigate. He recognized the electric shock and a search .was started, to 'find the trouble. ,An electric_wire from:,the barn to a ' crib : ,was found broken, probably by a recent high wind. It .had- fallen on a conduit pipe • carrying" the . wires to the stock tank heater. The hot wire melte'd a hole in the pipe and charged an area about 8,ft. wide in front of the gate and barn door. The wet ground was ah excellent conductor • of electricity, and ->had preated a big "hot-spot" in the area. ' Faint Fire Nearly Traps 6; Alona Firemen Save ' '•' ?' vt --J-->.-»*4> :„! ~tt " Va Kites & Planes Soar Sunday In Lions Jamboree Perfect Weather Greets Youngsters Out For Prizes Under perfect weather cbndi- tions,' the annual kite and pjane contest Sponsored by the Algona Lions club was held Sunday afternoon ; at the Kossutli fairgrounds. A strong wind Sunday morning had diminished to perfect proportions for the 'afternoon events, and an unusual number of kites made a successful take^ off in all classes'with a'minimum bf trouble. The entry lists, however, were not as full as was-the case last year, committee members reported. Model Planes Fly David ferryman won the grand prize for model planes with motors. His entry performed perfectly,. even to good landings. Grand -. prize ' for kites by entries under 12 years old went to Bill Moxley. In the kite, contest for the older .group, 'a...tie .resulted between Robert Kruse with his 50-ft. Dragon kite; and -Bill Bryant, with an excellent specimen of a tail kite. * Kruse's entry'was the most unusual of the contest. The .Algona high senior con- strutted the kite • himself, from -a. diagram ,he found Meet Your NEW NEIGHBORS Find Spike On Rails Here; Tragedy Narrowly Averted Only tbejfact that eastbound trains passed over a -switch 'on the Milwaukee Road right-of-way her,e before' a weft- bound train, prevented what might have been a railroad catas- , ,trophe,-last <wee,k> ' Milwaukee section men found a railroad spike in a switch, near the crossing at North Thorington St. The spike had been placed so that<<if -a southbound < train had struck, it, there would certainly have been a derailment. However, three eastbound trains'passed through first, and the spike was driven into the ground as they passed. A section, man inspecting the track found,7lhe''«pjke in the switch,' I,* ;• „ Railroad ;4ttwttves were here investiaating the matter, and working with, city police on the matte*. They also told the police that the lauroad has been having considerable trouble with youngsters shqeHnf out insulators on telegraph lines, along geeil McGinjiU, police chief* asked patents to again check * with their chUgren as to their activities with rifles, and ajso'io see that they jrea|j| B the railrpad right-etiyay is private, and to prowl around on it U trespassing, ? -; ly* outdid the Chinese , who /''briginally'irtvented'^it.' ,The', kite •<£ took- three Weeks „ lo •build, he said. , The contests started promptly at 2 p. m. and were complqted by 4 p. m. jOther Prize Awards Other prize awards went as follows: Jet and Engine Models 1—Dave Merryman, first; 2—• Ronald Dremmel; 3—Lamont Wellendorf; 4—Craven Smith; 5 —Michael Platt; . 6 — Robert Weirier; <7—-Bill Giossi Jr;;' 8-r Daye Merryman. , Rubber Band Planes 1—Harold Michclspn; 2 — Bill Hum; 3—Monte Kriisc. 1—Darrcll Ludwig; 2—Terry McGuire; 3—Bill Frascr. General Solid ; Models •1—Montp Kruse; 2 — Richard Frascr; 3—Dave Merryman. Tail Kites—Under 12 1—Dan-ell Ludwig; 2 — Jody Cutler; 3—Cheryl Van'der Waal. > Tail Kites—Over 12 1—Pill Bryant; 2—Glen Hchd- rickspn;, 3—Monte Kruse; 4-^James Asa. • • Box Kites 1—Bill Moxley; 2—Don Cook. Fancy Kites R6bcrt Kruse, sweepstakes award. Others . receiving special awards in the grand finale.were Jpdy .Cutler, Jimmy Moxley, Roger Simwell, Ch,eryl Vandqr Waal, Calvin Tschetter and James Asa, Long's Studio Photo. The new neighbors pictured above, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wildin and their daughter" Barbara, are well known • in the county. Jjxii arfe neW residents of Algona. They moved into a new home on So. Hall St. last November. The house which-has two bed rooms,,bath, living room, -and kitchen was built in late summer and early fall. Mr. Wildin supervised the work. Under the new home is a garage Mr. Wilding parents were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wildin, Sr. He was born on a farm in Cresco township and in 1935 he married Alysmae Ramus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. Wm. Ramus, of LuVerne.. The couple first lived with the groom's parents, later buying a farm six miles north of LuVerne. They resided there until 1946 when Mr. Wildin held a closing out sale and moved to LuVerne. After a year's residence'there they built the new home in' Algona. Mr. Wildin owns the place north of LuVerne and rents it on a 50-50 basis to Herman Thilges. Barbara, the daughter, is in Bryant school's sixth grade. The family church affiliation is Presbyterian. WeyderT farm Hit By Flames Early, Monday *• 67 Graduation Candidates Algona Higfa Schpbl .^•Aw^/fc*^^ H t?'i *•* A'<-'*,, i '?•?* *"^ *t**l>** AK-*** * -.-i^* '** t *i t JL ^ Roof and .Second Story Damaged In Riverdale Twp. When a grandmother awoke, and smelled smoke, at the Nick Weydert farm home, seven miles south of Hobarton> about 1:46 a,m. Monday morning, she aroused, the three children and members of the family and probably saV&d the lives of. all in the farm homo ' k j in Riverdale Twp. , • \ Firemen from'three points, Al-' v gona, Bode, arid Humboldt .were ' called and br'tfught the fire under ; control aftpr it had done consid- "'; erable damage to the roof and ; second s*tory of the home. A rough damage estimatp of^$3,000 was made Monday morningi '' r\ Flames Start Upstairs / . It is almost certain that the fire ' ' started about 11 p.m. Sunday, \ night. An electric clock on the" ' second floor stopped at that time/, 'i investigation showed. -.'' »,-' The flames .started in at} up-* s stairs storeroom, "firemen -said.J -i The room was right next to, a >',$ bedroom in which two' children."^ were sleeping. Evidently "'the,* $j flames progressed slowly at first, '* f because it was almost two hours "before the fire awakened anyone 1 . At that time the attic and store-' rooms were ablaze and the srnoke ,• upstairs was very thick." The family escapee! at' once,^/ mg the-fire departments,. "" ' A Ma ,4 7t- fJf-t' Wm H .» "•'^""v^^iasas^^Js ..*3 1th"- jerej.v.^, __ m'ericemenve May,-20. ^Howard'Pierce Davis) jnoted rfew's"' 'tfommeritajor - and world traveler, ;will,be the'speak-, er. This ,will ,be his "secona appearance 'here. The first was two years ago. A tentative- list of candidates for. diplomas contains 07 names to which there will probably be added five or six niore names la- ten on. Additions will be of young men Conservation Post To Timrn Ley Garage At Lakota Rpbbed r«St /, ', .»., > Bancroft Nqmed As DistrKt Site agpoinle^ as i^ftj^wft bagebaH BasebaU Congress, in ses- .... r». ^^^^iagtsat- was uvi'9* ««ocw8H vv«t*ti;a?, «<» sipn «trVi^ttt%«$w. la§t WdW.'^;;v -^^4 V " • ' f - TwE'liMNff iP?rt» ft*ws, T^S wml sfeteM towr- amenfowitt ,te W$, ftt'A4el. -i.itt«a«,si§« a *: 4iilfi?t. toumt m ent ,w|»lNine^-|t I^TfilV starting «W rrv?H*«j~ i fl*^ 1 * ' yjn -goebei', Ig.ate, «5Pi'has •^ZB!»?__*. g^ Senior Play At Wesley, April 9 Wes}ey-7-The Senior class play, •'Cheerio My Deario", will be presented Friday evening, April in the school auditorium* ' -It |s a comedy in 3 acts directed by 'Mrs. Chas, MwWin. The eagt'CpnsUts pf Johri Garmap, QarpU'Erdman, Jean Marie Go* Mewrer, Marion Rob}y Price, ShirJey Ann l Gary t Marcp, i»*srr- > ^TJ"*!*? A ','-" > X Vwe?**^ 1 ^*?'*****'H J ^vW,f^l^c%e^peciaf^rtifl'- cates''<'basejd p'ri tre§it^-earried;in certain.", special, courses,, arid)'examinations given then;'while in the armed forces. i • Graduation of all . 67 whose names are on the tentative list hinges on sucessful completion of the remainder of their course. Potential Graduates • Lorraine Marie Adams, Lois Elaine Barnard, Delores Ellen Bowman, Shirley Brethorst, 'gan moving valuables befqreHJie i. Y flremen arrived. - 1 v '"<', "".^ ? t jj CairatY,l:5S l AiM;% : ' i CT 5 ?y . A>S.°n*'s,^ d P.5aEi m ent niceAvedll reil ErcJman, and Donald Haupt* Wife Hurt In Car Accidertt wife, "" Fred Timm At$ho annual meeting and election flf officers of the of? fleers of the Kossuth County Conservation League, Friday evening at; the 'Pau Garage, Fred Timnj'Of .Algona was nan^ed CPUjily 'president. He succeeds Art Frie'oo 01 Lone Rock.'' - Pan FrQeUich.^esley, was nan>ed,i.vlgpj-president, and Roman Wafers of was named ^orqjary- er, J. P, Lo^© is retiring, sec* retary, ; J Fol}9win$ "'the meenti-? nioying picture? on wilolue subjects were 1 shown, , A, roeojbwiWP Wive is-being planned far $]>e near future, «id thq, BlBJJline Qf gM»e rg- prograin Iqr Vbe near gvens Ig ftlsa on the • • Dolores, Ann Brown, Jacqueline Ann Brown, Stanley Eugene Brown, ' Alice June Buss, Donna Mae Chamberlain, Robert Burton Christiansen. Jay T. Colburn; Charles Henry Crapser, Gloria 'Ruth Crawford, Roger Anton Didriksen, -Lawrence K. Douglas, Helen Carol Dutton,-. Doris Jane Ehrhardt, Madonna Elise Ellei, "Helen Ann Frasqr, Donald Wendell 'French. Lorraine Margaret Gre'en, Annabelle Ann .^ronbach, • Mclvin Dale Hagg, .Shirley Jean Hanson, Wallace James Hill, Helen Sue Hutchison, Fred L; Hutzell, Beverly Jean Kain, Delmar Donald Kern, Robert George Kruse, James Harold Kuchenreuther. Gloria Jean Lane, Marlin Larsen, Durwood E. Lashbrook, Beverly Ann Lewis, Dorothy M. Lewis, Vida Mae Lindhorst, Gus A. Lundh, Helen Marie McVeigh, Wallace B, Meslng. Meyer To Wolcoii Amos A. Meyer, Betty Ann Moore, Darrel Edwin Mosher, Donn^ L. Mosher, Meta Eileen Oldaker, Stanley I, Opheim, Barbara Ann Platt, Robert L, Reilly, Maxine Mae Reimers, Kathryn Rose Reisner, John Edward Rich. Kathryn Rae Richardson, Donald "TE. Rieken, Darlene Schattschneider, Eugene Schattschneid er, Raymond B. Schenck, Enyn Lou Simpson,- Clifford Skog strum, Lois Marie Sorensen, J3v erett Dean Sp,arks, Maxine M- Stratton, Virginia P.. SJrayec, Alice 'Ann Vaughn, « Audrey F, Vpyles, GeraldJ, J^ee Weldron, Richard Norman ""Webster, an4 Jpan Elaine ,WoJcott 4 ;• • Craig, ment,followed,pn the newHruo The localvdogartment .was itti first to arrive.i- and, immediateljc,t* strung hose 1lncs»fro'm the truckJs^-L, water supply, and also used water £,*» from a cistert. .The »Bode truck ' arrived a minute or two after 'Al- ->? gona. By the'time the Humboldt,--Hi truck arrived, Algona's water waS,, }, gone, and the Humboldt truckjaftd water was pi|mped^throughxJthfc r V/J Algona truck, paving the nccf " It * 1 —•*" of laying new hose 'lines. \ Humboldt '.department had drive about 20 nu'les. 171i v Oiw At County Home Firemen had ,to,usc gas,, to enter the second floor fumes were sp dense, v Use Portable Lights Loss * to '.pcrsPnal,' SouseU'pld ^ goods was considerable; because '', of water and smoke damage, firc;,^ men said- This could not be help*? ed. The home, however, was ••-" doubtcdly say^d from, cor destruction by the $reineri. Ira- Kohl said, whpri ho ftr— _ Xx , rived there was spme dpubfjn jug 1 mind if the hous,fc' could be saved, but fast work turned 1 * the. trick,'.' Algona's p plant was also used for the, nrs^ time in providing lighjt ,to,',secjv and alsq in, the home itself, /"* , There were also tw h o pther calls, one Saturday noqa^and Q beforo'~noon' Monday/ bu were the * result of brush' which worq.qulqKly controlled J s,J "ii « » * S f ' ^ v VM Two (Jnr In County, One '.youthful driver 1 yifas Qd,- Siindfty, and three v were damsgpd ps a result, pj _. Thursday at the where ?be had, for tb past 8 ye«s, SrtJfflHfWs t e

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