The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE-EIGHT- COURIER NEWS Circus Boasts Die In Vivo. , Pel). 23 ((If) Traus-Of faulc rocMet flights "wllli- in Wn or fittecn years" Is Hie op- tiiili.silL' piedicllon of Ci. Kdw:iril IVnclray, one ol' Ihe foiimtf;is of HiK AHierlcuii liofkel .S'wlety. "The tlevi-lopJDcnl of Din rocket for passoncL'r and transpoihitlon Mnvk'i 1 . riglit now is In the very stage (hat aviation was In 1800 -- jJii before the Wrights fame in." I'endriiy bald. "The problem ol the airplane was control. And Hie Wi^hls solved ti, with the .simple device of wnrphiK Ihe wings, ('crimps something just as simple will solve the problem of (he racket," Although control is a major problem, the question of fuel also presents 11 fornililnlile obstacle. I'l-ii- dray said, adding Hint experhi)C;ils aic now underway lo make practical the use of a "llmiia-fncl" i locket, carryhiE gas or alcohol and ! the liquid oxygen needed for combustion. Human Element Involved SHI! to be ascertained, he said, is whether the human body Is I'.ljlc to withstand the terrific presniro generalej by a roekcl. traveling possibly Iwo mi'ps n second, although he pointed out that aviators, In power dives, have withstood pressure ihrec limes as great IJCMI. . , ... As result or those' Ilireo steps, Hit- <,,,. <,, n ,eni city and county governments O f tlic Mick of Pnrmo stale have been able to gel on their Brumby an-1 ' i fret lltHinclnlly and to chart sound Wyalt, Mo ' 1 financial courses for the future. _• _ FRIDAY; 'FEBRUARY-^;- Cloved of the reW.slblUI«r* • Miss to her I and school mainlenanccTthcy' I c^>n'"o7}ice , spending four days In Dm MO d Grovr narnnm of Jinrnniu of returned MQ Power after have been able lo lower lax Hid lo iriodcrni/.e (heir tax striic- IIU'PS. The ucciimiilaled total debt of ihe counties und cities has been reduced S42.0CO.OOO In the 10-year iwilod nnd die rate of induction is growing each yenr. Dr. I'uiil \V. Wager, political economist ol the University of North i e 01 ' Wil1 '' of Milan, Tenn.; Dr. and is Hospital at Memphis whore she, look sinus treatments. Among those from out of town who ivere hern for the funeral of J. S. Wiih! £ui)dny v.wc Mr. iind Mrs. Noel Nevll uiul son, JCwel), of Jack-son, Tenii.; Mr. and Mrs. E<1, . r. a Carolina, believe,; that North Car- I Ml 'S. Hubtard Wahl, niitl son. James )ms come 10 11 "new conccp lion of slate responsibility" under of mid Dr. l.outs Wahl -.- - ...... ., ,..,-. , Tonn.; Mrs. Tim na- the pressure of necessity during the ™l</ and Mrs. Ira Tutum of Clark- di'jirosalnn years. — "At the price of lax relief, which Irrl lo debt relief, toeul govern- in ills have suri-enctered jjj-ej-oga- livc-s which they ihoiitsht were c:i- •.nilliil to democracy," Wager said. "/Jut they Icaiiictl by experience ihii t democracy mis enriched nnd Mii:iii:lhenc-.l by the tranafrr." Ion, Mo. ; n. M. Tiiliim of Kenned; Mrs: Clarence Mnyes of liayti; Mrs •-••"Ho B, Ciook of Osceola. Ark • Mrs. J. W. M:Ciillougli of stce.le and Mr. and Mrs. Iinrrclson Argo "!i<l Mr. and .Mrs, Clifton Peck of Memphis, Tciim. Miss Prances fitrmul o!' Jefferson t-ity .spc-nt the weekend, with hc-r rtioilier. .\!, s . .Jiaye strond, after callpil here by Hie (teitli of Roars nnd screams ioumlr-d above the micklc ut names as l.'io tortured jungle beasts roasted In in™ macs when lire swcpi the hay-tilled winter ijuarier.5 of Cv.le Hros. and Kobbliis circus in Rochester, tun Tame uiilmnls wore treed by nttci)(l»i)U>, bin wild btiisls hat! Io lie left to die. Cartuhcrsville Socrety—Personal ns that which would be created in a skyrocket. "Of course," lie said, "it would be pretty hard lor you (o raise your hand in the rocket because you'd weigh about thn-c times as much." However, he said, this would last only nbout four minutes while the rocket was speeding away from the earlh into the stratosphere. "The rest of the trip would be coasting." he said. "Then people would have tiie horrible sensation of falling and we'd probably have to strap them down lo keep them from floating inside the rocket." 1'oinls (o I'liiie Comforts Bill tlic first iilrplanes weren't as comforlablc ns the modern nlr- liners, he said, "and if people really want to fly fast t should say we'll have trans-oceanic rocket-flying within 10 or 15 years." As for Ihe rocket enthusiast's dream— the oft-dlseusse:! trip in the moon — Pcndmy believes Ihls would require about 35.000 tons ol fuel, which would be fed into a blast chamber from .wp.irnle Innks, forming a compound which would "deliver 10 toes us much eneiey as TNT." "It's no problem (o get there." lie said, "if we shoot, the rocket seven miles a second to get It away from t)i c cl irlh to a point where It can escape gravity." the pull of As for the return trip, well, under Penilrays plan, n fotir-tmll rocket would dlslniegralc as 11 • sped toward the moon mil 11 only one unit was left with CO tons of i to murn lo earlh on Town Forests Advocated Over 50 Million Acres BOSTON (UP) - There are at least 50.000,000 acres of idle land in the Unlled Slates that could be transformed Into profitable town foresls. Prof. Nelson c. Urotvn of the New York State College ol Forestry said at, a meeting nf ihe Massachusetts Forest and Park Association. He .said Hint such n project would make commtmllies happier more attractive and provide d;tl- r.He and regular opportunity fm employment, provide means of revenue through production of forest crops, and protect water S up- t'-lics. North Carolina's Venture In Cover men t Change Mailed I1Y EM1IKT. ATKINS, Jr. Unltcil I'rrss Stall Cnm-S|ioiuli>nt RALEIGH, N. c. tui'i — Three, experiments In transfer of local government government powers to Ihe slate have brought North Carolina cilles and coimties from the depths of n $302.000.000 debt lo comparative financial .liability within tlic past 10 years. According to Charles M. Johnson, stale treasurer and one of Hie key figures In the rmniidal reorganization of the local nulls, Dm .surrender of functions by counties und municipalities has strengthened rather than weakened the ilcmociadc proce.ssc.s »f (,'overntncnt. In 1931. the local mills of North Carolina were $302.000,000 In debt and going deeper every year. The demand for funds for schools anil roads was coiisliuilly Increasing, and with the depression and ils consequent reduction of tux revenues, the demands could not be met. l.o;ai and county bond Issues clogficd II low prices. LCjiMalin'i! Took Action To alleviate the situation. Mule ROVernment by legislative action during the nest two years Inaugurated three experiment's in taking over responsibilities previously shouldered by the cities nnd coimll™. They were: 1. The stale look ovrr construction ami maintenance of all roads, primary nnd secondary. '•!• The stale assumed full financial responsibility for maintaining nn eight-months school term, with counties and lot-nlltles nddhiK funds to the state appropriation if they wished. This had never been done In any slat? except. Delaware, which has only three comities. 3. A local government commission was established lo sell the bonds and noies of all counties, c-ltlea nnd towns and to advise and assist, in ix-niiiinc'lng (he debts of local units. Johnson pointed out Dim none ot these three experiments had brcn tried in any other stale, in least to (he extent to which they were put in opmitton in North Carolina, still the only stale lo lake full responsibility lor nil Us schools and roads. The Norlh Carolina locnl government commission wa.s Ihe first such body to lie established. Eillliauijh since 1M! several other stales have created similar commissions. Komi liulliliii. (.Vntialivcil Prior tn ihe slnle's assuming Hie burden of constructing nil highways and roails, Johnson said, Hie highway commission constructed and maintained only those roads known us main highway*,' as is the case in nil other slalcs. Mec- ondiuy and county roads were constructed by counties and in some cases even by districts or by one or more dlslricls within h county. I Miss Mable Harrison of n , dodo visited here Tuesday ] wilh Miss Kay Miller Miss Manlell Bnrnttt of Arma- jdillo, Texas, arrived here lo lake over the position of comity home demonstration agent recently vacated by Mrs, w. O. Dysnrt She had been in Kennett for the past tftklng s()3cial Instruction, make her home help from the state. "It wn.s formerly handled dial way in tills stale," Johnson said, ••beginning with stiite aid of $100.000 in IQOO. This wns increase! i;ii- , til the state was pulling up m osi i week ,„„„,_ ,>,, of the money and finally reached ! Miss BarneU will ma.te ner home the point where the state assumed j at the Al. Brent resl-ci t a id h lull responsibility for the sclioul - ' • > e >-™"l: nnd Is term and furnished nil Hie money:' assuming her new duties Thursday ,,„ ,,, , •-- •- . Mr. and Mrs. Eric Taylor of Cot- ihc estahltshmeut of the local [ lomvood are announcing ihe birth commission has result-1 of a son at Blythevillc Hospital. ed in the saving of thousands of j Feb. 14. The bnby weighs four out ol town B. dnllnn, to local nulls because it j pounds nnd six ounces broiitfil real competilioii In tin- j Among those from' 'out 01 u sale of Ixmds. notes and sccurUh's wlio ntlcmlcil the funeral of H B of tail mills, resulting in imioli Ml«k here Saturday wor- Mr and more favornbte princa. ] Mrs. Harry OoKien'of Manih., 'Ark "- | Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ysnljro Mis Ruby Fletcher, Mrs. Pnycttc May Doshia Mick, Mr. and Mrs. j More Hids on llonds Formeily. small local units, when they offered an issue of bonds n ssue o ons or '. a c, ,\ir. and Mrs I notes for sale, rarely got bids ex- Piu 'l KImbiough, Mr. and Mrs. Burl I cept from local banks. Under the Mick and son,' Desmond. Mrs. Mary j The eight-months school levin is . -- j "—•„ ..-,., L .. malnialned by ihe stalt: without f™ n C ,'L! """' l:et " llcl l" 1 o»8ht any properly ins. In nil other slates except Delaware, the schools are maintained by counties, cities, or Hie i districts, ill most cases with some 'pi. from present, setup. Johnson explained,' T - Mick, all of ulyllievlllc- Mr the bonds and notes of all Iwal ! aml Mrs. Walter Mils ol Cliarles- uiiils ure sold in Utilcigh on a cer- j 'on. Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. Delmur ' Prilcliiird of Kaytl, Mo.; Mr. nnd t . ... .^ .... ,,„.,.„„., „.,, Mrs. J. C,.Mick and family of Earle, chasers. Thus (hi. commission" ic- j Ark.; Mis. Howard Rice Sr. and eelves HIIHILM-OUS bids on the is-1 sues. It was found, nlso, that the slate Iftin day each ivcek after due nonce has been given !o nil poienlla) pur- " Announcements The Courier News has been forms'.ly authorized to announce the following candidacies for office subject to the action of the Democratic primary In August. Mississippi County Judge ROLAND GREEN Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) GAINES 'For Second Term) JACK PINLEY ROBINSON County and Probate Cltrk T. W. POTTER (For Second Term) The Courlcr~News has been an- tnorlzed to announce the following candidacies for election at lh° Municipal Election, to be helc April 2. Municipal Judge DOYLE HENDERSON (For Second Term) GEORGE W. BARIUM City Clerk FRANK WHITWORTH CHARLES SHORT JOHN FOSTER Clljr Attorney nOY NF.I.PDN PERCY A. WRIGHT L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optome- trlst In BIjthctiUe. FltUd Correctly We iinUirally Hunk Our Whiskey Recipe is exuo rielv nnd flavorful. Bui don't goby ivlmt we say! Taste iv for yourself— ot one of your friend's—before you go and buy o lioltlel Hurry E. Wilken At yonr t»Tt>r»t part««o «totj. *k;,V»y. 86. 8 prooli K% ,„ spiril,. Copy.lghl | MO , The WilV.n >,t.. Al.arfdin, Schenley f. O., Pa. , , director ol iho local government commission wns In a much belter position lo handle the bond Issues and refinancing (hi\u Ihu local oC- llcluls of 1(!0 cnuiitkv; mid the ous cities of the state would have Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES.'EM SEE' Over Joe Isaacs' Store 1'hohe 5*10 ""•- ON EVERY COUNT- PACKARD'S THRIFTY M ORI; CAR TOR YOUR MO\EY-10 begin with . . . and (hrifiy it) own for thousands upon tlmu- s.inils of miles. Marked buyer ap- provnl—followed by complete-owner satisfaction —ex plains why Packard, (if :ill motor car manufacturers, has Ibcfastesl-grou-iug jointly of u \entrs in America! Compare ilic 1940 Packard with any other car. See if it doesn't surpass it in performance . . . roominess . . . comfort and looks. And let the ublc below- show you that even n l>iR. room}-cur like Packard can be serviced almost as cheaply as much smaller oirs. Sec- Packard :n your dealer's, today. 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