Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 10, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1896
Page 4
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•••••••(•••••••PIB!^^ lpltliSfi^^ -"•^^••r ^T^-;:. 1 ' - -: .; •,: - ^ Ofay's <" ; •' "CORNER: On fall and winter underwear, he has now cornered the largest lot of umler- wear ever brought to LogiuiiSpon at bard(Jline,sP prices ~f<n' x-ish.; These, goods are direct from the factories aud of tlie'.best.yalnt's Infill llnes;for,' ladfcs;' gents and children; go anil investigate and it will uot take you Ions 10 decide JJ •where to buy J-our underwear. equal power of every dollar at all times In the markets and in payment o( debt, and we demand that, all paper currency shall bo kept at par 'with and redeemable iu. such .coiiu '..WE ,MUST«"1N-. SIST UPON THIS" F'OLICV. AS'ES-' PECIALLY NECESSAKY.JOR T#E rnOTECTION OF THE FATEMERS AND LABORING CLASSES. THE FIRST ASP MOST DEFENSELESS VICTIMS OF. UNSTABLE ' WEEKLY CROP REPORT. AND A, FLUCTUATING-: CUR* r»bll*hed every Say In the w«*k (except '"Tid«y) by the Locanaport Journal Company. . , . . . . . ..... . ... A. HAKDT ...... .'..; ..... vlc « President O. W. GRAVES .................... Secretary . * R BOYEB ...................... Treasurer -»rlc» per Annum per Month l Paper of City and County. (l]mtered,a« »econd-ctoM m»lVmatter at Ik*. Leganiport Post Office, February i THURSDAY, ; SErT.' 10,' ISOGi REPUBLICAN TICKET. For president. WILLIAM MCKINLEY. JR., oi Ohio. For Vlco-President. -•ABRETT A. HOBART of New Jersey. . For Governor. JAMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery .Co. For Lieutenant Governor. • W. 8. HAGGARD, of Tlppecano* County For Secretary of State. •WliLIAM D. OWEN, of Cats County. For Auditor ot State. AMERICUS C. DAILEY of Boone County For Treasurer of State. FRED J. SCHOLZ, of Vanaerburg County For Attorney General. WILLIAM A. KJ3TCHAM of Marlon Co. For Reporter of Supreme Court, «HARL,ES F. REMY of Bartholomew Co. •or Superintendent of Public Instruction. D M. GEETING, of Harrison CounU For State Statistical!, A J, THOMPSON, of Shelby County. -Xor Judge of the Appellate Court. Fir»t District. JWOODFORD ROBINSON, of- Gibson C«. Second District. W E HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District D. W. COMSTOCK of Wayne County, i Fourth District. JAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon County. ..Fifth DlBtrlcL. . . I tJ'-Z, -WILEY, of Benton County. • : Electors at Large. H. G. THAYER, CHAB F. JONES. For Congress. GEORGE W. STEELE. . For Joint Representative.. • J • i - (WILLIAM T. WILSON, of Cass County. jTcr RepreBOntatlve-CHABLES B LONQ- »»r^?Mecutor-CHAHL'ES E: HALE: ' LING. .- Wwr Shertff-I: A. ADAMS. -.••or Surveyor—A. B. DODB. WOT Coroner-DR. J. A. DOWNEY. •For Aiseasor-JOSEPH BA»tt. . . r«r Commissioner, First District—JOHN GERRARD. . "for Commlnsloner, Third District—ABRAHAM SHIDELER. COMPARE THEM "The Republican party Is unreservedly for sound money. It caused the enactment of tlie law providing for the resumption of specie payments In 1879; since then every dollar has been as good as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to every measure calculated our currency or impair the credit of «ur country- We are therefore opposed to the free coinage of silver except by International agreement with the lead- Ing commercial natlons':of the world, •which we pledge ourselves to 'promote,, and until then such gold standard must .be preserved. "All our silver and paper currency must be maintained at parity with gold, and we favor all measures de- elgned to maintain Inviolably the obligations of the United States and all our money, whether ,coln oi-fpaper, at the present standard"'the standard of the' -most enlightened ^nations o/ the, earth." —Republican platfoiyn. , :•. ^ *•-., • , : "We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both gold and silver at-the present jlega].ratio of 16 to 1, without waiting for the aid or consent of "any . other nation. We demand that the ... standard" ."sliver dollar shall be a full legal fender, equally with, gold, .for all debts,-public and; private, and we favor such legislation-as will prevent the demonetization of any • kind "of- legal tender money by private contract."— Democratic platform. "We demand free and unlimited coinage of silver ;and gold at the present legal 'ratio of 10 :to - l."—Populist platform/1802. ' > • •'• '••'•'• "• '•'••• "We hold.to the use~of both gold and .. silver as-the Standard, moaey. of the country, and to the coinage .of both gold and-silver; w.ithout.dlscrlm.lnatlng against either metal --or caarge for mintage, btrt the dollar unit of coinage of both metals.must be .of eqn.il Intrinsic and exchangeable,value or be adjusted through International . agreement or by such ^safeguards of legislation as shall : lnsnre r ttie maintenance REXCY.—Democratic platform. 1S02. -' THE ARKANSAS ELECTrOX. ' ' Ami s'o Arkansas has gone Popocral- Ic! This is sad. Arkansas Is not a great state.' It-'.never produced anything of note but the Arkansaw traveler, aud he was probably from some other state. It is a state of swamps and .malaria. The festive mosquito plays upon'the helpless victim of miasma. The .niglu.owl hoots .and 'tho • whip-poor-will whoops: the low-"(lc- scemliiig sun witnesses microbes without .number creeping from their, lair and flie stealthy bacilli .picking','but .their victims. Tho principal products of Arkansas are bogs, fogs, frogs, mosqnltos and malaria. The omuipo- ti;nt Mississippi occasionally rises in .its might and gives Arkansas a bath, but otherwise it is Independent and recognizes no Board of Health, It is beyond theyale of civilization. Arkansas has 810,517 whites, 311,227 colored. 304 Indians and 13i Chinese, mostly Popocrats. The agricultural products are cotton, corn, tobacco, sweet potatoes, grapes, peaches and melons. Half of the state has good land, half Bad.' Arkansas voted iu 18G1 to secede by 27,412 for, to 33,820 against, and it/has voted that way ever since on any .proposition involving loyalty and good- government. The water Is bad and few drink It. The per cent, of illiterate -is largo.' Most of the people favor Idler 1 ; ness and government rations. The-i&r 1 Chinese do the entire laundry work of the state, and have to lire on rice. The 304 Indians furnish the meat. The colored people display tlie-only enterprise manifested. The election Monday was a great victory, but one that every citizen of Indiana, whatever his party, ought to be ashamed of. t Prospects in Indiana^Casis ty Corn Safe. • The •Agricultural, expewmWt" sti- tion at Purdue University, a tfr:irfca"o.C ..the-U. S. .agricultural • experiment bureau lias Issued' the following report' for vhe week ending Sept 7: • NORTHERN rORTIOX. lent, no frost, .average, good,.,,,, -growth of 'corii -ever'' 'knowjrV^' fruit abundant' Porter counly—Slight frost reported, with little daimaec:_caruinn- •hiring'fast, sonic cut, frost next f wcek;. plowing .._ ^ ^ progresses. LaPorte county—Corn will be. a heavy crop, best for many years', ;w1ll.be safe '•'die of monftJii wheat ._ ., sos; but few 'peaches'leW;''•••$& .Tosepli county—Work pushed rapidly, and many seeding wheat;. soineii5tl ! Ui : ;p,Jo J \|i v ;. ,ing; corn catting In progress; tomn- ' toes plentiful; much cider be-Jng'TSAde: gra.pe crop enormous:" Elkhoi-t county. —Some wheat sown, some itp^ns^rtfeo rye, next week greater crbp'bf-'.wlre'ai will be sown; con'Sidenible'^'^cftrn'-'lit shock, fros-t will <lo no material tifflin- •age; peaches plentiful Steubon-eotTn- ty-Plowiug for wheat neai-ly. flniislhod'; 1 ery Was begun unusually early this corn cutting in progress'and-fbrfdeK 5year. Usually Democratic invention very green, will all be safe frdrij:frost. ^as been-called Into requisition during by'lOth; apples dropping'badly; sec- pu'c last:days-of the:campaign wlien It oud growth of grass being cut for hay; | become too late 1 to detect or repudiate w"oitih'$lt-20.per ounce in gold throughout tho'World ds'an amazing statement fee a;, man-.to make who Is a candidate for the presidency, of a great' country. As Mi'. Bryan is, presumably, not uneducated 1 h<? must know •thait-'Ills' •stoitomeuit, which;' even.the .most rabid Umetallist cannot swallow, Is'absolutely-opposed to the truth, but whethen he-.Is .only grossly ignorant or ari ; unscrupulous rascal • holding out Impossible- hopes lie has shown by this one spocdi how completely unfitted he Is- to, become'the head ; of the govern- m'eiiit of tlie republic. ; "We 'have received numerous letters from -American correspondents, cbn- tailulrijpr. what .purports to be oditorlnlfc from'the Financial News, and w-hich have been reprinted iu various western papers as 'campaign literature.' One 6r00ihn paper prints an article stating thnJt:'Jt-to from the London Financial of "March 10.. No such article ever printed by usy-and Its whole tenor 1 'is directly .opposed to the view we Wave-taken of the effect of free sil- vfo'in the United States. So for from advocating free silver coinage we have i rksrslstentiy pointed out that it spells repudiation and the withdrawal of all | English capital." The campaign of deception and forg- Ohio has 105,100 pensioners. Pennsylvania Is next with 90,403, and Indiana has 69,850. Illinois has a list of ,08,018, while .Kentucky has 28,005. Very few of the veterans will support Bryan. Though they : may have been Democrats four years-ago, they will Join the. big majority ;of Union comrades of Wm. McKInley this year If only from personal Interest. , v / The cheapening of' : the Amerlcati dollar, the descent to a silver basis, would mean the cutting down of every pension, almost one-half :ln purchasing power. The very class that, can sur- vlv.e no reduction In Income; would-be affected by a change of money standards. There Is no one knows this better than the veteran himself. The Popocrats admit that the veterans and the salaried classes will be damaged by free coinage of silver. They, shamefully bargain with mine owners, to restore the white metal, though In doing so they rot* the men to whom this country'owes an ever- lasting'debt'. clover seed light yield: Koselusko comity—Favorable weaAlicr for corn' cutting, plowing and- some' "see'diHg; many sheep dying-from liead-disease;' tom-atoes yield well. Pulton county- Plowing pushed; tlu-ashing; all done?" clover seed being hulled. 1 of gooff qual; ity but small acreage; corn doing nicc^ ly and mostly safe from.,frost;:pickle season about over. W-hitley'county— Cool, but no frost; com bt>ing-cut|>neaj;-; .ly all safe from frost,-is a gtibd.erop; plowing progresses; gravss good;: Allen jcounty—Plowtag progresses; corn ma- lured and is being cut, nearly, halfVnow .in. .s-bock. Adams county—Farardiae : weather; corn maturing nicely;:'and -ready to-cut, will be safe from-.; frost ji ten days; large crops of .apples anjl'- ,jtbbage; ground in bad condltlani for ;^|heiat sowing; seeding begun.,:>W£U$ /Bounty—No damage by cool ^yefltiwr; rains; plowing progTesse^raBldly; .ffitle seeding done; corn in good,'co-ndl* ••(ton arid muclr ready ,to cut,;.vW-Jll.;be large yield; wheat and oatsithrashed-,' some good. MlamJ count}-—Weather, cool; corn on Wgh ground well. ma,-f tured and being cut; potatoes being dug, large .la size and yield - good;, when* plowing progresses slowly; cabbage growing rapidly.. Oass cpuuty j-t ^ .1..- ^nM^ r^^Vvv 1 yiiXi-'F 1 "' 11 vAi\TVW-Ml*LA/fin. —Corn sai'o. from' fro'st,' low groiMUl; pastures' excellent/ Car- i-oH'comily—Some rata, cool n-iglits, no frosts; plonving progrosscs rapidly; corn cutting commenced, some a Jlittle ' Cal'seh'ood. Fortunately in this case ,-t-ho Caots are discovered in time to permit the people to understand "that a' deliberate attempt has been made to> rnMead .and -deceive them' by this forgery. .Voters will scarcely place much- reliance upon "llterature"-6f this Character, or that' wflilchi emanates' frota such a- source. ' •' ' ', , l: ' ' The"Sbnth Bend Times (De'nv.) has I investigated the 'matter and reports as ; follows; "AVhcn- the article referred .to-\vris'admitted into the columns of The Times no one seemed to question its gentitneivess. When, however, later on the charge was made that the article was'a 1 forgery, 'a letter was addressed to the editor of the London Fl- naiiciai News asking for authentic iu- fbi'hiation as to the matter. A reply has'.1uRt been received iu the form'of a cbpy'of that paper explicitly denying that any Mich-article'as-the one under consideration had ever appeared- In its. columns. The Times makes thls-stato-? 'merit-at 1 the'earliest moment,-not be-' 'cause of the ill-natured chiding by the -.Plymouth-paper, but 1'oir - the 'reason' ! tha t it despises' sknll-c'luggery of -every : : description and holds in supreme contempt anything and everything partak- 1 ing'of-forgery."- ..'""-' ••• ' • • Higher of all in Leavening Powcr^-L»ttst IT. S.Cov'tReport. zfm ABSOLUTELY PURE How about an International agreement? What kind" of money did the. borrowers from the school fund get? Did they agree to Day back to the school dollars that now require two bushels of wheat where It took but one when the money was borrowed, or Ove bushels of corn where but -two>aifd one-half were previously '.required .£Pharos, ..' ... ,.-, ., ,.. t ,.- . JRatsf Benijainip, ijrwtsl Yoii are not the fool you pretend to be. ' You know well enough that. overprpduction reduces the'price'of any. 1 iqommodity. Gold haa gone down. on account of over-production, but some "articles ¥ave'gone'lower from''d"'grea'ter'over-' production. You:toow v this' to -be the : fact. Why don't you tell the truth? jsfroeri, will be of good quality/ county—Oats thrashing not ye.t'done: corn safe fi-om fro.it; .pa'stures • goort. 1 Jay county—DigM rains; ..comv, 1 maturing fairly well, still- much being cut; all kinds of fruit plowing progresses rapidly. r: ':s-V : '>'">;:'• • II. A. HUSTON,- Direc-toc;/;; .Per C. F. ~R. WAPP]ENHAJSS; ; --i l.'.-vf L. F, O, Weath'er Bureau, liss't/Diri-if'. '__.' ' . ••-->-' ' '• • '-';"?. I:*; i:J P 5ILVER SYNDICATE- FORGERY' PopocratjcCommiitteeiCirciStatiBlgj a Palpable Lie. > f ' r No single pubiicoilon, of syndicate has atWc'bed^oi. tlon as ; a leaflet entitled'; is .Gold," . which ^purports . to ; 'tatloii. 'from thb>' I/ondon..- ,;E>b:ia;ncl/il; News of Mai-ch 10,'1880, : :expi««^ofc opinion ,'iltot tlie -adoptlo'n ' age' of sliver' in' • (tijeMTErai would 'be disadyan^ebus j and'tli'e business of thafrc'oun'tr^.' . Mdl'lJoni of ' hare been '^prcaa'.'iirjxjdcast by',tlie pr :/ ganlza'tlon '.wh'icW is now pTofessing .to^ Krt Vi«TiVi.ltA&d 1 '«tf«^" s 'iimoMA'' Vi m riiW IPCIT- The article,, wh'lch" is •entitled,' "The. .Grip of Gaia"'beglns i ;as;follow!s! *TWe '.London Fna'nclal News sa : ys! : "Tihl u ni£ ; 'anclal situation in'tbe U-rilted / Sttttes fs^ serious.' . It : then- 1 ,' ^rbcee'ds' of the parity of the two metals and the IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT. TtOTJSB WI^L HATE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COINAGE OF SILVER j AT. A -RATIO .^61?. 16"TO . ; i.. WHEN ;IT BECOMES U,, STRATED.'PAOT, TPAT NO DANGER. OF "T^tS 'ADOPTING THE SILVER 1 ABO IN CONDUCTING'THB.BUSf; NESS OF THE OOIJNTRY^ ^E 08 ; •'pEBITY : 'W]tLiyOOMJB5 : AGAIN ANDi, WITH LOWER TAXES' ON ' : CHEAP RATES. ... • •• 'The .following facetious reference is ,'mnde.by the. Lafontaine.Herald, to-an ; ambiguously, worded adyertlsement. in itbe.Wabaeh-PloJn Dealer: : 1 "Ferguson's Is tho only shop in, the city,'that glTes^you a to,nJc with;a haji- jcut Jt,cleans .the .scalp.,nicely—both •tOT 'fifteen-cents. Were it not for, him you;."would jpny-. twenty-five, cents for jtliei smuUest .ckild.—Advertisement, In \yfl.ba8h piajji. Dealer.". ,-v ... ,:'-Mr. F-ergusoii ,5s really an accqni-. .colored ,man.and. a philnn- . .Now,, there, are many ifeiiows iu this town who ; would ,be ti,cliled,to death..to.get a ;'tonle" ; with e^ch"/15-c(5ut .hair cu,t and the local tVjrbers. nilglit Increase their hair-cut-, ting .trade. b5J offering, the same, even If it did, interfere..with Will Belk's busi IbaJr-jcut and tonic fplr. $$Qf>?,tentet: e^ t. 0 ^ 0 wltl ! Wftog f-fi\.f> centb for the . smallest .Tlia.t's .cheaper than we ...can 'i'.get tlieui for In ^afon'talns iO;ye^.here .-it.,costs .ten dollars the,first <cpa.ciljlout.,of (tlie, box',, and then.some |IC'you.|Jpfi;t beieve it.ask Dr. t'he, ,iDs.: .Dcken. .O.rice ;,say tha* wMle the trade• of DbeWorld i¥ I now Iri'the'h'andsb( England;'it'TTbuW not long remain sx> if tlie TJn'Iteti States' should adopt' the';fitee'-' ; ina'''unlimited coiiriagfe of silver, that rates : of -interest! 1 would fall to this cbuntry, ; business 'r'e- vivej and the United States woiiJS carf . NEOESSARD38' OF tlPB, KIND OF BUSINESS''WILt AGAIN.— Pharos editorial,. March 13.' ''""'' ' '' ' 1896; '.The 'Phoros' continues road men ' to , tell : rall- i and ' tbe railronij njen !cpntlniae to 'sign the sonna money'cluij constitution of their, own freewill. ,.. . ; , ' "-,-. ture'-the 'triid-e of the world. ! 'Tt 'by'sayJrig: "yfThcn *hh't issue cbiries be^ : f6Te'-tftepepplie r Engla^ ipaithy 'ajlil adherence to '^hte -'single gold standard. " ' - : . ; ;l; ''•' ' : '.''' : ' : .Tihc absolute falsity", of •'$!&• eh'tlre'' s l ta'tement Is shown by the '-following fll ito&en from'the"Xrondon Fin- News of Aug^ 13,1S96.'..'' ' says it.coeth'iin^a. "teniier".anyway, nnd,. The', iwpullinft lie. 'Tweniy-flve cents fpt the smallest ehJld!|. •Gradpus bo^-cUeaji/ Just .think what our dear. mpoj)ie*co.uld,.say.e W :they,;dldn, r t .draw th^.color llne.sp closely,and-could. get njn'toni'c.viree., with every- fifteen-cent ut!.'54t..that's the way .It goes. Allying 4 n ! s P in ^ t*?^ 8 " 11 ^'?"'"^"; reiys.JMijidicapped." ,. -,, ;.,. -. .^ i^i*xj,mi. Jy A.£v.Ul^JtCd A*I-K»-»- * j* it-*.*-** 'Tlie following circular has been''1s- js'uedV""' :; '• v ' '' ' ' ' '^: 1 ",, IPurdne University, Lafayette; : : Ind:, j"&€^t ^,'1806. ' '." . . -;•> •';!_ i "boar' Sir: \v:e sliall soon publistf-nu 5 ''.%'iDt Is not surprlBing 1 . that tn'e-'AJberi- -'•^...marke* impr6Ted;.'yes,t% i rday^ior a.' re wretclied 'manifesto than'',''fitiat r of' i i't'Soy OraJtinr 1 could'. gda < rc'el# ' : -W •himself' eWie't . . uuxpaceV a~ wmfiii;pe'rv-erslbn --.- |>trntij. Ho tell tin lutertlgeM>»*dicncej khat ithe. free and inf"*™ 1 * 1 ^""*'**'"'""'**• .sliver by the United raise the bullion 1 .vhlw; of ^coinage value, and mate ,^..^.. T .._ li&t.of institute workers;'with jtliejr subjects'." The purpose of tiils,llst Is'to.furblsii'to pi-ogram coomiittees'a liirgelnumber of subjects and suggest' .persons who will.be -available for Iristi-r iute ; worij^. We are especially desliwis' (to ciilist^ both men and women who' have been.notably successful as.farm- 1 Jers, stockmen, dairymen, hoi'tlcullur- jsfts-'-prliome' makers, ^nd.whio can pre-:, feent'lat institutes,, to a clear, brief and' foifcible'mariner, the 'results of tuelr- ii'j>et-leihce, .observation and' study.-";-'• j 'ii'y'on'wpu'ld be willing ; upon Invito- tft>tf Iroin county chairman,,to;discuss jitilhBrtJtutes, pccasJbinally, topics;In-the rM ; of'yonr experience, please forward jw'mle'fw: publlcatiba before ttie end of tfiepresent m'Ontli'a list of tne subjects L au'*ouia''be willjng to" present. ,Very •nly'-yours',"-"-'" : W. C.'LAT^A, j Superintendent Farmers' Institute.' Miss Sadie Murphy i-s. visiting ..at Peru, j •-".•••• . Sam 1'at'lersbu.of.Oituimya, la., is : in the clty, ( -..,,,,Mr. and Mrs. -G. W-. Seybold are at Chicago... , , , , . Will Fischer was,at Pe.ru yesterday on 'business.... ._ .. .: ' H. M. Studebaker,, jr., was here from South Bend yesterday. M..,T.,Beckeiypaym:ister ar Kenneth, was in the city yesterday. IJ. Huut of .Cincinnati, is the guest of hist mother of East Broadway. Henry Cunningham of Chicago was iu the city yesterday on business. Mrs. H. Thornton is at Marion visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. B. Westlake. Mrs. George Walters and children are.at home again after a visit at: Shcl- byville. .Mrs. W. E. Powell and children-have returned from a visit of several weeks at.Chicago. Bruce Michelle, Harry DeGroot and Burt.Patterson,, visited friends in Peril, yesterday. Charles P. Hepp has returned to Moberly, Mo., after a visit with his par- cuts iu thjs city. 'Mrs. Kate Timmous. of Ottcrbein, Ind'.,. is visiting her son, H. B. Moore of East High street. . Carl Miller, formerly clerk at the, Murdock, but now of Ft. Wayne, Is in the,city visiting friends. Pi-of, C. F, Moore has returned from Montmorenci, Ind., after .a pleasant visit with relatives there. Mj'iss Emma : Manders left yesterday for Gas'City, where she has accepted a position in the schools. Martin McHale and Morris Fisher rode to Cur.veton.Tuesday -to see a fox drive. They both had a break downou the way home. . -. Mrs. Martin Bligh left yesterday evening for New York, from where she will sail for England' for an extended visit with relatives. '•..-- : Miss Minnie Starr of the Westside, has gone to D.iytoni Ohio, to visit relatives, Mr. and.Mrs.'.C..A. Starr/aud .Miss Bertie Smart! wiip have just re-, turae.d 'from. California......... ..-,..• .- • . :'Mrs!'. ..'Amanda" B.iiitz,. of .Dunkirk, Ind!, )Glzie Bantz and-wife of Chicago. motWr.'and.-brother., of Lewis, Bante, arciliere to. attend"the funeral..of ,the infant child .'of the', latter. '. :',,..-,•; ;Kbkbmb.'.Trib.ui>e:.iIiss Olive Moreland, after a visit at the Oioine of lie'r -fath'e'r, H. L. Mor'elond, has returned to iLogansport Mrs. .Minnie Ihornp: son of Logansport .is the.-guest at. her. -mother, Mrs. Matilda'iSnyder. . ' . - iMartln, Quinn, a, young man of. Ml- :'auii"couu'ty; a.former Democrat, and a: student at.the-.'llnlv.ei-pity..of. Chica:go; working, his way through, will before Ipng. speak to the .McKInley.;club in theiclty.. .He. : has : niade.so.un,d money, .speeches in. the county,, and has made -n;most,excelient. Impression., ',Charles. BeclOey.,of. Royal- Cen- phijtrfprnrjinO j.... ... ' It is '.saJ<l : 'iVt'-))«»ilqiK>i5ters-. that the BrJ-ainites • rJiemxeives;are responsible, in ja. measure. fbr' ; this'great, demimd forJBlaine's speech.' ''They have quoted portions of his remarks having an. apparent leaning in the direction of favoring free coinage, and this has invariably aroused questioning' In the minds of the people, who floa'bted' that Elaine ever took such-tin attitude, and therefore called for the facts of the case. As hns been... heretofore explained, wihen the whole speech is read Mr. Elaine's remarks bear an entirely different application from the meaning attributed to them by the free silver orators, and the Republican committee is glad to correct the false impression, • . . One of the callers at Republican Congressional headquarters today was Mr. Threet, wlwhas again been nominated for Congress in the First Alabama District Mr. Tihreet is a colored man, well known-among Republicans in Alabama. "The Republicans have a good chance to carry Alabama this fall" said Mr. Threet "The Democrats are badly divided. Tibere are^ practically tliree parties—Silver Democrats, Gold Democrats and Populist Democrats. I don't think that they will reconcile their differences, and the result is likely to be disastrous to them. I think I will carry my pwn district, for there is a normal Republican majority _of 4,000 there. I carried : it in the Fi"fty-Qrst Congress, although I .was not seated. I'..was <also elected in the Forty-ninth Congress, although I have never had my seat in .Conkrese yet" Representative Hull, of. Iowa, member of the Republican Congressional .Committee, who ias been In the city for'some time.attendlng.to ills duties In' connection with headquarters work left tonight to take part in the campaign in his own State. ter, is. the guest of friends In the city. •;, Huntington Herald: D_r. A. N. Baker of Loganspbrt, and .Oliarles. Dalley of Bluffton^ wefo^vteltorft, Monday with .Ed'Rogers I.. 3flss LTJzzIe Klein of Lo- .gansport, Is in.-thie olty v'isltiflg at tbe ~home of her.couMn, M. J. Becker, tbe marble dealer. • Mrs. .Beryl Johnson, nee Church, will leave this morning for. Newcastle, 'Pa'.,:- wliere. she .will .Join her'.busband :iu what will be their future home. She Iwlll.stop at Columbus, Ohio, tonight to attend .the wedding.of her brothcr-ln- Ilaw. : Mr. Johnson'Is a civil engineer oni the Erie .and Ash tabula branch of itlie Penusy-lyan'ia systerii. • ,' .o.' Peru'Chronicle: Miss Margaret Mc- Oart>-,. ivlio lias been visiting: at Logan sport several days, returned home yesterday..';.'.A. Weriibelm''went to Lbgansport this morning.;..'.Dr. John. H. Helm went to Logansport this morning. ...Ike Baer of Logansport, IB in. tlie city spending New .Year's day with' his mother on east Mala street. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. : Alt Anderson, the salopnist, will occupy the suit of rooms over Dykeman's cafe. ' .-.:••.•,.-, ..... . . -The D.nnlap. ilopkins, Stetsonr< -feet, Knapp randrJIaw.es, are all lead- -Jnsr-'RtyJes.-of-Jiats. •;De.w.enter. the hatter Is-selllng-allof these makes. „ .,G: Baum:o£ Swcetsec was here yes- -terday. and purchased • one:-'Of Coleridge's yearltng colts -, of- Capt, Alex Hardy. TJie'animal'.Is T a.beauty and will make a sw.ift mover.. Mr.. Baum took the colt home yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. .••:'••'•• Fred Taylor died- at 'St Joseph's hospital yesterday morning at 12:30 o'clock, after an" ilitielis"of twenty-four rhpurs. He was 38 yeap"pld,^and .th.e son of R. C.'Taylor, the ; Broadwa^.'.. street biitcher. ; No arrangements have -yetljeen made for, the funeral.'-' •; '•• : '.^ -The Infant daugbter of Mr. and Mrs. -L. M. Bante will be'burled from, the . -residence on Helm' 1 street'this after- .'• noon at 3 o'clock. The^body will rest in Mt. St. Vincent :cemetefy. The"" 'many friends of the bereavedipatent^. extend hearty sympathy, .tbtnern In>' their .loss. .Tbe-'daugliter^was' fbnr ! months old, and In her the'parents bad , : centered all their hopes. The blow Is a hard one. , , ' TUESDAY LADIES'DAT. . .The races to be held at tbe driving park next week promise a success. Already a number of the- best horses in State are entered,, and the association has .tlie promise of several more good horses. The entries . will close next Saturday night. ' Tlie first day will occur the county trot. Tuesday will be ladies' day.' DEHIAND ELAINE'S SPEECH. misquotation by Bryanites Causes a Desire for Exact Words. . A special' from Washirigfou' 7 says:- Tihe Republican' Congressional .Committee, in. response .to constantly increasing demands,, has.plaoed,an order- for the prlnitlng'.bf j.1,000,000, copies of- Elaine's speech on finance . made In Congress in 1878.. This order Is Just. by way of.a "starter," It Is said,.and. will be followed by others, : lf. necessary. When It Is remembered tbdt the document Is but one.of the . ATTENTION,.U. B, K. of P. ' -Tomorrow (Thursday) night is regular business meeting of Logan Division No. 26. All members are ordered to. 'be present. WALTER.NEFF, Capt. F. COMJNGORE, Recorder. Awarded Highest Honore^Wortd 1 * Fair. many documents being issued by the lommittee, an idea' can be gained of Hie tremendous -volume of literature __.lmy scattered broadcast through the country In support of the McKInley MOST PERFECT MADE. p-VGMJ* <V»m of TarHr Powder Ret Amrrmma, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Y<*rs lie StarJ»rd.

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