The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1959
Page 19
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LUVERNE NEWS, John He&i, St., 85, is confined to his home by recent illness. PLANTATION BALLROOM - Whittemore, Iowa Sunday visitors were his sons,' Mr and MW Walter Heiti of | Britt, Mr and Mrs GilTjert Mefti and' Debbie of Crystal Lake; granddaughters,' Mrs L e 1 a n d Swan and Mrs Keith Brayton of Hardy. Other • relatives, Mrs Grant Chapman, Belmdnd; hef mother, Mrs .Elizabeth Klafisi Mrs Irene Nelson of Renwick; Mr and Mrs Edwin Marty, Lu- Verne. Monday morning visitors were his grandsons, Mr and Mrs Earl Zimmerman and boys of Goldfield and Jim Hefti, Lu- Verne, ____„___ METAL "NO HUNTING" SIGNS available at Upper Des Moines Around * >4/gono ..... ______ , -----thorps tron Works, matf rial* .. SUNDAY, OCT. 25 Guy DeLeo FRIDAY, OCT. 30 Frank Buhr SUNDAY, NOV. 1 Tony Bradley No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 Illl Fri., - Oci. 23 _ Frank BUhr _ Sat., • bet. 24 Keith and His Orchestra Tues., • Oct. 27 Forest Ciiy Fire Benefit... Jules Herman fc Orch. WecU - Oct. 28 —Teens 8 to 11 — Suades Jack Rockufeler. Teens —75c , '...practically stood on my head trying to get a comfortable shav until I got a NEW oreico k Now I'm all straightened out because v the new Norelco Speedshaver doesn't pinch, pull or irritate. It,strokes off your whiskers with self-sharpening rotary blades. This world's largest-selling shaver has permanently lubricated , .brush-.type motor., Featur,es.»exclu- ' sive flip-top cleaning action. Also the "Go-Anywhere... Shave^ Anywhere" car-and- ^l%$ battery new Norelco Sportsman *2495 with travel case AC/DC (n handsome travel case. North American Philips Company, Inc., 100 E. 42nd Street. New York 17. N. Y. • See Norelco demonstrated on Sugar* foot-Bronco, ABC-TV network; The Line-up, CBS-TV network. SPEAKING: SLEEP COZY AND COM- PORTABLE . . . UNDER AN E L ECTRIC BLANKET 9 Just one blanket — an electric blanket, of ^Surse — is all you need for cozy, comfortable sleeping this winter. You don't have to pile on a mass of heavy bedclothes to keep you warm.' With an electric blanket, you' get featherweight comfort ... and the exact degree of warmth you want. Get enough electric blankets for your whole family. Electric bedding is attractively designed, comes in beautiful colors ... is wonderfully light, with temperature just right! Algeria Municipal Utilities Phone CY 44333 LIFE CAN SOMETIMES BE MONOTONOUS. There Is a great deal of getting up in the morning, working all day, and going to I bed at night, no farther toward your goal than you were last week On the other hand, there are Indications that we are all farther than ] we think and if we get to totaling things up a bit, life doesn I 1 seem so dull after all. ^ ^ ^ FOft EXAMPLE. SOME PEOPLE learn something new every day I won't go so far as to say this holds in my ease but here are a few things I didn't know until just lately: 1—If you goof mimeographing a postcard or put the wrong address on a government stamped envelope, you can trade them in a,t the post office and get an equal amount in United States posluge as long as the stamp isn't cancelled. 2—A beer can opener is sometimes called, "a church key . 3—According to his valet, Harry Truman, even when he was President of the United States, never failed to, wash out his, own socks and sometimes his underpants, befdre retiring for-the night _r ... 4 .. ». * j .l-j. i- J.*. 4« *4« * Uin **4 nt-\ rtnvltr Ik ftf* ilt'iri s an some , said his mother had taught--him to do this-at an early age and e just-couldn't .get out of the habit. (Don't think I'm not going to use this fact for leverage in solving the "I haven't got any clean He he 4—Becoming iu ^«n ««««, trout eggs for fish hatcheries are sometimes bought already started with the eyes formedjn them. It s kind of like grains of regular tapioca looking at you. 5—There are roughly 16 Algona blocks to a mile if you figure 00 feet to a block and 30 feet tor each set of parkings and, street cost $2 a ton until someone found you can destroy he .world with it. > ^ t % : • THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS I am sick and tired of hearing, r reading, or saying. Some of these are: 1—Hang it up! And v on a hanger, too. 2—It is time to get up. . , 3—My circuits are all busy, I will phone you back. 4—But Mama, things were different when you were young. 5_Well, at least I meant well. .' . 6—1 need $3.50, Mama. (This request varies in amount but it s always accompanied by a perfectly logical reason for the ex- Denditure.) . 7_This amount is overdue. Please vemii. i —mis amount, i& uvciuuc. ^ i.*-av>- iv »..iv. 8—Where is my other shoe? (Or my library book, my sweater, my clean blouse, my socks or my head scarf.) 9—My shoes are all worn out. '...,,. , ,* • 10—Hang up that phone! Somebody might be trying to call in. THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT are very rare. In fact there are thrills that come once in a lifetime. A few of these are: *• axe inrius ui f ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ by sleeps ^ the way through M*s Leo McEnroo retutnac? Monday from Chicnfto, whore sho hurt spent tho post two works nl the limne of Iwr son-in-law find daughter, Mr and Mrs Loon IhiKcback tind infant dnughlot Linda Mario. —o— Mr and Mrs H. M. Honsbruch and Mr and Mrs Craig Smith wont to Iowa City .Friday for the Homecoming weekend. Tho Smith daughter, Linda was on the Knppn Kappa Gamma float which received one of the prizes in the parade. Tho D.A.R. had a guost nigh Tuesday at St. Thomas Episcopa church. Tho social committee was in charge. Dinner was server by the ladies of the church ant Mrs A. J. Eason spoke and show cd her doll collection. Girl Scouts of troop 4 mot ro cenlly at the home of Mrs Dav Smith. Participating were Pai Hopkins, Oaylc Phillips, Sttsa Hemmingson, Emy Lou Garni Joanne DeGroote, Linda Parson Marsha Miller, Dcanne Peleraor Kay Brandcnv, Barbara Pcrcivn Diane Smith, Judy Parrotl, an Joan Christensen. Other troop | members are Evelyn Boyd, Ann i Wilson and Cindy Cowan. Lenders arc Mrs Dave Smith and Mrs Warren Nelson. Mrs Vic Parsons, Mrs Clayton Percival and Mrs Grady Phillips arc committee mothers. —o— Robert C. Bensch has returned to the 'University of Iowa at Iowa City where he is completing his Master's degree and working toward his Doctors degree. His wife and daughter, Jackie Ann are remaining in Algona where Mrs Bensth is a public: , Clllca SijfVIrP Oil Co., PM Tnytor Imp, Co.. rr-palr .» _____ wni.-'i Cnnvft* & lirth. 8hu|>, rfpttli . ..,..-- iSliiflnif Rnf tiling < "n . fti<-a»w> - Bovvliinn TluiUtem, iniiu-tlnl ft l;ilirii' .... . Hf.ti-ly Mix rowi-ftr * I. hi. CM, A l;it.tov ...... flrrm.-m M. Iliown L'o . repairs PUBLIC 8/vr£TY . s.-ilniy . . sal.'iiv . , nnl.'Vi v . 16.00 2.00 t34.QO clv salnvy nllrn. snljiry olRt, miliivy . . . nalnr.v . . >\vn S'ntr n.nnk, \vl1lihotfUnR t;>x ........ ruM ftt ARiMu-y Fund police (M-nsIrm own F.mpl Sfc, Comm , soclnl M'C . enoriil Klortrlo (.'" . fiulln . i>r(ll IV-iitrnl CuniUHinlcnlldns. rtitlla t-lu'ck Vrcival Mnloi-B. M-ivii'c . .•-»**;• .,«,, Co., mstftrlai « ITilton Sujwr Sorylee, rijsn "---- Laundry ft Dry - 3. IS 4B.9R .t. 331. W . 431,'»3 Ifl'iS . 231. W .. 172.91 Ifi1.fl7 , 1»:UO 151.53 1B1.I3 . H8.07 . . 201X1 tZB.fiO 2.SO 4J9 3n,70 17.16 MI 20 515.70 , Ktis lso „ . 4. Auto Supply Wllllnms. i-pp.'ih-K melt's OK TIM- Si-ivln Miles ScivU'c Oil Co., , Vesfoltt HnttlinR C".. mt... ... Advance I'uhl Co., office supply Hilton's Super Service. Knx lohn ChnlRron, fcrtvior- SANITATION llnnsop, milncy ,.. Kulnry Oronlinrh, salary llelmeis. Inbiir Thompson, Inbof Scoulin, labor Wfiw. Jr . Inlmr Iowa St;ito Hunk, 3B.OO 3-1.70 .no RIM 2.10 250 i 31 5ft 13 no II .2B 21-1 .OS Kin,oo 110 21 •111.27 •111.74 4(1.10 prperiVK>r« Auto Supply, repairs Sinclair Refining Co,. '««' North Otttrnl J'ubtlr : ' Co.. E:)« .. ...... llclrfwr*, material . . -, . y.fp Mrs. c"o. ifidsc, . HoWrtt,-JMurrny, KnRlm'Rrs, W C. Brown Supply C'o., mds*, 3,07 DEBT scnvtcE rtmo town Rtntf tlnnk, tnu-rest ,. Stfl.OO TnOftT 8r AGENCY FUND rVMlha M. K.Rli. jif-nslon .. . l.lnrln CDUiili'v. prnRfnn ....... Dennis Couiilf-y. pension . RECREATION mcUnv .,,.,,,,„ JrWt'liT. ITirlMI. - own Employment Src, Comm., social sot-. . ....,.,1, P E Jl, S.. rctiicTiKirtt tax ,. PARKINO METEH FtWD . salary .. . .' -Sands, snlnry . - -•- ----town State Bnt\U, withholding in" -• niKl ,Si Aijmicy rund. r>ei«<ton I t' K H. S. irtirotnctit tfix _. lown Imfiioyrwnt Sec Comm.. 202 40.74 204 .(W) 79.00 20,00 20.00 1.57 14.40 IftS.OO 30.02 100.01 4801 23.40 2.18 33.12 sncinl s lown li'.inpinytm-nt Her HOftnl see 1. P. E. n. S.. ri-lliTiiU'iil lux Alumin Mtuilctpsil Utilities, .. 240.01! TOM'S Televiews tas z Ij^^^g^p your check book and finding the liank has made a mistake. * 3—The last payment on the house mortgage 4_When you imd out you are going to be „ 5—Seeing a friend who was a real glamour girl in a school days and finding she is greyer, more wrinkled and latter than y^^-ji ^ glimpse of yourjirst home, with the newjiirnlture and the'Wedding presents'^all in place: ^ ON THE OTHER HAND THERE ARE EVERYDAY surprises that can be most pleasant. They can include: ft 1—Find a dime under the cushion ot the davenport. (Thetc is one local homemaker who really hit the jack-pot when she took apart an old chair to put a new cover on it. Ihe chair was the tilt- back kind and she found so much loot in it she paid the entire costs of the new slip covers with it.) 2—Finding that a big chocolate stain on a white blouse came "3—Coming' home and finding that the daughters have done the dishes when you didn't even ask them to do them. 4—A check in the mail, one day previous to the time you expecg f_ T1a j ting - O ff a ^ght girdle or a pair of those fashionable pointed-toe shoes. school kindergarten teacher. Mr and Mrs G. W. Stillman went to Iowa City Saturday to attend Homecoming. They took the football train from DCS Moines and returned home Saturday evening. Mr and Mrs Don Hutchison and Mr and Mrs Theo Hutchison spent the weekend at Homecoming at Iowa City- They look Jim Murlagh to where he left by DCS Moines train for his out ect-ioe snots. , • ji < 6—Going through a pile of old nylons and finding a pair tnat match with no runners. . 7—Finding a clipping, a book, the dust-pan, or one oi a pan of earrings that you have misplaced. ^ SOME SITUATIONS IN THIS LIFE call for downright heroism. Some everyday situations calling for unusual courage are: 1—Stepping under a cold shower. 2—Eating your first raw oyster. 3—Getting up 1 hour early on a cold, rainy morning. . 4—Going to bed in the middle of the late TV movie that is turning out to be very interesting for a change. 5_Saying no to a piece of chocolate pie with whipped cream when you are dieting. -, f •<.. i „,-, 6—Keeping your promise to not "breathe a word oi it , when /ou know some sensational facts that would simply slay the girls who are gossipping at a hen party. 7—Putting the last ten dollars out of your pay check on the house payment or the grocery bill when you've just seen a perfectly darling hat you are dying to own. 8—Refraining from squeezing a pimple when H has just come ,o a nice juicy head. . ,,,,,• 9 Admitting it was your fault when some else would otherwise be blamed for it. . 10—One of the best examples of heroism in everyday hie are the pair of local girls who have dropped their afternoon bridge club to go out to the Kossuth county home and give the lady residents there, free shamjJoos, hair-dos, manicures and other beautifying jobs. * * # IF YOU HAVE A SON OR DAUGHTER in service or away at school, you know that they appreciate food boxes from home. You might try this week's recipe for Chuckwagon Cookies for they do not crumble when shipped. The secret ingredient in them—apple— keeps tliem moist and fresh. Va cup shortening Va cup "brown sugar ¥t cup white sugar Vz cup peanut butter 1 grated apple, peeled \ l k cup flour 1 tsp. soda Vz tsp. salt Va tsp. cinnamon 1 beaten egg 1 tsp. vanilla Cream sugars and shortening together. Add lightly beaten egg. Sift dry ingredients and add to mixture. Add apple and vanilla, Shape into balls and place on greased cookie sheet, flattening with tines of a fork. Bake at 375 degrees 10 to 12 minutes. —GRACE. home at Tucson after visiting here with his parents, Mr and Mrs C. B. Murtagh. —o— Baplisms Sunday at the Melh- oclisl church were Guy Owen, son of Mr and Mrs Warren Brokaw; Laurie Jane, daughter of Mr and Mrs Larry Christensen, Bode; Randall Scott, son of Mr and Mr.s Dan Davis; Sonja Rence, daughter of Mi' and Mrs Nicolas Dangelser; Connie Sue and Kuthy Jo, daughters of Mr and Mrs Jlobcrt Diekmann; Clinton Robert, son of Mr and Mrs Clinton Goclden John Robert, son of Mr and Mrs Robert Kelley and Leslie Richard, son of Mr and Mrs Richard Simpson. With all our modern improvements . . . Mom has been taken from the old wood stove to magnificent gas and electric stoves that prepare roasts and other good eats and then turn ihomselV' os off when the food is done . . . television research men are kept on their toes, and we loo must keep up in order to make repairs YOUNG OR OLD . . . Read this ad. If you don't see this film . . . you'll miss the most breath-taking color film ever shot of the Northern Frontier. Don't Miss this Thrilling 2-Hour Color Film of AMERICA'S WONDERLAND NOW OUR NEW STATE The [Most Complete and Authentic Picture Ever Filmed of Alaska Wild Life in Action Lake George Break-up Eskimo Village Life Sport Fishing at Its Best Active Volcanoes and Glaciers Council Minutes BL-IT &. CiRiircjlto punnils wt-ri! jjrunlcd to the D & D Taver Resolution to (;xti;iul the snriiUiry -WIT on Locust Street w;is iidoplcd. Heading of the Proposed Ordinance imiMiding Ord. No. 3-11 was given the seconded rending. City Clerk W;IK million/eel to Kcnd and now Installation!;. Among tho "most-wanted" features on television sets, RCA has developed such things as the "Wireless Wizard," remote control ... so Dad can sit in his easy chair and switch channels or raise or reduce volume. For those people who sit up to watch tha late shows, there is a "Wake-Up and Slumber Clock Switch," which lots you awaken to TV, and even automatically turns on your favorite program. A one-hour slumber switch automatically turns off tho TV. Here is some more color TV viewing for this week: Oct. 22: It Could Be You — 11:30 to 12 noon; The Ford Show — 8:30 — 9 P.M. Oct. 23: Bell Telephone Hour — 7:30 — 8:30 P.M. Oct. 24: NCAA football. Oct. 26: Hallmark Hall of Fame — 8:30 — 10 P.M. Oct. 27: Arthur Murray Parly — 8 lo 8:30 'P.M. THAT'S RICH . . . For the answer to your TV and Radio Problems, tune in (112 N Moore — CY 4,3260). SHOWING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALGONA Took To Years i I m out iettcrs requesting jiuople to pftt in Kidewnlk on both sides; ol' North Street from Woodword Street west to Lanlry Street. Supl. of Public Improvement failed to the attention (>i the Council Unit number of properly own conncftniB their tile around the ers have been base ment & rain spouts into the Sanitary sewer which is in direct violation of the Ordinance and would be subject to n fine if not corrected. Supt. ol Public Impr was auihoi i/.ed to allend 0 Public Works meeting at Muscatine, Iowa. GENERAL FUND Smith, salary . .. .Iowa State Bank, withholding tax Iowa Public Employees Retire'. System, retirement lax Iowa Employment. Security Comm.. social secunly ....... Arnold W. Elbert. council meetings . Smith, expense Whitlemore, expense luerk, expense Uissell Buchanan, legal service & code project . GRANDPARENTS The infant daughter of Mr and 'Mrs Wayne Fish of L"uana has I ten living grandparents. This I list -includes two sets of grand- parents and three sets of great grandparents. A famous printer-humorist wa Artemus Ward. 15-1.07 5.00 71.G-1 51.1M 71! .00 32.10 47.00 83.5( 1.230.7 r TOM'S RADIO & TV No Game Killed in this Picture — Sponsored by — Algona Police Department Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 4-5 At 8 PJl ALGONA HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Adult Admission All Students 50c (at the Tickets Being Sold Now By All Algona Policemen - Will Also Be Sold At Door $1.00 dopr) Jfothing~says~ quality like'tKe 1960 DE SOTO i^ diui. I*. uj^v Advance Pub). Co., publications !•«;•»• •lutzell's, ofl'ice supplies STREET FUND jashforook, salary 'ergande. salary Mirtis. salary Met/en. Jr.. salary ... ^rew, salary Skillins. salary ... Ostrum, salary - Myers, salary - JDI.JIJ Iowa State Bank, withholding lax - '''• llu Iowa Imployrnent See. Comm., social sec JD^.UL I. P. E. H. S.. retirement tux ,.,fu. ,,,'..,., I"'-;' "•"' . ., Pereival Motors, repairs Frederick Hardware, rndse. ---Luther Fairbanks Jr., zzz IN OBSERVANCE OF THE FOURTEENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE UNITED NATIONS, THE ALGONA VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS AUXILIARY COMMEMORATE THE PURPOSE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE UN, 1. TO MAINTAIN PEACE AND SECURITY IN THE WORLD. 2. TO DEVELOP FRIENDLY RELATIONS AMONG NATIONS. 3. TO ENCOURAGE RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER'S RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. 4. TO BE A CENTER OF HELPING NATIONS ACHIEVE THEIR COALS. ALGONA V.F.W. AUXILIARY 42 UNIBODY ... welds body and frame members into one piece of rugyed steel for more room ou the inside and Lho safest, quietest ride you've ever had. The new De Soto maHes no bones about being a big, luxurious par ,,. one pf the most ppwerM ever constructed. It has wall-to-wall carpeting, floe ta.ilo«4 upholstery and every kind of luxury option, Best of all, your dealer hps « wonderful price story (o tell you t Why nyt <?4" him ' ' :v&. J. & LMotors'lOS N.

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