The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1959
Page 17
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1 , Quick Disability & Medical Protection For The Farmer this (ftthe dangerous time of the year. Be extra careful, but should en Sieetdent happen you can protect yourself with a short time accident policy. You can buy limits for accidental death oVd!*"* yb.Hty from $5,000 to $50,000 along with medical payments from $500 to $5,000, » the cost is small. A months protection for $5,000 death and disability provisions and $500 medical payments would cost $4.70. you can buy this protection for longer or shorter periods. * ' • L S, Bohannon East of Iowa State Bank Phone CY 4-4443 (41-42 See the Patented SIE6LER now at BURT HARDWARE BURT, IOWA lef us show you how you can SYNCHRONIZED A/K-O/L CONTROL GIVES af the turn of a dial! Imagine! Turning just one dial on Siegler Home Heater feeds the exact amount of oil into the burner, fans the fire with the exact -amount of air; then synchronizes the blower speed to give you perfect SUPER Floor Heat! The new Sieglermatic Control System means even greater -i fuel savings by assuring the f -; most economical firealwaya. ,| In fact, a Siegler pays for j Jtself! , , | MONEY BACK GUARANTEE OIL HOME HE ATERS PATENTED t AUTOMATIC by Evelyn del. 4 —- t fetgoi ie mention that Ha?:e1 Lucy's now car Susie rides very comfortably. After the . ytars I've been in Betsy she wondered how I'd like the new auto. Well, Betsy was a good old gal, I've been in her for many miJes ami it 5s with reluctance she was discarded. But good judgment came uppermost, and here's to Susie. * * * Callers today were Leofa St John, Mr and Mrs Frank Ryerson, Burt. and Alice Condon. Leora and the Ryersons had been to see Mrs Mattie McWhorter on second floor. I am well acquainted with Mrs Me W. She lives in a home which gives me a little heartache — the house formerly owned by my uncle and aunt, the late Mr and Mrs Frank Henderson. Miss Condon >askcd me if I'd mind having some school girls -call on me. I'd be glad to see them. * * * ^ Monday — Saddened by the R a y Vigdal a news that Agnes Laidley was young ladies, taken to St. Ann following severe stroke, and sadder when I heard she died that night. Sho •was a wonderful friend and was so jolly and full of wit. I firs knew her back in 1912 when she came here from Bancroft to b Cossulh county recorder. Sh^ lad my aunt Mary Henderson a ler deputy and I did a lot o Arork for her in the office, es .ecially during the rush months. What fun we had with her, mother, Eva Akre, Lulu Harlsliorn and GenevieVe, Marg (her daughter)), Lizzie Post, Eva Cairy and All of us loved cards and did a lot of playing, some times till he wee small hours. * * * I was glad x io see my cousin May Walker who was brought here by Lucille Hutchison. I gave a brief outline of her activities last week so won't repeat. I will add however that, her name was omitted when a recent' item on the late Robert Chrischilles mentioned him as being the last of the graduating class of 1888. So May has the distinction of being the last living. * * * Other callers were Kalherine McMurray, Pauline M c G u i r e Hazel Lusby and two school! girls, Joan Post 'and Betty Holt. These were two of the first whom Miss Condon had sent. We chatted about camping and exchanged ideas. * * * Tuesday — A chai with Paulette Bradley reveals that both of us crave a trip east. She is much more apt to have it than I for her son Joe Jr., is enrolled at Holy Cross, Worcester, Mass., which is not far from Boston. * » * A card from William Durant and a note from his sister Carrie. Thank you both. William said wh-ile he was in Iowa City Hiram Beedle and his wife drove from Maquoketa to see him. "Hi" asked about "Red" Cady, which is gratifying. It is nice to be re- rhembered by old friends. Well, the hair isn't so red anymore, taut I can be thankful it is not gray either, just a few threads of silver. * * * A call from Mrs Lou Robinson who revealed she and her husband plan to go back to the- old farm home- come spring. They have a suburban store which they plan to sell or lease and will go back to the place I know best as the Hack-man farm. * * * A brief chai with Claris Kresensky, who had been calling on Mattie McWhorter. And a call by 'Mrs Elbert McVeigh. * * * If I we're a hunter I'd have been excited at hearing the many geese flying over this night. Thif is the second night I have heard them. Wednesday — Mr* Mike tost nd her- mother, Mrs Freda Jteussy dropped in for awhile* riioy find called on several other •csidcnts hero. Mrs Kueckef vns brought here today — Mrs da Kueckor of Whittemore, * * * Thursday — A miserable day with a "fore-taste of what is to come. Flurries of snow, fain and n decided chill. Ninety minutes is too long for a T.V. program. 1 quit Rock Hudson in 30 minutes and had quite enoxigh of Tallaiah and her "dahling" that time. She overdoes it. Sullivan gets tiresome too, So docs Playhouse 90. * * # Friday — Forgol lo mention on the proper day that Susan Moore and Jcanelte Vigdal, 8th graders had called on me and left a copy of their school paper. A nice little sheet well gotten up. They are daughters of Mr and Mr Henry Moore and Mr and Mr: Ray Vigdal and are well poiscc Jack Williams and Lloyd Muekey celebrated birthday an nivcrsaries Thursday and were given a dinner at Mr and Mr Bob . Williams', parents of Jacl and son-in-law and daughter of Lloyd. Jack was fourteen. I won't tell Lloyd's age, but I'll bet I could make a very closo guess. * * * If the Garden of Eden had produced a? many temptations as the Orton Fruit Farm, mercy, what would have been the outcome? I was amazed that there* were so many trees and so many apples. I have been there many, many times and never realized the extent of the orchard. Harold Hulchins did a fine jo>b of feature writing about it. I don't know much about the varieties of apples except the Haroldson. * * * I hope by the time this gels in print Leo Lallier will bo fully recovered from his neck ailment. nd the Fairfiold woman furnish- d '.he Ivrios. * * * Bob Garms* my p«p«r boy, asked me to pay n week in idvfmce. which I did cheerfully. :lc is going to be very busy assisting hi.-i parents in the moving 'roni South Di>dgc street to the ionise at. 114 South Minnesota I met occupied by Mr and Mrs Elmer Landmark, who are moving to Heaver Dam, Wis. It will seem quite like old home work, with the Abe Lmirit/cns there, and the Ed Cullens. Mr Lang- mark is going bark into the drug business. And it will br going home for them because they lived there when the boys were small. * * * Saturday — Greatly saddened by the news of W. A. Foster's sudden death. I've known the family so many years, it 'hit? rather c'losely. I am reminded ol the close association of the Fosters and my uncle and aunt, thr Frank Hendersons. "Bill" wil be missed by 11 host of friends. I' was always nice going into tin store and having a chat will him. * * * A pleasant surprise today — call from Abner Long and a date with him and his wife, Hhmchc Li/ Post, and Ha/el Lusby t'o this evening. Another nice- sur prise was a heaped-up box of rt raspberries from Evelyn Schmitl (Mrs August S.) They are m favorite fruit ancUhow I shall enjoy them. Ami thus another weeektul. Mercury Dips; New Low Is 24 First frosts of HIP season nnd envpenUures that phma<-:t1 down o tlif 20's nuuli- it all ton appar- 'nt hist week Hint winter is not ar a way. The official Or I. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. H .. fW n -50 in. - .'toil. ..42 12 .. ..40 13 .40 L •Ifl 41 30 an 29 24 30 ThuNttay, Oef. 11, 1959 Algono (la.) Upper DM Mo!tt«-3 The "Journal of (VrurronrfV of 170ft was the first syndicated feature in American newvpnpers. Now you Know! The answer Jo everyday insurance problems* By L. S. Bohnnnon A few weeks ago he had surgery for disc trouble-and was at home in Ventura doing just fine. He was dressing the other morning, pulled on his T-shirt and was pulling it down around his waist, and all of a sudden his head fell forward on his chest and he couldn't raise it lo the proper position. He was taken again to Mercy hospital, Mascrf),City, and put in traction. What odd things happen. * * * Another caller from the school was Michael Graham, son of Mr and Mrs Maurice Graham. We had a nice visit and exchanged backgrounds. He is very interesting. Mrs NelJ Potter was here at the time and both callers remarked on the beauty of my heirloom silver caster. It reminded Mrs Potter of a woman who was seeking one and mentioned it before a woman who replied, "Oh, I have lots of casters." The woman who sought the condiment set was amazed when the other woman produced many casters, of the furniture variety. Which reminds me of the woman who mistook glass caster cups for individual salt dishes. * * * A contest has been sponsored by the "National Thanksgiving Association" the closing date, Oct. 15. There are two categories, one for words and melody lor a song, a prize of $100. Second, a poem at $50. It is of interest that two Algerians are involved, one is Margaret Durant who is pianaging the project, and the other wishes to remain anonymous unless awarded a prize. I will -give you the "scoop", I promise you. I have also learned that Leota Geigel and a woman from Fairfield have collaborated on a song which has been used considerably. I believe it was Leota who composed the melody Plum Creek Elite The Plum Creek Elite 4-11 club met Oct. 10 at the home of their leader, Mrs Violet. Benschoter. Two new members joined the club, Theresa Sigsbee and Theresa Bode. Election of officers was held with the following officers being elected: pres., Harriet Benschoter; vice pres., Audrey Gardner; secretary, Janice Bode; treas., Ruth Benschoter; historian, Margaret Keith; reporter, Nancy Ringsdwrf; photographer, Glenda Gabrielson. The program for Award night, wa.s discussed. Lunch was served by the hostess. QUESTION: Is tho Assigned Risk Pool only for drivers un dor 25 years old? ANSWER: Not at all. A driver of any nge moy have some thing in his driving history which makes iho insurance companies unwilling to insuro him voluntarily. He ihen must go lo Ihe Assigned Risk pool for his insurance. TABLE TV with Handsomely Styled Decorator colors * if you'll address your own insurance questions to Ihls office, we'll iry lo give you tho correct answers nnd there wil) be no charge or obligation oi any kind. L. S. BOHANNON 6 N. 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