The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1959
Page 16
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2-Alcono (l«.) Upper De* Molnes thursday, ^ef. 22,1959 et fle$ Utomes "STRICTLY BUSINESS II i V issues before the recent HOW CONO. COAD VOTED YOU NIED THAT SLEEP! With i960 an election year, and that in- If you're 30 years btd you've already spent eludes the office of Congressman from this dis- 10 years of your life asleep. And regardless of trict, here is a summary of the votes cast by' what you did the rest of the time, those 10 years Merwin Coad, our*present 6th district Congress- wer e by far the most important. Sleep lets your ' body use its supply of energy; without sleep life is impossible, says the Iowa State Department of Health. . You stay awake only as long as your brain Is stimulated enough bf the outside world, and by physical movement or muscular tensions. Sleep scientists have found that the best way to stay awake, no matter how tired you are, is to keep your muscles tense. Although each adult needs an average of eight hours of sleep a night the exact amount can vary considerably from individual to irtdivid- ual. For example, tests have shown that persons who work primarily with their brains need four hours more sleep each night than persons who do manual work. But it's not always the amount of sleep you get that makes a difference; the quality of your sleep is even more important. If you go to bed when your mind and body are keyed up with nervous and emotional tensions you probably will awake in the morning more tired than ever. There is one secret to sound an.d restful slumber, and that is to relax. Violent mental or physical exercise just before bedtime can postpone sleep for hours. If man, on the major Session of Congressi MR COAD VOTED FOR THE FOLLOWING- Admission of Hawaii as 50th state. Continuing direct loans to veterans. Extending Federal aid to airports. Removal of REA from control of Secy, of Agriculture. Self-financing authority for TVA. Federal program to improve housing. Extension of water pollution control program. 90 percent price support and acreage reduction of wheat. Strengthen price support program. Mutual security for world peace. Labor reform legislation. Extending Public Law 480 with food stamp amendment. Health benefits for civil service employees. Public works appropriation. Research program for industrial uses of agricultural commodities. Small business research and counseling grants. Veterans' pension program. Increasing savings bond interest rates. Mr. Coad voted AGAINST Lower reserve requirements for Federal Reserve bank. 1-cent increase in Federal gasoline tax. It is most likely that Congressman Coad will be a candidate for reelection next-year. His voting record as- set forth .above is clear; he is willing to rise or fall on it, and is perfectly willing to have it examined thoroughly by the voters of his district. It is nice to have a Congressman who is heard from after his election, and makes it perfectly clear where he stands on what,. , v ., .» •/ *'', * ' * ' Harvey Ingham, editor for many years of the Des Moines Register, and prior to that of the 4Jnper Des Moines, should be around to read that ' {hVll.S. has called for a United Nations study on 'a system of international police fo^ff^ 0 P re ~ serve peace. That idea was originally presented by President Woodrow Wilson and staunchly backed by Mr Ingham. Since then it has been presented by former President Hoover, and as recently as the last presidential campaign, by Adlai Stevenson. Now, 38 years later, it pops up again. Time marches on! * * * Farmers.don't want handouts any more than others. All they want is security that assures fan- prices for what they produce and what all of our . people need. bttffled. It was K^Jorted that most of the dUttages was to stalks and husks, with the ears remaining »i #ood condition. Vandal* bf6k* windows and screens and scattered coal around district school number four at Doan sometime during the weekend. The damage <«tes discover ed by Grace McNeill of Algona, teacher at the school, Monday Coal had been thrown Behind The Movie Sets wif ti ' BUDDV MASOlf types 'with which the public associate* th^si, 1 ptefer a Variety Ko 6fte can cftiftslion the tact that figan portrayals have been varied since' he made his film debut at Warner Bros, in a western, "The Retiirit of the Frontiersman." . , Afte? these fihe performances. fans of ah earlier day might have typed ^Richard Egan as a morning. v*oai nan uecn wuwwn - _, A _±_ II&YK "jf-v* .i-—*—-—-- —=,— ~- " through the screens and win- Hollywood, Calif. - Twenty ^ oman ,beatef, jet jockey, lush- dows, but it was thought the years ago, if a leading man play- or mouthpiece. But, it's reason- culprits had not entered thfe ed the father of an almost adult ably ^^iti that they'd never CUlPritS II ttU JIUlf CilfcCL^W. W41W WW. Wl**» *«»..»- * . M MSV*\I«-M WW*J VV-* KM*** —...»- W — school building during the for4y. daughter, the studio, mail-room &gain e3cp6c t him to carry * * * staff would take & terrific beat- ou tiying precincts as a candidate A cold wave was predicted for ing. Angry fans would 'Take pen {or jthe tltl6j "Outstanding Screen Kossuth county — and it was ex- in hand" to howl mail'Mgs -- Lovef of ^e Year!" pected to hit this area within a iull of inky protest. More likely couple of days. The warning than not, most of the missives came from the northwest where would be signed, "A ionner fanl temperatures had taken a rapid t, * * drop. Motorists were warned R oma niie leads were typed by that it was time to purchase Mr ^ Mrs public, Few lead- antl-freeze and winter 1 grease Jh men wou i<j dare play such a and home owners were hurrying role until the tmie that dodder- THEY ENJOYED VISIT around gutting on ^storm win- . d urirtg a performance was Dear upper Des,Moines: dows. The low temperature mo V e than a matter of acting As We ££ a goo * d tima visiting reading for the week was 38 for returning to romantic-lover flice this morn ing. It was degrees and the high was 74 partS) their future kissing would ^ ety interesting. degrees. • ^' ^ ' ^ ' be confined to kissing .these roles Thank you for inviting us and "When I want your opinion, Argyle, I'll ask for UP' Washington . . in the LuVerne area, lost a corn th refused to countenance any crib containing $3,000 worth of tiering with the tinsel. Their hybrid seed corn in a fire Sat- « grea t-iovers" didn't go around urday evening. It was thought plan ting. fatherly kisses on young «u_ *:-„ started from a dryer, *- • ° • - - Legal Notices the fire which was being used in the daughters' foreheads! * .: * * highlights A Weekly Report 'from'the Nation's Capital by Ray Vernim, \- . . *;-. \ *'. * The city police here didn'l anticipate any serious trouble during Hallowe'en night —.probably due to the fact there had NOTICE OF INCORPORATION NOTICE IS ttEREBY GIVEN that , iilt there lias been incorporated under and Today* the cash customers will by virtue of Chapter 491 or the Code ,-rmrWlc. that jwtinff embraces of Iowa (1054) and Acts Amendatory concede tnatacung em ^^" , there t 0i a C0rpora ti6n knowii as Kos- more than tornd embraces.- suth county cheese Corporation and Otherwise, they'd never accept its principal office; and place or bus- Richard Egan, Who in his earfy, inew Is ;rt the City of Hurt,; Kossuth been nothing : much out of line thirties still looks Mke a college , The genera-ljiature of_the Business done for several years,However, ^^$^ Bro ,, they were going to take action .,, pi * A LEADER NOW TRAILS - clothes in '. supermarkets have which might keep destruction of bummer wace. -Look for Congress to take a proved so successful plans are property and mischief at a you feel particularly keyed up, get into the tub and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Body-temperature water is more refreshing because it restores your circulation to normal and makes you relax physically and mentally. If you feel hungry when bedtime rolls around go ahead and eat something. But choose some warm cocoa or tea or milk .-. nothing ice cold and no "Dogwood- style" sandwiches! .One word of warning — never take sleep- producing drugs except under a doctor's orders, and then only as he prescribes. A healthy person doesn't need them; a sick person needs treat- meat.,to. remove the cause of sleeplessness as well as the drugs that allow him to sleep. iting awfully embarrassing to ex- next? plain to the Free World what is wrong with the United .States .—o—'• BIG SALES PITCH — The job every 0 time the Russians fire a of influencing Congressmen to. . new and more spectacular, satel- vote,^ight"^runs Jntiv mflhona Several^persons had section of town and were 'going to be on the lookout for anyone who might remove porch or house steps , from local homes. " ' in- they lit? into outer soace World his- of dollars annually. Lobbyists juries . .,. torV has amply ?roven thlt those don't wear labels and thev are fell after the steps-had been re- Nations which are willing and hard to spot on Capitol,'Hall but moved. •,'•"„ <, •,hip tn pv.nlnrp new territories they're,in great numbers if you , t™ £ ** P i° ie J££ Sn.fp know where to find them. Some Medium heavy hogs lopped at are the ones which dominate kno'w where to find them. Some civilization""TheSpanish 7 proved "lobby" salaries run high and $6.30; veal caves, a seers an this wiS thlir great explorers many ex^Congressmen seek theso fat yearhngs. were selUing at $9 the English followed with jobs. Since the lobby law ; was corn, 48% cents; pats, 28%. cente. father of to be transacted by this corporation shall bo to produce, purchase, manufacture, buy, sell, trade, and deal in manufactured forms of milk, and to As for Mr Effan, the handsome own, lease, sell, or otherwise dispose sivufnttpr pxini-IUsed himself On of real and personal property, parti- six-lotter. expressed nimseu uu cu]arly i n connection with the manu- the subject of screen parenthood [ ac t u re of various products from milk. at what might be called .an ap-> The amount of capital stock author- ^,.^r,^!otn tiJ^n Tf imac «..ict Q-Ptpr ized by the'Articles of Incorporation, propriate time. It was js.'.st alter ig 25Q *. hares of no par va iue, which a scene-in which he explains love mus t be fully .paid for in money or and marital relations to the eager property, wr.en sucii shares are issued, Cr, nr )fa ' and the same shall .be-non-assessable, oanuici. T)le cor poration commenced- business "I don't place any stock m the on the 2ist day of August, 1959, and theory that once ^ an actor has its corporate existence, is perpetual been a father in a picture the ba ™-^«® b ° yf t&^SSRS^SSS | public Will refuse to accept him O f no t less than .one or more than three in young leading role jobs'. An in'number. The directors shall be sr-tnr- cvfrmlH nlnv all <;nrt<? of elected annually by the stockholders actor snoilld • play all sorts pi d ^ u n ld office until their sue- ,. * L rtliu .auajj jiwAv*. W*J.AV^« v*.*«. —.• ~~^ =,= b u- it ..«. «—";••; * R Vn~.~;,"e^"i ralvpq fat steers and tyipes as long ; as the scripts are cessors are elected-and qualified. Th< salaries run highland $6.30, yeal^calves^ fat^steer^and ^ n . written5 . --'... „..„„_. TnH Ihp F.nBiish followed with Jons, oince ine uwuy iaiw wuo v^j-", ^« >*• ..>.<-•»•—> -«•>-,--- •- — . their controfbf ? the^ high seas In passed in 1946 a total of 13 barley, 34 cents;; soy beans, 72 more reSi7 times Se'united Senators and 63 former Repre, cents; eggs, 25 ^cen s; cream 29 -ARCHITECTS, ETHICS: ' ,Marshall, Minn. Independent — We note that a Minneapolis architect has been given the old heave-to by the national professional association of which he was judged guilty of "unethical" conduct. Know what his "sin" was? He. criticized construction more recent Stales pioneered the new ,--,-.. Age and the world watched us lobbyists. with respect. How long will it be before we regain this world leadership? Mr sentatives have registered as paid cents; hens, 11 cents; and ducks, six cents; on the local market. * * *. to A fire swept through a large „„ :>hrp-robfecV'barn at"the:>C." Ander- will -be son farm three miles south of plans drawn for HI E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Algona. Iowa, under Act of Congress ot March 3, 1879. THE UPPE S R G DES i 1959 By PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor DON SMITH, News Editor CLIFF LONG, Advertising Mgr. FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL AFHUATt MEMBER NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N, Y, • 333 N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, tn advance T - £jj-<"> Both Algona papers, in combination, per year $5.00 Sinjgle Copies T — -, ••— 10 ° SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance „—, » ,...,,.|4 00 Both Alcona papers »n combination, one year __,-$6.00 No subgcrlptipn less than 6 months. OFFICIAL/CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER Display Advertising, per Inch - ; T _. T »..,.^,^, 63c ADVERTISING RATES a school building by another architect, calling them "gold plated" and unnecessarily expensive. The architect who. had prepared the plans promptly brought charges and the national association expelled the "unethical" one, The professional groups usually polish their grabs with the explanation they are 'protecting tlic"'public'. Lesser educated individuals frankly say they want more money We've noticed that the 'higher the ethics' the higher "the fee scale goes, as a rule. Super professionalism isn't 'protecting the public.' It is protecting the profession Personally, this business of professional ethics has always intrigued us. One reason it does so is because of the ethics in certain situations. There are, of course, certain professions vit ally concerned with ethics—and they should be Physicians, dentists, attorneys, teachers, ministers to cite a few. And believe it or not, in some circles the newspaper business is regarded as a profession and therefore concerned with professional ethics. .But we started out to comment on the architect who was drummed out of the regiment because he believed, and said so, that plans for a school were "gold plated" and too expensive. It is our opinion that the man should be awarded a special medal and a cash stipend for life, the costs, to be covered by school districts planning new construction, We are sure that architects cherish professional ethics and guard them jealously. We are just as sure that there are a lot of schools (and other buildings) around the country today which were planned and built as. monuments to the architect rather than as true and economical solutions to the needs of the community. And we can't help but recall that architects' fees usually are figured as a percentage of total cost of construction. * * * "GOP SEES ECONOMY OF HALF TRILLION" says a headline. If you don't read the story you don't find out that what they mean is a national total business economy, not that the party had saved the nation that much, as the headline might indicate. What on earth will today's younger generation be able to tell their children they had to do without.—Lake City Graphic. HELPING THE, FARMER — The way Jess and less is being spent proportionately to find new uses for agricultural'products is becoming, a serious 'problem. It is'not keeping pace with research in other fields and it is not getting the kind of-support it needs either from : the '.government' or i.">Suprem'e : "G review a case that ...... watched closely by money- Fenton early Thursday morning, raisers in both the Republican The barn and its contents, including hay, gram, farm equipment and three calves, were and «» a Democratic parties. Thia determine whether a . can use-dues money destroyed. Members of the fam- consent of union members..A powerless to .do anything about for, political ^purposeT-withou) .il^scpver.d |he^but were JI beUeve^playingth^ature officers of the corporation shall be i president, a .vice-president, a secretary .. .. _ _, , ••*• i and a treasurer and such further of. ' A Summer Place sensitively ficers as t o the Board of Directorrl and : Beautifully presents, the.. may .seem "t^praB^mwJbeprovided| relationships of parents and children and the problems confront- holders"sha\rbe" V heid e on'the 1st dayl ing parents who have, romantic of April each year and until the first! ontnnfrlpmp.nt«5 -rif thpir own to annual meeting which shall be held on| entan&ieme.nts or i/ncir own -.LU April 1 I960" the directors shall be: effectively advise .their, children ciycje-,Jphnson,-;—-.. Seneca, wiscons in matters of lOve. My ' role' is Krvih; Purdeu JL——--'--.-r . B H rt - I? W1 ?I really romantic; as well as parr Gco ^ e Anderson . 29^ ental, since it asserts the right of and 'Ervin Purdeu of Biirt, Iowa shaiij a mature man to a love life of ^c president. George Anderson «• his.own, in this case with Dorothy gedar Fails^a .shaU^be McGuire. f . Wisconsin shall be secretary-treasurer.1 decision would help it. Afliona firemen- answered a help my career, though I realize l ' veryple who have the greatest;stake in the future shortly ional and Presidential elections. three percent of its gross sales for research. But only one-half of one percent about of all farm sales : is set aside for research.'*The amount Uncle Sam spends for all research has climbed from $74 million in 1940 t6 $4 billion in 1959, yet agriculture's percentage of the research dollar has shrunk from 40 cents to a mere 3 cents, —o— MAINTAINING TRADITION — Every Monday' when the U.S. Supreme Court is in session a new group of lawyers is sworn in to practice before the high • tri- hurry-up call to the scene and prevented the blaze from spreading to the house which stood nearby. ' The question of city zoning was on the agenda for the next meeting of the Algona council. The question was also discussed by many persons around town, and concerned changes fVom light to heavy industry in some areas. 3 Radios Stolen Local police officers' and Sheriff Ralph Lindho.rst investigated the reported theft of -three , auto radios from vehicles parked ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES , O n the Taylor Mercury used ear OCT. 26, 1939 ' lot on South Phillips-street here. « * * The radios were removed from Whittempre's firemen were the autos sometime Oct. 9 that some of our most famous stars . .have' maintained their popularity by' appearing only as The private property of the stock-l holders shall forever be exempt fromj corporation debts and liabilities. f KOSSUTH COUNT-Sl „ . , CHEESE, CORPORATION! • it , , • i ?. By 'Clyde Johnson, ' ' ' Secretary-Treasurer.! (39-40-41-42)1 Professional Directory d <il FROM, THE FILES' OF THE 'into a special fund to poor persons who cannot afford to go before court. many over lawyers those the near there Saturday mprn- made the next morning, Auth- to help battle a blaze which orities also have investigated sey- originally started at the Jirn ^eral other acts of, vandalism Th« «5,,ni-PmP Court has Cooney farm when Mr Cooney and thefts at Taylor's and the The Supierne Courtjhas ^ ^ weeds - n an alfalfa field/ Err)ie wiuiams used car lot in customs which survive m _ firemen and a group of .recent weeks. . < „„„ .._.„..bors made quick work of . .'-.'.- . '. coats. And quill pens are still P^ting the fire_ out, . but not Women,flockea\ to newspaper in evidence although they have given way to ball point pens. until five acres of corn had been work in the eighties. —o— HEADS IP NEWSPAPER APVERTI5INC "DOESN'T - PAY" THEN THE IARQEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS FIRMS IN THE ; COUNTRY ARE THROWING AWAY A LOT ' Jtf MONEY JJWSPAPER ADVERTISING 1$ THE BACK. ~ EFFfCTIVE, BUSINESS ANP THE HAST IXPEN- THI AIGONA UPPER DES MOINES Road By Q«»r §,400 FamUie* Each ROLLING that Soviet Premier Nikita-Khrushchev has seen the United States and returned home the experts are trying to figure put whether it was wise or unwise o invite the Red boss here. For one thing, they believe high of- icials of the Russian embassy in .his country are in trouble for _iving Khrushchey an inaccurate )icture of this country before he irrived. That Khrushchev' impressions were changed is clearly ndicated by studying some of the ;hings he said when he first touched American soil and what tie said on leaving. It seems certain he no longer believes . that under American capitalism the poor are constantly getting poor- r. Or that the United States is not united under our two-parlyi system of government. —o—. WHAT TO DO? '-H- It hasn't been easy in this country to decide whether to go all-out on civil defense or watch our pennies and hope the enemy dpesn't strike. A recent Congressional investigation noted' that a good civil defense program could reduce casualties in an all-out nuclear attack from 30 percent of the population to about 3 percent simply by providing enough shelters. Congress, however, is generally reluctant to spend enough money to do this; President Eisenhower asked for $25 million for civil defense }ast year but Congress gave hirr? cinlv $10 million, pne answer wpuld be to follow the lead of Sweden. They have built an elaborate system of underground shelters |lid make use of them every day — as garages. , "L, CHANGING WORLP —"America is really «joing to 11 v« out of I'dii-- me, ') ! ! ,ili u i ", aiUH-'ti" INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE „ AGENCY /J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St. Phone CY 4-3178 BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY - All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE •J-N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES P, PAXSQN Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phonei. CY DENTISTS KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSUKANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of in- / force. A hgrne company. Safe, secure. Phone CY 4-3756 Lola Scuffham. Sec'y HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household foods, , and Many Other Forms Phone CY.4-3733 Ted S. Herbst ANDY CRAWFORD General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual Ins. Co, Affiliated with Farm Bureau lip T- J -^ :i - % ! *~ ,r. Hail.»'."' POWIR STEERING gives -you oil these features HAROLD C. SUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co, 7ftfi §o. PhiJlips, £>t f . : , ;ons Pnoiie' QY 4-234} -LIFE^-FIRE—HAIt '"* CompUUly .liming ->«*WIW» fte^ <- t »h»ck - twUit - vibration**' rtgatiw* ef • Poiitiv* centre! *v«* Fill popular traclori of all make* * AM W«*M W, f he Equitable Life^Assurance Society Of 'Th? Ui»H.ed States- Bupt, Iowa ' • f Pfiqtjs 201 DR. PATRICK J. MULLIGAN DENTIST 116 North Moore Street '.Phone- CYpress 4-2708 DR. KARL R. HOFFMAN , Office in Home Federal Bldg. Office phone -.pY 4-4341 DR. J. B. HARRIS, JR. Dentist New Location On Corner Phone CY 4-2334 At 622 E. State DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon U8 N. Moore St. Office phone. CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 _ " J, N. KENEFICK. M. D. • Physician & Surgeon . 218. W,' State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 N. Moore Offico phone ...CY 4-2224 Resident phone; CY 4-2232_^ "JOHN M, SCHUTTER, MJ>, Physician & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY4-2335 QPTQAAgTRISTT Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSON Eyes Exaniined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses / r 9 East State Street i .Algpna, Iowa PHcine CYpress 4-2196 Hours: 9:00- a.m. 'to 5:00 p.m. ! Closed Saturday Afternoons^ •" DR. C; M. O'CONNOR Exclgiivo "Orbit Motor" m'»thanUm fit* «<«f*M* W<* tt iff Hi for complafe prices and BRADLEY BROS. ^ ' Over Office phon^ w QY;,4r3373 Hours: 9:00 ~ 5:00 • Visual Analysis & Visual Traimnfl 108 South Harlan St (Hpme.: Federal Bldg.) CY 4-3743 Fqrm WiUian; L. Qlegg ALGONA :iHl!ljyij!i!J!l!ljl!!!;!!!!!!liljj!|li|lJUllli!tW^ 5%1 g, gli^e §t, Hours; 9:00 — 6:00 thru ^ **4 Carlson Farm Management Company 4-2891 Serving Hancock, Humboldt Polo Alto Ik Kossotk Countia* ,- ^.'"Y-'f f * "-..xT-**! ( . ! .,.,.. i •

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