The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1959
Page 14
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.:.H" "BlU^Bi ••'. W-.'c-BI -.-.Ml'-;JMH- --..Ml-• M-''lp .Hi Bl • < HI Ml Hi- .HI . m • m m SH. 'in , n • m is Ml Mi. H! m ;MI 'US 'PS H •'V,;.;,-; -.- •» ..-.'VS W .:>,;;:.•.}:.;-:>;;.. -/.-£•. - v ,; : ^':.>•;.<,.., i? .'•• ;': ; ;;:'- •/ '" : •;.. ^V . ," - • ; ' . •; ' : '•'.-. . • . „ ' .;-... ., • ' "••'-', ' •" .".•-••• , - 1 "- i -^ • •. ^ ( ... , . ,. • . : ' , -,. j / >'-_ . '..-I,.'' . " j .' - r '"•'^ik''*|^l», .--/••- ..'.•>/' ' \ , -t' __ * ' . J>,. - ^ r . ^^ • , FililSli^ .At Y0yr ' ThecitFe .-'•Ml. •-- ^HBP^.', pHI M^ ' -. V •; \MJf MJMJM*. .• - r > . ,;<•(,••••l^,- ,,-.*i^BPTMM • MM^ ; >,Mi'\PHt MM. : Jiff . ' . Ppl '.^BBP^ ^* W ^P, ^P ^P? ^»F ^W tRW WEI , • Pp$ , ^^(|^^^ ^p§gj(lp? fP^l • |RfJ| f!£f pp 1 ^gftps^ ^^^p^vl .Ksl P^J * ^RK^*' V "• "' : ". •' '. " • ' ,' • •'." ''.''•• ."•''•.•:.,-.-• '••' '*' : ' : ,',?",'•'•"'•• •".. 0. ."•."";'•.'"'.' • , : .' '• •; ,'. •'' x-;'*'. : ' "'.'-.*•. • .'.•- ••''..-' - " : .U *Hr. ' ' . , ; L ,- . . - \ . ( _ ... •- . , ';"!•"'', ' " ' ""'"' 'M 8-Atgono (lo.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, Oct. 22, 1959 Mrs Kalhcrine McMurray has been visiting relatives in Coclnr Rapids. Mr end Mrs Henry Becker had Mr and Mrs Gordon Ogg. Hartley. ^< 'usests Sunday. Mts Robert Droyer had major migcry Tuofday moining at Lutheran hospital, Fort Dcicigo. Mr atid Mrs John Romer wore visited last Wednesday by the latter's father, William Beck, Dickens. Mr end Mrs Eugene FursJ re- 4 -t'Kd Wcdnosdnv fiom Dos '^ 'v .- where they had spent •»• i days Katharine Soronsen, former teacher here, and Mildred Carlson. Mason City, spent Sunday here with friends. Mr end Mrs Walter Zeniner j 0 ft Wednesday for a visit of several days at Detroit with the latter's brother Ted Dally and Mr and Mrs Cliff Dally. Mrs Chester Schoby and Mrs John D. Cash were visited last week by their aunt and cousin Mrs Carrie Julyn and daughter, Mrs Kenneth Erickson, Minneapolis. L. J. Cassel was hostess to her bridge club members last Wednesday afternoon. Mr and Mis L. J. Cassel are '•"ring visited this week by the form;?] 1 '-! parents, Mr and Mrs Wil- liii'n M Cassel, Lindenwood, 111, Mr and Mrs C. A. Goilenfold h;id as guc-sls Monday Mr and Mrs Lester Genrich. niece and husband o[ Mrs Geilcnfehl, Mason C:t.y. »>- 8 -d Mrs Matt Slre5t were visited Thursday by Mrs Roy , n and Vivian OTIalloran of E'nmotsburg and Evansvillc, Ind., • = .;•"'.:•! iyelv. Russ Mahoney feturned to Chi- CHKO. Oct. 4 iifter having spent r" week hare with his mother, Mi's '-..•i-,.,, n M;ihon^y. Uoon the conclusion of his visit, Mrs Mahoney av-Aoinpanied him to Chicago and spent a week with the Al Faulk- ncrs and a sister-in-law Mrs Dora Ferrigan, and visited other relatives. Enroule home Mrs Mahoney stopped at Clinton to visit their daughter Kathleen who attends collcse there. They also visited Mr arid Mrs W. D. Storck, Blairstown, over night. ' BM HH ^1 ^^ m «W "B& - A.LGONA SATURDAY EACH OWED THE OTHER HIS LIFE.. - PLUS COLOR CARTOON - 1 P. Coast-To-Coast Store Presents: Free Prizes and Theatre Tickets to the Winners! ON- OUR SCREEN "LAST TRAIN FROM GUNHILL" PLUS 6 COLQR CARTOONS! All This At No Increase In Prices! SUNDAY AND MONDAY I Tlie Best Danny Kaye Gives It Th« Million Dollar Touch!" "<-•• -WALTER WINCHEU. DANNY AND SAJCHMO OELIVERINQ TERRIFIC NEW SONGS . SWIHGIff NEW EXCITEMENT INTO FAVORITE om STANQARDSl Plus Color Cartoons * If I *' -: il'-'.f. STARTING TUESDAY K3M FREDRIC NOVAK » MARCH A SUDAN PRODUCTION « * COLUMBIA PICTURE Godfredson, Armstrdflg. ttis Wife ,.ptnt the time at Mr arid Mrs Richard Ringsdorfs. Other callers were Mr and Mrs Kehneth Rich' iirds, Lone Rock, Who also visited Mrs Richards' parents, Mr and Mrs Ernie Godfredson. Mrs John D. Cash arid Mrs Chester Schoby gave a luncheon Monday for Mrs Cyril Morris, nee Helen Zanke, of Vista, Calif., former resident here. Guests were former Union township residents' and included Mrs Robert Harvey nnd her daughter Mrs Kenneth Patterson, Swea City, Mrs Anna Zanke, Burt, Mrs Kate Annis and daughter Beth, Mrs Chris Knud- Maude Nelson, Cash and' Mrs Mr and Mrs Richard D. Hammer, who were married Oct. 3 in St. John's Catholic church at Bancroft, are shown here. The bride is the former Florence Goche, daughter of Mr and Mrs Walter Goche; Bancroft, and the bridegroom is a son of Mrs Florence" Hanimer, St, Joe. . '• " ,• The bride is a 1959 graduate of Swea City high-school and the bridegroom a graduate of St. Joseph's Catholic school, St. Joe. They are living at Storm Lake. (UDM Engraving). sen, and Mrs mother of Mrs Schoby. Charles Paxson arid Leighton Misbach went via air ambulance to Independence, Mo. f Sunday to bring home Mr Paxson's mother, Mrs Mabel Paxson, ,who has been hospitalized there a few weeks, later going to the home of Mr and Mrs Norman Walker for convales- ctnce. Mrs Paxson ' suffered, a broken hip in a fall-near"Des Moines enroute to Independence, She has made remarkable recovery. Mr and Mrs Fred Geigel, Mrs Ethel Chubb and Mrs Hortense Ferguson prepared s'Upper for the travelers and joined them for the meal Sunday evening. Mark Twain was familiar with newspapers from childhood and never lost the pournalistic touch. Mr and Mrs Charles Klamp left Friday for Colesburg and will wend several days with Mrs Klamp's sister, Mrs Rose Irms- oher. Mrs L. J. Nelson has returned from a four week visit at Denver with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs H. L. Patton and family. Mr and Mrs Howard Seoly were visited over the weekend by their ?on and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Craig Seelv and little sons nf Sioux Falls, S.D. . Pole Helmers and brother Richard Helmers, Waterloo drove to Iowa City Sunday to see their father John Helmers who was taken to University hospital a week ago. Mr and Mrs Russell Cook spent from Friday till Monday at lola, Kan., with Mrs Cook's sister Mrs J. H. McMurray. They were accompanied by Mrs Inez Wolfe who visited her brother there. Helen Dingley entertained the members of "her birthday club Saturday and the anniversary of Mrs Matthew Streit was observed. Following dinner at Van's, cards were played at the hostess' home. Mrs Imelda Engesser and Dan attended the family dinner given 'or Mr and Mrs Jake Glasier at St.-Cloud, Minn., Sunday, and the open house] which followed. Both were in observance of the, golden wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Glasier. . Mrs Gertrude Faulstich has sister and cousin Sister Mary Camillus and Sister Mary Callitus at Sioux City last Thursday. Mrs Gisch had driven a car of Garri- p,an students who, with others from the local school had attended Career Day for seniors. Accom- oanying her were her daughter Madonna, Mary Murphy and Madonna Erpelding. TITONKA NEWS Rev. and Mrs Alton Swsndt td familv of Coldrado left Friday for their home after a five - stay at the* George Alke ..;,,..& and Mrs Swandt's mother Mrs Anna Alke and other'broth*- ers and sisters in the community. "Mr and Mrs Alfred Oesterreicher returned Tuesday after a -week's trip to No. Dak. Buffalo Township Homemakers club jnet at the home of Mrs Jay Budlong, Oct. 16. Mrs Maurice Givins and Mrs Gerrit DeWard were co-hostesses. Mrs Wm Boyken and Mrs George Sachau gave a demonstration on flower making and flower arranging. Mrs Leland Schroeder showed a flower pot arrangement and her mother skirt hanger idea. Leonard Callies Suffered a stroke Friday morning while attending to business at the lumber yard. He was taken home and later to the Britt hospital where he is getting along nicely. .Mrs Mary Oesterreicher, Bea Garrett, Theresa Hamilton, Ruth Beed and Linda Higgins atterided the district convention of the Junior Auxiliary at Britt Saturday. Mrs Esther Mathews of Fesno, Calif, has been visiting the past week with, her sister ahd family, the Amos Kromingas, and other brothers ahd sisters in and around Tuorika. Mrs OIHe BruWs Moved this week into her new home. Mr and Mrs Alfre'd' Oesferteicn- er have purchased the John'Uke'ft home. Mrs Andrew Peterson of Clearwater, F16rida arrived- Tuesday for a Visit with her'sister Mrs Sadie Dentoh and other friends In' Tltonka. f '-" ' , *• va.ivaci\j*jti\t\rn. STENCILS AND rybewiitei 1 and Adding machine supplifei at'trpper Des Momel Pub, C6.» Algdna. '• , heaper Than . Glass 1 ALITY • WINDOW MATERIALS Ptvltrf, Hsj Horn tad Ion W!«d»wi .' FLEXIBLE, SHATTERPROOF ADE BETTER. LAST LONGER Sdiisifqction GiJidrdnteed 'SfiHKSF'SIBfl COAST-TOs COAST S 22 E. STATE ALGONA .CY 4-4432 Mr and Mrs Eugene Faulstich have moved .into, their 'home on North Jones street which they recently purchased. It has been remodeled and improved. Mrs Hilda Gronwall is leaving Nov. 1 for California to spend the winter. At S^n Diego'she will be with her son-in-law and daughter .Mr and Mrs George Sayles. At Fullerton she will be with her son 'and daugh'ter-in-law Mr and Mrs Gerald Gronwall.' Mrs Gertrude i Faulstick has been receiving treatment at Fort Dodge the past three weeks for a hip injury suffered last spring Unless there is marked improvement in a short .time, she plans to enter a Fort Dodge hospital foi surgery. She had as callers a week ago Monday, Mr and Mrs Homer Sabin. < ;.? Mrs Martha Adams returned Saturday from a two,week visit at Des Moines with her son-inf law and daughter, Mr and Mrs D wight Sabin. She was visited Sunday by her son and daughter- in-law Mr and Mrs E. W. Adams, Mankato, Minn.'A little later she will be visited by her daughter Mrs O. W. Gaunt, of Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs Minnie Long left Wednes^v for Chicago and Washington D. C. after spending several days here as house guest of Mrs Alice Cowan. She will visit relatives in Chicago an'd then to Washington D.C. where she will be with her son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Junior Long. Junior is in government work and will be go-> ing to Germany after a course in thp language. Mr and Mrs Paul Deitman were visited Friday by Mrs Dettman's sister and daughter Mrs Pete Looft and Mrs Don Von Bank, Armstrong. Saturday they had as guest Mrs Dettman's brother Pete "He just had his coat cleaned by The Algona Dry Cleaners and Launderers." You Will Vc?lu6 Your Coats And Suits Highly Too ... When You See The Sparkle We Can Give Them With £>.-&gft$W:^K'<-:-3v>.. mm FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY I CTOBER . SAVE NOW AT THESE LQW, LOW BARGAIN PRICES .: Gold Thread MARQUISETTE ^^ Rayon marquisette panels with handsome gold lurex stripe . . . White ONLY . . . SPECIAL , 42x81 famous name PRIHTS First Quality 80 Sq! Printed Percale — Ail New Fall Patterns. Top Quality Brands You Will Recognize — 36" Wide. 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