The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1940
Page 7
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 19-10 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NKW3 PAGE SETHI Kan Di'iilnj AKsorlnllflii by Dr. E. '1'llc Tiock.of Gibraltar; . lt : • -• "••-• ..... "•• ...... longer tl.mi „ .lay on ll lc earth. po.w<l of clmlfc, «nd brcRhs CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line lor consecu- fcve insertions; iJne, lime per line JOC Vwo times per line per day....two llirec tmies per line per uuy...uiic b'tx times per line per day Doc Uujiui rate per lint- BUc turds of 'iliaiiks.. 50o & 'too Minimum charsje Sue Ads ordered I'or Uiree or six umes and eiopped deiorc expuu- Uun will be cuiu'gcd lor me uuiu- ber of tunes me add uppeurcu uim kajiisinieiii ot bill imuif. AH O'lHssnied Advertising copy viomliK'u by persons i-usjduig oul- uue ol the city must ou uccom- Jianied by casn. Knits may DC uuj>- ny computed iruin above uuiu. AdVHUSlllj.; OilititU lijf UTC'iJUtill jiseruona UIKC'S uiu one uinu jm<;. i\u responsioiuiy win uc taKen tor more man OIIL- nicorreet Insertion 01 uiiy ciasMileu uu. Business Op'lunities Party to invest about $1000 in local business enterprise: that snould pay ctplal returns each year, investment practically guaranteed. | May take active parl in jnannk-!- i merit It desired. Sliile age. pies-! cut occupation and other inior- j mfllion auout self. For interview ( address Kox "1CIO" c/o Couiier JSDWJS. Friday & Saturday '36 Dodge Sedan City Driven Nice bedroom convenient to bath. Steam heat, Phone 2IM. lck-ll ; W acres ot land, aliuiit 30 acres I In cultivation, 2 miles Northwest | ol Half Moon. Mo. J. E. l.misfonl. i 1501 W. Mnlii. 2:i-pk-2(i| Nolen, 31022-ck-if i Hooin, close in, $2Z5i_ Wn !"". t .. s . 1 : , 0 _ „, . _ 1 Store building, llutlumn. Couple ,13 Chevrolet Coacll | liietc-ned. P. K. KUsell, lluHman. Clean as a pin $175!- J!: 1 *::^ litiaicttt Used Car hoi hi Town WHY? JUST LOOK! grors tooth lire less subject lo <lc- cny (him those of boys iinrt mein- lirrf. or tin- wliltn ami jellow'Hwi! Those obsmuilims urn nmrto In n lisre of the Jonrnnl of HID Anu-r- For Sale 10 highly bred Jersey hellers ''Vilh ., young calves. Bought from Ilsr- 'scliell Smart herd. Inquire Onlncs Market, 8-ck-3-B Good wood and coal. A. P. Burks Chlckasavvbn and R. R. pjiiino (167. 31-ck-2-2u Welding EXPKRT WELDIKS ELECTRIC & ACETYJ.RNI:' Charles Long, tormcrly welder forj Blytheville Machine Sliop I DRAGI.1NE anil HEAVY WGI-D- i INC oiiit si'fc'c;;rv '34 Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan, Perfect $165 '34 Chevrolet Coach Special $95 '31 Dodge Sedan Motor Completely Overhauled low Mileage . $135 '32 Chevrolet Coach Real Buy „ $75! I Ford V-8 Coupe Ready to go $89 '31 Chevrolet Coach Rims Good $85 Model A Pick-Up Truck Only $39 WE TRADE Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan H'alcli tills space for changes in mid. It's different each day. Open Nights & Sundays room house at 700 Park Slreot. Phone '164. 22-ck-ll C room house and bath, unfurnlsh- eil. U25 Walnut. Plume lilft. 21-pk-W 4 room fmnlslicri apnrlmenl with bath. Phone I!G8 01 050. 21-ck-tl One bedroom nrljolnhu; bath. 1000 W. Asli. Cnll 445-W. Mrs. M. O. Goodwin. lU-ck-tl riiKV. sroit'f SI;»AN ! lul innrooji linl.-h. complete: Firestone tires, anipped I comfortnlilr bedroom, twin beds, 2 closcls, steam heat, mi'ii pieferrod, plione 1. MLS. J. Ci. Sud- I bury. IT-ck-2-1 ! Modem unfurnished apartment. Downstairs, lies Private bath. 1126 W. Ash. Utili- n-ck-2'l Unfurnished Aporlmenl apartment In Slmue Building on West Main Sweet. Call 571 or 1ST. 1-ck-tf Rooms or apartment, chicknsaivaa near School. Phone 17U. Repairing Expert gun repairing. Sec E. M Damon at the Blytheviilc Armory on Wednesdays nnd Tlnirsdnys. with radio and healer. Special lodnv $340 •:tU l-OUll DKIAIXK TUUOK Looks like new car. Color black. Low mileasi'. Molor In excellent condition. A truly elenn car from lop lo bottom., 'Mr. I'OKI) DKl.VXi: Original gray tiniKli like nc«'. Kfpiljiped with custom radio, yood tires, new seal covers, l.o\v mlli'- si(!i'. A eiu- that wll $250 '38 PLYMOUTH DKI.IIXK 2-d(ior sedan. lieaMtifnl beige lin- |K|). ilenlcv equipped. Molor In excellent roiKllllou. V'ery low mllf- nge. Interior ol cnr like new Dark srccn nnlsh. Molor L-omj)lcli> ly reconditioned. New seat covers. Hcnte.r cciulpped. A cur Hint will Bive you many miles of carefree dilving. Monllily iiayments ns low as $13.31 ......... $195 \\ anled To Buy 1 'fl I'Olill "(K" TtlllOlt Black llni.'ih, i\'c«- win covers. Motor and tlrps In A-l condition. Exceedingly low nillcnse. Bee & drive this car today... TIU1CKS, j Want lo buy. t;nod uped typewrit-j MB INT. i er. Call 305, J. P. Ellis. 20-ck-21|Ncw paint, j excellent condition s'i'AKi; ri Tlrrs mid Strayed or Stolen CHEVROLET CO, motor In $299 D. W. GARAGE ••••;- u ;l>cH; Ark. ''I'ilOMC 8-r-ll Wionc G33 2 aircdales. Answer to names. "Scrapper" nnd "Queen." REWARD. B. Young, Osceola, Arkansas. Itoom and Board I Room and board. Slca mlicat. HO'J W. Ash. Phone 003. '3? CHIKV. SKUAiV IIKl.'V Color black. Tires and mulor excellent condition. Only . Found .'Personal i T ELEC'fRIc AND r-CETYLENK WELDING I> r u u line and heavy welding a specialty. Barksdsle Mfg. Co. Phone 10 or Res.- 1015 Notice Bargains USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARD WAKE CO. PilONK S5 .\rcmse Hlugylsh Liver, nor)f uir the bile to rlti yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that nour, putik feeling." Take one box of KUIBY'S AC'UVt ,-,iVEK I-ILLS '25c. at an Kirby Stores Farm Loans Ladies wedding ring. Owner inn}' have same by identifyiiif;. J..».| Hmlili, phone 3S2. ' aa-ck Wanted to Rent Our Service IS YOUJl Assurance OF Safe Driving! Bnfe molorini! Is iho aim o( cv- fry driver, 'llien, why not u»- tiire yourself of this safely tin far us your ludomoullc Is concerned. Drive In mid let our mechiiulrs put your ear In shape lor any driving. The cost Is rensonahli- nnd the vvorl; ,junr- EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 1'carl lliiiiiioh, director of Ilie i'»lo Alto, cm., school denliil clinics. SI'KNI) YOlllt <IA80LI\K U01.I.AII WISKI.V SAVE e In ON Valuable Coupons With Hneli l'iiri'lii\w <!ASOI,INi;_MOTOR Oil, KKHOSKNK Wliolc.vule A. Keliil) THADIv WITH JOYNER OIL CO. TANK OAK TO YOUR OAK Highway Ot, Nurlli, Illyllicvlllo We Deliver I'liuni' lfl:t FOR SALE! One used KOC1I Hefrismilor While Metnl Men! CIISB wllh PrillUlnlrc Compreusor. Display front will) excess slnrngo and cold drlnh spaw. ukc new. Orljjlnnl eosl, $1157. Cavil price for quick mile $:i!)5. Terms nr- raiiBCd lo icsponslhlo imrlles. One (jinn paper tape machine, counter wnilpmenl itnd candy cane, Priced for quick wile. One I^lihaiiks-Morse Water Pump w ilium! motor. Trace C'lmlns. a fow Rood imile collar*, collon hoes, 30 Imsliels C'i" rcsat) tvealed Dl'l.-ll-A Cotton Nan; Located /it (jlrneoc Hotel lildf. •ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU WON KDWAUDS, I'ro)ir!elor -Ml Makes of licuiilll Tyjiewrllers, Adilln; Machfeies and ('nlculntoiit—KfinililtiK—1'nrts—Ullibons INTELLIGENT BEAST HOKl/.ONTAlJ 1 1'icitircil eqnlno imi 5 Vciiouiow Fliiike. 8 Up lo. 12Sooiiei' 13 Nmnlni!. Ineldenlally. I 'I Hustle. 15 I<sji. IVLtiunl. IBSmnll Island. Answer (n I'rfvlou's 1'iuilc 2^ Ulvor. 2-1 Hcvlves. KninncM, yi Kprcnd ot an nvch. lMndc tin erroi-. .ITl'o dress In. :i8Ullcrmici'. 30 11 hclonus t Ilio ' Kqihis. •10 YOIIIIK plfjoo •II Asae-ssmcni. •12 And. •13 OCCIID. ./ area, •10 Kgss o[ n.slics. 2 Shield fillet. 5011 Is used for Sl'arl.of Ha —- nnd work 5'l Jnvi(!onilln({ inecllelnc, 55 Noisier. harness. 4 To shut In. 5(i H i.i no lonRcr [omul In the wild 0 The mule of tills animal. •I Hoc. U Least whole number (pi.) 9 Ynm. Ulleliold. "' 10 Mountain. ,, lOSenlpr. . ', 20 The female ii of this animal. 21 nuco Irack \\" circuit. ,,,-!/. 22 To hiirden, •','• 23 Its neck )iairs...ii. 2!) Boy. : , , I 20 Wayside . ' :, Iiolcl: 28 To Impel. 30 Female fowl. -, 32 To sook.up. • . .1-1 Land measure i 30 Imprisonment.. 38. A causllc. •lOCJcms, '/',' •11 Cioes htwigry.' 1 ' •14 Unrngcd. '.''. •IVSWIlqt, 18 Collection -"" of fnclB. '', ,'' •10 Humor. ''/" l 51 Owed. 52 Fish, i Wnnted to rent house in Blylhe- j vllle. Write Box 45. Lu.\orn. Ark. WAUN1NC. ORDDIt IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAVVBA DISTRICT. MISSIBSll'I'l COUNTY, A R KANSAS. Large or Small j At l.oiv Interest Itafcs. | We are equipped to handle large i Nora Crafton linimmitt. PlaintllT, or small loans on any sized tract j vs. No. 7145 of fnrm land, at low cost, and at i Marvin Hnimmitt, ncfciidnnt a low interest rate. | The ilcJeiKlant. Marvin Drmn- TFRRY ARSTRATT X, imitt - is Darned to appear within or A r TV TWn Vim/ ! " lin - v " ays tn tllp coml liam « 1 in RLALTY COMPANY ' "»' ««l>lion hereof and answer the t ! complaint of the plaintiff, Crnflon Bruminlll, I Dated this 14th day ol ! in 10. I HARVEV MORRIS. Clerk I By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C 13 Walnut St. Blytheville, Ark FOJ- Sale or Trade jNcill Reed (Atty, for Pltf.i Ell B. Cook Iraflo for Mules, Cows, lions, 1 i Ally. Ad litlcin) 15-22-28-7 Poultry Baby Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery Rlyllicville Hhvy. (51 Nnrtli WASH TUIHJS H ,,,., I ill II ....... \VcllL CaUIr, Cora, Hay anr] I.tnnlicr. Odta ImplcincntS, tnc. Nru-lywrds' Age Total Sec Moj-il Simpson PHOENIX. Ariz. (UP) — Aiidrcs *"CS"U|Snliiawir. 80. and Pauline I'ucheco. . " j 19. were married nl the Seventh! I Day Advcnllst church here. Garcia j I declared U was a case of love at' sight but they had waited j eight moiHlis to make sure there I was no mislnkc about it. !Ir lias ] been niHiried three times and has j nine children wliilc the bride, mar] lird two limes previously, is the : fiiolJifr of II children. I!V I{QY SWEEPING COMPOUND Shimse-Henry Hdw. (.'o. I'linnc .'{"i *;» lOMcnliil imnec'. 53 Flbrsr. knots. R. E. WRIGHT 11. W. til, One IMIlr So n 1S1-.1 FISTULA ; '36 Ford 1'i Ton truck Cnl01 A l-'istnla is 11 Inisc draiimsc cunnl which iisunlly starts liom nn ulceratlon that penetrates the reclnl wall und works Us wny ilowmvaid and outward. In (he 1111:1! rCRlon where It appears us n tall or abscess. PisUila Is 11 treacherous, dangerous condition thai urailually and surely vianlrs one's vlliillly and lienllli hy the absorption of pus ami toxins from II. Into Ihe blood Klrcnin. A cure Is accomplished without haspllaU/alion or lass ol lime from work hy our ambuliinl office methods. 50 Others, nil M',\kVK, in Kxc ti tulil i n ii lo ('ho osc l-'ro m PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. DRS. N.1ES UY FRtin HAKMAN; 1 - 1 ::.', TRAVIS---YOU f T£l-l- OS l«l.s) TO GfeT f-VC HOStigS YDH STOLE" OC>T OF ROCKf PIT . OUR.CXME Tt) (JET -^W WE'VE StlRE HAD ) OURSELVES * TIME 1HIS1KIP, } ~ - '"— BY (30LLV, DOC.I'VJE AMP MOW, JUST TO CELEBRAIE. CUR THAT SWIM TOLJ TOOK. \ AM EXHIBITIOM OF HEADED MONSTER.O JAMMING AS 'VOU (Jin OtJ TO REACH DIDN'T TX> THESE DOCTOR, BROUSON.' -. EH? ', c'A'i'rn CTJE-EYEP \ I GIANTS AMD HAVE A. ROUK1D OP CltWRS CICJ.AK.S AM/ GOCOi HOOTS AND HEH BUDDIES ND HIR KHIKNDS. A Malicious Suggr^linn liY MEUUILL BLOSSBK I LOOK. MECIOR WERE MOT fcOM'JA FINISH THE PICTURE , SO YOUR SERVICES VV1U- NO LONGER" 8C~ RtQUIREO I PUP THOSE BplCK<3 IN PLACC sees You.' ! S. WAS OMLV FIXIM "1O SPrilMG You If- v iDu cor LOCKED UP ' IF i <5or YA JAIL ir WAS up TO ME To eer OUT/ HECTOR, IF we? LEFT ir LP TO YOU, we COUUO BE A COUP1.E OF OLD GPAOS FRO>.1 THE CLASS 01= 1995 / DON'T- You GO TO PINE STREET S66 IF= CAN A TRUCK? ACROSS . THE INTER-

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