The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1959
Page 18
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a~Aig«na (la.) Upp«r D»» Molnw Thuridoy, Oct. 15, 1959 r- PARTIES "ON THE HOUSE" The prdbe, in the House of Representatives in Congress, into the activities of the "munitions lobby" is turning up Interesting information. In is somewhat sensational, yet compare* lively little is printed about it. Martin Aircraft, for example, has made a regular practice of flying higtvranking military officers to a swank resort on one of the Bahama Islands for lavish weekend parties at company expense. The firm also operates a yachting and hunting club in Maryland., t Sperry Rand, one of the giant defense contractors, lavishly entertains military guests on Gardiner's Island, near Long Island. These are but two of a number of instances produced in testimony. Another feature of the military contract situation is that officers of high rank in all three branches of the service plan and carry out ad' vertising campaigns for the rival weapons of the Army, Navy and Air Force, with the cost paid for by the contracting companies and of course added to the cost of the final product, which incidentally is paid for from tdx money. All of us (,3 along with sensible and honest expenditures for military purposes, even though fundamentally we may feel some of it is wasted. But it does make the blood boil a little to realize how some of these contracts drq obtained, and how cost-plus expense sheets are padded. This is especially true along about income tax time. More power to the Congressional investigating committee. • it "ft * PRICING OURSELVES OUT? Growing numbers of American businessmen, are becoming aware of a new problem. There are places outside this nation where we are being beaten at our own game of mass- production. And these foreign manufacturers are grabbing more and more markets. There is a spreading conceVn in some quarters that we are pricing ourselves out of world markets — and even in some markets at home. The concern is real. The Federal Reserve Board chairman, William McC. .Martin made a world tour. He says:,."ln a fairly short time we are going to find ourselves priced out of the , market." . Autos made by American firms, but made abroad, are arriving-in increasing numbers. BUSINESS checked, then will reoeh th* polht of being Out of the world hiafk*t»" If that happens, d few million American workers will be out f»f |bb§. * * ' t SHOULD EVERYONE (30 f0 COLLEdEt Norihwood Atitttfcr — College enrollment is growing every year— partly because $f fowling population, partly because of the demand for college-trained men aftd women, and partly, we fear, because going to college Is just ''the thing to do." Without doubt there are many young people attending college who have no business there. Eventually they'll be weeded out—but in the meantime will have wasted their own time and money, plus classroom space and Instruction time which may be more serious. We don't suggest that every young person shouldn't have an opportunity for higher education. However, a young man or women will do well before chasing off to some college just because a friend goes there, to > seriously consider his own aptitudes, inclinations and purposes in life. Then he may decide the type of higher education for him—college, trade school, business course, apprenticeship or on-thc-job training. * * * BENSON INFORMATION* '•••' Indlanola Tribune — Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson hds Spent more in six years in office than the combined outlays of all previous secretaries since the post was created ninety-seven years ago. Mr Benson,has spent $31 billion, as against a total of $27.6 billion for all his predecessors. Mr Be.rj.son,,-. who was going to eliminate bureaucracy from the department of agriculture, has 'cut' it by increasing the payroll from 65,000 to ' 85,000 persons. Mr Benson has, however, proved the productivity-of the.,.average American farmer. By lowering grain prices, and removing compliance controls, •he has helped bring about what promises to be a record-breaking corn crop for 1959. Here again, however, the end result was a bit different than the beginning promise of what would be accom- \ plished. ',.'•• * * * THEY DO MOST OF THE HOLLERING Pocahontas Record-Democrat — Although the loudest vocal protests against government spending and the. resulting high taxes come from the wealthy and the well-to-do, actually the low and 6M tkfi FtLEB , if NA UPPER DCS M01NE8 19, JS38 "Careful, Argyle. Yott juH; |Hii tiif*« to your MUfidvnchr / * „ t k * i Washington : '•' • ' ./P» . • highlights turn. ® & ' •* * A VWJtty Reporlfroiri the MmW* Capital 6y Ray Perm* AL Folk* itt riil Swei City aria were never alow to extend hearty Welcomes td neWiktfheriS, but the latest greeting, for Rev. E. L. Srcfoefg, new Swea pastor, was HdkUlOus. Rev. Brofcefg 1 arrived Friday^ Oct. 13 just as the former pastor, ftev. Watson Herrold aftd family Were in the final stages of packing their household goods for a move to Ayrshire. The town fire alarm was sounded when, It was discovered the, par- .sonage was afire. Quick action of .the fire department prevented th6 lire from spreading out of the basement* wherfe ah overheated fitrnace had caused the conflagration. The crowd of friends artd firemen had scarcely returned ( to their homes when the fire alarm sounded again — and the firemen find about 200 onlookers went again to .the parsonage where fire had been discovered in' a wall, It was while firemen were battling this second blaze in the house that the. new pastor,, Rev, (Br&berg and his wife, arrived, fully equipped with their furni* 4ure. The welcoming committee of onlookers and firemen assembled .ih the front yard and greeted the new minister. About ON THE JOB -»• Contrary to lost $2,638,000,000 in sales. Steel- -as mixed - up a greeting as any- popular belief, Capitol Hill' 1 does' workers toave lost $926,000,000 in otte cou i d get . not close up «ftop when Congress wages. , The U.S. has lost $585,- .. > * * . * • iotal of 43,000 bullheads stocked in the river near winds up a session. True, most. 000,000 in taxes. And,;on .top of of the'Congressmen return-home'that, the steel companies figure , to mend political fences and- let they have lost $5>12,000,000 in the Fisher bridge dam south 'of the voters, give them a once-over •overhead and depreciation costs Algona Friday. Area fishermen after months, in Washington. A artd in salaries of non-production were looking ahead to some good few stay behind' to attend a workers. . . ^.. ,. handful of committee hearings scheduled during'the'recess. But ___ their offices remain open as there ',For" "the first" six years in office met county. is still much work to be done on president Eisenhower got along * * * this end. A. survey shows that pretty well with the D&mocrat& . Low temperature readings about 80 percent of .the office ,j n Congress. But-this y^ar he the general rule during the week. catches when spring of 1940 rolled around. The fish came frbm END OF A HONEYMOON — Mud lake-and High lake in Em- help keeps ; , things runhing in. got,, far- less support thah ever The highest mark was 71 degrees Washington while,the remainder;^before. .This year, of course, the Oct.' 15, while the mercury drop- return home to give the boss ."a. Democrats held nearly',, 2-to-l ped to 22 degrees Oct. 14 and 23 hand. There's mail ,to answer, majorities in both the Senate and degrees Oct. 17. favors to grant; and the pffica House. President-Eisenhower did < * *,"*•• must be kept open occasion* .(better, with Congress on foreign The Carl Paetz farm northeast al. constituent drops in. Next .policy matters than on domestic of 'Algona was the site of the year, the pictures will be differ- pbliqy. matters. And v the. Presi- Kossuth County Corn Husking ent. With every member, of the : dent,, for the first time, found Championship Thursday. The House and one-third of the Sen- Congress overriding/one of his contest' began at 10'a-.m. Thurs- ators up for re-election a lot oC vetoes ~- the mammoth' public day, -Oct. 19, .and 'the winner tho Washington staff wiU follow W0 rks appropriatiohftbin 1 . • .wasn't known as the UDM went the boss to' dp their part to keep ., . ._o—V^-/,- , - to press* a few hours before the him in'Washington. , , , . BEE HIVE OF ACTIVITY — results were compute'd; Entrant* . ' If .you don't think' ; ,Congressmen 'included 'Henry Pfeffer, Irving- v - •••-'•- -...<.. . .. ton;-Fred.Gray, • -Buffalo twp. t VJ tN>1 ^^^* wf »..—• •—--.-,.•-. ^ . —'.,- . w Cttllillj UllU 11 IVi W \ill VV W* W( U^. WV*M**,J v«»*- *xrf»i *••«»•. Typewriter; firms are: producing v more and more middlc _ m cb me folks pay Ihe bulk of the load.' _!•'_' i _' ~i^.-j*.l~f n *-\1^«mtc RlTli*r%Prt \A/irO fifillfil , . .* ... . « i -it i._ il' • ;_'_ '_ J» it- i' . -machines in "foreign plants. Barbed^re sells here for $40 less qAton after being maW in West Germany than /the.-same thing made by U.S. Steel in Clevelarid. International Harvester plans to bring in tractors from its British subsidiary to compete in Southeastern states against a tractor being imported by a competitor. The vice president of the Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, commenting on the trend, tummarized it this way: "If .inflation isn t $rs Rl E. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Algeria, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Algona. Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 3. ; 1879. . y \ ' • '' ' Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO, •R. B. WALLER, Editor '•'-•' ' DON SMITH, News Editor CLIFF 'LONG, Advertising Mgr. FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman This sounds "strange, but it's true, because principal fact that there are so few wealthy and so many of us other folks. , We recall an old Black-Jack player from Army days whose favorite expression was: "Holler when you're hurt". For a long time we believed the persons hurt the most would do the most hollering. But apparently, this is no.longer true. ( ; .' ' For it's & known fact that just short of three- quarters of all the income tax revenue the government realizes comes from folks in the $4iOOO a year and under btackejt. What's more, if the tax on all taxable incomes, after exemptions and deductions were raised to 100% on incomes of $6,000 per year and more.Vthe- extra revenue would not pay the annual interest on the national debt. It's a strange thing in this country of ours that" the "little fellow" quite generally looks to the conservative spenders in Congress as, his political foes whil9 those who boost more and more tax su'ported "reforms" are looked upon as his friends—and. it's.the same """in foiinxu" footinu much of the bill.- little fellow" NATIONAL EDITORIAL ei^Q'WeYUnited^ and sent on Gray; Ramsey;-Ernest •Nauman, H%¥ny. Americans as : poss,ible-toV.Its': Way.','. One recent bus y wefel? Greenwood; George Crawford, get flu vaccinations. This .es-Ks'aw 1,427,393 pieces of mail move LuVerne; Arthur Kraft, Corwith; pecially applies :td persons w'itH through''the folding" room. Soma C. A. Derner, Whittemore; and care, of the sick, those who per- few errors are Wade.. There is title was entered m the dis- form law enforcement . transportation ahd : corinnUnicar f areJiot all, however. Everything . tions and people in industry, from stationery to wheel , chairs The market failed to rally dur- ' , .. essential services such as one ingenious machine that, can trict- meet Oct. 26 at a site to be forcement, .fire protection,! stuff 120,000 letters a'day. Letters ahnounCed later. • > : * * ^4Wt 1U CTil^* ^/X. WJ./.4V* -Jll JllVtVAliV*.^* -1.&VSA11. «J l/U»V *%*»**-» f j w »» • •^.w*. j w.^—— - ^ ----.^ ^ ^ . _ Asian flu is'expected again to be have been wrapped and mailed ing the week with medium heavy a problem this winter. ' from this Office. Surprisingly, hogs topping •at.'$6.90; veal calves. """"'^ag'^g^'^^^ ^handled. Nations first electric lighting . >r . plant in 1882 it took ten pounds'' Union 4-H ClUD of Coal to produce one kilowatt, T ' he Union boys 4-H club held h ° ur .°L e ^ cl Ly-.JJy r l y y?? n rfamily night Oct. the corn- ago only, three pounds of coal, mun ,tf y center. New officers were with bruises and shock when he were required. Today,-less.than ^tailed, including Tom Henry, was struck by an auto after he NATIONAL Weekly Newspaper . Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth 'Ave.> New York 18, N, Y, 333 N, Michigan, Chicago l, til. / SUBSCRIPTION RATES IH KO88UTH CO. One Year, in . ----- ,.,,„„, Both Algona papers. In combination, per year — *»5.00 Single Copies' „ ------- . ---------------- --— -------- 10 ° SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance *.,__,,„. ,..«„.», ----- . — --I?i2? Both Algona papers W combination, on« year .»— 16.00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER Display Advertising, per Inch ---- ,. — .*,.». — --— 63c ADVERTISING HATES THE MORE FIGHTING. THE MORE CATSl , • Exchange — Republicans must not take too much comfort from the fuss the Democrats worked Up amongst themselves in Kansas City. It is well to remember the truism uttered by the old Republican campaigner in Madison county when a young politician said everything was all right, for the Democrats were fighting amongst themselves. "Don't you fool-yerself," said the old man, as he squirted a pint of tobacco juice into the stove door, "Dimmicrats a fightin' is jest the same as cats a fightin', the more fightin', the more cats." . •* * * Total deposits in all of Iowa's banks on June 19th of this year were a little over 2 billion dollars. And our banks were,all prosperous and in a most sound condition. All of our large bank deposits combined Would pay only tt little more than one- half of the money our government sends to foreign countries each" year, and it'is n^oney that we will never get back. ' - ' ' * * * To b« happy V\l\\ .« man you. must lore him a little and understand him a lot. to be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and not even try to understand her. a pound is- necessary. Efficiency ; has also played a leading role m : fa n ' D odds, treasurer; Jim . helping natural gashght Aroer- , gel and Douglas. Jergenson, re- the other vehicle in time to get r Cann fe ?Sl of '- lc ^ S i 6 A d fa ^. toi : ies : I porters. out of the way and missed one In required ,16.5 cubic feet . ** Five new mem bers, Dean Tee- day of work. . / I of gas to produce one kilowatt T i mm Molacek, Richard DRIVING IS 90 MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE' ON \ 'lt*s bound to b&. Modem Asphalt has no seams td thump-on your nerves* No lane joints to haffijpeif steering, "No over-rough surfaces to turn tifes into noise makers. Modern Asphalt's superior comfort and smoothness has been proven with scientific Bump-o-meter tests* • * > If }>OM or your organization would like mofe details t>n the important paving material issue t just send a request to the address below. ASPHALT PAVING ASSOCIATION OF IOWA T2O Grand Avenue • Des Moinee, Iowa ANSWER TO COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT WILLS 1. Is a person who rnake's a.Will bound by the term of the Will? ' A Will may be changed or revoked at' any. time, providing the maker is still * of sound mind. ' •'•• 2j Must a person leave his children anything in his Will? \ NP. ' ^, ', "" ;•;";";. 3. Can a person dispose of his property in any way he wishes by a Will? Not entirely.. The most important exception is that a married person cannot completely exclude the, other/spouse. , Under Iowa law the surviving.spouse may always claim one-third of the estate. , 4. Does d divorce revoke or cancel a Will? No. / THIS ARTICLE IS SPONSORED IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST BY THE KOSSUTH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION. Professional Directory i ' r \ '»*,». i •;"('. ' ' ' i •' few Congressmen have bothered stock' steers, fat 'steers and fat to visit the folding room to see yearlings topping at $8;. corn, 47 -------- cents; oats, 28 cents; barley, 33 cents; soy. beans, >73 cents; eggs, 25 cents', cream, 29 cents; hen's, 11 cents; ahd : ducks, -six cents. ' ,• ' • /•• .' . ,*';.-! ; > • *, Bob Siuder of Wesley escaped re:; seppedfrom'anothervehicle in Pin- front of his home. i 'He didn't see i V i 1 •! • incn • i 1 tt VCV, illlllliy lYlUiaucn., , ivii:iicu.u • of elecWcity, in 1950, a total of , Ougan Royce Dugan and Susan The town council >t Livermore 14.1 cubic feet, and by ,1?58 %is uj ohnsoni were we i com ed into voted to install, another string had dropped_still further-tn 11.5 rtheclub Dea~n Dodds, who gave o f 10 street-lights. Purpose of cubic feet: .From the •standpoint 4 ta i k( was chosen as candidate the lighting was to better illu- of both conservation and cost-,^ r county of f lce and Howard minate the area around the school these figures tell an important >.,Thilges was named voting dele- building. The council also dis- 5EI nT*\? . i.i .T-» » T_ji _I^^.__._J - ~ "'i 11 _ M-i— • J ll_4.! — *-l «. C INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY , J. R; (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance ,. 206 East State St. Phone CY 4I-3176 , BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY 1 All. Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY ,4-2735 DENTISTS BUYER'S TIP ~ In case you're interested the Fish and Wild- , life 'Service is offering for sale • 303 buffaloes, 91 elk, and 110. ,,gate. 'Bob : movie. Johnson showed DUX uunctiuca, »i. viiv, auu iiu ,.,, u, ,, • . longhorn cattle. -Reason, for, the : Mt \ B . wth £* Bt ' ' HAIL Hailbton'es as big as baseballs . a cussed the possible installation 6i more water mains to give better service to persons living in the south portion of the town. BOHANNON INSURANCE: SERVICE N. Dodge St. v 'Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance . ^ , * ' CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY DR. PATRICK J. MULLIGAN , ! DENTIST . 116 North Moore Sireet Phone CYpress 4-2708 DR. KARL R. HOFFMAN Off ice, in-Home Federal Bldg. Office phone CY 4-4341 ! DR. J. B. HARRIS, JR. Dentist- New Location On Corner PKono C,Y 4-2334 At 622 E. State multiplying rapidly and now ••can be spared. Buffaloes and elk -can be purchased live or butchered but the longhbrns. are on -the hoof. Pricetags: $100 'for a live elk, $140 for a buffalo. If you'd rather have the buffalo butchered, 'dressed and quartered, 'the price iruns from $165 to $200. A word;of caution about live buffaloes: they are wild animals of uncertain temperament and should not be trusted. ' was hurt. Louisa county A three per cent tax'was levied were big by the national government on skull but newspaper advertising during the Civil War. ISN'T IT TRUi? The ADDRESSED subscription lists of a newspaper, o«?liver*d v!a M-S. mall, ore th« ONty, GUARANTEED circulation coverage oYC»il«ble to an Advertiser. Who knftws hdw »nany folks have a specific 5 radio toned in at a specific time, or ^e T-V set the Same way? Who knows hiw many circulars ever get in* si^lf a dfbr? N|W§PA|»IR ADVIRT15ING IS THE §A^K- BONE Of 50UNO, BFFECTIV!:, BUSINESS PRPMOTIONI AND THI IEA5T 51Y|! f - : •• THE ALGONA UPPW DES MOINE5 Read W Qv*r 5,4C>0 ' VOLUNTEERS WITH A H.EART':.-- With too little credit,we believe* the Veteran's Admin* istration is making great strides in the care and treatment of, the Nations veterans. VA a'ecently began a new-type program for treating mehtal patients which shpws unusual promise, It might be called the "buddy, system." Volun^eQr college students a^re assigned a mental parent and spcn4;"t)WO ^ours a wecH with him.; The volunteer ai)3 the pat- iqnt participate in such' activity as bowling, playing cards, swimming, riding bicycles, ghbp work and-.many others. College students; are chosen be«aUs§ they are youthful, energetic and vigorous. VA -feels ,that' the .-patient will benefit from this .close cpmpan-. ionship.,and taking part*in activities i'vvith. an interested person. FACTS TQ~°pblf8IPBR — What dops the steel strike cost in dollars and cents? Plenty. A3 of last week the industry itself has Make Believe this Is Green Make Belive Neyv . "" ' *', Car$ Qrow On Tree$;.. They, do not, of course . . .'and NEITHER DOES MONEYI WE CN HUP YOU GET BOTH If ypu need o new ear or money for ^ne mk «1»pot a THRIFTY Bank loan . pyrpo«e» *top pt th« Mtmj^tr F-P.I.C. EY 44418 ' KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force, A home company. Safe, secure. s Phone CY f-SVSS Lola Scuffharh* Sec'y _,.. ,' . •.. r HERBST INS. AGENCY 'For Auto, House, Household Hoods, and Many Other Forms Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbsi ANDY CRAWFORD General Agent Iowa, Farm tyutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with . $10 Deductible) Life ,- Hail ., Tractor ; ' Phone CY 4-335J. HAROfcD C. SUNDET Representing , State-Farm Ifl§ f ;Co. 706 So. PMWw St. ' \ Ugona - • Phone CY 4-2341 AUTO DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office' phone CY 4-2349 Resident . phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & .-Surgeon DALE W.iLOCKWOOD Representative The Equitable Life Assurance Society Of , • The United Stfitos' Burt, lewa Phone Chiropractor Dr t p, p. Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone ;-. CY 4-3373 Hours; 9:00 ^ 5:00 Open Friday Pr. Williem L, Ciegg Chirppractor , 521 E. State Sf, Hpurs: 9:00 — 8;00 thru Sat. 8:00 ~ 8:00 Friday PU. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-3463 .. Of fic,ef phone CY 4-2353 Resident pjione GY 4-2614 , JOSEPH M.ROONEY Physician & Surgeon ; 114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN M. SCHUTTER, MJJ>T Physician & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona •Office phone, CY 4-4490 Resident phorie CY 4-2339 OPTOMETRISTS Drs f SAWYER arid ERICKSON Eves Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street Algona, Iowa , Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours:, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoons DR, C. M. O'CONNOR 1 Optometrist Visual, Analysis & Visual Traininl 108 South Harlan St. (Home Federal Bldg,) PHONE QY 4-3743 Farm Management Carlson . Management Company N. Strvlng Honwd*, Hwmb«ldt Pglo Alto & Kossuth Cpuntiei

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