The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE six BEfEIT CH : J*MTOVTTJ^'(ARK.) COLLIER NEWS Bees' Shortstop Ready To \\\\w, Again . ,, ; ^ , . , ., "'' Manila Girls Cop Title. Boys Eliminate Btylhe- ville Quint (>l;ls The Manila high <c!ico! w<m Die Mlssi&sippi county ba ketball cliamplonshli> In a hard fought taltlc- \v|t!i Unchvlllc (lie iieiv high a-li'ocl gym here li-t night. The scoi e wns'ao to \>J In the final game lust nit-lit. Coach Joe Dility's Blylhevnic Ohlc-ks tewed lo ihe 'speedy Manila Ijcys ajjgrenulicn. 37 lo 25. In winning (lie county U(.|e fui j "A" schools in (tie girls' division.! Manila .showed a well balanced , team with '.plenty of scoring pouei, 1 lihd, aUhouiih Die game wus do e tochytlle ciiit not upptar lo he Hi-, tjitkcii It II UK as FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2.1,' Biggest Impetus For Tennis quite uj> (o IJ:e disk r,f sto|!|iin,jj Manila's ace sharpshooter. Mi'Ciil- lars, 'who runs (i|> 15 of her tcnm'j, polliUs, including live field On the other hiuul U'lU-hvHIc showed (lie fniis several who could Hie basket for lul- lles. Coach Dlld.v's boys blew n hair lead last night aiul sow ihcir chances cf advancing to (lie finals tonight, go by (lie boards as (lie Manila. boy.s look advantage of the Chicks let-down and surged ahead to finish strong. Tnll Hilly Mehavg paced (lie , Chicks in ihcir scoring with a tola! of 11 points, tea via IieW-.goal3.-hiu. IK fnllpd (o imilch the. shooting 'efforts of Fowler. Manila, forward.' who rang (he bell for iiiijlvldttal scoring honors with 1C points, 14 of /which he made Ihc liard'way. Love, Mnnila sumd, also materially aided the cause uy ceoriug n points, including five field goals. Manila's win last night means thai. they, will meet the Lcacjhvlllc boys at Manila tonight hi the llti- als of the boys division. The box scores: Girls County Finals Manila (30) Lcachville (23) Ileeinan 3 F H. Edgin 1 Threlkeld 8 v l^ancway ti McCullars 15 F Muy.-i '2 Griffith O Htihn Cresap O Edglu 8 Hobertson O Melheni 1 Substitutes: Manila. Myers 2. Crafton 3. Towles. LeachviHe — Moore. Matthews. Boys Semi-Kinul!,- camp w.u-1-Isf ul Orlando. Ma., by •:omid as cvfr. K;ldle Miller, Host on IIVI-H' star shortstop, gets In f :»m,. jirc-lrnimii! HL Joe Klrlpii'.i baseball .v-h< A collision wiui . . ., rij.i ai-u .v.*,.. A collision vim Al Simmons put Miller in the hi.spital but .-.eiiKon Uv.j svoek;, before he was tl , |;! ; ,y i., u,e all-slr.r ..'aim-. TIRE fly INST Young Brooklyn L i g li {weight With Left Hook Given Some Chance Today's Sport Parade MdLEMOKE l.Oy AhiGELES, Feb. 23, <U!>)~ Putting the sporl shot here and there: Cne-scnteiice summary of (he Blythevllle "(25) Blackwood 1 p Mehars II p Coppe'rige 2 C Moslcy I C! Ltoyd'3 U Manila (31) Fowler 10 Ashnbranner Deiiton 2 Love 11 lliitloji B Subsl I kites: Blylheville, Jlyde Manila, Ornnt, Lawson. l; Sinclair, Company M .Win ,.,-.,,. ,, rtT , I .••>." VJ,,*,VI 11. ,_•, Hill Ul JJIL NEW YORK, Feb. 23. IUV>- Ion, Cal., didn't think enough Young Al Davis, n brawny, unbeaten Brooklyn welterweight, tries to tag lightweight ehumplon Lou Ambers with his first knockout tonight In their 10-roimd non-title fight at. Madison S:nuiie Ciurdcn. If Davis and his pnraljy.lng left liook to Ihe sol.iv plexus cun Him the trick, he will clinch a title shot wllh Henry Armstrong, the welter king, at Yankee Stadium this sum- in er. A near-capacity crowd of 18.000 because Brooklyn's tough "Dead End Kid" Is the greatest metropolitan-bred drawing caul hi the ring today. , the "hurrlcnnc" from Herklnser, N. Y... Is favored to win at O-to-5 In the heaviest betllne In many months. Uui his hmullers lire so' UAcrrtnin of his condition and so appreciative of the danger go through n lengthy, secret work jut late yesterday. Which is mast miisiial on Ihe et-e of tattle. Ambers Is favored of lib years' experience coup- Matches I ru^nm dltion, the- Jlerklmcr Jmripliig-jack .-Paced, by Bert Looney. league leading' bowler, wllh :i 'ho average, the muiefented Sinclair Oller.s Iroimc'pd Pepsicola for their fourth consecutive 'victory Tuesday night at ttie Plairior alleys, 'fop score of.(he.'night, '>&!. was rolled by Jimmy • Sanders' of. Pepslcola who also led his tfani with an average of 18fi. ' •In. the, second game Company M dashed .waler on any hopes Bn- ford Martin muy'have had'of gel- Illlg Into the title pliiyoff" by handing (hem Iheir .second defeat ot Ihe season. Top nnn on the Company M .team wus Tom Wright """• with nil even am averag?, while I UI11 >'. In his recent workouts nt Martin's best average u-ns J. U. -'"limit, N. J.. lie scorned lo have Lnnsford's 1B3. ! slowed >ip. although o:ilv -'S wars old. Larruping ixju must h.ivc hi.-; S|K-ed when he enlers Ihe rln> to- nlghl. Otherwise his IJtli fisjlu in Ihe Garden will be unlucky indeed, lie is iticUijj a yoniisn." heavier. stronger lad. possessed ot llu- most deadly left hook, in the business. c lie is fin'iinj a confident, lough kid - — , eu ..,v., , u ,ij slll lo ue-! who "J'stercd 22 knockouts while cide the championship cf Pemiscot i coml "3 through il3 |)rofession;il County. bouts unbeaten. Davis, tu 22 years. These teams won the right, to S °" tW f 3 !' t!lc dlll " 1 l )iou »«»' enter the minis an,,- niavi,,,,L „ Hb " olmils '» "»• "<• "'ill n«. tlm is as fast and elusive as a mongoose. Moreover, he has had 1)5 professional bouts without ever iKing knyoed. His opponents included such knoc.kom artists as Jimmy Mc!/.miln, Tony Cati/ouerl. Henry Armstrong and Frlule 7,ivlc, But—Ambers was miurlcd In Oc- iflbcr. He- has been (aktng life easy 2nd catinj; plemy or food Italian borne cookmg. acopl for two buuls with mediocre opponents, he has been liif.etlve since regaining Ihe l.'li-pouad crown (ro;n Armstrong In August. Since then lie won ensv decisions over Jimmy Vnnjfluin iii November and Wallv Hally in jan- sixth Simla Anlla Derby-lhe Held v:as as short on iiunllly ns the winner was long on price . . . The bnitiil (ruth of (he matter is (hat Owner II. c. Hill or Stock- of Sweepldn to enter him In the Ken- lucky Derby or bet more than n .s'fiillinentul saw-buck on the geld- inn's chances yc.sli rdiiy . . . The Hill bankroll. I'm Informed by an absolutely impcachable source, went en Son AKessc, who ran the most bnnif-im 12th Sanla Anlla ever has ivIlnesKcd. . . The best horse in the race was Mlolund. who finished fourth mid closed faster than a bankrupt dodging a subpjim server . . . Before passing on to a happier subject. Id's spend one minute "p- l)i-eciattni> the big grin that must, have spread over Col. is. R. israd- ley's fnce when he heard the news. Certainly there will be no second I'm i,ia Hint we've forsoik-n iiboui tin- lumliic nl Mhiml mid NOW Qr- It'un-i . . . The iriilh Is tlini the Kood two-year-olds nren'l running Ihls early mid Die good elder hides all have- broken down . . if H ki'.eus up the tracks may have to take u tin from (he Indlannpoli.s Speedway nice and install repair kil.s along the rail. . . Eric Tlpton won't see Ihe Rose 13owl this year Mack luisn'i Invited the Connie former 11 i- Donated Cup Now O.ic Of Sporldotn's, M o s I I V/ VORK, Pel,. y>. ..- nv:li>hi full, Davis diii more for leniiis t 1 i rtny oilier Individual, bm u < rimts, wonders if It is ivwrtli I;. In 1UOO. whf-n Davis v/a>: oi;)y it >nd sllll at llarvnnl, he donai- J ihc- cup bmrJinj his name for L!IC iimpo:* <i[ prumotlni! inlcn'ii- iii.l crimiii'lllion :ni<| }«<;«1 win. Hiilliibuloo ovr-r The /Imei-ica.s races nave h!m Ihe noiion, i'ii urowili of Davis' idea troni 11 tiiinpetllive standpoint was ns- f.iirtliiB. In 19CU, finly iv.-n nalions. ilu- United ataies und Eneliuid, ,iu])f'tc([ lor the Davis Cup. As 'n i v as 'if, him: ililed balls across in-!-, for It since. H perhaps Is the mmr eagorly soughl prizn in spoils. lliiloriiiiniicly, interjiiilioJK'il good will lulled to keep pace . . , 10 B. i anywhere at all, us n mailer .11 !l«-t. UIK> of (hose rare men or wealth V.-IID from ilu,|r youth have devoted iri«.,i of Uielr lime to public n f- hiiis. Dwlylit P, Davis, a striking figure of a man at 61, has never !o:,t interest in (he ymne he played .••o »•£•)! slncD it was a contest of 'oa«e Kile drives AD.M1TS T1IKKE AKK A1IUSKK IN GA.MK TODAY He did a graiui job building— pnvJilent of Ilic United Stales Duke half-buck to train wllh the o -. j-~ UU uuii 1B — U9 I'liiladelpliin regulnr.s, at Anaheim, pn'-'Jilent of the United states Cal. . . . Tipton is being routed I L ' uv11 'I'ennls Association, nmong to Toronto. . . Headline In a lo-j 0 "" 1 ' thlnss—but, a dycd-iu-lhe- cnl newspaper — "Arturo Godoy *""' »mateuv of the old school, he Heads stage Revue at Paramount ''.-<•; said lie is not sure he would 1 heater: Oil, Farr wasn't even n dancer. Local Juniors Eliminated 1'rom 1'oiiniey Al Jonesboro Last Niglil The Illythevlllc Papooses v;ere v '' fls "t his pea: ellmitinted tn the district junior! dt "t of the U. SliH-chiuid coining out of the west basketball tourney in Jonesboio lo worry Uradley und ulmcllch at,, hist nisht. dropplna their game lo Hie nowus In May. . . 'ihe Trumann Juniors bv n coum If anyone ever doubted Mike Jn- of cobs' sheer canrngi', he kno\vs bet- Ih 40-15 In the sccoivj' round meet. ,'? ' ' ' 'T b '' " ct '°" "' ""- ™<> Trmnann team Had "pre- ncuiicliiB a Tony Galento-Mux V iously beaten the Os-cola Jin brs Barr engu-emcni Is perhaps the aml Blylhevlllc liad drawn a bve most oiiLst«iitllii« nine htTve i-lnce Honitlo defended -; the bridge sli^lo-inuuled ... It thai one catcher on I'm 'uerson- 1'rlnci- Mika with the winner of the of gen- n, the fiist round While lust the night's cnntest ihml (jiniti on t!ie re ally *,,„„ to malch Pi'lnc^ Mik= ™^^^™ u^'""' ^"« rio ii over nyain knoivlng results would be no better in connection uith plnycr abuses . . . inking ex- lifiise money in excess, chletly ilij-Qiijjh duplication, and olherwUc Slvins (he .SL'inon-purc version a clack eye. Such prominenl court arlists as Gene Mnko. Davis Clip doubles partner of Don Budge, and Wayne Sabln recently were siispended. Dvvlghl. Davis not only gave (he Duns Cup. but. helped to successfully defend It al first . . . aijninst tnsland. Twenty years later! just to )>i<jie thai tennis is an old man's same. too. he came back wllh llol- eoiiibu Ward, his partner when lie v.-as at his peak and current preside::! <if the U. S. L. V. A., to win the natlcnnl veterans 1 tloiibles at Hie end of u set that went 18-lli. He played tirsi rate tournr,mont tennis unlli he wus 45. •iVON COU.KdlATK TITLES AS IIAItVAHU JUMOIt Davis visiied Japan years ago. He observe:! an occasional (jiv'ss conn on \vhi;h j'oung men in kl- iiiouoi- ch«sc<I a Habby niljbcr bull. A fpw - ve[ "'- s lal "''' lhl - Minonos and tbe llabby rubber toll were none, lor Hie Davis tennis ;1 ,ul spcrlsinanshlp rt-wivrd i(s li):gcs i iinpe( ,, s fri|m Aoitaici the famni:s cup wlnVh bears lii< inline. _, t . ' aid." beams this exceedingly energetic and pleasant man, "I was playing in Hie national doubles final. AS I stepped on the court lor the (list service I noticed something on the ground. U was the key to looker 13. We won the title ... couldn'l miss." President Hoover named Davis governor-general of the Philippines In 1B2S. Davis now divides his time between Southampton. Washington and his Maridlan Plantation near Tallahassee. When as n college student he put up the Davis Clip, ambassadors said he had done more for Intel-national understanding than all of (hem put together. But once more Davis Cup competition has been suspended for I the duration of wav . . . more than one war this time. nwtght P. Davis' peace plan was the friendly game ol tennis. It was as yoixl a plan as any, for none of them have worked. • THE PAYOFF thai he ;,,„, .. ,.,,.,.„. I U "P.,i\,., . 11 i L)avls « <=ne of (hos " Pemiscot Finals To Be Staged Tonight CAIIUTHERSVFLLE. Mo.. Feb. 23 —The Caruthersville girls will meet the • Wardell girls and the Skele boys wil meet Die Bragg city buys in baskstbal games lonlghi to d'e enter the rinnls after playing strong teams last, night in semi-finals ot the annual tournamcni which has created much interest sin-c it started Tuesday nighl. The Caruthersville girls who will i A te defending their title by having ! But won the championship last year ! nor nins-povmd advantage in smashing Henry Armstrong middleweight 11- tle fl^lu . . . Airinally Los An- 1 ueles thoiild be eluded about the, reception ii I:; gU'lnu tiint bom . . The two local boxers mo bf- ln;{ yiven les.s iitlciulon in Ilii-lr own town than Ihe sponsors of the newest ham 'n e«ss plan . . . They'd fct more piiblk-tiy if they iverc flfhllng <m nn u-cbcrs in (he lipper Arclic. . , The ChlcflRO Cubs started train- Iny at Cntn'ilnn Island 'toiliiy and ninon'{ the absentees were I'ilcher Dlx Ut-nti. Onltkldor Hank I.eib.?r. Ciillielder Aujie Onlaii und In- liclder Stni! Hack . . . Licfoer. Cinlnn and Hack me hokl-out.s mid IJcun is i\ hold-up . . . The lat- c.ii lip k Hint Kt-nlilscult won't really run until Ihe four bnmingcs me laken oil ihe rheumatic old boy's four ihciiiiiiiiic legs . . . Clipper Smith arrives shortly to Ice): ovor his new conchlng job nl Loycla. ... If hi- docxn'l get any raore co-operation than ids rrrdreessor. Mike I'ccaravlch, Mr. Smith will [;o lo Slbrilii instead Dean Crcinwell, iho u. S. C. track i would enter the !>a j be held ill Lnxorn March •>. JniiiDs is Bsixlous to utve ck r ' f hnndicii|)|iC'd both junior nml'senior team:; Dili year. ' Herscbel Bobo O.'f For Training Camp Hej-.scliel Hobo, manager of Hie Fort Smith baseball chili of (lie New York Oinnts, lefl loilay lor Winter Haven, rhi.. where he will kr In sprliv.! pr.icli-.'e. The mHnnger of (he Class -C" club, which won ihe championship inthat dlstiicl In Ambors was n nelthsr wus Tnnv n mni n, ' ;"", i rl ;f lecle b °J' s ' w!l ° a «-e favored outstanding lightweight contenders w ,,, amps tllis yf!»'. defeated who battles Lew Jenkins «t ihc warden. 60-14. and the Bmgg city Garden on March 8 for ihe ri»hi' coys Defeated Braggadocio, 19-14 lo a sh °t at Ambers' IMitwel^hl : The Caruthersville boys, winners of °kd«in. Moreover Uirkln 1-, « v speed last year's tourney, were cllinlnai- ' merchant like the champion nnd a ed early In ihe meet. i much harder hitter. Uirkin's kavo Tlie games will begin tonight ; °" U=c. 15 stressed Hie dlffitultv [ r"lD:fc. win, ihc ghis- 'tin of evading R left hook to Ihe bodv r^t- fi™> . f^._ IA j „. ~ . wuu^ U iison j will take his team 10 Fort .Sr.iiih early in Apd! following i(i c ,-lose of practi.-c in Florida I.iar.-h 2B. Mr. liobo has continued to make his home In niyihevllie since he came here four years n^o lo inan- nge the Blythevllle farm dub which was later transferred ,o sthlv who llil(1 c^'ylhbi!; . . . oi-Kiii ° „.„ |" s W{>11 ns brawn, lie always has Of a St. LoinY. depai'lmcnt store family, he wn.s gradimted from Harvard with an A. Ii. degree In nui::h (| U , tiasj 0 , 190a Iic W01J l)u , )n _ .ve.'.r. torcollegiiite slnijles and doubles ,u° y !,",?; have j ,i (I(> , !1S a j lmioi . wa( . ]|a _ tlonnl doubles champion in 18!)8 18M nnd 1900. As early us 190S. he became chalrmiin of n commission to prn- fnote better llvinu eondttions in the- eroivded tenements of the foreign quarter or at. Louis. He established community timers . . . buili public playgrounds, tree bath bouse.s, bnnd.s-tiHids and lecture rooms. As par!: cuminissimier. lie (S.WK St. Louis, rtn miexcflled system and its^ great xoo. o ; rn:i> POK IIKKOISM IN IVUKIil) \\:\K Liciilenunt-Colonel Duvi., ....^ twics cited (or exlinordlnniy heroism in action and given the Dis- tfi:gulshecl Service Cross durins; the ft orl 3 War. President Coolitlge appointed him sccictary of war. Oct. 13. 1925. Thirteen is his lucky number, ami he likes to lalt; iibnut it -Way Lack In !«M, ivhen I was tit liarv- Memphis Five To Play At Caruihersviile CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., i'eb 23.—The Baptist Bnskcieers will play in (he lecture game of a three- (jnme nttraclion lujre next Mo:'.-Jay night nL the high school auditorium, opposing the chninplans of the YMCA Independent tournament now underway In Memphis. It WHS announce;] here today by Parker j Holt, manager of the 'team. Tne first of the three game.-; will be at 6:45 between the Jiuiiur 1 fiask.-Hecrs and n luca! hi'j'a scho-;l 'class lentil. The Shaimosks, local independent will play In the second same e.l- 7:30. probably meeting ihe Hayti Indepcnclsufl, ard the final game will be al 8:M'Oii th» Senior Kaskeiters anil tiie Memphis YMCA chaiaoiom. l-' their sirnnjj '.sho.vln,' f.iainsl the M, : mp!i!s yellow Ca u ,s _ this iveck. lit which the Cabs <.v:;ii ly the slim margin of 3^.31, the Gr^kcteen; are^ regarded us one of the strongest iuk>[:en:ient teams in iht; sec-lion. TOUGH OM WIH.SKI-HS V/ABIIINOTON. —Catholic Uni- \eisily baske:baller.s who vowed not to shave until they won a game, finally ivcre able to hither \ip by benting St. Peter's nfter dropplni; nine v By J!:!;!tV HKON'HI'ICI.O HEA Service Sim.-ls VVriler MIAMI, Feb. 23.—Handsome Billy j Conn gives Clus Lesnevlch another ! crack at his ii a hL heavywcighl j chutnjiionship hero Feb. 28 and | Mike Jacobs Is hoping n^alnst I hope Ural ihe I'lllsbnrgh Adonis i will score a knockout over the tugged New Jerseyltn. In view of uiiiy n le jiij^ record to date, and from what he has shown while training for tlic bout, it's hard to vlsualir.? any- i tiling loo explosive in Conn's j gloves. j What with Arluro Oocloy ssid- i deiily projected Into (he limelight. : and Tony Galento and Bob Pastor still acceptable lo the- customers. i Jacobs doesn't luck oppositioii for j Joe Louis, but one thins about ; Conn Is certain. The boxing public somehow lias come to believe Conn If anyone Is the man who ultimately will lift ! Louis' crown. Uncle Mike doesn't | always give the public what h w&nts but he will bring Billy and Joe together If and when Hie- li-'til heavyweight champ Is ready LM't'S I'Mi.YJT HUT STII.I, C.-l.'v'T OA!.\' To thai end Cons's Iwirllcr.s have pin him on n iii^n celorl- diet which find;; him stowing nway <mciij,'li fond daily HI lake care of half |.i !: > European refugees. Conn started out as s ivellcr- ! weight and gresv Into a light heavy but there he seems 10 l;e Mirk I Johnny Ray. lib manager, hncl do;| lors examine hiin for t,i|iei',-orm and th? medicos foiin:! no fiffil •- tion. j Conn, they say. just Isn't i!, e I kind thai hikes on weight easily i and h mljhl. be ;,io;itl,s. even 'a j couple of years, before he puu on [ the i-ljjh! or 10 ponr,:ls he'd Iii(.to have. 'A.'wl while lie's v;aiim<4, j.. c obs would like to see Billy dsvelop a punch. The fans v.'ill pav to see a puncher and it'll have to b« a liu- tliiifll beat !x)uis. Even Conn, with his staml-np stance and superb tefl, votiidn'l be able lo boy joe out of ihc liile. A knockout victory over Lcsne- vich would te ns starlli:!^ as it would be helpful lo Billy's cause, no iiiwn t ueen beaten hi the last two years he fought as a middleweight and since he Ins campaigned in ihe li;.m heavyiveHil division. CONN HAS TOO MANY LEFTS FOR LKSNKVIC!! But at t!ie same time tic twm't Ueen able lo put anyone away, fn other words, he doesn't have a single kntckout to his credll since he iiit the heights. He's jtlll a drav.ig card—one of the best—but his would be about 51 per cent greater If a couple of his foes tfiil to finish on their feel. As il is-. Billy probably will oul- spenr Lfsncvieh and fill his face wllh more left hands than anyone can count. That's the way it, went last November when Billy gs ve Oils a good going over in Madison Square Garden. There's little lo Indicate It won't be a performance. Only one light hsav.VK-eHjht champion went on lo win the heuvyv.-eluht crown — Bob Pit/.. iiliiiinon.'i. But Ruby Hob didn't need ihe tonnase. He was a nuir- cieroiis hitter. Ciene Tunncy v.-hlppcil Harry Orcb (or the American light luavv crown and went on to beat Demp- :cv, but tlie Marine was a harder hitter than Conn and carried milch more weijhl. Laundry-gleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry iinti denning Service LOSE CI:NIIH PHILADELPHIA. — ISavian (; ; , s - (afson, Pcun.syh'ania football cap- ni» »"'! varsity basketball c«H<-i. 'l™Pi>cd off the cage squ ; ,d. j The suit co;:tcut of 'Sea Is five times tnat l,ein t' lack of Tractor Serves as Snow TSI «T ! ^-*" nmuers prc Biocks School Busj wi '°" 8 ton| 8W? j for 1C rounds. Confucius say "Man j can roll head Hlth punches, inn not 1 nelly." i Can Ambers prove Confucius! BATAVIA. N Y (UPJ-Ueen S now S which slalied' school b,,se couldn't keep Gladys Ford from laklrt* .h-r "wmlUtewrt Wba Central. school, wlure the Is a 7th grtde pupil. , When the bus did not arrive. Gladys expressed disappointment btcaus* die had made Isngthy preparations tor the quiz. Her fa- fner look out the farm tractor, ptrched Gl*dys on a board bolted w the drawbar, aoid cte'ltered off ovtr the aws- to the school. • S , AN JOSE> Cal (UP >-For Hie ^? '" '^™ * m o! Sa " aw . fclat( : College, men now oul- olid 1.813 girl PRESCRiPTfoSf Freshest Stock Guaranteed Hcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores won? . . . We've nl! so loudly about the stake horses in Call- Boditioo WhijJcj. The Old Fashioned Sour Mash Whisky It's "Coottiy Midc" .. . with timcstotic watet fioa oar Boaiboa Spriuijs TrMcK his nude lint Whisky since 18iO. Kentucky Slrslglit Bourbon Whisky Dlstributeil by Fcidmaii's Commission Co. Helena, ,lrk. YEARS STANDARD TIRES Noiv In Xriv Location J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Slain & Division I'lione 500 TO GIVE YOU THIS NWC!enntorc Silver Laltel has reached ihe bonding age 1ml slill comes al proof for mildness. •OTHER SIZES - .. fiOPORTIONATELY tOW// j LOW PRICES! AT TCBAY'S ^WfC^ """"""""' PINTS $1.00 QUARTS .95 As P Ac 1'cr Week Low As «JU On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. you act mote

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