The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1959
Page 17
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Mi 1 - V';m Wi'i't is presently <\ MII inhcr .>( the Advi.'Aory C.iunril "f tin- IVan of Home Economic.-;, Iowa stair University, and Pro- •"nlcnt of h<T lorn] school board, plim IHT many Farm Bureau and ACWVV ac'tiviliOH. All F,n in Bureau mcmbfrs an 1 iirticd to attend and all hnmr- Miakcrs ari> lirgod to linns' their favorite p;p and rn1r % r in the Pio Hakim: Conlcs't. Twfntv - fivf doll.'irs r.v-h prizr 8 ! will be- si warded in two divisions; Custard and Two Cru-:i. The pies will later i)'- used for rcfrfshmonts. Several entertainment numbers will also contrilnite to an t-njoyable eveniru;. Garfield Hustlers Add 4 Members Ciart'it'ld Hustlers mot Oct. 5, a! the home of Jerry Schmidt. Jerry Schmidt gave a demonstration on how to handle 1 a gun safely Art Mncjlor pave a report on his and Gary Banwart's trip, as a part of a judging team, to the Dairy Cattle Congress at Water-. loo. Duane Mr-lzger gave a report on the Junioi- Leadership Meeting that he and Art Moglor attended at Al^ona. Duane MelzKor is our candidate for a county officer; Art Mogleu is his campaign officer. We wish to extend a hearty welcome to our four new members. They are; Ronnie Buenser, John KeUlfsim, Leland Metxger and Merlyn Met/.sier. Cornel! Alumni To Meet Oct. 19 Invitntions nave hern sent to about -If) Cornell College alumni in the Algona area for a meeting to be October 19 at Van's Cafu north of Algona. Alumni Director Paul Scott and another member of the foile.Ljt.' staff will attend from Cornell. The meeting will include a dinner at (i:45 p.m. and reports of campus events. Parents of Cornell students, prospective Cornell students, and friends of the college are invited to the meeting, according lo the Algona area alumni club president. Cornell alumni officers for (lie Algona area are President Mrs Weslev H. Bartlett of 122 South Ridgley. Algona. a n d Secretary-Treasurer Miss Beth Annis of Algona. TWINS Lary and Gary Reffer, identical twins, recently passed the state board of barber examiner s. They're from Lenox. Gary is working at Villisca. SAW T... IT. Watson of Rutland was hospitalized, with the loss of the ends of four fingers, as the result of a power saw accident recently. Lifetime ...with a fine Diamond As an expression of affection, generosity or ihouglilftiJness, no has ever replaceJ a fine diamond. In • tin's store we proudly display iho cmljlern, Registered Jeweler, American Cent Suciety—yow guarantee thai you and your loved ones will always be especially proud yf u diamond purchased here.

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