The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1959 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1959
Page 12
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-,'" '7 -; rS c %* ^W^wrH * . * ^. ( « *J t. s« ' i** r j, ^j^jjjt ,"; *• ' 4-Algdtttt IS, 1959 : ALGONA'S UNITED FUND DRIVE will go into full swing next week. It's our first attempt to consolidate all that door bell ringing into one big drive. United Fund is an organization of the givers, and most Ot us, even though we don't have a large amount to give, like to know where that giving is going. In fact, I suspect'that there are so many of us in the same situation that our name is legion. Therefore, in the manner of a popular TV show, is this script, "Mrs Legion Looks At the United Fund Lineup", » » » THIS IS THE CITY—ALGONA, IOWA, All teaming 6000 souls of it A oily made up of homes and businesses. This is the crime: multiple fund drives and multiple giving for organizations and causes even though they merit our time and irfohey. This is the U. F. Squad, assigned lo cl^an up the problem, The detectives 'have brought in ten organizations tor tho TLineup—all suspected of being guilty of meriting Mrs Legion's giving through the United Fund, Ail of the "suspects have been on the Lineup before, •» - .'•. •* "•:. »• ' ( MRS LEGION SITS IN THE DARKENED auditorium, .her hands tightly 1 gripping her purse. She is Warned firmly hot to identify any of the suspects unless she is positively Sure they are guilty of needing her money. The Lineup enters, the lights are turned on the faces of the suspects, and after a short pause for a commercial announcement, questioning begins. ' » » * • SUSPECT NUMBER 1 IS THE American Red Cross, $2,500 tall. She claims to furnish volunteer aid in cases of pestilence, famine, fire and other disasters and to providing swimming instruction and life saving end first aid instruction. * * * • SUSPECT NUMBER 2 IS ALGONA Charities,' Inc. $1,300 tall He admits helping many in real need, particularly Algona children,, in cases not covered by government type aid. He is charged With 70 counts of providing corrective measures for defects of eyes, hearing, teeth and limbs every year. His admitted accomplice is the school nurse who investigates all cases. SUSPECT NUMBER 3 IS A Girl Scout. She represents several hundred Algona girls all engaged in the same activity—receiving instruction and leadership in healthful and useful activities, developing catriping, homemaking, community leadership skills and developing character. She is charged with needing $725. . * * * SUSPECT NUMBER 4 IS A mother by the name of Iowa Children's Home Society. She is $700 tall and is charged with providing care and counselling in foster family boarding homes for the child who has to live away from home and for the unmarried mother. She has previously been convicted of providing adoption service for couples wishing 4o adopt children. SUSPECT NUMBER 5 IS BOY SCOUTS of America, Prairie Gold Area. He is $2,050 tall, part of a huge national family dedicated to the task of developing physical fitness, skill, self-reliance, courage t and high ideals of service to God and 'country, in growing boys. Be Prepared, he says, to have him continue his activities. SUSPECT NUMBER 6 IS a Salvation Army Lassie. She has a long record of caring for poor with food, clothing and shelter, providing care for unwed mothers, prisoners and parolees and their families, and aiding in nation ' emergencies and with work with. and for service men, She is $740. tall. . » » * SUSPECT NUMBER 7 IS THE Kossuth County Society for Re* tarded Children, $1,500 tall. She adrriitsito providing a special day school, obtaining specialist advice, and endeavoring to make it possible for retarded children to become more dependent on themselves and fit into community" life. SUSPECT NUMBER 8. Cancer, $1,600 tall, number 9, Heart, $750 tall, and number 10, Polio and other health causes, $1,500 tall, all claim to be guilty of the same thing—relentlessly attacking cripplers and killers through education, research and treatment They threaten they will continue to do so until the hazards are reduced to a minimum. * * * MRS LEGION STUDIES THE Lineup intently. She concludes all , suspects are guilty. She will further identify them with her support in the United Fund Drive, October 19 through 31. Wont you join Mrs Legion? * * * RECENTLY I HAVE BEEN A little worried about my reputation. Those of you who know me personally will no doubt agree that I am. of the shy retiring type- and, that I blush rather easily. However, because ol the column on sex my typewriter wrote a few week's back; I fear I am getting known as a sort of corn-fed Kinsey report. Harlan Miller, who started the whole thing anyway, by his eternal, threats to write a sex column, has mentioned it tour times lately in the- Des Moines Register and I'm hearing about it from all sorts of sources. » * * THEN, THE OTHER DAY, Burt Harmes stopped in at the U. D, M. to tell me he and Doc Dorweiler had been having a discussion about'my views of the sex life of earthworms! The earthworm column was written several years ago and recently was reprinted in the Fort Dodge Messenger. Doc, is a veterinarian, and as such, knows a great deal more about the love-life of earthworms than I do, so I shall concede that I was wrong. However, all I said was that worms, being each both male and lemale, don't have to spend so much time courting; Doc claims they have to spend twice as much. Sex life of the earthworm, yet! I have trouble with the sex life of humans. * * * RIGHT NOW I FEEL LIKE the people in the old joke where the lady said, "In Boston, we place all the emphasis on breeding". Her conversationalist said, "In Indiana, we think it is a great deal of fun, too, but we have other interests." So have I, but wouldn't it be a wry twist of fate if I, who have always emphasized kids, home, mother and religion in my writing, should end up with my only taste of fame as that, "lady sex columnist from Algona"? I DON'T HAVE A RECIPE on hand right now, but I did find •another way fish should not be fried. It was discovered by Celia Dahlhauser, who worked long and hard to catch a couple of walleyes on our recent Cass Lake excursion. Fish were so scarce that Celia wanted to be, sure the ones she did bring home were fixed extra- special. There was a pan of what she thought was pancake flour on the kitchen cabinet, She' rolled the fish in it and browned them carefully, When the family sat down to the table, they complained the fish lasted awfully sweet. It turned out that daughter Jolene had been going to make a cake, found out there were no eggs so she get the bowl o| inix aside, and Mama had used the stutf for fish crust, It is not recommended, GRACE tended funeral services, for Carl HoViok at -Badger Wednesday afternoon. N. N. Club met Thursday evening at the home of Mrs Conrad Johnson. Donald Newton of* Chicago visited with his parents, Mr and Mrs DeVere Newton from Thursday evening until Wednesday morning, Mr and Mrs Eugene Struthers, Kristie and Kiwi visited Mrs Struthprs' parents, Mr and Mrs R. M. Hanson of Ankeny Thursday and Friday. Friday afternoon they attended the wedding of Mrs Struthers' brother, Edward Hanson to Georgia Elling- sort at Des Moines. .•Mr and Ht* Antone Waechtfer accompanied Ht and'Mrs Heftrjr DnhihauBcr of West Bend to the Dairy Cattle Congress lit Waterloo Tuesday. '" > ^ Mr and Mrs A'nlorie iVaechtet attended funeral services for Henry Dearchs Sr. at tht Meth* odist church at Algoftft afternoon, ' ,• Mrs Lillian , Wehrsf awn, Lester Wehrspann & Mrs Robert Block attended, a post-nUptia> shower for Mrs DtMald Claude at the Ltitheran church,at Rutland Monday. •Mr and Mrs CAtfO\\ Olson, Dabra and Dfane< attended the twenty-fifth, wedding^ ann4ver» for his,Uhele'and atlnt, Mr and Mrs Arthur Lflrsoft at ricks, Minft, ,Sttiid»f» Mr and Mr* H4rlfey. Knutaon attended funeral services tot Mrs Ted Lee at thfe Methodist church at Bmdgate Wednesday afternoon. ' ' ' -,' Mr and Mrs Srliftg 'Maknift visited Mr and Mrs Sig Risa ai fort Dodge Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Call ttegnet Joyce 4 and JOahftie of L&urens were Sunday evening visitors at the Fred Kampens, •* Monte Newton' 'fras ' retutflinl from Fort Bodge, Oct. 5 When his car overturned, He haa since been a patient at the Luther&h" hospital ai Fort Dodge, He was put into a cant Friday, because of a f He 6 to 8 fceeks, fctil Aspects ItiM h Daryl and was baptised Sunday at the theran 'dhurch%* Dittner "gue«s at the ^eich home ' Ihe service were Rev. Harold Mimntaift, Mr and Mrs Afttbfte S|>eich and EdwilS, Ruth Spefch of Ame^ Mr And Mrs#aul Berftinghaus Of Fort Dodge. ^Mr afld Mrs Gene W^lstott and CMr- les of Gladbrook, Mr and Mrs Airland Speieh and DaMd. C«dar Rapids, Mr and'Mrs llfthb:ff b Lifida ahd Joe mer and Mr and Mrs , e Mi'S •tain,' Mrs Mrp Anna • nfral ?%r tovlaryj M \M MPUI)' n and att^,nd<?4 !R- fp.r,' .Mr?, *Pora LtheRn, church afternoon. SJenn •^xn& of I1J, apd''Mr and • ! -•' VaUey, Mr and Mrs Francis Starr ot Burbank, Cal. were Monday night guests at the DeVere Newton home. J4J,- and Mrs Percy Watnem wej-e Thursday evening visitors at the Bruce Watnems, where Danny Bruce celebrated his first birthday, Mr, and Mrs Paul Wat- n&m and family of Ktemme also attended and observed their 4th wedding anniversary. , •Mrs Dean Loos pnd baby daughter returned hqme 'Thursday from tjifc Lutheran' hospital at Ft , Mr' and Mrs Richard Kinseth an4 Mr £Wd J^rs, Oliver Kinseth K fttywMa fre «i*th district letter (?arrjer$ WfceMwig at Rmgsted Sat* " 'Mrs Earl Olson and MI Fred Benjamin of Brad* Oct. 4 visitors at tho dgar- Jacobsons at Marshalltown.' -Officers , elected at the Legion ^day evening were LeRpy W.oi'by, A4- v fticljard J&mseth; historian, Alfred SphuUz; chaplain, Mifcti FfohUog; - «wd fieer, Paul Meyer. JtmSyigifSia^^ ^ffffSffiSSSSSSfSSSSfSSJ •< v' • y.' '• •>'•$•''•' ', > - • -'; • -: v 4 . irt Fatm 6ftd Horn*' V ' ilirllHlhinii. ' f WMCh Rill Cullen on "THE PRicr is RIGHT"' Mondiy through Frld»y AH NBC-TV •The Price II Right IS » COODSON-TODMAN PRODUCTION Irt AlsocfAllbn WltH NBC. | We're proud to join Frigldalre dealers all 'over America in the biggest Frlgldatre Laundry Value event of the year! Right now, from dbast to coast —and right here In town—we're out to,prove It costs no more to own the flnest-Frigldaire. Shop 1 these—Frlgidaire laundry values; Cornp'are the features. Check the, quality against any!other machines on the market Then we know you'll agree, "The Price Is Right!" Now's the time to buyl at Beecher Lane Ap pliance during UUJ First Showing Of 1960 Frigidaire Appliances. 3 Days * 1^ Factory Representative, Herb Engel, Will Be Here To Answer Questions., lint trap's inside the door— easy to reach and empty IGlDAIRr AUTOMATIC DRYLri Model DS-60 only.. • it Full Sweep of Radiant Heat—Giant heating element spreads heat from top to bottom of the drum, dries everything thoroughly, safely —and faster, tqo. • ''WASH & WEAR',' Cycle ~, many olothej actually need'no ironing at all!; • Automatic,"cqol 'n fluff' leaves clothes as soft as feather down • Cycle. Selector sets correct time for the fabric in the load " nily-size capacity —20 |bs. of-wet clothes - *, 'FASTER and SAFER THAN SUNSHINE .. .fluffier 'clothes... brighter colors In all four" vented models, giant heating element spreads flowing heat from top to bottom of the drum— dries clothes thoroughly, safely-and faster, too. BEST FO& HEAVY CLOTHES ... it dries 'em thoroughly, quickly. BEST FOR DEBJCATE CLOTHES ... it dries evenly, safely. AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN WHY SETTLE FOR LESS THAN -£rV r s - 1960 I DAI RF" |U(F«T^'i'i-^ mm A.UTOMATJC WASHERS Model WS.60 ONLY THE PRICE IS RIGHT ON ALL 1960 Frigidaire Appliances FREE DOOR PRIZE Register For Hamilton BeacH Blender-Mixer To Be Given Away Saturday ,:-, :< • . • '" t Remember,.... t This Offer Good Only Thursday, Friday and Saturday! jjfi|' Our Easy Payment Plan To . fake Full Advantage Of This lnAnnual Frigidaire Evept! Payment Due Feb, I i960! . * •' • . •* ALGONA An Y Appliance For Yswr Home - $ee IANII Most People Do - And Save Money, Top - In IOWA ,._...„.._—,,,-• .1' ,,. Us .ft ' «f'ih«Ji-iH.

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