The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1959 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1959
Page 2
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'U . W: m m- l«*W, » •wJ . m •ii *•>{' ® 1 (io.) , Ott. IS, 1959 Mcfvoy ec/s Joe/ /?ec/iV>g Qd, 6 SheiJa Ann Mdfivoy became the %fide of Joel Reding in a ceremony Ocl. 6 in St. Cecelia's Cathie" ehurcfti here. The bride is a S|ughter of Mr and Mrs Clement ,S|eEvoy, Algona, and the bride- gi-eotn a son ol Mr and Mrs AI- |gfrd Reding, Bode. **Msgr. P, P. Oearen officiated t the double ring ceremony^ ?ler Mary Arthur y?as organ- and Albert Decker* fend Henry Bilges sangi,' Richard McEvoy Jjjpd John Elbert were acolytes. <t«f Grace MoEvoy was maid of ihd Rosalee Reding, Sher- Rfeding and Sharon McEvoy sic bridesmaids. Illg was best man and insmen were John Reding, ry Friderea. and Gerald Red- John Henry and John were ushers. i 1 bride ;wore a chapel length .,_. of Chantilly lace and tulle,. 1 neckline of lace was softly '6f»ed and caught with a satin . fciJttJht. Tiers of tulle form-* Ihfe, full skirt and'an all lace ingote encircled' the skirt and was banded with satin ribbon caught with satin bwws in front. Her fingertip veil of illusion fell from a lace crown, set with tiny silver beads &nd seed pearls and her jewelry was pearl earrings. She carried a cascade arrangement of yellow roses. A wedding dinner was held at 12:30 at the Plantation ballroom at Whitta-more, A reception was held in the sfternoon there. Mrs Gerald Kirsch registered the guests and Betty Cogley dut the cake. Mrs Ddn Prieskorn and Ann Kriobel, Sioutf City, poured. In charge of the gifts were Mary Ilia Erpelding, Mrs John Henry, Norma Rolfcs and Leona Gbcckc. Hostesses were Mrs Veronica Roethler and Mrs Lawrence Kirach. .Waitresses were Diane Reding, Marilyn Bonnan, Kathy Gales, Diane and Sue Dimmer, Majtine Holdorfer, Lucy Struenberg. Arlene Kramer and Theresa Thilges, The bride id a-gradual!? of Si. Cecelia's Academy and St. Joseph's School of Nursing at City, She is a registered nurse. The bfidfegfootii is a graduate of St. Josejih'g hl|h school at St. Joe and ia fftttnmg, After a short widdlttg trip, the couple ia living on & farm six miles south of Algona. n-m-Mf-iifiUMiiiiLan'tt.H—--- * Boy Scouts Are Re-Organized At Lu Verne LuVeme — Th« re-organization meeting of- the LuVerne 60^ Scout Troop was held Wednesday evening in the Farmer's State Bank. David Trauger was named act* ng Scout Master. Other officers ire: patrol leaders, Dale Kubly, 'imothy Blumer; senior patrol eader, Dennis Thompson; quar- 35 REPORT OF CONDITION OF / ' S , - • IOWA STATE SAHK IN, Algona. KoWuIh Iowa, & member bl the Fedaral Retefva &y*iam, at tho •close ttt butittett on October t, 1859, pubilihod In accordance with ft call mad* ,j*tf the Federtl Reiervo bank of lhl» dUlrlct pursuani to lha provision* of tho JKftd«ral R*serv«r Acl. «*i, ' ' - A S S fi T 8 id. Cash, balantcs with Other banks, including reserve balance, find fiHt cisli Hems in nrocess of bollpctton »-».» 1,334,B10X)1' <*8, United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed ,.1,625,603.78 *a, Obiigntiotis of States-And poHtieo) subdivisions .»-.....„».,. 720,004,33 «fi. Corporate stocks (including $7500.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) 7,500.00 «6. Loans and-discounts (ineiuding $2248.45 overdrafts) .-...—.........1,814.408.08 ^ Bank premises owned $84,763.34, furniture nnd fixtures $20.435.87 124,199.21 •*»* (Bank premises Owned are subjeft to no liens not assumed Uy.bankf TOTAL, ASSETS i ,„ * ,L'. ^ l'I.8,032,576.41 ',. LIABILITIES Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corpora lions _,4,2 < 73,840.80 'fime deposits 01 individuals, pnrtnorshipH. and corporations .. 7,033.61 Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) «. 86,181,81 Deposits of States and political subdivisions . .,-*-. Jj...v».*. 888,078.20 .Deposits at toanks -.< „....„. -£„„„'-... ' M/502,07 Other deposits (certified and officers' chocks, etc.) * *„„ 38.033.0S V TOTAL DEPOSJTS $3,120,780,30, '« • CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 'Capital* -»*.+»„ —,—, -, w __'..-., .. 160,000.00 .(.Surplus -L-L* 1 .. „.„.. ; * ......;*.. t 4.u.- 100,000.00 |.»',Undlvided prottts «. „_„ ^.. „„ _„. 286,815.11 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ^ 808,818.11 - , TOTAL LIABILITIES "Al*D CAPITAL ACCOUNTS :„,„. 5^33!i < 575.41 •This bank's capital-consists of: >.' - < > • Common stock with total par valua of $150,000.00. - , o , " ' '-, -' -",'ME'M'O'ft AiN'B A <"* '< f Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes „„, fc _i«ji..i..^ ._, ...».*_, k « ...» »..^»........ 250,000.01 I, A. F. Agena, President of the above-named i bank, hereby certify tha j above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. • ' ; * • • • A. F: Agena, President • , i . Correct—Attest: j ' ,' F. L. McMahon> H, J. Cowan, H. L'. pilmbrel Hugh Rnney;' J. C. Mawdslcy, L, E Linnan, Directors. « Tate my advice ..,! • C. ' * i( I 111- I 1 ' •Hk ', Bjtfce; feen -m r . chaintian» Destfc TjiiiBger arto bugler* Ronald Trfluter. attended a district letter carrier trieeling &t Ringgted Satarday girls oMPdrt t)odge called S«ttf» day' in,, thfe > hofne o t h^r, brother Ihe Bilfy Hafddb^f'ftonily. „/ Sunday guests in the'Henrjr Kubly home were fricnda, Mr afld Mrs OScar Wiling df Foi?t Dodge. , 'Mrs Jtidean Weltha 'and children of Kandall visited Ffiday and Saturday with her parents, Mr and Mi* Edwin. Marty., . . Mrs Wllma Tiefde of Fairjtiohi, M'inn. visited 'her brother, l im Laurence ; ;Mill6r family ' and other relatives the past week,.* Mr and' Mrs Allen Miller' ahd Cindy? of .Sargent. flvtmtCj ^t r and halla, lests in feme. ( 'Mrs Don Miller and *f eiryt Lu* Wrrte and hef fatBW Keti« Kaeek of Lone Rotk vMited M> "day to Monday ih * Etes Mdhiel with the Melvin Kueck and Bye- Sfett Mittag families. Air and ||X— -f 6i visitors with th'efr parentsrMtS Jtegsie Stripling and the Oka-daft Qfegory families/* . , •- •'*,.' . Mr and Mrs Lewis Pelteifefeft W Waterloo visited her mother, 'Mrs tWra Ramus, Sunday. • * ' ' . Roberta Mtitray ,oi Del Moines visited hef ' grandmother,. Mrs Clara V/olf Sunday. ' "' ' . , Visitors Friday in the Mrs Mabel Thompson home W£re her daughter, Mrs -NfehoJas Wolfe a*nd new twins, Mr;s Wolfe's daughter, Mrs Leon Hinton and baby of Fort Dddge, '••Mrs Harry -Naffziger went ta were guests ifi th6" herae isf his aunt, Mrs Emrtia Kiibly in Visited * .. with his Barents, Mf aifd Mrt Corliss Dudley at Lohrville arvd with 1 Itos '. Dtldley*s *i«d(»eT r Mr? SteMiaiDeSart at Lake City» Mrs Cdrliss Dudley. Js.cofivalescinM from recent. surgery k .Clyde"Dud« ley jeiheU- his fiuMy i&r^ome ^1 their viSit^ , " ( 1,.> -.,'•;, -» Mrs /Frank Qronbaeh and, Mrs ti:^iiJ ",)»i£kisMZ£*L --a,iia.i"L ,./K "jaiJ'jsi, of Stturday " e. ee'-vs • Ati.66 • Andei-elr^ WeSi Send, - '1, WU, HJIU -J.TUB iiWVTWVlr' •fPft. 1 '"" and family of Live^oif^eame -Stodayjor hi6 mo,thgr^,MrMj|ate ; Sunday they .*tttt tt in < LtenJm & Lyftoh, Attottieys • Algona.'jowa , ' TOM RICH H "Switch to Color TV Now" The greatest array of color shows in TV history is coming your way this Fall and Winter. The biggest stars in the entertainment world are all set to entertain you in living color. And -what a difference color makes! Come in and see for yourself. * - p, ;1 N«. P9yir»pn,t* fin aff^r Christmas, Algona . PRICES FOB DOT. ,15, 16, IT QTJAKTITy EIGHTS LOOK NO MORE ^Y LADY, YOU'LL FIND IT AT NATIONAL . .„ never liad to t^t KfatioAafs ftiohey* back Guarantee of Satisfaction, but I know of no other food stofe which advertises a- wore strongly-worded guarantee.'It must' keep those National'" folks on their toes living tip to it! It's nice never to have any hesitation or doubt about choosing my family's food. For instance, we're pretty.fussy t abonl meats .,,. ye'tj I can send niy 8-year- ,-, old son to my National and always, know .he'll come Back wMhfquality ~I couldn't, <pick it better myself 11 ..,,-. ? KINGKORN STAMPS EAT MORE EGGS! IN .LINE WITH NATIONAL'S TOJJCT OF LENP. ING A BAND TO OUR FAKM FRIENDS WHEM.. PRICES ABE DEPRESSED ON THEIR PRODUCTS; WE ARE FEATURING AND PROMOTING THE SAtE OF EGGS. TO OUR CUSTOMERS THIS ' BRINGS EXCEPTIONAL;VALtTES i-.'.-AT THE SAME TIME THAT IT TENDS TO FIRM UP THE PRICE ON THE FARM WIFE'S EGOS. KINGKORN STAMPS •7>,-'-v. v •• •;• * .. « v SWIR'NING .' .-. • .' - ; ,« "• • •', T .i»< c ". '. ,-f .' ,',')' ' * ": .-- i ' * < J>, - •• "-• ' '*• - "* v PORK LOIN ROAST • rfrtiti. ',7i *« iisJL.^- ^ Fiitl CENTER CUT PORK ^••••••••••••••••••••••BilHlHl AT TOUE NATIONAL STORB £ Kflft THIS COUPON WORTH Kfli* • OWC FIFTY CENTS 3Uff B .TOWARDS TliE PURCHASE OF •' lib. of Sliced Cooked Ham • BJM, PK1CE «.4» — WITH THIS OOtJTON H* - COUPON KXTIBES OCT. 17.' 1*9 So' IPresli (THICKER GIZZARDS So Fresh OHIOKEK * PKQ. 49* 49 ' 39 KEAPT'S RINDLESS-OhUHfe Longhorn Cheese £" BUDDIO'S CHIPPED BEEF HILLSIDE HIOKORT SMOKED .-, SLICED BACON TOP TASTE ttt. f*UII I Jt "' ""' *•* *"• T*!'' vniki I.LB. mo. „ vv TOP TASTE, Pure, Lean, Pork SAUSAGE ROLLS BOOTH'S. Breaded SHRIMP 110 89 39 ,SO FRESH PERCH FILLETS SO PBESH A «ifl Whiting Fillets 0 &: *! So OFF LABEL ON AM-SWEET MARGARINE 8TA&.4 % VACUUM PACKED American-Deluxe COFFEE %.%«*!•.,„ OOOOH'S BEST' ' GREAT NORTHERN BEANS.._ DBuoiotrs : Franco-American SPAGHETTI . , „ SORES ing Horn St WITH TENDERLOIN NO CHOPS REMOVED WITH THIS COUPON and a FOOD STORE "' .OCiUPON LEAN & JUICY, PER *~Hfci£'Jv'*t A J 48 SIZE NO.l QUALITY No. 1303 „ CANS BELTSVILiE YOUNG HEN TURKE OVEN READY, PER LB. NEW CROP TEXAS jj>Ebl - ? GRAPEFRUIT NO. 1 FANCY JONATHAN -E i •..-'•?•' .CRISP RED NO. 1 CRISP MclNTQSH CAR4M€L- HUT FANCY FRESH ROAirfD PEANUTS M U.S. NO.l WASHED ', • ^A RED POTATOES 10 KATOO 59c 2w.49c j. B. C. COOKIES DEVILSFOOD Pf TANGO YOUR CHOICE,.. LADY BETTY SEAMLESS Mtcluxe HYLONS ;'' SHEER wvd I.OVE1DT MATUU J " - -jk "' .' EVAPORATED MILK ,_;,,..'3^ Orange Pekoe TEA BAGS ADAMS , , GRAPEFRUIT JUICE EtfJjlO ' • " ' -« Dark Sweet CHERRIES ...3 W «h»> 0»n» -<-f $1.00 INBTAITP OR ; v^T '•""'I •-•^»» «*«»*, A*1^IA«f14 V*» »(*•>*» " . - J|, My-T.Fine PUDDINGS :,,.l 4>^ YELLOW OB WTRITE ' ; ",*' Robb-Ross POPCORN FBOZEK . • , ' \ .,'$ ', * .'' GARDEN FRESH PEAS Crackers 35c f i » <*k 11 f »pr KARO CO&Jf 6VBPP ' '• i7c f|'r*>*<t( V,l[ W; MAZOLA ..„ 63c QUART ARGO CORN BUBCB t i^^& ARGO GLOSS 2 UNIT LAUJTOR 2 W-OZ. Picas, .... NIAGARA LAUNDEY STARCH HW/NATIOHAL'S GREAT ENCYCLOPEDIA OFFER! > T/ie AuUi9f««(fvs Worfit-ffonoreif, FUNK & WAG MALI, s ENCYCLOPEDIA On Our Booh-fl-Week P/an / VOLVME No, 1 Only 25< Continue Building Your Set With VQl. NO. 2 18 NO W~ON SALE! KLEENEX Liquid UNIT |-) 22e 'SEfeVINfr Vou ou Liquid TOD " t£ ?i

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