The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1940
Page 5
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P'RIDAV, FEBRUARY' 23, 1940 BLYTHEV1LLB, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Super Bomber Sets Record in Test Flight ffir* ,.». M<- "• - 1 - **"r - " >, „ . ._ ^ Ironclad Ram Scuttled To Prevent Its Loss To Yankees KIN.STON. N, C., Feb. 23. (UP) — Work of the War Department lu deepening the etaimel of the Neuse river here may result in rc- covery of one of the'mast interest- Ing relics of tlic Confederate navy Kinslonlans have appealed to engineers not to dynamite the wreck of the old ram Ncusa, which has lain in (he mud at the bottom of the river for generations, all but forgotten. They want the old ship put back on dry l3iid. where, it is hoped, it can be restored and preserved. The Neiise was one of two armored rams built In North Carolina following the sensational encounter of the Monitor and Merrunac. and was designed as the most modern war vessel ever built up to lint time. II was constructed nl this far Inland city because the l-Yderal nrivy at tha't lime was. In control of most of the coast. CmiTi-derate Sank Vessel The builders planned to float the big vessel down the shallow river by use of lighters, six of which were planned. Rut jusl as the warship was finished. Union troops approached, and (he Confederates, rather than let it fall into the hands of the Yankees, sank the ship in the shallow river. Design of the Neuse seems absurdly simple beside present day warships, but according to con- lemiioiary accounts il 'struck all beholder'; with awe. Two hundred feet long, it had a massive oak hull covered with Uvo layers of riveted iron. The turret was an chlong cctajon fl feet hish. and inside were four guns on trundles ^"^ ^icaa meeis, \vnicn inspired to be moved -to portholes opening Ihtm to place their school paper on nil sides of the turret. Tlie .-.r- unions the "Still Going strong" nior on the turret was believed to publications throughout the state, be "impervious to the guns of the according to J. W. Lcmke, Univcr- eriemy." " sity of Arkansas critic. Another Unn Lost In event 01 inclement, weather, Another Carolina-bull! ram. the t)le following Friday, March 8, will Albemarle, was sunk in one of the bc observed, •most daring exploits in naval an- WEIGHT: 20 ton. Carries bomb load Four 18 cylinder, 1200 oir-coolet) engines ELECTRICAL APPARATUS ?1,528,000 ALL OTHER EXPORTS 53,732,000 Mars signed (lie order book when Russian purchase machinery essential to war industries. nals. Lieut. William Barker Gushing, a daring Union man, slipped aboard the Albemarle on a dark night and placed a lorpedo. then escaped by swimming awav. The explosion sank the ironclad boat The forerunner of ail iron:lads, the •rained .Monitor, also lies- ir. North-Carolina waters. After the engagement with the Merrimac in Hampton Roads in 1862, the Monitor was dispatched to Charleston in tow of the sidewheeler Rhode Island, but on the way the nn- seaworthy ship and its convoy met Cape Halteras and a gale at the same time. The ship foundered in the heavy sens with a loss of [our officers and 12 men. No trace of tils VMscl has ever been found and doubtless it lies fathoms deep in the quicksands Shoals. of Diamond Luxora Society—Personal Founder's l):i.y Program. A Founders Day program was heard at. the meeting of the Lnx- ora I'ment-Teachcrs meeting on Wednesday. Feb. N. with Mrs. Hilton Stcphenson speaking on "The Ideals and Resolutions of 1870 ami UMO." Mrs. B. O. Wilkins gave- ;i rrs- iitnc of "The Founders of Parent Teacher Association." A Founder's Diiy offering was laken by Mrs. Kermiin Spicer. Additional numbers on the program were a play, "How Boots Bc- looled the King" directed by Mrs. R. U Houck will) her pupILv of the sixth grade: a piano solo. Frances Liverant and a plnno duet, played by Ann Claire Wiltons and Sarah Lang.stoti. 'Hie nltcndaiicr dollar went, lo Miss Maxlnr Ual.'-tead's Jirsl grade. I.»«rr:iir.c Clark Wins Award. Fifteen dollars ill cnsli has bcon awarded lecpnlly to Lawrence Clark, ii Luxora vocational slu dent, for ing corn. slate contest, having produced on hundred thirty bushels of coin on two acres at the cc leeched a profit of Here's What U. S. Sold Russia in Four ''War Months' of '39 !;', u " d " "* L1!nfs '" ««* ««««i "> 1 — — •"«' S«|OK of children's plays lo be presented <u (he Memphis Municipal auditorium Ihls season. * » * Mrs 8. 1). Terry IM SiUnrdrty morning for Smnckovor, Ark for nn Indefinite, visit with her son, , «- D. Terry, ami Mrs. Terry. Mr. lorry Is r|u|( C ill .suffering from nn Infection mused from n lirulsi: hi' sustained several weeks ugo In »n automobile wreck. Miss Catherine Davis returned fi'nin Nrw Orleans Monday after « visit of scvcrn 1 weeks with her cousin. Miss Mnry Cnlhron Sleele. Mrs. Sue Brown spent Wednesday and Tluii-sdiiy with her daughter, Mrs. Ilnys Giiwini and fmnlly of Poplar IJIutf, Mo. There will bo held al the Luxora Bnpllst church, Sumlny niornln,;. Feb. 25, « ehiirch conference fit which lime business pertaining lo Important church mutters will bo iimlrr conslderalinn. Little Ui' Sue Mlfllln, wJio has been milte sick this week because of million/a, Is showing some Improvement nt this lime. H. W. miller wns a week end visitor at the home of his parents, by a social MI. and Mrs. J, T. miller Jr. ol war materials tolal for guns; bronze ohimlnmu. Machinery exported was largely for manufacture. the cause of n better school paper. Foi- the past two years, lliesc journalism students hnve attended three press meets, winch inspired Luxora Basketball Teams Tn Attend Tourney. Elinwnec received the bid for the Mississippi County iSaskctball tour- the Luxora boys Changing World." Mrs. C. n. Wood read the scrrrnure for the devo- lioiiHl. Luke id:!-!), l(i-2a. "The Missionary lU'arl." "The Call lo Witness," the "Doer of thi; Task," and the "Victories in Witnessing," were discussed by Mrs. B. o. Wilfcins; Mrs. Corkran told of soms "Early Christians,— Justine, Martyr, Ufilas, and Olgu of Russia,' 1 and the "Call to Witness Taday." Mrs. John T'hwefitt closed the program by telling of the "Witness ol Good Will Centers", and "Enlarging Service." The hymn for the year, "How Firm a Foundation," and repeat- Ing of (he watchword in unison; ye steadlast, immovable, al-, ways abounding in the work of the - ~* •-"..- .....,., Lord," : Corinthians 55:53. were Arm Vol 'ner, Memphis. Thcy..jU- tc-ndcd on Saturday afternoon;- rfio Claire Treemajor proriuclloii (if parts of the program. Prayer was led by Mrs. Corkran, and the Mipzah benediction closed the program. A mission study class will be held al Mrs. Wilkins' home Tuesday. Feb. 27. from 0:30 to U n.m, anrf 2 lo ,1:30 p.m. Mrs. John Thweatt will present "Oive Ye Them to Eat." by Mrs. B. A. Copass, i The business meeting for March H win be held in the home of Mrs. i Glover Driver. Il Knlertain Bonn] Of Christian Education. natnent, which ,. and girls basketball teams will"attend on Feb. 22-2-1. The first session besan Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock, with the night, sessions for (he three days lo begin at 7:30 o'clock. The Friday morning games will slnrt at 9 o'clock. The night session Is the only playing period on Saturday. Single elimination will be In effect. Teams lo meet in the girls' division for the first run-oil are; Kelser vs. Osceola; Mississippi County vs. Luxora- Shavvnee vs. Gosncll. The following drew a bye: Burdette. Dyess, Blackwater, Dell and Wilson. In the boys' division: Burdelte The Rev. mid Mrs. R. E. L. vs. Dyess; Dell vs. Wilson; Gos- Bcnrrlen, Jr.. entertained in their ncll vs. Blackwater. Shawnec, home on Tuesday evenint:, the Luxora, Osccoln, Mlsssisippi Conn- Christian Board of Education of ty and Reiser drew a bye. the Methodist church. The tournament is sponsored by During the business session, the Mississippi County Athletic Association. Luxora Host (o Music Festivals. Mrs. T. Lem Stanford of Luxora was elected chairman of the Mississippi County Music Association at a banquet Thursday night, Feb. 10, at. the Home Economics cottage where nJnns were made for two music festivals to be held here. Tentative dales for the grade festival were set for April 26. and for the high school, May 3. The three course, dinner was served by the Home Economics stn- denls who used n George Washing- ten motif in the table decoration u'hich was further with attractive pastry hatchets lopping (he cherry tarts for the dessert course. J-uxora Students Sec "Gone. \Vllli tlir Wind." Among the studenls and leachns to son "Gone. Wilh I lie Wind" showing at Memphis, are: Hillle LanRston. Frankie Byrcl. W. D. Arc- plans were made for the spring in rcKtird to Sunday school work, which was followed by a social hem- In which Bible names were played. A salad plate wns served. Those present were; Mrs. Le>n Stanford, Mrs. Charlie Thomas. Mrs. E. B. Begun, Mrs. Randall . . Nichols, Mrs. a. . McLcndon.i . . , . . Hope, Ark. He was accompanied tack home by his cousin, Oteiin D. Dalley. of Hlslnff Star. Tc.v. On the Island of Ball, none but nnlivivs may own real estntc. . . . . Miss Peggy Siliuiiin, Mrs. Martha Poison, Miss Sue whlnplc, Mre> A. B. Rozclle, Mrs. Sue Brown, and Miss Billle Lang.ston. Al lends "Under the Lilacs." Little Miss Ann Claire Wllklns was the guest, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon of little Miss EXl'KUT BEAUTY WOHK CALL 106 Apuolzitmenl Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP RKDUCE SENSIHLY Sivcdlsli Massafc,. ^'-if- Hiilhs Mrs, ' Ruth I.auluin Tax Assessment ... uriiLK.-'ivii. i murm; /.»,> i s.1, Vi'. U t \!C- district honors in grow- Gn ,. ilv R!iyborn sinnrieM. Marine Ho placed second in the Brlttt!U1 allrt Peggy sn lnw; Tcachcra: Miss Iva Crabtrcc. Miss Ruth Bulloch, Mrs. Mnillia Poison. Mrs. Charlie Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Slack, Mrs. T. 1. Stanford. Mr. WiliRfieJd. Mrs. H. W. Nichols saw it In St. Louis. UnfitM Missionary Soi-ielv. Fu(i.rr Farmers of America 1)1 ii-c. to Kayeltevillc. Luxora Future Farmers of America will give a Bingo party Friday; evening, March 1. in the agricul- . » , I Corkran. ! l.WJBra .ro»« Xrl > T " C tol>ic lmdcr lli ^-™n was "llnlo U.iy" 1'or March I. From the rear entrance journal- hoes", will oiler themselves to the housewives of Luxora for work on Friday. March 1. to earn transportation and a "bite to eat" while attending -Journalism Day in Little Kock on March 15. Fourteen reporters will sloop for n clay to relieve palron:, and friciida of those chores that have handicapped household rouline,—all for "The Commission lo Carry Oni (Evangelization) as the monthly i theme as related to tiie. theme for the year," " i'urixisc In n FEES "DF-LrVEEY IM ff. auin St, Phone 15 *''!/*—"I ouiiMiler your 7 Croivn an even oother nnd finer wliis- y than your 7 Crown of 5 ycary ago." The Time for Assessing Rural and Personal Property Is From Now Until APRIL 8th If you fail to assess your property the law requires me to assess il for i/ou. Yon. know the value of your property beller than anyone else. Please help me io fix the proper value on your property. County Assessor KAGE 1 Now NEW PHILLIPS 66 gives amazing HTW ANTI-MOCK m WITHOUT EXTRA COST H OW fast will your motor start in bdow-icro weather? Vou mny never know uniil yon try;i cmilcfiil of NliW I'hillips 66 Poly Gas . ; . because this scns.uioiiiil winter jjusolmc is w.iy out in front for si.irt- ing icy motors with Amazing sped. This is why. Tlic one quality in gasoline, above all others, upon which speed of starling depends is loljii/ily (or high test). Accurate laboratory re. search proves tluc you get more t'ol,ilil- Hy per dollar in Phillips 66 than In any other gasoline. This extra volatility, so important for fast starting, costs you nothing extra , . . because Phillips is the ' WOltl.n's I-AIICliST PKODUCim of i!titnr,il\\\g\\ tcstjjasolinc. Andyoiiget' extra anti-knock, too, without extra cost. The ociancwingof NEW Piiillips 66 is so high that it practically gives ! premium iinti-knock performance. Try a tankful. You won't have to light the choke or baby the clutch. ' You will get instant starting every time your toe taps tlic button. You will quickly feel tliac dramatic JiiTet- «>a- which has won for Piiillips 66 the ever-increasing patronage of millions of economy-minded motorist^ Leap Year! This year the calendar gives you one extra day. And this newspaper will give yon another extra day'7™" leap year and ewer/y year . . . if you will accept \t*~ You only have to save five minutes every shopping (lay, lo enjoy an extra day each year. And the advertisements in this newspaper save you dollars as well as time. Here, in interesting array, you'll find the things you want, at the price you want to pay. So do your shopping with the advertisements. It's quick, convenient and sensible. Then do your buying —easily—in the stores that advertise. The money you • save helps you enjoy the time you save!

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