The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1959
Page 20
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iS- " * *•« »* - I I®?, s hj| HU : • foi m L M *!' Si* Is'tjV U DM Mo5nw Thurjday, Oct. 8, 1959 Tlclfcffs fcy £ve/yn t fftfttifiai&d having read a»d entoj^d Mary filten KelleyV "AM With tM Dawtt, Rejoicing," I foUget to iMftttaft H Is 4h the Aigont library, Fratices Bason bought it, «r«i gave It to the library. It btars Mary Ellen's Autograph. Another book I found enjoyable Is "Otofe Saiftt and Seven Sinned," by Eanen Reaves Hall, also from the library. Sunday—Ethel Pallor called and brought ifte flowers from her g itden. She also called on Mrs Hies and took Some late glads to her, » * » Monday—A chai wlih Mary Corinne Emith along with getting hews items. She told me an announcement had been received from friends whose children are aged 21, 14 and now this new arrival* Quite a stretch of time. The Smiths have a little fellow who arrived ten years behind a brother. How these late comers will be loved, and maybe spoiled, but who cares. Enjoy them while yoU can, They soon are grown up. The Dean Taylors had Herbert Zielske, Lake Mills, as dinner guest Sept 20. He is the father of Mrs Taylor. A phone call was p_ut through to Mrs Zielske, who with her mother Mrs Blanche Jenks, Nevada, is visiting relatives in Los Angeles. Mrs Rex Taylor answered me with ft very soft voice. I asked het if she had laryngitis. Is was just a poor connection. She laughed and said it might be a "weakened condition." • • » » Tuesday—Is there an epidemic of stiff knees? Myrtle Turnbaugh complained of a sudden attack, and She said Margaret Reid has been having • such troubles too. Well, my case is chronic. * * * The slorm Sunday night didn't alarm me though 1 did realize the wind was pretty strong. It kept the nurses busy closing" and opening windows. Beulah Wallukait said her daughter Betty Weydert and family look to the basement tor awhile. Beulah said the wind blew her flower pots over and upset the lawn chairs. Trees were bent over and things were generally messed up. This place is so big and sturdy, I don't believe we realize the full force of the wind, thank goodness. I had a piece of birthday cake made for Vernice Nelson Cash and her twin sister Bern ice Nel- Now you Know! The answer io everyday insurance problems* By L. S. Bohannon QUESTION: In reference to this comprehensive personal liability insurance, is a home owner always held liable for accidents that happen on his property? ANSWER: No, of course not. The insurance you mention 'protects him in these install ces where he could be held legally responsible. if you'll address your own [.insurance questions to this ol- *fice, we'll- try to give you the correct answers and there will 'be no , charge 6r ^obligation ol any kindl * <" ' L S. BOHfANNON 6 N. Dodge CY>4-4443 son Schoby. It was whipped cream with fluffy icing dribbled with chocolate. Makes my mouth water to write about it. * * * A worried husband gave me a report on a little social activity of his wife's, in her absence. He wondered what her reaction would be. I hope he isn't in the dog house. In looking through the pledges to sororities I ran across the name Davalyn Nelson, of Louisville, Ky., pledged Delta Zeta. It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to deduct that her father must have been a David. Davalyn—well, that's -a new one,,for sure. Wednesday—What memories a Ringling picture brings back. How well I remember thfe night before it was to show here—a heavy rain which made the unpaved roads puddles of mud. The swearing of the men as they passed our home-cursing the town, the roads, the weather and everything in general. The toiling down and up the hill here by G. S. to the show grounds near" the old soft water pond, the hay placed in the road, the wagons detour big behind the farm house to keep on higher ground and avoid that Jeep mud hole on the lower road. The going to the depot early to watch the circus come in, only to be told by earlier arrivals cooing back, that the circus wouldn't •be in till the middle of the fofe- hdort.' " , * * t The Steve Finn mentioned by Margaret Durant was always known to me as Steve Johnson, for whil& he was never legally adopted, he made his home from early boyhood with Mrs Johnson and her son George with whom my father was m partnership .nany years. And there were two pei-sons Margaret did not mention as having Seen with Ringlings, She probably didn't know that ,ny u.icte Pat Cady and his friend Hugh Smith played in the band, Pat the cornet and Hugh the bass norn. The circus got ihto financial difficulties in Texas and Pat wioie home lor money to get back to Iowa, which grandpa sent him, and Hugh had to appeal to relatives too. * * * The Albert Weishaars do not lack for progeny. Mrs W. confess- to me they have 25 grandchildren. The Cady^ can't dig up that many in our family, * * * Esther Bonson had the "luck of the Irish" recently, though shfe says it is the first time she has ever won anything. Her name was drawn at a local store on the recent Dollar Day project which entitles* her to a dress made of any material she chooses, up to a dollar per yard, and the garment to be made by Ann Clark. * * * Beverly Zumach, one of the R.Ns here, is in a tizzy planning a program for the silver wedding anniversary September 27 of her parents Mr and Mrs Herbert Zumach. By the time this gets in print the event will be over. She outlined a few of the proposed ideas and they sounded very good to rne. She claims not .to be a Whittemore has been added to! resident list. ine twd rftiidefht* the other day eSUollittg th« lues of Dr Chase's book, & song-bird so my offer of an Hawaiian accompaniment for practice before the great day met with refusal. Darn it, I was in the mood to strum! » * * Thursday—Gottlieb Hanselman was brought back here from St. Ann where he had been several days for treatment of pneumonia. Mrs William Hannover Sr., of lion of remedies touring every* thing front asthma to yelldW fever. My grandmother Cady had & copy aha tor years it graced iur tiook snelves. I wonder what became e»f it. It would be lutr to read it and compare it with the modern cures. Mother bought & booK for me to read when I had reached the age a teenager should learn about the birds and bees. 1 was most intetested in Jiow to get rid of freckles. Oh thefe wer£ beauty hints galore, along with the facts of life, A lotion to whiten hands, artd-*-oh, it covered a host of perplexing beauty problems. To have used them all, would indeed bd k chore and there should be no reason why all of us couldn't be a Helen Of Troy\ Then came a later book, Dr. Ey* ans' over whose diagnosis and ad" vice my uncle Lute Henderson digested page by page, pouring over ponderous subject— and de* veloping all of the symtoms! If you weren't sick when you started the book, you Were before you iin- ished! , , . ' ' Friday — A ratny day -part of the time and 1 yearn to catch some of that lovely rain water which splashes down just outside my window; Oh for enough for a shampoo! It's been years since i ve used it, Years ago we "had barrels, one on each side of * the house and grandma Cady often out a little kerosene on the water to discourage, mosquitoes from suttmg up Housekeeping, 'And td futher discourage them, she had covers of cheese cloth. From that we went . to a thre.e barrel tanjc in . the basement, connected to spouts and a faucet in the base iot urawing the water easily.' This was done in place of a cistern. Eric Kelson, father of Sigfid and Ysfda, discouraged u$ Mofti,Jii^ *Jng a cistern dujl irt aj>lle,6t talk* fng against his own intfte^fS, Ttfo ttttiny trees, too elosU, Wl'sald, .*nd ns was an honest tnaft 8d wfr abided by his word. Theft Ifiiif* iculously, atong eamg setvfced Water and we dance With j^,^. * * » ' --rot 30 conseeutife year! Sill fiarry and his sister Majfme, (Mrs Moore Smith, 6f Des Moin**s) hatfe •eitwraied their birthdays to* gether. This year> the 19th, "they «ere at the home of the Smiths' son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs John Waldron, and,, were iomed by otheif relatives. Of course I know how old Bill is but I can only guess at Mayhie's age. Mary, Bill's wife, told me May»e still has her lovely, naturally cut" ly hair, now cut short. I rentem- oer her as a young woman and envied her that beautiful, wavy, brown crown of glory, Mr and Mrs dnrille Wiejts drove to Iowa Falls Friday tb visit Mrs Wicks' brother-in-law •and sister, Mr and Mrs L, E. Rasmussen. who recently moved 'there from Kanawha, I have oeen through Iowa Falls three times, twice on train, once by auto, and while I didn't see much of it, I was impressed by the big, beautiful trees. Mrs' Wicks said she had never been there so it will be fun exploring. The mother, 'Mrs Clara Holm, is there but is leaving soon for her home at Oakland, Calif. The son Larry is em- pioyed in a super-market in Calif., but plans to be home for Christmas. * '* * Florence Macumber confessed she was not feeling as chipper as she might. t Too much yard work the previous day,, and when she told me her age, I marveled that she'd even consider using a rake or any garden, tool. That doesn't mean she is very, very » the namas o* Mr and Mrs H. L. [ij^tiu dL# *M t ^A ^» t j j-i f .faliii f V iSJJjf 'tt^«Mh*£k t£ ^da^ _ luiTtj 01 tmiuetsDurg, were Om* lited trdm 6 recent Item atitt 1 got called on the carpet It -Wasn't my' fatilt. Hefts Is tfie% itemf Mf aftd Hf^Balla* Kleift ana Hekie and Mrs Klein's mother Mrs Gordon Kuhn and uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs H. L- Glum. Emm<5tsbur& spent a^week agtr Sttttday at Att*r keny vfth Mr and Mrs Bob Kuhn ••'3»*. , / v,l A call from, Marg Dahl wlldf showed me & basket of fruit she was taking' upstairs to he* mother Mrs Agnes Laidley. One on.elbse inspection the "fruit" was * '" looking strawberries, apes aftd oranges. Trust Berhide smg, the donor, to come \a) with something unusual and artistic, Her home is ft picture of Early American period and recently she "has added a locally built curved seat in front of hei? fireplace, Election Held By Seneca 4-H Seneca —> The Seneca progressive Farmers elected new officers Monday evening at the Roger Jensen home. Officers elected include: Jamie Jensen, president; L&rry t Johannesen, vice president; Mary, England, secretary & treasurer; Vdr- non Wilberg. reporter; Donald Hanisch, sergeant at arms'; and photographer, Rodney Jensen. Ray-Bergum was chosen as leader and the co-leader is Roger Jensen. Rodney Jensen talked on the proper care and use of files and Craig Jensen talked on Gun Safety, Dick England reported the club news. , sewoot HAtt Adults $1.25 Sf^JOljtlOWA 1 j sMi f , * i, '. ,-1 Children 50c (12 end OHder) "Exclusve Sales Franchise Available ''' for five eoUntie* In north west Iowa, Only $ . , Investment required 4 With a yearly earning potential of $10,000 to $15,000 per yean Will have exclusive distribution i rights for WVNN'S FRICTION PROOFING farm products. A , World wide company with number 1 acceptance in if* field. Executive experience with a sales background Is helpful since you will be expected to hire supervisors and salesmen in this area with a potential of 10 full time merr. We train .you for this'position, Demonstration equipment is available for the purpose of proving our nationally advertised claim "of 10% fuel savings and 10% increase in power for farm .equipment. .Write 'Broadbent Distributing Co,, Mason City, Iowa, for an interview." , , . • 5 if. «4 «* «*' **" «T ws *" « ** *l w «ft •¥ *? * SPECIAL Stainless TEASPOONS Ekco "Strand" Pattern FOR Hflf H'J n^asTrnply fcfeoytifut' effect! »PPOW, fashioned from thfeJflne§t '16-8 stein- j^pl^^^WpW P w P ^Jp^Rw »P|p 'flip Jpi^'H p •>• ?• , ' ' : i , ' "* DODGE A complete new line 1 , t of economy cars in _ the low-price field , . , V ,..,_.• This'is the Dodge Dart—the all-new, low-priced car wjith the features you've^ beer^waiting for."A brand-new Economy Slant "6" Engine that saves up to^O^. on gas. All-welded Unibody construction to eliminate squeaks, .rattles and" rust. Roomier, family-sized interiors that make driving pure pleasure. And a solid look and feel that make it hard, to believe Darfcis a low-priced car. Dart comes in 20 exciting models—3 great series, Seneca, Pioneer, Phoenix/ See 'America's First 'Fine Economy Car— the Dodge Dart—at your Dodge' Dealer's nowl DODGE DOES IT IN 1960 ! DODGE Greatest Dodge Ever,.. Big, Solid, Built to Command ... > This great new '60 Dodge was built to prove you don't have to be'extravagant to travel in style. Underneath its bold, crisp styling you'll find an extra bonus in stretch-out room and comfort—the added strength and silence'of exclusive all-welded Unibody construction—the unequalled responsiveness of a new D.500 Ram. foductwa • V£ Engine.* Yet for all these exclusive advantages, this magnificent '$Q Dp^go is most moderately priced. Available . in 11 exciting models—two great series, Matador and Polar^u See them today! *QpK<mal at nxtia cott • „"' . DODGE DIVISION CHRYSLER CORPORATION PERCIVAL St., Algona

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