The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 1, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1959
Page 21
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Tidbits by Suftd&y, _ A brief 16 1S6 htt Ckfttli LttVerne, who comes siincL ' Owen Mc- in to see an & f . Gilles Spent Some time Wilh <me. Saw the picture and engagement &not marriage announcement of tny cousih Jean Cady and Murray Lawson. Wedding Oct. 3. » * * Monday — Called Wava Wood* ward as I was eurfous. the bridegroom-elect being a A FABLE FOR OUR TIME ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANCIENT GREECE THERE LIVED A MAN NAMED PROCRUSTES WHO SEIZED TRAVELERS AND TIED THEM ,fO AN IRON BEDSTEAD, IF THEY WERE ;T6O SHORT FOR THfe BED, HE STRETCHED THEM TO FIT IT, IF THEY WERE TOO LdNG, HE CUT THEM DOWN TO SIZE. J0ST AS PROCRUSTES' BED DIDN'T FIT ALL HIS GUESTS, THE SAME KIND OF WILL OR DEED DOESN'T FIT ALL PEOPLE. MQRAL: TO REST COMFORTABLY, CONSULT YOUR ATTORNEY FOR NON-PROCRUSTEAN LEGAL SERVICES. JMVMTiMSWMMMNPIW^^ THIS ARTICLE IS SPONSORED IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST BY THE KOSSUTH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION. .. K . tsoti Iftltht *% « ire. The f£& '-td BWSrte and W*f¥& so far no house has been She and thfc cfiildreti Lee, Eileon and Coieen Lawson will stay hsre till a <pl&<te can bs fo\ind. W&va regrets irrio^ing, fot alter nine , years one has friendship ties hard to break. ,A chat with Suth Phillips and 1 caught hor Wheti sht was Wftshirtg eggs for the market — three trails of them, whi-ch s&unds to m6 like a lot oi eggs. A call from Ann ©ehnke ,who was a nurse here iwhen ] came over here a year ago. Always good to see her. * * ' A visit with Ruih Lewis who brought offerings of tomatoes and a bouquet of asters, both en joyed very much. Also a very large gift of apples from the Or ton fruit farm. 1 kept a rec beauty for eating and distributed them among friends as 1 wa told. A visit from Lila and Ray Potter was most enjoyable. * * * Tuesday — I sent an SOS to Esther. One of my violets is in the last stages of something or other. It has gradually been going into a decline and t know Esther can revive it if anybody can. Beulah Richardson says sometimes two violets potted in the same planter do not do well. This reminds me of my high j school days. A group of us frequently had breakfast in 'the woods. We usually chose the site hear the present swimming pool. By the widest stretch of imagination .we'd never thought of a pool ever being built there. The group of women who went on a breakfast Tuesday morning, having cars which we didiVt, went to the Ambrose Call State Park. They were Mrs Perry Collins, Mrs P. O. Domveiler, Mrs John Hayes, Mrs Grace Johnson, Mrs Delia McCullough, iMrs W. C. MeDou- ntf her s"IIXer §t<5_. ew wiornents while Motiltoft and Mrs 1>eatt vl here 6n W^S-CS., business. - ' • • * * , * • • H*H wer^e Mrs Ernest Diab Lathrop andi her si&telv Johnsdn, HtftWb'oldt. 'My letter >6fn my. Julia Cady (Mrs 'Gcrftld with some.commetits on,the coming Wedding of net d^*!"- 1 ' Jean, and arrangements sM has ma6c tor me. Haze! Lusby ajftji Lizfcie Posl will b* going with me * * * *,'•<$ Thursday *~ tJdttHeb Htttltft- mart was taken to St. AnrwJA chat with Agatha Hanson wlj-hcft bit of riew's Which 1 aTfl alway* glad to get. Agatha says 'business at the State hotel has ibeen very brisk. I Was glad to wel* come Arthur Godfrey ba 1 — .- T.V. I've been his fan tot sonic time. * » * •Itolrt. ftott- hAjtpy I Wa* to them and noW fSSt Wti ifcj Just tme "fly* in Ui<S dinttftfrnt." They arc going back to Wichiti* Monday. * * • , Pfeul t)tftim«n has ndt b**n iti good health of late but his relit* tiws nrtd friends wanted hifti and his wU* 16 know th£ty wort! fully a\Vare t«f his ievenllt'tM birthday Sept. ifi and th* fortlctji wadding anniversary Sept. 17t They gnvte llicrn a card shower which came as n cbmplfitfe Surprise. One hurt dred and twenty relrftiVes, friends and neighbors sent cards, shcr\ver rt iftdfeefl. Mr nnd Mrs >ctiman waftt donors lo know low .much they appreciate the bftYbrnncea. Mrs Ernest Godfredson presewted the biifthdny cake and the calls by G. B. Muf- h and Rev. 'Mi II. Browef wer'c srcatly enjoyed and appreciated. Our reception room hns on an air of glamour with, thtf removal of the old furniture ant: several now matching pieces* replacing them. Turquoise an'd'tfih decor-davenport and, arm chairs and one davenport and chair taken to the second floor hall. 1 ' * * * \ Such a niqe thing. happened this afternoon. A woman- came lo my door and I 'Was busy with my newspaper copy and glanced up, saying "Can I hulp you?" (St> many callers mistake this foi- the office and ask me about which diloor a person is on whom they wish to sec) A closer glartcc and I exclaimed "Vlnniel" And there close (behind her was her husband, my cousin, Harry Cady Goddard, her sister Ethel Doe, all of Wichita, 'Kan., and the girls aunt and cousin, Mrs Minnie Jarvis and Mrs Charles' Lehnus, * * . * the Inle Charles tillers, We*i Rend, left n fftmlly of fivfr children toy his first wife, Bill, iB nie, Carol, Jim ftnd SUsnn, who, since the deftlh of the mother have bfeii supervised by 'Mr and Mrs Ballnrd ot West Bend". Recently the Ballftrds-and the thil drcn have been at-Lewiston, Ida., viciling the grandmother, Mrs Carrie Greenfield Ulfers and other relatives. years from adverse weather, con* hj», i f^ntffftl tialfessnfls &n the jwift of citb.efii, an« ttffs it hit aftothfif tow, The Wfjr hot ifr»ainf,f m*£ hive h*€ sotttl- thing to do with it. Now, Spencer is suffering "in the red" pnngs, and t rend it is in lo tho tune of $25,000. .Actually, t Srh y for IM fHJlure of afty fro- It's just "misery likes compafiy." ' * * * To got ihe CHlmor* fsmUi»fl straight is as bad ns the iRan nnd Smith-Kennedys. -Mr and Mrs Harold Gilmore Were recently visited by Mr and Mfs Ralph Thorpe, Fnrmington, (N Mex. Mrs Thorpe is the former Mildred Gilmorrr, daughter of Mr and Mrs .Frank Gilmore. Then there was a (Mildred Gilmore and her sistor Louln who were clatr ghlcrs of Mr and Mrs John Gil more. The (Frank Gilmores Hvcc north of the old Central schoo (now high school site) and th John Glimores lived in the Joh Larson house on East McGrcgtt street. In a letter n few week ago Lucille Crosc Andmen sfll sho had road of the death Mabol Gilmore Wilson of Lo Angeles, who was survived 'by cousin, Madge Gilmore. I hopo I don'i have a mean disposition, but it has-nibbed the wrong way for some limp, the success and resulting umugnuss of tho Clay county residents 'concerning their fair. 1 very well remember the years Clay county fairs dropped to such « low they were discontinued for a long lime. iMy uncle nnd aunt, Mr nnd Mrs Francis Cndy used to come here each fall to attend tho Kossuth county fair. Then some yours ago, 1 believe it was Leo Dailey, who gave the Clay county fair a shot in the arm and it came to life in a big way. Kossuth county hns suffe'red for i - QUIET REVOLUTION! ON DISPLAY FRIDAY! HOORAY! SMALL WONDER! THE REVOLUTIONARY BY CHEVROLET U4 -' L&J There's nothing like a new car—and no compact car like this de luxe Cofvair 700, Here's the car created to conquer a new field—Chevrolet's low-priced compact Corvair. The product of nine years of research and development at the auto industry's most advanced facilities, it's America's first truly compact, economical car that retains the ride and 6-passenger comfort you're used to in a big one. The key to this small miracle: America's first and only ' modern rear-mounl^d aluminum engine—a lightweight 6 that's so revolutionary it can be packaged with the transmission and drive gears as one compact unit. By putting the engine in the rear, Chevrolet has made the floor practically flat, front and rear. There's plenty of foot room for everybody, including the passengers in the middle. Shifting engine weight to the "rear also makes for smoother, easier compact car handling and gives glued-tp-the-road traction on ice, mud or snow. Corvair's size—some 5 inches lower, 2% feet shorter and 1,300 pounds lighter than conventional sedahs-rmakest it a joy to jockey through busy streets,- a pleasure to park (no need for power assists), Its revolutionary Turbo-Air 6 gets :up to 30% more miles on a gallon of regular ,(* r eal magician on mileage). And, because the America's only ear with an airplane- type horizontal engine! America's only car with independent suspension at all 4 wheels! America's only car with an air-cooled aluminum engine! STYLING-PURE AND SIMPLE Clean, uncluttered lines shape both 4-ddor models— the de luxe Corvair 700 and the standard Corvair. Each has its own distinctive trim, and you get more visibility area than in many full-sized cars. FOLD-DOWN REAR SEAT* Works easily, instantly, adding to Corvair's versatility by enlarging rear seat cargo space to 17.6 cu. ft. The engine's in the rear iphere it belongs in a compact car! engine's air-cooled, you never haye to fuss with antifreeze, you get quicker warmup with less wear on parts even on the coldest mornings (even heat for passengers comes quicker —almost instantly—'from an airplane-type heater*), Yet, wonderfully'practical as, all this sounds, you'll find the most practical thing of all about this new Corvair is its remarkably low price. Your- dealer's the man to see for all the short, sweet details, REVOLUTIONARY TURBO-AIR 6 Gets up to 30 % more miles on a gallon, needs no antifreeze, provides quicker warmup with less wear cm parts, ONE-PACKAGE POVtfER TEAM rear engine, tranB- mission and differential together into one compact lightweight unit. Takes less room, leaves you more. FLAT FLOOR CprVair is America's only compact car with a practically flat floor, the only one with tho kind of relaxing room that U.S. • motorists are used to. UNISTRUT BODY BY FISHER Does away with conventional frame, incorporating all structure intp a rigid body-frame unit that gives you more inside , room with less weight. UNDER-HOOD LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT Trunk's up front (like an elephant's) where it's convenient for groceries, luggage. 4-WHEEL INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION There's no conventional axle- front or rear. Wheels, cushioned by coil springs, take bumps independently of each other, for smooth, road-hugging ride. "Optional at extra cost Cotvair BY CHEVROLET 00 fop entertainment-Th« Dinah Shore Chevy Stow-* Sunday* NBC-TV-Pat Boon* Chevy Sfiowroofti-Weekly ABC-TV-Bed Skelton Chevy ?p«cUI Prldiy. October 9, CBS-TV, See your kcal authorized Chevrolet dealer SHORT AND SWEET! SMALL COMPACT CHEERS! KOSSUTH CO. Dr. and Mrs John Schutl have had us guests 'Mrs Schuttci parents, -Mr and Mrs Fred R gon, Clearwator, Fin. They we here in our cool spell and I as cd Mrs Schutter what they ] though!, of Iowa's chill. She said they found it pretty chilly. * * * I heard via "grape-vine" thai Mrs Fuchsen of Wesley wants to meet me 'Bless you. 1 am available right here nl Good Samaritan so drop in the next lime you are here. I'd like lo meet you, too. * * * Saturday — Joan Post helped Mr.s Gllles with a few household chores much to Mrs G'a delight nnd now she has all her prized possessions in her room und is a^ happy and content us I. Grandma Li/./Je sent great big, fnt, luscious rolls to us and I had a cup of coffee sent in from the kitchen at once. Joan is growing up so fast and is a lovely girl, wonder if she knows how lucky she is to have inherited mother Lavonne's curly hair. * * * Sunday — Sarah Clark, former nurse here, dashed in for few moments but had to hurry lo catch a bus back to Albert Lea Minn., where she is attending i: school of nursing. She likes il very much. * + * Today is Jan Geilenfeld's wed ding day. I am .glad il is turn ing oul lo ibe a .pleasant, sunny day. "Happy is 'Ihe bride whon Ihe sun shines on", an old adag bul I suspect there arc manj iappy brides whom the rain fell on. Jan has two weeks off for loneymooning and will then be jack here. * * * John Lentsch is here this norning. He comes twice a week to keep Ihe men prettied. He reports an inch and a half of ain 'by his gauge. I have finished a controversial book. Those who dp not read, it will have missed nothing and I •certainly clon'l recommend it. Poor old Elinor Glyn, once considered very risque 1 , has faded into Ihe background! * * * Dear Abby: —- I'm forced to ndmil that 1 am one guy who has everything. Women arc always flocking around me and Idling me how good-looking I am and whal a marvelous personality I have. .-I'm beginning to find this extremely tiring. How can 'I dissuade these hopeful females? C. W. Dear C. W.: Keep talking. Mrs Clare Keith has had a letler from her nephew, H. L Dalton, Des Moines, telling he: he and his wife were lo leave Friday on a Irip to Europe and wil' be gone a month. Doesn't lha' aound wonderful? * * * Everyone has sickness over lake Ih'em at some time anc when it lakes Iwo in a family, i is a bad deal. Carrie Duranl ii confined lo bed much of Ihe lime with muscular rheumatism and the 'brother William isn'l 'well either and has been at Ihe hospital in Iowa City. _, Ralph Walker Jr. To Laurens Job Whilternore — A number of employers of the creamery and friends o£ -Mr and Mrs Ralph Walker Jr., gathered at their home Tuesday evening of last week for a surprise farewell parly. Those who attended were Mr and Mrs Bert Seely, Mr and Mrs Deltaert Wichtendahl, Mr and Mrs William Faulslieh, Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heideriwith, Mr md Mrs Orville Lauck, Mr and Mrs James Schullz, Mr and Mrs> Joe Kollasch, Mr and Mrs John Vaudt, Mr and Mrs Kennelh Mergen of Whittemore, Mr^ancl Mrs Bud Marlow of Lone Rock and Mr and Mrs Larry Holding of Burl. Mr Walker who has been employed here in Ihe creamery for the past year moved his household good's lo Laurens, Sunday, where he has accepled a posilion al Ihe creamery. Women Voters Met The Algona League of Women Voters held an open meeting for discussion of the state at Bryant school Tuesday evening'. 'A large e.rowd attended. AffSfiA (ffij thurjdoy, Oct. 1, Blake Funeral Homes Honrtes At LuVfcRNE "Undef&taftding TITONKA RENWICK 24 Hour Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped "Even the girls admire a shirt cleaned by The Algona Launderers and Dry Cleaners!" Dad will have to hide at least one shirt to wear with his freshly cleaned suit. MEN'S SUITS are Restored to "Like-New" Form and Color By Free Pickup & Delivery Adds wrinkle resistance improves wearing quality . . . helps resist soil. STA-NU COSTS NOTHING EXTRA EXCLUSIVELY AT THE ALGONA Dry Cleaners & Launders East of Courthouse, Algona CY 4-3265 SPEAKING: prevent fIKE It 108 S. HALL CY 44554 "NO HUNTING" SIGNS availaMe' a* Wper JDes i* Maine., Pub. Cu. Beware of "LIVE" Wires ... A Spark Can Be Deadly! There is no more precious possession than your home. Guard it ttarefufly agafnst fire. Coll your Electrical Contractor this week to give your electrical wiring a thorough checkup. • REMEMBER . . , . , • • , y Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 4-10 . , Aigona Municipal Utilities Phone CY 4*2388

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