The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 1, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1959
Page 18
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J. r- IV- • &** MtffWrt Thurtday, Oct. 1, 1959 '' ' Kossuth Withdraws Front •*•* , "" Mental Health Project EsthervUle — Announcement made at the Northwest •Menial Health center meeting here Monday night that ICossuth county has 'withdrawn from the proposed cente* 1 . Announcement was made via letter from the Kossulh county board o£ supervisors to Milton Warner, president of the center. tfce withdrawal leaves four Counties in the association. They are Emmet, Dickinson, Clay and Palo Alto. Also at Monday night's open meeting, articles of corporation and by laws were discussed. Proposed site for the center is Spencer. The State- Health department h«->s proposed establishing 27 county or multi-county public health centers in Iowa. It haa given top priority to their construction in the awarding of federal aid for building health facilities. The department said the centers were proposed in the hope that a law forbidding counties of cities to collect taxes for hcSHh activities would be changed in the next yrsssion of the Legislature. Singte-county public health centers were proposed at Diibu- que, Waterloo, Sioux City, DCS Moines. Cedar, Rapids, Daven* port and Council Bluffs. 'Multi-county centers were proposed at Spencer, Algona, and Mason City in Northern Iowa. The proposal followed a health, 1 department announcement that Iowa has suitable nursing home facilities for only 678 fcetients. That is only 7 per cent of the number needed, the department said. , fhe *w»*A*r trf mttsifti bods tteedfei *ft the stete -at 9.675. The 4,899 e t£j>. & •* «-•• *• JB -t lie nBZSfaS resfetive buildings. • LuVerne By Mn, fern Bigirtgs Mrs Marjory Groh attended the funeral of Mrs Harley Notesiina Friday morning in Sacred Heart Catholic church at Eagle Grwv& She was the widow Of the law Harfey Notestine, cdusin of Mrs Groh. William Stoddard entered Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Thursday evening for treatment. Gottlieb HanseTman, a medical patient at St. Ann hospital, Algona, the past week, was returned Thursday to the Good Samaritan Home in Algona, where he, is a resident. Mrs Lou Washer and daughter Mrs Elstort Spatz of Cheyenne, Wyo. visUed cousins, Mrs Robert:, Hardcopf_ firid family and Mrs * at* the Earl Growbach family, • Alvin Weber, son LeH&y" ei-, LuVerne, Henry Weber, with, brother of Alvin Wet tended the Fatm Progress at Clarence Thursday. , Garnet Johns celebrafett fifth birthday Friday < the home of Ms ifctfeti- *Irs Earl JShn*. tSuestt grandfather, Fred Hinz, auftts, and (Mrs George Studef,. Mr ana Mrs Deati'Bowman, cousins, Mr and Mrs Robert Nielsen. Also guests Mr an8 Mrs-Henry Studer visiting here* The occasion sal&o honored ttie eighth .wedding ,a&- niversaries of -Mr and Mrs '&'"" man, Mr and Mrs George StU Sept. 20 aftd 28. A stttprile bn place" Sunday' eVehihg _ Robert Nielson homej Jiofiidr'ittg the birthday oi£*Mr,t«elsoh / '* was Sept. 28. ;Gues&* """ ning' of 'SOO'were fM. Owen Curry, Mr and Mrs iHard ing'Hansen, My .and Mrf J3I51 Wolf, Mr and **"•'*" and Mrs, Gl^ Mrs ferlaine iefdcopf. t Mr and .Mrs Jr., report ihal rr., student at tn« linnesota the . „. his doctorate deff&e, en _s wife KUndorltt, lildren, Jfan MrsFldyd inn. Vli! iends Wedft as a guest in Ihe <Ma* PAttefson tome. ' Mrs Phil C. Lichty -weftt io iioux Falls, S. D., to Visit he? laughter, <Mr and Mrs Wayne ornberger, Mr and Mi's Henry StudeT oi Island, 111., and his .brother, »,nd Mrs George Studer have 4-etUrned from a trip touring the Black Hills In South Dakota, t iey also visited in Stcatton, ;b., with Dr. and Mrs "Jack arris, Patti and Mona, (formerly )bf LuVerne. '". • & Last year the per capita consumption of new;spriht In the United States was 76.2 Ibs. •ttiffAiMK with- he*; Idtf 'I6hn ifl _ „ . Joseph, and family, California; and the Stewart Thompsons in Texas., &trs ThoftlJ>soft, is .the forme? Pamela. S&ttndefs, !M> attd Mfs 'Heiijeifi and family Ipeni the weekend in Oes (Mdihes Whete they at* tended the wedding of Schittz! daughter who was tied Saturday. •*' Grant News '" mown . v m-'w***- Lufsen and ^tttsott JHMb /:,Mr a»d Ito B^^WwWi 1 ^ 4ttR«ftiflyrJ» »»<i H* &W KSSaB** M« JMtrs Rena John' and Raym6M v "vj^ilel>t J th& bitthdiay 6f}Jolerte, youngest of the Mriyhe children. - .,.»_• , L. -leynolds, Mrs liar* ifld :Mrlf Eldon Link, -Mrs; John Wilson, tegis- huftfi - from Burl, at tM? <Mnt IscKobi Moflda^ tt I«£t6 liamittMer.a *B skin test t«s '£he lirst and fifthSgrade stu- defcfetf MH> Wilsoiv is county ««Hrffl*Ln lorail Bounty Schoxils. 1V&& Leonard P_tefsoft>also a R.N. treffi ®ti)_a City, Is -hf&. assistant. , ;,«fievMy-fWatefcbtiry}'' accompanied by Mrs Jafties *J<dm36n, Jer- Mts N6itttaii;ttman, meeting. program was A tomato ,f>lartt that was a ten irich seedling lh A&fil has reached the height of 12 feet six inches at th6 k Francis Toner residence, , It not only has grown to unusual length but it is also a bountiful produce*, .the largest product weighed a pound and sbc ounces, According to latest figures, last year*s 100 top national newspaper advertisers invested c-ver $300 million dollars. If You Own A Farm, Business, lome, Or |Hi BURN UP SPON'SdR'-EJb BY YOUR Insurance Agents of Algona National Fire Prevention Week Oct. 4-10 "r " \i* 1 %isp v\i f i"£Of \&t c , t " il • s c ' Vpt. cV- li v ; b t u • ill IS YOUR FIRE INSURANCE ADEQUATE AT PRESENT? &',OVir".-/-> •i} s. --*4 4* "' • •'•'-.-#.-* . ^ it. Has alhrubbish such as old papers, broken furniture and toys, boxes, and old • ***cTothes and paint cans and otheV useless 'thing's 11 !been cleaned out of attic, base, ment," closets, garage and ya'rd? , l±_'- Yes ' No HAVE YOU ADDED HOME FURNISHINGS THAT AREN'T COVERED? ' V " ' i ' 1 \ « 2. 3. 1s rubbish disposed of regularly at home orUn place of business? . , ^i^ Yes No prayed electric cords often start fires. Are you ..sure that all electric cords are in, safe condition? ^2- > 'Yes No — Has your fuse'box been inspected? Is the right size fuse in every socket?* • I Yes No BLOSSOM INSURANCE |O >a Do you'm'ake,sure*that,there are no clothes, curtains -or other .ihflammables'>-riear ^ 4 I VM any stove or heater? 1 Yes 2 No _. i _ M is your heating equipment — of any type .— inspected with seasonable regularity, by . • an expert? 1- ' -_ { ll Yes No '___ |C Are stoves and heaters kept level and clean? , ,_j._u__ v _ • V« ''_l____L_- J___i ,. ___-_J -_'_ Yes I .: NpV----- If there is'a gas stove or heater in your house, do you know that you should call B the gas company right away, if ever detecting any odor of gas? Yes No 109 North Dodge Street Clair Blossom ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY . Jim kolp , Telephone CY 4-3176 IF NOT HAVE YOU DISCUSSED IT WITH YOUR AGENT? 5 Have you checked and removed extension cords from under rugs or hanging « over nails? Yes No 6 Are matches and lighters and other inflammables out of reach of small children? • Yes No IS YOUR FIRE INSURANCE IN RATIO TO REPLACEMENT COST? _ s Yes No' 7 Have children been taught the danger of playirVg with tnakhes', or o't'her inflam- • mables? !__-_ - _i.. Yes No ; 1 ., / 8 1s everybody .warned about not using gasoline*for .cleaning clothes, ancT kerp- • sene for starting fires? " ij.. u- u_-*« Yes i No 1- BOHANNON INSURANCE AGENCY n Do ,you have a practice of smoking in bed? • _;._• . 1 1 •111 Do you have a cracked or defective chimney? I0« ___ ^ _._.: Yes No .. ' } - *f A In place of business, do you have an accumulation of junk in the basement, or any• «?• where els,e? : i Yes No In place of>business, have you had your fire extinguishers checked lately? „ 6 North Dodge Street I. S.Bbhannon Telephone CY 4-4443 lAVE YOU LOOKED OVER YOUR POUCHES L^TILY? .No 9 In case of. fire, Mb- you *tv»Vv ho\v ^o call the fire deportment? - ; " ^ ; .^..-,w ---- ,.•_•„„_*,-»., ---- «. ---- -ijL**. ----- -_,_____J_J Yes Ul-,., t 111 ^lave y^'eter vIsTlecl i '4ire sVqWn? '/' f' , i Va _<.^ ---- 1....,,:..,^ --- ..... __.J± ------ ^.___V fe$ +'—- *•! Nb'4__.__ *. * ( • ' * - " ' -i ' f || Smokepipes./fyr'n.a'ces.and stoves get vjery hot. Are they ftsr $'ncMjgh rf away from II* walls ond ceflings? _ ____________ , ____ _ ________ , _______ VW_-i ___ 4^e? Are the ashee from owy *|oy» $r fireplace kept ^utside in 'cevierecl ^ms^al barrels away Trom "inflammables? ___ „ _________ u^ «•-.-!• _______ 'Yfeis ______ jNo _______ PAXS0N INSURANCE AGENCY KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY North Dodge Street Lola Scuffham, Sec, Telephone CY 4-3756 i 5TOUR CAR COVERED «Y TIRE INSURANCE? Do you have the Fire Departm,ent phpne nurqbV written on or near ypur.phpne so that you -can «lial it immediately? _-_^ — _ r ^___'«ll_,^,_i, Yes _____ L No ... ____ nave a sma " ^' r 6 extinguished In yogr car r.o that you could put out an auto fi r e right t^way? ------- ,....,,., ------ ,-^,_, — , ---- ,_, Yes ------ No _„.,.,.,.. ' S V° ur X)Ut£ ' oor incinerator completely away from 'brush, trees, buildings, and built on a ^jood solid foundation? ^.-i,^ — -w- ,-J. ----- ¥es ______ No- ______ a " ^ our 9° so '' n ^ storage cans painted red and marked qs such as prescribed ' 'by TelephpneCY4'4512 AGEttY I I , 22'/2 last State (Above Penney's)

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