The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1940
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FIOHRUAIIY2R, 1040 Hands Fly as Candidates Converse Bui His Plan Apparently : Is Doomed To Ulter Failure. ; _ i CI.AYTO.N', MO., !•'(•}>. 23. (UP)-- ' Mrtvin 1-. .Mill'-;'. 313, n s:-).isois. gfinder ami self-ordained preaetiei', i was on u hu'iijf!' suite In in<- lock- I n;> today, hii l:U(.;t iiMU: in a la- I ytar-okl i-amijLitKn lo v.;n im- jo.t-[ ol hMlth i-erkins, 31, :, liiincte ' .SleilOKfllpllrf. . Ill' Uli^ltrli llH- Ji/.'t .six ye;il.; lit ' Ills COUlUhip WllllM- 01 IJll.Sllln!- j ness. He s'Aid ».. litj't: him lji.\! j long lo co'.irii ji 1 lo :tsX lor j a dale. She will to L-lnm'h with | him and re'iistd to set him again.! During tile last .six yfais hi', lius | tfdf mfaip <.-Gii. v iii>?ous in hi:; i<ur- ; Sllll. Me was at-iested Ia::l O:;lob:T I and jailed for diM.iu-btns ilii: pc.ue. and a.ifihi YCSU-rday 1'uf having chained himself to u tree for three days two biort:.s r;oin Miss IVrRlns" home. "I haven't calcn In five iluys," lie said, "nnd I won't pal .1 bite until she comes to sec me and brings nit loud with her own hands." he said. Miss Perkins, who can cook, learned at tlie home of list 1 parents of Miller's strike. She I'.'as unsympathetic. "Nub:," she saiil. Miller weighs 210 pounds and is six led lull. He described himself as "sort of a minister" for the Good Samaritan army. He said lip envisioned Miss Perkins in a dream when he u'fl.s IS. "I told my sister about it." lie said, "ar.d she Raid there v.-as an j attractive blonde who talked at the | young people's meeting at Bethel i Temple. 1 went to the- meeting and there she was. just like. In my dreams." After their dale he pleaded with her in letters nml attempted to telephone h2r at her office. Last Oe- to'.jer. on complaint of her mother, he was sentenced to 30 days m Jail for disturbing the peace. Monday he chained himself (o the tree. Miss Perkins, notified by neighbors Wednesday, summoned Constable Choi-Ire Adnais, who found Miller in n pup-ienf beside the tree. One end of the chain was padlocked to his neck, the other lo the tree. The keyholes of the padlocks were filled with i-cment. Attaint; filed the clitilni, took MlllcVJo jail, and asked Miss Per-" klns'-AWdl "charge she wanted 10 file. She said she didn't know and didn't eare. "Hut," .she added. "i( yon don't keep him away from mo! Ill take matters into my o;ui hand:,-, .-ill r waul Is to l« Je/l alone. HP'S been bolhcrlii" me for !2 years. ircsk the prosecuting a'torney advised him lo let me alone. App-.u (ARK.) COURIER NRWS .ack 01 Uniformity In Supplies, I'.cniipmenl vicks ! ianclicap 'ro l.Y THOMAS M, JOHNSON S'l!,\ Hen in- Mlll(:ry Writer NICW YOHK. Feb. •£(,—The llery nml fallhitil [''Inns are noting mi- iidwrtlsi'il help from the Unllt'd fiMtr.v Ajiii-rJi'fli)-;iiiidi> builds mid shells aiv now o:> !)n' hijjli >.ras. will) moii' to come. l.elt-hilndoaiy. Hirer- arc paid lor liy American loflns to l-'inlaiul. lint v\tll Ihi'.v arrive loo lale to .stem tin* !?fd flood of (jiins. milks, airplanes -.'iml Him . . . not Ui,. three men lo one Dial military studies allow tin- attacker, but. u-n to out, «>>•! bi'html them, ten times ten? Finnish munitions are vtn-leil, Tim culrlilijes en loule irom here, for Instance, arp fur Russian rides, Uii'y may never have (o. mil who luncmber ihnl lln- OM ilidr wliolr- Verdun outpost "">' ami still held out,, toiscl tluil IIP l-Ycjich- unlike (he hnrd-in-ess- "d Mimkii defeiulei-s of th,. M,m- •ii'i'lu-lui ||), P imltiy— liiul ivscrvrs '" men and immltlons lunjilr- ,1111! neni%, M'-iiiiwhit,., I'iimish eyes i urn ID I'i'iMiinri. when' [hey long '» ••'•<• dcbiiikliiu lite 30.0W) brown•' "il rules ;mil irgiiiiitllam. Ilic bhie- lud l-'iviuh Chaweins Alplns, who, '""' - ; wdcn nnd Norway decline, "'"'I savi- I'hilmul-lf Cluimucilain -'id ixilfulii-r islvc llu- word: "Win I'll fliny Ijci-otm- win more fear- 'on" 1 Minn now. pcilmtis inon- feai- '•«mp Hum |, V er In hlsioiv, for too«y the hnndwrlilinj i>» Hie wiill Jeuins 10 spell not Jusi "ivtir" but, "CW iviu-i" class war wai!i>d by f'f-iiiinny n,u| unssla with the war«'iy »| M« ix, whom lately ilu- Nay.l <:m-«l: • Workers of (In- w«i-UI, iinl!i'! Drain lu capital and dc- moi-nnv!" I'.m-y liiiy'ii iieiv.'i makes || apjjear men- uiiciy lllia i, :ilroiH .' S C11 |,|[ n |. Isl-iii-iniu'rai'ir-ti mtiy be forced lo :lu-Idi> Hun iheh- oiitiwsl line is Miiliiiul. iilmii they man h IK.W, of »<ill imill tin- UK] Hi| ( > | lus ri'whi'd 'rin'irriO|)ylne, whose dc- I'ciidei-.-i wi'iu down In hls-toiy. but ' V l)i(- sliells lor f.-reni'li .seventy-fives. w ,. lu '|^ U ' : 1-rcjH'li loo, are sotm- heiivler nuns and iniii-hiiti: inni^ it,..i Al(i:rmcn of Halifax Will Get First Pay and ami-lank tiujis OKI wild S-.vrdish J-'ofoLs, linvi" shot down nearly a ihousnml imiks. I Oilier ordinani-e Is German. Thus, feeding iron mllons-lu these vnrle- iti.'Hod Finnisli guns is a problem jinr more complex ilian the fiu.s- HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis Candidnte sign language, minus the soap boxes, is used by Hcpmi- lican Rob:it Talt ami Demccrat .John Garner to make conversation in Senate luncheon. Topic of discussion was presumably "How io NOW SEASGNKn" Beccme Presiilcnt," with the vice president, giving pointers right irom' Nor are today 1 .-; Russian nllnctas the lips of his fingers. j " IC "' Il 8t«6 recruits of On: war's -- : Ifarllcr weeks, but proper llolslu.- vtks. brave if not. brilliant. Over the Russians' heads lly planes, planes, planes to bomb the scanty Finnish luiiiiltions liicloiies aboiil THiiincrc; shells, shells shells oulmunberlng l-'iiinl.Kh shells, as behind them tlnoni; nn-n, men. men in forces also oulmfinberini;. Finns Jusl. us arc heroes, bid heroes me human l^iorida Finds Grelit Garbo. Still As Elusive As Ever 11 v «t'oitc.i; KOSS MIAMI. Feb. 22.-U.u-k ill J.Ii-uni after a brief Cuban jaunt. I lind much of the conversation revolves around Greta i"! want to be alone") Garbo. When she checked into 'the Whitehall in Palm lleach recently, the local ladles in these parts were agog u-ith reports of In Onrfoo's diet: vegetable salad, fruit and biil- termilk. Ueh! And now even Mlt.mi [r.enus are featuring it as a Gaibo special. Uouulc ugh! Garbo arrived in the sunny soiith with Dr. Gaylord ifaiisei-, the Hol- !y;ioo:l dietician and they remain- id i-iose to MIL- Palm Beach hostfl- i.v, How they yot mound without undue fanfare is something for tlie unlives to ponder. They generally rushed into a waiting taxi In front, of the hotel,! Fahrenbeit in Golham :-apl)er.s. Wow ,«, J3,u the whole at, the lust mom scheme ,. c m. The h,° ?" " " ltimnti FIl FK' INTENTION '' us a niilllnry lately si obstacle. Tlie Countess Harimrn Hutton ' Thciv - ,.„ ivt-iil to HIP liuiidit-d" might nahl successfully, filing u ll(mks l>™l<*<c«' ky Inltcs. .sea and Haug-.vilz-lievenllaiv trouble the other day of IIAUI-'AX (Ut>> — Unpnlil since ini- lily was IncorpOMled more than n lumdretl years ago. Halifax aldermen now wnnt compensiillon for their services, By n nmjoilly vote, the 18 members of llu- oily comiell voted to (jive ihcimrli'tti , m Hinuiul honor - ai'lum of J5uo nich. Tlie money, liouevt'i-, will nut be paid nntn 1941. when If Is planned lo reduce tlie i-aiiiii'll from is io is mem- bi-ts. Ontario Town Forbids All Coloring in Milk I-ORT E1UU, Out. (Ul'l—A new law. milking II a misdemeanor to u;:i- coloring mutter of any kind In milk sold In n>rl Krel. ha:; been IJai'eil by the council. The action was luken as tlie re- stilt of a recent. Investigation of milk .samples purchased by Or Albert Collins. Tort Erie health officer, and sent to tin- provincial health department at, Toronto for analysis. Coloring was reported In some samples. Mast coloring fluids, Dr. Collins said, contain coal tar products, .t-.sjif-cliilly harmful to babies. denial of her Impending maiita to Cob Sweeny with the newspaper around here. Dm the know-lt-alls const ' defense guns. To b<- sure, 1' Read Cctirler News unnl. nils "To be frank, boss, we're tired of comedy pnrts-wi- led -™ ™"1'L'. 10 sullll;lllill « «'«Hy serious lu ttic llu-ale,'!" • MiHon Bi'onncr lu London, Trains For Job lu Louisville Fire Denuriim-m J. Graliiini .Sudbm-y, Editor Couvler Ni-w.s. lilyihevllle. Ark.. U H A My Dear Mr, Siulbmy: \Vlien I retire from newspaper llo, 1 know exactly what I urn iw '"! Io do, i '»" uolni! back In my home town of Louisville, nnd uct u Job In llu- Louisville l-'ln- IJepartmeni. I'll bet Hu_. : ,n\ven't gol a llrc- mnn who can jump oul of bed tos.s In his clothes and simp ( | 0w n " poll.- ((dicker I him I can I owe iy_ Irnlnlni; to little Adnlr'llltlcr. •J'liiuiks In him, what, with blnck- oul.s mid food nillonliiif. we here Dr. I A. Saliba Annnmices Ibc removal nf his nfflce from Ihc Incram llulldlns (o Ut K. Keiiturky. H«s. I'lioiiB -110; Office, I'll. 41H ilrovi- a mile ;o a .secret ivml<<&- !'"" '"'i'st Unit, the nuptials have '.oils with Ciurljo's own car nnd 1 1)lTn wheclultd to take place quiet they transferred I'J'.*' 111 ' 11 ' "»'«> weeks. chauffeur, when and continued to an unannounced beach tk.sination. Garbo. uitiilenlHlly. leporti'is aroimcj here nre j findini; it consistently imposMWo to n . • s tccr tile conversation iiround lo Third Term Question i:a. o;tlt .. ftM ,|,,. | ;M , mft .,t,, lllc , V - , . : conl'iimvil Dial Miller had had no foo ( | since he was looked up but Wiu doubtful whether he had eorc wlthoui nonrWiment dnr- in.; h-'s vijH at the tree. Miller .-iftid he would never uivo 1;l . l . u;[ll .. ,,,, „„. l;11 , up Ills attempts to win Mis-; P.-rfcins j ,-,„,, s notwithstandin;; He said she had answerer! only one • of the letleis he had wrilt-;n her— tlie only word he linn hud frail her clnce their date. ' "She said she wouldn't yo nut wilh me It r were llm bst. man on earth," lie said. "Well. I'm rot., so I figure thai gives 1112 a chance." mention it?" She tinned down u dozen invi- Intkns to liint'li, tea. dine. oat ' le • covv-ii- 'i.« tt >. - ./> or sup v,-l;b the Um-blootled crowJ. '• , ,,, v!-,.,^ .,!,,,',,, This will give you somu Idea ol i !;.,:.„. " ltt . liow sociable the glamor gin ln.s',,,'"'" ^ '" Oie '-'I"' 1 "'" artlvnH 'I' 1 * week. C'fliisliinr.! lieuni-ll anil i-divjiid KvereK tforton are expected in the re.sorl. over tlie wcctoul. iliey ore iniiving In septirnli- cara- -ans t.ucl one thing Is fairly cer.tiiili: Connie lias left her Jewelry I'jii:! dlnmoiids back home in a :,n!e "'" '"' —--- stole a IK i . V.'AS A Dti.U 'I' IN "I UK I'l.Atli in Nfianit. copecial utlentioLi paid to s'.:ch N. V. weailier Sinus as ncv.'s cf snow on the i vault. Nasty old robbeis puvi-ir.cjn.-i. Bt:t any wnrm rise of /lock at ilicin recently. 4-11 Club Ncv/s Noles Tlie Hawheen 4-H ciuj mcl Friday with 5D members present. Junior Smith presided over the meeting. Ruby Metheny. :,on; captain. led the ijroiiii in sinjisg "America." Tlie JolJowins fhib captains gave reports; J. D. McUanisl. cotton; Jeloy Decker. David Langley. pig; Junior Snvlth and u. D. Uliies calf; Hard M:!3aniel. and canciu^: Frankie Woods. clotliing; Herman Brewer and Vns- ten Zumwalt. poultry; and Jo Metheny, room Improvement. J. J. Pickrcn, county agent, nnd Miss Com L Aged Scientist Invents j Tragic Chief Obeyed, S:crei Signal Lights' His Auto fs Tagged I.OJNUCW .UPl-Al 90 a mm, i AKRON. O. "oirT - C -u)l Tom might reasonably think hk nneful- M , le u. t ra t,i c Imreau ch er ha ne^o l,,s country m war time Hail l)Ctll ,„„„,, „,., „,,.„ (() t ,; f ^ liut'sir Ambrose Firming, famous I ^vo,''"' K "" li "- i °" s lvillloll! le:ir ar I scientist, lias invented at that ai;e. i ' .... ' .... 3 simirc spy-pioor lamp for .sh{. -, ,' 1 " , :l " : ' 1: , cl , on i: ' c »'i :d.s-l.leW I Baling from ships, the signals which L'"'^ „?. Pi "'^ :l W1 ' 0 " 3 '" " ; ' SlUI ' ....... . . nn malter whose automobile il . .„. is men follov.-eS his orders. Uiuil this invention anyone could ' l- tvslcl1 . ; > bright yellow ticket on cnn only be read by Hit specially equipped rcvciver for whom they are intended. read the conliuuous signals the \vintUhieUI of his car aftL-r his ships in British naval "bases "and i t;lil lif >' 1( llacl unrncd out. lie paid linrtiora—if they knew (he code. i " IC sl "" e u ' itllo »' protest. The M'L-iet of Sir Ambrose's lamp I " is "polArim!" light. Light consists vT^-f2.»""""' ' of vitiations. In oidinni-j- light I', jfi>T "' • tiies-.: can bound in all directions. " ~" I'clKi'lzed lisjht looks the same to !hc naked eye. bi:l Ihe vibrations I are conlined to a single pbmc. The home demonstration present. At The Hospitals asncullirnl j (H0 j(. c . or t, e nds out a 'beam of light ".":,°" r " U " 1 l Kw l: '° <Io!N "'"' *isHw it cliansos | inDiiK-ntnrily to ortlinury ligiit. TI,(_I j naked eye cannot detect the dif- '•• ! leieiice. But the special receiving jiiistiumfiu fillers the polarized li<»ht ', and iiiahes it appear darker a"nd i {of a different color. On top of this ' tlle nie« ; ngi' slniKls out in sepnral- j llsslies of while. I — lilyllievlllc Hospital Mrs. Wallace Richaidson. L ville. admilted. Mrs. Laura Mae Yielding. Bi-a"x ' City, oilmltted J ! v - ore ' t'raile Work Urged E- O. Babcr. LIUlc Hock. ad::i!ttsd LINCOLN. Neb. (UP)_rja(I news \V. O. Martin, city, dismissal i for B racll: schof ' 1 children: Dr. John C. C. Wood. city, dismissed ' ; K - Anderson, r'.irec.tor of the i, 15 ti- Mrs. Louise llatlicock. Corinth. ' Ulle 0| c!lilrt v -"«!f>"'« at ih t Miss., disnilssKl. Walts ftavittl Foster Hsven, Steele. admitted. Memphis MtThodlsi Ifoi;:IUl Knsi .,v,v,le i.rumn, Heisfv. nJ- millcd., Joe Isaacs, city, admitted. c!lilrt I vcrsity of Minnesota. I llic elementary grades : " l(Klc " lorc Head Ni-»-s » So great Is the pull of gravity on the small companion star of the bright star Sii-ius, that a 150- pomid man would weigh 2000 Ions, Buy Your AMERICAN MONEY ORDERS ROBINSON'S Drug Store AMERICAN: WHISKEY Genuine ola% fashioned Sour M»sh Kentucky Straight Bourbon Distribute,! by (,-MTKD J-IQUOR. \Vholi sa | (r , J.illli- Hock, Ton S,,,r (ll In London muy nut lead ilu- Hie «( lilley. lint we tci-tiilnly livi- the life of u Hi-i'tiiiin. Then/ Is nlwuys liannliiK over us tin- possibility dial Adolf's bombers may conn- over "nil drop thc'li Iron vlslltnn curds. Wlit-n a fellou- BOI-S lo ijcil ut iillilil, lit- lias lo hiive eveiylliliiu prepai-od. s( , that W |,,, n ( [, 0 wnnl . Ing sirens gli-e their mensaRes (lint KKYSTONIC ALFALFA SEEDS ALl, KINDS FIELD SEEDS HAJIY CHICKS L. K. Ashcrafl Co. I'tJIMNA I'KKDS I'lumi- Just Recei ved - - - A SOLID CARLOAD OF 1940 57 In All Including All Makes-All Models You can search far and wide and not find flic equal of these handsome now 1940 Frigidairc Refrigerators. Visit our store and see lor yourself. See how America's No. 1 refrigerator lops them all for new design, new convenience features and new, low operating costs. See the new Frigidaire Cold-Wai!—it's revolutionary! You Just Can't Go Wrong With a Frigidaire! COME IN NOW! See these Big Beautiful Bargains in a complete display of the year's crowning; achievement in refrigerators. Now at our store! APPLIANCE COMPANY «/, W. ADAMS, Manager 203 W. Main St. Phone 233 "__ _PAGE_TJIREK fnwny Dlancs are on (he 'way, l.j can make a nulc!'. break for an a| r laid shelter. It's tiiilte n ritual, this (hint, of riolnii to lied. First you pul out. . your v/urrn slippprs where you can l.'i'iil) liiem In i, hnn-y. On a table by your bed you IKIVK your electric toii-h, On n I'hdlr yolj i,., ve vour Minn div.'.slng ijown lu whose IJWkclN you have your wallet iviilth, ruom-kt-y. otnce-kcys sfjii-' t«ek-s nml. mi'hbe. If you ar e extra wise, some cliwolitte as iron rations mid 11 we |,otiic <n |,ran- dy—foi- cmi.'1'jiL'iicjp.s. 'llif-ri- iruialns the problem— v.'lmt If you are in ihe ijath ml) wlii'ii tin- -.irons bi'jiln tlielr music? One iinxlou;; Brlion wrote to lib itvorlii' news|)»|ii'r an-j asked ihe iii'Kllon. It rridlixlcd us of the : cjily of Ihe old Kentucky darkey: "Don't biilliB, JC.H' dust oil oncf'ii a week." 'I'lie London editor was almonr n.'i lli|)|):ini. lie replied: "if you me in the middle of yorr l«<lli. Jiii.t iilfl: up tlirr t wo ends miii run." A< a HiiiiKT uf fact, many of us ' Inivi- l»'aiiii-<l to bathe In Itvo minutes. Now, when nml if rapiny lilaiif-s are si^hti'd comlhij across : tin 1 North Ken ami. picsumably, ' ln'udrtl f.ondunwiir(iH, ut i|u- speed lln-y uchiiive. (t lakes them Jnst ii(jun( M'vcn minutes (o roach "the llBiii-i-s out: iwn mlmili's to Iwo minutes lo dry, iliree miimles lo Jump Inlo dicssluij K n\\i\ ami "('in, h for UK- air shelter. Vows fr-r a Ih-eman'B iml,' Milton Bronner. .tailed Kiisprcl llunlcil 3ACHAMENTO, Gill. (OP) — Dc- lecllves A, J. Dabayco and T ri Rosmun si-ui-clu-d so lo»e nnd hard 'or a suspected erlmlnnl thnl tliey were llnally obllncd to E o homo and lo bed. The next day they found at Hie man wan In jnll havint; been held two days previously en viigrniKiy charge. SPECIAL! V^ Mure far lite same money Johnson's WIIM ami Glo-Coat SUODSH-HKNRY HAUDWAKH CO. J'bojic .'15 Sign the New Register at the Ritz FRIDAY 25P.O!) r.OOl) (ItASONS why you slimitil attend H.G,WELLS hlnl m;U • Hra CM^ A NCW UNIVERSAL PICTURE Also Sclcclcd Sliorts " SATURDAY (,'artoon & Serial SUN. & MON. "RAFFLES" with Davlil Nlvcii & Olivia Do Ifavlhnnl. Varaiiiomil Newt * Comedy ,'ninins Tuesday, Miirch 2lith l-'nr n Week's Run <iONI<; WITH THE WIND" Fri. & Sat. "wim"' *s5V,jift* fl4SH -«Pf Curloon & serial "KU CarsoiT" SUN. & MON. "MONEY TO BURN" «ith James A Lucille Gleason Neirs .t 1'omcdy Saturday - Sunday u Addition (o Kcjular I'rosrain Was Codoy Robbed? Olllcial Mallnce & M«hl _ Admission ICi: ft 2Gc USTKN TO KI.CM 11:00 a.m. — 12:45 p.m __ 4:30 p.m. Phone KIU Phone Rojcj 311

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