The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on May 28, 1996 · Page 11
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 11

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1996
Page 11
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Tin; Cincinnati Enquiio . ., .. X X 1 JOHN KIESEWETTER SWITCH COUNTDOWN: With the big network switch six days away, Channel 12 premieres a half-hour special explaining to viewers which shows switch and what won't . when WKRC-TV and WCPO-TV (Channel 9) swap networks on Monday, Channel 12 will become the home for Dan Rather, David Lctterman's Late Show, 60 Minutes, The Price is Right and As the World Turns that day. Peter Jennings, Good Morning America, All My Children, 2020, PrimeTime Live, NYPD Blue and other ABC shows will move to Channel 9. Channel 12's switch special airs 9:30 p.m. today; 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 9:30 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. Sunday. TOM & DAVE: Tom Selleck, his career revived by his recent appearance on NBC's Friends, and David James Elliott's JAG, are part of CBS' future plans. Mr. Selleck starred in CBS' Magnum PI. (1980-88), which was a Top 10 show until The Cosby Show debuted. He'll star in a CBS sitcom for the 1997-98 season. Mr. Elliott's JAG, canceled by NBC after one season, remains in production as a CBS midsea-son drama. CBS HIT LIST: CBS scries not on the fall schedule and apparently canceled include Due South, Dweebs, American Gothic, High Society, Bonnie, Central Park West, John Grisham's The Client, The Louie Show, Good Company, Courthouse, Matt Waters, Bless This House, Can't Hurry Love, It Had to Be You and New York News. BELUSHI BACK: Jim Belushi, who ' graduated from Saturday Night Live (1983-85) to films, returns as a Chicago blues club owner in It's Good to be King, an ABC midseason comedy. ABC also has ordered a midseason law drama, The Practice, from David E. Kelley (LA. Law, Chicago Hope, Picket Fences). GMA CHANGE: Former Dateline NBC reporter Elizabeth Vargas debuts as Good Morning America news anchor when the ABC show moves into a new set today (7-9 a.m., Channels 12, 2). KiESE PICKS: American Movie Classics salutes Marlon Brando today with new documentary, Marlon Brando: The Wild One (8 p.m.), and four of his films: A Streetcar Named Desire (2 p.m.), The Men (4:05 p.m.), One-Eyed Jacks (5:30 and 11:30 p.m.), and Guys and Dolls (9 p.m. and 3 a.m.). Biography profiles Carol Burnett (8 p.m. and midnight, A&E). Drew gets in trouble by circulating a tasteless cartoon in his office on the Drew Carey Show (8:30 p.m., Channels 12, 2). MORNING 7:00 O S3 Today (CC) Q D This Morning (CC) f GD Good Morning America fQ Garfield and Friends QD QS) (54 Sesame Street GO V.R. Troopers (CC) 14 Stretching for Life 14 (:15) Stretching for Life Hf) Cartoon Junction (4j Gargoyles (CC) A&E Classroom CNN Early Edition DISN Little Mermaid (CC) ESPN Sportscenter HBO Composers' Specials HGTV Victory Garden MAX "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" MTV Grind NICK Welnervllle SC Training and Nutrition SHOW OWLTV (CC) TBS (:05) Jetsons TLC Chicken Minute TNT Fllntstones USA Superman Batman WGN Winning Walk 7:30 . m Bobby's World (CC) S3 Mighty Max 14 Bloomberg Business News 3 PamandBuffy . AMC (:35) "Our Very Own" DISN Wonderland (CC) HGTV Gardener's Journal LIFE Everyday Workout MTV Most Wanted Jams NICK Beetlejulce SC Caribbean Workout SHOW OWLTV TBS (:3S) Fllntstones TLC Rory and Me TNT Scooby Dooby Doo USA Teenage Nlnja Turtles WGN Andy Griffith 8:00 Q Dennis the Menace EE) (Ml Lamb Chop (CC) EQ Bananas In Pajamas (CC) 14 Body Electric Q6) Barney ft Friends (CC) US News gS Mighty Max AftE Mike Hammer COM Benny Hill DISN Winnie the Pooh (CC) ESPN Sportscenter FAM Family Challenge HBO This Is My Life" HGTV Rooms Improvement LIFE Every Baby Knows (CC) MTV Rude Awakening NICK Looney Tunes SC Scoreboard Central SHOW "The Hoodlum Priest" TBS (:05) Gllligan's Island TLC Little Star USA Sonic the Hedgehog WGN News (CC) 8:30 Q$ Littlest Pet Shop Barney ft Friends (CC) GO Dinosaurs (CC) (14) Burt Wolf's Table QSJ 84 Puzzle Place (CC) DISN Cars Bears (CC) HGTV Help at Home LIFE Your Baby and Child MAX "Fire With Fire" NICK Gumby TBS (:35) Bewitched TLC Kitty Cats TMC (:50) X "Macaroni" USA Teenage Ninl Turtles V V Tom Selleck 9:00 O QD Donahue (CC) O CD Regis ft Kathie Lee G3 Gordon Elliott GJ Family Matters (CC) ED Road Construction Ahead 14 Barney ft Frlendc (CC) 0) Sesame Street (CC) Leeza "Dick Tracy, Detective" (49 Goof Troop (CC) HI GED A&E Columbo AMC (:15) "Pals of the Saddle" CNN Morning News (CC) COM n "Girlfriend From Hell" DISC Sugaring DISN Gummi Bears (CC) ESPN Sportscenter FAM Waltons HGTV Carol Duvall LIFE Sisters (CC) MTV MTV Jams NASH VideoMornlng NICK - Rugrats (CC) SC Training and Nutrition TBS (:05) Little House: TLC Bookmlce TNT Bugs Bunny, Rahl Rahl USA Knight Rider (CC) 9:30 E3 Married... With Children QD Kids Love Trains (CC) ED Auto Shopper 14) Big Comfy Couch m Rimba's Island (OC) (54 Another Page DISC Rediscovering America DISN Pooh Corner (CC) HBO "One Man's War" HGTV Simply Quilts NICK Richard Scarry SC Victoria's Body Shoppe SHOW-(:45) "North" TLC Iris, the Happy Professor TNT Fllntstones 10:00 O Leeza Q Rolonda f Maury Povlch (CC) fQ Northern Exposure (CC) CD Puzzle Place (CC) GO Auto Shopper Sally d) Jenny Jones (CC) 14 Shining Time Station (CC) 16 Lamb Chop (CC) m Full House (CC) (45) Hunter M Body Electric AMC (:15) "Lady for a Night" DISC Home Matters DISN Dumbo's Circus (CC) ESPN Sportscenter FAM 700 Club HGTV -Wine Cellar LIFE Our Home MAX (:1S) Movie: "Like Father, Like Son" NICK Rupert SC-FITTV TBS - (;05) Beverly Hillbillies TLC Chicken Minute TNT Gllligan's Island (CC) USA Tennis (CC) WGN -Court TV: 10:30 EE) Bill Nye the Science Guy (14) Today's Japan (16) Reading Rainbow (CC) Q2 Full House (CC) (541 Sew Many Quilts A&E Columbo DISC Start to Finish DISN Umbrella Tree (CC) HGTV Kitchen Design LIFE Frugal Gourmet i "ts , w w- , m ; gffir aa& 1 ivr- ws, .-nag, mmm Ow. Extra H (CC) Hard Copy: 3rd Rock From Frasier (Mo) ( NBA Basketball Playoffs: Western Conference hnal Game 5 -- Utah Ja.z at Seattle News (CC) Tonight Show "4 1 Disciplining chil- the Sun (Re) (CC) SuperSonics. If necessary, from the Key Center. (Live) (CC) A (CC) I NBC dren in school. A (CC) L Owrpn Wheel of Jeopardy) (CC) Client: "Prodigal Father" Reggie Movie: "Janek: The Forget-Me-Not Murders" (1994) Richard News (CC) Late Show: Actors Bill Cosby and Fortune (CC) agrees to track down a man who Crenna, Helen Shaver. Lt. Janak's goddaughter is the victim of a seri- Luke Perry, musician Tito Puente. I CBS ran out on his family. (Re) al killer, A (CC) (Re) A (CC) --mwicnr '"side Edition: Entertainment Roseanne (Re) iDrew Carey Home Improve- ISwitch NYPD Blue: "E.R." Simone and News (CC) Cheers: Norm islNightline (CC) IF1 inr California cult Tonight A A (CC) (Re) A (CC) ment: Jill be- Sipowicz learn information about offered a job at a AHC slaying, (CC) (CC) comes jealous, Martinez's assailant. (Re) brewery, wyiv Home Improve- Simpsons: Movie: "Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare" (1995) )4 News (CC) Coach: "Kelly's MASH: "The Night Court: Pj "A ment: Jill s sister "Lisa's Rival" A Robert Hays, Nancy Stafford. Vicious bees trap a California family In New Guy" A General's Prac- Mac is caught in pOX visits. A (CC) their home. A (CC) (Part 2 of 2) titioner" (CC) a kiss. OS News (Re) Lauren Hutton Extreme Championship IBeyond Reality Electric Coffee Jazz Alley TV Movie: "Robot Carnival" (1 991 ) A collec- PCIWHUt' And... (Re) A Wrestling tion of robot-themed animated shorts, wrrT Nightly Wild America: Nova: Fire investigators use burn Frontline: Bill Moyers updates the For Women's Lives: Dialogues Focus Charlie Rose: Jeffrey Archer, CI3 ddo Business Tree squirrels' patterns and other clues to track a stories of three families and their on Breast Cancer: Breast can- Chet Atkins. A PBS Report antics, A (CC) serial arsonist, (Re) A financial struggles, (Re) A cer's causes and treatments, A W-TD Fresh Prince of Seinfeld: "The Moesha: "Million IMinor Adjust- Paranormal Borderline: Explores Xena: Warrior Princess: Xena Cops A (CC) Bay watch: The leader of a motor- nm w&iH Bel-Air: "PSAT Raincoats" A Boy March" (Re) ments: Rachel the alleged 1947 UFO crash in trades identities with a princess in cycle stunt show has a bad influ- lnd' Pstory" A (Part 1 of 2) A surprises Ron, Roswell, N.M, (Re) A order to nab assassins, (Re) ence on Hobie and his pals. p-i ABC Inside Edition American Roseanne (Re) Drew Carey Home Improve- Coach: "Dau- NYPD Blue: "E.R." (Re) A (PA) News (CC) Extra A (CC) I Empty Nest A lJ payton (CC) Journal (CC) A (CC) (Re) A (CC) ment (Re A ber's Vehicle" (CC) ' (CC) CBS Wheel of Entertainment Client: "Prodigal Father (Re) A Movie: "Janek: The Forget-Me-Not Murders" (1994) Richard News (CC) Late Show (Re) A (CC) . Dayton Fortune (CC) Tonight A (CC) Crenna, Lt, Janek's goddaughter Is the victim of a serial killer, A fTTi PBS Shining Time World News Travels In American Cedar Point Memories A Charlie Rose: Gerald Uelman, Today's Japan World News (Off Air) Ual Oxford Station A Europe A Vacations A Carl Sagan, A rrr PBS Newshour With Jim Lehrer (CC) Nova: "Hunt for the Serial Frontline: "Living on the Edge" ER: Life on the Edge Charlie Rose: Jeffrey Archer, Newshour With Dayton Arsonist" (Re) A (CC) (Re) A (CC) Chet Atkins. A Jim Lehrer nra NBC America's Most Jeopardy! (CC) 3rd Rock From Frasier (Re) A NBA Basketball Playoffs: Western Conference Final Game 5 - Utah Jazz at Seattle News Tonight Show Dayton Wanted the Sun (Re) (CC) SuperSonics. If necessary, from the Key Center. (Live) (CC) A (CC) (43) WKOI Charisma Mag. Brent Walters Behind Scenes BJ Robinson Cornerstone Praise the Lord fja FOX Home Improve- Simpsons: Movie: "Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare" (1995) Star Trek: The Next Generation: Coach: "Kelly's Cops A (CC) Kota g3 Dayton ment A (CC) "Lisa's Rival" Vicious bees trap a California family In their home. A (CC) "True Q" A (CC) New Guy" rrji PBS Newshour With Jim Lehrer (CC) News Special: "Election Returns: The Primary Vote" Wisdom of Faith: "A Bill Moyers News (CC) Your (Off Air) Bal Covingtn Special" (Part 3 of 5) (CC) Government . . Equalizer: "Pretenders" Biography: "Carol Burnett: Just to Columbo: "Identity Crisis" A cunning advertising consultant leads a Law & Order: "Benevolence" Biography: A&c Have a Laugh" double life, Carol Burnett (5:30) Movie: "One-Eyed Jacks" Marlon Brando: The Wild One: Movie: "Guys and Dolls" (1955) Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons. A gambler Movie: "One-Eyed Jocks" AMC An escaped convict seeks An in-depth look at the life and bets he can woo a Salvation Army missionary. An escaped convict seeks revenge on a faithless friend. times of Marlon Brando, - :- 1,1 ' - revenge on a faithless friend. CNN Moneyllne Crossfire (CC) Prime News jlnslde Politics- Larry King Live Live Phone-In) jWorld Today Sports Tonight Moneyline (Re) NewsNight miUI Politically Dream On Comedy Del Sol: Richard Jeni Dr. Katz- The Critic Dream On A-List (Re) (CC) Politically Saturday Night Live: Jeremy VJIVI Incorrect (Re) hosts from Santa Monica, Calif, Therapist Incorrect Irons, Fishbone, mpp Beyond 2000 Next Step (Re) Wild Discovery: "Into the Shining Mysterious World of Realms of the Russian Bear:. Next Step (Re) Beyond 2000 Wild Discovery: ul Mountains" Universe jWonder (Re) "The Arctic Frontier" Shining Mts. People: A Musical Celebration: Really Rosie Inside Out: Great Splendors of the World: Special Evening With Elton John: From the Greek Movie: "To Kill a Mockingbird" DISN A girl and her grandfather explore. (Re) (CC) Disneyland's "Ancient Splendors": Examination Theater in Los Angeles. (Re) (CC) Two youngsters witness racial (Re) A (CC) "Grad Nile." of four ancient cultures. prejudice in the Deep South. (6:30) Stanley Cup Playoffs: Eastern Conference Final Game 5 - Florida Panthers at Pittsburgh Penguins. Baseball Sportscenter (CC) Baseball ESPN Sportscenter From the Civic Arena. (Live) (CC) Tonight Tonight ESPN2 RPM 2Night Glory Days Auto Racing Motorcycle Racing: Spanish Grand Prix Auto Racing RPM 2Night Auto Racing FAITH Joy of Music Pos. Parenting Inspir. Please! Keeps Feast Common Sense Religion Testament In Touch (Re) Inspir. Pleasel Waltons: Olivia does volunteer Highway to Heaven: "The Gift of Rescue 911 A (CC) 700 Club: Ralph Reed ("Active Three Stooges Bonanza: The FAM work for the Red Cross. Life" A (CC) Faith"). Lost Episodes (6:30) Movie: "There Goes the Movie: "French Kiss" (PG-1 3, 1995) 54 Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline. Priestly Sins: Sex and the Dream On: Movie: "Professional Affair" (, HBO Neighborhood" (PG-13, 1992) An American woman crosses paths with a smarmy French thief. A Church (Re) A (CC) Eddie feels ex- 1994) A private eye falls for a sexy Jeff Daniels. A (CC) (CC) eluded. (Re) A madam while on a case. HGTV House Doctor Victory Garden" Cmpny-AnimalsWhats Your Home-Garden Room by Room Homes-Amer. Amer, Design Cmpny-Animals Whats Your Home-Garden . . Commlsh: "The Witness" A Unsolved Mysteries A Movie: "Unspeakable Acts" (1990) Jill Clayburgh, Brad Unsolved Mysteries A Unsolved Lire (CQ Davis. A day-care operator is suspected of child abuse. Mysteries A (6:00) Movie: "Star Trek Gener- Movie: "Arctic Blue" (R, 1993) Rutger Hauer, iMovie: "Scorned" (R, 1994) Andrew Stevens, Shannon Tweed.Movle: "Digital Man" (R, 1995) A may ations"PG The Enterprise crew Dylan Walsh. A man and a captive trapper crash In A woman seeks revenge on the man who ruined her life. A (CC) top-secret military weapon revolts encounters a deranged scientist, the Alaskan wild. A (CC) I against its creators. (CC) MTV Singled Out Most Wanted Beach MTV A iBeach House Nights A Unplugged: Alice in Chains. A Singled Out Beavis-Butt. Altern. Nation" Dukes of Hazzard: "The Spotlight With Phyllis George Prime Time Country: Baxter Black, Lonestar Club Dance (Re) A Country News: Spotlight With NASH Runaway" A f Johnny Gimble. Guest host: Bob Eubanks, A Shania Twain. Phyllis George Doug A ITiny Toon Munsters II Dream of I Love Lucy I Bewitched Mary Tyler Rhoda Welcome Back, Taxi: "Latka's Dick Van Dyke NICK Adventures Jeannle (CC) Moore (CC) Korter Revolting" (6:30) Movie: "North" (, 1994) Movie: "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" (R, Outer Limits: Poltergeist: The Legacy: A sailor Red Shoe Softly From "Moonshine 5HOW A boy embarks on a 1995) Tony Todd. The vengeful ghoul marks "Deprogrammers steps out of the mist and into Diaries: (Re) Paris: Golden Highway" transworld quest for new parents, a New Orleans family for death. A "(Re)A Rachel's life. (Re) A (CC) A (CC) Lotus (Re) (1996) A SC Major League Baseball: Cincinnati Reds at Florida Marlins, From Joe Robbie Stadium, Live) Scoreboard Sportswriters on TV Tennis Mag. Rowing Great Pyramid (Re) How'd They Do That? Operation: A look at laparoscopic Hometime: Computer Man How'd They Do That? Operation (Re) TLC gall bladder removal. (Re) Gardening Movie: "Communion" (R, 1989) Christopher Walken, Lindsay Movie: "The Day of the Locust" (R, 1975) i Donald Sutherland, Karen Black. Movie: "The Slingshot" (, 1993) TMC Crouse. Whitley Strieber's account of his alleged bout with aliens. A The dark 9ide of 1930s Hollywood is revealed. k A spirited Swedish boy (CC) y -' - I - - - - - suffors from prejudice at school. In the Heat of the Night: "Family Movie: "Run Silent, Run Deep" (1958) Clark Gable, Burt Movle: "Das Boot" (1981) Jurgen Prochnow, Herbert Gronemeyer. A TNT Reunion" A (CC) Lancaster. Divided loyalties threaten the mission of a WWII sub. German U-boat crew faces the horrors of war. Wings A (CC) Wings A (CC) Murder, She Wrote: iMovle: "The Presidio" (1988) Sean Connery, Mark Harmon. Silk Stalkings: "Mrs. Carlisle" Highlander: USA "Programmed for Murder" A (CC)An Army provost helps solve the murder of a guard. A (CC) (Re) A (CC) The Series A t.ivi Family Matters Newhart (CC) Major League Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs. From Wrigley Field. A (Live) News A (CC) Simon & Simon: "Tanner, P.I. for WliN A (CC) Hire" too Funniest Home Funniest Home Major League Baseball: Atlanta Braves at Chicago Cubs. From Wrigley Field. (Live) (CC) Movie: "Invasion U.S.A." (1985) A former agent TBS videos Videos goes into action when Russians Invade the ITS. REQ (6:30) Movie: "Fair Game"R WWF In Your House WWF In Your House Movie PPV vc (5:30) Movie: "Seven" (R, 1995) WWF In Your House (CC) WWF In Your House (CC) Movie Key to symbols: Movies are shaded. Movie ratings no stars, Association of America classifications: G: General audiences; NICK Muppet Babies TBS (:35) Andy Griffith TLC Rory's Place TMC (:35) Movie: "Zorro, the Gay Blade" TNT Gllligan's Island (CC) WGN Andy Griffith 11:00 B Sally O CD Price Is Right (CC) 19 (45) Geraldo CJ Jim J. ft Ann EE) Reading Rainbow (CC) ED Tempestt (2) Mike ft Maty (CC) (M) Journal Q6 Sew Creative g Gordon Elliott OS Lauren Hutton And... (54) Nobel Legacy (CC) COM Tracey Ullman DISC Housesmartl DISN My Little Pony Teles ESPN Sportscenter HBO "French Kiss" HGTV Decorating With Style LIFE Blggers and Summers MTV Beach MTV NICK Allegra's Window SC Club Golf SHOW (:15) Movie: "Honey Sweet Love" TBS (:05) Matlock (CC) TLC Little Star TNT Knots Landing WGN Charlie's Angels 11:30 EE) Sesame Street (CC) 16 Taste of Mexico AMC (:45) "Winchester 73" CNN CNN ft Company (CC) COM Garry Shandllng Show DISN Ducktales (CC) FAM FIT TV , HGTV Hands On NICK Gullah Gullah Island SC Prime Cuts TLC Kitty Cats AFTERNOON 12:00 O O 19 (D CD News fQ Montel Williams (CC) EQ Doogle Howser, M.D. (CC) 14) Tony Brown's Journal 16 Charlie Rose (Jj) Real Life Movie: The Shooting" 49 Star Trek 54) Shining Time Station (CC) A&E Qulncy CNN NewsDay (CC) COM Saturday Night Live DISC Graham Kerr DISN Chip 'n' Dale (CC) ESPN Sportscenter FAM Rescue 911 (CC) HGTV Remodeling Today LIFE Martha Stewart Living MAX Movie: "Nell" MTV Music Videos NASH Aleenes Crafts NICK Little Bear SC Thoroughbred World TBS (:05) Perry Mason TLC Gardening Naturally TMC (:10) Movie: "Chu Chu and the Phllly Flash" TNT Charlie's Angels WGN Geraldo 12:30 America's Most Wanted: H 7 Young and Restless OJ 5) The City (CC) EE) Blitz on Cartooning GO Andy Griffith TELEVISION unrated: , poor: , lair, , good; . excellent. (CC) Closed captioned tor hearing impaired. (Re) Repeat. D In stereo. (PPV Pay per view. Req - Warner Ch. 54; VC Warner Ch. 50) Motion Picture PG: Parental guidance suggested; PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned, soma material may be inappropriate lor children under 13; R: Restricted, under 17 requires parent or adult guardian; NC-17: No children under 17. TALK SHOWS 7 a.m. Q Today Dr. Art Ulene discusses mammograms; what to do when doctors disagree; author George McGovem (Terry. My Daughter's Lite and Death Struggle With Alcoholism); naturalist Jim Fowler, a This Morning Actor Leslie Nielsen (Spy Hard); performer Savion Glover; author Jeffrey Archer ( The Fourth Estate); financial tips. d Good Morning America , Actor Tom Cruise; David Letterman's mother Dorothy; summer movie previews. 9 a.m. B Donahue The debate over legalizing same-sex marriages. Q Regis ft Kathie Lee Actor Hank Azaria; comic Drew Carey; singer Tina Arena. C Gordon Elliott The trauma of having triplets or quadruplets; a woman whose baby had surgery while still In the womb. 10 a.m. B Leeza Women discuss the times they were bridesmaids, the cost and the craziness. B Rolonda From February; People who want their former mates to return gifts because the relationships are over. 09 Maury Povlch From 1995: Ordinary people who act In an extraordinary manner when confronted with an emergency. 11 a.m. B Sally Celebrity impersonators. d Geraldo From 1995: Twins with colorful lives, d Jim J. ft Ann From March; actress Yvette Freeman (ER); Rhonda Shear, host of cable's Up All Night, child-rearing tips from Cynthia Whitham, author of The Answer Is No; facial makeovers; the history of belly dancing. $ Barney ft Friends (CC) CNN Burden of Proof (CC) DISC World Class Cuisine DISN Tale Spin (CC) HGTV House Doctor LIFE Our Home NASH Aleenes Crafts NICK Richard Scarry SC Bowling TLC Homebodies 1:00 B Another World (CC) IB i All My Children (CC) Q Gabrlelle EE) From a Country Garden ED Andy Griffith (16) Storytime (CC) Days of Our Lives (CC) 45 Doogle Howser, M.D. (CC) N Embroidery Studio A&E Equalizer CNN -CNN Today (CC) COM Politically Incorrect DISC Great Chefs of Chicago DISN The Wind In the Willows' ESPN College Softball FAM Home & Family HBO "Bite the Bullet" GO Tempestt Confronting loved ones about their lack of emotional support, Noon CI Montel Williams Married women who had affairs with single men. 1 p.m. 03 Gabrlelle Psychics and the people who use them try to convert nonbellevers. 2p.m. QD Charlie Rose Gerald Uelman, O.J. Simpson trial attorney; a Broadway producers' roundtable with Jeffrey Seller, Nina Kenealfy, Benjamin Mordecai and Edward Strong; author Carl Sagan. 3p.m. B Jerry Springer From 1995: Long-lost relatives reunited. . 4p.m. B Jenny Jones Mothers who disapprove of their daughters' mates. Q Oprah Winfrey Safety tips for summer campers, bikers and boaters. 5p.m. S3 Rlckl Lake Women who are fighting eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia. 11:30 p.m. EE) Charlie Rose Lord Jeffrey Archer, British MP and author; a performance by Chet Atkins. 1:30 a.m. B Late Night Actress Kristen Johnston, musician Chet Atkins. Q Carnle From February: Estranged siblings reconcile. 2:30 a.m. B Later Attorney Gerald Uelmen. Guest host: Geraldo Rivera. B Late Late Show From January: Actor James Woods, political commentator Michael Kinsley. 3 a.m. B Jenny Jones Updates on past teen guests. . HGTV Designer's Landscape LIFE Handmade by Design NASH Wlldhorse Saloon NICK Eureeka's Castls SHOW The Awful Truth" TBS (:05) "Apache" TLC - Crafts ft Co. TNT Starsky and Hutch USA Live People's Court WGN News (CC) 1:30 (T) Bold and Beautiful EE) Yan Can Cook m Beverly Hillbillies (CC) (I6) Shining Time Station (CC) (45) Dinosaurs (CC) N Chef Paul Prudhomme AMC Burns and Allen Shorts COM Kids In the Hall DISC Home Matters HGTV Victory Garden LIFE Designing Women (CC) NICK Gullah Gullah Island TLC Caprlal's Cafe TMC (:40) "Dusty" 2:00 B Days of Our Lives (CC) B GD As the World Turns O One Life to Live (CC) CJ Family Matters (CC) EE) Charlie Rose EQ Beverly Hillbillies (CC) rjj Maury Povlch (CC) 16 Barney & Friends (CC) 3 Another World (CC) 25 Applause Platinum (45) Bonkers (CC) (54) Fresh Paint A&E McMillan and Wife AMC Movie: "A Streetcar Named Desire" COM Benny Hill DISC Start to Finish HGTV Carol Duvall LIFE "Memories Never Die" MAX The Next Karate Kid" NASH VldeoPM NICK Gumby SC Racing Home TLC Biba's Italian Kitchen TNT CHIPS WGN Perry Mason 2:30 O Rimba's Island (OC) G3 Goof Troop (CC) 16 Puzzle Place (CC) m Aladdin (CC) (54) House to Home DISC Easy Does It DISN Winnie the Pooh (CC) ESPN College Tennis HGTV Simply Quilts NICK Adventures of Tlntin SC Tennis Extra Magazine SHOW "M'A'S'H" TLC Urban Peasant USA Live Love Connection 3:00 B Jerry Springer Q Q Guiding Light (CC) 13 General Hospital (CC) E) (49 Taz-Manla (CC) EE) Mister Rogers (CC) EQ Bonkers (CC) 2 Rlckl Lake 14 Burt Wolf 's Table (16) Lamb Chop (CC) (?2J Montel Williams (CC) 5 Applause Drama Classics (54) Barney & Friends (CC) CNN Talkback Live (CC) COM n "Girlfriend From Hell" DISC Lynette Jennings Home DISN Charlie Brown FAM - Highway to Heaven (CC) HGTV - Decorating With Style MTV Music Videos NICK Looney Tunes SC Golf TBS (:05) Garfield TLC Crafts ft Co. TMC (:10) "Plaza Suite" TNT Wild, Wild West WGN Geraldo 3:30 19 145 Eeklstravaganzs (CC) EE) Big Comfy Couch EQ Aladdin (CC) (14) Nathalie Dupree Cooks QS 54) Mister Rogers (CC) 29 Applause Amerlcs's Music A&E Banacek DISC Graham Kerr DISN Quack Attack (CC) HBO Movie: "Airborne" HGTV Bath Design NICK Beetlejulce TBS (:35) Fllntstones TLC Gardening Naturally 4:00 B Jenny Jones (CC) a il) Oprah Winfrey (CC) 03 American Journal (CC) fQ 45 Batman and Robin EE) Barney & Friends (CC) EQ Gargoyles (CC) 7 Schoolbreak Special (CC) 061 Storytime (CC) 62 Roseanne (CC) 54 Sesame Street (CC) AMC (:05) The Men" CNN Inside Politics (CC) DISC World Class Cuisine DISN Kids Incorporated (CC) ESPN Destination Extreme FAM Punky Brewster HGTV Rooms Improvement LIFE Spenser: For Hire (CC) MAX "Hoosiers" MTV Grind NASH Dukes of Hazzard NICK Muppet Babies SC Action Mountain Biking TBS (:05) Scooby-Doo TLC Homebodies TNT "Hell Boats" USA MacGyver (CC) WGN That's Warner Brosl 4:30 G Inside Edition (CC) H (49 Power Rangers ZEO EE) 06) Wishbone (CC) EQ Full House (CC) (22) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (CC) lis Fllntstones CNN Early Prime (CC) DISC Great Chefs DISN Mickey Mouse Club FAM Wild Animal Games HGTV Help at Home MTV Mega-Dose NICK-Alvin SC Journal SHOW Movie: "Young Sherlock Holmes" TBS (:35) Brady Bunch TLC Home Pro WGN Anlmaniacs 5:00 B B 03 GD m News d Cosby Show (CC) EE) 06 Carmen Sandiego? EQ Rlckl Lake (22 Cheers (CC) (25 That's Warner Brosl (45 Blossom (CC) M Reading Rainbow (CC) A&E New Mike Hammer COM-A-List (CC) DISC Popular Mechanics DISN - Darkwlng Duck (CC) ESPN - NBA Inside Stuff FAM Family Challenge HBO "Reckless Kelly" HGTV Gardener's Journal LIFE Cagney & Lacey MTV - Real World (CC) NASH Wlldhorse Saloon NICK Tiny Toon Adventures TBS (;05) Saved by the Bell TLC Furniture on the Mend TMC - (:05) The Odessa File" USA Highlander: The Series WGN - Family Matters (CC) 5:30 O CD t News(CC) d Cosby Show (CC) ' EE) 06 Bill Nye Science Guy (22) Seinfeld (CC) 89 Anlmaniacs (49 Step by Step (CC) 41 Carmen Sandiego (CC) AMC H "One-Eyed Jacks" CNN Showbiz Today COM - Kids In the Hsll DISN -Tale Spin (CC) ESPN - NBA Today HGTV Designer's Landscape MTV Most Wanted Jams NICK Looney Tunes SC Fast Pitch, USA TBS-(:35) Saved by the Bell TwiiSDAY, May 28, 1996 B3 T I DanAual AH f-l llrk i ,v, ncnviaiiwii wuiue p WGN California Dreams 6:00 B d El GD News(CC) d Roseanne (CC) EE) Newshour With Jim Lehrer ' EQ Step by Step (CC) 14 Barney & Friends (CC) (16J Nelson's Column C?2) News 29 Richard Bey (49 Married... With Children (54) GED A&E Quincy CNN WorldView (CC) COM Whose Line Is It? DISC Wings DISN Ducktales (CC) ESPN Up Close FAM Three Stooges HGTV Remodeling Todsy - , LIFE Supermarket Sweep MAX "Star Trek Generations" ' MTV Music Videos NASH Club Dance NICK Clarissa Explains It All , SC Ultimate Softball TBS (:05) Family Matters (CC) TLC Hometime TNT In the Heat of the Night . 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