Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWENTER, THE HATTER AND FURNISHER, COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. •POWDER/ PUREST AM BEST. POUNDS,20$. HALVES,IOt.QUARTERS,^. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MOKNINO. MAY 23. A quarter barrel new white fish for 74 cents at Foley'i. Fire cent bell buoklei and 6-oent black belt*, at the Bee Hive. Buttermilk loap only 26 cents a box of 3 cakes, at iien Fisher's drug itore. Only 60 cent* (or children's spring- heel tan ahoei, at Steveoion & Kiln- •Ick'i. The celebrated onyx black .hosiery only 20 cents per pair, at the Bee Hive, An upright grand Shonlnger piano at a sacrifice. Inquire at Ben Fisher's drug 1 store. The celebrated Miller's shirt, Globe brand, 69 centi, at Otto's shirt sale until all are sold. Young men, call at Porters's drug store and get a bottle of Seven 8Mb. erland Sisters' Hair Restorer and pre- Tent baldness, Come and get a pair of ladies 1 Hermsdorf fast black hose for 28 cents and a beautiful souvenir for nothing.— Schmltt & HefBey. Clean pure water Is what you want. You can get the best and cheapest water filters in the country »t J. B. Messlnger's. Call and see them at 407 Fourth street. The auxiliary to the R. B. Y. M. C. A., will meet, at the residence of Mrs. John Truman's Wednesday, at 9 p. m. All members are requested to be pres- •at Buslases of Resolution* AdeptML Resolutions of condolence on the death of John Donahoe. adopted at a call meeting of Dlv. No. 1, A. 0. H., of C»BI county, Ind. Whereas, It has seemed wise and (food to the Almighty disposer of events to remove from our midst our late worthy and esteemed brother John Donahoe, and Whereas, The intimate relations long held by the deceased with the members of this order, he having been a charter member of the same; render It mote and proper that we should place upon record our appreciation of his devotion to the principles of bur order, and his merits as a man; therefore Resolved, That we deplore the loss of John Donahoe with deep feelings of regret, softened only by the confident hope that his spirit has been wafted on the wings of peace to a better world, where sorrow, sin and sickness are unknown. Resolved, That we tender to his affl'oted children and relatives our sincere condolence and our earnest sympathy in this their hour of great affliction, at the loss of one who was an Indulgent father, a devoted Hiber. nlan, an upright Christian citizen and a good man. Resolved, That the hall be draped with the proper emblems of mourning for thirty days, and that a copy of the foregoing resolutions, signed by the President and certified by the Secretary, be transmitted to the relatives of the deceased. JOHN W. McGREETT, 1 M. D. FANSLEB, > Com. PATRICK MAHOKEY. 5 A po»lilon Unflei Government. George B. Davis, who has 10 acceptably filled tb.9 position of.'prlnoi. pal of the schools at Galveston for some years put, went on a little vacation trip "down to Washington." While there he did not let the grass grow under his feet and instead of gazing idly up at the Capitol dome. as so many Washington visitors do, sought the source of 'fluenoe. He came back this week with a neat little appointment in his hat. This ap« polntment will put George in the printing house as the grand director extraordinary of the waste paper department at a salary of |1,500 per year.' He will enter upon the duties of the office at once. World'* Colombian Expodtlov Will be of valu« o the world by 11* lustratlng the Improvements in the mechanical arts and eminent physicians will toll you that the progress In medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and ss a strengenlng lax* tlvethat Syrup of Figs is far in ad vanoe of all others. The beautiful Bee Hive dry goods bouse is on j of the attractions of bur city. MORE OCEND1ARISM Tbe Sorib tutreet Home Again AI tanked br Fire BuK>-lnterentl>K Development* Promised. Some weeks ago a very suspicious blazo broke out in the North street house dining room along about mid night which was fortunately discovered in its inclpienoy and was extinguished before any great damage was done. Wm. Wsgner the proprietor of the house suspected Incendiarism and did not hesitate to utter charges of the gravest character, but no arrests followed. Yesterday morning about 4 o'clock flames were discovered bursting from the roof of the boarding 1 house and the department was summoned, reaching the scene of tbe fire in time to extinguish the flames before damage la excess of $100 was done. The fire had started in an unused room at the rear of the upper floor, and the strong fumes of coal oil in that region of the house pointed conclusively to the means employed to help the flftines along. The floor and walls of the room were plentifully soaked with the Inflamable fluid and a new oil can was discovered nearby. Entrance had apparently been made to the room by means of a ladder from the outside as the screens at the window had been torn away. An investigation will be made and sensational developments are promised ID the case. An Independent Dram Corps. The Republican Drum Corps desires to reorganize, Irrespective of politics, as a Citizen's Drum Corps. If the business men of the city will give as. surance that they will lend their aid In obtaining new uniforms, the corps will endeavor to organize a club which will be a credit to the city and which will turn out on all public occasions free of charge. A representative of the old club will visit the business men of the city soliciting donations. Recognizing that the times are hard it is with some degree of hesitancy that the boys undertake this, but since they have been approached by numerous business men who desire them to turn out Decoration Day'and June 6, the date of the laying of tke corner stone of the new High School building they feel assured that the people will take hold of this matter. Give the boys a chance. ,Tbe Way i,a*t Night Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wayne and their excellent company entertained anothei large audience.' at Dolau's opera house last night. The bill was that popular old comedy drama, ' 'The Black Flag" and was presented in admirable style. This company has secured for itself friends in these introductory performances and gocd houses promise to prevail during the week. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne are painstaking and conscientious players and are supported by a company of unusual excellence. The bill tonight will be that perennial favorite "Rip Van Winkle" and the house will be filled. On Friday night there will be a great society bill, "The Lady of Lyons" and for Saturday matinee '-East Lynn.' Junior Charity Club. The Junior Charity Club will give a literary .and musical entertainment at the St. Vincent hall this evening the proceeds to go to the Home for the Friendless, Admlssslon lOc. Following is the PROGRAM. ...™ iddiess .................. "A Home Tot tne Un. Dr. Caroline Taylor. Original Poem .................... -HIM Minnie Nelien Vocal Duet ....;.. .............. . .............. . ____ • ...... •-" Itlsi Cora Altord and M r. Will 4aakli» Drill .......... Accompanied bjr Mrs. Will GraftU, jr. Cornet Solo ...... ...... ........... Jlr. E<Jwar* Bargeman Accompanied bj HIM Aim* Ttbbetrs. Becttatlon ....................... ........ Mlis Bra Kearney instrumental Solo ................. Miss Nellie Burnette Vocal 8«lo .............. Misses Hand and Llna HoKee RSltatlon .......... - .................... Mis. Sadie g>ndon Instrumental Bolo .................... Mr. Onus. Mobart Cloning remarks .................. Bev. Fstner CamWon Song . . ........................................... "QooA Nlgttt" Junior CharttT Club. Bertmmu-Dlelil^jj Last evening at the residence of the bride's mother at 113 Market street, Rev. Douglass I. Hobbs, rector of Trinity Episcopal church, officiating, Miss Laura Dlehl was .united in marriage to Mr. FrancU J. Bergman, of Indianapolis, in the presence of quite a party of family friends. Mr. Berg. man is a prominent young business man ot Indianapolis, the proprietor of a large soap factory. " He is congratulated upon securing so estimable a bride. Mr. Bergman and his bride departed at midnight for their home at Indianapolis, followed by the earn est well wishes of hosts of friends. notice Floral Committee. The ladles 'who have been appointed on the Floral ^Committees In the different wards Will' please take notice and meet at we homes of their chairwomen on Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock for thejiporpose of completing the arrangements for collecting and arranging tbe'woweri for Memorial Mr. W. H. 4K lteer of Bloomlngton 111., has been vUJtlnglnthe city this week, the guesiof Mr, H. 0. Oris. mend. SIMSBOTT STILL MISSING. A press report from Chicago says: The police today arrived at the conclusion that W. A. Slmsrott, grand secretary-treasurer of the Switchmen's Mutual Aid Association, has been murdered, and Inspector Shea has issued circulars offering a reward for the missing man's body. Slmsrott's books have been audited and found to be straight, and no reason for his voluntary disappearance Is known. There is, however, another theory regarding the missing man. Persons who are familiar with Slmsrott say that for some time be has been training with a lot of young bloods of Chi., oago and although repeatedly warned by friends did not give up his wayward life. As to ihe report that his cash was found to be in goed order it is stated that Simsrott is an expert bookkeeper and could easily cover up any shortage until a thorough examl nation had been made. A great many of his friends don't believe in this theory and think that he has been killed. B. Of L, E. MATTERS. On Monday the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, by acclamation, adopted a resolution regarding the bill of Senator Walsh, of Georgia, to present interference with mail trains, declarinff: "That this convention do consider' this a pernicious bill, the purpose of .which-Is to prevent organizations from securing by the only means in their power redress for their grievances and just compensation for their services." The convention then resumed consideration of insurance, and the following officers of the insurance association were elected: President, A. B. Youngson, Mead, ville, Pa.; vice president, Louis Zalg- enfus, Clinton, la; secretary and treasurer. H. C. Hayes, Cleveland, SERIOUSLY HUKT. George Albert, a Vandalla car Inspector was seriously Injured about 9. o'clock Monday evening. Be had boarded a caboose to ride to the lower end of the yard and attempting to alight he was thrown against the scales. He was taken to his' home In a badly crippled condition and all day yesterday was not able to stand on hi* feet The extent of his injuries is ^ot yet-known. Pan Handle agent B. F. Butler of Gopdland, was in the city yesterday. Pan Handle engine 486 has been cpn'verted lato a switching locomotive. .Last Sunday the offices of the train dispatcher and timekeeper of the Michigan division of the Vandalla were moved here from Terre Haute. The Switchmen's Association has not'accepted the offer of the Evansville Business Men's Association and the general offices will be removed to Chicago. The ninth annual session of the Order of Railway Telegraphers is now being held In Denver. It Is not likely that Grand Chief Ramsey will be re elected. Lafayette Dickey is filling the post. tio.il °' foreman ef engine wipers at the Fan Handle round house in place of John Glosser who left for Swltzer- land yesterday. Tony Eelker, an engineer on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago has been in the employ of the Pennsylvania company for 46 years. He has been an engineer since 1856. Pan Handle engine 325 has returned from the Columbus shops where she was rebuilt. She will again be assigned to the afternoon passenger run between here and Effner. Pan Handle engine 865 wss yesterday, taken to Chicago where she will be turned over to the Western Iriga- tlon and Drainage company to which corporation she has been sold. The locomotive is a very old one and in her day was considered a big one. The traffic of the Pennsylvania company nas outgrown her however, and she had to go. There are three systems of roads which have a larger mileage than the Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania has 6.767 miles; the Chicago, Burlington & Quinoy, 7,220; the Chicago & Northwestern, 7,965; and the Atohlson, Topeka & Santa Fe, 9.141 miles. The Pennsylvania system has the advantages of being located in a much more thickly settled portion of the United States than the other systems named. Where to procure coal is a problem which the railroad? must'face just now. At this point the Pan Handle uses about fifteen car loads every day and the supply runs from hand to mouth. In order to isffect a saying all gravel trains were ordered taken off Monday evening, and all work at the Curveton pit has been stopped.' The Tandalia ;ls using and Indiana block coal, ly th« l»M»r yet has not' much of i ..' , i" 7. . j VY". ,'• .'• -' -..•••,;• •• elther. Serious results are feared unless the operators and miners can soon come to an agreement and that very soon. East bound shipments from Chicago during the last week were 47,523 tons, against 02,856 for the proceeding week, and 52,348 for the correspond. ing week of last year. . The roads carried tonnage aa follows: Michigan Central, 4,742; Wabash, 4,610; Fort Wayne 6,053; Lake Shore, 6,525; Pan Handle, 0,316; Baltimore & Ohio, 2,509; Grand Trunk, 4,899; Nickel Plato, 5,178; Erie, 5,731; Big Four, 2,260. Tbe gathering of railway employes May 27, 28 and 29 In New York City. It is expected will be the largest convention of men of this class ever held. The object of the gathering Is to dis. cuss the labor question, unite In polit* leal action nnd to particularly urge the substitution of compulsory arbitration for strikes. C. E. WeUz, chairman of the executive committee, says that every State in the Union will be represented as well as Canada. Special trains have been engaged by different organizations and hotel arrangements for 3,200 delegates and twice as many friends have been made. The headquarters of the officers of the convention will bo at the Hotel Metropole. C. E. Clark of the Order of Railway Conductors; P. M. Arthur, of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; F. P. Sargent, of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen; S. E. Wilkinson, of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, and D. G Ramsey of the Order of Railway Telegraphers, will speak at the first public meeting. The spirit of this convention is quite opposed to any affiliation with the American Railway Union, Chairman Welsz says, and to one or two other Western organizations principally because of the leadership of such organizations. M Sotorlety. The old house In Daviess county, where Budd Stone assassinated the W ratten family, Is now occupied by a family from Gibson county. They report that they have no unpleasant experiences. Scarcely a day passes but what one or more visitors present themselves, eager to inspect the premises where the frightful tragedy was enacted. Many bits of the trees, shrubbery and house have been car* rled away by relic hunters. The present occupants have been unable' to scour away the blood splotches on the floors, but the sanguinary stains on the walls have been concealed by pasting paper. The Races Couponed. Due to the rain yesterday afternoon the regular Tuesday matinee races at the Driving park were postponed until Friday afternoon when a series of interesting turf events will come off. Some excellent races are announced and if the weather will only turn fit a big crowd will witness the matinee meet. A program of the Friday races will be published later. A Notable Record. The Rev. Hayden Rayburn of Howard county, who recently joined with his wife in celebrating their sixty-first wedding anniversary, and who entered the ministry in 183S, has officiated at 1,202 marriages, and he reports that so far as he knows there have been but three divorces of those whom he has joined together la wedlock. Order or JBqvlty. Anew council will be organized this evening in Good Templars hall at 8 o'clock sharp. The public are cor- dlally Invited. Those wishing to join will have an opportunity to do so at the charter rates. Have paid benefits to the amount of (28,070 in Brown Council. _ A StudeMtX Online. The senior class of the high school, Miss Hood and teacher of English spent the afternoon yesterday at the residence of Judge Blddle reviewing the Judge's immense collection of books and relics. Buy two ahlrts for the price of one, at Otto's sale this week. ADDITIONAL LOCAL*. Otto is unloading shirts at half price. 22 pounds of granulated sugar$1, at Foley's. Paul F. Nesiel of Irdianapolis is la the city. Mrs. T. P. Swigart Ic visiting at Plymouth. Desirable room to rent at 817 Market street. Silver belt buckles and silver belts, at tbe Bee Hive. Fancy currants, !2 pounds for 25 cents, at Foley's. The best baking powder in the wcrld, at Ben Fisher's drug store. Maurice L. Kahn, of Toledo, Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob 'dorz. We cau always please you in fine footwear when others fail —Stevenson &KltDRlck, Captain J. F. Quipley, of Indianapolis spent Sunday in ihe city with his sister, Mies Anna of the Fashion store. Tbe event of the season will be the rendition of •'American Fascination" by tbe King's Daughter, at the residence of Dr. Coleman, Tburrday evening. Harry Baughman. of Washington township will KO to Hammond tomorrow as a Congressional delegate an4 will epeod several days in Chicago before returning. Don't delay if you are particular about patterns and would prefer two new designs in outing sbirtk for the price of one, at Otto's eale commencing this morning. A very pleasant entertain men! under the auspices of the Y. P. S. C. E. was given at the Center church in Washington township last Friday evening. Tbe program was made up of vocal and instrumental musical numbers, tableaux of an interesting character and brief addresses, and WM under the direction of Rev. Fryberger. Yesterday in Justice Fender's court Chas. Green was fined $16.70 for a* assault on show day upon James Talbott Today Green will he given a hearing in Judge Walter's court upom the same offense committed on Chas. Kldd at the same time. It will be remembered that Talbott remonstrated with Green and his comrade Plank for whipping their horse, aad for hi* trouble was assaulted by the pair, whereupon Mr. Kldd interfered and was struck with a stone on the head. Green will answer today for the stone throwing part of the incident Richmond Item: The Republicans have nominated a good State ticket. Of course Wayne county Is disappointed at the defeat of Judge Comstock, but, like many other sections, it must take its share of the bitter along with the sweet. Ex-Congressman Owen 1« a good leader tor the ' ticket, being an able and popular cam* paigner and a man of high character and much experience in public affairs. The person el of the ticket is excellent throughout, it is well balanced geographically, and with the general conditions so favorable, republican success in Indiana this year is M near assured as It is possible ever to be in advance. _ To tbe members) or tbe Drmm Cons*. All interested in the reorganlzattom , of the old club will please meet Wednesday May 23 at Dr. Powell's V oSce at 7:30 p. m. By order of the Hone seeker*' Exevralea Ifortbweet, West, HOMhwMt, •>•« •oath via FcBBiylTMla •>!•«•. May 29th, special excursion tickets to points in Northwest, West, Southwest and South, will be sold at principal ticket stations on tbe Pennsylvania lines. 'Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details please apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van Dusen, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent Pittsburg, Pa. Wben the Up* of Beeaty. Are parted in a smile, they disclose a row of pearls rivaling in purity those which the diver brings up from the bottom of the Persian Sea. What will best preserve these gems of tbe mouth? SQZODONT, the celebrated beautlfier and preservative of the teeth. OflLL ON CARL I KELLER FOR • • Fine Tailoring. 311 MflRKBT 8TRBBT.

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