Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 10, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1896
Page 3
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Medicated Alr'and'Drng'Oo.,'"- •'• - >'• : '• .Blobmond, Ind., D, 8.. JL THE RAILROADS .Railway Men Will Join in Kpko- . mo* Pole Raising. ? : " AN iriPOKTANf General News of Railroads and Rail ro'airEmpIoye's. Tlio Kokorno. Tribune says: The Republican employes of , the Fun- tonnaie railroad In this city are preparing a McKlnley polo wMch 1 they claim will eclipse anything yet put up In tills 'neighborhood. The boys have been grouted, permllsslon by the company to plirat kt • -on the. railroad .grounds across from the depot anil to .use the switch engine'to pull tt up, Tttie ranhandle Republican glee clubs from Logansport aud Richmond have «lgnilled their Intention to be present, *is the company will furnish transportation free to them ami a large number' of other railroad men. Tllie Kokomo. boys hitond to make It the biggest pole rjilislripr of the campaign.-' The boys lire cndwi.voring ro 1 obtain sonic prominent speaker 'from 'a distance but have not yet -decided whom. The date of tiic raising will be announced later. : • lll'PORTANT. DECISION. The late decision'of the Interstate- Commerce Commission in the case ot the Omaha Commercial Club vs. the Chicago* Rock Island and other roads, makes one point which carries wiili ft considerable importsuicc. n.s under this clause of the decision: "Throufrh rates are matters of contract beiweuw carriers composing through lines, and the commission has no power to compel connecting carriers to contract, with each otter. It IB case-of shipments under a through bill ot lading and a through rate, the privilege of stoppage in transit, at an intermediate point and trying to market there, and, if it be found unsatisfactory, of reshipplug on to the point of original destination at the balance of the 'through rate, be lawful, the granting'of It to one locality and denying'of it to another under substantially similar circumstances would be an unjust.'discrimination against the latter." ' '' YOUNGEST ... . f W. H. Baldwin, who succeeds Austin Corblu, deceased, as'president, of the Long Island road, will., 'be" the youngest railway official holding 'the position of president In the.country, [wing but thirty-five years .of age. He Is n gi-adua,te of Harvard College, of the .class of'SJ. ' He took up the law, and-would doubtless h'av'e pursued the even tenor of his way but for'the Influence of Charles Francis Adams and an Indorsement by President Eliot, by which he was persuaded to join the staff of the Union'PacLfle. railway. When'lie'left "this 'property 'It'had passed into the'control'of Jay Gould. Next Mr. Baldwin became; 'connected with the Flint'and Perte Marquette 1 railway, and worked iip'-tb be general manager. He was called to help In the -reorganization of the Richmond terminal, which'was 'developed Into the- Southern railway 'by Samuel Spencer, then connected with Drexel, Morgan & Co. In the'growth' of this system it is said tb'at Mr. Baldwin's energy and power as an organiser were lonspiciious; " . . '..... ' "RAILROAD NOTES. ' '" '.'.' Baggageman. Mlclinc'l, Rb'sher, of'the ranUmndle. Is visiting friends 'ih'.Iyn'ii-' is.' . ' . .'.'.."....•',...' Mr. 'NeJs In'ltie, time 1 keeper ',at .the Panhandle office, is taking a '.week's ,' i •* vaenition. Dr. Allen will address the R.'R. Y. M. O. A.'Sunday afternoon at 3. o'clock! All are Invited. . .. " •Will Winognrdner', the' Pciihandle flreinab, suffered ,a homdrrhage'of tlie lungs yesterday, ' The f'our'-mouths-old.claiigliter of Mr, and'Mra. L. M. Bantx died yesterday morning at 7:30'o'clock. .' , ... . Henry Rotlkoy', of "the ,Paaiiaridle blacksmith Shop, was off.'d'u't'y"yestej--. 1 day'.on'.account of sickness. '"''',', ' WJli'McNitt, the pop'iilar'nlght ticket, agent nt 'tlie Pcimsylvan'la, station, 'lias purchased a 'new Stern's Tjlcyclo.'.: ' .'. 'K.'Mi Howard 'of the'Panhandle of;' flees, was called to Chicago yesterday by the serious illness of a brother. Tlie .Yellowstone park /special that went west through here about ten days ago, will pass through today pn the,re;urn oast. .The Railway Men's 'Sound Money >lU'b;of Riohmond Is prepartag to visit :he Lognnsport organization.: ; jn the near future. M.'Dunn, Master'Meehanic, and W.; T. Miller, round;house foreman ot tlie Dennlson shop's,'visited 1 'the shops yesterday morning. ' . ' .... .' , The''seventh' aninivdl' report' • of' 1 the Voluntary Relief department, of .the Pennsylvania Hues west ofPlttsburg. was'ls-siied yesterday/' 1 ' ' ' -". " ' ... W. E.'Burke has succeeded W. E. 1 Widgeon us road 1 'foreman of -engines on the''Michigan'division of the "— dalia line. Mr. Burke^w'iU, nbw''haTe his duties as trainmaster and roat foreman^of engines to perform Mi Buoke.'.was at.Ter.re.Haute yesterday John.G. Suecd, pay niiuner of .the Pan ,handle..lines, has returned from-a va r catlonaud left yesterday on his month ly rounds with the pay ;car. : jEnglne Xo. ,457 .was taken from th shops, yesterday .afternoon after un dergoing fourth class repairs,. .Itwill be:run:on the Richmond division; ''' William Holland, of. the Panhandl paint.shop; ;wns over-, on the Southslde yesterday afternoon doing, some fiincy lettering on the Trade Palace, wagon. ; Harry St. Clalr,.tbe Panhandle engl noer, and Thomas Austin, jr., luive-re turned from a week's, outing at Bass lake.' They report; a jolly .good time -.Tlui Moron.of the blacksmith's shop 'who ; was injured a week ago, -Is stil hi a bad condition. He:is able to move about with .the assistance of a pair of crutches. .- •: -.-. .-.-•• •• • -. • Many members -of. the Riclimom Railway Men's: Souncl Money club'-wll. 'attnnd the big demonstration.and heai the speech .of .T. T.. Brooks next -Wed nesdny night. . . '•' '.Mit-. Kenney .wife of .Tames Kenney the. Panhnndle passenger conductor wrivt-.to Denver yesterday..to -return wlrli.'her husband who has', been there several weeks for the benefit of 111 •health. .Ho Is reported'.in a .critical condition.-.,'• . • ,-. . • Pa.t .Wolf, un, employe -'of rlie Wa bas-h-. company, .left last-jiight for-his old home in Ireland, to- remain until affbr ..election or until .-things in America 'become more settled. . This Is ,his-fourth visit to. Ireland since taking up'his residence iu this country The fifth-,biennial convention, of the Brotherhood of. locomotive Firemsn will convene at G^ilvoston, Tex., . on Tuesday of next week. On Frkl.'iy.a Mpeciiiliti-aln^of Wagner cars -wii! leave St. Louis over the Missouri Pacific, carrying the delegates, and will return by tlie. Missouri, Kansas & Texas. W.. E. Widgeon,, formerly of this city, but more.recently of Torre Haute, has been appointed foreman,of the Indianapolis round house. He was formerly road foreman of engines on the-Michigan division of the Vamlalla. He succeeds C. Idler, who has returned to the car department ou account of advanced years. , . : The ladies' auxiliary to the H,. R. Y. M. C. A. met Tuesday afternoon at the residence of Mrs. .Tohn . Truman on East Spear, street. It .was- decided to have a social at Mrs. Truman's home ome time soon and to use- the money :hus raised to..purchase song books to, be used to the R. R. Y.,M. C. A. build- lug. The idea. Is a good one, Present indications- .are . that the roads In.Indiana, Ohio; and. Virginia are to handle more apples this year than has ever- bees known 1 before. There are two counties' In 'Ohio that expect to ship 100,000 barrels of apples this fall, and the freight officials In these States are preparing 1 to handle them, as many : -wilill r ' probably'-"be shipped' quite a distance. Two'of the hew freight engines which the -Vandalia Is receiving can haul as many cars as three of the old ones, and this has resulted In tho'dis- mflssal of 0fteen' firemen'-'and the setting back of fifteen engineers to flring,' Wlicn tlie ,-tr\venty'-tw6 new engines are in service more-firemen 'will' be dismissed; It is understood,-or given work In some other.'lihe on tho road. Joseph Wood, .fourth vice president,' and L. TTi "Loree, general manager of :lie>Fetin.'i.v''lva'n 1 Ia- Vines west of Pittsburg, J. F.' Miller, general ' snperlh- tondent of the''sbuHiwestern system; and'Charles Watt, formerly division luperi-ntcndent h"cre. : now 'general'sup- rinten'dent of the Northwestern;system, werV in the city for a short''time yesterday. They went : 'to' Effnor yes- ;ei;day afternoon.; ' _'' Tlie more important roads arc now oDsidering"the problem 1 of;'reducing the number of cars and'adding to the tonnage -eiWTled by each" car, so as 'to make a d'ec'resse in 1 cars;' .The custom of haultag one'car a hundred miles or more with h'nlf a : load is to ''be 1 abolished if 01- as possible! and'the rule will' be o load cars to their full capacitj- and'in :h'Is-ir(aainer acid 'to ; th'e average ta^ln oad. This' plai' would insure' greater earnings i>er car and per train, and' proportionately 'decrease the expense transportation. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn .that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure i:?Jill Its stages and that Is Catarrh. Haifs 'Catarrh Cure ; tbe only positive cure now known to he medical fraternity: 'Catarrh being constitutionalv disease, /requires 'a onstithttonal- treatment. ".Ball's -Ca-'. r arrh Cure is taken 'iriternally,' acting directly 'upon the 'blood-' and' v mucous surfaced of th'e system,' tnereby. des- roying : the foiindatlon-'cif 1 the 1 disease 1 and : giving "'the "patient strength" by' jui'lding 1 up the'const'itut'lon''arid l 'asslst-;' ng'nature in doing its'.worlc'^The pro'- 1 ' irietiirs 'ha've'so-much'-falitli' ; to Its 'cnra-^ Ive powers!'th'at :; they : offer''One Hu'i£ ' drcdiDoilaTS for an>' case ;£b'at If falls/ )' cufe. '?end for list of'Tesliimohlals.' AddressTT.iJVCHEXBT '& CO Toledo,' ihln' ••"••••'S':-' '"•• ''•' ! " ;! >*•.•''••• : " "•*"•' •'- Ohio. CLOTHIN0. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $12.0O Suits go for $9.OO Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5,00 Suits go for $3.50 9 • ' . "" ' 50G FOR CHOKE OF AM STRAW BAT IN'THE STORE. ; 25c choice of any /of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, they are bargains. fvow is the time to buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing G > ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. G. GRACE & CO., •426' 'i^O-A D-W AY,' REUNION OF SOLDIERS. Twelfth U. S. Inf. Enjoys a Renewal of Old Friendships. At'the residence of L. E. .Brown at Adamsboro, September Stli, tlie annual reunion of tbe Twell'tli U.' S. Infantry, was participated in liy mtiiiy suryfr-.-rs of't'lie gallant orgai^xation, with t^eir fn'mllies. Tlae next meeting will be l:eld the 'flrst Tuesday in September, ISO", at 'the liome of.. Comrade Ooo. Suydcr of this city. Wl B. Bray was made cJialrmau' of tbe regimental as : socltidou7''ind'I;. E.'Brown, Secret'.r.-.c. To.the. latter The Journal is Indebted Cor .the foiiowing partial list of .tiioso r/.vesent: .W. B. 'Bray aud wife. L. -r. Ha ten iid Svlfo'aud Mi-s. Foor, of Macy, ,1. W. Hanson nnd wife, of Fulton; T.. E. Brown-and wife, W, H. Harrison .niw' wife and AV. B. Packard and wife, of Aclauisboro.' 'Among, those 'present from IvORnnsport were. Mayor Geo. P. McKee aud daughter, Geo. J. Snydo:-. Jesse Losier aud wife, C. L. Alford ind wife, Allen Lewi's aud wife. Mrs. Mary Reed and M'iss Minnie Eewl, Mrs. .Frank .Swijprt,' Mrs., Vauce,' Mrs. HnncV Mrs/ Lanftton. Mrs. Dillie, of Turre Haute was aLsp present. The ptttherlng' In-'ii'll'numbered l!brf:y- five, ami all had a f;66'd ; 'tlme.' "PUSH THE "WORK .',.'.'..: .•It was'. Announced ,, at Republican headqunrters today that state the Chicago convention Sfe McK'luley . clubs iaVe been" formed" In; the State, 'nearly our to eacli eounity. TJiese clubs, It is said, ai-o largely 'iinde. up of wagc- woricersL.. J. .T. Higglns, secretary .of the Starte League, of, Republican clubs, wiho has bad .much to "do with tne.pr- gianlzation .of .these clubs;." said that never ''In the history of 'jiolitlcs .In the. State was' it so" easy', to form working organisations.' He declares 'the State Is' "better. organized 'for"the' Republicans lit thls'time'than.i't evcr.'was .before; at' th is stage of a. ya-ttonfti. cam- paign. _ ...,,. :, / -. , t; , ... -...; ... . : fly New Goods Are -here. C?1I fore buying, '-..., examine them be- AL. YOUNG, The Practical Pearl jstre^t Tailor. UP IN A .— -.--•-. ,.••, .. W. T'.CTffe!. .the ( !nstrum,ent man, ent up a ten foot'paper ballpon last 'onhii of,!July', with'a ( tag' atfach'ed' ,n wliich was : 'the 'statement to the Detect thai the : ftpder, should he.rehirn it',' would be given a credit of '$10'.on 'a Singer-piano.. Hothing^was heard of he tag .until' it ^Vns .reftirhed yester"-' lay by a youiig irinn', who found it two miles'East "of the city,. '''When,, the gentlem.iu gets ready'to purehnse'his iln.no, he will have his flrst.paymo.nt; already made'... .' ..". .,., , ; ... ., ;-..' " ' : THE LADIES.'. .'. ...'!,-.-'.' The pleasant effect \ pan'd perfect 'HlGTy TVlLiJ t \VJllylJ ^*<IW^ _^>- • •-,. .'.',}• '*; • jyrup" of : F,'gs, flnder '.all conditions, make it their favorite remedy.'. To.e<?t, lie tnie ajid 'e'enulne..article, look r 'for he name'''of the California _Fig".S!y.r;i;p i Company, printed ne'a'r the bottoili'pf' he; packa'ge. : For sale by:all res[:W ; "fr> : . druggists?.'',',.','/'.' v ."''.-. .,:•'.' •'."• . Drawings? of AU Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draiiglitsman & Patent Attorney. SpiyBldck, Logansport ; INDIANA'S BLIND. Society Being Formed to Provide Work to the Aff Hcted. ' ''""' ' ' ' . . Sold by •'brugglsf 8,750,'', •f .;+.- 1 »,eaTy'"kiiid, . . Miles T. Ckioper 6C.. New A lban y ls now visiting Indiana, cities and will : cowe to.Lognusport for the purpose 'of creutlng a sentiment looking toward the employment of tlie ; bllnd ; people la 'tiic State,- ^so'th'at.tliey 1 will not 1 only not bo a enargejon the State, but. will, ' be more- thnn self-sustaining. Mi> .Cboper is a blind man aud knows tbe history of ' these",,. unfortunate people. He says 'of the 5,272' 'blind] people' in. the State.'. only about l'40 .earn. 'their ''iKvni 1-Ivi'ajt. Tluj ',rest' are , '.'cltlicr_.a .olirirgc .upon friend's,. ^.qr stowed awny Jn some] county asylum'.at 'the 'expense •of "the' county. A' sociirty '" b'as 'been 'fo'rm'cd for tbe purix>se of getting the blind together in. shops aud.manufac-. turlngVesfablisbimenis,' wbere tiey. crin, ''' 1 vji.ntage.to;'the State..It: Is the puii)bse, , to.ask the State for an appropriation to build shops, and the-operators, entirely- blind people, to turn the goods overto the State, and thus the blind, will, Mr. Cooper thinks, be taken from the poor houses, receive miicb better treatment, and will become at least self-sustaining. . DCHYN Ctt SECOND STREET. The residents of Second street between Market and the Railroad arc ,loud- iu their complaints of the 'condition of. the street. It is said to be , 'ov'erprowii with weed,-? and in time of •rain it is stated Uiat a rerit.i.ble 'pond is formed because the putters are so overgrown with weeds that, tbe water lias .no.. outlet During the Illness of the street commissioner.. and his con-. 'sequent absence, some of the ..cornr plaining citizens suggest thai;--/ the, x .street ^comuritteo of the coiBicil :loofc ; after the matter: . f !;•'•'''" . $ Subscribe for The Journal ;;,.- -

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