The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 1, 1959 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1959
Page 3
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•It' -v * .} i. j.i_*14_ i< 4 f i * 4 •*• ••••••••• •-••MM' **» Oft. t *XW*«^U A.VSL lit Id 1. £t~ Ir' Ml? • *!fA*& ke £ odd thr ^ w ^w1ng->dirig to celebrate ,"Around The World in 80 Days", and Nero was no slouch at Roman orgies accompanied by Violin music. But for a real Vfild party, all 6f them £ ou lr i8 ke a less °n from the teen-age phehomena, the slumber party. There were four or five of them in Algona over the weekend one. of them at our house, t k EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT A SLUMBER party is grossly misnamed, for the last thing anybody ever does is sleep. This includes • . hostess, the guests, the parents, the brothers and sisters, the neighbors, and not a few young male citizehs, who hang around in the bushes to scare th'e party participants just in case things settle down for a few minutes. If this later element is not present, a slumber thimdoy, Oct. 1, 1959 Algeria (to.) Upp«r Dat Rev. J. Share Passes; Rites Held Saturday FuneM services Joseph J. Share, 82, for Rev. long time LJs not considered & complete success by anybody.i --*• *•«,'•'* '' • THE PACT THAT YOU HAVE;OKLY four beds in the house all of them regularly occupied by family members, is no excuse fo: failing to have a slumber party. Beds are excess baggage. The waj slumber parties are operated nowadays, each guest brings a pillow a blanket and her pajamas," and',What time,is spent in a prone position is on the living room floor. Mothers So not have to worrj about having'a clean towel for each guest for, according to mj informatioh, nobody bothers to wash her iace at a slumber, party,, ,•*-.*.;'* • "* FOOD IS THE ONE INDISPENSIBLE item at a slumber, party. At our house, we did away with!! large sized, birthday cake, i gallon ice cream, a box of potato chips, 24 king-size bottles of assorted-flavored pop and 3 dozen rolls and doughnuts, and a considerable quantity of orange juice and milk for breakfast. Provisions were further reinforced by a contingent of young persons who arrived about-11430. They bore 24 more., bottles of pop. which they had taken up a collection to buy. The general idea was that the treat should serve as an engraved invitation to join the party, but one of the chaperones, noted for her puritan views on such matters, eliminated the open-door, policy at midnight. However, they left "the pop here. • .„ * * * '-'OLDER MEN", WERE PRESENT AT our slumber party and the chaperones were forced to let them in briefly. They were guests of our son, Bill, and they had been to 'the Homecoming dance at the high school. They stoked up a little on the party refreshments, ran an errand to get one of the' girl's record player, teased the party participants, and departed. The party quieted down to a loud shout. , Mama joined Pop,.fitfully slumbering on the second floor. I MUST HASTEN TO ADD THAT there Was not a single young person connected in any way with the p'arty who was riot;a perfect lady or gentleman. But when you get ten thirteeri-year-old-girls together,'with the auxiliary on the fringe area, you are bound to have giggles, hijinks, horseplay and rock and roll. My nerves are not what they once'were but r managed to get in three or four hours of sleep. The party participants were unusual if they got one! MY CHIEF COMPLAINT ABOUT THIS slumber party came 'Ss I staggered downstairs at 8 the next morning to leave to serve on the election board.' I * was* all bleary-eyed, cross; and 16pking like something the cat dragged' in. The ten little girls: were sitting there singing, "Good Morning To You", on tune, too, and their faces were-fresh, smiling and lovely. It seemed to me,'Unmitigated gall on their part, to' flaunt • their exhuberant youth in my face. After all, it was ; >my. birthday, 1 too, but it was a great many more than 13! , ' , ' , \ ,,':,'.",,•*,, * * • / - : . • • •• '• THE NEXT NIGHT POP AND I were talking,,oVer the party; We, were beat, but .we 'agreed it had been a success. Bill;has,a birthday coming H up, also,' and, I; gloated, about the fact that he is a'b'oy and at least he'wouldn't want a slubber party. Later he came jin^with an; - illustration', of a rod-and-real case. He said'it is ve^y fine and he would just as soon have ,us give it to him for his birthday. "But", he added, "if you really want to give me something I'd like for my birthday, I'd like to have six or seven guys in for a slumber party!" THE SPECIAL CITY ELECTION the next day to revise the terms of the cduncilmen was a disgrace if you/judge by its turnout, or. the interest of • our. citizens in public affairs. Only 98 people bothered to get out to vote in the whole town of Algona! But for the purpose of resting up after a slumber party it was a perfect situation. Hazel Lusby, Hortense Ferguson, Amy Geering, Ethel Loss*and. I sat as official First .Ward election board and had a coffee'klatch and tea-towel hemming party. We polled the magnificent sum of 22 votes, but if I had had any news stories fo write, any church bulletins to put out or any real thinking to do, I doubt if I could have accomplished it. ...... . ... *•;-.*. .,*... -,.; . -' . THERE WAS QUITE A BIT OF misunderstanding about where people should vote who are in the territories affected by the shifting of the ward boundaries'. We turned two or three people away who wanted to vote at our polling place. Heaven knows, we needed the business, but we were still operating on the old ward system. However, in the regular city election early in November, the ward territories will be in operations. Instead of the Legion Hall, First _Warders will vote at the high school and it should be a reaLboon to concien- tious citizens who can't climb'the Legion Hall steps but who still want to vote. Second Warders who formerly voted at the high school will move down to Lucia Wallace school/ ;• .;.-. . . . .'.. * * ••-. * AMY GEERING WAS DISPLAYING A lovely red leather bound book at the election. Lettered in gold on the'outside were S. O. G; P. I. P. She-received the. book from a friend who is very spiritual and when she first opened the gift she assumed the book was a Devotional and that the letters meant, Son of God^Power In, Prayer. Upon opening the book she found they,meant Silly Old Grandma; Pictures In Purse, and there were spaces for grandchildren pictures. Amy has hers filled, with perfectly darling snaps of Mary Ann, Paula, Billie Jean, Jeanette and Jerrold Black, plus a couple of shots of their.mother, Bettv, when she was a baby. CORRINE GABRIELSON of Sexton always sends Mary Ann and me our first birthday card each year for she has a mother-child birthday situation in September at her house, too. This year was no exception and we received the message and card several days before the big event. THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Chocolate Fudge Cookies, I came from Shirley Pratt who got it from a community cook-book put out by a church group in Clear Lake. You don't have to bake the cookies, 2 cups sugar . , ' ; % cup butter • , ' .,.>..', ' % cup cocoa ''•',• '1 tsp. vanilla ,' . % cup milk 3 cups, and a little more, oatmeal % cup chopped nuts. '•-;'• . •,. >/ _ , ., Boil sugar, butter, cocoa and nulk for 3' minutes. Take off stove arid add" uncooked oatmeal. Add nuts and vanilla and mix well. Drop by teaspoonsful on waxed paper. —GRACE. Methodist minister in the area, were held Saturday afternoon at Webster City with burial in Graceland Cemetery at 'Sioux City. He was the father of Mrs Charles McVay, Algona. Rev. Share died Wednesday at Webster City after suffering a heart attack the previous day He was born in England and .worked in a coal mine there before receiving his theological training at Nottingham University. His first pastorate was at Buffalo Center in 1911 and he subsequently served at Rake, Hardy, Gal'braith, Riverside Church, Fort Dodge, Otho, Humboldt, LeMars, Bradgate Dun- Combe and Webster City, where he lived after retirement. He was the author of several books of essays and poetry. (Surviving are his wife, Carrie, the daughter, Mrs Charles (Ruth) McVay, arid a son, Fred,' Pasadena, ( Calif., a grandchild and two great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death' by his first wife, Beatrice, in 1939 and a daughter, Winifred, in 1930. 27 Cub Scouts Get Badges And Awards Here * Cub Scout Pack ft) hetd its first meeting of the season Tuesday evening at* Bryant sehooh Virgil Rohlf is Cubmastcr.ftnd the Kiwanis Club is sponsor. , ,* Den Mothers for the year, are Mrs Ernest Hutchison, Mrs R, B. Waller, Mrs Leslie Higleyy, Mrs Bill Larson, Mrs Bill DaU, Jr* Mrs Hex Voylcs, Mrs' Albert Bocckelman and Mrs DUahe. Rll>- ey. Albert Boekelman and Ernest Hutchison are in charge of the Webelos Den. The Pnck Committee is Pot Montag, George Wolfe, Bill Larson and Ed Skilling. New Cubs receiving the Bobcat badge Tuesday evening wero Dean Smith, Duano Hunt, David Bilyeu, Michael Missal, David Riley, John Evans, Mark Snyder, Brad Farnham, Mike Kajewski, Carter Metcalf, Kenneth Kirsch-, baum -and Dennis Cook. , Other badges and awards went to Wayne Fvidores, Dean Taylor, Rdbert Elbert, Bill Larson, Billy Dau; David Skilling, Gary La* muth, Jim Jorgcnson, Craig Taylor, Timothy Will, Randy Snyder,John Frederick, Stevo Voyles, Frank Esser, and Richard Muller. While In Algoncs For The Band Festival Shop Ray' SWIFT'S BUTTER BALL TURKEYS Cold Weather And Rain Help Fall Move In Fall came in with a vengeance this week,' bringing chilly weather, accompanied by over an inch Of rainfall. >No -frost was reported but the low of the week, up to press time was 35 degrees—or 5 degrees cooler than the temperature in a home refrigerator. The week's '.official readings: - ' , . H Sept. 24____——67 Sept. 25.... 73 Sept. 26 -.61 Sept. 27__ 66 Sept. 28———60' Sept. 29 52, Sept. 30—_ — L 46 55 57 46 48 36 35 R .02 .79 .30 At Conference , Stuart Lawrence - and George Duvall, Algona; arid Floyd Hutzell, Webster City, sales representatives an this area for investors Diversified Services, Inc., will; attend a sales 'training con- fereftce ^conducted by the company" in Minneapolis, Oct. 5, 6 'and 7. Hutzell is a son of Mr and 'Mrs Roy Hutzell, Algona. CLASP ENVELOPES, SIZES at Upper 'Des ALL Methodist Men's Rally The'Goldfielcl Methodist church is to be host to the annual 'meeting of the Algona District Men's Rally to be held Sunday evening,' Oct. 11, in the public school building. The W.S.C.S. will servo the dinner, beginning at 6:15 p.m. TENDERLOIN END PORK CHOPS & ROASTS __Mi«>a«iia«lMMiaaai>BM>B>iMMiiBa«ip««van««««aa««««a«va«>__dm>««>>««| HORMEL'S AU-MfAT MINCED.. RATH'S SLICED BACON CELLO PKG. Catholic Church Bonds A Safe Investment For Your Savings Contact: '• Paul M: Seeley 609 No. Jones St., • Algona, Iowa :••'.; Registered Representative 'Hi.U,:/' Pf^V Keenan & Clarey, Inc. ' ' ' 39 LEAN MEATY SPARE RIBS **# *« #>•» ARMOUR STAR READY-TO-EAT RATH'S SLICED '/4 IB. PKG. * .. SMOKED 0 LD* BEEF U.S. CHOICE CLUB STEAKS Lb. RENWICK AGED CHEDDAR CHEESE 40-LB. BLOCK HOME DRESSED Roasting Hens FANCY SOLID PACK OYSTERS GOLDEN took for this colorful catalog in your., mail -« over 250 "Thrifty Buys" for Fall. PENCIL SHARPENER Ntw'low price for a crank iharpener — meunU on wall, counter or deik top. Floyd Gardners Observe Golden Wedding Here Mr and Mrs Floyd Gardner observed the fiftieth anniversar? of their marriage with open house at Good Hope Methodist church .Sunday afternoon, Sept. 20. Three of their four children were present. They were Mrs Arthur (Verna) .Fallesen, Rutland: Orvi'lle, Algona; and Mrs Ida Mae McVay, Burt. A-son, Donald, Hose Creek, Minn., was unable to attend. Two hundred, and twenty-five guests registered in the guest booH, kept by Mrs Peyerly Peeena. Mrs Ida M^e MeYay and Mrs Arthur Fallesen cut and served the,cake, Mrs Orville Gardner poured and Mrs KOSQ Ward served the punch. Otfville Gardner was host and JoLeen Gardner, Karen Johnson and Betty (Ward were waitresses. HOSPITALS 23 — Mrs Dean Wehrs- pan, Whittemore, boy, 7*15%. Sept, 24 <— Ba!by Jerold Pick" ett, Algona, boarder; Mrs Bose Schumacher, Whittemore, medical. . Sepl, 25 r* Mrs, Clayton Sil}, Algona, medical. Sept, 27 — Mrs Thomas Wolfe, Algona, girl, 6-12; Carol Chambers, Corwith, medical , Sept, 28 — Mrs Kenneth Cook, Bu4, medical; Anna Morey,>Algona, medicaJ. Sept, 29 -~ Keyin McKeown, Bode, surgery; Fred Nelson, Algona, medical. OUR BEST BROOM BUY Whispering Pines PARTY TRAYS Rog. 49* 33* LB. TIN FOLGER'S DRIP or REG. Country Garden Fancy GREEN BEANS 303 Cap 6 For 89c 6 For 89c \ BEETS 303 Can 3For29c PETER PAN 5c OFF JAR PEANUT BUTTER 3For$l HUNT'S FRUIT COCKTAIL 5 Cans $1 CROSS & BLACKWELL JELLY 5 For $1 PETER PIPER SWEET PICKLES 12-OZ. 4 For $1 Brt«sy frtth Norlh WoooV colon an gltomlng v/hll* O'alntd mtlol. IS x 10'/»". 5-*iwid to k«ep 111 thape longer, Set of 4 MEASURES Aluminum eupi with long copper hondlei. Include! coffe* cup meuwrf plu( Vi 4 V*i 'A (up tliti. 69* Dozens Of Other Jtems In Our Colorful Fall Catalog - If You Did ' Not Receive One A§k For One At CULLEN HARDWARE OUR OWN JACK SPRAT OLEO 5 Lbs $1 HORMEL'S Tall Can Ik ASSORTED REG. 5-CENT BARS 10For39c LESTER'S POP CORN BUSTER'S FANCY . ; 14-oz. 89c Value -79c SUNKIST GUARANTEED FLOUR 25 Lb. Bag $1.49 FANCY CELLO CARROTS ' EATMORE ONE-LB. BAG CRANBERRIES 2k FANCY JOHNATHAN APPLES.. 8Lb.Bag79c DES MOINES BLEACH GaL39c GRANDEE STUFFED NO. 10 COCKTAIL OLIVES... .Jar39c FROZEN CALIF. NO. 1 STRAWBERRIES 6V2-LB. CAN «a C-* rl K I'* FROZEN BOOTH FANCY 10-OZ. PKG. BREADED SHRIMP 49c FROZEN SNO-BOY 6-OZ, CAN ORANGE JUICE 5For$1

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