The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1959
Page 21
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IJ .. . 5 at 10 a.m.. in St. Cecelia*? Catholic church, Nancy Sue Summers and Merlin Schumacher iwete. united in matrimony.- The bride is the daughter of Mrs Mildred Summers, Des iMoines, and the bridegroom's parents ate Mr arid Mrs Louis Schumacher, Algona. Msgr. P. P. Ge'aren officiated at the double ring ceremony. Francis Higgins was organist. Paulie Kollasch, Jerry Miller, GarylMergen and Bill Higgins served as ac6lytes. ,. The-bride was escorted to the altar by her uncle, Glenn Likes. Attendants were Judy Schumacher, maid of honor, and Darlene Schumacher, flower girl. 'Best man was Dale >Schumach, er. Mark Elbert acted as ring * bearer: - Ushers were Jack Higgins and pave Harig. A dinner :was served to 45 guests at noon in the VFW Hall Follq$irig the dinner a 'reception was held for aibbut 100 friends •and.'felatives. :•' . . ; • ~-»v..^, t tM* gaeStl, Edith Ryan cut catife4M'waitresses WereiMartha Ann Schumacher, Clara Harig and Kar'en Mishak. The bride is a graduate of North High, Des iMoines and the bridegroom is fi graduate of St. Cecelia Academy, here, and also of American Institute of Business, Des Moines. After a shdrt wedding trip the couple will live in Des Moines. Algona Lawyer Named Gordon L. Winkel, Kossuth county attorney, has been appointed to the Executive Council of -the. Junior Bar Section of the Iowa Bar Association. The Junior Bar section represents all lawyers in Iowa 36 years of ag'e and under. Harold iP. Fristedt, Algona, is county representative of the group. oad 1 Cltartfc* 1 Satfiarttaft Hortift, d*flS K £o>A-0T Payroll Puftd, Payroll . . ».».».»»., Swahiiy Oil & Equip. Co.. 8rmh Killer Herbert H, Klasse, Brush Kll- ' let . , ..... COUNTY FUND North Central Public Service Co., Gas ,—.„-.-.. Ijfona Mun. Utilities, Utilities . ....... ........ »--- Algonfl MAin. Utilities, Utilities _„ Payroll' Fufld, County Payroll Payroll Fund, County Payroll E. H. Bradley, Care &• Keep Webster Co. Detention Home, Care & Keep »..— ... ' '1 W. Llndhorst, Board & Ige of Prisoners .... Joe It. McrMahofi, Board & LodRC of Prisoners Ralph.W. Llndhorst. Meals & Mile&BC .;.„ ~ Donald M. Wood, Meals & Mileage '— Tom's Radio & T. V., Repairs . Advance Pub. Co.. Supplies .. Gordon L. Winkel, CornmU- sion on Fines ..... ....I- 823.85 1,410.00 75J,t«i 397.80 3.G9 155.1B 6,621.63 2.00 108,00 88.10 2.10 73.83 2.80 l«,6Q G.R.A. Initiation G.A.R. of Algona high school started the year with a big bang Sept. 9 at a picnic held at Call State Park. Sept. 30 G.A.<R. is planning to have an initiation for all new members. Officers'' for 1959-60 are lows: Pam (Waller, president; Joyce Riebhoff, vice president; Karen Haase, secretary; Nancy Loy/man, treasurer; and Rosemary Medin, reporter; as ,fol- BOARD PROCEEDINGS Regular June Session 1959 •SIXTEENTH DAY AUGUST 3, 1950 The; Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, and , John. Rode, Jens Sorensen, Charles Newel l and Charles vplathe. Absent: None. ,,: Motion by Charles Newel and sec-, • ended by Jens Sorensen that Soldier Relief Report for the Second Quarter of 1959 be approved as submitted by H. .Mr Smith. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion-carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Charles Newel that contract of Standard Oil Co. for the period from January 15, 1960 to July 15, 1960 be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. ...... Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Jens Sorensen that contract and bonds of Elmer Dole Co., Irving. ton, for gravel Maintenance and Construction for the year 1959 be approved. Ayes: All, Nays: None/Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded : by John Rode that County Estimated Expenditures for Aid . to Blind;of $2,198 and .Aid to'Dependent Children of $25,242 be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Motion carried.' Motlpnrby, John Rode and seconded by Charles Plathe that contract of Everds Bros, on Project's 74 (2), 503 (2), 1122 (2), 1118 (2) and 90 (3) in the amount of $132,751.25 be approved. Ayes: All.--Nays: None.. Motion carried Motion by John Rode and seconded by. Charles Newel that the second Quarterly Reports' of C'. H. Ostwinkle J. P. of Algona, and N. J. Nemmers J. P. of Greejwvood Twp., be approved Ayes: AH. Naysi Worie. Motion curried It was motipned" and seconded tha' the following ;bills be "disallowed: 'The Thomas Co.,. Brush Killer .$1,581.25 Algona-Municipal Utilities, Utilities 7 —..... _._._..—— 6.91 he Thomas. Co., Brush Killer 1,581.25 It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meeting o£ the persons listed immediately following >e ratified, allowed, and confirmed. STATE INSTITUTION FUND Mental Health Institute, Care & Keep . ... $21,495,.82 Joseph M. Ropney, Examining : Physician — 7.50 ,eo J. Cassel, Attorney , 7.50 Joseph J. Straub, Attorney _ 10.00 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Serving Warrant 1 — 4.14 James S. .Devine, Witness Fees 6.40 State Sanatorium, X Ray. 2.00 Dr. J. H. Wise, Examining Physician . 7.60 John F, Loughlin, Attorney •_. 7.60 J. R. Miller,'Attorney — — 7.50 . LIBRARY FUND I.S.E.A. Library Serv., Books 30.24 SOLDIERS RELIEF FUND St. Ann Hospital, Hosp. Care . 130.70 Iowa Pub. Serv. Co., Electric Service —.- 12.87 Mrs. Wm. C. Funk, Rent 24.50 Thuente Pharmacy, Medicine _ 90.75 Good Samaritan Home, Care & Keep i.-.u— - 129.20 Algona,-Mun., Utilities, Utilities _-f- T ..,.—-__— 9.79 John M. Schutter, M.D., Medical :Care;.-.—— 8.25 North' Central Public Service • Co , Gas ... —1- * 13.4] R. K. Richardson, Care ' 33.00 LuVerne Pharmacy, Medicine 12.3f Mrs. C, Bergerier, Rent 55.0C Rays Jack Sprat Store, Food . 178.00 Honsbruch Drug, Medicine _._ ' 7.90 Mrs. Wm. C. Funk, Rent 24.50 University^ Hospital, Hospital Care ._ . 135.25 Iowa Public Service Co., Elec. Service—.—— _-•_— 10.62 Ray's Jack Sprat Store, Food - 141.01 Joyce Haydem Mileage „.. Culligan Soft Water, Soft Water Service ..... —— Herman W. Harms, Trustee ... Leo Hanselman, Trustee Raphael Montag, Trustee Clalr L. Reding. Clerk .. John Weber, Trustee .— W. H. Raney, Trustee ... Jewel M. Larsen, Clerk .... Francis Froehllch, Trustee Bernard Capesius, Clerk Clifton Benschoter, Trustee ., Roscod Mawdsley, Jr., Trustee Julius Baas, Trustee ___. North Iowa Directory Service, Supplies . ...—.». "Advance Pub, Co., Supplies . Burroughs Corp., Machine Maintenance Hutzell's, Supplies _..„.-—---Pitney-Bowes Inc.\ Machine Inspection North Central Public Service Co., Gas ..ii. Spencer Grocery Co., Supplies Cullen Hardware, Supplies .._ N. W. Bell Telephone Co., Tel, . Service _....., — : Hutzell's, Supplies .— •-- — Malt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies 1 -'— -' — Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., Supplies — Koch Bros., Supplies —— — .Advance Publishing Co,, Sup- pper Des"~M~oTnes Pubifshfng Co., Supplies ---. toyles Press Inc., Supplies ... anama Carbon Co., Supplies forth Iowa Directory Service, Supplies ---_---- enekins Fergemann Co., bup- Ullar & Chambers Co., Sup- . 1. G, W. Sewn 1 *. M. o B«a«JJfey, M. tx it, Ann rfosp.j ,..__.—. -T,- ohn M. Seh\mof, M. O-i Medical * >--•— DC. R. K. Ritlwdson, Ciira .Van Norman DfijQ Co., M*di- tutheran Ho»p" MeSieaf Grocery, food ,-.— Council Oak, Food ..... Cowing Food Mart, Food ........ Irvingtort Stor*, Food .. German Valley Stofs, Food ... Walker Grtcefy, Fooa .-, <• Ray's Jatk. SprM, food ..-.*Uno Clothing Co,, Clothes .Graham* Dcpt. Store. Clothe* J, C. Penney Co., Cloihos -Blake Funeral Home, Funeral 4 60,00 1,716 6!i 175 <R 15.30 895 1 SO 7.-IS See the Patented SIEGLER now at BURT HARDWARE 43.82 6.00 4.00 4.00 •4.00 4,00 4,00 4.00 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 4.00 15.00 S.15 25.00! .70 116.S2 22.00 76,00 .18 302.G4 1.80 757,44 30.17 33.11 25.11 20.20 142.50 35.00 105.00 1,250.00 241.81 758.00 2.52 5.GO 10.94 BiirrouBh's, Mno.hinc Malnt. .- .B.M., Repairs ratt Electric Co., Repairs ... .lEona Flour & Feed..Supplies Drs. Schultz & Schultz. Blood Arthur ifonkarnpTBiood Test - ames Buscher, Aluminum Doors -,—•- lii.uu Wm. J. Shawler, Bee Inspec- 4 1 fvt-t _ _„ _.. — Rosella"voTgtT"school of Instruction Expenses ---Advance Publishing Co., Notices r- Bancroft Register, County 10.00 5.00 35.14 State of Iowa. Aid to Dop. Children — 1,417 SO State of Iowa, Aid to Blind Fund .... Anderson Hdwe., Supplies -. Fefqlo 1 * Super Sarv., thermooas Npflfh Cent. Pub. Serv. Co., G«* Standard Oil Co., Fu«l — AlQon* Good Samaritan Home, Car* &'Keep '<>'-'° Mr», Kate Jacobson, Care 8. Keep - 800 ° Mdry ; £. Stainbrook, Care & Kocp .. .--- 45.00 St. Anthony's Home, Caro 81 Keep 6500 Luth. Homo Findings Society, Care 8. Keep .. 6500 Delta H, Falyey, Care & Keep 10661 State of I6wa, Emergency Relief 157.62 PAYROU. FUND Raymond H. Wlsnom Jr., Court Reporter-. 3910 Fern V. Miller, Court Reporter 99.61 Johnny Phillips, Labor 103.40 Joann McBrlde. Assists Sheriff 96.09 Helen La|ng, Assists Relief , '^Office _...-- ..- 123.44 Ervln E, Harwobd, County Homo . 113.90 E, E, Hafwood, C«mty Home 124.00 Samuel Me*o, County Home 104.99 Myrtle Mezo, County Home w , 104.99 Ella : Dau Portl, Care & Keep 92.00 Burnadcnc Ophd|m, Caro & Keep ,„._. , 18.80 Anita Thetscn, Registrar 32.00 L. C, Rovn, Probation Deputy . 107.53 R;K. Beck, Probation Officer - 113.83 Charles H. Newel, Meals & • , Mileage ,'—--. — 462.76 Charles Plathe, Meals & ' ' Mileage - 410.91 John H. Rodo, Meals 8. Miloago 475 77 A. M. Kollasch, Meals & Mllo- ago . • „._ 465.38 Jens M. Soronsen, Meals & Mileage 344.71 Clarence E. Priebo, Weed Commissioner 369.94 Folkcrt H. Sleeker, Weed Commission 288.48 E. B. Thomas, Weed Commission 141.2? Bernard Looft, Weod Commission 232.57 Douglas Wildin, Weed Commission 12858 Edw. G. Looft, Weed Commission 193.78 Elmer Koliasch, Weed Commission -_ 57.06 Theodora J. Fisher, Weed Commission 241.75 Robert ,), Bell, Weed Commission 198.75 Robert J. Bell, Weed Commls- 1S40Q Clement Cf»h«n, labor ....... 77,75 Sleg-Fort Dodg* Ct»,, PnrN „„ 86wt»rV* Superior Explosives, Suppli** „.»_,.....*,...„.., The Thomas Co., Chain .-...„ Pri-ii-Oil Lubricant Co., Chain „ 12 Botstord Uimtwt Co, Supplle* • SO MQOIXI Mnchino Shop, R*pair* .— ... rg Auto Supply, Parts ', 137S Mgona Impl. Co., P.irts ... 233 oo > AlRr-nn VVoidinR Works, repairs 60 00 i Mlrl Wrst S(>rv, Co., ftifl 77.00 i Mid West Sorv. Co., fuel 4000 ivno \vcst Serv. Co,, fuel 57 07 Mid West Serv. Co., fuel 20 00 stnndard Oil Co.. dlrspl fuel 2000 (. illps Sorv.. cas 6000 standard Oil Co.. tilesci fuel "" Ncllw;! Est., ttravel .. Ontral Iowa Rural TtA, Co.. '37 tfl. sorv _ „ '.'c-ntral Iowa Tel Co,, Id serv Adam Heldfrschcldl. repairs _ t'ireimann Impl. Co., parts M P". Amfahr, supplies I'rntrnl Iowa Rural Tel. Co., Ipl. Kerv. ..... , . Slaiulard Oil Co.. fuel HiTui.v-Mlx. liiippltcs . c.inmblea, suppllps J 10,40 140,4« ! * 111,34 200.81 181.60 15947 21.90 594,59 AI.30 2(57.39 fl 1.27 24!>.2>l 150.13 1H7.32 507.50 R51.R4 84,07 6,81-1.23 B.20 32,03 116.00 2.-12 2.1.20 on .GO S31,97 20.80 Kvords Ftros., rontl work 4,088.110 4.65 Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., Board Proceedings Bancroft Register, Board Proceedings Advance. Pub. Co., : Board , Proceedings ;.---Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. , Budget Estimate , Gordon L. Winkel, Expenses Kossuth Co. Treasurer, Boun COUNTY -ASSESSOR'FUND 82.91 7341 218.73 21 8.73 66.92 180.31 96,30 BURT, IOWA Let us show you how you can SYNCHRONIZED AIR-OIL CONTROL GIVES at the turn of a dial! Imagine! Turning just one dial on the new-Siegler Home Heater feeds the exact amount of oil into the burner, fans the fire with the exapt .amount of air; then synchronizes the blower speed to give you perfect SUPER Floor Heat! The new Sieglermatjc Control System means even greater fuel savings by assuring the mosteconomj^l firealways. In fact, a Siegter mys fop itself! ' * MONEY BACK II Payroll Fund, County Payroll L. J. Immerfall, Mileage Advance Pub. Co., Budget Estimate — ' Credit Bureau of Kossuth Co., Bulletin Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies North Iowa Directory Serv., Supplies Burrough's Corp., Maintenance Friden Inc., Maintenance Bancroft Register, Budget Estimate Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Budget Estimate BANGS FUND Dr. T. M. Rossing, Inspection Dr. E. J. Capesius, Inspection Dr. P. C. Geilenfeldt, Inspection Dr. D. J. Shey, Inspection -Dr. R. E. Weber, Inspection __ Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection Dr. D. L. Fritz, Inspection .Dr. E. J. Capesius, Inspection Dr. Howard R. Gibson, Inspection > Dr. A. W. R. Lichter, Inspection Dr. D. J. Shey, Inspection _Dr. R. E. Weber, Inspection .Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection -Randall S. Clark, Indemnity .Herman Schultz, Indemnity -T. B. FUND Florence M. Brown, Indemnity Drs. Shey & Gotten, Inspection COURT FUND Payroll Fund, Court Payroll -C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. Fee W, H. Steward, Constable Fee Mrs. W. H. Steward, Witness Fees C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. Fees .. C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. Fees .. C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. Fees -. C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. Fees .. C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. Fees .. POOR FUND Algona Rendering Co., Meat Scraps Robinson Produce & Feed, Feed Stanley Egel, Corn Shelling & Baling ..' Koss. Co. Coop D.H.I.A. Inc., Testing . Mid West Serv. Co., Fuel- J. C. Penney Co., Clothing __ Finn's Bakery, Food Consl. Creamery, Dairy Products _ . .__.._ Davis Paint, Supplies — ; Hobarton Coop. Elev., Feed -Pratt Elec. Co., Repairs »_ Botsford Lumber Co.,. Supplies Hegartys Plumbing & Heating, Repairs _. „Algona Impl. Co., Parts .' Dan L. Bray, M. D., Medical . John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical Honsbruch Drug, Medicine — N. W. Bell.Tel, Co., Tel. Serv. Surge, Supplies „ -Cullen Hdwe., Supplies -Culligan Sott Water, Soft Water Sejv. _, ; ,. R. F. Donovan. Rent --.— Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll ._ W. A. Hcdrick, Rent R. F. Donovan, Rent . . G. R. Cook, Rent -, H. C. Johannson, Rent Algona Mun. Ulil., Utilities .. Marvel Immerfall, Mileage --_ Drs Coddington 8. Nortnup, Medical .-, --Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., AAcdical . . ... Lars'on Drug, Medicine ,Rusk Drug 8. Jewelry, Medicine Kerston Clinic, Medical University Hosp., Medical .— '. Gellman Drug, Medicine John N. Kanefick, M. D., Medical • --,, Drs. Lindholms, Medical E. K. Vaubol, M, D., Medical John J. Lesiak, M, D., Medical St. Anthony's Home, Care i 1,463.16 31.08 29.06 24.00 33,69 42.50 25.00 50.00 29.06 27.19 H. M. Smith, Engineer John D. Fraser, Assists Engineer Hazel Anliker, Assists Engineer Robert Hardy, Rodman _ John Kenefico, Rodman Lyle G. Baas, Labor , J. W. Burnett, Labor Ed Blanchard, Labor Raymond'Baade, Labor Frank Delm, Labor '. E. M. Downs, Labor Howard Esser, Labor Alvin Ewing, Labor Al Granzow, Gravel Checker (Milg.) Mel B. Griffin, Gravel Check- ior & Mlg, f- L. A. Hackbarth, Labor .. Arnold Hainztnger, Labor Don Hainzinger, Labor N. A. Hcdrick, Labor Clifford Holmes, Labor 207 16 627 70 3-00 5-50 §•22 2.50 2-J-OO • 14 '°° 7 -°° 42899 195 85 227.34 227 34 258 16 268.42 257.05 ' 258 62 253.12 266.19 291.94 257.09 476.48 '361.73 340.50 267.19 287.29 272.41 268.62 Town of West Bond, elec, ncrv. 1.2R Komna Motor Co., labor 6t parts 21.00 HtM-miui M. Brown Co., pnrts 2.53 Thompson Distributing Co- parts 0.27 Kossuth Co. Treasurer, freight 11.70 Holmtlon Coop Elovator, supplies 40.1; town Elt-c. Light & Power Co., olcc. sorv. 1.22 Town of Tllonka. ullliltos 4.SO Kent Motor Co., parts 111.80 Porclval Motor, repairs 17.7 Arnold Motor Supply, parts .. 1.04 Sherwin-Williams Co,, supplies 10.7: Cullen Hdwe., supplies 7,40 Northern Lumber Co., supplies 22.5: Eco Inc., supplies etl.7 1 Iowa Pub. Serv,, olcc. serv. .. 0.0( Irvlnglun Store, supplies 5.3 Clement Crnhan, labor 7B.2I Wm. Hcntgcs, labor 50,00 Farmers Coop Society, supplies 48,22 Hock Island Lumber, supplies. 48.10 Pok-i H. Kenncr labor & materials ... 211.00 Fort Uodgo Machine & Supply Co., purls .i 10.04 D-X Sum-ay Oil Co., Ras & oil J13.4B Jack's O.K. Tire Serv., tubes 74.nO L. S. Muckc-y, parts ... .81) Thompson Yards, supplies 1.38 Algona Mfich. Shop, repairs _. 3.BO HIHon's Super Serv., parts & repairs - 155,30 Williams Ilclw. Co., supplies -. 139.0<l Lone Hock Coop. Tel. Co., itcl. Ki'rv 157.05 Cook's Woldurs Supply, supplies 13,20 Vernon C. Meyer, repairs .. . 5.00 Iowa State Industries, supplies IN.83 Millor Lumber Co., auppllus ... 0.05 ChlniKo &• N. W. Ry. Co., lumber . . . ....'. 761.10 Cowiin & Cownn. lumber 1.845.111 Tilonka Tel. Co., tel. serv. 11.35 John Gecrdos Impl. & C.nrage. parts 105.30 .lumps il. Morryman, proj 501 (•II, 501 (21. 501 (3) iSt No. 1120 .. .30,150.00 North Central 1'ub. Serv. Co., gas L!I8 Alg. Mun. Utlllllcs, utilities .- 24.53 Uvcrds Bros., proj. No. 310 (2) & 743 (3) - 10,480.87 Mrs Blanche Simser, rlHhl-of-way - 478.00 Everds Bros.. Proj, No. 77 (3) 4,470.03 Everds Bros., Proj. No. 11111 (2) 10.318.20 Kvc-rds Bros., Proj. No. 1837 (2), No. 1208 (3) 12,004.18 Jamus. 11. Morryman, Proj. No. 501 (4) . - 0,1)00.00 Payroll Fund, county payroll ..15.407.03 Everds Bros., Proj. No. 503 (2) 14,212.45 M. T. McGuirc. Pflul Mfldtofi. ctfly pit ..«. S<J8,«» Ml Wh'crt Drive Co., ehlof itfo S.077.4.1 \tweo Drfltnflgc At Mntal ,. , Products, bands ,.,. f . ^ 1.104.21 'oncrt-tp Produolil Corp,, roncrctp pi(vr» 0,803,34 On motion adjournment wait tnkort ntll August 10, IttSft nt 8:00 A.M. \TTEST: Mare Moore, KosNuih County Auditor A. M. Kollnsch, Chairman JJoftrtl of Supervisor* BOARD PROCEEDINGS Sevonloenlh D«y Aogutt 10, I9J9 SPECIAL JUNE SESSION 1»S» The Board of Supc.rvlwrs met pur- uant to adjournmrnt. Those present vcrr- A. M. Kollasoh, Chairman, and lens Sorcnwn, John Mode, and Charles latho. Absent: Charlr* Newel. Motion bv John Hodo and seconded iy Jens Sorensen lhal Die County luclRcl be approved as n-atl and the County Auditor ho authorized to levy m- ' on nil proportion nf Krmmith County. Aves: all Nays none Motion carried. Absent: Charles Newel. On motion adjournment was taken mill August 15, 1051). ATTEST: Marc Moort 1 . Kossuth Co. Auditor A. M. KoUnseh, Chairman Hoard of Supervisors BOARD PROCEEDINGS Thursday, Stpf. 24, 1959 Algona (la.) Upf>*f Hit .3 :•: in :•: tie :•: is v. •/. aril SPECIAL JUNE SESSION 1959 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A, M. Kollaseh, Chairman, and lens SorpnSiM\, John liodr, and Charles rlntlic. Absent: Charles Nowcl. Motion by John Rodo tnul seconded by Jens Sorenson thai $75 cash allowance be allowed William Miller of Huffalu Center until January 1. 1)00. Aves' all Nnys: nono Motion carried. Absent: C, 11'. Newel. Motion l»y Jons Sorensen and seconded by Charles Plnlhc that Mr and Mrs Prctl Adams of Charles Lily bo hired as 2nd coupli; at (he County Home and to start work September 14. 11(5!) at a salary of $275 per AVCH: nil Nays: none Motion Absent: Charles Newel, On Motion adjournment Wi>R until September 1. 1050. ATTFST" Marc Moore. Kossulh Co. Auditor A. M. Kollasch, Chairman liourd of Supervisors month, carried. Served in the Gracious Atmosphere bf the Ballroom Each Sunday — 11:30 a,m, td 3:00 p.m. Featuring Music on the Hammond Organ Delicious Food ^ y. ~ • , c j I Graciously Served :•'. Sunday Dinners From $1.40 Up HOTEL ALGONA COFFEE SHOP and DINING ROOM ..,--. Quick Supply Co., supplies .. 200,88 Everds Bros., Pro|. No. 7-13 (2) -- •-- Everds Bros., Proj. No. 78 . . 1,003.54 ,i Paul Hnssol, clay pit - 200.00 Edward W. Welsh rod. right-of-wny - 2811.00 Happy wives have handy phones (and thoughtful husbands!) So convenient... so helpful to have a smart wall phone in this busiest- room-in-the-house! Saves steps, lightens work. Wouldn't your wife love one? To order or obtain further information, call Northwestern Bell Telephone Company business office: In Algona Call CY Clarence Hcntgos, Labor 762.96 Dale Holmcrs, Labor 258.94 A. J. Kollasch, Labor 313.29 Anton Sorensen, Gravel Checking & Mileage - 34.37 Anton Kardoes, Labor ?73.!iO George W. Kockler, Labor 266.19 John A. Larson, Labor & Mileage 345.05 Roelf Miller, Labor 277.19 Ralph Markla, Labor 281.51 Garry McDonald, Labor 2 ?i'2o Ben G. Melzger, Labor 278.72 Ferdinand Meyer, Labor 26 r2I Urban Nouroth, Labor 276.29 Herbert C. Nellis, Labor H 9 HJ C. Ohm, Labor'. 257.05 John Schueler Jr., Labor 284.83 James W. Schultz, Labor 2 'Ll£ Lcm Srockwcll, Labor 29 ?'?2 Charles Thompson, Labor 264.69 8.00 George Wcringa, Labor HS-H2 13.00 Orvi || e Weiland, Labor - 294.49 13.00 j amos Walker, Labor 2.92.51 18.50 Erich v/jiirott, Labor 2°?'i '2- 50 Henry Zweifel, Labor 2 ?l'si 12.50 c . E Zaugg, Labor i 3P.5.90 . Dick Daade, Labor 2?^'22 31.58 Harold E. Blanchard, Labor .. 28/ - 2 ' 62.20 Noble L. Crouch, Labor 26 S'i2 Edward Rickc, Labor ... A _. . 286.39 857.98 DRAINAGE FUND 7.00 Wm . Runchey, Dr. 9 4.90 2.75 Leland Wildin, Dr. 9 --- 4.90 Francis Kollasch, Dr. 9 4.90 1.62 Geo. Wichtendahl, Dr. 9 4.90 5.00 Vernon C. Meyer, Dr 34 12.00 4.00 Vornon C. Meyer, Dr. 39 133.00 13.50 Adam Heiderscheidt, Dr. 48 ._ 8,00 5.00 clement Crahan, Dr. 48 8.00 4.00[_Adam Hoiderscheidt, Dr. 51 -- 73.60 Clement Crahan, Dr. 51 V2.80 Cowans Roto Rooter, Dr. 51 -- 90 14.25 Vernon C, Meyer, Dr. 63 ... 35.00 50.10 Vernon C. Meyer, Dr. 64 ,. 7.00 Leonard Harmon, Dr. 90 4,475.20 61.50 Shumway, Kelly, & Fristedt, Dr 90 14.00 5.40 G. D. Hart, Dr. 90 67.9 55-33 E. J. Seency, Dr, 90 11.20 23.68 Clemen) Crahan, Dr. 95 3.20 63.39 Adam Heiderschedit, Dr. I Ob 4.80 E. R. Lester, Dr. Ill 828.00 309.85 shumway. Kelly, & Fristoclt, 31.18 Dr. Ill - 8.00 242.90 E. ). Secney/Dr. 1)1 4.20 8.30 G. D. Hart, Dr. Ill 55.44 38.80 Shumwav. Kelly, 8. Fristedt, Dr. 125 „--__ 6.5' 27.92 Clement Crahan, Dr. )27 16.00 11.26 Adam Heiderschoidt,. Dr. 130 - 14.40 5.00 Vemon C. Meyer, Dr. 133 16.00 Robl. G. H. Blumer, Dr. 177 1,000,79 7.50 Shumwa*, Kelly, (. Fristedt, 113.57 Dr. 177 „ 36.00 47,85 G. D. Hart, Dr. 177 L 130,13 18.40 E. J. Seeney, Dr. 177 23.80 4.45 E. J. Seenoy, Dr. H. K, 2.-36 ._ 7.19 G. D. Hart, Dr. H. K. 2-36 ... 30.64 20.00 shumway, Kelly, & Fristedt, 35.00 Dr. H. K. 2-36 7.50 1,112.00 Ralph Tjaclen, Dr. H. K. 3-46 11.80 10.00 Vernon C. Meyer, Dr. PAK 1 - 6.00 35.00 Leonard Harmon, Dr. W.K. 3-1 I 3.75 25.00 Vernon C. Meyer, Dr. Tri. 84 . 7.00 17.50 SECONDARY ROAD FUND 9.24 N. W. Bell Tel., Tel, Serv. - 54.45 41.44 Robert L, Reding, Paint 3,50 West Iowa Tel. Co.,'Tel. Serv. 8.17 7-00 Kenneth R. Ditsworth, Signs £ Belting 35.00 81,00 Petroleum Specialties Co., Sup- 7.00 plies . - --- 10.00 108.68 G. & H. Motor Parts, Parts .. 5.63 165.50 Priobe's Store, Supplies 2.09 556.20 Fcrgie'r Super Serv., Fuul & 10.55 . Repairs 15.90 tpukehart Tractpr & Equip. Co., 25.00 Parts _„ 300.58 8.00 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., 20.00 Parts ..,_. 80.04 10.00 Goplerud Lubricants Co., Oil .. 113.74 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Parts . 442.94 Why we built two cars for 1960 ... as different as night and day On October 2—for the first time in Chevrolet's l$-year history—you will be abk to walk into your dealer's showroom and see two totally different kinds of cars. H One is the conventional 1960 Chevrolet, brand new in appearance and more beautifully refined and luxurious than you can imagine. • The other is unlike any car we or anybody eke ever built—the revolutionary Corvair, with the engine in the rear where it belongs in a compact car. • We'd like to tell you why we built two such different cars, how we built them—and for whom we built tfiem. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain rtrw York, N. Y. (Special) -For the first time science bus found a new benline substance with the astonishing ability to shrink heraor- rhpids, si-op itching, and relieve pain »- without surgery. In case after cuse, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (bliriuk(*tr») to«U place. of all—results were »0 astonishing statements like "Pile* have ceased to be a problem!" The sectet is a new healing substance (Bip-pyne*)-^discovery of a worl^-famcjjs rese»roh institute, This substance is now available in tuppontory or ointment form under the nanie Preparation H.* At yaur druggist. Money back . U. S. I'tt OS. Wliy two kinds or cars? Because America ilsclf has been going through some big changes in the past few years. Our cities have been straining • at their Beams. Traffic is jam-packed. Parking space is at a premium. And our suburbs have spread like wildfire. People are living farther from their work, driving more miles on crowded streets. There is new leisure time—but more things to do. There's a new standard of living—and more need for two cars in the family garage. In short, America's automobile needs have become so complex that no one kind of car can satisfy them completely, That is why we at Chevrolet, keeping tab on these trends, have had a revolutionary compact car in the planning stages for more than nine years. Thus, when we decided three years ago to prepare for production, of such a car wo were ready to build it the way it should be built. There was no need for a hasty "crash" program that would create only a sawed-off version of a conventional car. That is why the two cars you will see in your dealer's showroom October 2 will be two entirely different kinds of cars. One is the conventional '60 Chevrolet—brand new in beauty, with new space inside, new spirit under the hood, a new feeling of sumptuousness and luxury never before attained by any car in its field. There is great V8 power linked with new thrift, plus Chevrolet's superb 6-cylinder engine. It is a traditional car that comes even closer to perfection—in silence, in room, in ease of control, in velvety ride—than any other car we have ever made. The other is the Corvair, a compact car that is astonishingly different from anything ever built in this country. It has to be—because this is a six- passenger compact car, with a really remarkable performance ... a car designed specifically to American standards of comfort, to American traffic needs. The engine is in the rear. Among the basic advantages resulting from this engine location are better traction on a compact 108-inch wheelbase and a practically flat floor. But to be placed in the rear, the engine had to be ultra light and ultra short. So Corvair's engine is totally new— mostly aluminum and air cooled; it weighs about 40 per cent less than conventional engines. It is a "flat" horizontally opposed six—so it is only three cylinders long . , . and that leaves a lot more room for passengers. Another weight saving: like modem airplanes, the Corvair has no frame; the body-shell supplies it groat struc- strength '.'. . it's a welded unit that is virtually rattle-free. The ride is fantastic. But to get it we had to design independent suspension at every wheel; conventional springing would give a compact car a choppy ride. Right now we'll make one prediction: no other U.S. compact car will ride so comfortably, hold the road so firmly and handle so beautifully. Now there are two kinds of cars from Chevrolet—because it takes two kinds of cars to serve America's needs today. If you love luxury—the utmost in luxury—and if you want generous interior space, breath-taking performance, automatic drives and power assists—then the conventional '60 Chevrolet may be your-choice. If easy parking, traffic agility and utmost economy are nigh on your list —then you should seriously consider the Corvair, But the best thing to do " is to loqjc these wo new cars over at your Chevrolet dealer's.., take them out for a drive. It may be that the only logical choice for your family between two cars like this is—both. They make a perfect pair. CHEVROLET aR tfw? new Chevrolets October 2 at your local Auth .(*-'. KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPA 108 SOUTH HALL A10 ONA

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