The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1959 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1959
Page 11
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•» • * "* Tidbits Bay was & holiday for rne, too, and the typewriter was idle. Callers during the week were Mrs Maude Nelson and her twin' daughters, Berntee Schoby and Vernice Cash, they also called on Olive Thompson. Claren ?£ "Hayes, Rodman, was in the neighborhood selling vpgetable- he had raised, so he dropped* in to see me a short time. For 85, he is remarkably active and has an alert mind. He .loves to talk about old times. * * * Wednesday. Sept, 9. A chai with Lizzie Post who informed me she has canned 110 quarts of pickles, 25 quarts of tomatoes, 11 pints of pepper hash, all from the 50 feet of garden back of my home. Some of the land is given over to flowers and with the big bird house hugging the garden, i\ is amazing the amount of vegetables she got from the plot. Her nsters are lovely too, she says'.. Nice big blooms. Well, leave it to Lizzie. Anything she starts to do, she does with a bang. Defeat isn't in her vo'cbulary. ~. • '* * , ,- • '-• • A bit of bad newfe was told me ab6ut Vic Lowe, cousin "of my, Very good friend,.,the , late.,Ethel "Shortie" .Lowe;- Vicf,his"molh- er, Rachael, and •brother; 1 Harry lived here years ago,.'! Vic' is seriously si'ck in Ashbury-Methodist hospital at Minneapolis. He ?nd his wife operated a cafe at Mankato many years and thia year have managed the country club. Years ago the-Lowes lived neighbor • to'ous. and I recall so well the morning she sent me French -toast with a sugar 'syrup flavored With lemon. It was delicious and tasted particularly good as I sad .been in, the"Tres; byterian hospital, Chicago, several weeks and certainly had. been given no French toast there.' Mrs Lowe was a notoriously good cook. * * * Thursday, 'a« continued celebration Of myl birthday with :a luncheon at Velma Hagg'si Other jilcsts were ' Evalyn .McDqugall, Vlabel Hutzell, Esther Benson, Mrs Gilles and Lizzie Post. Among the many good things Were chicken and home madS noodles, tossed salad (es-^eeialty for me, both foods) "Baylor Hagg" rolls,, ahd birthday - cake made by Lizzie, There tykte many other things too numerous to mention. "Baylor-Hagg" rolls are called that because -'twas from Mrs Baylor's recipfe ,,Velm«( made them, /We .went on 'a toUf of inspection of .the house artd found it very much Ho our liking. An apartment has ibeen made ufc stairs and the remodeling of the loWefJpart was aii' added balh» room and changed Ititeherij • *. « * Liizle Vas of course busy .at fancy work. This was a clever thing she was working on an,d I am going to get the pattern. She has in the past given me many patterns and she runs onto very cute and clever things. Several yeans .ago she gave me a bootee pattern. It sounds fantastic but to date I have made 290 pairs. Gave 22 pairs as gifts, and sold the rest, ,How's that for a record? Harlan Miller has mentioned self-serve dime stores in his column a few times — towns that have recently ^started (Operating that way. Shucks — we have had them h£re fdr some time. ''.'•-.*, » For* , many years Zelba Brown Was an' active member of the Royal Neighbor lodge here' ahd she is missed by her friends since she moved .to. Fort Dodge, Thursday a group of members drove to Fort Dodge 'and met her ., there for dinner. They were Bernadine Allen, Esther 'Benson,' Pat Cook, Mts Walter Adams, Audrey Frye, Selma Godfredsort, Atha Ha'rdgrove, Bea Lynk, Elizabeth Post, Mrs RoScoe Shipler and Nellie Van Allen. After the dinner, they spent the evening at Zelba's home. ; * * * " Friday — We had so much to eat at. my party and had as des- ,sert delicious apple dumplihigs with gobs o'f el-earn. So instead of bringing all the cake ''here, I had the 'women cut portions for themselves and , the respective share for me so 1 had Esther and Mrs Gilles tyomfc here for ctke fittd ice cit-am. ,Just before fctftfle f 1 Was getting news find,talked with Maude Donveiler who as her cofttributSrin told me Mr ami -Mrs Dan Habegcr tino daughter: Margaret, • Mrs A. J Afmont, were here from Long Beach, Calif.* and had called on them. A few moments later they stopped at my door to ask about Mr Sharlock whom they wanted to call on. 1 was recognized at once though ft has 'been 25 years since I've 1 seen them. We compared lages and it seems incredible that Mr 'Habeger is 89 and Mrs.H. is 82. .They will celebrate their 82nd wedding, anniversary Sept.,22. They are so vigorous and well, and could pass for many years less. Margaret looks wonderful too. She- said her son Dwight Hargreaves, 24. was recently married. The party had made the trip to Omaha by air, hired a car there and drove up here. They will return to Omaha and will fly back. I believe Mrs H. said this is the J4th trip they have made here via plane. Quite .a record, and an enviable one. ; V * ».'• . I had.a phone call from Mrs John'Spencer'who is now working here. She hopes to gut in and actually meet me.. We have had many phone conversations and I love her Australian dialect. She sounds much like her lata mother-in-law Emily Spencer whom I loved to hear. Mrs S. is on the night hours-but I hope we can meet soon. She is so friendly and nice. We met a night or two later when she came to check on a bell'she thought was mine. f * * , What I predicted has happened. The Lindquist's dog Frisky was, hit by a car and suffered a back injury which has left him a little stiff. This will go away in a few days probably. I have mentioned before how well he and the pet cat play together. In fact Frisky has adopted the cat to the extent he won't allow anyone to pick her up. He flies to her rescue 'as though he would be in danger if petted by ayone. * * * : Dr. and Mrs P. O. Dorweller were in the Yellowstone vicinity when the quake occurred a lew Virginia Citv and to Boise, Id>., 'About 22 miles from Yellowsftfite 1 they noticed something wrtmfe .•** the ground jarred and there :Wfct* rumblings that they attrMjttiSa to a storm coming or a train Maude say* she likes to be in on anything O'f interest, but this time they were as close a they wanted to be, ,She was sat isfied to bo just on tin; fringe. * » • * Robbie Hutchins has written his parents, Mr and Mrs Eugene Itutchins from MafyVille, Mo., that ho is enjoying college life He has met several fine lads, one negro who Is art athlete. His older brother matriculates nt the Slate University nt Iowa City. 1 asked Hazel Lusby, the-ir grandmother, haw come the lads didn't attend the same school. Shr replied Robbie likes rt smnllot college. David has entered upon his sophomore year. The way thi- years speed past, it won't be lonn till the third son Richard will be ready for collc'gc. v •:••„, •;. '*•;. .* « V - ..' 1 have received ah invitation io attend a mooting nt Hotel Kirkwood, DCS Moines, of members' of the Iowa Society for Crippled Children nnd Adults. I attended a meeting * few years ago and there are various angles., of.': interest.-.' However, I am not 'planning on attending this meeting. The one.' thing that would •'-.induce me to' go. is that Harold Wilke Will be the speaker. You wilt recall that he married /Margaret Vigars. In spite of having been born without arms, he has made a wonderful life for himself and has been an inspiration to many. * * \ * ..'... Dear Abby — I know thai boys will be boys, but my "boy" is GO years old nnd he's still Phasing women. Have you any suggestions? Clara — iDenr. Clara — Don't worry- My dog has been chasing cars for years, but if he ever caught one he wouldn't know what to do with it." • . * *-•#,:• - "• -. Mr and Mrs Waller Klamp had as guests recently the .latter" s brother and niece, Clarence .Stewart of Lynn, Minn., and daughter, Mrs D. Lindstrom, 'Billings, Mont. Other guests ' during the week were Mrs .Albert -Persons who- was here Saturday from'Da- kota City and Mrs Harold Saw- frnm Dakota City. » * » Many oiyou haft imi* thy cousin Edwin Cady, Hmtstfin, Tex., nnd hnvo heard him pta» pipe in thh Methodist find Con- churches. Ho is or- Ranist nt the Riverside Memorial Mothodial church in Houston v nnd Has a large class in organ "nnd piano. I had a phono call from itiniio the other'morning. He \vn» ni«l out of the hospital, Had sp'-nt four dnys there undergoing ex.-iwinnlions. He has n duodena! uk-iM' nnd hns to follow n strict >lif.t of bland foods. This will In.- H hardship us lie is particularly fi>nd of very strong coffee and highly seasoned foods, es- ponally of the "hot" variety- peppc-r i'tc, This sickness cnncels a trip up here for which I am indeed sorr Chevfolel — n. ft Onffnry, pickup, ..AlKonn; Donald Schiltx, , .. , Bancroft; R. L. ftatignn, Bancroft; flora ML Bradlry, Bnncfoft; Htir- old ' Qrunhnvd. LcrlyartI; James Fox, Bancroft.; Clifford Wnllmnn. Burl; Frank Grunh.'ich. LuVrrnc; Amos Moy«?r, Alt»"iiir, Mary It-irdy, Hiclinrdson. tlkena. Lakotn; Algonn; Laurenc Lcdyitrd; Dnnahi C. Smith, Alarid Ktiiji'tn- Vaudl, Kcntun -— Lewis H K:na, Huf- fftlo Ct.-nter. Ford — Elvira Ghrislonson. Burl; Anthony Klhcit, Algonn; rso tteinon, AUvnui; Jacquel- VanderWanl. Algonn; Nn- ine thurftday, Sept. 24, 1959 Algona (Icr.) Upper Dei Plymthiih — Thomas feortnann, Laurence Mewhfrter nnd Ray Cunning- um. Burl. Mercury — T.Tylor 'Mercury, INJURED wold was severly injured )y when his leg was caught ift ft rock crushing machine. Me wa* attempting to dislodge some ofo* joct from the machine when secident occurred. ;t y* * * We arc glad to have back on duty Olga Jordan who hod to take limi' off to doctor n very sore tlnoiit - n virus Infection. * * * I had some literature from a company the oilier day wonting me to take u course in learning how to write. Maybe this column would be improved If I'd enroll for the course. Then on the other hand, since I've been writing for this paper the past 13''b years und apparently get-ting by, maybe I'd belter skip this higher learning. * * .# Beulah Richardson brought mo a planter with two violets several months ngo. They 'haven'l blossomed and now one acts as though il was going to fold up completely. Beulah said she had heard occasionally two violets do not do so well together. 1 said they must be incompatible. Or temperamental. W'ell, we'll see what happens now, I've lowered the dirt around the puny one. spouses. That still left a gener- weeks ago. They had been at yer who was here Tuesday also Car And Truck Sales Hit 33 Past 2 Weeks New car and truck sales in tho county stayed ori the beam during the past two weeks with no less than 33 new vehicles-registered at the county treasurer's office. Owners of the vehicles are: tional By-Producls, Aliiona; In- •lorstatc Power Co., pickup, La* kota: II, or Mo-rthn Irons, Lakota; James Kelly, Algona; Ralph Walker, WhittHMore; and Doiuild Rjebhoff, Algona. Olds — Miltnn Burliniinme, AlRona; Karl Chnmhcrs, Corvvith; and Willis Janes, Wesley. Cndillnc — Virgil Blomsler, Swen City; and Krnie Williams P-C, Algona. hi-neighbor By Clair Blossom SEPTEMBER September is the ninth monlh of the veer pnd tho fir&t month of autumn. It '& Ihe Iran- 'tion be- wecn sum- nor and all as it 'nrtakes of ;he chur- \cler of •oth sou ions. Tho ot, dry lays like hose ol ;--v! August and ""Ihe cooler wealher of October are all a part of Iho month. It's a very plonsanJ time for picnicing and outdoor barbecuing.. Why not have a gel together with family and friends. Consider your family when you decide on an insurance program. Protect them lo Ihe best of your ability. Lei us assist you with this. Blossom Insurance Agency, 109 No. Dodge Street, Algonn. Phone CYpress'4-2735. Behind Every Savings Account Here . . insured Safety Save Where Your Earnings Are Safe) SAFETY All accounts af Home Federal are insured to $10,000 by the;: Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, an agency of tho Federal Government. AVAILABILITY Big reserves in cash and.government bonds. We have never failed to pay withdrawal requests on demand. HIGH RETURNS Now Paying 31/2% Current Earnings — Compounded Semi-Annually HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ^ASS Since 1917 DON'T MISS STUDENT'S For Easier Studying Flexible 15-in. polished bratt gooienett focuses light right where you want it. — A • real aid to reading and writing. Unbreakable Polyethylene UTILITY PABL FOOTBALL BARGABN Official Size & Weight Reg. $1. An ootstanding value at (his low prlct Has white lacing upd stripes, Rayop Mitt Style DUST MOP Washable yarn head comes off for hand duiting. $1.35 1 Ideal (or cleaning, car or window washing. 3 colors. Glamorene's Foam Control RUG SHAMPOO'R Long handled jhampoo'r deep-cleans carpels with tho »o>e of vacuuming. 5-FT. LAUNDRY HOSE £)Q<: Eliminates tiresome pall filling of wash machine. W^ Jr Silicone Aluminized IRONING COVER Scorch and itoin resistant — lasts much longer. Mesh or Woven DISH CLOTHS Big — soft — absorbent — Buy a supply and save) BAKE PAN \ Then are farnoui Mtrro quality pant —made of bright ttamleii aluminum. Save nowl Shown left to Your right: coke pan, pie plate, loaf pan, roast pan, layer Choice cakt pan and muffin pan. • • Sensational Shotgun Vaf 9 SPRINGFIELD 12-GA. PUMP Compare It with $100 gum for workmanship! Lightweight, well balanced, dependable, full or mod. choke. ,.., ,.... 6V4 INCH FOR THE* UTILITY SCISSORS A »well pqif 9f KlHors fpr everyday hou.ehpld use - pn ideal size for the ch.ldren, too. Get teveral pair at this low, low pricel Waterproofed Zelan TAN CAP Reg, 990 GUN CAS? ALGONA OUR DUJN HARDWARE €Y 4-4630 77* 77« Reg, $3.50 CLEANING KIT $Q.88 Heavy ivede cloth - loolherttte reinforced muzzle. , Reg, 980 RECOIL PAD Absorbs recoil thpck — helpi prevent flinching. $1.19 Swell for «!ther work or hunting. Ear|ap» twrn down for eolcj weather wegr. Soft flannel lined. AH *lz«i. We're Headquarters for Hunting Clothes WATER-PROOFED COATS ^ l P«^R^» qm<|flo ' >1 ' $C.99 PUCK CLOTH PANTS Treated to repel water — especially * «• /n •eat and knees. 5'iei 32-44. REG. ?C.6V 5/.rj. ^M GAME CARRIIR,,,,,,350

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