The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 23, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 23, 1940
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XXXV[—NO. 288. BlytlicvHIc Dally News MylhevWe Courier THE DOMINANT NEWBPAPBll OP NORTHEAST ABKANMS AK-n «™ m ,«On ,,, 0 o * ^ ^ "" * * k3 Mississippi Valley Leader lilytluvllle Herald House Rejects First Attempt To Change Trade Treaty Program . WASHINKTON, Puli. 2:i. (UlM-Tho hou*o lodav rejected (lie first attempt'by opponents of tho ntlmiiiisti-M- non .s reciprocal trade Hifrt'Rincnts :ict. to iittor the In the first test of strength on* —- '. u resolution (.•xlcndlng the trade uel another three years the house voted down an amendment by Representative Wesley Disney iDem. Gkla.j, to prohibit tlie state department from making any changes in excise taxes on Imported oil, lumber and copper in lira- lies It negotiates, -mo vote was 1B * to 155 ' Assistant Attorney Genera AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI KANSAK. KuiDAV, KKIiKUAHY 2.1, Aciminislnilion leaders Imllcalml belief that the Disney amendment would atlracl more support than other proposals lo either kill or change the trade act. A direct effort to kill the entire act was ixpecled late loday as well as nn effort to require senate ratification of all (rude treaties to be negotiated in (he future. Tlie atmosphere in the house was tense as the first lest \va.s taken on trade treaties which may be n major issue in the forthcoming presidential campaign. During debate on Disney's amendment Representative James W. Molt (Rep., Ore.), charged that President Roosevelt "usurped" Ihe jxiwer to change the excise laxcs on imports. Such a change v.-as War Theater Expands As British Warships Move Into Arctic Area House Convince .Voles Jffi^ 28 ' Down Proposal By Rep, Miller (Ul')71wKNHAfiKN; Domnnrk, o Select Place For U.S. Action WASHlNCiTON. 1-Vb. 2,-| (()(>,__ The house bunkiiiij oouimiiiec today rejected a proposal lo gtm Kinland u $'.40,(Jt)O.GG!) v.'jir lo'in will- which other needs. The proposal was mude bv Reu- ixwenttil'lw William J. Miller (Hep Conn.) legless World War veteran] nud wax defeated mi n non-partisan vote by n ratio of live to one. | "ish, Tin-lush mill .. .. Inn frontier xoni'H loiln'v us I tii.> l>liiu!«nH i'Vii. 2;)' luwitiniis ;ill uloiifj lo purchase aims or any American c'ommoilitic.s i'l. „, „ ( '• SM "» to sinusli the till- Nor- fit-ktuliiiii ))(»•(, in' NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 23. (UP)—j form of an Some "spot" in i], e United States i pending bill il destined loduy lo get u j the lending . Millar's motion mis made In Ihc amendment Iho cjean-up ' Assistant Al- ; porl-lmporl nuihorliy bunk by to llll tllf! ol tlie $106,001) ,000 to toniey General o. John lloggc 1ms ami permit loans of $2000l)'ooo' ii conducted in Louisiana during the any country for purchase of iron cun-cnl. scandals, but RQi/ge won't military goods only reveal its .oration. The committee took no immcdi- •JiohPV'! -, that tho ° mci « ls ! nle nctl °" °» """flier nmemiment _might hide their books ami ree-lby Miller which would permit. Pin- CiMisI, arc tlif liusxinii Art'lii Mtirmunsli, it wits iiiiliiy. 'I'he newspaper llcrlintfski' '• niiif. i'mil' ivporled that th A Moscow dispatch disclosed Ihat | *'"« '"(''iideil lo prevent Clernmn (he Soviet government hud ordered ( s "'' 1 »"''lil|is which hnd taken rcfUHi' nlL'hliy utt mid blackout (rntnlng;'"> Murmansk Imrhtir from esoiii)- iit liiiku, ceuiei of the mission oil !"»•' "loin- the Nonvpgfim must, and IiKluMry. inul Hint pirviously or- f lo ; ' ll) l> '»>>' tli-riium uhlp.s which tiers him bi'cn Issued for blackout ' mt tlil try ID hike munition;,- Hi liiisslii or llu> Finnish urctlc nreii "f IVI.-iiiimi which Die HusMnn.s hold. H hail been i-oullrmed Hint Urtl- M'en oil practise nl Tashkent, Urlvun, Arch- l and i The real significance of this news ,_ seemed to he. shown by the sllim- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Viipuri Is 'Verdun' Of Embattled Finns In Fierce Fighting tion of the rums alfeclcd bi.^ on the Cnspaln sen, is 2110 j |ll ' l! >"mi>. The m-wspupiir reported ords" If hc talked too much. land Io use Its proposed loan to In •-»• +vu unji.ji. j mini iv/ 11.1C JI.1 {>Il/pOStC| tOfll Ihe head of the government's purchase commercial aircraft In corps of Investigators in this stiite the United Stales At present com said ne would leave for Washington mercial as well as military nirci-aft LOllinvrnwp ri<- G,,,,,i,.,, mi •_ . .. -,, ,.„_ ,. „,. . _ J • •-•"•»&• • Sunday. There he will arc on Ihe list of "war goods" : up a system of .special which cannot be purchased' here . „. „^t .,ti._. ^ ..j. ,, -.,,.,, tll , „» .,p made in tlie excise (ax cm oil in assistant district attorneys for the with moncv borrowed'from'i'he "nT the trade treaty negotiated with «i»rc nntiou-the Job hc hlnhs eminent. "Finland can and im VPIlE?ZlH?]fl U-lll 1-ru-.n1.-,, .,1 !„_ .i ; . i i «••" LI»I» (U1VI Iltth "Congress never Intended that the excise taxes be touched." Molt " ... —- j" U *<>- uiii^o . vi > • 111 tin, i u i mil LI tun find W -ThT I "J M™ 1 l ™ WECkS - tCl ' glU " lanl ' S " e ''>' f0 '' ™.Hh. The bulk of tlie people are lion- osl - al 'd have a right to ex- v*«. vrtvi^nj LaA^Ji ut' [UUCJJLO, IVlOlv " w LJll .v IKtVC 11 J'lyHt [O C.V- -sald. "The president usurped that l )ec '- honesty Irom tlieir public officials." Rogge said. "V/e Intend- to help them out." Hc returned here yesterday from power." Representative Frank H. Buck (Dem., Calif.), and Representative Jerc Cooper (Dem., Tenn.}, defended the action of the state department In treating tiie excise taxes as tn riffs. Clothes Stolen From Red Cross Chapter A new candidate for the "meanest thief" title went into action on George Washington's birthday by stealing clothes which had 'been donated to the local Red Cross chapter. Mrs. _Tonr A. Bradshei-. executive :'.«cretary, discovered -Vc'vcral .'garments missing .from the closet at the local office this morning New York Cotton Alexandria where he participated! In a mall fraud case hearing in-1 volvlng former Gov. Richard W Lcche. He said he had a lew more angles to investigate here before he finally put his plan Into action. Hogje only smiled when asked if the "spot" was Miami, Flu. "How about Kansas City?" he was asked. "I thought that was cleaned up" ROLJSJC replied. "Pennsylvania, maybe?" hp asked. Excorl Markets Largely Stifled So Far Durina War Period miles from tli ( . Turkish frontier, Thence export oil is sent across country lo Uiiloiim on (tic UllU'fc sea. Tashkent, in the Uxbeck Republic, Is 305 miles from the AfKntm- islau frontier. ! Ri'lvan, cnpllni of the Armehlan Republic, is but about, 15 miles from the Turkish fronller. Arcluinyel Is on the While Sen. 310 miles casl ol the Finnish Arctic frontier and Lcnlnijrad, nt Ihc southern end of the Karelian Isthmus, is general headquarters for HID Russian iiniiles in Finland. The Priivdn cdltnrltil iwt.s bronc!- ;nsl by Ihe Moscow radio. It was noted apropos of the "heroism of Die thousands on tlie Finnish front, which will be praised in the sontjs of the people," commented: "There Is much more ahead of you. The duty of every Red sol- tiler. Red sailor, commander and lolitlcul commissar Is tn continue extensive military training and to a bin .squadron now was oil the Arctic const. A United Press dispatch from Slnvongrr. Norway, said (hut (he CH'iman steamship Allmnrk. from which nrUis)i merchnnl .wiimeii prisoners were rescued n week u«o, hnd been refloated and freed from let.' and that Gcimun;, were cllecl- iiiB repairs which would permit It Io make u diish for Germany. Mas Five j'oinl I'o Help Soiilhrasl Missouri's Idle Families WASHINGTON, l-Vb. -a (UP)The (mm . WH rliy ndtnlnl.slnilloii uxlny iimiouiueil 11 livi'polni, |j«i- in, Including i'ollei-|lve liiri/il» t: , to help down mid uul" »hiu'ci v rui>- peis "net u )H-w slni-l." The program combltieB fodcm iltl nntl sen i lt ,i| t i,, jjiwldlnij 11 fioiiso, yurdt-n and cow lor carh il 2,000 <tls|K»swss«l families In thu Wnthecl" men ,,f southwestern Missouri, Sfm-iii liuiiOi-ed homeless .iinucrs sliigeii » jond.vlite iiemun- sliutlon iliew last y« lr . The prnijiam will bo pm, inlo filial Imi.ii'illiilel.v In' .seven Missour! cinmiles and limy bo c.xpnml- ed to ulher ureas Inter. Miijor iirovislons of the plmr 1. Kaiiitl expansion of the stnnil- 11 nl rclinblllindon Russian tnnks and nrtlllery par- |lcl|iau'd on n huge scale In'the. 'Witliiff liefori) Viipuri where Pin. JiWi massaecs reported the most Iurlons balllB of Ihe war was"!n progress. - I' lines wern reported hbltl- ina lust. - Ko heavy was Ihc snow I bat uuiny tanks bogged down. Fight- IlliT wnv tiifitt rir»-f.A i,> n.» T, _i? ( v.v •> • — * «v(i^v».i \iuuii. rjgni" Convirlinns g , Wfls lnttlit rlt ' rt ' e ln "« KoWiiTo A,- A If in ii? f ° r on tll!y c0 ^ 1 ' PlnnlBh ba "*f- Arc Affirmed By Mis souri Siipronic Courl CARUTI1BJ!,SV1I,I,1V, M<>., I-Vb Ark,, ana Amuel county, me \K\n lilnj, held of In the Ili'liorls (hat Admiral N. O. | Kucrietsox, Russian navy com-'Of labor inl.sxar. hiul flown lo Murmansk I lands. ivi-i-e accepted In Scundlnavln pio);nbly coirccl. It was reportod also ihal niisslii was hasllly diverting troops, who could be .spared the Loamy Jan | lni . miiowlng nfflnna " ,„ r ,, tllln '»' tho slnlv supreme court ol J. Loans for the constnictlon of manslauBhlcr wuvlvlUuis iiuliiaTl onii'.s lo cu:;t from $300 to $St)Q H'l'in In circuit court here They '!, . I we ' 1<! Indeed In Jni| vcstcrdav hv it m"| IW ,J"'' .t' 10 I"." 1 ""!-"' °f " '"""'"-''•s "f iihcrlff jolm Hosier's hi the case, PollDH'hii; ihelr (rials hero Rliur was snileni'i'd lo .seven years nurt Crowe lo two years, '1'ney W crc i IlBht wllli Niithrm of I'uscoia, nt axm- tes on tin- Kolvlsto Island group nikert the Russian lines with shelb The Russlniis were mnkln; a des- pt.'rate effort to capture Vllpurl'<to- day, Ihc Km] nniilversnry of .(he foimdftllon of the ncd army Bticl Tirelessly, ciullesBly, fresh waives of Russian troops were hurietl ii«»lnst the city. ,' ;•; All civilians In- what hnd been larniliiff. •I^Ksliibltshinent ol snuitl jjroups homes O n I'SA-ownctl 5. Loans for the establishment of Involved In cflcijicrallvf hirmliiK enterprises. C. Teroy. ill port with 15,000 population, h»d been cviiciiatcd, Vllpiui had become »> Verdun. .,'... Every ounce of Finnish strength h»i! been put Into Ihe Mntmerhelm Line In an Httcmpt 16 slop -tho Husslans, now only u few inije.s awuy, : '. snow- inlnnd, a grey tlaiinel' fog ,._, _ ..... ,, ..^ ,,,,.,.,_,.! o>>-i>i.i iu i,\rvj IlllHIIIL'n lllld | that the editorial, ! lom ''"'nlsh fronts to iv-enforco approved and that alii would Us army in the Arctic, nnd'^.r^l^^'^ lin " f '»'» nm ^iH'cUai'.vosr'of'he^'on ?" tllc ^utheastorn ™^;"fa™red n'"l8i««l S lA2«ornmHlesha(ll>ci.,i the nl B hl ot Mny 25,-. lil^nml lho Pti} ™> tml Uiii (ULsslans'.'kep.t . That's trying to flud out by process-of elimination," the head of the Department of Justice's criminal- division replied." -: "One thing you can definitely say is, that I'm not going to Miami," he told 'reporters. ftii^M-iA. ua., Pen. 23. (UP) «« anniversary of ihc formal e.s- II I I c . 1 r iv; 11 vns —Leaders of ihc soutlr.s long-all-1 lablishincnt of the Red army and IICICI OatUl'day 1'OV Well Inj naval stores Industry today ""vy, was entitled: " ](nn\v HfC crt_ SOU°llt ?ln nVAnuii nf nL-,,.,,.., f-,.,,, "i7prt nrinn n^)H« «r _ _,._. .. f\flO\\ 11 wiltCGt" Tennessee t'ianis Trees Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. a? isf \^ c ir<s S, E'SS? ^'"^j" ""•> 1084 1074 1032 1077 lflM . 40 «rm™ "r (,,£ ami" "Red army—pride of our nation " ie ready nt niiy lime for new bnt- llcs in any climatic condition." ' r „ Tlie crtitfli-lal, publMicrl on the 'I'llllCral bei'VlCCS ATLANTA. Ga., Pcli. 23. (UP) 1 2 ^d anniversary of the formal e.s-' S-nll-j lablishincnt of the Red army mid today an avenue of escape from the war-torn depression thai threatens^ to ..stifle., tho ; business which once •rrifitle millionaires-- unit transformed South Atlantic nud Gulf ports Inio virtual boom towns. TwppiHIne ami josln prices nre i tetter than they were a year a»o. | but the European confllril has Be l)i) were charged by the' alulc' wllh °, n ,, W| "" J thclr bl S 8™s pourCtl , , •" '"" »^nuu uu ui:ie cniryei hv the K|II!I% wiiu "nuu mcir D even nboiilMO mldlltoml families nlctlnn ,,n-.i ,,lot uj iob" 'rlvc - S " 0llfl " ll ° vll l'« rl - e.lCll WITk nil nil l tnl \ 1....... I..I |..,_^ , J'.niilb lll\eit, r*.l,,, , .._ e.icli w care of. until nil hnd tarn taken I iilso of cliarged The Increased use of power machinery nloiiB wllh a reduction of 15,000X00 acres In cotton planting hnd created an army of imumploy- ed farmers in iliQ soulli comparn- "Ic (o unemployed hoi-lherii indus- li'liil workers, Smnll fanners, uimblu ( n com- ])ele with largo landowners iisinu tractors and hli-cd labor, have lost thclr farms. Sharecropper.? nud lemuils have seen tlu> fences torn from ai-oinul their smntl plots to 1038 1044 374 879 B63 BG7 859 9fi4 1038 974 952 975 905 103Q 971 960 958 New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dee. Jan. Prev. Open High Low Close Close 1118 1120 1118 HSO 1118 1COO 1034 1090 1093 1089 1048 ICS! 1048 1053 977 933 077 983 . S62 959 962 96« , [ B7 9tU year planted 541,350 seedlings. 'Shrinking Man' for 1045 i: , 070! s; !i«n : ! Stock Prices A T & T Arn Tobacco Anaconda Copper ... Beth S'eel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Oenernl Electric General Motors Iril Harve.slcr Montgomery Ward .. N Y Cenlra! ....;... North Am Aviation . Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel 201-2 Socony Vacuum II ] -2 Studebaker 121-4 Standard Oil N J ..'..'.'..'. 42 3-8 Texas Corp 443.3 U S Steel 57 1-2 172 no 30 1-4 77 5-8 85 1-4 4 5-8 122 1-4 38 1-2 53 1-2 54 54 16 1-4 24 1-4 3 3-8 33 3-4 5 5-8 Chicago Wheat May July May July open 105 101 high low close 1071-4 1051-2 10(5 105 1-2 103 3-4 104 1-4 Chicago Corn open high 573-8 575-8 577-3 58 low 571-3 571-8 close i 571-1 571-3 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., 5-Vb. 23 CUP)--Hgos: 8,000—7,000 on sale Top. 5.45 110-230 Ibs.. 5.35-5.45 Bulk sows, 3.90-4.75 Cattle: 700—600 on sale. Steers, 8.00 down Slaughter steers, 6.50-11,50 Mixed ycarlmgs, heifers. 7.63-D.OO Slaughter heifers, 6,50-10,5a Beef cows, 5.25-8.25 Cutters and low cutters, 3.75-5.00 ll(crt port market. Government, subsl- t! ] c dies are largely responsible for '« i:v!ee soli J rily. combined with j las ' j somewhat reduced production. | In tlie World War. naval stores' "" j producers saw their exports drop (drastically, but recover Ui Hie'Im- mediate post-war period to set all- time price records ftiiri mnke fortunes foi many shrewd southern! ers. j Consequently, outbreak of the ' current war stirred the hopes of many naval stores men for good times und rji upswing for a business that hiis been Blck for years from the effects of over-production and competition from chemical suLstltutes. These hopes, however, faded rap- Idly alter the neutrality act made {! American ships unavailable for shipping turpentine and rosin to .,,„.,, warring nations. Tills caused an •:;!**>«!» . Increased demand on freighters ..•:.;;•!.;;,* flying neulral lings, sending freight i rotes skyrocketing along with war j ri.^k tnsinance. i The war trade moved quickly to other nations as belligerents sought the naval stores materials needed i greatly In manufacture of paints ! " i inrtlli-lnes and some explosives. i Mexico, for Instance, dug inlo America's share of naval stores exports. Mexican oulBoiiiB shlp- menls in the April-Scplembcr period of 1033 amounted to 1,353.052 kilograms of turpentine and 1.430,- 4C3 kilograms of rosin. In the same period of 1C33. turpentine exports remained near the same level but rosin Jumped to 7..W8.832 kilograms. 19.19 a year, of decisive mi for tho Union, Pravrfa added Hint Red ,,,,, ly troops "should not lull your«!ve-f to sletp because of past succcssss, Brent, as they may have been," Alics Faye Would Divorce Tony Martin HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 23. (UPI — Allc? Faye, blonde motion picture, r.lar and singer, loday Instructed her attorney to file suit for divorce ngalnst Toay Mm tin, a singer this county, who w.m with .'itrlklnii: Teroy re pealetlly ivllli it heavy chtl), „ —.j ,,ict| a day or so Inter in n Dlythevllle, Ark,, hospital and nt iil.-j trial Prlvett was round (jullty nud sentenced to Hfo Imprisonment, but subsequently won a new trial when tnc snurciua Tho second tino of tho ManiiBr- hcim loriiiicatlons, along which (lie tight now proceeded, was shorter nud stronger than the first line nud moro thickly wooded. Hence tho Finns were I" •--"-- - M.-. • Hi ssiaiis attacked wltuout **"* evidence hart beeu excluded by tho trial court. I'rlvotl luler relumed liorrj and under 'ehansic of veiiuo to uuukihv snow, Normally tho- lato February onuiv Insts for os long as throe weeks. Tne-n there, is a porlodiof clear weather bcforo the thaw. Tho , Impeds I»S. l:SO o'clock, at Ulythevlllo Hospital. He was 01. In til health for several years, Mr. minis was stricken seriously 111 sl.v days ago of a hernia and •underivent an operation Wednesday night. - t Fnucrnl rltr-.i will be held Saturday afternoon, 2 o'clock, nt Holt Funeral Home with tho llev. IS. II. Wllilnms. imstor of First Mcthoillsl Church, condu=tii:a the rltca us- slsted by lire Ucv. James A. Ovnr- „ , - ~- •-•••'- v« uMLtiviiu, snow wus calculated County, was milei-ml la \m years,, jfiuwlon transport' ^tl^it "n^hl oil maiuilRuahlcr ^r«e fi . •; im ap-- mako conHnunnw of'¥ie Manner- wourl employmont' <{°*?\J°L, n n ^^, ,«n*. nm,^:,H6Im ;tlh6 .offeSo'iS^S''• =• showed that 295 ^ l«''d»3; nclton on lib appeal., Tho Flnnj~lmvi'heavy plougiu iti«.. „!..„„ :..i. f — fcnico no la out imrfof imurf it- i~ ...11-, ;..».»_«. -....:,.. '^"J yjuugtu A recent' tl Kcrvico stU'Vcy .^uuwcu uiau yyj ,,, '," "," J "" *"' " kj "CHW'ii. f juu rinns IIBVO licaw oloiiffh bootheel" tomlllM givcu eviction S'AiL 0 ,?!" 11 ?"-, 11011 * ft h ' «'it-., W htoh^!1SS uciioveii DCIO tlii.s may havj u nmv own roads npeti, but thev doubt-rl oeanng on t ho cases ngninst cimv that tho Russia, \t. wouldbo able-to am Ulna, nlnco they wuro charged maintain transport lines -"T lp with i)Dln« accessories to Prlvotl. An air communique said that trie towns of Issalml. Kajoanl and Rp- vunlcml wci-o: bombed yesterday. From seven 'to .nine persons werB killed tit- Koviinlchil, tha commu- nlquo said, and several houses wore uumaffeci In Jniumry, havo not found now locations for Ilia to-to crops. Announces Division Of Foresls' Revenue LirfLE HOOK, rtrk., Fob. 2.1 (Ul'l-^Stute Auditor Oscar Humphreys lorlay announced division of. revenue derive;! from s,)lo of who wii.i actually cliurgcd with Uio «luj'ing. -"-.j 4>.Lii.b:n, tl alu^y|- " *,.., >.L,U vjtuluu VY. I LILILI^UI], who became famous In NEW York Pistor of First Cfirlstliin Church, attei- Iloll3ivood had ignored him Hiirtal W nt oe ( n At j p | c Omm The nctrass said llmt she and Cemetery. v, ~j n.i, ,^ t ,. j tlm v.-.^ i\. uvi:i- " L - »;»».iinu tiui iveil Irom SillO of holsur, pastor of First Presbyterian i Umber und ore \n the Omk. and Olllirrh. Hurt rinnrur, ^1; 11.^11 n-..n.. flimnlili.i i...,i n ....< , _.. i" Church, and George W. Patterson. together only' ic tost 18, ami Mat tin had bten three months In v grounds of Incompatibility "A divorce Is the only solution" she said. They were Ariz., Sepl. 9, 1937. Martin wns en roulo from Miami Beach. Ha., to New York when Actlvs pnllbearers will he: W. J. Ouachtla national foresLs •t/ndei- tho stale's hw.i 75 per cunt .of Ihn revenue from sunh sales noes to the stale's common school fund and 25 nor cunt to the I'ljicom Average 31) Jll'll ASU'I'AHULA, O. <m>>—Tho first . .aeons In a 500-mllo raco froin '• hero io lioslon flew the dlsUnce In 10 hours, avoran^.j lij m.w., u ,i i hour. Tho raco ivus aiioiuurutl by sis pigeon nicltig clubs In Ihu ^..^ ,„, „„„ Wumlerllch, Erne.rt Ilnbcll. Louis Uist she would seL>k a. divorce on Applcbaum, Jodie Naber.5, Max Parks and n, s. Harris. Honorary pallbearers will be: P.I tloned tliu scho'oi fund aiui'sn C. Rothrock, C. E. Crlggcr, J. H. 476.20 was put Into thu road bullii- innrrltcl In Yiima Smothcrinan, Oscar AiexanJer, Ro- ' lj iul Green. H. II. .Reeves, Earl Parker, R. G. Cash. Tom LHtle. Ross Stevens, Doyle Henderson, W. A. Doliyns. Lloyd V. Wise and Miss Faye announced >,. uv .,,. v -> — would seek u divorce and had not Sylvester Masley. that been Informed her plans Alford Is To Attend -I f -u... ....ti, nv: rtl] ^ IO ^^rMI.1 UKI. M. LOUIS Mceiiflff Ukc most of tllc olliei ' pioneers " ; of niylhcvllle. he bojnn f»rmlna BOI-II in UcnnliiB, Tenn.. Mr. Burns ami his brother, W. M. liurns, came hare in November of 18OT when lie was 18 years old. le-i lying within the fore.itj ^""" A tola! of $40,441.53 was appor- In? account. for Chance to Make a Living ^vrvy >". L -';*iTV'; <\ Roof Is Slightly Damaged By Fire A roof ilro at noon cuusecl sllpht ''"•nasjc to the Kenclall !!erry resl- t 1037 Chickasnwba aveniie. owned by Mrs. J. D. Uarks- LITTLE HOCK, Ark, Feb if jp. IT> TT .1* i cation commissioner', ' wlu ' i^.v^'dj. night for St. Loul.s where he will attend a meeting cf the American Association of School Admhihira- tors. Attaches of Alford's office snld , . i Whlc1 ' hc r ° llov '' ctl for he would be away four days. from t!w slate Bailey Will Speak At Governors Meeting UTFLE ROCK. Feb. 23. (UP) — Gov. Curl E. Bailey announced today that he would speak on fed ; Hickman Man Loses Fingers In Accident number of i T''" !' n "' M wel ' c ("il'i'Bulshed numiicr ot tcroro , )tey )W(| ^^ ^ toil of" the'saw- mi anT'tlinber " <ai!0 " "° r " 011 of «» ™>' "»n,ed. Interests of the Lee Wilson Compary at Armorel. II was about 1910 Hint he took up Inw enforcement work when hc was named city! of Blytlic- vHIc. Since Hint time lit served as deputy united States marshal for J "" lcs I.HI. president of the a number of years deputy fenslcni Arkansas Council, has an- shorltr under J. A. Buss, ami served ' I0t " lcc <! "ic appointment of c. A. us state highway patrolman under ^""""'Sliam as chairman of tho DvJIgia ii. itlackwood but In the "y"'"'. 1 " 0 District Court of lion- past few years had not bce-.i Iden Cunningham Heads Scout Honor Court or. Mr. Cumilngliitm succeeds Floyd A. Wlilte, who wns appoint- J U | titled «lth (his type of work until F1 . oyd . A - wllftc ' w ><° «'as appoint- : ; a year ngo when he 'was elected ™ chalrinai) for tiie Council by ? lost constable. i *"'• '"'I it the annual meeting lust I ItlCllL I Tin J^ ctlr.,,1,^/1 1... l.l,- ...If.* XT— i tail. . ' Algic Crotts, of Hickman. OTaf fi ' 13CrS ln n " arftol j "o U M n-ived by hi, wife. Mr,. | The n-n^r u, , Bertie Burns; foiir son-i. James' Mr - Cunningham Is <lcvcloping that It «•« rrrn '"" ™ V *< UUr " S Of Ulll °» Clt >'- T " n » • llllri ' ^ ^ tllB USC ° ( 0lC UCW St!1 "- tii.u it, «ias i.ccessary to perform : Bob. Dick and John Hum? of <""' (1 c ™rt « Honor --••- eral Icgtslalion and how H relates "••"• '"^"''^ff !'>' lo »« imm ] Bob. Dick and John BurnY of <lril ' (1 c ™rt « Honor procMlure as to state problems both govern- V,,,f,™''',„" v '", ch Wrts <lu!lc at - 1 Blythcvllle; three brolhcrs, W. M recommended by me Council. R cg - nical al ««! DcHils'f -^n w , Bllrns of Blylhcvllle, Jeff Burns uhlr meetings of the Court of pnnffrimfn (,, ! *'t->.,-,.T 111 Ult, atCKlCIll V.'C'lt? llOt f\f \T n .-.«i.i~ , ».,-,.. .. ., Tirllnr ftrf finM flin f^nt XT n ...i uicntp.l at:d cconoinicjl at th; In • In 17th century England., It was customary for men to smoke In church. . : southern governors conference Fort Lsuderdnle, Fla., Monday B.illcy. who will leave tonight. I said hl-i failure to r • ' ' kousas lo greet Federal sonm So- j curily Administrator Paul V. Mc- Nittt .Saturday was due to the fact thai his schedule called for him to be in Florida at tioon Sunday f Icai ncd. remain In Ar- 1 nn f n , „ ,. icrai sonm so- j "enny Trcs" of Editor Wi'l Bloom No More of Memphis and Walter Burns of Ilc "° r nre held the last Monday Little Ftock. and three sisters. MI-J. ,°' each '»ontli. ! W. c. Smith of Senrcy, Arl:.. Mrs. ' George Alien of Little (lock ami Mrs. R. c. Ford of Greenwood, counselors. Miss. Mr. Cunningham plans lo clc- n full list, of merit badge . Dr.ile;,- will be accompanied by his v.lfc. He win return to LHtlc Kock March 20. PARtS. Mo. death of D. . newspaper publisher, i hnj ;' m: f nurns ' '"? so »- l ' fls !icue " Farm Agents Return ) hero for several days and other w (UP) — wiih Ihe-out of town survivors will arrive E. Blanton. Paris today for the funeral. Along with his 1-mioiis these will be Mrs. James Burns of Going down like the tempera- - s ture, Joseph E. Mayolt, 65, of tercel the humanitarian field. |-os Angeles, has shrunk 16 »'as called .upon by the police l-erc inches in recent years because o[ to rescue a. cat which' had b'-en a rare malady which causes him driven tip a telephone pole by an . of the locnl of paper, years ago created the l-.'gcnj Jeff Gor Mocking ISird Trees Cat SIERRA MADRE, Cal. (UP) — Tlie telephone company has en- It tree." "" " ' ' During his career he gave 3*"a: literally bushels of panrdes to ohll drcn who called at his office cmph s who Bums, Mrs. rc nieces; Walter Bures. - - - From District Meeting AH r M , Mis. a three davs rnnfprn-i<i> nf wiwiii " CAGERS COLOR -BLIND Plckren, ajrl- . -„ ,. North Mlssls- [ slppl County; Miss Cora L.-08 Coleman, home demonstration a?cnt British Field Marshal •;'$ turned Down by A.R.P. LO^fDOM (tfP) -'Field Marshal" tord Mlliio commnnded tho British forcca In Salonika and tho" army of tho Black sea during tho World war, but lho Westminster,'London, Air Raids Precautions- committee, can find no use. for his services.:' Ho offered to do nny work they could flna for him, but was turned flown. r •Lord Mllno was for seven years the chief ot tha Imperial General Start. He has filled many other : Important positions. ....:.. He thought that his minlinca-" lions would penult him to be":an' adviser on windbags and psrk trenches, or oven to help with n lew lectures. • .. ; ^ "But no." he explained. "They suld llurc was nothlnj they could oiler me. I don't know who ^the people- are who arc holding tho jobs, but I've, always thought:-'I ICHCW a bit about II myself." Missing Dog Found : At Parking Place Waltinj patiently In front of the Medical Arts building for his master. "Queer:," the dog which dls>' appeared from L. C. B. Young's"" car hero late Tuesday was found at the samo spot the following day I Jl noon. > Covered with mud and cockleburs, lho six-year-old Airedale looked as if he had traveled hard to reach the spot where he last saw his master. Jubilant over the return of one doe, the owner hss offered a reward of $5 for the return of the ycunyor dog "Scrappy" who was lost or stolen at the same time. - : The dogs were apparently removed from lho Youngs' car as no dcor was open when Mr. and Mrs.-' Youns, who live. In Osceola. returned to tho machine. Both w^'ar .denttftcation collars. atld _ is suing his wife for divorce, i i' cll . v nobl V adult they *ei ' licved In Blanton's "penny ires forms. s color-blind handicapped unto wears whlto unl- ard G. Scolt won a „„.,, aKWKH . tho. Los Angeles Tur{ Club which ho £aid deprived him o£ it by barring him frotn sissippi county, and H. W. Sohroo- Consequently from tha p«'l- C.or, a&slslant agent, ' - mv ^ machine* ; WEATHER I? Arkansas—Rain, warmer tonight, Saturday rain, considerably colder in northwest portion. •^•~ Memphls and vicinity—Rain and warmer tonight, lowest temperature about 42,'-Saturday rain. ;;;.. The maximum' temperature, lieri ye.5terday Vva*...;**! .minimum ^.Jf, clear, accordlHg to' Samuel F. Nbf- rls,- official;Wf(iUier^^ obsen'er, :r.

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