Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1894
Page 3
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DAILY JOURNAL STOMACHS THAT WON'T WORK. WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 23. A STRANGE; CASE, How an Enemy was Foiled. Tlir following ftrnptilc Stntomont Will bo tcsul will) InienMClntcri'sti "loiinnotdi'si'rlbe tlii'iium'i.f'it.'fpyiienflatlontlmtoxlsted ID my urm*. ImritU mill Iocs. I liad to rub nnil bciit thiwo pans until t dey were soro, to overcome In 11 nH>ii*iiri< the dond foolln«t thnt hud lakvn pos«i's-lii!i of them. In addition. I liud a ji'riiiici 1 wpakncMS In my buck find annum my wnlst, tocutliorwltli tin indescribable Vonu 1 fediii!.' In rny stomach- Physicians s;ii<l It Mi.si'ri-1'plnt: paralysis, from which, nci'ord- )njrrr>tlM-ir universal conclusion, thuro Is no rehtf. wen it fustuuM npun n person, they si^y. H rontlnuos its Insidious pro^res-j unl.it i- ivm-hi's u vlml point und tho sufferer dies, {iiu-li wiis my prospect. 1 had been doctoring jiyt-iiruiid uliulf Ntendlly, but with no particular hcMpflt. w'i«>n I saw an nclvorUsenionC of Prints' Kostoriitlvu Jiorvhio, procured a bottle luicl bcKiin usInR It. Mnrvuloun us It miiy wi'in. hut si few days hn<l passed boforo i>vt>ry bi rot that croopy feollns; had loft me, and "ilnTu hii4 not buori oveu tho sl'KhU-st Inr'li-ilt Ion of Its return. I now feel as Ti-i-ll IK 1 tvor did, und liavo Ruined ton nouiids In wulght, though I had. run down Jm-ii ITU ID 137. Koiir others buvo used Dr. MlhV Ki'ftorutlvo Ncrvlnoon my recomon- j.-iiioii, und it has boon nswitisfiiciory lu th«lr c:w* :is In mlno."—Jumtw Kline, Lu Hue, O. l>r. Miles' Kostoratlvo Norvlno Is sold by nil drupTKlsts on ft positive guarantee, or scmt <ll.-i.fr by tho Dr. Miles Medsfal Co., Elklmrt, IP-!., on receipt, of price, $1 per ncittlo. six butt I?* for S3, express prepaid. It la Iroo from OUi:ut3 or dangerous drugs. CLEAN AMD TIDY AS A NEW FIN, The last cockroach taa packed tola-grip aad loft. The ante bollum odor has beau killed and buried., The table linen is now changed once In a while and you can't write your name on the dishes any inure. We make Jresh cof/ee morning and evening, bake our "own pastry, serve meals well cooked give you all you can eat at a low rate. What more do you want? We want your patronage and will endeavor to deserve It. Coma sad see the change at THE mm 320 Broadway. Bert shon order counter Open all night. supplied lunch in tho county. The War Book Picture*. Attention la again called to the Memorial War Book, and particularly to the very choice Illustrations, 2,000 of which embellish ite pages. Most of these Illustrations are reproductions from tbe celeb ated photographs made by M, B. Brady and Alexander Gard. ner, under authority of tho U. S. gov, ornment. These pictures are original photographs taken during the war of tbe rebellion. It Is more than a quarter of a century since the eun painted those real scenes of that great war, and the "negatives" have undergone chemical changes which makes it slow nod difficult work to get "prints'' from them. Of course no more "negatives" can be made, as the scenes represented by this series of war Views have passed away forever. The great value of these pictures is, therefore, apparent. Just how things looked 'at the front,'' during- the great war, is, with tbe most of us, now, after the lapse of nearly thirty years, only a fading memory, cherished, it is true, but after all, only ihe vision of a dream. Artists have painted, and sketched, and engraved, with more or loss fidelity to fact and detail. these "scenes of trial and danger," but all of their pictures are, In a greater or less degree, Imaginary conceptions of the artist. Happily our government authoriEod. during tha war, skillful photographers to catch with their cameras the refleo. tlon as in a mirror, of very many of those thrilling and Interesting scenes. These views vividly renew the memories of our war days. The camp, the march, tbe battle field, the forts and trenches, ttfe wounded, the prisoners, the dead, the hurriedly made graves, and maoy other of those once familiar scenes are photographically portrayed and perpetuated. These are not sketches or imaginary scenes but are the original photographs taken on the spot. The wonderful progress In the art of photo-engraving enables tbe publisher of the Memorial War Books to place these inestimable records In permanent form and thus preserve them for future generations for all time. If you have not begun taking tho Memorial War Books do not delay doing so. It should be in every home and the Journal offers It upon terms which the poorest can accept. That BeUIn the Pood nod Refuse to Dlceet It, Make tlie H««d Heavy and the Nerve* Weak. IN MEMORY OF A DOQ. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK. After fourteen learn ot scientific study of Nose, Long, LIvef, and »l' Dlsnnse* of a Cbnmio Niituns I adopted my prenent form or tceaiui^iit, and nave co nduuted a successful practice tn the above cls>3 ot caiws I cordially Invite you or jonr friends. If ftftltctpd with imr Chronic Disease, to consult me and lu.r method "I treatment and Us result*, onice Uour.vlUto I'.'n. ta.-.'i to 4. 7 to 8 p.m. Residence nt ofilce. All calls i:romptly at- STORAGE. For stornj?* :u Ir.rsro or •jur.nuues, appl;. co VV. 1) 1'iiATT. PollaH & Wilflun ONE RM.HF THING Co yon know that fot every disease flesh is heir to nature's great labora- i toryholdsonerlfchtthing that will cure it? '9 To-day a d^votea specialist who haw been seeking for years, discovers aid brings out a specific— the right tiling! for tome disease that medical men have experimented upon for ages; tomorrow is developed a rem» edy which blesses all mankind t Do yon know that M real remediei known to science are the result! of such work given to the world? They are, and Dr.Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer u , !• the one right thing that hat been found to cure tbe awful diseases that result from starved and jaded nerre«, such M sleeplessness, nervous C tration, fits andepi- y. It puts new life into nerves; does not stupefy, but re-vitalizes. PRICE »1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, writs us enclosing five ceut» (stamps) for postage. The doctor givel ^— „ + -\ free advice to any nerve disease sufferers. AH welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Maters ALBION, MICH. As44« Osy «.. Nsw York Obitnarr. Decree Lightner died yesterday morning at 5:30 at the home of his daughter. Mrs. Zenith Douglass on Pratt street, aged 88 years. The funeral will be hold Thursday afternoon at 2:80. Ho will be burled under the auspices of the Masons, Tipton lodge. George Lightner was ,• born Feb. 20, 1806 in Little York, Fa. He was married in 3 838 to Henrietta Orwlg near Winchester, Ohio. To this union seven children were born of whom three survive, Mrs. Frank Goodwin of Kokomo, Mrs. Anna Eikelburner and Mrs. Zenith Douglass. His wife pre- ceeded him 24 years. He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity, being one of the oldest Masons In the State Need Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. There Is a cure for Dyspepsia. Sufferers who have tried noxious nostrums will probably be skeptical, but skepticism vanishes when Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are tried. Whether the trouble Is dyspepsia of long stand- Ing, or merely a simple case of indigestion, relief is prompt and pronounced. The less the trouble tho fewer Tablets need be taken. Heaviness aftor eating, eour stomach as indicated by belching fatigue with slight exertion, or with no exer tlon at all, disturbed s:eep, nervousness, constipation, depression, "blues' 1 tbeje things can commonly be sot down as symptoms of Dyspepsia Aiul Dyspepsia Is merely Icdlgestlon in an aggravated form, By promoting parfect digestion Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets produce strong nerves, restful, refreshing sleep, pure blood and good sound, healthy fleeh, They make the skin clear, the eyes bright the mind cheerful. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are a medicine and more than a medicine They digest the food and make it easy of assimilation, and they relieve tbe Inflamed, diseased condition of the membraneous linings and the glands of the stomach and bowels. They help the digestive organs over tbe hard placea and nut them into a healthy, active condition. They effect a quick and permanent cure. You don't have to continue taking them for ever, still It is wtll to have a box handy and take one at the first indication of a return of the trouble. Perfectly well people are made sick by eating too much, or unwholesome food, but not if they take a tablet ftftor eating. Treatment with Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets does not necessitate dieting, or any change of habits. They digest the proper food and act upon the other in such a way as to make It pass off quickly and harmlessly. You may eat and drink what you like, when you like and as much as you like If you take a tablet afterwards. Mr. J. O. Wordly, of Paorla, 111., writes: I was unable for years to eat anything but the plainest food, and even that often distressed me. Since using one box of your tablets I can eat anything and everything I want. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are pro. pared only by the Stuart Chemical Co. Marshall, Mich., and are sold by all drugfffsts at 50 cents a package. Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of stock to tho Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., is now dun and should 'be paid at tbe company's ofHco, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock are twenty -five dollars ($25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid as follows: April 20, 1894 ................................................ t 3 00 Mum 1894 ............................................... 1 00 June 20, 1884 ................................................ KB JulyM, IBM ............................ , ................... 2 00 August 20. 1884 ............................................. S 00 Sfiptmubsr 20. 1S>4 ................ - ..................... 8 00 Octobem 18M ............................................ 8 00 Novembers), 1804. ............................ ........ 8 00 D»oember 20. 1804 ........................................ 4 00 JanuarySO, 1S)5 ............................................ 4 00 Tbe Noble Animal'* Ilurlal Place Fondly Cherlihed for Five Centurtoi. It is seldom given to dumb brutes to win eternal remembrance. Many a human hero might envy the fame of tho dog Qelert For generations his story has stirred the hearts of pitying childhood, wherever the English language is spoken, and his grave has been visited more frequently and devoutly than tbe shrines of many holy martyrs. Indeed, his grave has tfivon the name to the village within whose bounds it lies—Itatligulert. Prince Llewellyn of Wales, so tha story runs, went out for a hunt one day, but, contmry to habit, Gulcrt, tbe hound, did not accompany him. On returning liomo the prince found Gelert covered with gore and liis child's cradle vacant, Grief for tlu> child aud anffer at tho »lO£', which, lu; supposed, hart murdered tbe little one, sei/.ed upon him, und in an instant, he plunged his sword into the side of poor Oelert. Hut presently eume the wail of his baby from another spot, anil at tlie same time, lifting 1 the coverlet of the cradle, the prince discovered the body of a gaunt wolf. All was now clear, and great was the despair of the prince at his impetuous act. lie had murdered the dog 1 which had saved the life of his iufant. A crave—Uethjrelert it was called in Welsh—was- prepared for tbe faithful hound, and visitors to the little hamlet do their part to preserve the ancient and well-worn footpath that leads to it. One morning I scaled a stone wall by means of heavy iron clomps and slate steps, and took the little foot-path to Gelert's grave. The way led through a soft meadow, by the river bank, and beside it grew harebells and foxglove with their purple r.and pink flowers, while delicate ferns and ;i sprinkling of daisies were scattered' about. Groups of the black cows of tins region quietly browsed in the meadows, and scarcely raised tiieir noses as I passed. Occasionally sonic iinjjler was seep on the rtver-ba.nk. patiently holding his line over the water. Far down "upon the ^recn sward, nearly half a mile off, I came to a tiny inclosure, and within it two old kuaricd yew- trees had so welded and flattened their branches together that it was impossible to distitiR-uish between them, after their nrms quitted the main trunk of the tree, lieneath these trees stood two stone posts, but so worn by time and weather that tbe hard surface of the stone looked as smooth and abraded as worm-c.aten wood. No words or epitaph marked the spot, but forflve.hundred yeurs tire tradition that this was the grave of Gelert has been handed down from sire to son. A cluster of old buildings, picturesque in their ruins, had constituted an ancient Anpustine monastery. One side of the monastery walls is a building 1 which is believed to be the old palace of Prince Llewellyn, and fancy, groping 1 its way back into the twilight of history, fills out tho picture of tho rude life of that early period, when a prince could live in so poor an ubodo. The house is so tiny that it scarcely affords space- for a family of three, who devote one room to a little book-store and photo.erraph- shop. This shop formed tho literary emporium of the village, and thoucii not more than a dozen feet square and seven feet lii^h, it was an attractive spot. Abovo its low doorway, on a level with the river bank, was a picture of Prince Llewellyn and hisdop Gelert, while an inscription stated that this had been his palace.—Susan Nicholas Carter, in Century. THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES IB now complete in FOURTBENT PARTS, the entire series making the- inost ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many Journal readers have availed themselves of tbe opportunity to secure these parts as they came in from weuk to week but there are a number of subscribers who have expressed a desire to secure the complete set without the ooupons. To givt: nil an opportunity to secure this The Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of 14 parts on the following terms: OUT THIS OUT. presentation oi this Coupon at tlic I>Air>Y JOUWNAL AKT PORVFOUO DEPARTMENT to- KC lie with ^1.75 the entire series [ Complete In fourteen parts] ot tbe MARIE BURROUGHS fVRT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to you. by mail. No extra charge for sets sent cur THIS our. This ofTer does not interfere in tbe least witb the existing offer of each part for :! coupons and 10 cents, as tbe coupons will be published for a sufficient time yet to nil who have started on the series to complete their Bete, but is intended for those who for various reasons have neglected to save their coupons. Don't fall to secure the set at once as this offer will onJy hold good until S turday, May 26,1894 THE OLD TIMfc DANCE. ADDITION ,\l LOCALS. at Fo- R i (• H r T MING We offer $900 lo«ny phyilclnnor clitmln wnn c&n othtrwiM.tbkt thin niUttlj contain! morpblna, oplam coculnt, or »ny Harmful drum Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. A 5. gallon keg of syrup $1, lay's. Otto announces his second annual shirt sale. Ben Fisher's double extract of Vanilla Is strong and sweet. California green gage plums 12i cents per can, at Foley's. See the beautiful new style tan shoes at Stevenson & itUnstck'a. Everything that is beautiful to complete a ladies' outfit at the Bee Hive, This is Otto's last special shirt sale of colored laundrled shirts at half price. Ladles' fast black Hermsdorf hose only ?3 cents, with a souvenir, at Schmitt & Heffley'«. Blue Mad rase cloth with two collars and separate cuffs, are included In Otto's second annual ehirt Bale at 69 cents. Acute and chronic catarrh: diseases of the throat and ear treated bv Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. Will positively cure the tobacco habit In any form, Loveless' antl-to- baoco. Sold only at Ben Fisher's drug ttore, 311 Fourth street. Homer Clos»on's diamond ring changed ownership to J. C. Dewenter last evening, "No 4" being the med- i urn through which the transposition was effected. For Sale— A. E Taylor'* brio It reii- dence, livery bam and blaolnmlth shop, Eel Kiver avenue. Inquire of Lev! Brown, at George Harrlion's •tore. 424 Brosdway, Decoration day services will be held in the Lutheran ohuroh at the Shldeler cemetery in Clinton township on Sun. d«7, JuneSd, ai SiSOp. m. Judge M. A. JORDAN, President. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. NprlnK Medicines. The almost universal habit of using some kind of spring medicine to intprove the blood and cleanse the syttem has its advantages, If the proper remedy is used. What is needed Is to arouse the liver and stimulate the kidneys. The best remedy to use Kinehart's Pills. For sale by B, F. Keesllng and Keystone drug store. Don't Tobcco Spit or Smokfl Tour Life Ansjr IB the truthful, «tBrtlln<? title of H little book that tells all about No-to-bac, tbe wonderful, harmless, GUAAANTBRT) tobacco habit euro. The cost li trtlllnt!. and the man who wants to quit and can't reins no phrtlcal or Ununclal r In using 'No-tobnck." Sold by Ben FUher. Book at store, or by mall tree. Address, The Sterling Btmedj Co,, ludlaDU Mineral bprtngs, Ind. _ House for Sale Very Cheap—No, 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street. • , When nervous and weak take Blne- .tuurt'e Liver PHls; DO f rlplnjr, or iMiueatfr IftdOM. For tale ty B. Kejeuwe 4rog store. Wm Johnston will dellrer the onUoa, » Looking Better feeling better — better in every- way. There's more consolation in that than well people stop to ponder. To back flesh and spirits is everything. Scott's Emulsion of pure Cod Ijiver Q.il .with Hypo- phosphites 1st prescribed by' leading ptiysfcifihs everywhere for ailments that ar4 causing rapid loss of fie«h antfcyUal strength^ ;. co«ita Md cold*. Sympathy. We can be angola to one another in showing sympathy. Sympathy is, in Its Inmost essence, the response of feeling, the answer of thought to thought; and, thus understood, its effects are akin to those we have just considered. Weakness of belief, as we say, is born of loneliness, but U overcome by communion; and in like manner the spirit gathers strength from sympathy. Sympathy cures. It can calm passion, soothe sorrow, and charm oven bodily pain away. It is good for the headache and the heartache. It comforts tho child, encourages the youth, heartens- tho toiler, and smooths tbn last stages of tbe aged. It is the angel who never dies, and whose word never ceases. "Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for thee."—Detroit Free Press, «100 Howard, f 100. Tbe reader of tills paper will be plaoied to learn thnt there 1> at least one dreaded dlsoaaoa ttmt iiclence Ua« been able to aura In all Its etagps and tbat l» Catarrh, llall'c Cfttarrd Cure Is the only poslriye cure Known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constltntlonal dlsenno, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Core Is taken ImerniUIr, acting directly on the blood and mucui surfaces of the pattern, thereby dastrorlng the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and aulgting nature In dome its work. Tim proprietor* have BO mueh faith In ltd curative powers, that tbey offer One Hundred Dollars for any ease that It tolls to cute. Send for list ot testimonials. Address, F. .1. CHENEY £ CO., Toledo, 0. ETVioId by druggists. What Will I>0 IK Medloal writers claim that the successful remedy for nasal catarrh must be non irritating, easy of application, and one that will reach the remote eorea and ulcerated surfaces. The history of the efforts to treat catarrh Is proof positive that only one remedy has completely mot these conditions, and that Is Ely's Cream Balm. Tfils safe and pleasint remedy has mastered catarrh as nothing else has ever done, and both physicians and patients free- Ijyfeonoede this fact. Our druggists keep it. A Happy Hntbftnd. DELAWARE. O,—After four months uie of Simmons 1 Liver Regulator my wife U ' almoit entirely relieved of ohroolo oonitlpAttd Md bleeding pilei. A Hnppy Fomtnre of the Frontier Life In Other 1M}'«. "In the good old times of the long a?o," said an old Union Pacific man tbe other night, "there wasn't any great variety of amusement to be hac out on tbe western end of the road Playing poker, bucking the tiger springing .practical jokes on on another, going hunting, a shooting scrape onco in a while to add spice to the monotony ot the life and an occa 1 sional dance about completed the re pertotre of amusements. The las named was by far the stellar event o the society season. Swallow-tailec coats, patentleather slippers, kid gloves and a carriage were not necessary ad' jiincts of even the most swell affair. About tbe only requirements were-a roof to cover thcm.somo one who coulo play the fiddle, no mutter how indifferently, and a man with a pair of leather lungs to 'call oil' loud enough to be heard above tho din created by the tramping of heavy boots on tho rough hoard floor. Tho crowd would find itself and never fail to be present in goodly numbers when it was given out that a dance was to be held. Those who attended might have been a little short in the graces of polite society in the effete east, but what they lacked in this respect they made np in the zest with which they entered into tbe joys of the occasion. From the time that the man with the leather lungs called out 'salute your partners' until the one fiddle orchestra played 'Good-lly, My Lover, Good-By,' It was one continuous round of pleasure, unhampered by the. conventionalities that hedge about tKe participant of a ball in an eastern drawing room. Of tbe men on the frontier the man who could play the violin was easily the favorite, and there was nothing the town afforded that was too good for him. There are balls out in that country now, but the glories of the past are departed. Tho old time dance with its wealth of fun Is gone, no more to return. With the coming of the higher civilization and its comforts and pleasures the old timers have lost something that had become n part of their . natures, and tho thoughts of the old days, with their pleasures no less intense than their hardships, are pleasant memories. Rough, somo of the men were, but for the most part tbe had hearts in them as big as thei bodies and the hand of the sufferin was never extended in vain."—Ouiah Bee. SOO DOZEN Of these Beautiful Waists In Blue, Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 50 Cents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, 09-411 Broadway. Four "C" Nothing in the ivhole history o Medicine can compare with the sue cess of "FOUR C." It is the OBT/r KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. It removes all its DRKADKD and EVIL effects, inducing restful, natural sleep. ONB DOSE will frequently remove Pleurisy pains. ONE DOSE has time and again relieved a child suffering with CROUP. Pour "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonsilitis. In composition It .Js DIFFERENT, la MORE POWERFUL and ACTIVE, In fact it la aa DIFFERENT from any other lung remedy as molasses is different from vinegar. It is a REVELATION, BEST OF AI>I/ you TAKE so RISK. The BSSKNCE of the contract la, Four "0" MUST GIVE SATIS- ~W.B,:i.eepj»r» ; Tour.drvwlrtselle FAQTION pr money.win be refunded A Popolor Remedy. The promptness and certainty of ',s cure have made Chamberlain 1 ! lough Remedy famous. It le intended specially for coughs, cold*, croup and whooping cough, and U the most effectual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City. Pa., says: "I have a great sale on Chaimberlam's Cough Remedy. 1 warrant every bottle and have never 1 beard of one falling t,o give entire ut. iaf action." 50 cent bottles lor Mtle by B. F. Keesllu?. Druggist. A Dairyman'* Opinion. There is nothing I have ever used for muscular rheumatism that glvei me as much relief aa Chalmberlaln'i Pain Balm does. I have been uilof it tor about two years — four bottloi In all— as occasion required, and always keep a bottle of it lu my home. I believe I know a good thing when I get hold o( U, and P&lu Balm U the jest liniment I have ever (net with. — W, B. Danny, dairyman, New Lex- ngton, Ohio. 50 coat bottle* for sale by B. F. Keedlng, Druggist. Tbe makers of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizer offer all nervous sufferers advice and consultation of the doctor, ree of charge. Write to the J. W. Brant & Co.. Alton, Michigan.— Be* liber. ' ''•'''^••'^•.'''^'^••-•-'^-^ jsfeSf .: «~~ :~?*X~?. l ,~—,f:~-~- ,~-T^.: : :s ? :. P||^||^pl^ V'FI. 81fc|^R» Quaker h«aitoh> oftpmli ffirtfa*

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