The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1959
Page 17
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September 17, 1959 jitote ptcmber 17, f|ffe| _. >L», L JL r _t±^«*«o,j^j^^(iLi. Tidbits by Evelyn the halls 6f learning have little charm for young Rex Post. In fact he's "agin" the whole set up. His chief objection is summed Up in his oWn words, "I'm net acquainted." It has taken persuasion Of various sorts to get him back in Lucia Wallace school for his first year of acquiring an education. * * + Among .the throng thai saw Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip July 4 at Chicago, 111., were , Esther Quinby and Lt. Edwin L. Laing, son of Supt. and Mrs O. B. Laing. Ed, as he is known here, was in Chicago oh tempor- ary naval reserve duty. At the time of the Queen's visit and the parade, the newsmen were loaded in a tvuck behind the limousine in which the <Roynl couple Was riding; Ed noticed that the Queen waved mostly by moving only her fingers. He also ob- serbed that Prince Phillip seem* ed to attract his full share of attention. In the summer of '54 Ed, then a student at Grinnell college,, visited London. He is now at Stanford University nt Palo Alto, Calif., studying law, :» ' * * -, I am still 'plugging for a place in which to preserve Algona and THERE ARE NO * tt Kossulh County's past, After reading aft item about * residence, in Salem, Henry county,' "t*ing bought to restore to pfitHslVil War condition, I am rnore £n- thused than ever, I have several things I would love td dtin- ate when I am not longer among the living and I know* August Slagle has m'any, many things he would HMe ' to know -wWld come to rest In a slace Where they could be viewed and, miido a part of Algona's history. I still vote for .the old Kain, housfe- fen south ,Moore street, now owned by V. L. Gundcr.- I think Tbto Chrischtlles hns n nunVpt ,of things of interest loo, especially garments., , ' <"'"',' ' Friday, August 28 — MM L«on- ard Maasdam has recovered from a leg injury suffered in a rexent fall and over to G. S. to see Mrs Anna McQuade. She was accompanied 'by Ada Malueg and they dropped in here for a call, too.' * * * Saturday — A contribution of chili sauce from Marg Dahi — delicious. I've given mothers recipe to two ladies recently which called for apples. Marg's has peaches and pears. It is 90 good, but the apple one is too. If a cliairnond commands an inferior price, it is' usually because it is an inferior gem. The best way to be sure of honest value for your, diamond dollar Is to select 'your jeweler carefully. We know and guarantee tlie quality and value of eacli diamond in our store. u Reafskrad Jetoe/er - Amorican Gem Society ALGONAJOWA Sunday — Bessie Jones —_ ped in to see residents here. She left us a few months ago to g<> aack to her own home. ,Mrt tfanselman and her daughter Mrfc Biienger were here to see Mt i-Tanselman (Gotlie'b) and came Lo chat with me. • \ * * * ' Monday — The Don Hemming,- sens are back from a three wefek vacation in the New Englan^ states. .Don attended an air force convention in Chicago and at Philadelphia he attended a water conditioner meeting. They ha'd such a pleasant time in Washington and Mrs Hemming* sen said Sen. Hickenldoper got out the red carpet for them. They attended a meeting of senators who were in session and engaged in serious discussion, saw Vice president Nixon and were evep more awed by Niagara Falls, t'. * * *..",. Mr and Mrs Pat Jensen have returned from a two week',fish: ing trip at Lake Winnebigosh, Minn. They were with Mrjs Jensen's brother-in-law and sisj« ter, Mr and Mrs Bill Levins. « * * * The Jack Limbaughs have been visited by Jack's cousin, Mrs Joseph Cangelosl- nnd children Mark and Kathy, San Gabriel, Calif. Mr Cangelosi is by this timo finished with his examinations for a doctor's degree and probably on the rond to an internship, Ho sent the family here so he could study better. * ' » * Further conversation w 11 h grandmother Lizzie Post reveals that vacations are all little Hex looks forward to in his school life of which he takes a ..dim view, He couldnt sw why brother, Rickie had such a long vacation and he didn't have any. He waft appeased when he was told he would have a vacation Labor Day and had been in school such a .short time. * * * When Margaret Reid was at Mason City recently visiting her aunt, Mrs Hatlle Robinson, she was shown a picture of another aunt, Mrs Josie Taylor Bratvctt who lives in California. Mrs Bratvelt was decorated with a cast to keep a broken arm intact. The injury came about in an odd manner. She was pulling weeds and fell. No one likes weeds and she has cause to dislike them more than ever. + * * Little David Glamm, iwo year old son of Mr and Mrs Glamm, Mankato, Minn., is a little blond but changed color in a short time when his sister Joan, three nnd a half years old, gave him a purple hair rinse. Probably had heard of "Purple People Eaters." The family dog was being troubled with flics, and a vet gave the family a solution to keep the annoying insects away. Out door's at play, Joan decided what was good enough for the dog was good enough for brother and proudly announced when she showed the finished work, 'There'll be no flies on David." The children are grandchildren of the Lloyd Barlletts at Tilonka. * . * * Due to the type setter not seeing the rather dim O, my recent item on the death of Joan Hagg read 2 instead of her correct age, 20. Joan was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Hilding Hagg of Dell Rapids, S. D. * * * State street is having some more face lifting with the changes and improvements on the Algona hotel. This, addeJ to the rejuvenated Heise building on the corner of Dodge and State streets, and the new banks make Algona quite a "glamour gal.' I haven't heard what is going in the corner of the hotel. Rumor conflict. * . * * ^" This-day Sept. 1, to report on my activities here has al- I ready fallen into the same pic pattern . :q£. my diaries of high school days ,.and later in even more interesting' times —, I for-'' get to jot down what I've dona Years agp I'd have a notation "Harry cajjie down and./ we went to the Call." Since bpth of us were avid theatre goers, We' took in nearly every change of program. There were so many records all reading the same, we used to, sing the lines over and over to the tune "The Campbells Are Coming." (Try it. You'll see it fits.) Remember how wonderful we thought it was when the two reel "IOI Ranch" pictures replaced the one reeler? And the first picture I saw, complete with several reels was "The Great Divide,' 1 with House Peters and Ethel Clayton, Hank Staddel'foffer was the manager but soon the Call was taken over by the N. C. Rices. * * * This very warm September takes me back over memory lane to one about 30 years ago. My aunt 'Mary Cady (Pat's wife) came from Mason City to attend the Kossuth county fair which then was held the first or second week in September. She brought a leather-like rain coat, flannel lined, well armed she thought Beverly Romer, Ex-Algona Girl, Nurse Graduate The daughter of former Algona residents, Mr and Mrs A. J, Romer, now operating a dry cleaning plant at Jesup, Iowa, was a member of the graduating class ut St. Joseph's Mercy School of Nursing in Sioux City, Aug. 17. She is Beverly Anne Romor, pictured above. Mr Romer worked for many years in Algona with the Modern Dry Cleaners & Tailors. Donna Olson Of Lakota ; Bride Of Bancroft Man Tor cool dnys or wot ones, ns tho fair was notorious for its bad weather. September dished out liol humid clnys. She wrote that on her w\iy home, people on the bus looked at her us though she were an escaped lunatic, carrying two blankets and a heavy rain coal. + * * Mrs Minnio Elberl of Whitlemore and Mrs Mary Von 'Bank West Bend, have been added to the residents here. I run sorry Mrs Teeter is no longer with us. Sorry too that I didn't get to know her sooner. It seems quite like old times having Mrs Gilles to visit with. She was in my home four years. * * * Sarah Clark's last day here was Saturday and we were sorry to see her go. She has enrolled at' the Nacve hospital school of nursing at Albert Lea, Minn. Some of her classes will be at iMankalo. * » * Dear Abby — I am married and have seven children under 12 ..years of age. 'Recently I started to work in a hospital and my jab brings-de close to x-ray equipment. I -have heard this will sterilize me. Is it true? Sylvia. Dear Sylvia: I wouldn't count on it. » ,i * * * ••' 1 enjoyed very much Mary Ellen Kelley's "And With The Dawn, Rejoicing." 1 had a letter from her some time ago in reply to mine after I had read a few of her columns in the Marcus paper. I told her we had four things in common, first we are women, second we have arthritis, third we write a column and fourth we are Irish. The book was of particular interest to me because of similar circumstances and conditions. We have seen the same things • in California, though my method of travel was normal and hers wasn't. I was even more interested in her account of having attended Tommy 'Bartlett's "Welcome Travelers" at the Sherman Hotel in Chicago. We went down the same elevator, in fact the only one, to the College Inn. To sum it up, she is a courageous woman and if I ever get a bit disgruntled at my disabilities, I can think of her, rejoice at the many things I can do and forget the things I can't. Lakota — A very lovely wed- ling was peiformed Saturday, 29, nt 9:30 a.m., in Sacred Church at Lodyard when Donna Jean Olson, daughter >f Mr and Mrs Lee Olson of La<o(n, wns united in marriage to Lloyd W. Herhers, son of Mrs John Merbcrs of Bancroft and the inlo John Horbers. Father Bernard Mnntag performed 1hr> dutmlc ring ceremony. Mrs Florence Wnflrnan, sister of the bride, was matron of honor. Mrs Betty Shillington. nn- ithfT sister and Betty Cink. a cousin, both of Algonn, wore the bridesmaids. Kenneth Vaske of Bancroft, a cousin of the bridegroom, was (Vit> best man. Donald Olson, brother of the bride, and William Doyle of Bancroft were the other attendants. Marian Ilerbors, brother of the bridegroom from Minnesota Lake, Minn., nncl Morris Wortman of Venice, Calit were the ushers. A wedding dinner for the immediate families and close friends was held in the church basement. Darlene Farrow, Beverly Diers, Shirley Lappe, Sharon Hertzke, and Marilyn Farrow were the waitresses. Lois • Miller had charge of the guest book. A reception was held at the home of the bride's parents with r-o-mo 175 attending. Mrs Merrill Thompson of LakoUi poured. That evening a wedding dance for relatives and friends was held at the Legion Hall in Bancroft. The bride is a graduate of the Lakota high school in the class of 1955 and previous to her marriage, was employed in Murray's Store. The bridegroom graduated from St. John's high school in Bancroft in 1953. He served four years in the Air Force with 18 months spent overseas. He is now employed by the telephone company in Los Angeles, Calif. After a short wedding trip, the couple will be at home in Los Angeles, Calif. BETTER PRINTING for less — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., 140 At Guest Day Wednesday afternoon St. Paul's Lutheran Church was host to about 140 ladies who assembled there for Guest Day. Mrs Kenneth Aukcs played a prelude of; organ music. Rev. Mcinicke had. the scripture and the ladies quartet consisting of Mrs Junior Poppe, Mrs Paul Christ, Mrs Walter Christ and Mrs Glen Maibus sang two mission hymns. The guest speaker for the afternoon was the Rev. Lyle Darnauer, missionary to India. A delicious lunch was served with Mrs Mary Zoller and Mrs A. C. Klocke pouring. Mrs John V. Dorenlbush and her group were in charge of preparations and Mrs Eldon Sach's group of the clean up. Mrs guests, Pearl Smith and her the Richard Smiths of WORM Wayne Larson of West Union discovered a four-inch cabbage worm while cutting brush for that city recently. The worm, which was tan, rather than the usual green associated with cabbage worms, and about twice normal si/e, must have been feeding on extra large cabbages. HOLE-IN-ONE Mrs Joyce Jaacks, girls' phsi- cal education teacher at Denison high recently made a hole-in-one on No. 5 hole at the Denison Country club. Mrs Jaacks had "'beginner's luck" because this is the first season she has been playing golf. Iowa City, drove to Petty Week nesday night to mee,t (heif -soft and brother, Allen Smith, we has just received his discharge from the navy after serving thfeeL ' years and three months. After a short visit he will go to Iowa City where he has enrolled as a freshman. ( ' There are again two ladies, bowling teams who will play in the Blue Earth Bowling Association. One team is composed of Irene Anderson, Ann Hamilton, Audrey Ruby, Deloris Kieriite, Marjorie Stonebraker and Thelma Erclahl. Tho other teams members are Sylvia Kienitz, Carolyn Groff, Evelyn Krominga, Pcnrl Hertzke, Lois Miller and Faye Boyd. •Monday night, a picnic suppef was held at the home of Mr and Mrs J. C. Blotne honoring Mr and Mrs Morris Wortman and family of Venice, Calif. Present were Mr and Mrs Jerry Heetland, Mr and Mrs Fred Sehroeder, Ernest Wortman. Francis Sehroeder and the Arlowe Blome family of Bancroft. The Wortmans left the latter part of the week for their home in Calif. Mr and Mrs Robert Blomster and family moved to Buffalo Center last week. Mr Blomster took over the Chevrolet Garage there some time ago. The Raymond Krominga family hav,e moved into the vacated house. Mr and Mrs Jerry Jeffrey and Trudy of Minneapolis, Mr and Mrs Garry Kienitz of Worthington, Minn, and Mr and Mrs Ed Kienitz of Burt were Sunday evening visitors at the William F. Kienilz home. Mrs C. C. Rippentrop is substituting as bookkeeper at the Ley Motor Co. for Audrey Ruby, who is vacationing, in Calif, (Mr and Mrs S. L. Powers and family returned Saturday farom Illinois where they visited-relatives. Weekend guests at the parental Tommy Thompson and L. A.' Meyer homes were Mr and Mrt Roger Thompson and family ot Stockton, Minn. Mr and Mrs C. F. Ennenberg had as Sunday dinner guests, her parents, Mr and Mrs Owen Peters of 'Ernmons, Minn. They helped Mr Peters celebrate his birthday. Mr and Mrs George Sehroeder, Mr and Mrs; Arend Hans arid Mr and Mrs Junior Poppe' and family attended the wedding of their , niocc r -Miss Alice Hans at Willmar, Minn., Saturday.evening. 'Mr and Mrs Carl Fischerib'acK and Fred Reller of Painsville, Minn, and Mrs Roger Reller and, family of Austin, Minn, were Tuesday dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Neu.- man. In the afternoon they visited at the Lawrence Lappe and the Harold Lappe homes -in Bancroft. . Mrs T. R. Estle was hostess al a coffee party on Saturday afternoon honoring her daugtoter-in« law, Lumetta Estle Kinkle ot Des Moines. Guests were "Mrs Ed Reese, Lyla Wilhelm, Gladys Pugsley and Mattie Reese, all of Ledyard; Mrs Leon McCoy and daughter of Swea City, Mrs Raymond Winter of Lakota, her daughter Carol of Mankato, granddaughter Debbie Winters of Buffao Center and Mr Henry Mitchell of Lakota. Mr and Mrs Bernard Ryant Colleen and Scott of Des Moinea arrived at the parental Fred Christ home Wednesday evening for a visit of several days. Mrs W. E. Ley was hostess at a one o'clock luncheon Thursday honoring Mrs H. H. Murray ori her birthday. Present were Mrs A. C. Schissel and Sue, Mrs H. D. Mussman, Mrs W. D, Ley and Mrs Ida Smith. -4 il if ;,;., Iraagiiie a^truck ride so smooth and]cushioned that fragile loads can travel the worst "waslj- |' :f ''•'•'•:••. ••' ' : , /; '•.' '.• ••';•'• ' ':'•'•'•••':''.' ; . '' ';• >• - ..-...'"- -' ; . '•''•• ' ^: ' .-. • vt 'V,-board" roads with f ease. Imagine a truck ride that virtually eliminate^ shimmy and wheel fight, ^' < v • ..•;.' • ••'•'•- -,'•'• • • ., "••':.''• '. ' : •.• '-' ; ' ' •",-.'•>',!'• ' --•-.- •. , . .{' , cuts side sway on curves, makes steering far steadier and easier, keeps, drivers far fresher. V' "'"'"'-; ' h- .'..'" ; /'-.'-:.'' • '".,'; ' * " ' - " ". ' ' '- •'-' ; , • - •" V '.^ i Imagine a truck ride that permits higher safe cruising speeds, more trips per day with all kinds t;of cargo over every type of; road surface* Imagine a ride that keeps up to 78% ofvall objectionable road shock and vibration/ from ever reaching the driver and cargo, a design that sharply yfduces.twJBtirig and fatigue; forces on chassis, cabs and bodies, that keeps trucks young for wrtra thousands of miles, /Soon you won't have to just imagine such a ride. You can try it for . ' / ' . .•' • • •/-'•' •yourself in the:tr&ck$ that, do the next best thing to paving every road in America—new Chevrolet trucks for 1960. You'U see what happens when Chevy's truck engineers design a whole new line of trucks around a whole new kind of torsion'Spring suspension. These trucks are new from the ride oh up^-with wonderfully roomier cabs, brawnier frames, style that8 fresh a* sixty more! Don't decide on any new truck till you see the newest of all, ' gee them 8P°n!.at your:Io^. RoBin Hoo4 MOTOR CO .'V CY 4-3554 And Discovei Hood's High Protein Richness Gives You Better Baking! Everything you bake with Botan Hood Floor—breads, 'takeo, pies, bfeorite—taste* better, Thafc because Bobin 8ood IB milted &om a variety Of high protein vteote. Thi« trttiuu, tool Look tot Ko^n Bood FVxar a*,yo«r grocer's Bobiw Hood Hour Take This Coupon to Your Grocer » • '

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