The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1959 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1959
Page 14
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&-A!gona (let.) Upper ttej Moittes Thursday, Sepf. t7, 1959 V F ta Y ( < ', ! M ,1* * f>' >-; SHOES ARE BACK ON THE fret of the srmill fry, the enrollment slips filleil out. the book rental fee's paid, and the courses of Mvub established. Homo- have takon on a blessed atmosphere Of quiet for several hour's during the day. Mom is enjoying an uninterrupted scvond cup of coffee, teacher is back at her desk, God's in His heaven nnd ail's right with the world. School has started. » * * IT TAKES A FEW DAYS OF A SITUATION like this for sonic of us to get used to the bonanza. It, also takes a little while for some ot u* to realize what a big debt of gratitude we parents owe the schools and the teachers. Not only do they instruct our little dai lines, they also get them out of our hair. And they solve for u^ a problem that, during the last weeks of vacation all but overwhelmed us—-the perpetual question. "Mom. what'll I do now?" * » 4 TEACHERS. I KNOW, GET SOME COMPLIMENTS—every one of which is undoubtedly deserved. They don't get. enough of them because it's only normal for all of us to make a bigger, noise while iTiliminjj than we do when handing out bouquets. Touchers also get Jots'of advice from all sorts of people including the kids, the parents, the principal and superintendent nnd the school board. On the theory that a little more advice eon'1 hurt them much, I have devised these ten commandments for teachers: * * * I—THdU SHALT SEEK OUT THE WORTHWHILE qualities in each of thy pupils. Though there he thirty, all of them squirmy, wiggly. coming down with colds or forming spit-halls behind thy .back, thou shnlt remember that genius often lurks under .unlikely surfaces. It may Vie. thy privilege to awaken a future Edison, a Claire Booth Luce, or a president of General Motors. Or thou may nt least have the satisfaction, years hence, of saying none of'thy. pupils landed in jail for more than ten year terms, * * ' * II—THOU SHALT KEEP A HAPPY FACE. Though thy new shoes are simply killing thee, though thy boy .friend and thee.have just had a big blow-up, though thy' rent is due and thy purse is empty, thou shall not take it out on the kids. Thou shall stand up before the little monsters and smile. . • * * * III—THOU SHALT HAVE THY EARS OPEN to receive the confidences of thy pupils and thy mouth closed lesl those fascinating tidbits revealed in Show and Tell Time slip out. Though the tide of how Mamma is mad at Daddy, what Papa is going to tell his boss when he gets a chance or hew Mamma thinks she might be~ expecting, would make devastating conversation at thy next tea party, thou shalt forget thou ever heard them. And,' verily, thou shnlt be blessed above all teachers by the mothers who are much concerned over what Junior tells in school. * * - * IV—THOU SHALT DEVELOP A DISCERNING EYE worthy of V physician. Thou must be able to spot rashes on tummies...ajid Dispatch students to the school nurse with speed enough to,keep the rest of the class from an epidemic of Measles. Thou must'make up thy mind if an upset tummy is feigned to get out of a spelling test and with speed enough to prevent mopping'up jobs on the classroom floor. Thou must inspect for dirty ears, varied vermin of the ..scalp, extreme fatigue from watching the late TV movie, impcntigo, and Hoof and Mouth disease. Thou must distribute Kleenex for runny noses, rubber bands for loose pony tails, sympathy for bruised shins, referee service for fights and band-aids for cut fingers. * * * V—THOU SHALT LEARN THE FINE art of double-talk for parent conferences. Though it be true that a kid is plain stupid it is not seeming to tell his mother this. Thou can always fall back on such terms as lack of reading-readiness (doesn't like Dick, "Jane or Puff), non-conformity to his peer group (bites the other kids), resentment of authority (bites thp teacher), or failure to plan his time schedule efficiently (frequently fails to make it to .the"'l5ath- room.) ' •• • '--.'; * * * VI—THOU SHALT TAKE A FIRM stand'on this matter of Homework. Verily, Homework is fraught with tribulations. Though thy assignments be meager, there shall always be the complaint from the small fry—"Our teacher is tough—too much Homework". Though thy assignments be mountainous, thy supervisor shall say, 'Assign more Homework". Though thy grades be far higher than thy pupils deserve thou shalt hear complaints from the parents, Teacher as picking on Junior. After I did all his homework, too", tvnd thee, the teacher—thou hast Homework, too. Correcting all those papers from the Homework. * , * •* VII—THOU SHALT GIVE THOUGHT TO THY RAIMENTVThou shalt dress pretty enough to appeal to thy students sense of the lovely. Thou shalt dress plain enough so that the fathers of.thy pupils do not consider thee whistle-bait and bring down the wrath of thy pupils' mothers upon thee. Thou shalt dress demurely enough so that the most conservative member of the school board -shall consider thy contract renewable next June. * * * * VIII—THOU SHALT KEEP ONE STEP AHEAD of thy pupils; Truly, in this day of television, the public library, and the encouraging of the inquiring mind, this is a problem. Thou must use up thy riches, stored during the winter to attend school in the summer Thou must get thy degree. Though thou hast all the wisdo.m of Solomon gained through ages in the classroom, .the pearl above price is yet the B. A. or the Master's degree. * * * IX—THOU MUST LEARN TO SUBORDINATE thy taste for luxuries to the size of thy paycheck. Verily, I say unto you such riches as a decent winter coat, fine carriages, braces on thy own offsprings' molars and steak every third Wednesday appear as a molehill to the mountain compared to the privilege of training young minds. If the way seems rough, consider that there are truly harder ways of making a living. But woudst thou really like selling • refrigerators to the Eskimos in Alaska? ' * . * * X--THOU MUST REALIZE THAT THOUGH thy problems be legion, the parents of thy students have perplexities' of their own. Henry Davis at the city hall ftt Buffalo Center. Over 200 registered in the guest book in the afternoon. Mrs Bob Davh was toastmislress, Rev, John Engles, guest speaker, and Mrs John Engles and Mrs Sam Schuller sang a duct, accompanied by Mrs Ethel Winters. Mrs Bob Davig poured. Mrs Dunne Higffins cut the cake and Mrs Alfred Davis sei ved the cake. Mr and Mrs Henry Davis were married ot Forest City Nov. 6, 1909 and made their home in and around Buffalo Center where they lived all of their lives. Sha is the former Alma Bohl. To this union Were born seven children* They are Pearl. Mrs Roy Wes- els, Thompson, Enrl, LeSueur, Minn.; Gerard, deceased, Alfred, Rochester; Howard, Garner; Doris, Mrs Duane Higgins, Titonka; and Bob, LcHigh. There are also 17 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Harris Sonnen'berg and wife left for Dubuquc where he will continue his final-year in seminar work. He previously lias visited his parents, Mr and Mrs George Sonnenberg, and before that was at Los Angeles where he served his internship for a year. Mr and Mrs Raymond Dirksen and family of Sibley and Amanda Heesch and Mrs Rcinert Dirk* sen of Des Moines were Saturday visitors at the home of Mrs Anna Svvytcr and Mr and Mrs Nick Heesch and family. Mrs Dirksen and Miss Heesch remained for a longer visit. Mr and Mrs Frank. Meyer of Corwith and Mrs Lottie Kramer of. • Crystal Lake were Sunday afternoon visitors. Mr and, Mrs George Sonnenberg moved to their now home in Ti tonka Friday. Rufus Ashelford of Miles City. Montana returned T h u r s d ay morning to his home after being in Titonka. ,Mr and Mrs Henry Wilson of Linden, Wash, have spent fvo flays visiting at the home of.Mr and Mrs ESenus Isebrahd. Betty Sonnenberg returned last Thursday from Eagle River, Wis., where she was Girl Scout camp nurse for the summer. . Mary Ann Rippentrop left Monday for Mankato where she is attending Mankato Commercial College. Fred, Davis is a patient in University hospitals 'following eye surgery. Lawrence Doege is also a paj.ient there where he had surgery ,on a hip this. week. Former Algona Mr and Mr* Jerdme Abernathy are shown after iheir wedding August 14 in Church" of the-Brethren, Claremont, Calif, The bride is the former Janice Amelia Riddle, daughter of well-known former Algonans, Mr and Mrs Wayne Ridd'le. The couple is living in Ontario, Calif, Attending the'ceremony werejMr and Mrs Robert Riddle, Burt, and former Algona residents, Mrs, Russell Maxwell, Mr and Mrs Homer Tuttle, Mr and Mrs John Dunn, Mr and Mrs Robert Chambers, Mr and Mrs Elwood Richteiyi'Mr and Mrs Walter Plumb, Mrs Bessie Dunn and the bride's grandparents, Mr and Mrs Jesse Riddle. (UDM Engraving). f; Melt&t , Mrs LotfiK.Gadls fiftd ftttjtotny R6sendahl.^Mrs Bass was the fmhet'Uhfa Roeber, <f«lfhtef of ,Mr «M Mrs Wflliarrf !&$&&; , A niflnteef ot M&tivm aftd frieftds of Mr and Mrs H&ffiaft vaudt helped them celeibfate their 2Sth wedding , anflivei'sirfy in the American Le|l6n hall Wednesday evening. Mr Vaudt is employed by the Electric Light Plant in Whittemore. . Mr Slid Mrs William Webet drove to Minneapolis', -Minn. Fri* day where they met -then* son John who spent the weekend with his parents, John is attending ButfWoody Industrial Institute, takihg a baker's course. , Ruth Braatz, daughter of Mr' arid Mrs Louis Braatz, who has been teaching 1 in the Lutheran Schools for the past four yea5rs, entered River Forest Concord ia Teachers College for her'B.A. degree, JSrcnda' Gade and Richard Meyer of here returned to Concordia Teacher's College in Seward. Neb. Ralph Sebers and Donald Meyer are students at the Wartburg college in Waverly. William Meyer Jr. Ill is a student at the Waldorf college in Forest City, Myron tfautsch Con'cordia High School in St. Paul, Mary Greinert Luther College in-Decorah, Helen Hanson, University of Iowa, Iowa City. Mr and Mrs James Butler of here, Mr and Mrs Joe Butler oi Waterloo, Mr and Mrs J. Jl Quinn of Chicago, 111., and Mr and Mrs Timothy O'Brien of Algona spent the weekend in St. Paul where Ihey attended (the wedding of Pat -Butler and Shirley Mutchlar. M£s Quinn is the daughter of Mr and Two Silver Weddings At Whittemore Observed Whiilemore Lester Baas — Mr and celebrated 25th wedding anniversary* at ( the Plantation dining i-born with. ' Mrs -large number of relatives and their friends Wednesday evening. Cards were played' and prizes a were awarded to Rev.- Cleo Kaut- A fcUmfeef trf fei*i^*s gathered, fit 1BIT ^orile J &l» Mr'and'Mfcs ¥huisdaf esv«tfifti to htfifr the«n ce1ei)f8t« their 46th wt^dffig an- M^ersdiy and felso the ?Ist birthday di Mrs tteid^ftwith. Present Were Mf and / M« Oltetn and Rdsella Voigt of Algoha, Mr arid Mrs George Meyer-, Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt, Mr and Mrs Thomas Dunphy, Mr and Mrs 'Herbert Potfatz, Mrs fonma Stru- ecker and'daughter Janice of Ft. Dodge were'supper guests. Mr and Mrs Arthur Meiden- with, Mr and' Mrs George Meyer and Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt attd Mr ana Mrs Ellsworth Hei- dertwith attended the funeral of Mi-s Henry Kueck of Lone, Rock. Mrs Kueck • was a sistei 1 of Mr Hfidemwlth. Mrs Errtnia Kitchemriaster of Rock Rapids is Visiting at tho homes of Mr and Mrs Henry Lauck, Mr and 'Mrs Walter Stfueeker and Mr and Mrs Er win Struecker. -She will spend three weeks here'at the home of her brother and sisters. 'Mrs William Hanover Sr, is eonfine'd tb her bed after v suf fering a*slight stroke last week Monday. She? has not shown much improvement so far. •' Marvin Ostwald was pleasantly ' surprised on his birthday last week Friday when' a group of young folks gathered atHhe home ' of 'his • parents. 'Mr and -Mrs ' Herbert Schmitt. Paul won high in 500 artd Mrs Ralph E. Walker "high for the women,' Donald Meyer ^and^Beverly'low. In Buiko high was* Janet Kuecker of West Bend and Jean Zumach low. Consolation plate prize went to Dale Bell. • iTAi W«*v* *•*-«•——— , «»* lfflse r tf ', traming 3( j Bancroft Han Still Critical After Mishap Banc*6fi —' Richard left Saturday f<tf 'Cleveland, Ohio to be With his mother, 'Mrs Art Gotihe, who has been with her son Kenneth since he was injured in a, car accident tw*o weeks ago. Up until Sunday he remained unconscious. His father returned home the latter part of the week. ' ' Banns of marriage were published Sunday in St, John's Catholic church for Richard -Hammer, St.-Joe, and Florence Goche, daughter of Mr and Mrs' Walter Goche, 'Bancroft. , Heads Farm Census Rae E. Purinton, Albert City, Iowa, has' been named- as field assistant for the 1959 Certus .of Agriculture in 27 counties od; northwest Iowa, including Kps- suth. The Census collects information on agriculture. The force will include 19 crew leaders and 271 census, takers. NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY 2 P.M. DRIVE NEW FEATURES FIRST SHOWING AL FRIDAY SATURDAY- SUNDAY JONA-LAND! -^ ' , , t.5 —— ^r-^-j-jP^-^wj *.I*tv.t \^**VlX-»OHt *Ji'K/\JOt3 \J pmer. But at the end of the way beams the same bright goal—more teachers and parents, doctors and housewives, plumbers and scientists, statesmen and stenographers, all living together decently in the best possible world we can make it! * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR CHOCOLATE pie dessert. If you serve it at club meeting everyone will remark on how fat they are going to get from eating it, but they'll agree it is very delicious. Crust: 20 single graham crackers Vz cup soft butter. Crush crackers fine, combine with butter and press in 9 inch pie plate or square pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes. Filling: 6 plain milk hcrshey chocolate bars, 5c size % cup milk 16 marshm allows 1 cup:whipped cream Put candy bars in top of double boiler, add milk and marsh- maUpws.,Melt over hot water. Let cool, then fold in the whipped •cream. Put filling in cooled shell, and serve with more whipped —GRACE. 7,£ Bride-To-Be Is Honoree At Tifonka Shower miscellaneous Sept, U at the church in hon- Wichtendahl of become the IJoy^ Sept. 26. e» with the Bee4, scrip? Dennis Dreesman, reading, Mrs John S. Hippentrop, piano solo by Nancy Boeckholt, Clarinet solo 'by Marilyn Rippentrop, hat parade and reading by Mrs Henry Van Hove. Mrs George Sachau was the mistress of ceremonies and the program was closed with a hymn. Miss Wichtendahl was assisted with the unwrapping of the gifts by Karen Van Hove and Mrs Leona Van Hove. Mrs J. L. Intermill poured. Hostesses were Mrs Alrek Boeckholt, Mrs Donald Tapper, .Mrs John S. Rippentrop, Mrs'Carroll Van Hove, Mrs J. L, Intermill, Mrs Herman Harms and Mrs George Sachau. Hays Anniversary About 75 relatives were pre^ sent at a 50th wedding anniversary dinner held for Mr~and Mrs NOTHING HIDDEN. ..NEITHER THE SIN. ..NOR THE SHAME! ACTUALLY TORN FROM THE PAGES OF THE NATION'S LEADING NEWSPAPERS! vGir/s-for-Hire Business Ivlen Can't Get Cut • Gitls Pta ( DIANA DORS PICTURE UNDERSTOOD AOULT8J PATRICK ALEXANDER STARTS SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY 7% V ^B^^'&T Tl% A.LGONA Continuous Shows Sunday' From 1 P.M. • ••< .$* 'JOSEftH N.WELCH WHO ATTRACTED , NATIONWIDE j ATTENTION ON TV JUDGE WEAVER lM ^ STARRING mm - SECOND EXPLOSIVE 5TQRY OF "WETBACKS' 1 In Color UOYD BRIPGiS - NANCY GATES 2 CSHQR CARTOONS Yowr Drive-In Theotre Cl^es For Tbs Season After Sunday Niihtt Showing Thank Yow For Your Pcrtronap -^ Wat?h For Opening Pflte Next Spring! JAMES STEWART 1 LEE REMICK EVEARDEN KATHRYN GRANT BENGAZZARA ARTHUR O'CONNELLl >mu?fe by Duke Ellington^ ?s?l ,,'^v ^?Q 3&i t :« C «JWfT»fei 'ite « PMJS — MAGOQ COLOR CARTQON Shows. Start Sunday At 12:45 — 3:40 — 6;35 9:25 Men, Thru Wed., One Performance Only At 7:30. Feature At 8 P.M. Admission Prices Adults Juniors •«• 75c for* /

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