The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1940
Page 8
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Mm, New Assistant Executive To Be Guest Here On March 7 FLAPPER FANNY * -«>fii.i«omr»stiiMc.i«.'r.M.«fG u.s m.orr. _ Plans for a reception lor the new assistant srout executive ol Die Haslein Arkansas council by the rebuts nnd • scoulm of this city have been made for Thursday, Mar. 7. Several applications lor this l-'o.diJon have been received from the Pcrsonno! department of the nzt'onal office and from these one will 1>° u'lcctftl. rresiric-m Jjmcs mi] jr. has supcinted Floyd A. While, Ed )!ftil-.arai-ii of llclcnn, Col. Nell f'.mxler of Poi-aliontas and D. IS. Aycosk of Joiu'jboro as a.i interviewing committee. Tills coiniuittoe will meet will) tlie applicant Sm>- dsw In Jonesboro and will iimko arrangements for him to report rvfar. 1. \ A dinner meeting of nil scout lenders will be held Mar. 7, ii:ir> p.m., at the Rustic fun lolloped by a joint meeting of all scouts an;l ; leaders at tlic high school. As a part of this program movin; i pictures of tlie Boy Scout camp at the New York World's pjir will bo ! shown. These natural color pictures ) are very intercsilnj according lo I Robert C. Macnnb, (oca! s-oul j executive who stated that they have been shown in a number of towns of Eastern Arkansas. Tlie Eastern Arkansas council will organize o full troop of scouts to participate In Ihls year's camp. The sroup will leave around tlic latter part of July or first of August. President Hill announce;; that another meeting of the Area Executive board will be held in Joncs- l>oro Sunday afternoon, Mai 1 . 3, lit which time the slimmer plans will be discussed. Clarence Wilson, district chairman, and Oscar Fencllcr, district commissioner, me visiting all the local troops assisting tlie scoutmasters with various problems. Tlic NEWS president of the eighth grade club SCHQfH KICWC n!i y a '^ " 1 " li ' lz ° r Ulc B™"!). w^nW!. PtCYf i. ol »«' officers chosen were- fi</ THURSDAY, PRB1UJ.AKY 22, There were 83 air nceidontr, | October, incliiding only four mil OIKS \iy air transports. '.'I doii'l core if opera is s'sposcd to be good—I ( i on - t Iike it even on a harmonica." -~. o SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON • Stewards in tlie Kingdom Lions club will soon organize mi- other troop in the western part of this city. Gillie's Beauty Shop Will Reopen Friday Text: Matthew 25-.M-27 KY WILLIAM K. G1LUOV, )). 1). l : .d!tor of Advance This les.son on fnlthfuhie:is in stewardship. Is bused upon the I'arahle of the Talents. Talent, in (he parable, Is n sum of money, but we speak of it today as the endowment that Rich nun has, either by nature or by (mining ami preparation. We live In n world where talents are very different. Some men arc endowed with great capacities of goodness, service, mul achievement. Other men are either dull, or they tire handicapped by weakness, temptation, or some great barrier Eiilie's Beauty shop, which has been closed lor the past month for remodeling ami redecorating, will be reopened for business Friday morning under the manage-, - „....., . ment of Mrs. lone Oakcs ,Rop]) .'. a f - 1r country, had Instructions The shop is located at 102 North i improve wh »' 'nut been given which makes whatever they achieve a very renl victory. Tlic men in the parable who received a varying number of talents, when their master was going into to la In trade could. It Is lo 1)» much Second street. Mrs. Ropp has btcn competed " J Li :^y L-UUJU. n is 10 i>y. noU'« with Dcen's Beauty Shop in Mnn-1 llillt Hie tnlenls were given to each phis for the past year, but form-! iniul according to his several alilllly. crly Ural in Blytheville. Other' No '"ore. was expected ol a man operators who will be In the shop here are Mrs. Jack McCoy Mrs. Eugene Brown. his endowment made possible. COURTS and «nd this suggests what is true con- cerntng life. The success or failure 'of those (o whom the talents were given was not judged insrcly by the result, but by the way In which each mini used hk talents accord- Dig tj lili oifn power.'). Jolin. Douelas has filed suit against Helen Douglas In chancery court 1 seeking a divorce on th? ground- of desertion. I'crcv A Wrlglit is his attorney. -'•..' Milton Sternberg h:is been granted a decree of divorce from Be-^ qternberg. Diving Tip For Husliand ' DES MOINES, la: (UPj-Pnul Hill,, city driving,"instructor, advises husbands not to attempt to teach their wives how to drive an autcmobiic. "A stranger will be more patient," he explained. Send C;uricr News \vant arts. Now In New Location J. J. HARGETT SERVICE STATION Main & Division Phone 500 talents was successful in trade nut! gained five more talents. The mat) who received two similarly doubled wind he had rjceived. Bul he Hint received tlie one t.-ilcnl, because II was only one—either Ihioimh fear of losing II or because he despised the small clft—hl;l his t-ilo-H In the earth. What happened when the master returned was just wluit one would have expected. He commended the one who had received the live talents, mid also (lie one who had received the tivo taleiil.s. and lie promoted them lo litter places of responsibility mid pou'er. But he condemned (ho to whom he had given the one talent because, by not, using it, he Imd virtually wasted It. What does the |n llc h coiiccnilng spiriuial mutter.? and tlie higher talents ol life? The tcnehln 0 ' woidd worn to plciln. First of all, i__... not expect of us more Urn "i and rrnsoimblu use of what we have. He docs not expect the one- tnlent man to stliiin to fivc-ta'.cut, hirncr's Son Into Whom Lsma's Spirit 'Entered' lo Reign CHUNKING, China. F, ; l,. '.'.'. lUP) - A new dnlsil lama — ihv (•Imb'jy itnd pre'JoLilous son ol :< Titclaii Hnint-r—will be tnthrnnci icrtny « Lhasa in one- of thi- mOM exotic ccranoiilcs of the moilmi vwjil. Mho new lama is Ung-eih. H. will bo dressed in red silk roln • uitl ciowne-d v.itii a (joldMi croivii in tin- r-rrniioiilt's on "top <,| i) lv vuild". where tie will rclpn ovr rllii'l. 'I wo other boys are alwi camli- JfUes fur tiic throne which w:r nruli'U by tlie death of tho \y.h iilnl lama In 1D33. but it. v:;is uu- .Icrstood that t!ii> election alrcu'iv tad bi:cn umdc in faci and that ".ifng-crli lnul Ijccn cliusen wllhoui CCOUI.M. to the 150-year-old ccri- .iioii} 1 of (Iriiwliio luti- from n polcli n mi. Tin 1 new ilalni inma was .selected s 11 rusiilt of a vision and becau-i ic was born ul almost the wiim 1 lour tlie 13th Inma died. Fnllon'- -'is of (lie religion believe that (lie on) of tlie dying ruler entered tin 1 .ody of Die new-born child. A Hutiikhlu. or living mtddha. vim has a nephew of the late lamis. .rUN'lOlt IIIGK SCHOOL Jlimoi- Itnll Aniiauiircil Tlic semester honor roll and ihi 1 W0 uld third .six weeks' honor run have' countries' !x-ho o r i " CU " l:C(l ' Cl ' ""'' 1 "' U<> '' '" l!l ' I M lhe '"ec'! ITiglit JM)—jr/lin Smith and Hoy ; Aim Sample; Kij-lit H-2 — firyci; I Iay«on. EvBi-ctt. I'J'tors-on, Kuih- McMaUm. Gerald Oxford; ll-t—lliin-y Diilnes, Pliillp Heed, Con.stinice Oentoii. Seven B-2 -Jim Hmari anj Mary Prancts Nunn; Seven li-l-Ilaiold liurgc- I )},,„) /-|i,', .'•osi. Shirley iJarliain. Cltne Cnilis. Ami Dti'll. The third term hnnor roll is as B-:i—John smith, Eli/.abeili l-lc.'j' Ann Snniple, am Ann fjljiipson; Eight li J'l'Kji.-ion, Katiilcen Mc.Mr.sti'rs; I Usht Ji-1— Strvt- Hrooks; ifncry' Iliiiups, I'Jillip itod. uctty Adams. Jam; C'jisllio, Margaret Ij. Crook, Cunsliiiicc Denlon, Bettvc Rodgfrs, ilay 'lliomas; Si'vi'ii H-2 — Jim SiiKirt, Mary Prances Nunn, Betty Hulli Smith; Seven li-1 — Harry li-.iy liiooks, Harold Timgeson, shir- lf-y Hariuun. Ann Or-en. Hinuioiul.s, coinmitit'C tonma Jean Helm, chairman, Vir- Oxfcird, Edward Cireen, W. Ji. lirst I ASVJP vrnnnr iCIJ001 ' Parris. chairman, En- Esther Sharp, Hc-len y Monday. P[>1>. OlllM;r s of (ins . discussed "Lincoln's Kindness mul | Honesty." stories about Lincoln | , Ulk °" " ,T"ir 'ore the ruler died nnd it was his Inly to find the successor. A vision In 1937 directed him to i biuldhist center in KoJtonor prov- ncc, where ills agents found a muse that he had envisioned as narked by a tree and n rock. Tilt-re lived the Tibetan boy who. molding to the agents, passed nil •I the tests designed to show •hcther he was the Mth d;iUu lama. The ceremonies for the enthronement of the dalal Innm will ic- luii'e six months in all. Chlnesi- Bovenitnent officials will tidtc .1 prominent part In them in an effort to strengthen political tifs .vilh the Tibetans. the section of (lie program, "Golden Words of Lincoln", were Mary Ellen Crawford, Ninn Sue Austoii., ^ ..,.„. , Mildred Jennings, Virginia Morgan, 1100 feel wide Lena Blair, Ruth Tavior. -',.. . j,rcatesl tragedies m r.,e are 01 the 10-tnlont men and the five-talent msn-lnc r.eapic who arc capable or really meat Uiingi, ljut who throw away their flm- gifts. Tlie man wlio wastes his great powers is no better lhan the mnn of small endowments who. like the one'" " 1C p! "' nblc ' i Aiinauni'c 'I'erfocl .Vtfeni!:ui(c Iteronls ! The following Junior high school sludcnls had perfect aitcndruicc ru-ords for the semester: Dorothy Crawford, Ann Deeii, Max- Samjjle; Kight 11-1—Hugh Alkiiu; Seven 15-2 Johnnie Hear)), I'rr-n- tisE Holder, Lloyd Jones, Margucr- iiL' Graham, Dorothy Dt-an Hardy. Frnnhle Harrison, l.ula Mae Phli- liiw; Seven B-l—Earl Brooks. Max! ine Evans, Ruby Nell Rcotl. For the third term, the following students had perfect attendance records: Eight Ii-:i—Ciiniles Station!, W. 13. Tnylor. Hal Tlio:ni>son, . Harold Thompson, Irinc Rice. Am- i (;i v c<; \chkvemcnt r iv«u clin Snliba, Floy Ann Sample, Ellai- ' -«»"-«n«"t UsU belli Ann Simpson; Kight C-l— Hush Atkins, Steve Brooks, Louis Gieene, I'liilip Reed, Betty Attains, j Uculali Chlsm, Alberta Dunaway, Eva Mick, Bettye Rodgcis; Seve'n 13-2 Johnnie Hcarn, Hrciitiss Holtl- i-r. Lloyd Jones, Belly Jean Oalncs, Marguerite Graham, Martha 'Lou . Gwynn. Dorothy Dean Hnruy, . Frantic Harrison, Sarah Grace iJoyncr, Lula Mae Pliillips; Seven B-l—Earl Brooks; On-lllc Elkins, IMivar.-l Stiles, Shirley Barnaul, Bonnie Jean Barker, Jo.-in Botnba- iiiski, Gene Callis, Bessie Clilsm, Dorothy Crawford. Ann Decn Max- inc Evans, Ruby Nell Rectl. s^EH«3i£™^^K^s presentwl Ijy Getici-ii Lambert, i ' Josephine Helm, Mary Frunces t-owery. Hnrnonn Etiuliind. A t>rn- i -— — o oiniiuent : Hie local caiisKtlon. tlivis lo rltr.r the bKfttlilns IK M[>»ri»)atm;i nlr-j riiccks sniiniiiK, '• snc:^t[!-j, eoi-cnc.^3 (Kte to colds, U ' Ecoilicj IrrltntKl mcmDrnnc-s tin : pronioVi liMltoi;. Anil Its ramrs i IlkcivlFc carry comfort dccj) Into ihc i fulu-lmcatcil air IIUSSIIZM. \ ir n c|,| t;1 , l - K . ' s , Fuill|s ,, 0> . ( "" in Recc-titly discovered in Guatia- lupc uioiintalti, N. M.. Is a c.n-e containing a chamber measuring more than ihree miles long ami t NU-WA Laundry-Cleaner Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Miss Winnie V. Turner, elemcn-1 " i trvry supervisor of city scliools, has \ been giving achievement tests In i the upper grades of Lunge school. I'rcscnt I'lay 1'mirth grade students presented | — PRESCRIPTIORS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First riione 141 § T Z Sign the New Register atthcRitz LAST TIMES TODAY i J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optomc- Irlsl fn BlylhevJIIc. Glasses Filled Correctly Werl Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 510 •••aWIMJ_llllllll _»I_B,._ Try One of Our Delicious PIG SANDWICHES Cle Hickory inn Across From Iffch Kfhnnl KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS UARY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. FEEDS Phone 151 March 1st Is the Deadline /''or the Purchase of Your Art Club Fleets Offkers Monday Tonipson .Ni George MURPHT • frank MORGAN ton HUNTfR. ftoKrne RIC£- tynne URVE8 The relisious life Is ftn ndveiiture. Jesus never commended the timid and t!\e fearful who were concerned only v.'ll'.i keeping whnt- th^y It wus l ; i lo.iln^ cno'.i life t;i'.it oiic might find It; and It was i:i <Tc- votlnw cue's talents to the ssrv'fcc of ucd— in giving— that one found the hljhesl joy and rev.'anl : Ii bought aitcr that date, a five dollar fine will !>e en.'orced. I/I! More for tlic same uisucy itim's Wax and Cln-C'oilt SHOUSE-HENRY HAKHWARK CO. By orc'tr of the City Council and enforced by the Blytheviiie police. or even two-talent, result;-.. expects Is ilml c.ich sbnl! be fnl accor<ilnif to his and abilities. o Freshcsl Stock Run ran feed Best Prices —Chief of Police There Is pcvlmps the suggestion in tile lesson that the more a man nas, the easier It is to achieve; but that is not nlwnvs tine In life eomeone ha, pointed om that the ?? F r7 *y^^ J «;fs.-t> ™ t ' to Cid "' NWCWKK! A NSW UNIVEf.SAl Pi Also Selected Stiorls Comincr Tuesrlny, i\larc)i 2Gth Fnr a Week's Run "GONE WITH THE WIND' VOUKE RIGHI, B£SS. 00 YOU WONDER tM,ST THEY CftLL IM CDI.'iS COiVVi THE ROUGH SOAD, BESS. AMD SHOW YOU IHE OE51 ?.IDE ON ro-JJ WHCCI.S"-IT'S TaiPLE-CUSHIONED.' v »-U^ L A«0 I OEI THE d:60E5I THRILLI f A1WWS BtUfvE OUIor SNOWING It COST USj'jlHOS: FEW DOLLARS JUST A FEW DOLLARS MORE \[mt BEST IHVESTMtHT W TUMI tKE LOVIEST-PK!CtO ' liE?. THING 1HAT MAKIS !'.l SUCH A POUIIAC } LNmusiAsr is irs e»Tn.\ SAFETV-I KNOW BCITtR PKOTECUO Wnil fOMHAC'5 TRIPLE- CCllED BRAKES, OMI-SIEEI. FI5HCK OODV f-H *IO HI-TUST SAFETV PLATE GLASS ' i i-AST TISIRS TONIGH ' Pal Night . . 2 ndmidcd for the price of 1 > Midnight Show Thursday 11:00 I'.SI. The 7ih Commandment Kclil— Dai iiis Facts Tor Ailulls Only Ailmk&ion 2Cc ^,•jr•«->,.•lY^"lf ' HluilratiHt Ikr Sffcial $;x /./ > Saturday - Sunday In Addition lo licgular Godoy Robbed? ARC B RICA'S &01V«t > a8CES> Droadw-aj- and Walnut tfrrins. h.i\v smaller car. The rc^o the fsra«. C/^El Wi^onU 'H- i-M ^il-c Uicui. ct n f riV, n'j, 4. „'.,;,,„ a i:b tin LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. St,la«, SS76' o ol Ili-s, Ilicy adJ, Ponliac is ihc frcotcsl motor car invest- mcnl, liar none, in 111- autooiobilc indii^uy todav! Why not bo gniJeJ by tlic •cluol experience ol ihcsc thousands of bapf>y owners? ndorc you buy any car, invosiigatc Pontiao. You'll b» araa^ed to find this tig car. with all iu roominess, luxury, conifon nnd performance, is juit 05 cosy n, (, gy B0 j j l|s[ SJ ecoo!)n ,i. l os » smaller curl al lo BlytlwvlUe, Ark,

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