The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 17, 1959
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By fcuss Waller * * * • Many WW 2 veterans may have let this pass without notice, but we bring you a historic fact, This week Tuesday is the 22nd Anniversary of the introduction of Spam into the eating habits of • he country. .While Spam was probably the subject of more adverse jokes than anything elso at times, 'it still carries oh. iLOng after many otner memor i es o£ .WW 2 have faded away, Spam seems destined to march with un J furled banners across the grocery shelves, an solitary glory recall- Ing an-unspoken series of events an .the lives of many men. <* . * » ' State Historical Iowa City; Ia» f 1863 j| •i*.i».-.*..i - i»..^». !.,.•.. •.,,,•••1..^.^. .,.,„ -I,,'.i.,«»•......»—»- . — „..,.. —;.„„.-..... , ^ .. ..... .. ^...^^ —-• rr- L --; ir—-r-- —-I-T--T -"i-- ' -Ti _!-''—'• - ' '--*•—-j &ai* AL60M)*, IQWA, THURSDAY; sipfiMBtft 17, 1959 3 siCTioNS-24 PAGES PLUS 16 PAGE TAiioio VOL to - N& Lakota Bank Robber Suspect Denies Guilt Honor Druggists Mutual Men, 50th Anniversary "You're not pulling out of the dives quite fast enough." * * * . If you liked those programs you got at the ''Friday and Saturday football games here, -the public high school -programs were courtesy- , of the .North Central Public Service. Co. and the Gar- figan programs came to you jourtesy of the' Elbert Chevrolet »f Whittemore. '• * ' * , * . . We note wKere there is some serious .talk 'about uniting into one military unit the air force and .'the army. • Now let's see,', it was 'only about, 12 years ago" it was explained that neither could function .properly' unless they were separated, and separate Ithey did,-' (Let's make up our minds! .'-'>. ' • • i I :/.?., .-( ?• •* Society items rarely sneak into this* column; but • because - this'- 4 Commemorating its Golden Anniversary \ of, 50 .'years in the .insurance business,' a two-day celebration was' held Sept. 2 arid 3 by the 'Druggists Mutual Insurance Company of: Algona for all home ( 'office employees, directors, fieldmen,'and their wives. Business sessions were* held two afternodns and the board of directors joined the fieldmen at & board meeting. ' . . '•At' a banquet'held-Thursday .evening, Robert <W. Harvey of 'Missouri Valley was presented with ^.sterling .tea service in recognition of his 50 years as am official of the Druggists, Mutual, Mr Harvey was one of the original members of .the Board of Directors, when- the' company, was organized jn .1909,. as well as the first" Vdc* President. He served as.President from. 1919 to 1952 and since that time has served as Chairman of the Board. Mr Harvey celebrated his 60th yeai\ in business in May of this year, and is Honorary > President of the Iowa Pharmaceutical Association. Elected to the Board of Directors at this meeting was G: Edward Harvey, who has been a partner of his father for many.years: Also/honored at the banquet Were four veteran employees who will look the .pther way: . "The-East Side Ladies Chowder andyNoisehiakihg Society official- 4 ' ly ? 6pened"thevfall'social season with a meeting at 'the home of Mrs Pat Mulligan. -The .following ladies were present: Mrs Mul• ligan, Madonna Skogstrom, Jeari Shey, ,Mary Straub, (Eleanor Gee- Jan,, 'Delqres; iWinkel; Ruby Cooper and-Mona O'Connor. .A motion was Jriade that" for'reasons of public acceptance, the group henceforth be known as-the'.East Side Ladies. Crustacean and-Forensic, Association: This motion .was adopted.- .Other matters of business' were discussed, such-as the dates of meeting nights and activities for the season. By unanimous approval Mrs Skog- strom 1 was elected 'Exalted Lecturer." * * * . For no particular reason we kept a partial list of some of the "junk mail" received during the past week.' Junk mail, in jour definition, is material printed or mimeographed," and of no .news value - : or other merit, mailed in the; hope that it will by some miracle find its way 'into the paper free — gratis. It also gives the jiperpetrators a chance to go to the boss'with copies and tell him how< hard they 'are working. la.-Public!Health Ass'n v Eastman Kodak, Ia;>Emp. Security Commission, Industrial News Service, U.S. Steel,' Nat'l jBeef Council, Civil War Centennial' Commission; Health News 'Institute, Structural Clay Products, Iowa Heart Ass'n, Iowa Good ; |loads Ass'ri, U. S. Brewers, Amerdtan Cyanamide Co.; Iowa Highway Commission, 'Burroughs Co., International' Teamsters :Union, Industrial Press Ass'n, Nat'l Consu- • mers (Finance Co;, World Book,. Nat'l FOOd Ass'n. Changing Times, Koch Bros., SC> Syndicate, Forbes Magazine, Auto Owner's Ass'n, (Iowa Welfare News, Nat'l Livestock & Meat Board, Iowa State Bar Ass'n, 1 General Electric', Holes - Webway (2), Oliver Corporation, yNat'l Cotton Council, IMC3A Headquarters, Esquire Magazine,' and a vast assortment of colleges. "•»'•'» ' * Seems an, American business man, a former navy, flier, 'was traveling in the 'Far East. He met an 'Oriental gentleman, who it later, developed had'also seen service. '•' He introduced himself as Mr, Chew Mein, "What branch' were you in?" asked the American." "Kamikaze Coups," replied'-his new-fdund friend, "But T thought the Kamikazes were al.l suicide .fliers —; how cumq you came out alive?" asked the American" "Tci tell the truth, 11 confessed the Oriental, "my 'full name is Chicken Chow Mein." . \* •», t * .; ,» received wrist Vatches. T. 5L. Larson has, the longest term of service with the Druggists Mutual, having -started work Aug. 1, 1919. ,$•" . V. M. ParsWis joined the company in December 1926, S. E; Struhle of Wyoming, Minn., in August 1928- and. W.,L, (Pat) Jensen in December 1937. A blue ribbon'has been awarded: to the Druggists Mutual. Insurance Company - for its. 50th Ahnual Report in a nationwide insurance advertising con I es t sponsored by the. American Mutual Insurance Alliance. The six^ teen page booklet was designed by C. S. Erlander and the. copy was written by Eugene Murtagh. The. booklet .will be.,shown, along with all other entries at the na-. tional convention Of mutual insurance companies ,in Dallas, Tex. October i 12-l'5th. The Druggists Mutual reports that 1959 shows the largest growth in premiums for the first eight months of the year .in its 50 year history. The company now operates in ten states. There are 14 'employees in Algona and seven" fieldmen scattered over the territory.- The organization spec-* ializes in property and liability insurance for retail .drug stores. 16 -Page Farm, Home Section A 16-page Farm & Home roto section in color reaches subscribers - with \ this issue of the Algona; 'Upper Des .Moines. . _.\, . ... ~~- Interesting , articles concerning eggs will be found therein, of interest; to h6u«e- ' wivesT especially.* While ihe egg market has not been the most financially rewarding for flock . owners in recent months, there is-much of interest and encouragement to be found in this special section. •The'Farm & Home section is a monthly feature of the Upper Des Moines, exclusive< ly in this area. • Bancroft Girl Second County ft |l I'fH *• Polio Victim Jacqueline Kadow, 5. year ;old daughter of Mr and Mrs Fred Kadow of Bancroft, is a patient at Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, with a case of paralytic polio. She entered the hospital Saturday morning. , i,The child 'had been treated during the • week of flu symptoms. The doctor suggested she be taken to Fort Dodge. Mr Kadow left-'Bancroft Saturday morning to make the rush trip to the hospital. He was stopped by the highway patrol south of Algona. He was going 78 miles^an.hour but when he told the patrolman the purpose Of his journey, he was told to continue. The patrol radioed ahead to Humboldt and another patrolman halted traffic and escorted the Kadows to the hospital. Jacqueline's right arm and leg are affected but she has the use of the hand and wrist on tha right arm. She had had no polio Shots, ' ' ;.' ' .'•''' Her sister, Debbie, 8, was also taken to the hospital because she had not been feeling well. Her case is not polio, according to the doctors, and- 'she was 1 brought home, Debbie has had one shot, Other children in the family are Pairnela, 13,'who has had three shots, arid, Vivian, 10, who has had one.' ..-'......>£ : , The Bancroft girl's case of oolio is the second reported in Kossu^tt •coiintv fhis year. An Algona bov, Rav Chatnibprlain, 8, was stricken v^'th the disease a month ago. His was no/i-paralytic. Algona Man Is Awarded $931 . An Algona man," Crlenn was awarded $9,350"by a "district court jury at Esth'erville .Saturday. McVay was plaintiff in a damage suit against Faye- Denger of Armstrong, the case resulting from a mishap which occurred Oct. 7, 1958. ••McVay asked .a total of $18,439.75, plus court costs'and interest from Denger for injuries suffered by' the plaintiff in the accident Which took place at the north edge of Armstrong. ' The Algona man was riding in .an auto driven- -by Francis Lynch when it collided with a .pickup truck driven b'y 'Denger. It was stated that Denger was not driving, at 'the time of the -mishap, however. The trial lasted 2M> days and the.verdict was reached late Saturday afternoon in favor of Me- Vay. ; : .-., * • ,./-,• . Denny Menke Defy, Sunday At Bancroft •i *.-•'' Deriny Menke Day .will be held at Bancroft, Sunday, Sept. 20, with the'Bancroft Chicks playing the Austin Packers, starting at 2:30 p,m. : ; . ' Fans will have a chance to see the $125,000 bonus player of the Milwaukee Braves in action in this game. Karp Indicates! Intention To i 1 .' * " - - 3 Stand Trial A plea of not guilty was "entt r* cd by Valentine Karp, 60. Halt- hind, Jvllnn., in Federal court *i»t Fort Dodge, Tuesday afternoon, to three charges against him 1 n connection with the-robbery Of the Lakota'bank last Junc'lO.- -A k ! Karp had been indicted ear-life?; by a Federal grand jury iji coh- neclion with; the $685 robbery of the'Lakota branch of the'Earrilers/ Savings & Trust Co. of Buffalo Center, Karp Was ''arrested fit- Kalispel, MOrjt. 10 days after the robbery. ' ...-•• '/:;/ |, •The defendant' was represented by a Fort Dodge .attorney. "1. Judge 'Henry N."Grave'n presided over the court hearing. He set Oct. 1 at 10 a.m. as, the .date fcr start of Karp's jury trial, if the plea of not gdilty remains. Motions on file in connection wit/h th|e case are to toe. hea,rd 'Sept., 30.:! A lone gunman entered the La 1 - kota bank the morning of'June 10,, held two bank • employees at gun point ( and'ordered them* into the vault. He failed to, shut the vault door tightly, however; when he left with i money scooped'•from the cashier tills. '.'.""•• .••{ Karp (became , a; suspect. after bank;employees studied 'photo'* graphs. His car was later 'fourid abandoned at Wells, Minn.', the same day of the robbery. He had formerly lived in Kal- ispel, iMont. and arrived-in-that city June 18, He was arrested the following day,' .K-arp had a previous'-'-'record -of tirpe served/ 1; .At;- theTWaterloo" : 'hearing' .before the grahd jury there;'/<?.' C. Gerzehia, Mrs' Herman" ' Jutt/ing, James 'F. Smith; 'Nich Ben'rends, Eldon Sachs,.'Vincent Matter 1 "and Albert Weaver were all called as witnesses. ' . .'•' '''; 'Also in, Federal''district court at Fort Dodge, Tuesday, Chester Webb of Algbna-was arrainged on a; charge of engaging as a re-> tail liquor dealer without obtaining a federal license stamp. He entered ' a .plea of not • guilty, Jury trial was set for Oct. 12. ALL ROADS LEAD TO •- -^ t I The Details On Inside Pages A.H.S. Annual Editors Picked The Algona, high school senior class recently, elected its annual staff fpr I960, Pam Waller is the newly-elected editor, and David i Passmore is the business man ager. Associate editors are Dieter Gruner and Patty Cpwan; A drive" for advertising for the annual is now underway with.the entire senior class working on the pro iect. •*. • Pomilnr Swim Swot •Harold f5nr?<»<!«; 1 of* the U.S. Fish'. ,a,nd '"tyildlife department, report? that Union Slough's . recreation area proved a popular swimming spot this oast summer, with W -many as 120 counted in the'»water 'at one time. The Slough-is closed during the hunt' ing season, starting. Sept. 2l - Pay Increases To 4 Algona School Teachers A meeting of the Algona School District's Board of ; Education .was held, last night (Wed- ne^day) at .the high school. Main item-'of business boncerh- ed increases' in salary for four teachers and a decrease in salary for another teacher in the local system. Total of the increases was $525, .while, the decrease was $200. Clare Wolcott,, Helen Od- gaard and Helen Kelley wera given $100 raises and Margaret Beringer was given a $225 increase dn salary. The salaries of the four teachers now range irom $5125 to $5800. Several other current school problems were discussed during the meeting. New Legion Officers Ledyard — There will be a joint meeting of the Kossuth, County Legion and Auxiliary at the Swea City Legion hall Thurs- day'evening^ Sept. 17. The new County Legion officers will be installed. They are' as follows: Commander, Gus Simmons- meier, Ledyard; vice commander, Roy Betts, Whittemore; adjutant, Howard Klinkgiek,. Ledyard; finance officer, Marvin Lloyd, Ledyard; .and Sgt, at arms, Howard Dyer, Ledyard,. Fairmont Man Faces O.M.V.I. After Chase Robert B. Osberg, 46, of Fairmont, Minn, remains in the Algona jail where he has been since a wild chase from Algona to the corner west of Burt on.'highway 169 Saturday night. Osberg, who wrecked his auto .wlien he. missed the corner trayel- ^ftg^^OO^llpg-^/per.hour, has b'i&en.","chijlrge'd" with O;M.VjI., ,speeding ! at , night and, going through a stop sign. He'was uninjured in the crash «of his ',"1953 auto. He appeared in Mayor C. C. Shierk's, court Sunday and' was fined $40 and costs >for speeding, $25 and costs for going through tl]e stop..sign and bound over to district i.court on • the OM.V.'I. count. Bond in 'the latter matter was set at $350 and had not been furnished Wednesday. Policeman Joe McBride followed Osberg after he failed to stop at the intersection of highways 169 and .lp north .of'Algona. A radio message was relayed from McBride to Algona, then to Marshal Walt .Steward at iBurt, who went at once to the corner a hafl- mile west of Burt and attempted to flag down the Minnesota vehicle which hit 110 miles per hour at times. Steward narrowly averted serious injury and possibe death when the Osberg car grazed his leg and knocked him to the ground just before it crashed. Mcbride skidded to a stop on the gravel road north of the corner and brought Osberg to the local jail. , ' There'was no estimate of damage to the Osberg vehicle, which damaged a $3500 pile of snow fence slightly when it zoomed into the ditch. The wrecked car later caught fire The mayor levied several other fines during the week following hearings in his office. Chris Reefer and Ronald Bilyeu, both Algona, paid $25 for intoxication; Wayne Meyer, Algona, $10, speeding; John Rich and Kenneth Peirce, Algona, .Charles Elbert, Whittemore, and Fauncey Beminio, Fort Dodge, $5, speeding; Henry Walser, Minnesota Lake, $5, stop sign;. Robert Peterson, Algona, and Joseph Renger, Swea City, $5, illegal mufflers; Robert Kollasch, Algona, $5, stop sign; and Harold Esser, Algona, $5, careless driving. All paid court costs. School Paper Won Top Honor The 1958-59 St. Cecelia's Academy Ripples was awarded an All- Catholic Excellent rating by the Catholic Press Ass'n, in the annual judging results just announced. The paper .scored 845 points out of a possible 1,000. Sister Mary Alberta was the faculty supervisor of the paper during the past school year. She on the faculty at Garrigan Bancroft Man Sentenced In Fairmont Court , A Bancroft man, Melvin E» Plath, 28, was sentenced to a term of one to 10 years in the Minnesota slate penitentiary, last Friday at Fairmont, Mi;in., then paroled and placed on probation, on a plea of guilty to a charge of passing a. bad check, The check was for $555 and was issued to the Truman Farmers Elevator Co. in August of 1958. A similar incident involving $500 was in the record from a Blue Earth elevator. Sentence was passed in IMar- tin county district court. Plath was returned to Fairmont from Rock Island, 111. last Aug. 1, and critcred his plea of guilty on Aug. , Winner of Awards 6 State and ' National Nat'l .iditprial Ass'n Annual 'Better Contests Second Editorial "general Long Underwear Readied For Use Fall moved (at least temporarily) into this area during the week. The result was chilly temperature readings every night and cooler readings during the day. A new low for the season, 37 degrees, was chalked up two times at the official weather station, while the hif,'h for the period was 80 degrees. H L Sept. 10 70 38 Sept. 11 74 37 Sept. 12 77 41 Sept. 13 7!J 41 Sept. 14 BO 47 Sept. 15 56 52 Sept. 16 — 37 Two possibilities loomed Wednesday afternoon — rain and the return to wartjier readings. Sept. Day 1.24 First To File For Election Any resident of Algeria interested in running for the job as mayor or councilman here may fUe'.Apetltiofls- with City Clerk Pave Smith from Thursday, Sept. 24, ^through Monday, Qct. 19. according; to an announcement made this w.eek, v.The regular city ejection'-'wiU-ib'e; held Tues- :j|a^,-; If py>'V5i-':.••'"•'.-•' , ••". r.: '•' " 'A election'will be held hero Saturday, Sept. 26, to decide if voters want to stagger the terms.-, of Algona's coimcilmen an4:-elect them to four year in- stea4, **f ^° y ear terms. Regular Polling places in the four wards will be used. County School T - 6 Testing Starts Sept. 21 The Kossulh County Tuberculosis and Health Association is .sponsoring a county-wide T.B. testing program starting Sept. 21, for public and parochial school students in grades 1, 5, 9, 12, Permit slips for this -'test must be signed by parent or guardian and returned to the class'.'r.oonv.teach- c-r before the test will'be given. The necessary materials and instructions have been assembled by Joyce Hayden, county nurse, Mrs Marvin Larson, R.NY, Swea City, case finding chairman, and Mrs John Wilson R.N., Burt. They are being delivered this week in readiness for the start of testing on Sept. 21. Last year the test was given for the first lime. Every child in the schools in 'Kossulh will be tested each four years. Officers of the Tuberculosis and Health Association are: C. B. Murtagh, president, Mrs C. C. Inman, vice president; Mrs Ann Slagle, secretary; and Lloyd Bohannon, treasurer. Dales for the tesling and reading of the test have been set up as follows: Sept. 21 — Grant, Seneca and Lone Rock. Sept. 22—^Burt and Lotts Creek. Sept. 24 — Read Mondays. Sept. 25 — Read Tuesdays. Sept. 28 — Bancroft (St. John's and Public) and Fenton. Sept 29 — Swea City and Ledyard. Oct. 1 — Read 'Mondays. Oc-t. 2 — Read Tuesdays. Oct. 5 — Senlral High and La- kola. Ocl. 6 —' Whittemore and Wesley Public and St. Joe. Oct. 8 — Read Mondays Oct. 9 — Read Tuesdays. Oct. 12 — Titonka and St Benedict. Oct. 13 — LuVerne and St Joe - Bode. Oct. 15 — Read Mondays. Oct. 16 — Read Tuesdays. Oct. 19 — Algona Elementary Oct. 20 — Algona Hi school Oct. 22 — Bead Algona elernen- Expansion 01 Heavy Industry Area Passed Algona's proposed re-zoning . plans, which will add mariy blocks of potential heavy Industry properly within' the city ' limits, will go ahead aa planned, despite objections. filed by two parlies at an open hearing held by the city council Wednesday night, Sept.'9, nt the city hall. Cily Attorney Russell Buchanan was instructed by, the council to prepare and/ draw up ihe new zoning ord fcl inance, which will be read" for ihe first time at the next : council meeting Wednesday > night, Sept. 30. ' Only objections filed at tha open hearing concerned property in the northeast portion 6f . town, lying east, northeast and, southeast of the Milwaukee Rail-* road yard. Mrs Henry, Braun, owner of seven blocks north of the railroad tracks in the area, and Garrigan high school, recently cori- I structed on property located-three blocks north of the tracks, filed bjections to the re-zoning plan. /Irs Braun and Garrigan were re•resented at the meeting bj pseph Straub, local attorney. .,,. Mrs Braun and I Garrigan tooth Ejected to the change from esidential to heavy and light in* lustry in the area. With the ex- eption of four half-blocks on the north edge of Mrs Braiin's pro^ perty, the rest of the land is now narked for industrial use. The ine is also a half-block south of the south boundary of the Gar* *igan property. Mrs iBraun's objection claimed the change in classification would greatly reduce the .value of hei? property; the change ,1s not war- ranted'by the growth and expansion, of the-city; and that she iouJd prevent actual use of the and by heavy industry, therefore any changes made by tha council would be ineffective and of no avail. . , • Garrigan clairried reduction, in value' of property, the growth and expansion point ' and also stated that reliance upori the zOri- ing plan of the city which existed 1958 was . responsible for the tary. Oct. 26 — St. Cecelia's Garrigan, Algona, anc GRID GUESSERS CONTEST Sharpen up your'pencils — and your football guessing ability *-? the 1959 Grid Guessers Contest of the Upper Des Moines, and 20 cooperating business firms in Algona, Hicks oft thi? week, ,, In section three will be found a full page, with 20 games to be played this weekend, There will be a grand total of $200 in cash prizes offered, $15 a week to the first three best gridiron pickers. There is nothing to buy, no entry gimmick. Just clip out the answer section, fill in your guesses with the name of the firm for each game, pick a high game / total score (for ties) and get it in at the UPM office by Saturday noon/ or postmarked by then, . Check to winners will be mailed out the following week. YOU can win as many times p YQU prove to be an expert- Entries must he on the-entry blanfc however. ••-. - v It's kickoff tiroe! Let's- go$ in school spending $900,000 to purchase and improve land and construct a nqw school, and tha* the school would have been located elsewhere if it had been itnown the area would be changed to heavy industry. Garrigan also requested the- land be, left in its present classification, resident- 'al. As far as can be learned, however, there is no known 'industry making an attempt to locate here at the present time. , The council's action followed a study by the planning and zoning commission of a planning study completed and presented in June, 1958 by Rowat and Murray, engineers,, Belmond, at a cost of about $5,000. Chairman Everett Baldua and other members of the planning and zoning commission recommended that the- council use the suggested new zone (plan. The new zone plan is designed tp allow .for future growth of the city, according to officials, who point out that location .of certain industries .which might; cause bad odors or, excessive ,noise can be checked befpre they locate in & given area when a building permit is applied for. ; . ; . JRumors flew hot and heavy during the-past several concerning purchase of a site for a public high school plant — probably due to the new zon? ing ordinance discussions. According to officials of the Algona .Community School District,'no purchase of property is planned. ,...•, The school distinct owns acres, located east of the Western tracks with Durant and Grove streets and the 'Irvington road furnishing other boundaries', The land was purchased severa^ years ago after a citizen's conW mittee studied necessity of a new high school for $900 per acre, and" as far as is known, if and when a' new school is built, the structure will be erected on that acreage. Several acres on the west sid« of this acquired public schqoj land lies in a heavy industr zone, At any rate, it appears zoning ordinance will' b s e approval ed 'by the 'coynpU following "-' necessary three repdings, . Banquet Sept. Tickets the' Farm' tion, is to *• -AS? Y*

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