The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 10, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1959
Page 20
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6-Algone (la.) Upper ttet Moines Thursday, Sept. 10, 1959 Tidbits by Evelyn Friday, August 21 — The tain drove me off the porch but I was glad to bo driven. It cooled the air. # * * Saturday — Ann Behnke, form* cr nurse hem called on friends here. * * . * A chat with Mrs LJndquSst yielded the information that she was lonelv without her three off- springs. Susan.>Pnnla and Sally, and things were too quiet while they were al Jackson, Minn, with Mr and Mrs Forrest Showman. Mrs John Hanselman was hobbling around with sprained ankles and injured wrists, the outcome of slipping on a scatter rug while hastening to close the windows when the heavy rainstorm came. Other casualties in the family were to baby Leon Teel's hand. He .is the ten month old son of Mr and Mrs Lee Teel and grandson of Mrs Hanselman. His two year old brother Larry slammed a door on the tot's little fing- er. * * * The Hanselmans seemed to be running in poor luck for the day that Mrs Hanselman, son David nnd Bob Schneider went to Iowa Lake to fish, the motor of the boat refused to function. It was loaded in the car nnrl taken to Lost Island for repairs. And the fish didn't bite, darn it. * * * Laura Hansen Harig and husband Rudy will be well remembered, both being ex-Algonans. They now live at LeMars but friends are still interested in what they are doing. They have been on vacation in northern Minnesota and Canada. * * * {Catherine Gilmore was disgruntled when I talked with her. Everything inside the house and out were ship-shape for guests who had postponed their arrival. I think it is her son-in-law and daughter, The Klebanoffs and children who were expected. AHEAD IN MAJORITY PIONEER'S safer maturity puts extra profits into your corn crop . . . Maturity that's "right" for your area plus yields you'd expect from a later hybrid, That's what you get from .Pioneer corn, as shown by official yield tests. Pioneer's maturity advantage puts extra profits into corn growing every year . . . shows up most during a fall when drying conditions are poor. That's when' drier Pioneer corn may mean the difference between corn safely cribbed and corn too wet to s'tore, too . cheap to sell. For big yields of sound, high quality corn, plant Pioneer. Order now. Your Local Pioneer Salesmen: R. I. Mawdsley ..v'Algona Aaron Steussy _ Algona Ted Hoover, Sr Burt Henry Schroeder ... 1.. Lone Rock Eugene Kollasch Bcdo Walter Vaudt Whittemore Robinson Produce ... Wesley JackDethmers — Garner District Sales Mgr. 33-36 ftuih t*wl« dropped Its ft» awhile. She had also called on Olive Thompson and Anna Morey, The cruel blow of the day was bad weather and reception too poor to enjoy Lawrence Weik so I rend a "Whodonit". * « » Sunday — Our dinner lray» had clever favors-gumdrop giraffes. I was puzzled at first to classify the animal. 1 first thought of a crane but with four legs, it must be animal, not bird. At least 1 never saw a four legged bird. They were presented by the youngsters of the Methodist church. Thank you, children! * » - » Weekend visitors with relatives were Ed Sluder, ,who went to New Him, Minn, and was joined there by two brothers and a sister from St. Cloud. He said they got caught in the heavy rain storm and parked at the roadside as did many other cats till visibility returned. Mrs Jennie Luken spent h«r time at Wesley with her daughter, Viola Studer. Elsie Hansen, one of the nurses, spent the weekend at Sanborn with her children who have spent the summer with relatives. * * * Monday, August 24 was a day of interest to me for Mrs Ethel Gilles came here to live. She jived with mother and me, coming in October 1950 and stayed on with me after mother's death, for four years. She is just like a relative and it will be nice having her under the same roof. Since matinees will be over this week, Velma Hagg and I took in'the show "What Every Girl Knows." A woman met us near the theatre as we left and asked Us if the show was quite risque, (hot her exact words, but that meaning.) We assured her it was not in the least racy—just light and frothy but amusing and pure enough to suit the viewer, yet just a dash of spice. Spice to keep it from being flat and un-entertaining. * * * Tuesday — a letter from Maggie Pannkuk of Fairmorit, Minn. She and husband Clarence had been on vacation at the Paradise Beach Resort, Osakis, Minn. She writes, "It's, a beautiful spot, a nice cabin, all modei-n^so clean and everything to do with-even a freezer in the ice box. We were here for my birthday (August 18). There is a screened shelter house and we had a "get-to-gether" dinner with others in near-by cottages. A birthday cake had been provided and there were about 40 of us. It is one of the nicest vacation'spots we have ever hit. * • * * Wednesday — A little beautifying by Vaunita Rentz was the seconds nice thing about the day. The first, was that it was cool enough for hose. Callers today were Dot Smith, her sister Marjorie (Mrs Frank Harriman,-) and friend Mrs Gladys Gockley, Garden Grove, Calif. Marjorie looks so much like her mother, Stella 3rooks Carlon. There is a family iook r up somehow. My grandfather Thomas Henderson's stepmother was Electa Brooks, a rel; ative of Marjorie's mother. We had a fine chat and in our conversation the' names of Margaret Watcrhouse and 1 Veda Herbst crept in, along with Renon Cole, Irene Wilson, Zaida Dingley-all friends of our youth.' We have kept track* of all but Margaret and Veda, though we know they are somewhere on the west coast. * * » I made an error in reporting oft Bill Becker and his work at Iowa City. He received his masters degree a few years ago, started his doctors and is continuing on that. I will admit I am not very bright when it comes to degrees and their consecutive ratings. * * * It lacks jusi four days of being a year since I became a resident here_ at Good Samaritan. To date 236 individuals have called on me. I am sure I don't need to tell you how much I have enjoyed every THESE WOMEN! gtt«M this U one of those adult westerns. It's been on five minutes and you can't tell who s the good guy* are yet!" call. Amusing things happen here at G.S. The other morning I was awakened by nurses romping up and down the hall. I heard, "Oh, shut, the door. Don't let it get, in. here!" do'o, followed t by laughter so NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY ;s <* »tkdc Rtetfcoat Gal to TAMMY &nd tta BACHEiJOR PLUS 2 COLOR CARTOONS I knew the situation couldn't be too serious. I thought perhaps a dog or cat had slipped in some-, how. I couldn't stand it very long so I called, "For goodness sake, what is it?" Tho reply, "A sparrow got in and frightened the people on second floor." Now it turned put to' be a bat, and whether the nurse didn't know ai the time what it was,' or thought a sparrow didn't sound so frightening as a bat, I don't know. Nor do I know where it was finally found, though I do know IVIr Lindquist and Amy Johnson gave the porch a thorough search. Well;' a bat doesn't alarm me. One got in our,house, years ago, frisked around in our bed room, made a bee-line for the bath room where it was confined till the McDou- galls opened the door and ithen they gave chase to it in their apartment. Result, one subdued.' bat and no harm done. Well, in each case we didn't have "bats in the belfry", but we did have bats in the residertce. ! A strange coincidence. The other' night I dreamed about a good friend-saw her run up the slushy • highway in toeless, high heeled slippers, lay down in th'e 1 middle of the road 'at the? crest of a hill to deliberately let a true/It drive .over her. I woke just^'iiS another person and I were gdiiig Qp 'tlfe hill to see if -we ccHUfl save the victim. Glad it^ a dream. And then one of the first items I read in the morning paper was about a woman who stood in the Voad to let a truck hit her. Strange, wasn't it, and, gave me a creepy feeling, •'' • * ' * * • '••{ . My silver napkin ring came back from the kitchen all polished and as shiny as such an old piece of much used silver could be. It was given me years ago by my grandmother C'ady and bears the written inscription, Ev,r elyn. * * * If ihere is anything sweeter than a baby I'd lik<j to know what it is. I met a perfect cherub the other morning, She is Becky Murphy, five month old daughter of Mr and Mrs Duane Murphy, Blue Earth, Minn., and had come to call on her grandmother, Mrs inez Miller, a resident here in the room over mine. Her aunts, Barbara and Mary Ellen Farrow, Lakota, brought her in at my request and we became friends at once. She gurgled and smiled her approval of me, and I smiled right back at her. Her blue dress just matched her lovely blue eyes. * * . * The topic of children and grandchildren brings me to the Howard Beardsleys. Their entire family has been home and included the daughter Margaret Ah,n, of Cheverley, Md., son Walter and his wife and children, Ann, Janet, Tom, Margaret and Joe, Midland, Tex., son Charles and his \yife and children, Charlene, Maxine, Barbara, Kathy and Becky, Austin, Tex., and son Tom and his wife and children, Tom Jr., Cindy, Kevin and Steve, Cedar Rapids. The Jo of Walter's family is a girl and Margaret is called Meg. Now they should have named the, others Beth and Amy for the four characters in "Little Women," * * * Maude Blake has recently returned from.Iowa City where she had a check-up of her broken hip£ She is doing O.K. but it will b<j six more months before she will be permitted to try walking.' There is gloom in the William Cook home. The little pet dog Jiggs failed to return home on schedule and his crumpled body was found in the street in front of the Baptist parsonage. Mrs Cook is puazled how he could have gotten so far in the short time he was gone, and it wasn't his habit to stray he scarcely crossed the stceet. Like I, Mus CooH vows, "No more pets". Too many tears when something hap pens, which always does, * * * Thursday — This is "Upper Des Moines" day and I hope there isn't a Mrs Fred Gnrlstensen lurk ing around in the vicinity. I might be sued, or something for in my "Tidbits" it says I received a "huge cake and box of fudge from Mrs John Briggs and Fr Chrjstensen. I had Freda, anci the "A? 1 was left off. Maybe the wo "fudge" will clear me, for mosl men don't make fudge. The only one I know who does, and he cer-' tainly CAN make it,'is my cousin, Melvin Henderson. * » * The week closes on a nice noie —delicious cooki'es from Nell Norton and a call from Florence Beardsley with a jar of, apple butter' which tastes just like mother used to make. I am enjoying both contributions very much. Thanks again ladies. > 4-H Groups Elect Officers At St. Joe St. Joe — The regular monthly meeting of Riverdale Rustlers tJnit J was held S^pt. S. "Wte rnain business of the afternoon ;el«jj*iWi /<#.-officer* tee the PlPesldent, ®t fr3t: , Vice, pres ftltan; &£*feta , ftttth Ann fclefn; M$* Boris Antt Kohfhaas; reporter, ChaHene thilges; music* ian, rtristinfe Plathe; librarian, Lenora J&lfcert, > J Talks were given by Charienq xhiiges and .Lenora Hilberl, Mary O'Brien and Ruih Ann Klein. Lunch was Served by Betty Wagner and her mother. Riverdale Rustlers ttn*it 11 Held their regular monthly meeting Sept. 5'with election of officers being the main business. The officers for-the coming year are: president, Lois Erpelding; vice president, Sandy O'J3rien; se^re- tary - treasurer, Georgia Thul; historian, Rose Lee lllg; photo' grapher, 'Florence McGuire; re* porter, Marion Kohlhaas; librarian, Phyllis lllg; music chairman, Vicky McGuire. Talks were given by Marion Rohlhaas, Florence McGuire, Rose Lee lllg, Phyllis lllg, Mary O'Brien and Ruth Klein. Lunch was served by Mary Gales and her mother. A Holy Hour will be held Friday at 8 p.m. in St. Joseph's church for special prayers of peace. , . • •Mr and Mrs Clarence Smith and family spent Monday at the Nonbert Thilges home near Lone Rock. Mrs Mark Thilges accompanied her parents, Mr an'd Mrs Herman Crotts of West Bend to Missouri for a visit with relatives. Mark Thilges and' daughter Lindq Marie spent the week here with Mark's mother, Mrs Maggie Thilges,' and family. Mrs Ed Andrelinas, Annette; and Eddie of Medicine Lake, Montana visited last week with relatives • and friends and also attended, funeral services on f Wednesday at St. John's Catholic church for an uncle, John Kemna. Mr and Mrs Ralph Kenne returned Saturday from Dubuque where they had taken their daughter Mary Helen where she will attend Immaeu^ate Conception. Academy. Sister M. Magdalen O.S.F. accompanied them back after spending the week in Dubuque. Sister teaches at Garrigan .high school, Algona. . ftedfng rettJfftfed id Siottft City Sunday after? & 2 week vacation following nurse's graduation lit Si Joseph's Mercy, Hospital School of Nursing at Siou* City. She. will be ernpoy»! at S£ Joseph^ hospital , 'Carol firpejtoing, daughter of Mr and Mrf Francis Efpeldjng, a student at St. Joseph's School of Nursing at Mason Clity Spent ,lhe Latoor fiay weekend here with home folks. SWEA CITY NEWS ' the cWenee Gardners-attended the 40lh anniversary 6pen house at Erist Chain Sunday far the Prank Loofts. Mrs C,ecil Godfredsoh and-Mrs George Elliott entertained the Sunday school class-after their regular meeting Sunday morning. Janice Gould was presented with a going away gift. sL t ^ Sepi* JL1 , Kenny, Hofer Sat., * Sept. 12 '• Charlie Trussell And.Hfc Airliners'* Tues., -Sept. IB .. Teehs Dante Link &' The- Convertibles Plus Special Promotion, '. Listen To KRIB ot Whlttdm&re, Iowa SUNDAY, Siif, 13 '* Hfcnry Charles . ... 1 .,'... V . L. «ijL~. ..... llfh Anniversary ftance No Admission Charge Frank Buhr $UNDAY,$EPT. 20 Ray Lewis SJJNDAY, : Lynn Kerns f '. J-T M '- '. ,ni t • SUNDAY, OCT. ,4 No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open; at 6:30 ,\ illlllillllllllp DRIVE SUNDAY And MONDAY the Human Torpedo" who tore — Plus Second Feature — WOMEN MUST BELONG TO MEN... EVEN IF IT'S ONLY- JEAN SIMMONS-JOAN FONTAINE PAUL NEWMAN-PIPER LAURIE PLUS HAWKEYE FOOTBALL SPECIAL "WATCH IOWA GO" MOVES OUT FROM DOWNTOWN TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY 'EVAueroFttE'sw* RoCKHUDSON Jw SIMMONS • • . — Plus Second Feature -^ FREt>H a cMURRAY, JEFFREY HUNTER; JANICE RUU PLUS 2 COLOR CARTOONS NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY: 2 BIG THRILLING FEATURES ; GILBERT ROLAND JIM BACKUS m SONG nm>TQM»flF0ai ' A'UNIVERSANNIERNATIONAL PICTURE , ' Second JExciting Feature — WlL» SUNDAY And MONDAY ONLY! CONTINUOUS SHOWS'FROM 1 P.M. SUNDAY' MJNE! Plus Color Cartoon TUESDAY And WEDNESDAY -. . •, . •. •• ••%.,• Tfce rcn$.tw$i Boss of ffie Waterfix JAMES CAGNETandtheDoU that he vrants for liis dish— • SHIRLEY JONES 4sr«. **»r» COLO« CARTOON AND COMIOY

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