The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 10, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1959
Page 17
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lhave — Kossuth «»**,<„ ~j *;— grounding towns got their starts wondered many times how the early Settlers went ' fhurtdoy, S&pt. 10, 1959 Algona (la.) Upppr Oe» Molne»-3 *&**,!*,«*»,„ 'i_ ii J » •*. " lllca ««"w me vui'iy seiners went aooui »ffiS&2V e -t v?*? 18 '/ 0 , 1 bein * able to di S U P much information on wlf rflSSr 1 \ aV « devis , ed a few theories of my own. and from these have developed, "Grace's History of Town Naming.' 1 SEVERAL OF T °WNS in our A°., name ' : A guy named* Wesley 1 am happy to inform v or * ;„J~ ~ j'f s ? m P tmn S .When"Burt came westTThere was also a tan named Irvmgton and he was real fat. In fact, it was rumored that Wilma BUrt Is Wed Aug. 30 At Swea City Swta City — Wilma Jane Burt became the bride of Rinerd Jphnson^Jr., oi Lnkbta in a double ring ceremony August 30, at 2:30 g.m. in the Methodist church at swea City. ReV. W. A. Farmer officiated. Wilma is, the daughter of Mrs Violet Burt of Swea City and the late Vernon Burt and Rinerd is the son of Mrs Dora Johnson of Lakota and the Late ' uonn.un or, a ton ,- - Wheft they got to naming the village ; » •_-f ,j iT. - «*• ""'• , j»'«=« nicy gui, iu naming vne village where he'd settled, everybody figured they couldn't do much better 'than call the town Irvihgtori. * . : ' * * * .: ••: . , ,.:. *.. », UP m *ttE NOfitHEHN PART OF THE county, a town had a " P r *«y g<K>d start before they got around to naming it. There were quite a few pigeon .fanciers living there, and it got s6 that there Were crofts with pigeons living in them right in the place the city fathers wanted to put the main street. One night at a council meeting they* issued an ultimatum, "You can keep the pigeons, but the crofts must go. So, you see by banning the crofts, they also got the town's name—Bancroft.- , " • •'•'•'-; ..-••. ' ••. * • . * *.•'"-. •"'- '.....' -•-'• : ALONG ABOUT '65, THERE CAME T6 these parts, a couple of trappers. It wasn't very settled aro,und here, and Once' these two guys went out on a field trip and didn't show up for two or three weeks. A searching party was sent out for them and after hunting around for quite a while they came upon a body. Sadly they turned it over to identify it, when one of the Searchers exclaimed, "Why, this aint Joe!" They went a little further, found another body, examined it and said, '>'s aint Benedict, either!" Well, they never did find those tw/o trappers but they did find names for, two towns— Saint Joe and Saint Benedict! * » • IF YOU HAVE EVEN A HINT of an evil mind, you might think yoy know how Sexton Was named. But I am here to tell you, it simply isn't true. The citizens are just as virtuous as they are in the rest of the county. The town was named for a church caretaker who once lived there^—a Sexton! * * ' •,* , ABOUT TEN MILES FROM WHAT IS now Algona, there lived n" man who was quite a joker. In fact, rumors say he was funnier than Sam Levenspn and'Red Skelton put-together. Settlers would gather at the trading post and this character would make with a few Wisecracks. His audience just ate it up and they'd scream, "Witty! More!" Naturally that's why the town is named Whittemore. With the same type'of logic I have figured .out how another town got it's name.-There' was this kid who simply loved Liver. He'd eat up V,hls first helping and then yell, "Liver! More!". They named the fyown Livermore. . / YOU KNOW HOW PEOPLE SLUR THEIR WORDS. They did that in old days', too. It's deplorable, but that's the way at least one town I kriow about got its name.'There was this couple who kept getting wedding invitations, i They were a »littlfe on the close side, but still they'd say to themselves, "We oughta send them somethin!" They named their town, Ottpsen. IN THE! OLD DAYS all over the county there were very hard workers, even as there are today. The-settlers proved-up on their homestead? by the sweat'of their brows. To do/this, sometimes they had to plant a number of trees and sometimes it was by clearing the fields of rocks. In one place there was an especially large number ! of stones. 1 They cleared and cleared and they got out all .the boulders with the exception of one and that was impossible. So they let it remain, where it is to this day, and called their town, Lone Rock; • •• . ,, :- - .,.'•.. * * * INDIANS WERE PLENTIFUL IN THESE parts in the old days Lots of towns were named for them and so was Titonka, but not for an Indian chief as most people think. There was this sailor who " settled there who was very good .at knots. The Indians wore a blanket they called 'tonka and this sailor was very good at tying them. They'd come to his cabin so often to get the job done, they named the settlement for it—Titonka. " • •'• -••-.. '• ••-.'• :-. ...*,-.;•* *.','ALGONA. ACCORDING TO ALL THE REPORTS in the respectable history books was named by Mrs Asa Call for the Algonquin Indians. But I am wondering if that is really the case.-I would rather think it was because of that guy named, Al, who used to • live here. Whether he was a Call, or a Rist or a Smith, or a Blackford, I don't know, but he was real fast on his feet and everytime there was, a threat of an Indian uprising they'd gather in the fort around the Town Hall and send Al for help. "Al, go now!" they'd whisper. Arid thus, the name Algona born. And I think I'd better leave now, myself. ' .". • . • * * * THERE WAS A NOTE THIS, WEEK from Zita Norman of Fairmont, Minn, in regard to the sex column. She says, "I like this one— it hung-in the form of a small college .poster on my door in the sorority house while I was at the University of Minnesota, "There'll never be "a victory in the battle between the sexes. There's too much fraternizing with the enemy'." . ; • . _•_ * *, * . ; ' • • : DOWN AT SAINT JOE/ recently they'had their annual Mulligan Stew. They won't tell anybody ,exactly r how .they make it but I • was able to divulge that it has a beef broth base, lots of garden vegetables and it is cooked long and slow in big vats and stirred with wooden paddles.-If you want to make Mulligan Stew on a much smaller basis, you might like this recipe by Mrs Reese Martin in the Wesley Community Cook Book: 2 s lbs. cubed beef 4 tablespoons flour 4 tablespoons butter ,, 3 beef i bouillon cubes. 2 cups boiling water , 2 tablespoons wine vinegar Vi tsp. thyme 8 small new potatoes 8 ohions, "boiling" size 2 carrots, diced 2 cups peas pepper and salt to taste. Melt butter in heavy kettle, roll meat in flour and brown carefully Dissolve bouillon cubes in water and pour over meat. (Scrape bits loose from kettle). Add vinegar, thyme, cover and simmer for 2 hours. Add prepared vegetables and cook until vegetables are done. If liquid cooks down too much, you may add tomato jUice instead of water. _ G RACE. maid, flower girl was Johnson. Donald Johnson served as best man, ushers were Ronalc Burtand Paul Johnson and Mickj Christ was ring bearer. Lowel Greenfield Was organist and ac companied Walter Peterson, sol- the oist. The bride was escorted to the Altar by her brother Vernon Burt Jr., who gave her in marriage. She was attired in a white waltz length dress with flared skirt ' of tulle net over a ruffled net skirt over taffeta. A chantilly ace on each side of the 1 skirt. The bodice of the dress was of chantilly lace with a Queen collar which was trimmed .with sequins as was the front of the bodice, the dress Jhad long sleeves coming to a point. The shoulder 'ength veil was held in place with i scalloped lace princess crown .rimmed with sequins and pearls. The reception was held Ii lately following the cere* the church paroldrs. Mrs Richardson had charge of guest book. Rosalyn Bashara, »««« Janet Johnson, Miss Mary SykeS, Mrs Vernon Burt Jr., and Mrs Johnc Koseberg had charge of opening and displaying the gifts, Mrs George Weringa, was dining room hostess. Mis Mike Christ and Mrs Donald Kobns served punch. Mrs James Koons and Mrs Franklin Koons cut and served the four tiered wedding cake.' ' * Mrs Johnson is a graduate of Lcdyard high school, the bridegroom is a graduate of Lakota high school and both have been employed at Bancroft, After a 10 day wedding trip to the southern states the couple will be at home on a farm near Swea City. Mrs Hewitt Honored A bridal shower was hold for Mrs Wm. Hewitt Sat. evening in the Swea City Legion' Hall. Mrs Oscar Berven had charge or the program, Mrs Dennis Lobft aha Mrs Reno Busch .gave readings. Nancy Denton then sang. Mrs Robert Barslow and Mrs Christ Englebarts poured. The bride's sister Mrs Freddie Luhman of Grettinger assisted in opening the gifts. Hostesses were Mesdames> Robert - Barslow, Richard Mescher, Ella Walker, Oscar Ber* van Christ Englbarts, Melvin En- glebarts, Rudy Haack, Les> Denton, Wm. Smith, & Robert Beadle. The Eddie Kastler's of Woolstock were weekend guests at the Rudy Haack home. 1 The George Harners and David scent Monday and Tuesday in Minneapolis. BUY ALL Home Improvement Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper DRIES CORN at low cost New BUTLER Conditioned Air STOR-N-DRY®SYSTEM Here's the economical Way'to dry corn with a moisture content as high as 30% to safe storage levels. New Butler system uses fan and special wide range heater to dry corn in the bin. Saves money, saves work—no extra handling, no separate dryer needed. Can also be used as extended period batch dryer for corn that will ba stored in other facilities. Operates dependably regardless of cold or wet vyeather for only pennies per day. Requires little or no attention. Sizes to fit every farm. Automatic temperature and humidity controls optional. 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