Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 23, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1894
Page 2
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Fart 15 of The Ofeam City Art Portfolio Is now ready for distribution and is bound to meet the favor of all, aa it contains some of the Finest Selections Yet As Ihe time approaches for the completion of this magnificent and unapproachable series of World's Fair Views, The Journal withes to impress upon all subscrib ere the importance of procuriog the complete set Back numbers can be secured by applying at this office, and arrangements have been made for the binding of the sets at the lowest coet. Part 16, ready next Monday, will be devoted to the following subjects: 1 Grand Plaza on Chicago Day. 2 N. W. from Roof of Government Building. 3 N. from Roof of Government Building. 4 Across Wooded Island looking N. E. 5 The White Star Building and Elk Bridge. 6 North Lagoon from Horticultural Building. 7 The Merchant Tailors' Building. 8 Wooded Island and Transportation Building. 9 N. E. corner of Grand Basin. 10 Life Saving Station and Battle Ship. 11 Graad Promenade of Lake Shore. 12 The New Liberty BelL 13 Barge of State and and German Fountain. 14 World's Congress of Beauties, 16 The Aztec Abode on the Midway. 16 Night Scene—Grand Basin. Don't fail to secure all the numbers, See Coupon on 1st page. Do You Love Music? Or are you ore of those unfortunates who can't distin guiab. '-Yankee Doodle" from "The Dead March in Saul? IF YOU HAVE AN EAR And possess musical taste you cannot fail to be interested in the series of portraits and biographical sketches of GREAT SINGERS Which form Parts 12, 13 and U oi "The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities." Even if you have not been taking the preceediag numbers, You Want These Three Which constitute in themselves the most complete col- por- lecticn of representatives of lyric ait. Get Par "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with traits of Melba, Eames, The De Beszkes And other famous singers, twenty in all. You can get it from THE JOURNAL for Three Coupons and One Dime. No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent by mail , . ,, , After you have secured 1 his number you will not fail to secure the remaining two numbers which complete the series, as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. PART 14 NOW READY. COT THIS OUT. •AY 93. 1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Boo*. ., o DvputiM&t ol The Journal. OTTTHMOUT. CUT THIS OUT. ,1894. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others or dlltinit dates, and Ten Cents, U good for one put, containing twenty portraits, of the Marie Burrongh's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOUBNAli. OUT THl» OUT NO FEEE ffiON. Senate Rejects an Amendment Placing Ore on the Free List, It Must Pay a Duty of Forty Cents a Ton—Senator Vest Makes an Explanation. PROGT.FSS ON TltE TABIPF BILL. \VASHINOTON, May 22.—The senate or Monday took up the metal schedule ol the tarilH bill. The first amendment was that reported from the finance committee placing u duty of forty cents a ton on iron ore, including maffanifer- ons iron ore; also the grosser residuum from burnt pyrites, Senators Aldrich (rop., E. I.) and'Mills (dem., Tex.) en gaged in discussion. Senator Peffer' (pop.,. Kan.) offered an amendment to transfer iron ore to the free list. It was one of the tenets of the democratic party that raw ma terials should goon the free list. "Why had this not been done?" he asked. Senator Yost (dem., Mo.) replied that there was no attempt at evasion as far as he was concerned. A large majority on his side favored placing raw materials on the free list, "A majority, did you say?" asked Senator Allen (pop., Neb.). "1 meant what I said," replied Sen ator Vest, "A large majority on this side believe in free raw materials. But the urgency of some tariff legislation renders it absolutely necessary for the majority to make concessions to the small minority. The alternative was presented of passing' this bill with these concessions or not passing it all." Senator Pefler's amendment to transfer iron ore to the free list was lost, 4 to 46. The yeas were: Allen, Hill (dem., N. Y.), Kyle and Peffer. At the morning session the committee amendment placing iron ore on the dutiable list at forty cents per ton was agreed to without a division. IN THEIR OWN DEFENSE. Senators Gormen and Brie* Boon to An- •w«r Ctuu-fM Inrolrtne Them. WASHINGTON, May 23.—Senator Gorman will address the senate on the tariff question at an early day, and Will use plain English. His speech will have something of the sensational in it and he will reply to some of the statement* concerning him that have been made in the public print* and on the floor of the senate. Senator Brloe also may make an interesting speech and pay some attention to the published statements connecting his name with certain speculations In sugar certificates. Senator Brioe asserts that not only has he not invested in sugar certificates, but he has steered clear of all the Industrial stocks. BINS RUN LOW. , Aa Actual Cool F»mln» Imminent m Miwjr StaM*. IKMANAPOLIB, Ind., May S3.—The consumers of coal is this city expect a coal famine. The operators say there has not been a carload of coal mined in the state since April 31, and the supply is almost exhausted. CHICAGO, May 32,—The effect of the prolonged strike of the miners is beginning to make itself felt in a most disagreeable manner all over the country. Dispatches from many localities say that factories are being closed down because of a scarcity of coal, and railroads are running with little more than half a supply. In several instances they have been compelled to take coal consigned to dealers for their own use. When President McBride, of the Miners' association, was In the oity a short time ago he said that if the strike continued for three weeks longer there would not be enough coal in the country to-boil a tea-kettle. The recent convention of the men and the operators held at Cleveland having come to naught, it seems that Mr. McBride's forecast was correct. All negotiations between the men and the operators have now been broken off and nothing remains but to wait until the men are ready to return to their work or others are -found to take their places. WINSTKD, Conn., May 82.—The effect of the coal strike is being felt by the Philadelphia, Beading and New England railroads, the companies' supply of soft coal being entirely eihaused at all stations from Hartford bo May- brooke, N. Y. All passenger engines have begun burning hard coal. The supply of soft coal for .freight trains has been exhausted. CABINET CRISIS IN FRANCE. Ministers Beslffn After Being Def«»t»d In the Clumber*. PARIS, May 32.—In the chamber ol deputies, during the debate on the question as to whether the minister of public works had the authority to allow the employes of the state railroads to attend the congress of railroad men, the premier demanded the adoption of the order of the day pure and simple. The motion was rejected by a vote of 375 to 225. M. Casimir-Periir thereupon left tho Palais Bourbon. After the defeat of the government in the chamber the ministers proceeded to the Elysee palace and handed In their resignations to President Carnot. BIG SCHOONER loST. The Lem Ellsworth Suppoiecl to Havs Foundered In the Gale. CHICAGO, May 22.—It is believed, the schooner Lem Ellsworth has foundered on Lake Michigan. She had stone from Portage, Lake Superior, for Chicago, and passed the straits on Monday or Tuesday of last week. Since that time nothing has been heard of her by her owner, Henry Wiheman,'Jr., of Detroit. He supposes that she is she!- tered at the Beavers or the Manltous. Mr. Wineman knows only: one of the crew. Capt. John Wilson, also of Detroit. Tho schooner carried a crew ol seven men. Wai Dead Before the Knlfo Fell. PARIS, May 22.—Dr. Berno'it, one oi the faculty of the Ecolo de Medicine, after a thorough examination of the body of Emile llunry, the anarchist who was beheaded yesterday morning 1 , expresses his opinion that Henry was already dead when the knife fell. Her- nolt believes that the anarchist died from syncope, due to intense excitement before the knife was released. THE MARKETS. Grain, 1'rovtalon*. Ktc. CHICAGO, May 22. FLODB — Was dull and neglected. Quo tBtions range: Winter — Patents, tH.SlX 3.00; straights, »8,eO©176; clears, $2.20@140 seconds, tl.80SU.BO; low grades, $1.6001.70 Spring— PfttentH, $3.2O3i3.50; straights, $2.!iOffl 2, a); bakers', (l.raa&lO; low grodeti, tl.40®1.50; Red Dog, M.SO®I.40; Ryo. «2.4U®2,M. WHBAT— Active and unsettled. Cash. 64-^a Xo; July, 66K@B7Hc; September, S8©693fc. CORN— Moderately uotlvo and steady. No 2 87«o; No. 2 Yellow, 38c; Wo. 8, 88Ho; No. I Yellow, 37Ho; July, 37tf@38c; September, 38tf @S8o. OATS— Moderate trading and prices unsettled No. 2 cash, S3 V4c; May, 38x@38tfo; June, 83«4@ Me; July, 30H@3lo; September, HOHJWWo Samples firmer. No. 8, 33H@8flo; No. 3 White 85^0 1 No. 2, MHffiMo; No. £ White, S7@8?Kc. RTE— About steady, but q.ulot. No. 2 caih Ito; sample lots, 4*a<8o; May delivery, 45c; July, ttttc. BABUET— Deroaad and offerings both are •mall. Choice by sample, SBQMc; ftlrtogood, 51@Mo; common. «@Wo, with Screenlags, I17.00&19.00 per ton. Lrri Pour/Tar— Per pound; Chickens 9® tMo; Turkey*, C®7o; Duolts, TH@8e; Geese, tt.OOQ5.00 per doz. Miss FORK — Trading light and prices lower. Quotations ranged at lu.W@il.80 (or cash regular; lll.n$ll.SO-for May; tll.82wail.8TK lor July, and tll.B7H®ll.WH 'or September. LABD— Bather quiet and lower. Quotations ranged at 17.10ffi7-16 (or cash; f7.!O$ 7. 15 for May; t&B2tt®e,87tt for July, and 16,88® 6.8TH for September. DtrrriB— Creamery, 12®! to; Dairy, Packing Stock, T)38o. '' LiQUOUH— Distilled spirits steady on the bails of tl.15 per gal. for finished goods. OILS— Wisconsin .Prime White, 7)<o; Wate White, 7Ho;. Michigan Prime White, BHo; Water White. Bo; Indiana Prtmo White, 8«o; Water White, 8X0; Headlight, 115 test. 8U°; Gmpllne.BTdeg's, lltfo; 74 deg'm, (to; Naphtha ! TOWDO, 0., May 82. WHIAT— Quiet, dull. No. It cash and May, Wo; July, MKo; August. .,B7J<o; September, 660 bid. Conn— Dull. No. £ cash, S0c; July, SSVic. OATS— Steady. No. 8 mixed, 860; No. 2 white, HIT— Firm. Cash, too. CtovTOSBin— Steady. Prime cash, (5.flOj Oo- tober, 4.70 bid. Live Stock. CHICAGO, May tt. Boos—Market active. Feejing'»om»wuat un- aettlod. Opened flrm wlth,,ioU»..6o adT»noe, Later ruled etteler, wltb.mott.of ..the adTanoa loit. Sale* ranged at M.403*78 totPigt; R«» 4.00'lor light; HMO4.7D,for rough pocking; t4.8S<a>4.eO for mixed, .and ,H7ftQ4,l)0 Jor&vavy packing and shipping lot* ; ,. ... .. :. CATTLB—Market rather active, ; Prices firm and"5®10c hl«n«r, chiefly,on medium grades. Quotation*' ranged, at H10Q4.46 for choice to extra shipping Steer*; t8.MQ4.iO; for. good to choice do,; .66004.86 for fi4r togoodt.tUA» 8,TO for common to medium, do.; •s,60®4.00 for butcher's Steera; tS.80JJJ.iD forStpokvrs: ts.20 $4.00 for Feeders; tl.«»a.» for Cows; ttMQ 190 for Heifers; tt.OOOt.40 for Built; 0.TOQ8.M for Texas Steers,, and tj>.MQ&00 for Veal Calves Jlr« lit Flttsburi-b. PrrrBBUBOK, Pa., May 93.—The major part of the building* and plant of the Phillips Glass company, on Mary street. South side, was destroyed or greatly damaffed .by fire Monday night, apparently of incendiary origin. The total loss is about »90,000, wall covered by insurance. Vasqntts In New York. NEW YORK, May 33.—It Is claimed by the Mail and Express that Vasques, ex- preaident of Honduras, is in the city. The assertion is made that he arrived three weeks ago and stopped until last Friday at the Metropolitan hotel, leaving there because of the discovery of his identity. • Shot* Woman and Killed Himself. PHILADELPHIA, May 83.—Peter Cruser attempted to murder Annie Br&nz by •hooting her in the mouth. He then went to the Sailor'8 lodging house and committed suicide. The woman will probably die. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and Improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, hy more promptly adapting the world's beat products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles _ embraced in the remedy, Syrup'of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of. ft perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfthethe approval of the medical profession; because it acts on *e Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it ia perfectly free from every objectionable substance. SVTUP of Figs is for (sale by all drug- iriste in foe and II bott eg, but it i» man- SXed by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name £ printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, andbelng well infortied.jrooiwill no* accept any substituted offewd- FQRCION GOSSIP. —Up to 188* the English post office had Issued .11,802,000,000 postage stamps. That would cover 8,763 square miles and would reach to the moon and back If placed end to end. —In Dresden there is a Widowers' association, the members of which succeed remarkably well in cheering- each other. They comprise forty of the iolhest fellows in the capital of Saxouy. —All authorities apree in stating that the ancient inhabitants of Ireland must have been very familiar with gold and well accustomed to its use. Native gold appears in geological deposits in many parts of Ireland. —A big bouquet of Australian cut flowers, which had been fro/.en, was recently sent to Queen Victoria by !>ady Duff. After the ice had been thawed the blossoms are said to have presented us fresh an appearance as though just gathered. —So broad is the scope of modern charity that In many cases, particularly in Europe, it has taken forms fanciful if not absurd, London has three or four refuses for lost dog-s. These establishments are kept up by bequests and donations. —The charitable endowments of the European countries have not kept pace with the increase of wealth. In 1837 the endowments of Great Britain were £43,000,000; the wealth was £4,100,800,000. In 1876 the wealth had risen to £8,050,000,000; the endowments to £51,000,000. —It is proposed to erect a new building for the chamber of deputies in Paris to cost four and a half million francs. The present hall is so small that members are much crowded. There are to be a great many comforts and conveniences in the new chamber which are lacking 1 in the present one, and are badly needed. —The government of South Australia some years ago caused its explorers to plant seeds of date palms at their camps. The palms from those seeds have grown to tall, productive trees; and well-matured dates have been received at Adelaide. The Queensland government is planting cocoanut palms on the islands along its coast. —The Hotel des Invalides in Paris ii a royal charity. Before the establishment of this' Institution, retired vet erana of the French army received nc pensions, but were granted permission to beg in the highways. .At the hotel, ill veterans who have served their: term in the army are supported in a style ol simple elegance'difficult to describe. —Experiments in the fertilization ol tobacco lands have been made in pursuance of plans adopted at a general convention of tobacco producers held atCarlsruhe in 1891. The results, sc far, are not very definite, but In a general way they show that potash manures greatly improve the quality without greatly increasing the quantity of the leaf. SURNAMES IN IRELAND. Celtic Patronymic* Becoming Throncb Dropping th» Me' »nd O*. Blue books ore not invariably compiled in such a way as to blend the utile with the dulce, but agreeable exceptions occasionally occur, and under this category must be placed the report prepared by Mr, E. E. Mathe»on, the assistant registrar-general for Ireland, on "Surnames in. Ireland," In which a series of lists illustrative of the numerical strength of the principal surnames is supplemented with a great deal of interesting information as to their derivation, ethnology and distribution. There has been some talk of late about the extensive Anglicizing of Irish names, and hence it will rejoice the hearts of all true patriots to learn that Murphy, Kelly and Sullivan are still by far the moat prevalent patronymics, the ubiquitous Smith—which leads the ran both in- England and Scotland- only coming fifth in the test It 5s also reassuring to lerrn that the great bulk of. the most common names in the country are undoubtedly of Celtic origin, and that many of them still retain the prefixes "0" and "Mac," though the reprehensible fashion of dropping these honorable emblems of nationality has even affected the "patriots" themselves, Mr. Davitt. for example, being a scion of the ancient Celtic family till recently known aa MacDavett. The Anglo-Norman and English names constitute the largest proportion of the residue; but a good many surnames still in use are traceable to Danish origin, while the Welsh immigration is represented by the common occurrence of the name Walsh in every county in Ireland. On« significant point may be mentioned before we conclude our hasty survey of a most instructive report. The number of persons resident in Ireland at the time of the census, but born elsewhere, has increased from thirty-five thousand in 1841 to upwards of one hundred and twenty thousand in 1891, although the total population has decreased by almost one-half. In these circumstances the proffressize Anglicizing of Irish names need excite no surprise, - London Graphic. Tha \Vmtftttm of the Nlcht When of the repeated kind experienced by per sons troubled with insomnia, soon bring sbou an alarming condition of the nervous system. The shaking bands, confiulon of the brain, apseiof memory and loss of appetite Indicate, with terrible precision, the ravages produced bj loss of sleep, which If onreraedled must destroy mental equilibrium altogether. No better and thorough nerflne exists than Hosteller's Stomach Bitters. Common senso and experience point to Its Mrly and steady use In case of Insomnia. It strengthens weak and relaxes the tension of ortrstrainednerTW. Which, by the *ay,a»sort to unmedlcated stimulants will newt do per- msnenUr."hlle the after effect of such excitants Is most prejudicial. Under the Influence of this benign InTDTOrant, appetite, digestion and sleep return, and bodily comfort and health a»al*e pro»o*d. It is nrfiluable In chills and few iwr complaint, constipation, rheumatism and Jddney trouble. An Afflicted Salt Rheum—Intense Pali* Kruptlon* Heated and Hcmlth R*i storad by Hood'* ••raaparin*. < S "WehaTeuMdHood'sSarupanilawUtiBrMt; neceii In the ease of our boy. When h» ' two yearl old, something resembling tetttr ' salt rheum came out on hit face. It was ] " fal, and owing to the intense itching, th« one eould not refrain from scratching tha I His foes became | An Awful tight. I applied different salves hut they did not do M* good. I h»d previously lost faith in doctor* 7 dwlded he needed aometblnc (or On bb jidliavlnr noOcM Hood's SarsapariUo " 11procurada surely. m« noticeable, UM broten flaibt Hood s^Curcsi OTtrind he beeaa« more healthr. H»Un«Wr MTtnyeara old and I bare Borar DoHeed at* •leu of a ntum of the troubla. H» la.BOOT sfonc and bedtbf- as any SOT «( *1»J»R"l lfiu.TlBXiHncrH.Kixo. Sandwich.lUfflStV. Hood'* Wlta «»" To waste your money on vile, dirty, watery mlxturei, compounded by inexperienced persons, whan you have the opportunity of testing Otto's Cure • free of charge. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lunf ••< with that terrible, hacking cough, when Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth street, will furnish jou a tree sample bottle-of this great remedy? Hold a bottle- ';.'< of Otto'* Cure to *he Hybt and ob»irt»»;^ its beautiful golden color'-and thick; heavy syrup. Largest packages and purest goods. Large bottle* 60o. an& 25c. rev OTW rtnr- Yean Mrs, Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup ha* boen used for over fifty year* by million* of mother* for their children-while teething, with perfect suooeM. It soothe* the child, softens the gum*, allay* all pain, cure* wind oollo, anff is the best remedy lor diarrhoea. I*. will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druwirt* IB, every part of the world. Twenty-fit* cent* a bottle. Be sure and ask lot •Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind^ The steaew* Wkr Children of two to *U yean of age> are often sick and fretful 1* owing to- •tomach Worm. The belt cure u> Rlnehart'* Worm Lozenge*. They remove all form* of worm* and tbtv worm ne*t; are plewant to take *ad> need no cathartic. Children alway* show marked Improvement la health and growth by their use. For tale by B. F. Keeiltng and Keystone drug store. U vuawimme* Have you been trying to get the- best out of exlitanoe without health In your family P Have you been wear*. Ing out your life from the effect* Of dyspepsia, liver complaint and 'n*l- gestlon? Are you *leeple»i at nlghtf Do you awake in the morning feeling languid, with coated tongue and •allow, haggard looks? Don't do U. Av shout In the camp tell* how Bacon'* Celery King ha* cured others; U wUlr cure you. Trial package free. Large- sizes 60o. and 26c. at Ben Fisher'*,,, 311 Fourth street. . ^ CtMswlali's By* ud Skb Otatwrt ," Is a certain cure for Chronic Sort ^ Eye*, Granulated Eye Lid*, Sore Nip- ; ; plea, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sal* iueumand Scald Head, 26 cent* per box. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, ;•-. TO HOT8B OWSIM. ; .; For putting a hone in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady'* Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure lot* of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worm*, fflvta*»> new life to an old overworked hone. 25 cent* per package. Foraaleby B. F. Keesllng, druRgtat. Always buy Blnehart'* Worm Ld»| zongM, they remove both the womtv and worm ne*t. For sale by ft ~" " Kenlioff and Keystone drugitore.

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