The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 22, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Boxing MonoDolist Blytl „ :ievil!c Seniors M a k c •'Second Half 0; Game) Interesting \ • lly J. !'. riUENt) Jonesboro's crac'i Golden Hurricane and Whirlwind baskc-tesrs gave loyal l;ns some very good reasons why they rank up with the most potem (n the sale :IF they whipped liie OHIckasuws ami Papooses here, last ni^lit. Although Ihe Hurr!:,iTC ran laid unexpected opposition, ihty downed the stubborn Chicks. 40-27. after the Paps absorbed .1 33-3 testing hi ths opener. From a BlymevDo stanr! point al least, the ssnior affair ivns au in- leresllnj ball * alter the first holt. Completely oui;liss?il n^c trailing 23-8 at midway, cine maltilj to the sharp eye chiir.icterlstL-s of one Bui Daugherly. who will be remembered us trie Hurricane's c'licf pigskin tos-scr lust fall. Coach Joe Dildy's scrappers did a complet and remarkable transformation Except for a urk-f scoring spurt led by Substitute f forward Gene .Sellers late in in; fourth period, t!u.-v eutfoiijht. oulgauied an-j nctuall' ctitscorcd their highly toule:! rivals. The last half score reads. 1 Elvthe- vllle ID. Jcnesboro 21. No little credit for t!i)s comeback is due Paul iBucky) Bln:k- wood nrxl Mnyrteld "Sonny" LJoyrt Blj Chief Dlldy assigned Poumimg Paul liie lask ol guarding Diush- erty with strict orders to stay with him. Just how \vcll hi carrlci cut those orders is relieved on Bud'; tally sheet. He not only failed to register a field goal but seldom got n good crack al the wicket. His only score for the second and third cantos came ou a fre? shot. Lloyd was a human ciyinnio ail evening, envoi-ting over th« court like a' young colt turned loose In n pasture for 'the first time, uls handling of Ihe ball, general a;- • Garden Couldn't Mak I Moxinff Pay Unlil Jacobs Took Ovc;- gressh'eness praise from and hustle broiijriit Fans. Jonesboro sports Professlonal boxing received n much-needed Jacobs became Its c?.ar. Today's Spori Parade MelEMORX ARCADIA,, Feb. 22. IUC>- Here on the grounds of the old Lucky Baldwin estate (he was call" "Lucky" because he Eunlti Anita opened. tiled before I suppose) riters and Hurricane Coach clar-1 America's third richest race for encc Dels. He also scored three field goals. Noraun "Monk" Tvlos- ia'y turned la a great defensive game, too three year-old horses will be run today. The result won't mean a th'.irj It won't mean anything insofar wie, i"<>. it won't mean anything insofar Daujherty was high amon* Ihe j ns determining the besl three-year- ;;orcrs witli 15 points, followed °ld Is concerned because a horse ilosely by James MsCall, rat?, namsil lilmelcch isn't here at Santa s closely by James' MsCall, one of the most pro:nislr. c ....,,.... In Hurrbsne history, with an ever dozen. Johnny Dement and Blythe- vllle's string- bean. Billy I.lelnrg, tallied cijrhl apiece a:;d iihck- wood seven. Jonesboro was always out In front by a .comfortable margin, Icacl'n? 10-4 the first quavter; 2B-8 nl (he half; and 37-10 going into the final'round. : Coach John Ed James' also I,-- cxperienced youths were unable to cope with the machine-Ilk* precision mid accurate point making ability of ; Bill Rucl-iihin's Juniors. They sccrej only-a field go>! and Irei- shot In the first half and a fte'rl goal and fOL'i- cliarity clninl.-s In the last, Mathis with fourteen points topped the scoring. Tommy Uttie n;r Jimmy Allen, Papoose guards, dii' yeoman work at fie guard post,', Hugh . (Slats) Bireior, Pup center who was as hot tis a de";iot stnvi the night before, was pretty \vcl covered mast of the ti'ni!!. ' The tox scores: Juniors jamsd lilmelcch isn't here at Santa Anita, for the mile and one-eighth journey.,, the sort of a horr.c tc wham money Isn't everything, i; ivny'down In Kentucky, citing- thret .•ncnb of Wue-jrass n day. Neither he nor his owner. Colonel E. R lGate.s-Aj:ir Collar) Bradley, c.-uv about the 550,030 purse. Blrnclech, n snmliln; .standout as n Uvo-year-old year, nuto- matlcally became the lop lliree- yeni--old on January 1 when, bf Will Open _..,Cage Meet cauic of a reason you will liavp tujiJT! • 1 . Hud out for yourself, he celebrated! I OTHfTnT a birthday und reached the n:l-j • llt y *• *• - tnkc Iliem you should run. not waif:, to your nearest psychiatrist) the winner, the plnce horse nnd thr- show horse. The following horses will run 1-2-3: 1. Augury. Goo:l In the mud and better on a track fa fast ns a gazelle late for dinner. Also can o in the "unusual" weather that descends on fisnitn Aniln very often. 2. Exarch. This Is my three star •spschl and may win it ell. Hn- more early fool than a scared bnnJnr or a critic leaving « bad ihow. 3. Last Gold. No reason for thl« iMck. Just n hunch plui the fact t!v?l this hide has been working beautifully, mid is a California bred. He may not like H but he k used to It. The force-art is fur rain. .Speaking of rain, the easiest Job Iti thr world mnsl be lhat of a forecnstc' in California. He just bites a loo' at the heavens, makes n date fo' <joU, mid lire-Ibis "u-'wttlcd r.n:' cloudy, plus a lilgh fog." Jonesbcro (30) Kolmsn, f . ., Malhh, i Forrester, c Mills, g '. Presslcy, g Henderson, f Bates, f Davis, c Cunningham, g GambiC g .•Totals Blychevil'e ifl) Haines, f PG F.'G PC TP ™.:ctd aie o( three. There is nothing In the field here tomorrow that could curry Bime- lech's ctin-y co:nb. much less bother mm In o run ut a mile and one- •Jighth. __ He could givo n:iy or r.ll of t!:e fifteen or sixtccji fugitives from Borden's who will jo to the post here today a head atavt. a shot with '.In needle, and electric blinkers, .ind still past them in tlie ~,lret:ii. TIio rcsn:i R-on't ituaii aiiythinj Insofar n.s rescuing seme frcm financial difficulties !s con- ccrneil. There are no horses rimnlnj in ihe derby toi.iy whose owners have ; a mortgage on tlie okl homestead • cr who reed Uie fifty uraiici 1-. i properly present the tender, lovely 1 jranddauslUsr to sc:!cty. Tiiat stiirt Ijcloiijs to the movies. _ _ _ | and just between tin- two oi us I 0 Caraway, f 0 Dczi:r, c l Little', g^ '.""'" Lambert, c Stafford, g ..'.'.'.'. Allen, g TotiU JoncsSoro <41\ McCall. f' Cloud, c ] Csmer.t. j Black, g "" Sellers, f ... Jchnson, g Tot'b .. BlylhavT.!: i Msharg, f Elackwsxxt f Mosl°y. 7 Lloyd, e ~ Hya'l. '< ... Field gcals mi-oCd The annual Mhslsslpyl County Imsketbill tournament for "A' schools will begin tonight, 1:30 o'clock, at the new <;vm at Ha'ft' Field when UK Mi;;iln sanlor boyr. will meet Blytheville In the semifinals m:<l the Manila glrfs will meet J,o:iclivllle in the finals, Lcachville boys dre\i' n bvc IP the first round imkin; the .vvlnn-- 1 ) of lonl»lit's tilt lo mwi lliHt tejii' Friday vijht for tbp finals, jr Blytheville wins, the jjam ulaycd nt LCTchvllle whtls if Ha wins it will l;c sta'^crt at Miulln. It was nn;ioun-e:l tcihy. M;nila Lenchvlllc and Blytheville are Uu only schools In tlie tourney. Tlierc are but two team's of "Iris In t'.ie tour'- nine-fit makln" the finals the only match to be Much interest fested l-i tlie.'e lias b-i'n rnni- wines jnrt a laree wish they would it up. As a matter of fi,et. horse rat- in.T, in tho ii-.r.ii!. b:!on« to the rich. Only once hi a great mar.y ye:.r: is n hor.^c cheered to victory Ijy nu 2 owner whose pants are pat'hc.1 ojwhoic shou are so thin they loo.'; 0 j like a sandwich nt "21" or t!ie Elork. a:ul whose very bread (!e- i pends on v.-Ii;:l haivjens ct the Ilnisli Ike. Tomorrow's owner? could tn'-:e »he fifty thousand dollars an.i lyiit your cijar for you. 12 ) £u:h man us C. S. Howard. W. C. l 'Jlrcuib:.-, v/illhm D,:Pn»l Jr.. and ; i.. B. Mayer nit- In there for fie ! tliriil that iiiy.'t com- to a ! -ho n-stches hU rilk-, rustle and h::w in f : ;e r.unsbi::;- or trie .-(r;ti-'i yin tnr.i thrre is «'.i!tcr Jloifman ;.!:•., whcs? Royal CmsaScr will iioTman s-caks lijbtly of the oil well orchard he o'.vns near Ven- ;tura. ! Kow v.-ou':l yru l|>elo st?r.l n lev i 1'^rols of " a ,.«!es" [ram his vin> crowd 13 expected'i ninny visl- Wpstern Mississippi 1 tors from County. of 1 lly IIAUKV (JJIAY.SO.V j NtA Scivlce 9);oils liiUlor | ;:i:W YOIIK, 1-Vb. 21.--Mit)me| j Si nuns Jacobs doesn't know a left , iKv'.i Ircm ihe dressing room, yel whi-n hu entere:! ihe promolloiuil held ielu;tantiy , llii- winter or I!>:i3-S1 It was in- I (.vltiiklc thut he would wind np with the works. VVm'n the Kiw Milk Pmvl for Knbies couldn't make a sitisfac- I (cry deal with Madison Scnmc |Oni(lnn, Mlc-hael S. Jncahs took Barney Hoss iuid llll'.y peu-olle t-) tin 1 Broji-x, . drew $UQ,0'Jl), ancl lulled 'em uway. Horn 58 ytars nvo u)) Wjslilnj- t(jn Street, adjacent to ihs 13ai- tcry. Jacobs Ims been Inistlln? i sliu-e he was eljlil. As n news- j boy. he fought to:- his corner by j the t'leviited slalrvvay. j "I liiul saved $1COO when I v;as 1C, and haven't tscn brake since,' he tells you. MMTKOl'OLn'AN" ni.'v.irx c>A\'l" HIM AN KAIIUY HllBAK Ths man could put his hands on n million quickly li^lil nov;. He resides on a baronial psl-nc a< Rmnson, N. j,, owns a couple farms nnd many houses nearby. Jacobs was a Coney Island waiter. He sold excursion boat ticket,- on the waterfront, ir.-,^ catering privileges on Coney Island mid Hockiwny pleasure and Albany day boats s::d quickly was running boats of Ills own. He started speculating In (i-jht tickets before the linn of (ho century . . . made hh first Imoartant money in the ticket business through a favorable connection with the Metropolitan Opera House. Before be puanmteed j nc k Dempsey S303.000 and .Georges Cjrpentler S200.00Q for lighting nt Boyle's Thirty Acres in 1931. Tex Rlck-ard had three partners—John Hiiigling. William A. Brady and Charles E. Coclirnii—tiie latter of cndon. But Ihe partners couldn't see that kind of nn outlay phis tlie iver!-cad Inllicled by Jersey City nolltiemns. and RickJrd was pretty '.Ick until Jacobs showed him how o Ilnance the production throusli h he advance sale of tickets, the b^it if which were Immediately pukl 'or by Uncle Miguel, who always 'cncw a goo;i tiiin» when he saw ne. Jacobs skyrockck-d t<< r,ue pugilistic promotional heights with Jo? '.ouis. but \vns on lite way tiefnrc he current lieavyweljht cham;iiou swelled lo $1,015,00:) by pictures, in a little more than the years that elapsed between Scluncllng-Loiils scraps, Jucoi;*' vniious shows played to more than {5.000.009. Jiicuijs works more than in hours a d.<y. lie h n bundle of nerve.',. Ot'n.-iloiial trul;by spclK :>ie dire to uttiii'ks ill .';i-;u.s. He .siiuj)^ ui his fcc.M Ijii-wis ul limes, iiiitl tiien gof.: l»r uut cf his way 10 ii.uulofjla.'. C| liii lalsi' teeth dick a,s hi: talks, ill iliinks H) lupiilly Ihul IKJ oni cuii kocp U)> wllh him. Hi; h iu> in'.i'ti'iuti> ritjUi'ct smoker . . . dunks tolfiro bv the vulion. HAS MI;NA<;J-:I;SX svuii;si He will walk out of ihe mosl im- pcit;.n! runforeticc . . . t)'_'riinps w.iiK down the block mr.l buy n n< -,'.' ("U or some nt-::kll'-s . . . and on his return will pi;-k up Uic con- vciKiiioi) us liio;ii;!i ht' lincl not bun ab>;i.-iit. j:it-(ic,s d(,i-j many churHnile ants but insists they not be <;\\\>\M/.s(t He's era'/-/ about kids, nUhouih he li!,s iio.ic himself. He Is a bit's on llu.veis end has ;'. meiw;erie of d'v-'s niul c;i(s and n prize monkey. -Iiu-obs hits been c-i'itifi/.f-d a-i u mitt monopolist, b'.U t'r.c f.i-t re- Missouri Valley League Emerges From Dopress- ion Era 1) E N V E H <ui») - Iiuiependiiiit biitkctball has wcatlif-rfid the depression— which threatened lor a iiins to slimier Us cent of hlsher JDStnieilan. the Mlssouii Vullf-y A. A. 0. League— uml npjjcni-s on ihe way to iincqualleU » The loop, from \vhlcli JIBS come national thainpion.? for quite a low years, coasted ulons vltli \ir UiiUly no dlfncnltlc.s for n number of ECRSODS. 'renm!! enlered, to iirominence like sank Into obscurity. of willing, athleticj looV: their pluci/i, h, revived a inorilnnvl | in;> procfsslcin. novas, then Other groups young men a " never-end- Then came the 1939 national tournament in Denver. The Denver Safe-ways, one of the erealcst 1 aggregation;; of players the BUini! | had devcloiied. va-rc deftnding i litllsts. -ihcy advanced to the finals, alonsf with an undcrniled I team from Kansas City. These Kansas City Hcali-ys, not overly ! impressed by the Nuggets' prc.stl«e. ; smashed them down lo win the I title. Glonm Pushed liuck. Siinultaiicoiisly, sponsors of the Denver learn announced cessation Jersey Cily was smart nejro lo:-k, 1. Copp=d:e 1, Moslcy Blackwooe! Hefrren—Ds:n-' Wwl-.ijton. Ti- msr—Tcmniy V/arrington. Local Bowlers Win Over Oscepla Teams I" the first, inter-city matches of the yesr all-star bowling teams of DlythevHle defeated similar Os- ceoln- teams at the Piamor alleys last night. yard. If you do:-,'', ;nvU • ;-iy>ri:H3 mlsed ii|>? — - _ Ko>v to S cl c 0 ,.vii ts l )U -|"p-« 3 4 27 -i!i njt join? to mine you all th^ •Mchar; 2, '' or - !(1 3 ulio will nm Iran or row 1 am nol a to deal in'n| !0 '-. ' v.'lll give you ,,- (i ir you Senii-Finals 01' Pciniscol Meet Slated Tonight wn.s heard of. and ••noiish to land Hie 'tack and barrel. I'OUK CHAMPS ON S1NGLK I-ROGHAM .Some consider Jacobs a sure thing operator In comparison with Slckard, the gjinbler, yet Alike ook something of n change a::d :roke cvci^ tiling but the Monro? Doctrine in taking the Bradrio=y ; - '-^uis match to . Chieajo when Sraddock broke his contract with the Madison Square Gardi:n Cor•oration In 1037. Jacobs will put it up. Ho CHIM- Mon (ibmit tint. He guarantied $163,500 in purses atone— s-.vcllinj .!is nut to $.'16,003— :n giving the trade fum- v.-orl-l c!nmpion$liip wtlle.5 on oils c.ircl . . . Lou Amhcrs J!)d Pedro .Montanez, Marcel Thi! and I-'re.-l Ajja-itoli, Barney Uo:« and Ccferino Carria. and' sixto Escobar snd Harry Jeffrn . nt the I'olo O-.oimis i t i September 1937. When he tcok over the bo;:!n? privileges nl the c.avden month, tlic Madison Square people admitted they could not mnks the iport show a profit. | But, Jacobs offered J.\mcs J IJohnsto:;, who was the Gnn'cn 1 ringmaster. $27,530 n year to work I with him, and w iien Jalmston fi.v Uilllcil 1'ress Slafr SEW YORK, Feb. 22.-Tliis be- in" Wii".hln"ton'.s Wrth'liv, "•" <••>"net tell a lie about the lo-romid brawl which Promoter Mike Js- ccbs sidled bst evening for tne Jfi-scy City ball park l-i Isiti Miv "Ui:clc" Mike malched Hie two 7t»iiest and moH gnriiilous of •jbiiiitors: Fat Tony Galento, the Iwr-barrel poker, nnd statuesque Mixls Bacr, the wine and dance man. • : Although the principals arc of micic-nt brew and vlntauc. their baltle Ir, Roosevelt Stadium should decide for once and all whether corner salooners can lie): male nil-inters of cafe society. !!e:-aii5S of the. import-nice of i 'bis issue in our social llf«. Uncle 1 Mike exjiecls neighborhood jernls' nnd -|-;nd El. baob-lru)» to send hire ehcerl'.in sections to the Jersey City bottle front. In addition, this till between 30- year-old Caienlo and the :fl-v™ar- b!d ex-champion will decide which "'Idcriy warrior will cliunc - .> another knockout, from champion Joe Louis. In previous jousts with Jolting Jos. To«:y and Maxic each laste:! the same abbreviated distance: four rounds. Anyway Promoter Jacobs ha.s promised "that the Galentc- Bacr winner will bb tossed In with the Brown Bomber In JuH- i! i^uls Is still cliRinplon then. If the melee tJ as successful as Jacob.; expects, the July bout m?y b2 staged there also. -. This July promise .indicates that Louis hopes t3 defend his t'.tle at : ear.t five times this year. This May bout should be a thriller for the spcclators—p. masterpiece of mayhem. Both arc wild-swinging rin; ruffians, who los-; science •ind the ru'.c bMk Into t'.is bucket before they cmcr?e from their rorners. Galento wl.'l be favored 'o win because hr.l June he gave loiiis a terrlJl; head punching mid hp.d the chcnipioj cm the floor before Joe stopped him in ihe fourth her.t. Moreover, Tony cnmn toe'; in Ecptcmbjr and knocked out ycunj Lou Neva, who had kavocd THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2:?, 1(1(0 Heady Made ball world was rocked by the decision. Denver, claimant of the title iof "basketball capital of America," apparently was no longer lo have an entrant In its own Lourmimcnls, The fate of independent basketball was precipitated at that tournament. Independent Denver merchants, however, derided that soinethhw should be done about the situation. Thev offered jobs for tiie pliiyers. agreed to sponsor them co'l°ctlvcly the next year. Then the couching problem arose. Everett shcltcn. who had piloted the gateways (roni a col-1 lection of collie nnd Iiteh school stars lo n ton uosition in America's basketball field, resigned. Then ^ the name of Jack McCracken was I mrntioned as a possible successor.! McCrackfn, former Marysville, jMo., Teachers stor. had half a t'ozen All-America pu.nrd i i ntin?s.| He was a plover loved Ihe country over. But, the skenUcs saul, he couldn't coach. A player-conch was unheard of. No man—not even (he great McCtacken—could bud: such a gnmc. But "Jump'n' Jack." as he ciime to be known, shrugged it oil. He ictalned the intricate block-plays, the liehtnlng-like shifting defense, of the ShcHon system, and Inserted Ideas of his own. i \usrgc(s \V<ln Title i:Tile .(ciiin won the first-<half oi ihe M,' V. A. A. U, league race, llieti ithef second ( half. Tournament ihn'c--,r61!ed- around,, and Ihe Nuggets became the favorites. They sienm-rcllcred Iheir way lo Ihe finnls. us did their league rivals, ll-.e .Bartlcsvllla, Okla.. Phillips Oilers. Tlie MiiBgcts—as the Safe- ways wore renamed—blasted the Oilers, 25-22, lo win tlie title. Tlic skeptics, even, admitted grudgingly, that maybe they were wrong. L>?(,'s keep the Nuggets, they said. But, they almost didn't. Sponsorship difficulties arose again last fail. Three inombfrs of the championship team left, leaving bill six veterans. Tom Butlcrwortli. an enterprising young business man who believed In Denver basketball superiority, worked ceaselesily. He obtained jobs for the six. but egional players, who had made names at basketball in college and In minor independent play. Things didn't go so well at first. They lost to • the reserve-sparked power of the Oilers, and fans said they were through. Back in Old Form But, then, McCracken again asserted his wizardry, and they picked up the old pace. Now, they're an even choice to repeat their 1939 performance. Other cities had their eye on Denver. Al Oklahoma City, the Parks, strong 1039 league and tournament- entry, folded up. Merchants banded together, raised funds and jobs, an:! culled their team the 'EOcrs. St. Louis merchants had the same idea. They gathered together three experienced independent players, a group of Missouri college players, and cnine out with the Hungers. Kfiwrts insist that Chicago and New Yoik. which withdrew In 1M9 just as the league was to start, will use the civic sponsorship Idea. Other cities are considering Uie same tactics for next year. Other teams—notably, .the oilers—stick by the private control plan. But, whatever form they take, sponsors insist thai the basketball depression i.s over. Dr. J. A. Saliba Announces (lie removal of his office from (he Jnsram Building; to 124 E. Kentucky. Res. Plimie J10; Office Vh. 413 So. thc~T.Tij>gets picked up three l!3er In June. Oihnto's victory over ! ccnliln't get any oth.'r Independent Nova marked "Two-Ton's" last ring j :'.t tlic late dale, appearance. Finer too. staged a come-back of sorts by knocking out nn unknown named Babe Ritchie at Lui-,to=k. Tex., on Sept. i IB. That was Mjxls's last cirjaje- liient. ' Mike Jacobs originally planned Ihe Gnlpiito-Baer fight 'as n Finnish relief fund show ;it -Madison fused, he paid tlic conioriit'on i Sqimre Clfir(!e " In April, hut when 380.COO for IS shaw.'i, ;u<d clc.uirri ' brothers. Henderson . -n average o; 201 and Woodrow with game high of 242. won i In closely contested match Kelfcv * DCe ' S More of Iluih Edwards paced the Blylbe- CARUTHERSV1L1..E, Mo., Feb. 22 —Scnii-flnnls of the annual Pctnt- scot County basketljnll tournament will be staged here tonight after throe sessions of thrilling games to decide tliosc who should participate In the semi-finals. Carulliersvlllo R i r ls will piny Brr,i;gi;docio; Steple boys will play V.'ardcll; Decrlng girls will play Warden and Dra»g Cily boys will iiny Braggadccio to decide who will '.mrlidpale hi the final games tomorrow nlpht. All of the teams nre nt their peak after su:Cessfu) seasons nu-1 in'crest is high In this county ivhcrc baskct'wll 1 5 king in eveiy town except C.ivutlicrsvlllc where r oo;b,ill Is Us rival. Onmcs Ttierfay night with CnruthcrsviDs girls defeating Cooler, 23-22; Carulht-r.sville boys deleatlng Cooler. 21-19: Braggadocio girls won over Holland, 23-20; Stcelc boys defeated Carulhersvllle, 42-10; Dcerlng girls defeated Sleclc-! 29-28 wllh two extra Innings required to finish the game; Wardell boys won over Uccring, 34-32. In games last night. Warden'girls defeated Hayll, 27-20; Bragg city boys won over Haytl, 20-18 with one extra Inning required; Braggadocio boys defwitru Holland, 30-, up more than $103.00.) [ or liii.i,- ( '.'f DREW S5.lOO,<!(n IN ..... TWO-WKAR SPAN At the close of first year as an associate of Ihe Garden "corporation, Jacobs' fistSc pro:hi:rj,vi- had grouccl $1.335,000, Iiicludins'inpj --------- ' receipts oi the second Max schr.icU | n sul>Jc:l".l to enough heal ilw- inj-LouIs ciijsgcmonl wl-.ich v.rr,' | moinls will burn. the New York lo renew the llcens? of Galento's manager. Joe Jicobs. ihe bout driven out of New York. I'romoter Mike subslltuli'd the Louis-Pay- chck litlc lilt nt the Garden on March 29 for the Finnish fun,! TANDARD TIRES .OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY LOW// LOW PRJCES! AT TOBAV'S As l.tnv As c I'cr Week On Our $7 6A¥ & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 * P»»n,76 Y 1 BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. C-AY NINETIES liivcr liad Iroulile telescoping your lial properly? Now DobUs has ended lliat [irolileiu for you! Dolibs inotdds the smart pork-pie shape right into llic hat to stay... And slay it does! Because the felt in this sporls hat can take rough wear and conic C !**• V Tk back for more ..... &8 Dalton Hats $3.50 R. D. HUGHES & CO. ( i

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