The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota on September 18, 1900 · Page 8
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The Lead Daily Pioneer-Times from Lead, South Dakota · Page 8

Lead, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1900
Page 8
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Tl'ESDAY. fiEITEjJBER g.'; THE DaiLY PIONEER-TIMES, DEAD.W.OOD. R 0. THE CITY, Born To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lakin of the First ward, yesterday morning a boy. ,. Saturday. September ... is the date Our ia,tf037330..- f Try a Two Orphan cigar. if Short Orders at. the Club. Min-ne-kah-ta water for the stomach. Try it. The king of r. cent cigars Is the T Orohand. Try one. tf 'We Pledge Ourrelves in Favor of A woman's never too old to be handsome, never too old to be young again, if she takes Rocky Mountain Tea. 35c Ask your druggist. The summer car has heen taken off the Spearfish train, and the rusty winter coach as taken its place. In going over IJald Mountain of nn evening -Jne atmosphere becomes quite cold. ' U f T I -1 ll'l.'il N i I ( i, ini-st.-iti'HitTH-s A 10-cent smoke for a nbkle is the Two Orphan ; 'gar. tf FARGO has just received a complete line of the Regent shoes. tf I) you apprecinte-a gnr.d Tiling? If ... ..... I . . t . . . r THE FOUR-BUTTON WITH DOt fU F- jot the next special sale at Chases j See ad on page 4. I "W'e wish to secure the services ol a 1 local or traveling salesman to sell our line of ! ii 1 .i i. ating and refined .ls ffl'itM-. ;i::i!it. and white v,-,id. Sa:a: oi , on, in. --ion. Addle-- The ner Mean l'i : rob nm l'i od in t Co . if rice ,. :,. refinery. Kjndiay. Cthio. ' i.'i i;m:i:r(;!:k's crkm u" iiii:-T I'l.Di it is urniorT i i;i:ii - TRY IT. STAMi 1 C SM '.) T.KV ;v SHKRMAX S i'RKKT Ymir ln-st friend tan give you .... hettt r adviie than this: ' For in: Hood, humors, scrofula, salt rheum, dyspepsia, weak nerves, tired feelir.-'. rheumatism, inahia, larfirr!., t. Hoods Sarsaparilla and I" ru;. !" Jv ct i no w it Ii i 1;( 1 ,1!'' SACK SUIT,,,,, ...,lu Profejlion Free Trade Proiiibilioii Reduction w iiu .iocs ni.Kf- inp ,. . u,iIIII1( in1. -i .I- iii;iiii it:. inl!a;,-.i -tUl ;t t.j';t-- iv.- luuli n ;. . v so ii y tioPMicigtt tnai cei.i j.o.i Mot ha - on. U your dealer does not keep the , Two Oiphan. t.-ll him to get them of R. Stewart & Co. tf All tho fruits ami vegetables of the s. ason at the io vest prices. Standard Cash Grocery. Joe Stulcup. iPanrx r .Inc.) is up from Rawhide I'.nttes, when- lie is working some copper mill's of whidi he and W. K. Adams are joint owners. He has made one sale on which he has received the first payment. A Young Ladies' Republican filer-club was organized at the home of Miss Stella Craves last, evening. The club will no doubt do much to make political meetings entertaining by flie addition of good music. i;u"'lr i: oix .i(ilii. Constipation cured by Hoods I'. . ; bloomei s. very I I. .id-.VOOll C.leell- ... cents. Carnations. VYini tine, for sale at the hou'e. A. I ani Is. fntfllli Buy Is You Vote Pi? THE AKuMA OF OCR ''.c MOCK A XI i JAY COFFE iS ENS I K qun kly, i PASSED- TRY IT. STANDARD To prevent onsumpticn cur- throat and lung troubles with CASH GROCERY 4s SHKRMAX ST One Minute Cough Cure Kirk O. Phil- . . YESTERDAY' SPERSONAL. Men and Boys Clothing I- J I M we Show Finely StkaeiJ Assortment I e, '&V - l In' I Hi. .jll The funeral of Alice Le,nian will take plane Wednesday, it having been deferred on account, of relatives, who cannot bo here until that date. A Serviie will held at - p. in. today at the Congregational church. Rev. .1 W. Marron officiating. Nelly if you'll follow the dire-tion faithfully, I will wyger my sweetest smile you'll gain It; pounds by taking .'! packages of Rocky Mountain Tea. Ask your druggist. The good work of selling ticket for the firemans ball which is to he held tonight is moving along nicely. Joe Marnett sold fifty tickets and collected fifty dollars yesterday in one hour. At that rate the entire atiO ought to be closed out without delay. lips The longer you smoke them the better ;uu like them. We mean the Two Orphan tigars. tf F. D. yuiim can save you mon , en lumber. All he asks is a i ham c t fi"ire with ;ru. Go to Vienna Bakery and Cafe for lee cream. Served every day. G7i Main street. tf SPIDER -LEG I NCOLORED JA-i Hats, Cans Sits and Underwear Gloves, Socks Stockings, Mi and Mi I'd li Thorn:. .: 1'ell'V W.'M' ill tile City. I ' A M. I'l,e .-ofi i . -,: jo , f!oll S h;Uj 11. W. SeaniaiTof the Carpt liter I'.. 1 cr company, was a )i. A.- M, arrival E A Marsh, of the It & M. f.,i. has returned from a trip to ; Morris Xiedermann. of Lead, was in i the city last evening looking after :ni 1 portant business. E. H. Springer, father of the Sp:.n- j cr house at Lead, was in tow n from his j ranch near Ft. Meade. J Thomas Murrin. manager of tF ' FOR THE BIG AND LITTLE FOLK? ;j FAX TEA. WITHOUT ANY WAK , TAX ON IT AT STANDARD CASH i GROCERY 4S SHERMAN, STREET. ! AS ( 'A XI I DATES for vtuir juil i iniii-.- w , C. S. llargclt, who ran a jewelry store in lyoad for the last three or Another special sale at Chases' Saturday read about it on page 4 if j IIom'stak stole at I'iedmoat. wa- a this issue. j Sunday visitor in town. ZOELLNER BROS. CO four years, has removed his stock to Alliance where he has added to it and opened up a neat, establishment. Mis. Bargelt, who is visiting in the east, will Join her husband at Alliance and will not return to the Hills. Dr. Graham returned home Sun biv alter a thr- week.-,' vi- t with i.-..t lives ill o!n and Chicago. .1 C. 'lain.-;, the dry -'j o.!.- he i i 1 1 ; 1 1 1 1 . . ;mr in from Rapid to look ,i: I r Ins I ''.v- Kid i lit : ---t -. DeAVitfs Little Early Rlr-ers are prompt, palatable, pleasant, powerful, j purify ins little pills. Kirk G. Phillip-, j The sweetest smoke on the mar- j ket for ..-ins is the Two Orphan cigar. tf THE IMONEER- CLOTHIEKS OF 1876, 647 ?UIN STREET. DEADWOOD.S.D. V. 11. to .ii,:' r F. P. Sin lb !t:ndle nothing Hut tl: he"t node sMiitiiing '-ii. You would hardly know the Keystone (lining loom and ofl'ico. A new office has been cut off the old dining room and both have been tastefully papered and painted until th"r is no nicer in town. 1'eler Kiclo n reoti'-ned the dining hall to the public Sunday and is servhr; the finest cent meals in the -tale If ''.111 pay you to try the Kev-'tone d'ning bull d Call tel. ! hoi,.. 't7 for unirol r-rwr. lb oii.pi si i . 1 1 If you van: u sweet, sn.oke. try a Two Orphan ii ft aw P. N. Cat r s. in d uppt r to a until- ! 1 c c nt.-. Smoke tl "t' 0 ( )i ph. 100 Mi iMfij:i I'attern Lengths. i i - el i ' ! ' . . . - .V !! . 1". -e, . I,.'.. ,.: 1 1 New Dress ber of intimate l iend.s :'.utulay i.iyht. out of respect Ki the departure of George C. Riley, late of the Independent, who wrts to leave on the following morning- A!r. Carr set some toothsome teal ducks hefore his friends nt the Palmer roHtaurant. hnv-inc; ohtalntl the.m from Bert Tilley, who was just in from Indian ( reek. It wa3 a congenial company, and Mr. Carr proved an entertaining host. A young man retdding In the Kir -it ward helped himself to the cigars aii.1 hi if I, 1 11 -1 f ',rn- ;i:il We poitiveiy i-i tnov wart;, moles r.nd siipetilu ju hair ly electroly.-:-. Mrs. Melick t Alford. the htiirdivs- ers, over Deetkcn's drug store. tf The latest designs in Chinese pillows, Indian heads, etc.; also some very artistic lunch cloths, center pieces and scarfs Room 8 over Deet-ken's drug store. tf GET IN LI.N'G and near the Regent AT a i ir: - v ' iT:.l!l:.S 1m; ! ST.Ni);: ' '.sii Trimmings :.-i:w ; Mi' h t:;:v AS USUAL W'r ill' ill t In' soa on I tress .l'i 1 1 1 1 i i IK K -.. ' shoe. Always look swell and never '".'". '-;u we n;ni' s.;-il nn i;l!ll tf wear out. Fa' go sells them. si ink f this u,mm1s i Inn won III 1m- (ci lain to (In- 1. adits ..f I '.!(! null ami Vicinity, but bottled goods of Riley & Carr which bad been carried out on the street during the fire that threatened to consume the Green Front saloon. He will have a hearing before Judge Early tothiy when he will learn something about rights of property without reading Blackstones commentaries. - lic-'U so Sllercssful as now W'e i havo not 'rain., dot can I traco a iCii:,i of siimUi It t m the s--l:t tutf!. ie.'iiuine iU. ky V ' mi ii r.i.'D fa Is ma a t.jr :!:9 Maji.son Medl. in a Co. '.-. Aalt oi.r .uglBt. i ofut i- h;i hae S i - ii i I i -1 1 .M.niii i 1 1 r 1 1 1 . . ii; .!::,.''' tiuiii t 'uloi ,nli prini:.- Suntl.iy i:mi iiiir. and l.H f.,;- ih. . itiiuny'-i-st.-rdiiy. i '.it I: s,,; - i ,. . M I ":!..;!! 1 ;i i is I.elllK t'lM'.l H! so !;, I it WOllhl safe for an . i . !ii !: liiakiim it fine tlirou-l.fare h.-twcfii I lead ,vik . ! and flalena. Miss Ruth Ware and sisiter. Ksther. left for Sicux Kails to attend All S lints academy mid Miss Hrtba Wrinkrnise left for Sycamore, Ills, tu attend Waterman Hall. W. M. Sturm left on the evenini; train for Sturpis and ttapid City. He haa sold his interest in the Lead photograph gallery to his brother-in-law, Mr. Full r. Mrs. Henry Zoeckler and daughter. Cordelia, ariived home from an ex tended trip through the east. They visited at Cincinnati. Wheeling. W. Va., Chicupo and Des.Moines. Mrs. Hojikins of Gettysburg, S. L),, arrived in the city and is the guest of Mrs. K. E. Clough. w hom" she had not seen for over thirty years, when they were school tills together hack in Just What You Want Ami thcie is a I r-ssinakiner Kstablishniont in oiimi i ion with our stmv umb-r tin inan;i::oi!i. -u: "f MISS LoriSK KTSSKLL. wh. r.' vou . an t t lie mmhIs Iliaill' uji s 1 1 lr man n;r.!:r. t. M. J;.litz. It . .1..Ue. i; I), li-fjftry ..f al. kitei ,l.- nl:.,::il.-t"re.i. EijthteeD yens .." xpeiieiav. Kos-n-thal BlecU Pofsonous teai.btoo.s i e-e:ut,:im i;.ushrcoiiis cause.; frequent deaths this ycr.r. Be sure to on') the genuine. Ol.strve the -ame cap when you ask lor Ik-Witt's Witch j Hazel Salve. There are poisonous ; counterfeits. IleWitt's is 'he only or-iginal Witch Hazel Srvlve. It is a safe i andn certain cure for piles and all . skin diseases. Kirk 0 Phillip.-. TRAMS WANTED -Six , eight! teams to haul pipe on h . 'arflsh j freek for the Homestake company. Enquire of R. Plackstone. Tel. 21 ' r P67. tf ES-EY piano for my farollr. ly ih the only regular dealej i ' 'So. K39. bv Pulliiok Hotel v'acii jo'j want to to u C entral take Tuller's hnck. Stand in front or' No. '' Lee street. Fare J.".c. The pro -re--., nations oi Uic j...l tile t!.; jiuat .ih i! v.onutu.a e:i-. , Clood foo.l welKd.i;e-teii L-ive- !. n:'h ' P you cannot unrest ail you you fieed !udul l':- r peps;a C.i;i. It lii- : Seats what jon eat. Vuii :.e....i r.ut ; diet j ourself. It will even du'ct al! 1 AS YOU WANT IT. LOWE 100 DIFFERENT KINDS M. J, WERTHHEIWIER & BRO, OUR. MOTTO Reliable Goods At The Very Lowest Prices, We want to make the coming Season the greatest Season in our history, and we recognize to accomplish this we must give more the dollar than any of our competitors and are prepared to no so. We invite the public Jn gener al to inspect our V A SPECIAL LINE CF Leader iii Low Prices si Fur and B:aJs Xew York. i I Paul Cliamison. Lead's hustling ci- jiar iiianufacturt r. was in town and I . laced (iiilte :t mini her- of orders fur j his goods. There isno feeling o; 1 jealousy here against Lead, as jnany ; ni'n hauls of that town have noted i .1. K. Pollock, of Plattsnioiith, came I in with Mr. Armstrong from Montana, i Mr, Pollock has been here before :-' v.v.y; va -.v n v Iew Fall Goods J when he was in charge of some work classeof food . a bottle. No ether l'on Squaw Creek. He expects to spend preparation will do this. P. -the winter at l.epylft & !ci.aush!in' ; relieves and q-jKkly cures a'.l tto:n j tie camp near Klmore. h troubles. Khk fphlitp . I C. F. Thotupson. son of Thomas j Elc.tric faciaT massage, 'o tone up For School Supplies Thompson, of hitewood. is attend the flabby skin and remove wrinkles ing school here but lives at home. He Fi-edde Cream guaranteed to re-goes back and forth on the freight, j move freckles, nt Mrs. Melick & Al-tralns the time of which makes it con-1 ford's, over Deetken's drug store, tf. venient nud cheaper than boarding j Short orders will be served at the here as he can secure a ticket good for Club Restaurant until 10 o'clock a. m. 25 rides for f"7.50. j Min-ne-kah-ta water for kidney trou J. W. Fargo and wife left on the j bles. Try it. evening train for GayviUe, a town on j It is a doctor's Business ;o study the Milwwaukee near Yankton. They health Docf rs co-v". -cnily it om- GO TO IN ALL THE DIFFERENT PEPARTMENTS. We. are showing aJl the late Novelties in 1M ni Colored Dress Goods Ladies, Misses and Childrens Cloaks for Fall : V - - and Winter. IN THE VERY NEWEST 8TY LES. 4 A Large Assoriinen! cf Dnflerwear Fcr Ladies and Children n alltn different grades at prices that will suit yon. . . , " : -, -Fishel's Bazaar, were called there to attend the funeral trend HARPER Whiskey. tn . . "i 0. A V V is' ' t i ! rl , of Mr. Fargo's father. S. C. Fargo, who died yesterday after a lingering illness with catarrh of the stomach. S. C Fargo will be remembered by many here as a former resident of this city. The funeral will take place on Thursday. , Cirr ti Berry, Deadwood. S. D j Guarantee every pound of Goldbergs thirty cent Java & Mocha coffee. Su-! perior in flavor and strength to any ; fiorty cent coffee in this market, "iour entire purchase ptice is returned if not fully satisfactory. ; J. GOLDBERG. , Deadwood. ; S: hool supplies of every description. When you can't find what you want at our store. Thn it isn't in town. Ve would call peclal attentioato our nw and large assortment of Silk arid : Merceri V d U rider. Skirts. ' ' AN INSPECTION IS ALL WE ASK . v To Welcome Denver. The directors of the Olympic club, acting upon the suggestion of the Pioneer-Times, met yesterday and took np the matter of entertaining : the Our Store Is Headquarters o : I REMOVED TO ADAM'S BLOCK. DOCTOR BABCOCK HAS MOVED ' TO THE ADAMS BLOCK WHERE I HE CAN.BE FOUNT) KIGHT OR DAY i AND -MAT B?3 CALLED BY EITHER i DenTer . excursionists when they come. An executive, committees N. Franklin, chairman: George V. Ajree, 66s Syndicate Blk. I 1 J: wlisr&to i i i i TELEPHON E. y tf -wt hiiuuj aiMnirais jr m-t on wo pmw y in n aii mnlmy tiooMcnria "B'tii'ii'O John Treber and W. T. Graham, was appointed with full authority to take charge-of the matter, appoint subcommittees, etc. The date of arrival Is not known. - M is!4t'iaKArssf I

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